Gremlins 3: The Next Batch is a 2017 horror-comedy-thriller movie. It stars Zach Galligan, Phoebe Kates, Howie Mandell, and Jack Black.


Billy (Zach Galligan) and Kate Peltzer (Phoebe Kates) never get a date night because they're too busy making sure Gizmo (Howie Mandell) doesn't get wet, eat after midnight, or get exposed to bright lights. But one day, they hire a pet-sitter (Jack Black). While they're gone, something happens. The pet-sitter falls asleep on the couch. A knock on the door wakes him up, causing him to knock over his cup of water... and spilling it on Gizmo! The new(er) batch escapes the house. After midnight, when they eat and transform into Gremlins, things start to go downhill...

Mutant Gremlins

Mutant Gremlins appear once again in this film. This time, some Gremlins invade a research lab and mess with the chemicals.

  • Invisible Gremlin - A Gremlin turns invisible after injecting an invisibility serum into itself.
  • Wolf Gremlin - A Gremlin transforms into a werewolf-type creature after drinking a wolf serum. 
  • Vampire Gremlin - A Gremlin transforms into a vampire-like gremlin after drinking a vampire bat/human serum.
  • Elephant Gremlin - A Gremlin transforms into a gigantic Godzilla-like, Gamera-like, Rhino-like, Elephant-like creature after drinking the elephant serum.
  • Human Gremlin - A Gremlin transforms into an exact replica of a human (but still acts like and is still mischievous like a gremlin) after drinking a human serum.
  • Robo-Gremlin - A Gremlin transforms into a cyborg gremlin after injecting itself with elder serum, but manages to live after merging with robotic parts.
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