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Night of the Gingerbread Man is a fan-made episode of Handy Manny.


Mr. Lopart dresses up in his gingerbread man suit and tries to give gingerbread cookies to Manny's workshop. Manny and the tools think that a giant gingerbread man has come to get them and have to get rid of it.


It is wintertime in Sheetrock Hill. There is a blizzard tonight. Manny and the tools are staying inside the workshop all warm in front of the fireplace. Felipe is enjoying his hot cocoa. Squeeze has run out of her hot cocoa. Pat runs to get another cup of hot cocoa, but he accidentally spills it all over Turner. Manny cleans the hot cocoa off of Turner and gets some gets a cup of hot cocoa for Squeeze. Squeeze thanks Manny.

Mr. Lopart is inside his candy shop dressed up in his gingerbread man suit. He is taking some gingerbread cookies out of the oven. He puts them on a tray and decorates them. Fluffy eats some of the icing left over from Mr. Lopart's decorating. Mr. Lopart picks up his tray of gingerbread cookies and leaves his candy shop to give them to Manny and the tools. He walks down the sidewalk with Fluffy following him. It is hard to see in the blizzard for Mr. Lopart, but he sees the light in Manny's workshop. He walks over to the door of Manny's workshop.

Manny and the tools were enjoying being inside. Suddenly, Rusty sees a giant gingerbread man outside. He screams and hides under Manny's feet.