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Halloween 5 3D is a 2015 American 3D slasher horror film and the third film in the Halloween remake series. Starring


The film begins with a recap of (Halloween 4 3D (2015 Film) Michael Myers ( fell down the mine shaft The state troopers tossed dynamite down the mine to make sure that Michael was dead. But Michael somehow finds his way out and stumbles into a nearby river, where he is found by a local , he collapses into a coma while in the hermit's care and remains in a comatose state for a full year. On October 30, 1989, Michael awakens, kills the hermit, and returns to terrorize Haddonfield, where his young niece, Jamie Lloyd continues to live after nearly being killed by Michael the year before.

Jamie has been committed to a children's psychiatric ward. She also has been rendered Mute due to Psychological Tauma , but exhibits signs of a Telepathic link with her evil uncle. Dr. Sam Loomis is aware of Jamie's psychic link with her uncle, and tries to convince Sheriff Ben Meeker that Michael Myers is alive. Meanwhile, Michael kills Rachel with a pair of scissors, and begins to stalk her friend, Tina , as well as her friends, Samantha, Spitz and her boyfriend Mike.

Michael stalks Mike and kills him outside a car garage with a sharp rake to his head. Tina, Samantha, and Spitz go to a Halloween party in a barn. Michael kills both Samantha and Spitz, who are having sex, then kills two scab deputies that Loomis has asked to keep an eye on Tina for her own protection. Once the party is over, Michael chases Tina and Jamie with a car along with Jamie's inmate Billy, by this time Jamie has regained her ability to speak. While in pursuit of Jamie, Michael runs into a tree and appears to be dead, but then he steps out of the car and attempts to kill Jamie. Tina runs at Michael, sacrificing herself to save Jamie. Afterwards, Jamie agrees to put herself in danger to help Loomis stop Michael for good. With Jamie's help, Loomis lures Michael back to the abandoned Myers house where Michael once lived.

In the old Myers house, Dr. Loomis and the police create a set up. Inside the house, Jamie is in' deserted bedroom seated in front of a vanity mirror brushing her hair. It is an eerie recreation of Judith's last moments before Michael had killed her in 1963. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger dressed in all black, seen throughout the film, causes an attack at Jamie's hospital, killing one. Jamie has visions of Billy, which causes Meeker, along with most of his back up, to leave the Myers house. Eventually, Michael arrives driving a police car and tailgates the only car. He waits and kills the cop by banging his head on the dashboard. When Michael gets inside the house, Loomis finds him and tries to reason with him. While attempting to take his knife away, Michael attacks him, slashing his stomach and breaking a window behind him with Loomis's head. Michael then throws Loomis off a stair railing. After that, Michael goes upstairs and breaks down the locked door so that he can gain entry into Judith's bedroom. At this time, the police officer that is in Judith's bedroom with Jamie, is dangling a rope out of the window and begins to help Jamie climb out. But things do not go according to plan and Michael murders the officer who tried to save Jamie. However, Jamie manages to run past Michael and out of Judith's bedroom.

Later, Jamie flees through the house, hiding in an old laundry chute and is forced to abandon safety after Michael finds her and stabs the chute repeatedly. Michael chases her upstairs. Jamie hides in the attic, finds Tina's dog Max hung from a noose, and also finds the bodies of Mike and Rachel. Michael finds her, and Jamie tries appealing to her uncle's humanity but ultimately fails after touching Michael's face, sending him into a fit of rage. Loomis appears, and uses a Tranquilizer gun to weaken him and then proceeds to violently beat him unconscious with a wooden plank. In the end, Michael is locked up in the local Sheriff s station, to eventually be escorted to a maximum-security prison. However, the stranger in black arrives and attacks the police station, shooting the officer and causing an explosion, thus killing Sheriff Meeker and six others. At the end of the movie, Jamie walks through the station finding the bodies of gunned officers, and goes over to Michael's holding cell to discover that it is empty.


  • Emily Browning as Rachel Carruthers
  • Mackenzie Foy as Jamie Lloyd
  • Malcolm McDowell As Dr. Samuel Loomis
  • Ashley Tisdale as Samantha Thomas
  • Matt Shively as Spitz
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Tina Williams
  • Jake T. Austin as Jack the goth boy
  • Johnny Simmons As Eric Jensen
  • Tyler Mane as Michael Myers