Halloween 2 is a 2009 slasher horror film, the sequel to Halloween 3D and a remake of the 1981 sequel of the same name. The film was directed by Marcus Nispel and stars Emma Stone, Idris Elba, and Tom Hardy.


After Laurie Strode (Emma Stone) stabs Michael Myers (Tom Hardy) and he falls into the Doyle family swimming pool, the police and ambulance arrive at the scene. Michael's body, however, has vanished. Dr Sam Loomis, now limping after Michael stabbed him in the leg, is determined to continue his search and find Michael. He stumbles through the streets and happens upon a squad car driven by his ally, Sheriff Tom Brackett (Bryan Cranston). The two drive off into the night to track Michael down. Meanwhile, Laurie is transported to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

Loomis and Brackett spot a man wearing a white mask similar to Michael's stumbling across the street. Brackett guesses that the person may be drunk, but Loomis thinks that he could be stumbling as a result of the wounds Michael sustained. Loomis realises that he'll soon be out of his sight and panics, shooting the man through the head. The horrified Brackett unmasks him as local teenager Ted Hollister and berates the distraught Loomis. Another squad car arrives and a police deputy gets out to inform Sheriff Brackett that one of the bodies found upstairs at the Wallace house was that of Brackett's daughter, Annie. The group race off towards the Wallace house, where Brackett arrives just in time to watch his daughter's body being carried away on a stretcher. Brackett decides to go home for the night, leaving his deputy, Gary Hunt (James Franco) to assist Loomis in finding Michael.

At the hospital, we are introduced to the various staff on duty. Ambulance attendants Budd Scarlotti (Shia LeBeouf) and Jimmy Lloyd (Armie Hammer), Budd's girlfriend Karen Bailey (Megan Fox), kindly nurse Jill Marshall (Carey Mulligan), newest nurse Alice Martin (Kaley Cuoco) who is having an affair with the head doctor, Fred Mixter (Powers Boothe) and head nurse Virginia Alves (Zoe Saldana). Jimmy and Laurie hit it off and he decides to sit in her room and watch over her. Mr Garrett (Kevin James), the lazy security guard, is sent out to the supply room to fix the phone wires, which are down. He finds that someone has cut the wires. Suddenly, Michael appears behind him and ends his life by striking him on the head with a hammer claw.

Budd tries to persuade Karen to have sex with him as they are alone on an empty ward, but Karen refuses, citing the risk of getting caught by Alves. Budd convinces her to meet him in the hospital therapy room and the have sex in the therapy pool. Michael sneaks into the adjacent room and alters the temperature gauge. Karen becomes irate because the pool is to hot and sends Budd to lower the temperature. As he fiddles with the various knobs, Michael appears behind Bud and strangles him with a stethoscope. He then walks up behind Karen and drowns her in the pool.

Meanwhile, Loomis and Hunt are informed of a break in at the local elementary school and head over to investigate. They find a kitchen knife sticking out of a crayon drawing of a family, going straight into the girl, with the word 'sister' scrawled on the chalk board. Just then, Loomis' old friend Marion Chambers (Kristen Ritter) arrives and informs Loomis that he had been summoned to Smith's Grove. Loomis refuses, stating that he must first find and kill Michael. Chambers reveals that they sent a marshal (Kurtwood Smith) out to get Loomis to come with her.

At the hospital, Alice sneaks into Dr Mixter's office to sleep with him. As she undresses, she notices that he is not responding to her. She turns his chair around and finds a syringe implanted in his eye. Michael suddenly appears behind her and kills her with another syringe.

In Laurie's room, Jimmy notices that she appears to be having an adverse reaction to the medication. As Jill is the only one around, he sends her to find help, but she is unable to find Alves, Mixter or Alice. Jill goes outside to look for Garrett and finds that her tires have been slashed. Scared, she returns inside.

