Halloween Remake Series is the new series that is the new plot of the original series.It follows Michael myers trying to kill Laurie Strode,Who is his sister.The third one is an short film that lasts 20 minutes

Halloween 1

Michael Myers is seen killing his pet dog and burying it at the back yard.His big sister Judith asks him what he is doing.Michael kills Judith and puts her in the living room.Their step father Noel comes in and finds the corpse.Michael kills him and then stares at his baby sister Laurie.His mother,Ana enters and phones the police.Michael is sent away and one year later,He kills his nurse and attacks Sam Loomis,His Physiatrist.Ana,Unable to cope,Kills herself and Laurie is adopted and her second name is changed to Strode.

Laurie,Now 18,Is at school with friends Annie and Lynda.They talk about Lynda's boyfriend Paul,And Laurie stares out the window.She sees Michael,Who is walking about the street with an knife.Laurie blinks and he is gone.

They walk back and Michael is seen driveing around in an car.Laurie is worried and go's to her house.Annie says she will pick up Laurie at 5 O'clock.Laurie has to deliver mail at the old myers house and Michael is seen following her.Laurie comes back and waits on Annie.

Meanwhile,Sam and his sister Mary investiagate Michael's break out and find an nurse with her eyes missing.They go to the graveyard and find Judith and Ana's gravestone missing.Having an idea,Sam says that he knows where Michael is.

Laurie is dropped off to babysit Tommy and Lindsey.Annie says she will get the popcorn for them all.She thinks someone is in her fathers shed and she enters.Michael closes the door and Annie trys to get out.Michael smashes an window and drags Annie out.He then takes her back to her father's house.

Paul and Lynda are having sex until Lynda asks for some beers.Paul go's down but is killed by Michael.He is throwen into an closet and wears an ghost costume.Lynda tells 'Paul' to fuck off and she phones Laurie.Michael grabs Lynda and strangles her to death with the phone cord.He picks up the phone and gives Laurie total silence.

Laurie is freaked out and she and Lindsey go over to investigate.They find Annie in the hallway in her own blood and Paul hanging from the banister dead.Annie tells Laurie to run and Michael then trys to strangle Laurie.Lindsey runs away screaming and Laurie manages to push Michael away.Laurie breaks the backdoors injuring her leg and she manages to get back to the house.Annie phones the police but passes out befour she can answer.

Laurie hides in the closet with the children.Michael smashes in the house and opens the closet.Two police officers arive and they see Michael carrying an knocked out Laurie.They shoot at Michael but he kills both and the drags Laurie to the old Myers house.

Sam and Mary miss Michael and head to the Strode house.They find Laurie's adoptive parents dead.The two then relise Michael is at the old myers house.Laurie wakes up and Michael shows her an picture of her as an baby.Laurie manages to kick Michael and escape.Michael chases her outside and an fight begins.Sam tells Mary to phone the police while Sam confronts Michael.

Real Ending

Michael then pushes Sam down and trys to stab him and Laurie picks up an gun.She pushes Michael away and starts shooting at Michael's face.Laurie collapes and Sam runs up to Mary to tell her that the evil is away.

Alternate ending

Michael pushes Sam down and manages to kill him.Mary,In horror,Runs up to kill Michael but she shares the same fate.Laurie runs away from Michael with the gun and falls into an swimming pool.Michael jumps in and the two fight.Laurie manages to drown Michael and gets up and walks up to Sam and Mary.She shoots them both as she is now insane.

Halloween 2

Laurie,Mary and Sam are seen walking out of the garden by the police and they tell them that Michael is dead.They go to the location,But he is missing.Laurie and an barely alive Annie are sent to hospital.Sam and Mary then decide that they should make an book about Michael.

Two years later and Laurie is living with Annie at her house.Laurie has an nightmare about her getting killed by Michael in the woods and runs out the house.Meanwhile,Sam releases the book,An Tale of an Deranged Brother and his Terrified Sister.Annie's father,Calvin,Reads it and tells Annie not to let Laurie read it.

