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Gregory Mobius
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4th April, 1710

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Gregory: The Underground

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Gregory: Fight like Hell

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The fall, It's the last thing I remember. Memories tear apart my soul, consumed by the endlessly burning fire. My body turns again into ashes, the all remain tissue revealing my ruined bones. I fall into the blackest place, where light causes pain, and darkness brings solace. Into a place which deprives one of faith and erases memories. Which leads to madness and effaces the boundary between people and animals. The Red Goddess. Her shine shrouds other memories. She is the key to the gate of unending agony. She is the answer... The road I must follow.. The Red Goddess.
~ Gregory as he enters Hell of Tartarus.

Gregory (/ɡrɛɡəri/ GREH-gor-ree) was the son of Ritsu and the Primordial Aether. He was the third reincarnation of Hero, and was referred to by Death as the Forgotten Hero, due to the fact despite his heroic exploits in saving the cosmos for many times, he is cursed to forever be alone, and forgotten. Only a few truly knows what he has done to safeguard their existence.

However, Chronos, being Eternity, and the ultimate ruler over the Space-Time Continuum, ultimately brought back him from the absolute nothingness, thus reincarnating his entire existence into a ethereal being of both æther energy and time energy.


Early Life

Birth & CHildhood

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None-Canon Appearances

Elder Scrolls

Main Article: Gregory

Gregory appears in the Elder Scrolls series (Skyrim and/or Skyrim: Special Edition) as the Dragonborn. Part VII Gregory is used in this one.

Powers & Abilities



Due to the powers of the Grimoire, Gregory possesses some amazing abilities, some to near god-like levels. However, the use of these abilities comes at a price of his body, with organs suddenly shutting down, or even deformations forming.

  • SuperLung Capacity: Gregory can hold his breathe more then 50 hours.
  • Supernatural Strength: Gregory can lift over 20 tons of solid metal. He has even shown to punch objects, and they instantly turn to dust.
  • Supernatural Perception: Have heightened perceptions of smell, sight, hearing, and feeling, and even having the Sixth Sense.
    • Aura Perception: Can see the auras of most beings and entities.
  • Ultimate Regeneration: Gregory can regenerate anything of his body as long as a even a single cell remains.
  • Hero Embodiment: Being the reincarnation of Hero, Gregory embodies all of the aspect of a heroic figure.

Chakra & Physical Prowess

Gregory as a Dimensional Traveller, was able to enter Dimension-100, also known as the Narutoverse. Gregory has learnt many new abilities, and was able to use his Chakra, and use Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and even Taijutsu. He somewhat struggled due to him not being natural born with it. But with the use of the Grimoire, Book of Gaia, Gregory was able to transfer some chakra into him, and was able to gain more chakra, and infused it with his very soul. With his Ultimate Regeneration, makes him a powerful Taijutsu specialist. Due to his Healing Factor, Gregory can easily open up all of the Eight Inner Gates, and is the only one to survive the aftereffects without outside help or source.


Gregory struggled in his Ninjutsu due to him being very very new to controlling and manipulating his chakra. He had some Chūnin or Jōnin to help. They even gottan Sakura Haruno to help him. Overtime, he was able to use a Ninjutsu. He was able to do the basic Clone Technique. However, when Naruto left Konohagakure with Jiraiya, Gregory perfected many Ninjutsus, and was finally be abled to master them all. He then soon learnt the Shadow Clone Technique without seeing the Scroll of Sealing.

Nature Transformation

Gregory is capable of using the five basic Nature Transformations (Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning & Air), as well the Yin-Yang Release

Kekkei Genkai

Gregory is capable of transfusing Earth Release and Water Release, and able to use Wood Release with high level of skill, he rivals the First Hokage.

kekkei tōta

Gregory is capable of using the kekkei tōta, Dust Release with ease, he even surpasses the Ōnoki, the third Tsuchikage.


Gregory is a master of Taijutsu, and was trained by Might Guy. Due to his Ultimate Regeneration ability, Gregory can open all the Eight Inner Gates without having to deal with the aftereffects, due to the ability being able to heal all forms of bodily and structural damage. Gregory can perform great feats against enemies, and is able to effortless block Kisame's frontal attack of her Taijutsu, despite her being the strongest Taijutsu user in the Akatsuki.



During the Fourth Shinobi War, Gregory used the Book of Omega, and went back in time during the Warring States Period, and went to the Uchiha Clan, and was able to take out one of the Uchiha, and take their sharingan. Due to the Kekkie Genkai he possesses now, he was now able to perform the Sharingan's vast Genjutsu. He been shown to be a effective user of the Sharingan, able to easily master Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu

Mangekyō Sharingan

Gregory was battling in the Fourt Shinobi War against Madara Uchiha, who became interested in Gregory, and wondered how he gained the Sharingan. The two stopped, and Madara asks how he gotten it. Gregory replied that he used the Book of Omega, and time travelled to the Warring States Period, and simply killed a Uchiha to gain it. However, this is when Gregory's friend named Saint. Saint telling him to kill him so he can gain the Mangekyō Sharingan. Gregory is one to listen, and so killed him with the Lightning Cutter technique he learnt from Kakashi Hatake, and was able to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan, and instantly used Amaterasu on Madara, and was able to get away, whiling carrying Saint's body to a nearby Medical camp to be healed.


  • Grimoire: Despite now his eyesight will no longer be hindered, however, he will still take bodily damage of every use of the Grimoire, to organ failure to absolute bad luck. Despite the Ultimate Regeneration (he can rip the affected organ out, or whatever that has been affected, and just regenerate a new one.
  • Neuron Destruction: if the Neuron cells are destroyed, and then regenerated, he will not remember anything from his birth. As the neurons uses electrical signals and patterns, which also formulates memory.





Part I

Gregory is a 4.3 child with black hair, and red eyes. During this time, he be wearing the Golden Fleece (appearing purple) as a scarf. He be a white shirt, with a black jumper, and blue-ish pants, and black shoes with white socks.

Part II

Part III

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Part VI

Part VII

Part IX


  • Quote originated from the game, Agony
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