Happy Halloween, Stuart Little! is an Halloween special aired on October 31, 2014. It was directed by Chris Buck (who directing Surf's Up along with Ash Brannon) and was produced by Tom Minton (who producing Tom & Jerry: the Magic Ring and other Tom & Jerry Movies). The new stars members such as Andrew Sabiston as Count Dracula, John DiMaggio as Frankenstein, Adam Driver as Jack O Lantern, Nate Parker as the Wolf, Chris Phillips as the Skeleton, Alan Young as the Cat, Ahmed Best as the Spider, Brian Henson as the Mummy, Pat Musick as the Witch, Bob Holiday as the Bat and John Castle as the Ghost.


Stuart, Vexy and Margalo go to a Halloween adventure.

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Directed by: Chris Buck

Produced by: Tom Minton

Written by: Elise Allen

Starring: Michael J. Fox
Christina Ricci
Melanie Griffith
Kevin Clash
Jennifer Tilly
Armie Hammer
Andrew Sabiston
John DiMaggio
Adam Driver
Nate Parker
Chris Phillips
Alan Young
Ahmed Best
Brian Henson
Pat Musick
Bob Holiday
John Castle

Music by: Hans Zimmer

Cinematography by: Renato Falcao

Edited by: Lisa Linder

Distributed by: TriStar Pictures
Red Wagon Entertainment

Running time: 60 Minutes

Country: United States

Language: English

Locations: Comfort Inn, 22nd Avenue Southwest, Minot, North Dakota, USA
CNN Studio Tour, Marietta St NW, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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