Halloween is a 2016 Horror Remake of 1978 Starring Hayden Pannetire,Caroline D'amore,Selena Gomez,Scott Wolf,Ioan Gruffurd,Bella Thorne,Chadler Riggs,Bobby campo,Megan Fox,Mason Cook and Ben Kingsley


A six-year-old Michael Myers murders his older sister by stabbing her with a kitchen knife Fifteen years later, he escapes from a psychiatric hospital , returns home, and stalks teenager Laurie Strode and her friends.



  • Hayden Pannetire As Laurie Strode
  • Caroline D'amore As Annie Brackett
  • Selena Gomez As Lynda Van Der Klok
  • Scott Wolf As Michael Myers
  • Ioan Gruffurd As Sherrif Leigh Brackett
  • Bella Thorne As Lindsay Wallace
  • Chadler Riggs As Tommy Doyle
  • Bobby Campo As Bob Simms
  • Megan Fox As Judith Myers
  • Mason Cook As Young Michael Myers
  • Ben Kingsley As Dr. Samuel Loomis


Laurie Strode,Sherrif Leigh Brackett,Lindsay Wallace,Tommy Doyle And Dr.Samuel Loomis


judith Myers-Stabbed in Chest 17 Times

Annie Brackett-Throat Sliced

Bob Simms-Impaled in Chest by Knife

Lynda Van Der Klok-Hanged with Telephone Cord and Hit in Head by Lamp Night

Michael Myers-Stabbed in Throat by Lingering knitting needle/Stabbed in Eye by Hook/Shot in 16 times in Head and Chest

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