Green With Evil: Power Rangers is a 2019 live action, adventure, drama and comedic superhero movie and the sequel to the 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie. It's based on the same superhero team from the same name from the 90's TV series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" and features a few of the same actors from the original show. The 2017 reboot did make a total of 142.3 million at the box office, way over its original budget, yet the film was still considered a box office failure. However, thanks to merchandising as well as toy sales and rental DVD sales, the film managed to persevere through the difficult times and crank out enough for Lionsgate and Saban films to OFFICIALLY green light a sequel. Other sequels are still in question and are yet to be confirmed, however.

This film is directed once again by Dean Israelite, produced by Haim Saban, rated PG-13 and distributed by Lionsgate, Saban Films and Temple Hill Entertainment.

This sequel will feature most of the returning actors from the previous film, along with some new additions. It will feature Dacre Montgomery, Dylan O' Brien, Naomi Scott, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Austin St. John, Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, Michael Chiklis, Eiza Gonzalez, Mila Kunis and many, many more.


  • Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger
  • Dylan O'Brien as Thomas “Tommy” Oliver/Green Ranger
  • Naomi Scott as Kimberly Ann Hart/Pink Ranger
  • Becky G as Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger
  • RJ Cyler as William "Billy" Cranston/Blue Ranger
  • Ludi Lin as Zachary "Zack" Taylor/Black Ranger
  • Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5
  • Michael Chiklis as Jacob Hogan/???
  • Eiza Gonzalez as Aubrey Hogan/???
  • Mila Kunis as Melanie Sheer
  • Austin St. John as Lucas Scott
  • Jason David Frank as Jeffrey Oliver
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Deborah Oliver
  • David Denman as Sam Scott
  • Caroline Cave as Beverly Scott
  • Kayden Magnuson as Pearl Scott
  • Zach Roerig as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
  • Eric Knudsen as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
  • Will Sasso as Ernie
  • Christian Keyes as Chief Colton
  • Sarah Grey as Amanda Clark
  • Blake Michael as Ty Fleming
  • Wesley MacInnes as Colt Wallace 
  • Anjali Jay as Maddy Hart
  • Robert Moloney as Ted Hart 
  • Lisa Berry as Candace Cranston 
  • Fiona Fu as Zack's mother 
  • Erica Cerra as Trini's mother
  • Patrick Sabongui as Trini's father 
  • Steve Cardenas as Principal Caplin

  • Doug Walker as Nostalgia Critic
  • Walter Emanuel Jones as Wallace Cranston
  • Willem Dafoe as Lord Zedd (Voice)


Upon embracing the bond of friendship and the power unlocked in all of them, the new protectors of Angel Grove, Zordon's new league of Power Rangers have since then been remembered and recognized as heroes by all. Well.....all except for ONE. The villainous Rita Repulsa STILL has a massive bone to pick with them, after her failed attempt to find the Zeo Crystal. Willing to take any route necessary to find it and get back at her new rivals, Rita gives up her green coin and leaves it into the hands of one unwilling Tommy Oliver.

Once he gets the coin and Rita makes her presence felt within's safe to say the Rangers will have to do battle with their greatest adversary yet.


The trembling, rumbling contents of a glorified bright specimens, or a shooting star cuts through the orbiting pattern between our Earth and Moon. Before long, it continues its path of trajectory onwards as it's path of illumination glows dimmer and dimmer.

Down onto the surface of our moon, rotating above the Earth where over on one of the craters encased into and below the surface, a frozen specimen laid, buried within its rocky surface. Surrounding it was broken frozen glass, keeping it in place as it's hands laid frozen up underneath the surface. Unfortunately, that frozen specimen was MORE than a frozen specimen as the ravenous, villainous, evil empress and former green ranger, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) laid motionless beneath its surface after the events of her defeat at the hands of the newly formed team of adversaries, comprised of the colors of Trix cereal.

And said team were constructed together by an old adversary of Rita's, one in which had a calculating and somewhat selfish nature to him, who had a secretive side, who at one point refused to anyone but his own voice: Zordon Of Eltar.

