Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes is a drama, action, fantasy movie based on the videogame of the same name


Samuel Han known only as Han, Han's Girlfriend Serena, his best friend Randy, Randy's pet rabbit Nando, Han's Sensei Ginjirou and Serena's best friend Nicole and kung-fu master Macho uncover the mysteries of the legend of The Undead Hero, they soon meet The Undead Hero and it turns out Han's sword actually belongs to The Undead Hero after that they meet Valgar who wants the sword really bad, but Valgar turns out to be a henchman of Kanon, the king and an immortal sorcerer Han soon becomes aware that someone's planning to Kill him and thinks it's Kanon, but since an evil sorceress named Xenovia killed Han's Parents it's her that's planning to kill him, so they must find out were Xenovia is and defeat her


The Undead Hero turns out to be Han's father as a skeleton


Samuel Han/Han






The Undead Hero



Ginjirou - after Xenovia transformed into a dragon she strangled Ginjirou with her tail he soon became a statue

Xenovia - after Xenovia transformed into a dragon Han rode her then she got burned by her own fire

Featured Songs

Salvation - by Skillet

Shot in The Dark - by Within Temptation


it got a sequel entitled Guardian Heroes: More Danger And More Allies

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