Brianna Adams - "I want the truth and don't lie to me"

John Levinson - "Nobody's talking to me"

Brianna Adams - "You're a little lair"

Brianna Adams - "You rape my mother and you got her pregnant"

Brianna Adams - "I am your daughter and your niece because of your dirty rapist problems"

John Levinson - "I did rape her"

Brianna Adams - "Why did you do this to the poor innocent woman"

John Levinson - "She is not innocent, she is nothing but a whiny little pest"

John Levinson - "Your mother growing up and still a whiny little pest today"

Brianna Adams - "What about me, I am the whiny little pest just like my own mother"

John Levinson - "She think she's prefect when she was 16"

Brianna Adams - "Why did you rape her?"

John Levinson - "I got send to prison for 25 years for what?""

John Levinson - "Raping my sister, I felt so good"

Brianna Adams - "She was 16, John!"

John Levinson - "The whiny little pest has everything in her life."

John Levinson - "Friends, school, family"

John Levinson - "She was the popular."

John Levinson - "She had everything"

John Levinson - "My parents always spend time with Beth"

John Levinson - "Beth had all the time of the world"

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