Said team he constructed barely managed to defeat her and her army where they stood and, unwilling to accept defeat, she pressed forward, only to be met with a backhand slap which sent her flying into the vacuum of space, with the power coin separating from her. In space, near the moon, a bloodthirsty smile creeped onto her face as she froze in the vastness before eventually crashing down onto the moons rocky, dusty surface.

It had remained her resting place for only a measly three and a half weeks; nothing indicated that she could be revived due to the moons on-going super-cold brightness temperatures. When sunlight did hit the moon's surface, the temperature reached 260 degrees Fahrenheit or 127 degrees Celsius and when the sun went down, temperatures dipped to minus 280 F or minus 173 C. Temperatures changed all across the moon and because of how small it is to Earth tilt and the axis the moon is titled at, there are places at the lunar poles that never see daylight and the moon's interior temperatures don't climb as high.

All of which equaled a rather perilous and arduous scenario that most people would succumb to.

Rita was not like most people however. Far from it.

On her side of the moon, bright but delicate rays of daylight were shown beaming down on the surface. A little pebble rolled along out the crater, continuing its path of tractors away from the crater. Eventually, more pebbles and even rocks began to roll and shake and stir rather violently as faint but auditable BOOMS could be heard from beneath the crater and resonating throughout the entire moon.

Beneath said crater, the frozen wall surrounding Rita's body laid ridden with nasty crack after nasty crack as attempts made to free herself from her icy tomb paid off, with the wall cracking even further then it already had all the way up to the actual surface of the moon before it suddenly subsides and stops.

Silence was deafening.

Until a hand quickly bursts out the glass and through the crevice of the crater.

Having felt the cold 200 plus temperature and the dusty wind skimming past its sharp talons covered by thick layers of gold, the feeling was intoxicating. Being imprisoned in the depths of the ocean for sixty-five million years, debating which was worse was a debate saved for later. A subtle twitch here and there, the hand balls up aggressively as the other hand shortly follows suit, clawing and purring back to the moons surface. Finally, after a last ditch effort, the surface rumbled yet again until Rita burst through the glass and out of the rocky, uncomfortable surface.

Recovering her airtime quickly, she lands feet first.

Recovering from her frozen slumber, however, was more difficult then she had anticipated. Even though the gravitational force between the Moon and Earth would have any human bouncing or lost in the balance, Rita wasn't human. So she could stay on the surface without worrying about floating away afterwards. But the temperature, on the other hand, still didn't make it easy on her. As she looks out to the Earth; remembering the past and dropping down to her knees in agony, she quickly turns away and covered her stomach.

The cold temperature of the dark side of the moon was getting through to her to the point where she could barely stand up.

But out of the corner of her eye, she spots an ominous glow and it bared an eerie significance to the same source she claimed deemed her worthy of such power. Rita needed no guesses on what it could've been; no instruction on what to do next, for the temperature was close to having her rendered frozen once more. She simply reaches her hand out to the barely visible light in the distance and almost immediately after a few seconds, it flung all the way back to her as it shot straight into her grasp.

Her green power coin.

Upon returning to the hands of its owner, it glowed up frequently as Rita's eyes sparked the glowing fluorescent green as her strength returned, along with her battle armor intact. Having barely kept her alive during the Cenozoic period, there was no longer a need for gold to fully restore her body, power, and mind following her short tensure frozen.

Rita: Ahhhhh.....much.....better.

Cracking her neck to the side, as soon as she was able to regain her strength and get back to her feet, her attention runs back to the hole she left in the crater shortly beside her that led down the glass wall that had since then incapsulated her. A grim but sly Hmm left her, gripping ahold of her natural impulses and pulling her in.

Wanting nothing to do with what lied down there, not much however could deter her away from it, for she understood what it meant and much more.

Down she falls, discarding shards of the hole-ridden glass elsewhere and dispersing directly around her in a circle as she lands on her knees and feet once again.

