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Gremlins 3: The Big Batch Is A 1995 American Comedy Horror Film, It Is The Sequel To Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), It Was Directed By Joe Dante And Written By Charles S. Hass, And It Is The Third And Final Installment In The Gremlins Trilogy, This Film Stairs New Cast Including Stanley Pickles, Christina Ricci, Ryder Roaster, Blossom O. Jerry, Molly Neville, Twlight Sparkles, Elizabeth Lockhart, Mario Linkage, Homer J. Simpson, James McQueen, Deed Pickling, Marge Bouvier, Chelsea Minnesota, Jeremy Freedman, Rick Sanchez And Rik Mayall, Additionally, This Film Features New Voice Members Include April Sweetener, Rex Hamster, Tim Curry, Cynthia Bailey, Tom Age And Tom Larry Providing The Voice Of The Gremlins, The Story Still Continues The Adventures In Of The Creature Gizmo (Once Again Voiced By Howie Mandel), Who Spawns Numerous Small Monsters When Wet, In The First And Second Film, This Film Was Filmed In October 4 - November 25, 1994, And Was Released In July 23, 1995.


Gizmo The Good Mogwai Gets Send To Melbourne In Australia, Because Billy And Kate Peltier Got Big Invents Going On Right Now At The Clamp Centre In New York City, Gizmo Arrives At Melbourne, But Gone Into A Building Called Melbourne Crown, And That's Where He Meet Three Family Members, The Pickles, The Disneys And The Simpsons, Who Are Billy's Step Family And Cousins, Who Are Just Having A Vacation, When The Family's Gone Out For The Night At 11:00pm, Gizmo Was Alone, So He Decides To Do His Training Of Combat, But He Accidentally Hit The Class Of Water On The Table, And Spills On Gizmo's Head, Where He Spawns Ten Evil Mogwais, After They Locket Him Up In The Backpack, They Eat At Midnight, And Turned Into Gremlins, And They Multiple And Spawn Into Thousands Of Gremlins, So It's Up To Gizmo And Their New Friends, Stanley Pickles, Vexy Disney, Brodie Simpson, Lily Pickles And Jessie Disney To Save Melbourne And Destroy The Gremlins Once And For All.

The Big Batch Gremlins


  1. Scarface The Leader Gremlin (Leader), (One Of The Two Main Antagonists)
  2. Bowser The Hothead Gremlin (Hothead) / Monster Gremlin (Mutated), (Secondary Antagonist)
  3. Zelda The Girl Gremlin (One Of The Two Main Antagonists)
  4. Iggy The White-Stripe Gremlin
  5. Spike The Mohawk Gremlin
  6. Viper The Female Gremlin
  7. Mugsy The Grumpy Gremlin
  8. Zed The Greek Gremlin
  9. Psycho The Lunatic Gremlin
  10. Oscar The Strong Gremlin


  1. Sammy Gremlin (Third Antagonist)
  2. Bathroom Gremlin
  3. Teenager Gremlin
  4. Disco Gremlin
  5. Nancy Gremlin
  6. Bluster Gremlin
  7. Skater Gremlins
  8. Skateboard Gremlin
  9. Fire Truck Gremlin
  10. Engineer Gremlin
  11. Spy Gremlin
  12. Lamp Gremlin
  13. China Gremlin
  14. Racing Kart Gremlins
  15. Flasher Gremlin
  16. Sneaker Gremlin
  17. Bellboy Gremlin
  18. Boxing Gremlin
  19. Rabbit Gremlin
  20. Frog Gremlin
  21. Duck Gremlin
  22. Swan Gremlin
  23. Ballerina Gremlin
  24. Wizard Gremlin
  25. Top Hatt Gremlin
  26. Magician Gremlin
  27. Which Gremlin
  28. Little Bo-Peep Gremlin
  29. Sir Knight Gremlin
  30. Cowboy Gremlin
  31. Bee Gremlin
  32. Puppet Mask Gremlin
  33. Radio Gremlins
  34. Plate-Thrower Gremlin
  35. Chef Gremlin
  36. Demolition Gremlins
  37. Wrecker Gremlin
  38. Fan Gremlin
  39. Oz Gremlin
  40. Princess Gremlin
  41. Cop Gremlin
  42. Westward Gremlins
  43. BT Gremlins
  44. Giant Gremlin
  45. Gizmo-Masked Gremlin
  46. Locker Gremlin
  47. Beanie Gremlin
  48. Santa Gremlin
  49. WB Gremlin


  1. Vegetable Gremlin (From Gremlins 2)
  2. Spaghetti Gremlin
  3. Skeleton Gremlin
  4. Bat Gremlin (From Gremlins 2)
  5. Dinosaur Gremlin
  6. Kangaroo Gremlin
  7. Octopus Gremlin
  8. Elephant Gremlin
  9. Rhino Gremlin
  10. Dog Gremlin
  11. Doodat Gremlin
  12. Spider Gremlin (From Gremlins 2)
  13. Electric Gremlin (From Gremlins 2)
  14. Phantom Gremlin (From Gremlins 2)
  15. NES Gremlin