Hans Hamsdaleday is a Cartoonist Born on 1200 C.E. & Died on 2030th. He's similar to Warner Brothers & Walt Disney. He Made the 1st Cartoon Steven Universe Until Cartoon network Company Remake Steven Universe since 2012 & also his Other 1st Cartoon are Hamster & Galster Hedgehog, grizzo The Bear, Wiseric The Owl, Wisedette The Owl, Hunty Hunter, Peg Eye Patric, Echid The Echidna, & Also Jack & Pack. As a Child his Father Live on a Farm & His Father's Farm is a playground for Him, as a Teenager He Go to School & He Get Perfect Greats, as a Young Adult he Start doing the Secret of animation before he Become a Cartoonist.


  • He is born in 1200 c.e. in Germany.
  • Hamster is the Spoof of Bugs Bunny & Mickey Mouse, & His Girlfriend, Galster, she's is the Spoof of Lola Bunny & Minnie Mouse.
  • Wiseric is a Smart Owl & a Spoof of Daffy & Donald Duck.
  • Wisedette is a Wife of Wiseric & a Spoof of Daisy Duck & Unnamed Female Duck Who a Wife of Daffy's From The Looney Tunes.
  • Echid is a Spoof of Taz.
  • Hunty Hunter is a Spoof of Elmer Fudd
  • Grizzo the Bear is a Spoof of Goofy
  • Peg Eye Patric is a Spoof of Pete (Mickey Mouse)
  • Jack is a Bat & a Spoof of Tom the Cat
  • Pack is a Butterfly & a Spoof of Jerry Mouse
  • He 1st Play Video Games for Try it out in 1979.
  • He Build His Company in the USA After He Completed School & also the State that He Build is California.
  • He Also Built a Amusement Park for himself to Share the Fun & Magic with Other People & also for Walt Disney.
  • he Made the 1st Full Length Cartoon, "Jake the Pharaoh" in 1910.
  • He Made the 1st Hamster The Hedgehog Cartoon With Sound, Called "Happy Survival in the Wild".
  • He Made the 1st Cartoon With Color in 1921 ad, Called, "Grow Nature, Grow".
  • He Met The Warner Brothers & Walt Disney to Share thire Animation With His Together.
  • He is a Famous Person in the World Making Cartoons.
  • He Made Many Steven Universe Characters Until Cartoon Network Company Remake & Share Hans' Ideas Together to Created a Remake of Hans' Cartoon.
  • Hans Have a Wife, 10,000 Children, 10 Pet Dogs, 100 Pet Hedgehogs, & 10 1/2 Cats.
  • Hans Married his Wife in 1956 Jun 21st.
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