Grievous is an American television miniseries.


The film takes place in the alternate dystopian universe in which a powerful government goes to extreme measures to ensure "a golden age of order" causing humanity to where a group of teenagers struggles to live in a corrupted society with new challenges arise in the horizon.

Diego Rodriguez- the Mexican American leader of a rebellion against the

Anna Fowler-a blind girl whose mother Diego had killed and eaten as part of his struggle for survival. They later consummate their feelings for one another which resulted in her carrying Diego's unborn child. She was later killed by who slit her throat, causing her to bleed to death shortly after.

Kruger-the privileged girl and the god daughter of Earth Ultra's dictator and is Diego's love interest.


Grievous focuses on discrimination, equal rights, cannibalism, racism, social segregation, human trafficking, dictatorship, and poverty.


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