Hacob is the friendship pairing between Jacob Davis and Haley James Scott.


Jacob and Haley are best friends. They met at a park where Jacob also meets both Taylor and Quinn. Haley is really close to Jacob's heart as needs her there for him when his parents argue back and forth which drives Jacob's crazy. Aside from Brooke Jacob treats Haley like a little sister and Haley seemed a little attached to Jacob which is beyond Lucas and Karen's comprehension as well as the others. At some point at Jacob's first wedding Haley did not show up because she was upset with Jacob after realizing he was not marrying Quinn because Haley knew of Jacob's crush on Quinn. Despite how angry Haley was she saw Jacob on his last day in Tree Hill as he was leaving for Ohio State University to attend college and play on the football team and Haley admitted that she would deeply miss him. After lies were spreading about Jacob's return and release from the NFL Haley went off the wall on Lucas and everyone because she firmly believed Jacob was not coming back. Before the series begun Jacob worked with Haley at Karen's Café where she introduced Jacob to Lucas and Karen who later became his best friends. During the series Jacob joins Tree Hill High the school he graduated from and the school Haley attends where he is the assistant coach for the basketball team since the football team disbanded since their losing streaking every season. In season two after Jacob had moved into her house with Quinn they became in Jacob's own words "house buddies" and still remained close friends. At the start of season three Jacob and Quinn try finding a house big enough to hold him, Quinn, Taylor and surprisingly Haley in case Haley and Taylor needed a place to live if something happens in their lives. Haley eventually was the first to know about Jacob and Quinn's engagement even before Brooke and Lucas. Eventually Jacob learned Haley was pregnant and Haley named her son Jamie instead of after him but had another child that same day Jamie was born and named the second boy Alexander Scott.

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