Halloween: Michael Has Come Back  is a horror-slasher film starring Danielle Harris, Milo Ventimiglia, Nikki Reed, Brianna Evigan, Chris Zylka, Tyler Mane, Tyler Hoechlin, Matt Bomer, Jennifer Tilly, Taylor Momsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Roney Mara, A.J Cook, Chris Evans, Alexandra Chando, Matt Lanter, Julian Morris, Lindy Booth, Jared Leto, Michael Rosenbaum, Deborah Ann Woll, Selena Gomez and Tony Todd.


After 15 years, Jamie Lloyd lives in fear from her uncle Michael's attempts to kill her when she was little. Now she lives with her ​​friends Terry Reynolds (Reed) and Billy Hill (Ventimiglia). A few days before Halloween night, a teenager is brutally murdered by an unknown. At the funeral, Dr. Sam Loomis's niece Samantha (Gomez), equal parts detective and psychologist, reveals a video that shows Michael is the killer. Jamie, Samantha and Billy will have to stop him.


Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd

Milo Ventimiglia as Billy Hill

Nikki Reed as Terry Reynolds

Brianna Evigan as Aundrew Peace

Chris Zylka as Wiliam Thomas

Tyler Mane as Michael Myers

Tyler Hoechlin as Brandon Murray/Terry's boyfriend

Matt Bomer as Deputy Damon

Jennifer Tilly as Tabatha Barton

Taylor Momsen as Carly Young

Jennifer Lawrence as Marley Young

Liam Hemsworth as Kit Hill/Billy's younger brother

Roney Mara as Ronnie Barton

A.J Cook as Deputy Summers

Chris Evans as Officer Summers

Alexandra Chando as Emma Reynolds

Matt Lanter as Cameron Bobery

Julian Morris as Nurse Bo

Lindy Booth as Lydia

Jared Leto as Steve Bobery

Michael Rosenbaum as Dean

Deborah Ann Woll as Rachel

Selena Gomez as Samantha Loomis/Sam Loomis' niece

Tony Todd as Officer Letter

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode/uncredited scene


Lydia- stabbed in the head and then thrown from a third floor, lands on patrol car

Rachel-Machete to the back

Steve Bobery- gutted

Dean- stabbed in the back while having sex with Ronnie 

Ronnie Barton- machete to the head

Tabatha Barton- decapitated

Marley Young- head smashed into a mirror

Cameron Bobery- neck broken

Deputy Damon- decapitated with machete

Nurse Bo- stabbed in the head by Jamie thinking it was Michael

Wiliam Thomas- eyes gouged and neck broken

Officer Letter- accidentally shot in the head by Samantha

Officer Summer- stabbed in the head 

Aundrew Peace- hit on the head with metal pole

Michael Myers- shot by Samantha, set on with fire by Billy and Terry, and beheaded by Jamie


Jamie, Billy, Terry Reynolds, Brandon Murray, Emma Reynolds, Deputy Summers, Kit Hill, Samantha Loomis and Carly Young.


Sam Loomis and Laurie Strode.


  • Jamie Lloyd
  • Billy Hill
  • Terry Reynolds
  • Aundrew Peace
  • Brandon Murray
  • Deputy Summers
  • Kit Hills
  • Carly Young
  • Emma Reynolds
  • Officer Summers
  • Samantha Loomis


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