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Halloween 5
Directed by Patrick Lussier
Starring Emma Stone

Armie Hammer

Tom Hardy

Taylor Swift

Dave Franco

Dylan O'Brien

Ashley Greene

Tyler Perry

Music by Christopher Drake
Preceeded by Halloween 4
Followed by Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

Halloween 5 is a 2019 horror film, the fourth and final sequel to Halloween 3D after Halloween 2, Halloween 3 and Halloween 4. The film was again directed by Patrick Lussier, who directed the previous two installments, and stars Emma Stone, Armie Hammer and Tom Hardy. The character of Molly Cartwell, played by Taylor Swift, later appeared in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.


On October 29, Marion Chambers (Krysten Ritter), the assistant of the late Sam Loomis (Idris Elba), who was the original doctor of Michael Myers (Tom Hardy), arrives at her home to find that someone has broken in. She goes around to her neighbour's house to get help from teengers Jimmy Howell and Tony Allegre. Tony calls the police while Jimmy goes into the house, using his hockey stick for protection. He finds that although the place has been ransacked, there is no one else there. Chambers thanks Jimmy and returns to her house.

Chambers enters her vandalized study to find an empty folder on the floor. She picks it up to find that it read LAURIE STRODE and the file is gone. Horrified, Chambers runs back over to Jimmy's house, only to find him dead with an ice skate sticking out of his face. She opens the door to run, but Tony's body falls on top of her. Michael then comes around the corner as Chambers gets up and tries to run. Michael steals a knife from the kitchen while Chambers grabs a fire poker to defend herself. Michael rips the poker from her hand just as the police pull up across the street. Chambers tries to escape by smashing by window, but Michael grabs her from behind and slits her throat. Michael escapes while the police find the bodies.

The film then cuts to Hillcrest Academy in Summer Glen, California. It is revealed that Laurie Strode (Emma Stone), who was thought to be dead following a car accident, faked her death to escape Haddonfield and is now living by the name Keri Tate, working as a secretary at Hillcrest. Her boyfriend Jimmy Lloyd (Armie Hammer) also faked his death in the same crash and is now living by the name Will Brennan, and is the school guidance counselor. Laurie is still plagued by nightmares of her murderous brother Michael.

Every year on Halloween, the students of Hillcrest go for a camping trip to Yosemite National Park. However, this year, a small group of friends consisting of Molly Cartwell (Taylor Swift), her boyfriend Gary Scott (Dave Franco), his friend Charlie Deveraux (Dylan O'Brien) and his girlfriend Sarah Wainthrope (Ashley Greene) are planning to stay behind and have their own Halloween celebration on the empty campus.

Shortly after the buses leave for Yosemite, the only ones left on campus are the students, Laurie, Jimmy, headmistress Norma Winston (Laura Fraser) and security guard Ronny White (Tyler Perry). Norma decides to head into town and bids Laurie farewell and happy Halloween. As she drives down the road, she spots a car sitting in the bushes by the side of the road. She pulls over to investigate, when suddnely Michael emerges and kills her by slashing her throat with a sickle. Michael then steals her car and drives into the campus. He is seen by Ronny, but he mistakenly thinks that Norma has returned and takes no notice.

The teens thrown their own party but are caught by Ronny. However, he decides not to tell anyone as long as they keep quiet and don't implicate him if they are found out. Charlie and Sarah sneak off to have sex, after which Charlie takes a dumpwaiter down to the school kitchen to get a corkscrew for their wine. When the dumpwaiter comes back up, Sarah opens it to find Charlie slumped over in the corner. When she nudges him, his head rolls off and she screams. As she tries to crawl back out of the dumpwaiter, the rope snaps, causing it to fall and crush her foot. She tries to crawl along the floor, but Michael enters and stabs her repeatedly with a knife.

