Groucho, Olivia, and Friends is an American animated series based off of the Golden Book Video, Journey Through the Jungle of Words.

The animation in the series is more fluid than the original video, where the animation was limited.


The series follows the adventures of Groucho Barx the dog, Olivia Ostrich, and all of their friends.

There is one song in every episode, along with music composed by Chris Renshaw or from the APM Production Music library in the underscore.



  • Groucho Barx: (voiced by Tom Kenny) He is a brown dog who is a parody of Groucho Marx. His favorite thing is his bone. Even though he can be sarcastic sometimes, he is always friendly.
  • Olivia Ostrich: (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) She is an ostrich who wears a pith helmet and a white scarf. She is Groucho's best friend and is sometimes scared of things, including snakes and ghosts besides King Tut.


  • Schnoz Ali: (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) He is a gray elephant who is Groucho and Olivia's friend. He
  • Dualot: (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) She is a blue kangaroo who is a Tarzan parody.
  • Seealot: (voiced by Frank Welker) He is Dualot's brown monkey friend who wears an orange toga with glasses.
  • Zebra: (voiced by Corey Burton) He is a zebra who is one of Groucho and Olivia's friends. His voice sounds like Ed Wynn's.
  • King Tut: (voiced by Jess Harnell) He is a white ghost who wears a golden Egyptian crown. He is named after the young Egyptian king, King Tutankhamun. His voice is similar to Boris Karloff's.
  • Jungle Animals: The jungle animals are a group of animals that live in the Jungle of Words, ranging from aardvarks to zebras.


Season 1

  1. The Zebra Bug: One day, Zebra catches an awful bug that makes him feel sick. Schnoz Ali has Groucho, Olivia, Dualot, and Seealot go find ingredients to make a potion to cure Zebra.
  2. Catsitting for King Tut: King Tut leaves Groucho, Olivia, Dualot, Seealot, and Zebra to take care of his pet cat Sprinkles while he goes out to buy some groceries.
  3. Trick or Treat in the Jungle: Groucho and Olivia's gang
  4. Gabe the Giraffe Gives Up: Gabe the Giraffe is one of the animals that volunteers in Dualot's rescues whenever she calls for them, but his life always gets risked too much, so he decides to quit helping Dualot in his rescues, but he has to muster up the courage to get back into commission when Groucho and Olivia get into a dangerous situation only he can help Dualot save them from.
  5. Temple of the Lost Things:
  6. A Bicycle for a Zebra:
  7. Treehouse Trouble:
  8. Here Comes Santa Claus:

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