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Guardian Machines is a 2017 Animated Film by Queensland.

Voice Cast:

  • Ricardo Hurtado as High Low, a Blue Robot.
  • Sarah-Nicole Robles as Julia, a Pink Robot and High Low’s Teammate.
  • James Ravensberger as Super Manager, CEO of GMA and builder of the Guardian Machines.
  • Neil Kaplan as The Pharoah, Main Antagonist.
  • Dave B. Mitchell as Dave
  • Travis Willingham as James
  • Roger Rose as Robin
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Hazel
  • Stacey DePass as Posie
  • Eddie Izzard as Johnny Test
  • Timothy Dalton as Dukey Test
  • Eden Sher as Mary and Susan Test
  • Kelsey Grammer as Theodore Roachmont

Additional Voices

  • Scott McCord
  • Drew Nelson
  • Deven Mack
  • Emilie-Claire Barlow
  • Katie Crown
  • Cory Doran
  • Sarah Gadon
  • Christian Potenza
  • Kristin Fairlie
  • Lilly Bartlam
  • Bahia Watson
  • Darren Frost
  • Wyatt White
  • Evany Rosen