Laurie and her friend Vera are working at the local chip shop and Vera tells Laurie about the book and that she is going to read it befour going to the party tommorow.Laurie says she will buy an copy and read it tonight.

Meanwhile,Michael is seen killing an old woman and chaseing the old Woman's daughter.She falls into an booby trap and finds Lynda's corpse,Which as went missing during Halloween 1.She then finds the gravestone of the late Judith.

Sam and Mary decide they should write another book about Michael.Laurie reads the book and sobs.She screams at Annie and tells her what she is.Laurie runs out and says that its Halloween and they are setting an party.

She,Vera and Becca,Their other friend,Dance and drink in the party.Becca meets an random guy and has sex with him.Michael kills the guy and chops off Becca's head.Laurie and Vera go back to Annie's.

Annie is sleeping and wakes up.She go's to get some sleeping pils and Michael smashes through the door.Annie manages to get downstairs but is killed by Michael and dragged upstairs.Calvin hears Annie and runs upstairs.He finds Annie but is killed by Michael.

Laurie and Vera open the door just when Michael kills Calvin.Michael watches the two enter the bedroom and find Calvin.Laurie shouts to Vera to phone 911.When she go's downstairs,Michael injures her.She crawls to the living room and he bashes her head in with an big rock he found outside.

Laurie then finds Annie and she crys when talking to her.Michael smashes the door and chases Laurie downstairs.She does not notice Vera's corpse.Laurie runs out to the field in the middle of the night.She falls into the booby trap and sees the woman,Who is Zoey.

Laurie and Zoey search for an way out.When Laurie gets her and Zoey out of the trap,Michael kills Zoey.Laurie runs away is screaming fits and trys to hijack an car.The man asks her what happened and tells Laurie to get in the passenger seat.

He talks her into going to the hospital.Michael smashes the window and manages to kills the man.He pushes the car down the hill,Which he himself is falling down to.Laurie,Injured,Then crawls away into an cabin.

Real Ending

Laurie phones S.W.A.T. that Michael has been found.They arrive and surround the shed as Michael smashes in.Laurie and Michael fight.Sam and Mary arive and Sam go's in the shed to convince Michael to drop the knife.Michael smashes the door and throws himself onto Michael and the two fight.Mary runs up to the fight and the S.W.A.T. open fire,Killing Sam,Mary and then Michael.Laurie walks out and grabs Michael's knife.She then smiles.

Alternate ending

The S.W.A.T. surround the shed and Sam and Mary arrive.Sam walks in but is injured by Michael.Laurie then runs out screaming but Sam accidently trips her up.Michael then trys to kill her but she manages to get back and Michael follows her in.She kills Michael by chainsawing him in half.Laurie walks out with an knife and is about to kill Sam,But the police shoot at them,Which kills Sam and then Laurie.Laurie's last thoughts are her being the nex Michael myers.

Halloween 3 The End of Laurie Myers

Laurie,Now 36,Is in the same asylum Michael was in.It is revealed she killed two babysitters and chased the other one,Which remied her in her first encounter with Michael.She and her roomate Donna talk about Drug smuggling but Laurie then has an plan to end Michael Myers.

She sets up an trap that night and locks the roof door incase anyone interupts the trap.Laurie then tells Donna.That night,Michael apears and Laurie and Donna are chased by Michael up to the roof.Donna is killed by Michael and Laurie manages to get Michael fall into the trap.He falls down and it is up to Laurie to cut up the rope.Laurie does but her plan was not right and Michael manages to get up.Laurie grabs Donna's corpse and she pushes Donna onto Michael.He loses Balance but is still standing.Laurie runs and pushes Michael down,But she is along with him.The next morning,Two nurses find the bodys.Micahel then sits up and kills the two nurses.Laurie died for nothing.

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