Official Product Description 

You’re invited to play music guessing game with Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin and their friends. From squares and circles to ovals and octagons, shapes are everywhere! But the fun isn’t finished yet. It’s time for more games as Miku and Rin are challenged to find a gorgeous rainbow of fabulous food choices. Can they do it? Can your preschooler help them out? Join everyone’s favorite vocaloids in this new video that teaches about getting involved with music!


  • "Kasane Territory
  • Cartoon: "It's Hip To Be a Square" with The Four Sides (EKA: Episode 2615)
  • Baby Bear and Papa Bear visit the Museum of Modern Art, and observe a Piet Mondrian painting full of rectangles, squares and colors. (EKA: Episode 3569)
  • Film: Jane Tuesday: "Eat Your Colors" (orange) (First: Episode 4089)
  • Cartoon: Watermelon song (First: Episode 4088)
  • Animation: Peppers dance (EKA: Episode 3079)

DVD Bonus FeaturesEdit 

    • Bonus Game includes Sesame Street clips:
    • It's a Circle - Ernie's part only (First: Episode 4034)
    • The camera encounters STOP signs in many locations. (EKA: Episode 3377)
    • Grow High Grow Low (EKA: Episode 2448)
    • I Eat the Colors of the Rainbow (First: Episode 4085
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