Getting hungry, Gary and Molly decide to go into the pantry to get some food. When they open the foor, they find Sarah's body hanging from the ceiling and they run off screaming. Hearing them, Laurie and Jimmy come out to see what's going on. Laurie pulls out a gun she had been hiding and is berated by Jimmy, who tries to tell her that Michael is dead, having perished in a fire which destroyed the Myers house a few years previously.

Michael chases Gary and Molly and manages to stab Gary in the leg. He bravely tells Molly to leave him, but she is reluctant to. Gary then attacks Michael, who stabs him multiple times and throws him out of a window. Gary lands on Norma's car below while Laurie and Jimmy enter the school. They spot a dark figure coming towards them and Jimmy grabs Laurie's gun before firing five shots at the figure. They are horrified to find that Jimmy has shot and killed Ronny. Michael then appears and stabs Jimmy in the panic, killing him in the same way he killed Jill Marshall (Carey Mulligan) many years before in front of Jimmy's eyes. Laurie makes a run for it but is followed by Michael. As he corners her, Molly appears and cracks Michael over the head with a fire extinguisher, knocking him out.

Laurie tells Molly to get in her car and drive into town to get the police. Molly asks Laurie to come with her, but Laurie tells her that she can't leave; she has unfinished business. Laurie walks back into the school, grabs a fire escape axe, and screams Michael's name. Laurie is ready for a fight.

Laurie walks through the corridors, searching for her brother. He drops down from the ceiling behind her and manages to slash her arm, but Laurie strikes him in the chest with the axe, wounding him. Michael pursues her into the ktichen, which is located above the school's dining hall. Laurie pulls a drawer out and dozens of knives fall to the floor. As Michael stands in the doorway, Laurie throws several knives at him and then starts to slash at him. She manages to force Michael back until he falls over a balcony rail and lands on a dining table below. Laurie sighs as Michael has finally been defeated.

The police arrive at the school and Laurie's wound is bandaged. Michael's body is placed in a body bag and put in the back of an ambulance. Fearing this isn't the end, Laurie retrieves the axe and steals the ambulance, speeding off over the hills. Predictably, Michael wakes up and rips through the body bag. Laurie slams on the brakes, propelling Michael through the windscreen. Michael stands up in the middle of the road and Laurie drives straight into him. Michael smashes into the front of the ambulance but tries to climb back inside and grabs at Laurie. Laurie then swerves off the road and over a hill. She is thrown from the vehicle and rolls down the hill, while Michael flies into an overturned tree. Suddenly the ambulance rolls over and crushes Michael, pinning him down.

Laurie gets up, picks up the axe, and limps over to Michael. Michael realises he is trapped and cannot move. In a rare moment of humanity, he reaches out to his sister and speaks for the first time in over twenty five years; "Laurie." Laurie sheds a tear and reaches out to touch Michael's hand, before swinging the axe around and decapitating him. Michael's head rolls down the hill, finally dead.

Afterwards, Laurie is seen sitting in the back of a police car. As it starts to drive away, someone comes on the police radio talking about Michael's death. Laurie begins to smile to herself as she is driven off towards an uncertain future, ending the film.


Emma Stone - Laurie Strode/Keri Tate

Armie Hammer - Jimmy Lloyd/Will Brennan

Taylor Swift - Molly Cartwell

Dave Franco - Gary Scott

Dylan O'Brien - Charlie Deveraux

Ashley Greene - Sarah Wainthrope

Tyler Perry - Ronny White

Laura Fraser - Norma Winston

Krysten Ritter - Marion Chambers

Idris Elba - Sam Loomis

Tom Hardy - Michael Myers

Ty Simpkins - Michael Myers (Young)


Jimmy Howell - Face cleaved with ice skate

Tony Allegre - Ice pick in the back of neck

Marion Chambers - Throat slashed

Norma Winston - Throat slasher with sickle

Charlie Deveraux - Decapitated

Sarah Wainthrope - Stabbed repeatedly in the back

Gary Scott - Dropped onto car

Ronny White - Shot multiple times

Jimmy Lloyd/Will Brennan - Stabbed in the back

Michael Myers - Decapitated