Halloween 3D
Directed by Marcus Nispel
Starring Emma Stone

Idris Elba

Tom Hardy

Ty Simpkins

Bryan Cranston

Lyndsy Fonseca

Amanda Seyfried

Music by Steve Jablonsky
Followed by Halloween 2

Halloween 3D is a 2012 slasher horror film and a remake of the 1978 horror film of the same name. The film was directed by Marcus Nispel and stars Emma Stone, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy. It was followed by Halloween 2.


Judith Myers (Bryce Dallas Howard) is at home alone on Halloween Night. Her younger brother Michael (Ty Simpkins) has just gone out trick or treating. Judith's boyfriend Steve Haley (Jai Courtney) arrives and they go upstairs to have sex. Unknown to them, an unseen person comes in through the back door and takes a large knife from the kitchen. Steve leaves, and the intruder goes upstairs, where a naked Judith is sitting in front of her vanity mirror. She looks up and catches the figure in the reflection; she is horrified to recognize them as Michael, wearing his Halloween mask. She tries to cover herself up and yells at Michael, who then reveals the knife in his hand and he viciously stabs her to death.

Steve realizes that he forgot his house keys while looking for a cigarette and returns to the Myers house to get them. He comes in through the open back door and sits down to eat the Halloween candy from the bowl on the table. Michael enters and caves Steve's head in with a baseball bat from behind. Michael's parents (Steve Buscemi and Julie Benz) then arrive home to find a bloodied Michael sitting on the front porch cradling his baby sister Angel.

Fifteen years later, Michael (Tom Hardy) has been locked away in Smith's Grove Sanitarium. He is finally due to stand trial for his brutal crimes and is being transferred from Smith's Grove. Dr Sam Loomis (Idris Elba), the child psychologist who took Michael's case, visits Michael and apologizes for failing to help him over the past fifteen years. However, during the transfer, Michael breaks free of his chains and escapes, murdering the security detail while doing so.

Michael makes his way to a truck stop, where he meets a trucker named Big Joe Grizzly (John C. Reilly) and murders him by brutally stabbing him with his own knife before stealing his clothes. Loomis is informed of Michael's escape by Terrence Wynn (Michael Caine) and sets off for Haddonfield, knowing he will be headed there.

The next day, Halloween, we meet Laurie Strode (Emma Stone) and her two school friends, Lynda
Emma stone 1

Emma Stone as Laurie Strode in Halloween 3D

Van Der Klok (Amanda Seyfried) and Annie Brackett (Lyndsy Fonseca). It turns out that both Laurie and Annie have babysitting jobs for that evening; Laurie is looking after Tommy Doyle (Bradley Steven Perry) and Annie is watching Lindsay Wallace (Bella Thorne). Annie, however, tries to persuade Laurie to look after them both so she can spend the night with her boyfriend, Ben Tramer (Aaron Paul).

Sheriff Tom Brackett (Bryan Cranston) arrives at the local cemetery to investigate the scene of a murder. The graveyard caretaker (Graham Greene) has been found dead and one of the tombstones stolen. Also present at the scene is Dr Loomis, who explains to Brackett that Michael has escaped and that he has most likely committed the killing. The two investigate and learn that the headstone was taken from Judith Myers' grave. Unknown to Brackett, Loomis has already bought himself a gun.

That night, in honour of Halloween, Lynda decides to take her boyfriend Paul Freeman (Henry Cavill) to the Myers house to have sex. After having sex, Lynda sets Paul to get them some more beer from his van. Upon his return, Michael appears at the top of the stairs. He tackles Paul, pins him to the wall, and stabs him. Michael disguises himself with a sheet and Paul's glasses, making Lynda think Paul is dressed as a ghost. While she is texting Laurie on her phone, Michael comes up behind her and chokes her to death.

Meanwhile at the Strode house, as Laurie sets off for the Doyle house, her parents (James Remar and Jane Lynch) bid her farewell and go back inside. There is a knock at the door and her father answers it, expecting trick or treaters, but finds nobody. He walks around the back to try and find the pranksters, but hears his wife screaming and runs back inside. He finds Michael standing inside and jumps to his wife's defence, but to no avail; Michael slices his throat and breaks Ms Strode's neck.

At the Doyle house, while Laurie and Tommy hang out, Annie arrives to drop off Lindsay. While Laurie entertains them, Annie and Ben head over to the now empty Wallace house to have sex. Michael, however, secretly watches and then attacks them, killing Ben. He chases Annie through the house and she tries to climb out the window, but he pulls her back. Laurie thinks she hears something across the street and looks out the window, but sees nothing out of the ordinary. Michael then kills Annie by slitting her throat.

At the Doyle house, Laurie puts the children to bed and decides to go for a walk, strolling over to the Wallace house. She notices that all the lights are out so takes a look around the house. She goes upstairs and finds Annie's body on the bed with Judith's headstone above her. Laurie is horrified and subsequently stumbles upon the bodies of the others. As she walks out into the hallway, Michael emerges from the shadows and slashes her arm, knocking her over the rail and onto the stairs. She manages to limp back to the Doyle house, where she wakes Tommy up and he lets her in just in time. Laurie orders him to lock himself and Lindsay in the upstairs bedroom to keep themselves safe. As he runs upstairs, Michael crashes through the window. but Laurie manages to subdue him by jamming a knitting needle into his neck.