Jimmy notes that Laurie is now missing from her room and the two split up to search the hospital. Jimmy stumbles upon a dark room where an unconcious Alves in being drained of her blood via drip. Jimmy turns to run but slips into the pool of blood and knocks himself out. Jill finds a dazed Laurie wandering around the hospital. Michael then appears behind Jill and cuts her throat with a scalpel. He then begins to chase Laurie through the hospital. He eventually pursues her outside, where she hides inside of an unlocked car.

Marion Chambers reveals to Loomis that the governor had previously sealed a file regarding Michael Myers, but in light of his escape he has allowed for it to be opened. It turns out that Michael had a baby sister, Angel, who was put up for adoption at some point after his incarceration. The girl now goes by the name of Laurie Strode. Loomis realises that Michael must be at the hospital and orders the marshal to turn the car around, but the man refuses. Enraged, Loomis draws his gun and forces him to turn around.

At the hospital, Jimmy, in a daze, stumbles outside and finds Laurie in the car. He gets in and tries to start the car, but is unable to. He eventually lapses back into a coma and falls face first onto the steering wheel, blaring the horn. Laurie manages to climb out of the car and spots Loomis arriving, but he enters through the front door and doesn't notice her. Suddenly, Michael appears across the parking lot and he begins to approach her. She manages to get to her feet and run to the door, where Loomis hears her and lets her in. Michael arrives and crashes through the door, but Loomis shoots him and he falls to the floor. The marshal appraoches Michael's body to make sure he is dead, despite Loomis' warnings. Loomis sends Chambers outside to radio for help. Suddenly, Michael wakes up and crushes the marshal's neck. Loomis and Laurie retreat into the operating room, where Loomis gives Laurie the marshal's gun, which he had earlier confiscated. Michael barges through the door and stabs Loomis, but as he approaches Laurie, she shouts his name, stopping him in his tracks. She takes the opportunity to shoot Michael in the eyes, blinding him. As he begins to slash the air with his scalpel, hoping to kill her, the wounded Loomis loosens the valve on a canister of ether. Laurie catches on and joins in, confusing Michael, to slashes wildly at the direction of every noise he hears. Loomis shouts at Laurie to run out of the room, notifying Michael of his direction. As Michael stumbles towards Loomis and grabs hold of him, Loomis reveals a lighter in his pocket, with which he ignites the room, blowing it up. Laurie is knocked to the floor in the hallway by the explosion. She then watches as Michael emerges, now engulfed in flames, before he finally collapses to the floor and burns to death. 

As the dawn and emergency services arrive, Laurie is reunited with Jimmy and they share a kiss before being placed in the back of an ambulance and driven away from the smoking hospital.


  • Emma Stone - Laurie Strode</li>
  • Idris Elba - Sam Loomis</li>
  • Kristen Ritter - Marion Chambers</li>
  • Bryan Cranston - Tom Brackett</li>
  • James Franco - Gary Hunt</li>
  • Armie Hammer - Jimmy Lloyd</li>
  • Shia LeBeouf - Budd Scarlotti </li>
  • Megan Fox - Karen Bailey</li>
  • Powers Boothe - Fred Mixter</li>
  • Zoe Saldana - Virginia Alves</li>
  • Carey Mulligan - Jill Marshall</li>
  • Kaley Cuoco - Alice Martin</li>
  • Kevin James - Mr Garrett</li>
  • Kurtwood Smith - Marshal Gummell</li>
  • Tom Hardy - Michael Myers</li>
  • Ty Simpkins - Young Michael Myers</li>
  • Lyndsy Fonseca - Annie Brackett</li>
  • Amanda Seyfried - Lynda Van Der Klok</li>
  • Henry Cavill - Paul Freeman</li>
  • Aaron Paul - Ben Tramer</li>
  • Bella Thorne - Lindsay Wallace</li>
  • Bradley Steven Perry - Tommy Doyle</li>
  • Julie Benz - Rachel Myers</li>
  • Steve Buscemi - David Myers</li>
  • Bryce Dallas Howard - Judith Myers</li>
  • Jai Courtney - Steve Haley</li>
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