Halloween 3 is a 2015 3D horror film and this a sequel to the 2007 Halloween Remake Franchise. This sequel is not like Halloween 3:Season of the witch.


10 years later Michael finds out that his sister has a 7 year old daughter named Jamie Llyod. He needs to get his niece and will try to make her see that he is her uncle. She was then adopted by a luxury nice family in Haddonfield Michael needs to kill then then get her niece.


  • Kaitlyn Maher as Jamie Llyod, The main protagonist/Niece of Michael/Child of Laurie and Mr.Llyod
  • Stefanie Scott as Rachel Carruthers, Jamie's adoptive 17 year old sister
  • Tyler Mane as Michael Myers,main antagonist Uncle of Jamie/Sibling of Laurie
  • Matthew McCaunughey as Chet Carruthers, Father of Rachel/Adoptive father of Jamie
  • Jennifer Aniston as Mary Carruthers, Mother of Rachel/Adoptive mother of Jamie
  • Spencer Boldman as Brady, Boyfriend of Rachel
  • Nicola Peltz as Kelly Meeker, a very rude and spoiled teenager who wants to steal boys from her female classmates and have sex with them
  • George Clooney as Sheriff Ben Meeker, Father of Kelly
  • Zac Efron as Mr.Llyod
  • Emily Browning as Lindsey Wallace, Someone from Michael's past
  • Tyler Posey as Tommy Doyal, Someone from Michael's past
  • Seth Macfarlane as Earl
  • Malcom McDowell as Dr.Samuel Loomis
  • W.Earl Brown as Rev.Jackson P.Sayer
  • Robert Englund as Orrin Gateway
  • Paul Rae as Alan Gateway "Big Al"
  • Nico Tortorella as Big Al's son/Orrin's Nephew
  • Adam Sandler as Unger
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Paramedic 1
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Paramedic 2


  • Paramedics-Massacred with Michael's bare hands
  • Kelly Meeker-After having sex with Brady she went to get snacks for them in the kitchen the Micheal grabbed her by the hair then Michael slit her in the throat with a hunting knife
  • Brady-Choked to death then gutted with a kitchen knife
  • Mr.LLyod-Crushed Skull
  • Rev.Jackson-Stabbed 15 times in the back of his head with a kitchen knife
  • Earl-Stabbed in the chest,torso, and stomach 18 times then decapitated him then his head fell in a deep ditch
  • Al-Stabbed in the chest thrown in the windshield then fell off the truck
  • Orrin-Micheal broke through the side window and slit his throat with a knife then decapitated him with a pocket knife then Rachel punched him off the truck
  • Micheal-Shot and fell in a river
  • Mrs.Carruthers-Jamie was possessed by her uncle's soul and grabbed scissors slit her throat stabbed her in the back 3 times then stabbed her in the stomach 17 times


  • Jamie
  • Dr.Loomis
  • Richard
  • Rachel
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