Halloween Night is a 2018 American Psychological, Supernatural Slasher Horror film written

Halloween-2017-fan-art-poster-by-Joao-Pedro-Alves-halloween reboot 2017 blumhouse productions by johnyisthedevil-da409ij

and directed by David Eggers starring Kevin Durand, Holly Taylor, F. Murray Abraham, Tye Sheridan, Madison Iseman, Maisie Williams, Keke Palmer, Olivia Sui, Toby Kearton and Tom Atkins.

It is a reboot of the franchise that began with John Carpenter & Debra Hill's 1978 seminal horror classic Halloween and the third instalment in the Horrorverse franchise following Evil Dead (2013) and IT (2017).

Produced by Jason Blum and distributed by his company Blumhouse Pictures it is the second Jason Blum, Blumhouse Halloween film preceding he David Gordon Green, Danny McBride direct sequel Halloween. Despite this Halloween Night performed amicably at the box office, grossing above it's budget and was met with mixed to positive reception.

The film combines plot elements of not only the original Halloween instalment of 1978 but all its' subsequent sequels, as well as Rob Zombie's 2007 remake and it's 2009 sequel.

It was released prior to the Halloween sequel simply titled Halloween on October 19th, by receiving a theatrical and IMAX select theatre release on October 1st, 2018.

Filming took place in Moline, Illinois and on constructed sets at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Original series actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Danielle Harris lend voice work to the film while Nancy Stephens portrays a minor role.



Haddonfield, Illinois six year old Michael Myers on Halloween night stabs and kills his seventeen year old sister, Judith and her boyfriend Peter while she is babysitting him. After Judith and Peter have sex upstairs Peter departs to walk home and is surprised by Michael who stabs him multiple times in the chest with a butcher's knife. He then returns home and after luring Judith to the attic, stabs her and causes her to collapse through an unstable roof, resulting in her falling into her room below and bleed to death.


1978 Michael under the obsessive watch of psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Loomis escapes Smith's Grove Sanitarium, resulting also in a mass breakout of patients. Michael then stops at a nearby garage and murders a mechanic Abe Phelps via immolation, stealing his clothing and tools.

In Haddonfield 17 year old Laurie Strode assists her father with preparing a house for sale before heading to school, picked up by her best friend Annie Brackett who then picks up their cheerleader friend Lynda Vander, who is fighting with her boyfriend.

At school Laurie sights Michael numerous times and after school comes to collect Tommy School from Haddonfield Elementary, who she is babysitting over Halloween night. Tommy also spots Michael near school and mentions his sightings of the boogeyman to Laurie. That day Annie's boyfriend Paul and his parents are killed by Michael, who stabs the father in the back of the head in his wood shed, drains his blood via hosing and then floods it through the house before beating Paul's mother over the head with her stone ornament and then strangling Paul to death.

The night of Halloween while Dr. Loomis aligns with Sheriff Brackett and revisits the Myers house Michael murders Lynda and her boyfriend Bobby who come to meet up with Annie at the Wallace's house, after Annie drops of her babysitting charge Lindsay Wallace to Laurie and Tommy down the street. Annie drives to collect Paul and Michael enters the Wallace house, stabbing Bobby three times in the back and letting him crawl to his death by blood loss at the stairs. Upstairs after Lynda senses something may be wrong and calls the police, is strangled with the phone cord, while on her next call to Laurie.

Annie arrives at Paul's and discovers the blood flooded home and ghost sheet covered corpses of Paul and his parents. Annie phones her father and alerts him to the scene before leaving to return to Lynda and Bobby. Michael heads across the street to Haddonfield students Simone and Vivien who are meant to be getting ready for Ben Tramer's Halloween party. Vivien elects to stay home after a fight with Simone, Michael pursues Simone in Phelps' car and crashes into her a lane way, killing her. He brings her body to the Wallace's and after Vivien awakes to her on the other side of the door stabs an intoxicated Vivien in the chest.

