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Grigori Bush
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Sheepish Sheep
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Phil Roman
Voice David Warner
Performance model
Inspiration Scar
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Grigori Fisher Bush
Other names Rick Bernstein (stolen identity)
President Pid'jin
Mr. President

Crazy Legs Bush
Uncle (by Ducky)
The Duck
Yтка (by Russians)
Pickle Bush
Old Man (by Jeff)
Aleksi Petrov
Donald Duck (by Jeff)
Howard the Duck (by Jeff)
Traitor (by the Indian King)

Personality Homicidal, selfish, manipulative, charming, deluded, arrogant, cowardly, ruthless, abusive, paranoid, dim-witted, destructive, suave, two-faced, ambitious, deceitful, traitorous, malevolent, smooth-talking, fun-loving (formerly), sadistic, egotistical, bitter, jealous, greedy, vengeful
Appearance Slender white-bottomed booby
Occupation Naval cadet (formerly)
President of the United States of America (formerly; retired)
Member of the New Elite
Alignment Good, later Bad
Goal Kidnap Rick Bernstein, steal his identity, and replace him as President Bush's friend (succeeded)
To betray Bush and stay president until he dies (succeeded)
To destroy both America and Russia (failed)
Sell the sheeps ilegally, turn them into his army and take over Washington D.C. (also failed)
Home TBA
Relatives Eugene Fisher Bush (brother)
Allies Eugene Fisher Bush (formerly), Ducky (formerly), Rick Bernstein (formerly), Mokey (formerly)
Enemies Eugene Fisher Bush, Ducky, Rick Bernstein, Mokey
Likes Manipulating Ducky, money, himself, his job, Eugene Fisher Bush (formerly), stealing, cheating
Dislikes His plans foiled, sheeps, Rick Bernstein
Powers and abilities Hand-to-hand combat prowess

Skilled with firearms
Unnatural speed and strength
Cartoonish durability
Breaking the Fourth Wall
Strong healing factor
Weather manipulation
Political power
Vast amount of weaponry
Enhanced senses
Tracking abilities

Weapons TBA
Fate Shot dead by Eugene Fisher Bush.
Quote TBA

Grigori (full name: Grigori Fisher Bush), also known as President Pid'jin is the main antagonist of the animated television series, The Sheepish Sheep.

He is a white-bottomed booby and Eugene Fisher Bush's brother, who disguises himself as a pigeon in order to betray his brother, and wants to destroy Russia with his army of brainwashed sheeps in an attempt to become president of America. Grigori is also the rival of Rick Bernstein and Mokey's arch-nemesis.


At first, Grigori appears as a very professional, kind and charismatic figure, keeping the idea of continuing his job and finishing it in a more professional manner. He is also goofy, fun-loving and a rather innocent personality, being Bush's best friend to the point of being clingy. He greatly enjoyed his time with President Bush and viewed him as his adoptive brother and only friend. This friendship turned into practically undying loyalty, as he did not hesitate to wait more years for Rick Bernstein when he was told by Rick it was part of a game.

However, this was a facade to reveal his true nature as a cruel, arrogant, vengeful, egotistic, scheming, mean, pompous and sinister control freak, when he realized that Bush had completely forgotten about him and started a new life with family and friend, Rick Bernstein, and left Grigori alone, not even bothering to don't want Grigori to take over Washington with his iron fist, and goes mad with power and forgets about his job and orders, only focusing on killing Rick Bernstein, stealing his identity and destroying Russia. He also can be quite manipulative as he tricked Eugene Bush into authorizing a plan to demolish Russia and become the new CEO, as he exploits Bush's idiocy into approving it.

He can be also more vengeful and failure-intolerant, as he threatens to kill Bush after finally learning that Rick's demise was faked.




Now, sit down, relax, enjoy the view. Nothing, but abandoned opal mines as far as the eye can see and dead ahead is home sweet home. Home, home on the range, where the critters are tied up in chains, I cut through their sides, and I rip off their hides and the next day, I do it again. Everybody! Home, home, home on the range...
~ Grigori to Bush and Ducky and then he sings his twisted version of "Home On The Range".

I just wanted to tell you all good luck, but not counting on you. Ya don't get it do ya, ducks?! The Russians are out to get you! They're in the mountains right now planning our end! If i hack into the White House or, God forbid, the Pentagon, i will make the end of Russia! No worry, they will be the end of all American civilization. They'll take our food, our water, our bitches, everything!! If you thought it was stupid... You ain't seen nothing yet.
~ Grigori revealing his true nature to Bush and Ducky and the fact that he murdered Rick Bernstein and take over the White House.



  • Grigori is similar to Toffee from Star vs. The Forces Of Evil, as both were shown as pupils to the former main antagonist until they take control as the villain of the show.
  • Grigori is arguably far more evil than Bush, as he is far more cruel to all sheeps and people (including his own allies, Ducky and Mokey), even planning to overthrow Eugene Fisher Bush and destroy Russia so that he can rule Washington D.C. for himself. Grigori also turns out to be more dangerous than Bush due to his power in the world of advocacy.