Hansel and Gretel is 20?? psychological horror film based on a fairy tale. The film's retelling of the tale taking place in present, morden year and the characters are teenagers. This film stars ???


The film takes place in modern day which sees two young slibing - age 18 and 15 spends their lives in forest cabin for 7 years after their drug-addicted mother abandons them. They decided to seek out into a wood to find their freedom but find themselves in the hand of a mysterious woman in a posh house with food, candy and hunger.



  • TBA as Hansel Dawes
    • TBA as Young Hansel (age 11)
  • TBA as Gretel Dawes
    • TBA as Young Gretel (age 8)
  • Jessica Chastain as Angie Shields/Candy Witch
  • TBA as TBA



  • Jessica Chastain would wear a black long hair for playing her character.


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