Halloween 5 3D is a 2015 American 3D slasher horror film and the third film in the Halloween remake series. Starring Ashley Tisdale and Denise Richards and Max Van Ville and Sarah Roemer


Six years after the events of Halloween 5, it is revealed that the "Man in Black" seen throughout the previous movie who had rescued Michael from the Haddonfield Police Station had also abducted his niece Jamie Lloyd. At this point, a now 15 year old Jamie has been impregnated. The baby is born on October 30, 1995 and is then carried away by the Man in Black who appears to be a leader of a Druidistic -like cult. Later that night, Mary, a nurse, helps Jamie escape with her baby she warns is in harms way. Michael, in pursuit of Jamie and her newborn, kills the nurse. Jamie and the baby flee in a stolen pickup of a drunk motorist (who quickly becomes Michael's next victim) and hides at a dark and deserted bus station.

Meanwhile Dr. Loomis, now retired, is visited by Dr. Terence Wynn, a character who appeared briefly in the Halloween (2007) and now the chief administrator of Smith's Grove Sanitarium, who wants him to return. During their conversation they overhear Jamie's plea for help on the radio after calling into a local radio station, only to be ignored by the DJ Barry Simms who is doing a broadcast on the Haddonfield murders. Michael Myers nearly corners her, but she escapes only to later be run off the road by Michael. Beaten and exhausted, she makes her way inside of an old barn where Michael kills her on farm machinery which rips her insides. Michael heads to the truck Jamie had driven in, only to find that she did not have the baby with her.

Tommy Doyle , the child Laurie Strode babysat in the first film, has his eye on a family who has moved into the old Myers house across the street from the where he lives. The boarding house is run by a mysterious old woman named Mrs. Blankenship. For years, Tommy has been obsessed with finding the truth behind the murderous motives of Michael Myers. After hearing Jamie begging for help on a local radio show as well, Tommy finds her baby at the bus station, takes the child into his care and names him Steven. Tommy runs into Dr. Loomis at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital and tells him of a family living in the old Myers house when the two are convinced Michael has indeed come back to Haddonfield.

The people living in the Myers house are relatives of the Strode family who had adopted Laurie. While Kara Strode, her six-year-old son, Danny, and Kara's teenage brother, Tim , are at school, Dr. Loomis visits their mother Debra Strode and reveals to her that she is living in Michael's home. After he leaves, Debra calls her husband John who is at work and tries to convince him to leave Haddonfield but is then killed by Michael. Later, Kara returns home to find Danny in his room with Tommy, whom he had met while on his way home. The three of them go to Tommy's house across the street, where Tommy reveals to Kara that he believes Michael was selected by a cult to be under the curse of Thorn, an ancient Druid curse that represented a demon that spread sickness and caused destruction. To prevent this, a child from each tribe was chosen to inherit the curse and would offer a blood sacrifice of its next of kin on the night of Samhain (Halloween). The curse explains why Michael is eager to kill his family and also accounts for his superhuman abilities. Tommy believes that the baby will be used as Michael's final sacrifice.

While Tommy goes out to look for Dr. Loomis at a party at the Haddonfield Junior College, Mrs. Blankenship reveals to Kara (after talking to Danny) that she was babysitting Michael Myers when he killed his sister many years ago, and that Danny hears the "voice" (from the "Man in Black") telling him to kill just like Michael Myers heard when she was babysitting him the night he killed Judith. This indicates that he is to be the next child set to be cursed with Thorn to carry out a new trend of blood sacrifices. Meanwhile, Michael kills Barry Simms, Tim, and his girlfriend Beth . After Tommy returns to the boarding house with Dr. Loomis, the "Man in Black" finally reveals himself to be none other than Dr. Wynn. After a terrifying showdown, the "Cult of Thorn" takes Kara, Danny, Steven, and Michael back to Smith's Grove Sanitarium, with Tommy and Dr. Loomis drugged for the time being. When they awake, they follow the cult to Smith's Grove where Loomis confronts Dr. Wynn. Wynn credits him for first recognizing the evil the cult has inflicted inside Michael, and indicates how Jamie's baby represents a new cycle of it. After inviting Loomis to join in on his conspiracy, Loomis calls Wynn out on his evil scheme before being knocked unconscious by Dr. Bonham, a cult member who appears earlier in the movie at the Haddonfield Memorial informing Loomis on Jamie's autopsy report.

Meanwhile, Tommy finds Kara locked in a room in the maximum security ward. After a brief confrontation with Michael, they continue on to find Danny and Steven. In the hallway they see a team of surgeons, standing near an operating room. Dr. Wynn joins them and they walk into the operating room about to perform a scientific breakthrough procedure. Tommy and Kara soon sneak into the adjoining room where they find the children. They watch the doctors begin to perform the procedure, but Michael interrupts it, walking in with a surgical machete and slaughtering them all (though Wynn's fate appears to be ambiguous). Tommy, Kara, and the kids run with Michael in hot pursuit until they hide in a high-tech medical laboratory. Inside the lab, Kara notices tanks containing human fetuses with a chart of runes and scientific letter codes; both connected together by the Thorn symbol. It is vaguely implied that Dr. Wynn (with the help of a few members of the cult) has been secretly trying and failing to genetically breed evil beings into the world using Michael's DNA and female patients of the institution for in vitro fertilization experiments, revealing Steven to be the result of this experiment tested on Jamie.

Michael breaks into the room where Tommy injects him with tranquilizers of a corrosive and beats him into unconsciousness with a lead pipe. As Dr. Loomis, Tommy, Kara, Danny, and Steven are about to escape, Loomis tells them to go on without him because he has "a little business" to attend to. Back inside the building, Michael's mask is found lying on the floor of the lab room as the screams of Dr. Loomis can be heard in the background implying that Michael killed him.


Ashley Tisdale As Kara Strode/Jamie Lloyd
Denise Richards As Debra Strode
Max Van Ville As Tim Strode
Mason Cook As Danny Strode
Norman Reedus As John Strode
Tyler Mane as Michael Myers
Rory Culkin as Jorg Strode
Cole Sprouse As Tommy Doyle
Amanda Wyss As Mary the Nurse
Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Samuel Loomis
Sarah Roemer As Beth
Mary Beth Peil as Mrs. Blankenship
Henry Czerny As Dr. Terence Wynn
Tobin Bell as Dr. Bonham
James Lafferty As Barry Simms


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