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3E 403

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Pitch black leather armor, Freedom






Third Era


Thieves' Guild

Habast Sories

Shadow's Cease

Chapter One

A woman shrieked as her purse was cut from her shoulder. The thief darted through an alley and hurled himself of the side of the Vivec Foreign Quarter and landed in the water with a silenced gasp. “So cold,” Habast whispered to himself as he paddled to the shore, “ I hate water.”

Habast breathed a sigh of relief as his feet found land. A mother guar grazed not 50 meters away. Habast smiled and approached the unsuspecting beast of burden. He swiftly leapt onto its back and it took off into the mountains at incredible speed. “By the nine!” Habast hollered in amazement.

In a matter of minutes it was near Balmora. Habast did a back flip off the guar’s back and landed gracefully at the Southwest entrance to Balmora. An Argonian woman suddenly gasped astonishment. “It’s-” she began, but Habast had his hand cupped over her mouth before she could reveal him. “Shut up!” he snapped. Fear consumed her and she nodded, quick to run.

Habast entered Eight Plates, a local inn, to rest his weary bones. Today had been good to him, but now it was time to sleep. He approached the owner. Seeing her fear, he slipped a couple extra coins and winked. In acknowledgment, she nodded, taking the coins with a smile. Habast lay down in the bed to rest and was quickly pulled into a peaceful unconsciousness.

Chapter Two

Habast woke as a guard grabbed his shirt and pinned him against the wall. “Well look at what we got here, men. The notorious Habast. Ha! Not so high and mighty now, huh?!” The guard taunted gleefully. “You do best to release me, gentlemen. I might just let you live,” Habast countered. The guard’s face flared with anger and he threw Habast to the floor, ready to strike. In less than a second Habast had leapt to his feet, drawn his blade, and cut the first guard in the stomach. All of the 7 guards reeled back, and Habast ran, faster than a horse dared dream.

Habast heard the guards holler after him in frustration. Habast sped through the door and jumped to the next building. He continued this building hopping until he reached the Stilt Strider, a giant bug used for transportation in Morrowind. He slipped casually into the Stilt Strider, thankful of the driver’s ignorance.

Once in Gnisis, a gang of guards immediately pursued Habast. After Habast outran the guards, he stopped next to an ancestral tomb to catch his breath. “I think it’s about time to move to another province, and start again where I’m not as well known. Summerset? No, too many elves…The Black Mar- What am I thinking? Perhaps, Cyrodiil? Yes. Cyrodiil is perfect.” Habast thought aloud. He took another deep breath and ran for Ebonheart.

Chapter Three

Habast set a light foot on the cold stone floor of Castle Ebonheart. He slid briskly through the doorway and onto the transport ship. “How much for passage to Cyrodiil?” Habast asked. The sailor started “Habast! Cyrodiil? Are you insane? It’s not legal, and it would take mon-“ Habast dropped a large sack onto the ground, filled to brim with gold coins. The sailor’s jaw dropped and he straightened his back, “In light of recent events, I find your offer acceptable. Welcome aboard,” * gulps *, “Habast.” As Habast disappeared below the deck the sailor whispered to himself, “What have I done?”

Habast cringed at the rancid stench of the lower deck. “How could it get this bad?” He asked no one in particular. He grudgingly spread out on the foul smelling cot laid across the floor. After hours of laying on the deck Habast’s exhaustion finally won the battle and he drifted into slumber.

“Wake up mister thief, sir!” yelled the sailor, “We’re under attack!” Habast flew to his feet and drew his bow. “Avast!” cried a Breton who charged down the stairs at Habast. Habast speedily drew the bow back and fired just in time. The Breton soared back into the wall and Habast collected his arrow. “Pirates,” Habast scoffed as he clambered up on deck. About twenty-five pirates were aboard the small vessel. Habast gasped as he saw their captain, Fearfang Coldheart himself!

“Ha ha!” Coldheart cried in delight, “Well if it isn’t Habast! How did you end up in here?” “I’m bound for Cyrodiil, and I don’t plan on any half-wit pirates to stop me!” Habast called out in confidence. “Capture the captain, this one’s mine!” Coldheart ordered his crew. The legendary buccaneer brandished his cutlass at Habast, “Come and meet your fate!”

Habast launched an arrow at Fearfang, but it was quickly cut into several pieces of wood. Fearfang smirked and charged Habast. Habast skillfully evaded a series of punches and was ready to kill with his dagger when a solid Argonian fist met his jaw, sending him to a painful unconsciousness. Fearfang howled with glee.

Chapter Four

Habast woke to the stench of death. He was in a prison hold on the Fang of Despair. He pulled himself to his feet and looked around the dank room. Skeletons hung from the walls, suspended by chains. A man lay on the floor. Is he dead? Habast thought. He approached the body and nudged it with his foot. The man moaned, but was apparently either too weak to lift his head, or he just didn’t feel like it.

“Are you strong enough to stand?” Habast asked. The man groaned and stood slowly, a pained look on his face. He faltered and fell on his face. Habast grabbed the man’s arm and pulled him to his feet. “Hab- Habast?” the man asked weakly. “Frahn?” Habast asked in astonishment. Frahn and Habast had been friends in childhood and often pulled thieving heists together.

“I- I haven’t seen you in years. How have you been?” Frahn managed. Habast shrugged, “Can’t complain.” Suddenly the wooden door creaked open. Habast instinctively reached for his dagger, but it had been confiscated. Fearfang laughed wickedly at Habast’s dismay. “Ahh you two lousy pickpockets know each other? Even better! Who walks the plank first?” Fearfang asked.

Habast lunged at the bars with malice. Fearfang chuckled. Frahn grabbed a bone off the cell floor and smacked Fearfang out cold. Habast gave a mock laugh and took the key from Coldheart’s belt.