Gunther Banana
Television appearance Martin Tentacles
Film appearence Martin Tentacles: The Movie
Inspiration Ren Hoek
Bart Simpson
Eric Cartman
Voiced by Nathan Lane
Full name Gunther "Hofferson Nicodemus" Banana
Other names Gunther
Personality Greedy, evil, mischievous, arrogant, rude, mean, selfish, stubborn, comedic, villainous, dim-witted (at times)
Alignment Bad (sometimes Good)
Appearance Slender, banana-like, blue sweater, red pants
Goal Kill his father and achieve his world domination (failed; formerly)
Trick Martin to turn animals into gremlin-like creatures (succeeded)
Cause the Apocalypse (also succeeded)
To kill Martin for his betrayal (failed)
Relatives Ma (mother; deceased)
Little Brother (younger brother)
Allies Gunther, Martin, Ma, Roward (formerly)
Enemies Martin (sometimes), Ma (briefly), Roward, The Agent, Emperor Victor, Bulldogs
Likes Chocolate, Martin (formerly), being at home, playing videogames, being a loser (sometimes), eating junk food
Dislikes His mother (briefly), his brother's stupidity, Martin in trouble, being rejected, being treated like a kid, betrayals
Powers and Abilities Super-strength, morphing abilities, speed
Weapons Teeth, claws, bare fists
Spirit Animal Mammoth
Fate Various
Thrown into the Void by Martin and forced to live with his sister, defeated (series' finale).
Quotes "I already given you freedom".

Gunther Banana is one of two secondary antagonists (sometimes both the deuteragonist and anti-hero) of the animated television series, Martin Tentacles.

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