Returning to the Wallace's Annie has her throat slit by Michael, bleeding to death in his arms. A man in black seen throughout earlier is revealed to be The Tall Man who with his dwarves corner and stab Ben Tramer to death as he after visiting Laurie down the street, comes into the Wallace's.

Laurie after putting Lindsay and Tommy to bed discovers the positioned bodies at the Wallace's and is attacked by Michael, saved as fleeing to Vivien Moi's Dr. Loomis appears and shoots Michael six times, resulting in his death.

Post-credits show as the trick or treater disguised Tall Man dwarves run amok in Haddonfield, The Tall Men enters the Moi yard and with the Naturom Demonto incantation resurrects Michael Myers, as the Shaitan also then appears.


  • Kevin Durand as Michael Myers
  • Molly Taylor as Laurie Strode
  • F. Murray Abraham as Dr. Samuel Loomis
  • Tye Sheridan as Ben Tramer
  • Madison Iseman as Lynda Vander
  • Maisie Williams as Annie Brackett
  • Keke Palmer as Simone Freeman
  • Olivia Sui as Vivien Moi
  • Alex Ferris as Devon Graham
  • Uriah Shelton as Dennis Coleman
  • Jeremy Shada as Paul Benning
  • Toby Kearton as Bobby Simms
  • Tom Atkins as Daniel Cochran
  • David Mazouz as Tommy Doyle
  • Gaten Matarazzo as Ethan Moore
  • Skai Jackson as Lindsay Wallace
  • Landon Brooks as Lonnie Elamb
  • Davis Cleveland as Rich Parker
  • Rio Mangini as Keith Munro
  • Dallas Roberts as John Myers
  • Kelli Williams as Ann Myers
  • Maika Monroe as Judith Myers
  • Brandon Flynn as Paul Byron
  • Logan Moreau as 6 year old Michael Myers
  • Sarah Stephens as Nurse Marion Whittington
  • Bathsheba Garnett as Irene Elrod
  • Tom Hulce as Harvey Elrod
  • Harold Perrineau as Jeffrey Wallace
  • Maria Howell as Ava Wallace
  • Chris Mulkey as Jim Doyle
  • Susan Blakely as Helen Doyle
  • Marcia Strassman as Coach Warshaw
  • John De Lancie as Principal Muller
  • Mimi Kennedy as Mrs. Ottson
  • Nick Castle as Tow Terrence
  • George P. Wilbur as Man In Black
  • Nancy Kyes as Gas Stop Joan Summerfield
  • Danielle Harris as Strode Neighbor Rachael Cascade


  • The initial institution where Myers is confined prior to Smith's Grove are Warren County, a location from the original Halloween film franchise and Westin Hills (the asylum connecting several of the Horrroverse characters and first introduced in the original A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987))
  • The trick or treater costumes used to disguise the Tall Man's minions are in fact Silver Shamrocks' costumes, alluding to the original Halloween III: Season of the Witch, as the Tall Man led by the Deadite Shaitan actually run the Shamrocks' corporation in Halloween Night
  • Titled Halloween Night as fellow Blumhouse produced Halloween film Halloween (2018), was released the same month and a direct sequel to the original 1978 Halloween
  • Original drafts had Annie Brackett survive, as had been done in Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007)
  • Ben Tramer was a character only mentioned in the original Halloween, and who met a tragic accidental death in Halloween II (1981)
  • Judith Myers' boyfriend had not been killed by Michael in the original 1978 Halloween, however in Rob Zombie's 2007 re-imagining had been killed by Michael
  • Suggestive sequences at the begin offer that Michael like 2007 iteration did in fact kill animals prior to his murders
  • Body-Count: 9


  1. Mr. Sandman- The Chordettes
  2. Das Model- Kraftwerk
  3. Heartache- Bonnie Tyler
  4. Wishing On A Star- Rose Royce
  5. One Way- Eruption
  6. Last Dance- Donna Summer
  7. You Make Me Feel- Sylvester
  8. Give A Little Bit- Roger Hodgson
  9. I'm Your Boogeyman- KC and the Sunshine Band
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