No sooner does she arise back up a vertical basis, she gets overtaken by a peculiar sense of urgency. Directing her attention to behind, the sly smile re-emerges as she bolts behind her.

Nothing but endless darkness.

Through the broken glass wall led to an underground cave with a perpetual dead end....or so it seemed. Peachy, Rita had to refrain from saying out loud. She couldn't stomach the very inhuman chill quickly tingling throughout her body the further she looked down the path, despite barely flinching or reacting to it.

She turns herself around once more and takes one step backwards only to lunge the opposite direction, leaping through the immense darkness of the cave. Engulfed and swallowed up by the extreme lack of light, the pitch blackness would've quickly became an eyesore if not for the supernatural crystal given to her that repeatedly shined a brightly colored green. In fact, green was all that illuminated through the dark for that brief non-strenuous trudge through purgatory.

No less than a minute through the cave, she picks up the pace, skimming through to the other side in a fraction of a second and is quickly bombarded with light again. Not to mention, a giant crystallized rock the size of five ginormous asteroids had her barricaded in with no other exit in sight. The crevices of the rock were shown to be crammed against the side of the cave walls, embedding then just deep enough to where there wouldn't be any subtle movements.

The structure barred a familiar presence upon closer inspection, for it sported an architectural form too irregular to be apart of the astronomical body orbiting Earth as its only natural satellite. It looked more or less like a middle-age castle. The only thing that could come to mind was.....not worth thinking about but Rita's hesitancy to physically touch it really spoke volumes.

Her head tilts to the right slightly, as if she was perplexed by the crystals immense size and structure until her pupils eventually glew dark green, an effect that quickly reflected back to the huge castle-sized embedded crystal. Casted in the same foul green hue that now tainted Repulsa's name, it fell under her telekinetic control but only just. As strong as her mind allowed her to push onwards, no reaction followed. She barely strains herself in doing so but the closest she got was one, ONE crack amidst all the rumbling.

If anything, the amount of strain she was exerting only pushed the rock further into the walls.

Now having to alter her positioning to get a better handling on it, the crystallized behemoth of a structure still would not budge and yet, it simply would not stop her from trying. Before she could extend her brainpower to a breaking point, a dark, ominous, laminating voice boomed into her head suddenly.

Rita Repulsa.

The echoing voice booming within the confines of her thick skull was all too familiar to her, as she stopped dead in her tracks. She knew who was talking to her.

Rita: My lord?

Not taking chances and already down to a knee position, she bows in the voices direction with her head pressed down into her arm, letting the stained, dirty, frozen battle armor meet with her forehead as if she was admitting her failure for the first time in centuries. Quite a far cry from the textbook sociopathic homicidal manic she was known for.

Rita: My master.....forgive me.....I have....I have failed you. Zordon had interfered. He brought a few of his toys to crash my party. I almost had the crystal right in my grasp.

Almost is not enough. You carry out my will in my absence and you return to me EMPTY-HANDED. You dare mock and embarrass me by being defeated by mere children. My disappointment in you is immeasurable, Repulsa.

Her least favorite word: disappointment. It made her visibly sick as she twitched at the sound of it. However, "I will make this right" is all she could muster to say before an epiphany comes over her. She glimpses back to her coin and grips it tightly, staring through the green and gold crystallized casing over the coin and the carving above it. For eons, one thing was certain in Rita's warped twisted mind: that she deserved this power. That she earned it. That she was worthy of it. That nobody was going to take it away from her. That despite her fall from grace, it was, in fact, her greatest ascension.

Now.....she had forced herself to reconsider that statement. 

Her nerves of steel having barely reached their limits, it was a miracle how she was able to not abandon any and all semblance of composure. This decision to come was both physically and mentally painful for her to make but at least the intended end result would be the same as she had well as a small bonus in the long run.

Rita: My lord.....I have carried the power of the green ranger since the Cenozoic Era. It would seem only fair if I find another WORTHY of such divine POWER.

she almost growls menacingly, lying through her teeth.