Laurie goes upstairs and alerts Tommy and Lindsay that the danger is over. Tommy then notices Michael coming up the stairs. Laurie locks them into the on suite and then hides in the closet. Michael follows her and tears through the door, but Laurie temporarily blinds him by jabbing a coat hanger in his eye. She then picks up his knife and slashes him with it, incapacitating him. Laurie instructs Tommy and Lindsay to run down the road to a neighbor's house to call the police. On their way, they are spotted by Loomis, who makes his way to the Doyle house.

Michael, meanwhile, wakes up and attacks Laurie once again, causing both of them to fall down the stairs. Loomis arrives and shoots Michael, who drags Laurie across the floor. Michael grabs a knife and stabs Loomis in the leg. Loomis, although now stuck on the floor due to his injury, manages to retrieve his gun and shoot Michael again. Laurie then grabs Michael's knife and stabs him the chest, shoving him away and sending him crashing through the door, his body falling into the swimming pool. Laurie runs to Loomis' side, but he end up consoling her instead. She helps him to his feet and then sits down at the table, softly weeping. Loomis walks outside and is shocked to find the pool empty, Michael's body gone.


Emma Stone - Laurie Strode

Lyndsy Fonseca - Annie Brackett

Amanda Seyfried - Lynda Van Der Klok

Henry Cavill - Paul Freeman

Aaron Paul - Ben Tramer

Idris Elba - Sam Loomis

Krysten Ritter - Marion Chambers

Bryan Cranston - Tom Brackett

Bella Thorne - Lindsay Wallace

Bradley Steven Perry - Tommy Doyle

James Remar - Morgan Strode

Jane Lynch - Cynthia Strode

Michael Caine - Terrence Wynn

Robert Davi - Ismael Cruz

John C. Reilly - Joe Grizzly

Graham Greene - Angus Taylor

Tom Hardy - Michael Myers

Ty Simpkins - Young Michael Myers

Julie Benz - Rachel Myers

Steve Buscemi - David Myers

Bryce Dallas Howard - Judith Myers

Jai Courtney - Steve Haley


Judith Myers - Stabbed

Steve Haley - Head split open with baseball bat

Jack Kendall - Head bashed against wall

Noel Kluggs - Punched in the throat and chokes on blood

Stan Payne - Strangled with chains

Larry Redgrave - Head rammed into television set

Joe Grizzly - Head bashed against wall and stabbed

Angus Taylor - Choked to death

Paul Freeman - Stabbed and pinned to wall

Lynda Van Der Klok - Choked to death

Morgan Strode - Neck sliced open

Cynthia Strode - Neck broken

Ben Tramer - Stabbed in the back and in the head

Annie Brackett - Throat cut

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John Carpenter's Halloween was followed by seven sequels, six of which followed Michael Myers. In 2007, Rob Zombie directed a remake of the original film and then followed it up with a sequel in 2009. Rob Zombie's Halloween II ends with Michael's death and Laurie Strode's descent into madness. This served as the end of Rob Zombie's storyline, and he announced that he would not return for another installment.

On June 21, 2011, a new Halloween film was announced entitled Halloween 3D, set for an October 26, 2012 release date. Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were labeled as screenwriters. Shortly thereafter, Marcus Nispel signed on to direct.

It was decided that there would be a sequel to this film, again entitled Halloween 2. As it would follow the original Halloween 2 closely, Nispel decided to shoot both films back to back to maintain the feeling that they both took place on the same night and were pretty much the same film. This also allowed many characters who were not planned to appear in the first film to do so as the actors could record their scenes while filming the sequel.


Michael myers 1

Tom Hardy as Michael Myers in a promotional image for Halloween 3D.

Tom Hardy was the first person to be cast, based on his work as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Nispel said that Hardy was able to pull off the physically imposing aspect of Michael while also being able to communicate a lot with his eyes, which is exactly what Nispel wanted for Michael. The next role to be cast was Michael's nemesis Dr Sam Loomis. Elba, who was familiar with roles which involved hunting serial killers, studied both Donald Pleasence and Malcolm McDowell in the role to try and strike the perfect balance between the two for his own take.

Emma Stone, who had auditioned for the 2007 film, auditioned again and was successful in landing the role. She admitted to being a huge fan of the original Halloween and was "honoured" to have been given the chance to play such an iconic heroine in Laurie Strode. Lyndsy Fonseca and Amanda Seyfried then joined the cast as Laurie's two best friends, Annie Brackett and Lynda Van Der Klok respectively.

