Guardians Of The Galaxy is a reboot movie by user Our Green Tornado, in which everything is the same but Peter is Leyenar and Ronan is Aylene. This movie is about the friendly feud between Leyenar Quill and Aylene The Accuser.

Leyenar Quill


Leyenar Quill is the daughter/creation of the abstract entity Infinity( and the adoptive child of of Jason and Meredith Quill. One fateful day, when she was 8, she loses her "parents" and finds a mysterious sword left for her from her mother/creator.

9 Years Later

Actions speak louder than words...and the barrel of a gun speaks loudest of all! Star-Lord, a fearsome warrior who trusts only her instincts and her space guns, fights alone to maintain the balance in this spoiled city she lives in. On the way, she meets four friends and also the woman who will become her lifelong nemesis.


  • Leyenar Quill/Star-Lord, a composite character named after the director herself and the original Star-Lord. She has a Simon-based personality and Garo-based powers.
  • Aylene The Accuser, a composite character based on the original Ronan The Accuser. She is one of the two protagonists along with Star-Lord.
  • Gamora
  • Drax
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Groot
  • Mantis
  • Nebula
  • Nova Prime/Irani Rael, the main antagonist


  1. Alive-Phil Lober(main theme)
  2. Guardians Of The Galaxy Theme
  3. Guardians Inferno-The Sneepers(end credit song)
  4. Come And Get Your Love-Redbone
  5. Escape-Rupert Holmes
  6. Go All The Way-Raspberries
  7. Moonage Daydream-David Bowie
  8. Fight Song-Rachel Platten
  9. Mr. Blue Sky-Electric Light Orchestra
  10. Feel The Light-Jennifer Lopez
  11. Angel With A Shotgun-The Cab
  12. Bring Me Back To Life-Extreme Music
  13. 咲いて-Kamen Rider Girls
  14. Ain't No Mountain High Enough-Diana Ross


  1. Overture
  2. Training
  3. Xandar
  4. The Final Battle Begins
  5. Quill's Big Retreat
  6. To The Stars
  7. Aylene's Theme
  8. Everybody's An Idiot
  9. What A Buncha A-Holes
  10. Busted
  11. New Whores
  12. The Destroyer
  13. The Kyln Escape
  14. You Mess W/ My Walkman...
  15. The Great Companion
  16. The Road To Knowhere
  17. Aylene's Arrival
  18. The Big Chase
  19. We All Got Dead People
  20. The Ballad Of The Nova Corps
  21. Groot Spores
  22. Best Frienemies
  23. Groot Cocoon
  24. Black Tears
  25. Soul Sisterz
  26. Guardians Of The Friggin' Galaxy


  • Jason Quill, Star-Lord's adoptive father, is based on J'son Of Spartax, Peter Quill's father in the original comics.
  • Unlike Peter Quill, Star-Lord is a little bit more serious and also bad-ass.
  • Unlike their original counterparts, the Nova Corps is based on the Nazis.
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