Halloween is a 2006 American horror film and remake of the 1978 film of the same name.


Abused and tormented, 10-year-old Michael Myers (Cainan Wiebe) murders his sister (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) in revenge but is arrested for it. 16 years later, Michael (Tyler Mane) escapes from the asylum and plans on reuniting with his beloved younger sister Laurie (Katie Cassidy) but his psychiatrist (Malcolm McDonald) is determined to stop him.


On Halloween, a group of teenagers are having fun. One of them Laurie (Katie Cassidy) is feeling like she's being watched. The group's leader Paul Freedman (Max Van Ville) tells everyone that he found a scary story. They all listen and it's about the quiet asylum patient Michael Myers (Tyler Mane).

On Halloween 1990, 10-year-old Michael Myers (Cainan Wiebe) was just a sad and lonely child who lost his father in a car crash. His mother Deborah (Sheri Moon Zombie) dated an alcoholic abusive man named Ronnie White (William Forsythe). His sister Judith (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) was an abusive, sadistic teenager who would have fun torturing him. However, his baby sister Angel was one of the only people in his life that he cared about because he believes she is kind-hearted.


  • Tyler Mane as Michael Myers - A psychoatic serial killer who has suffered abuse from his sister but in 1990, he finally murders her. 16 years later, he goes on a killing spree to find his younger sister. Cainan Wiebe as 10-year-old Michael Myers.
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