Happy Birthday To Me 3D is a 2016 3D Horror Film remake of the 1981 Slasher Film of the same name. It is directed by Renny Harlin and stars Jordana Brewster, Tony Goldwyn, Jared Padalecki, Kate Beahan, Ericka Christensen, James Remar, Kellan Lutz and Jennifer Carpenter. It is the buddy release 3D Horror Film remake of Graduation Day by Stephen Hopkins.


Happy Birthday To Me oversees the preparations for Virginia Wainwright's birthday party as she is to go from nineteen years old to the adult twenty.

There is however a concealed maniacal murderer who has taken to killing her highly popular friends planning the huge celebration in grotesque, strange and almost uninimaginiable ways.

Virginia finds herself to be the main target and prepares for the birthday from hell as the identity of the killer may also be revealed.



Bernadette O'Hara - she is traveling to a pub to meet up with her other clique friends the top 10. However along the way runs into a little car trouble. She stops at a gas station nearby to the Silent Women Tavern where she is suppose to be when runs into the masked killer. She attempts to flee through the junkyard but later runs into an unseen person she believes to be her friend but in reality is the killer. The killer swings a knife at her throat and slits it wide open. her body is then towed behind the moving vehicle with 5 chains.

Etieene- he is in his home’s shed when kicking his Motorbike into 4th gear. the killer suddenly has the scarf attached to the wheel and body split up in pieces  while Lieutenant Tracy comes across the street calling for back-up.

Greg - He is on a late night weightlifting workout at a local gym shop. There the killer enters applies tons of weights and pushes them down upon snapping his arms.

Alfred - He tries to save Rudi from the wrath of the killer when it attacks her at her home. He then is stabbed through the eyes by scissors by the anonymous killer. As Rudi escapes screaming covered in blood Alfred falls to the ground before the killer.

Steve- he is killed when preparing a barbeque meat and has a Shish Kebab thrown through his mouth by the killer. 

Doctor Faraday - he denies Ginny's help by means of a fire poker through the chest pinning him up on the roof. 

'Rudi - 'Ann inserts air into her chest via doctor's needle.

'Toby Wainwright - Ginny’s father returns home to the family estate uncovers a hiding daughter Estelle in the upstairs closet. The killer Ann then knocks Toby unconscious and drags him and a screaming Estelle downstairs. 'When Toby comes through he is tied a to chair seated at a table alongside the dead Top 10. 'Also his daughter’s Ginny and Estelle and son Hal are tied up still alive. 'He is killed by Ann as she sings Happy Birthday to Ginny slitting his throat and then cutting the cake.

Ann Tomerson - Ginny and Estelle break free form their chairs and engage with Ann the killer finally overpowering her and stabbing her to death with tow knives.


  1. Sing It Back- Moloko
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