So you are give up the source your own power and ambition to find another to bring upon Zordons destruction?

Rita: People who fight fire with fire only end up with ashes of their own integrity. I intend to drill that through Zordon's thick cerebrum and learn that the hard way.

To her, it was the perfect trump card. Her go-to move. The player to end this millennium long game of chess by putting the king in check. With Zordon already tarnishing a new group of Rangers to toy with her, what better way to destroy them then to let history repeat itself? Her confidence in her own abilities is well founded, not to an exact science but she found herself far from incompetent.

This was going to work, come hell or high water, whether her lord saw the beneficiary's behind it or not. There was an brief silence in the air until the voice boomed once again, informing her......

Very well. Seek out who is worthy to carry out the will of the Green Ranger. Destroy Zordon and have the Power Rangers begging for their pitiful demise. NO mistakes, NO excuses, NO this time.

Rita simply gave a bow to her lord as the booming voice fades away. She smirks evilly and starts to chuckle with her new profound plan in sight as she glimpses down at the green power coin still grasped in-between her fingers; watching as a bright green light sparkles with energy.

Out of the hole through the moon she stood, landing on the rocky dusty surface once more. Staring out towards the Earth, a full 238,900 miles away, all she could think about was.....the stigma behind her first true defeat, how utterly humiliated it made her feel. It bought more shame upon herself than even she thought it would affect her. After 65,000,000 million years, she had been freed from her underwater confinement with the intention of finishing what she had started: intergalactic domination.

And then the Power Rangers happened.

Since then, the implant across her face and body stung tremendously; she could still feel how badly the metallic slap slapped taste out her mouth. Never again would she allow Zordon to make such an embarrassment out of her again; that would be the last time anyone ever made her out to be a laughingstock.

Loosening the grip over her coin, almost in defeat, she holds it up alongside her face within near-kissing distance, ushering the words "Find only those who is worthy. Find only those who are strong" towards the coin in an undisclosed alien language.

Banking on this strategy on this next move was risky but the reward would be worth it. Before long, she tosses her coin away from her grasp watching it hurdle through the vast emptiness of space, shooting through a massive horse of meteors zooming by the Earth's gravitational pull. It wouldn't be long before the coin enters the Earth's atmosphere heating up during re-entry.

Burning faster and shining brighter all the same, the flame sparking around the coin eventually dissolves into green as bright streaks crossed the sky; Earth passing through the dusty trail of it's orbit. Within milliseconds later, a shooting star zooms by and is disintegrated amongst contact with the coin. Passing by its path of trajectory might as well have been a warning label.

Nothing was going to stand in the way of Rita Repulsa's vengeance....

....that as, if her megalomania didn't already cast a sinister reflection over the rest of the town she barely destroyed.

Four weeks after the Encounter| 2:15 p.m

Angel Grove, California.

A small town near the edge of the ocean with a gold mine on the outskirts, its one where any news of any kind travels relatively fast in a very short period of time. Most of that comes from the local residents of the town with a surprisingly dense population of 376,000 and a rather short elevation of 241 ft. Sporting a shopping mall, four schools, the Angel Grove Youth Center, a public library, a community park.....and several Krispy Kreme stores, the town wasn't completely devoid of any activity.

Lots of events that take place tend to come and go rather quietly, however.

That remained the case.....until four weeks ago.

Nobody would ever forget the time Rita Repulsa crashed at town, uninvited and started wrecking havoc. Killing off respected police officers, causing thousands of dollars in property damages and of course, attacking the town and nearly reducing it to ashes in search of the Zeo Crystal. While the cause and number of fatalities were significantly low, much to the surprise of city officials and residents thanks to the quick witted determination of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the end result was a mixed bag.

Despite more than a quarter of the town being left in utter shambles, very few casualties were reported; yet, while many residents found it easy to put their faith in the Power Rangers, others more or less became increasingly skeptical, seeing how their supposed act of justice ended causing more damage they actually solved.

The residents fearing the worst and not willing to wait for another attack, fled the city in droves and crammed up the traffic daily.

