Halloween: The Revenge of Michael Myers is a slasher horror film and the second addition to the Halloween Thorn Trilogy reboot.


At the end of the last film, Michael Myers was presumed dead after falling down a mineshaft. However, this film begins by showing that Michael survived and crawled into a nearby river and was swept away. He eventually washed up by a hermit's shack. Over the next year, the hermit nursed him back to health, but on the day before Halloween, Michael wakes up again and kills him before taking back his decaying mask.

On that same night, Jamie Lloyd suffers a seizure as her murderous uncle reawakens. Jamie has been held at Haddonfield Children's Clinic since she attacked her foster mother on Halloween night one year prior, the same night she first encountered her uncle. The next morning, Jamie is visisted by her older sister, Rachel Carruthers, and her friend Tina. They bring with them a fairy princess Halloween costume for Jamie, who is also mute now.

As Michael stalks Rachel, Jamie begins to suffer fits due to a telepathic link to Michael. Rachel informs Jamie's protector, Dr. Sam Loomis, that she is leaving town for the weekend. However, when she returns home, Michael stabs her to death with a scissors. Tina meets up with her jerkish boyfriend Bud and her friends, Samantha and her boyfriend Spitz. They arrange to go to a Halloween party at a barn later that night. Once Bud is alone in the back alley, Michael coaxes him into a confrontation by scratching his car and then kills him.

Throughout the day, images of Michael haunt Jamie. Loomis learns from Sheriff Ben Meeker, who's daughter was amongst those killed the previous year, that somebody dug up the body of a nine year old girl and stole the coffin. Loomis badgers Jamie for information on Michael but she is still unable to speak. A mysterious, unseen stranger, dressed all in black, arrives in Haddonfield on a bus and is shown to sport a tatoo of a Celtic symbol on his wrist, similar to one Michael has. The man in black watches Loomis as he investigates the Myers house.

That night, Jamie takes part in a costume parade at the clinic and her costume is well received. However, she senses Michael being near to Tina and starts screaming before fainting. Michael diguises himself using a mask Tina bought for Bud and picks her up before driving her to the party. Tina takes a dislike to what she believes to be Bud's attitude and decides to sleep with a random stranger at the party. Fearing for her safety, Loomis sends two deputies to monitor the party.

Sam and Spitz go into the barn to have sex when Michael appears and impales Spitz with a pitchfork. Sam pulls the weapon out and charges Michael, but he throws her against a wall and kills her with a scythe. The deputies spot him leaving the barn carrying a bloody pitchfork and call him over. Tina goes to the barn and finds the bodies of Sam and Spitz and then finds the two deputies dead in their car. Michael appears in Bud's car and begins to chase her. Meanwhile, Jamie escapes from the clinic and arrives at the party looking for Tina. Michael chases both of them but crashes into a tree. Jamie is briefly relieved before he is revealed to have survived and he approaches her. Tina dives in the way at the last second and is stabbed in the heart. Loomis and the police then pick Jamie up. Jamie, who can now talk, agrees to help Loomis trap Michael. Loomis shouts out that Jamie will be at the Myers house, setting up the climax.

As the police force lie in wait for Michael's arrival, Jamie senses that he is at the clinic. The police head after him, but it is revealed to be distraction. Michael arrives at the house undetected and is confronted by Loomis. He appears briefly to listen to him before stabbing the doctor. He then goes upstairs and kills the last cop before chasing Jamie through the house. Jamie winds up in the attic, where she finds Rachel's corpse and the coffin Michael previously stole. She lies down in it but Michael hesitates to kill her, instead removing his mask for her. When she moves to wipe away his tear, he goes berserk and attacks her. She evades him but is grabbed by a psychotic Loomis, who drags her into the basement. Michael follows, and Loomis wraps him in chains before stabbing him and beating him down.

Michael is placed in a cell in the police station. As Jamie sits in a police car outside, the shadowy stranger bombs the station and then guns the police force down. Jamie enters the burning station and is horrified to find Michael's cell empty.


The Thorn Trilogy was finished with this film's sequel, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

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