Halloween House is a 2009 slasher horror films set on Halloween.


Rachel Harris is a well liked and popular high school student living in a sleepy American midwestern town, which is approaching Halloween. Due to a recent breakup, she decides not to attend the annual Halloween party, choosing instead to stay at home. Her friends, reluctant to let their pal stay home alone on Halloween, offer up their company on the night, which Rachel gladly accepts. However, Rachel lives next to the creepy, ominous Radley house, home to the neighbour creep Jack Radley and his obsessive mother. When Rachel and her friends turn up, virtually on his doorstep, for a Halloween party, Jack is awakened. And when one of the gang's jerkish boyfriends sneaks around to the Radley house to investigate, all hell breaks loose. Jack set out to vent his pent up years of rage in a bloody manner and finally put an end to his obsession with Rachel; he will have her, or no one will...

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