Gumbo Flies Again is the 2002 direct to video sequel to Gumbo the Super Elephant.


  • Gumbo (Young and Adult)
  • Thomas K. Crow
  • Gumbo’s Mom
  • Dr. Jay Nub - A hunter.
  • The Bully Girls - This time their names are revealed to be Nicole (The Ostrich), Sophia (The Bear), Dolli (The Hippo), and Mot (The Wolf). They have grown up too, but Sophia and Mot’s voices haven’t changed a bit.
  • Gumbo’s Dad - The one who never shown in the first film who is also a new character, first seen during a flashback but in the end, He and The Bully Girls’ parents come back to life.

Voice Cast


  • This sequel is darker than the original.
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