Grievous is an American animated television miniseries.


The film takes place in the alternate dystopian universe in which a powerful government goes to extreme measures to ensure "a golden age of order" causing humanity to where a group of teenagers struggles to live in a corrupted society with new challenges arise in the horizon.

Diego- the Mexican American

Anna Kruger-the privileged girl and the god daughter of Earth Ultra's dictator and is Diego's love interest.

former member of the once peaceful activist turned terrorist organization called The Black Cobra.


Grievous focuses on discrimination, equal rights, racism, social segregation, human trafficking, dictatorship, poverty, corruption, communism and terrorism.


Hello people of Earth Ultra. I, Kruger, have realized the pain and suffering that we have brought to the citizens of. I'm sorry for all the crimes and injustices that affected the residents and that i, as a citizen of Earth Ultra, am responsible for. I opened my eyes to the truth, the superiority of the over Earth Ultra is a fact, we were made to serve, that's the fate of humanity. We've played to be superior to for too long but the time has come for us, citizens of Earth Ultra, to step down from our throne of lies and start serving our overlords. I'll start by offering myself as a sacrifice to the to symbolize the beginning of the fall of Earth Ultra and the start of the rising of to the place that rightfully belongs to them as the rulers of the world.

As soon as finishes reading his speech, grabs him by the hair and beheads him. rises 's head in front of the camera. The scene leaves the camera's point of view and shows various families and people around Earth Ultra reacting to the execution. Parents cover their children eyes, people puke as they see the death o their leader, couples cry together and try to comfort each other. The last shots show ' reactions to the execution.

I will bring you all a true peace of this world, where we can live together, but of course, there will be some of you who are confused or resist against me. For the confused people, don't worry. I will take care of you all as your sole leader, unlike that pathetic representative that you call the council. For the resistance...we, for anyone who resists, there is no need to. I can see the future, and the future is bright for us, my people of Earth Ultra and... as long as you obey and bow to me. If you still resists and i know you will, then there will be consequences. Remember, the future is predetermined. Whatever you will do, your future has already been decided. If you fear of your future to be in demise, you bow your loyalty to me, and then i will spare your life, your family, and ...your loved ones. Your future will be safe with me. If you will continue to resist and fight me, then do as you please. I know some of you will.

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