Nispel watched Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in the Middle and said he knew right away he had found his Sheriff Brackett. In this version of Halloween, Brackett's first name in Tom as opposed to "Leigh" or "Lee". For further reference, Nispel decided to watch Cranston's performance as Walter White in the TV series Breaking Bad and it was here he discovered Aaron Paul and Krysten Ritter, who he then cast as Ben Tramer and Marion Chambers respectively. In this version of Halloween, Ben Tramer is now Annie's boyfriend, and Annie's original boyfriend Paul Freedman was changed to Lynda's boyfriend, and his last name was changed to Freeman. Paul was portrayed by Henry Cavill.

The character of Gary Hunt, a Haddonfield police deputy, was not originally slated to appear in Halloween 3D but was going to appear in Halloween 2. However, with the sequels being shot back-to-back, Nispel decided to write Hunt into the first film in order to further build up his character. James Franco auditioned for the part and was then cast. Tom Hardy suggested his Inception and The Dark Knight Rises co-star Michael Caine for Terrence Wynn. Caine was approached and soon signed on.

James Remar was then cast as Morgan Strode and Jane Lynch was cast as Cynthia Strode. Nispel wanted to demonstrate the closeness of the Strode family so as to evoke a more emotional reaction when Morgan and Cynthia are slain by Myers. He also spend a great deal of time fleshing out the relationships between characters, namely Laurie and Annie and Brackcett and Loomis.

Bradley Steven Perry and Bella Thorne joined the cast as the kids Laurie is babysitting, Tommy Doyle and Lindsay Wallace. Based on his performance in Insidious, Nispel chose Ty Simpkins to portray the young Michael Myers. Steve Buscemi and Julie Benz soon joined as Michael's parents, David and Rachel, and Bryce Dallas Howard was cast as the ill-fated Judith Myers, with Jai Courtney cast as her also doomed boyfriend.


Steve Jablosnky, who had previously scored the remakes of A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, the latter two of which were directed by Nispel, signed on to score the film. Jablonsky said that Halloween 3D was one of his most difficult projects because he had to mix his own new score with cues from John Carpenter's original. Jablonsky then scored the film's sequel, calling the music in that film the evolution of the one in the first.

Unrated Edition

During filming, Nispel was unsure of the direction to take with some scenes. He decided to create two cuts, one feature the material and one without it, and see which one test audiences preferred. Test audiences chose the latter because it was much more chilling. This version became the theatrical cut, but the unrated version was later released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

There are a number of differences between the two:

  • In the unrated version the sex scene between Judith and Steve is longer.
  • Michael stabs Judith more times in the unrated cut.
  • In the theatrical edition, Steve's death is not shown on screen. Michael simply swings his baseball bat before we hard cut away. In the unrated version we see his bloody death.
  • The font of the opening titles is different.
  • There is an alternate take for the opening titles, where the pumpkin is now in the center of the screen rather than off to the left.
  • There is an alternate escape scene which is inspired by the escape scene from Zombie's version. In this one, Noel Kluggs and Jack Kendall, the same prison guards who die in the theatrical version, bring a female patient named Karen Mercy (played by Danielle Harris) into Michael's cell and rape her. Michael snaps and attacks Noel, enticing Jack to try and save his friend. Michael violently beats both men to death and then makes eye contact with Karen. He stands over her, then gives her back the cloth the rapists tore off before leaving.
  • Also in the this scene, Michael confronts janitor Ismael Cruz as he does in the theatrical cut. However, while he lets him live in the theatrical version, Michael brutally murders Ismael by ramming his head through a television set, the same way he kills Larry Redgrave in the theatrical version.
  • In the scene where Michael kills Big Joe Grizzly, he beats him more violently and then stabs him multiple times.
  • There is an added scene of Michael stealing Judith's headstone from the cemetery. In the theatrical version, this, along with Angus Taylor's death, take place offscreen.
  • There is an added scene of Michael killing Laurie's neighbour Mr Riddle by stabbing him to death.
  • In the uncut version, there is blood added to Pauls' death scene.
  • When Lynda gets up to get her phone in the theatrical cut, she is shown naked from the waist up. In the unrated version there is a full frontal shot.
  • During her chase scene, Annie is topless in the theatrical cut. She is completely naked in the  unrated version.
  • In the theatrical version, Michael cuts Annie's throat. In the unrated version, he drags her away from the window, slams her down on a table and plunges his knife into her chest.
  • During the climax, in the theatrical version, Laurie stabs Michael and he falls into the pool. In the unrated version, Loomis runs upstairs, where Michael stabs him. Laurie tries to escape by crawling out onto the roof, but Michael crashes through the window after her. Loomis shoots Michael, allowing Laurie to stab him. They then roll off the roof and both fall into the pool. When Loomis pulls Laurie out, Michael has disappeared.


The film was a critical success. Roger Ebert wrote "While it never lives up to John Carpenter's original, Halloween or Halloween 3D is far superior to the 2007 and 2009 efforts and any of the countless sequels which followed Caprenter's original masterpiece." James Rolfe, a Halloween fan, said in a video review "I went into this new Halloween expecting to hate it. Then the movie started and it turned out to be really awesome."

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