As a result, those who didn't leave and were left devastated from the attack had to relocate to the newly founded Angel Grove Central Park Refugee Camp. Anyone and everyone who had lost their homes or were injured thanks to Rita's arrival had to be repositioned here until further notice. The new arrivals at the camp had to register with a picture ID before being issued with any medical, housing or meal vouchers before they could even get comfortable and unlike a certain Food, Emergency And Shelter Training homeless shelter in Chinatown, New York, this didn't feel like home.

Because of how quickly state officials and officers scraped together to create this on such short notice, the environment and atmosphere it let off felt more polluted than diseased free. It also served as their only states of protection.

Which didn't really help matters since the Putties were back in town.

Just when it looked like it would be safe enough to at least walk outside or take a stroll, the standard army unit of rocky, gold, concrete, or dirt inherited foot-soldiers kept raring their ugly heads....or lack thereof, only this time, they also came along with more durability and staying power. No less than a week after Rita Repulsa was booted off the planet, multiple news reports reported them infesting every corner of the town they just so happen to materialized in like, from streets and avenues like Mariner Bay to Reefside to Briarwood to Coral Harbor and even on the outskirts back to the gold mine.

The next time they'd be reported on however, there's no traces of them left except for the damage caused by their numerous efforts. Eventually, their lack of stability posed less and less of a threat, so much so that they became literal laughingstocks throughout town. Today, unfortunately, wouldn't be any different.

Welcome to Angel Grove, the very sign that had once haunted a team of five teenagers with attitude laid dormant amongst the peaceful tranquility that laid outside of the crosshairs that led into the town. Perhaps the only solitary guise necessary to distract any new residents from its recent series of unfortunate events.

The brownish-burgundy sign perched with a seagull on the top right tumbled into pieces following a collision with a Putty patroller dislocated from the waist up. Knees and legs were missing while its upper half remained sturdy enough at large. Slipping and maneuvering back to a vertical stance did next to nothing for the next couple of seconds when it looked up and was met face to face with a resonant ground pound, dispersing the rest of its remains across the road with pebbles and dirt smudging and blackening the mini-barricade, more of the road up ahead and off to the side.

In fact, all the way up to the curved road leading away from the town, that's all that laid dormant. Eventually, a shadow lurks from a few measly feet away before long, stepping all over the disemboweled ligaments of the Putties rocky remains as the Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott (Dacre Montgomery) sprinted aside the field of discarded rocks and pebbles; rushing in a subordinate manner.

His HUD display and visor spotted more of them up ahead.

Quickly maneuvering past the pile, his suit's added speed mechanic breezed past three Putties blocking his path before he physically started moving fully with a jump kick one moment, a back body-drop the next and then he completely snaps a Putty into pieces with a tackle that's make Bill Goldberg proud. Not even a minute after rolling out from the spear, he gets tackled himself by three Putties at once but with no forward momentum, they barely manage to push him back.

Flimsy little punches to the gut did nothing to keep the Red Ranger at bay, launching the boulder lugs off with authority. Resilient they were, charging for him again. Jason is quick to roll through however and kick off the heads of two of them while the last one was left with piss-poor offense that honestly left Jason feeling embarrassed. It left him thinking, If these were the best Rita had left for them to take care of, she clearly had very little faith in them as he sidesteps the last punch directed to his face, snaps off it's arm and via crossing his other arm around his head, tosses the Putty directly over him.

Further adding insult to injury was the arrival of the Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan (Becky G) literally dropping on in and crushing the Putty's body adding double the trouble for the rest of the group involved.

Seems that Zordon had sent them and the other Rangers in charge of mop-up duty straight away after Rita was dealt with. While they destroyed Goldar, the remains of his golden form were still at large with the remains scattering across the city and seeping into the ground. No less than almost a week after Rita was sent into orbit, more putty patrollers began formulating out of thin air and continued to ransack and destroy the more quieter areas of town, presumably on Rita's former command.

