Halloween 3: The Revenge (also known as: Rob Zombie's - Halloween 3: The Revenge) is a 2017 horror film directed by Rob Zombie. This films stars Linda Cardellini, Justin Long, Liana Liberato, Olivia Holt, Ava Kolker, Sheri Moon Zombie, Tyler Mane and Scout Taylor-Compton.


6 years after the second film, with Laurie Strode is sent to the ward for killing Michael Myers, a teenage girl, Rachel Davis become a target by Michael Myers when he is targeting her, her family, her friend and the people in Halloween.



  • Linda Cardellini as Marina Harper, the main protagonist.
  • Justin Long as Robert Davis, Marina's boyfriend.
  • Liana Liberato as Rachel Davis, Robert's 16-year-old sister.
  • Olivia Holt as Evelyn Greene, Rachel's best friend
  • Ava Kolker as Amy Davis, Robert and Rachel's 5-year-old adoptive sister, Laurie's biological daughter and Michael's niece.
  • Sheri Moon Zombie as Deborah Myers
  • Tyler Mane as Michael Myers
  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode, the primary protagonist of the second film.
  • Viggo Mortensen as Ethan Davis, Robert and Rachel's father and Amy's adoptive father
  • Melissa Leo as Elaine Davis, Robert and Rachel's mother and Amy's adoptive mother
  • Sasha Pieterse as Lindsey Wallace, Rachel and Evelyn's friend who was having trouble after having a nightmare of Michael Myers.
  • Skyler Gisondo as Tommy Doyle, Rachel and Evelyn's friend who trying to forget the past with Michael Myers.
  • G Hannelius as Chloe Greene, Evelyn's 17-year-old neighbor.
  • Ashley Boettcher as Ivy King, Chloe's 14-year-old stepsister.
  • Jodelle Ferland as Danni Strode, the cousin of Laurie Strode
  • Natalie Portman as Savannah Harper, the sister of Marina
  • Dylan Minnette as Jake King, Ivy's brother
  • TBA as Stephen Harper, the husband of Marina
  • TBA as Jodie Harper, the 16-year-old daughter of Marina
  • TBA as Katie Harper, the 11-year-old daughter of Marina
  • TBA as Cole Harper, the 9-year-old son of Marina


The police take Rachel to visit bruised Lindsay in hospital after her brutal attack

  • (Rachel in the back seat of police car)
  • Rachel: Huh?
  • (Haddonfield General Hospital)
  • Rachel: Haddonfield General Hospital? Why we are here?
  • Officer Peters: We are going to take you.
  • (Officer Peters getting out of the car)
  • Rachel: But, why?
  • Officer Moon: Because this hospital has reason, why we are taking you?
  • (Officer Peter open the door)
  • (Rachel getting out of the car)
  • (Scene move when Rachel walk inside of the hospital with Officer Peters and Officer Moon)
  • Rachel: OK, tell me what is going on?
  • Officer Peters: OK! But first, do you know this woman in the photo with you?
  • (Officer Peters show the photo of Rachel and Lindsay to Rachel)
  • Rachel: The woman in the photo is Lindsay Wallace.
  • Rachel: What has just happened to her?
  • Officer Moon: She was partying.
  • Rachel: The night before Halloween, October 30th?
  • Officer Peters: Yes, she was.
  • Rachel: She had nightmare about Michael Myers.
  • Officer Peters: Michael Myers?! The one who brutal attacked Lindsay Wallace?
  • Rachel: Yes and what do you mean, attacked.
  • Officer Moon: Follow us to that room.
  • Rachel: What room?
  • Officer Peters: Lindsay Wallace's room.
  • (Officer Peters and Officer Moon with Rachel walk to Lindsay's room)
  • (Officer Moon open the door and Rachel gasps)
  • (Scene shows a bruised Lindsay in the hospital bed breathing in oxygen mask with beeping sound on TV)
  • Rachel: Lindsay!!
  • Officer Moon: A group of kids found her beaten up, stabbed and bleeding in the lake.
  • Rachel: She is alive?
  • Officer Peters: She was breathing just.
  • Rachel: Michael Myers did this.
  • Officer Peters: At 2:17am, October 31st, Lindsay Wallace was coming home after she was attacked, beaten up and stabbed by Michael Myers.
  • Officer Moon: Michael has looking for you.
  • Rachel: Why? Me?
  • Officer Peters: He was looking for you because he is looking for your adoptive sister.
  • Rachel: Amy.
  • Officer Peters: He wanted her alive and everybody she know is dead.
  • Rachel: Nobody can't hurt my sister.
  • Officer Moon: But Rachel, Amy is not your real sister.
  • Officer Moon: Is she?
  • Rachel: Her real mother choose for left her own daughter out of her life.
  • Officer Moon: Her mother is Laurie Strode know as Angel Myers, the sister of Michael Myers.
  • (Rachel walk to buised Lindsay in her hospital bed)
  • Rachel: Oh, Lindsay.
  • (Rachel hold Lindsay's hand)



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  • This film runs at 115 minutes long.
  • Rated R for sequences of strong brutal bloody violence and terror throughout, crude sexual content, nudity and language
  • It was distributed by Dimension Films
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