With some of Goldars remains spreading throughout the city, a few of the golden ashes laid scattered to the winds and turned into dust. The dust reignited a certain spark in the fallen putties—reactivating them from whichever surface they were created from and making them meaner and nastier then mildly disappointing results.

Didn't make the task at hand any less annoying or easier for the two. As long as they weren't outnumbering them, it was a walk in the park: a long stroll through trails of tedium and monotony.

Red Ranger: Yellow Ranger, I need a controlled push on my right flank before—

"Take a chill pill, boss. Don't what a 'push' or 'flank' is", Trini reiterates while ripping a stop sign out from the concrete and wacking the rocky abominations off the road and onto the grassy terrain beside her. Tossing the sign above her, she rolls on over, kicking two Putties legs out and dropkicks another one into pieces. One unlucky Putty got left in the dust, being the only one having to face the Yellow Ranger now.

It didn't last long, for Trini had caught the stop well as Jason getting bombarded with more Putties swarming around him.

Playing along though and with some time to spare, she leads it on, allowing measly punch after measly punch as long as her attention span allowed. To her, it was fun waiting out the inevitable much so she'd call them 'practice'.

One kick missed later, the attention span finally wore off.

Yellow Ranger: I just wait for them to step up....

Head-butting the putty back a foot, she only decapitates it's legs with the sign before impaling it through the chest with the metal and watching it fall apart.

Yellow Ranger:....and I take 'em down.

Keeping it simple, eyeing over at Jason who signaled for immediate assistance raised her offensive a little bit.

In an act of sportsmanship, she tossed the stop sign to Jason who's quick to spin a full 360, knocking off six Putty heads out of fifteen in a row and immediately dispersing back to retaliate with a leap straight up into the sky, leaving them in muddled confusion before the energy from the armor spiked to a maximum, executing a thunderous red-level ground-pound.

And that was only, what, the second wave? Jason questioned himself as he moved away from the rocky ruble, tossing the two totaled halves of the stop sign aside. Flustered and above all anxious, he just wanted to get to the next wave and help with the others. Trini patting him on the back however did very little to soothe him.

Yellow Ranger: Word of advice: try not to overthink it, boss.

Red Ranger: Please don't call me that. There's more up the road; gotta keep moving.

Adjusting their pace, they're quick to sprint out to the open road where even more Putties were spotted further outside the entrance to Angel Grove where curvy roads were aplenty and traffic was almost nigh-nonexistent. Only one can was spotted alongside the road and refused to budge an inch.

Made the work easier for the Rangers. At least they knew to stay far from the action than risk getting into further danger by trying to plow on through. Both the Red and Yellow Ranger kept over the car to get the clearer view ahead where more rocks and gold dust were scattered and sprayed everywhere.

That's when they found, or re-found, more company.

Zachary Taylor (Ludi Lin), William Cranston (RJ Cyler) and Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott), the Black, Blue and Pink Ranger of the team had found themselves more or less in the same debacle: surrounded, slightly irritated.....but more or less occupied. 

Compared to the latter of the other two, these three at least gave off more of the impression that they were having fun with the mundane task left ahead of them as far as cleaning up the streets AGAIN. So as an audiable method for passing the time, a lot of the excessive banter between the three tied back towards stating the blantly obvious and their respective equalizers: their Ranger armors. Granted, only a month inside of an alien battle armor and there were plenty of new elements needed to be explored and discussed. 

But it still regarded talking involved.  Lots and lots and LOTS of talking.

(More coming soon)

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  • Yelawolf - Till It's Gone (Dan Heath Remix)
  • The Score - Best Part
  • Billie Eillish - idontwannabeyouanymore 
  • Mark Cooper - Red Ranger
  • Will.I.Am ft. Justin Bieber - #thatPOWER
  • Rob Wasserman - Go Go Power Rangers (Redux)
  • Kanye West - Stronger
  • Hoodie Allen - Act My Age
  • Fall Out Boy - Alone Together
  • Becky G ft. Will.I.Am - Problem

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