Green With Evil: Power Rangers is a 2019 live action, adventure, drama and comedic superhero movie and the sequel to the 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie. It's based on the same superhero team from the same name from the 90's TV series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" and features a few of the same actors from the original show. The 2017 reboot did make a total of 142.3 million at the box office, way over its original budget, yet the film was still considered a box office failure. However, thanks to merchandising as well as toy sales and rental DVD sales, the film managed to persevere through the difficult times and crank out enough for Lionsgate and Saban films to OFFICIALLY green light a sequel. Other sequels are still in question and are yet to be confirmed, however.

This film is directed once again by Dean Israelite, produced by Haim Saban, rated PG-13 and distributed by Lionsgate, Saban Films and Temple Hill Entertainment.

This sequel will feature most of the returning actors from the previous film, along with some new additions. It will feature Dacre Montgomery, Dylan O' Brien, Naomi Scott, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Austin St. John, Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, Michael Chiklis, Eiza Gonzalez, Mila Kunis and many, many more.

Main Cast

  • Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger
  • Dylan O'Brien as Thomas “Tommy” Oliver/Green Ranger
  • Naomi Scott as Kimberly Ann Hart/Pink Ranger
  • Becky G as Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger
  • Ronald "RJ" Cyler II as William "Billy" Cranston/Blue Ranger
  • Ludi Lin as Zachary "Zack" Taylor/Black Ranger
  • Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5
  • Michael Chiklis as Jacob Hogan/???
  • Eiza Gonzalez as Aubrey Hogan/???
  • Mila Kunis as Melanie Sheer
  • Austin St. John as Lucas Scott
  • Jason David Frank as Jeffrey Oliver
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Deborah "Debbie" Oliver
  • David Denman as Sam Scott
  • Caroline Cave as Beverly Scott
  • Kayden Magnuson as Pearl Scott
  • Zach Roerig as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
  • Eric Knudsen as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
  • Will Sasso as Ernie
  • Christian Keyes as Chief Colton
  • Jaime M. Callica as Officer Bebe
  • Sarah Grey as Amanda Clark
  • Blake Michael as Ty Fleming
  • Wesley MacInnes as Colt Wallace 
  • Anjali Jay as Maddy Hart
  • Robert Moloney as Ted Hart 
  • Lisa Berry as Candace Cranston 
  • Fiona Fu as Zack's mother 
  • Erica Cerra as June Kwan
  • Patrick Sabongui as Buford Kwan 
  • Steve Cardenas as Principal Caplin

  • Doug Walker as Nostalgia Critic
  • Walter Emanuel Jones as Wallace Cranston
  • Willem Dafoe as Lord Zedd (Voice)


Upon embracing the bond of friendship and the power unlocked in all of them, the new protectors of Angel Grove, Zordon's new league of Power Rangers have since then been remembered and recognized as heroes by all. Well.....all except for ONE. The villainous Rita Repulsa STILL has a massive bone to pick with them, after her failed attempt to find the Zeo Crystal. Willing to take any route necessary to find it and get back at her new rivals, Rita gives up her green coin and leaves it into the hands of one unwilling Tommy Oliver.

Once he gets the coin and Rita makes her presence felt within's safe to say the Rangers will have to do battle with their greatest adversary yet.


The trembling, rumbling contents of a glorified bright specimens, or a shooting star cuts through the orbiting pattern between our Earth and Moon. Before long, it continues its path of trajectory onwards as it's path of illumination glows dimmer and dimmer.

Down onto the surface of our moon, rotating above the Earth where over on one of the craters encased into and below the surface, a frozen specimen laid, buried within its rocky surface. Surrounding it was broken frozen glass, keeping it in place as it's hands laid frozen up underneath the surface. Unfortunately, that frozen specimen was MORE than a frozen specimen as the ravenous, villainous, evil empress and former green ranger, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) laid motionless beneath its surface after the events of her defeat at the hands of the newly formed team of adversaries, comprised of the colors of Trix cereal.

And said team were constructed together by an old adversary of Rita's, one in which had a calculating and somewhat selfish nature to him, who had a secretive side, who at one point refused to anyone but his own voice: Zordon Of Eltar.

Said team he constructed barely managed to defeat her and her army where they stood and, unwilling to accept defeat, she pressed forward, only to be met with a backhand slap which sent her flying into the vacuum of space, with the power coin separating from her. In space, near the moon, a bloodthirsty smile creeped onto her face as she froze in the vastness before eventually crashing down onto the moons rocky, dusty surface.

It had remained her resting place for only a measly three and a half weeks; nothing indicated that she could be revived due to the moons on-going super-cold brightness temperatures. When sunlight did hit the moon's surface, the temperature reached 260 degrees Fahrenheit or 127 degrees Celsius and when the sun went down, temperatures dipped to minus 280 F or minus 173 C. Temperatures changed all across the moon and because of how small it is to Earth tilt and the axis the moon is titled at, there are places at the lunar poles that never see daylight and the moon's interior temperatures don't climb as high.

All of which equaled a rather perilous and arduous scenario that most people would succumb to.

Rita was not like most people however. Far from it.

On her side of the moon, bright but delicate rays of daylight were shown beaming down on the surface. A little pebble rolled along out the crater, continuing its path of tractors away from the crater. Eventually, more pebbles and even rocks began to roll and shake and stir rather violently as faint but auditable BOOMS could be heard from beneath the crater and resonating throughout the entire moon.

Beneath said crater, the frozen wall surrounding Rita's body laid ridden with nasty crack after nasty crack as attempts made to free herself from her icy tomb paid off, with the wall cracking even further then it already had all the way up to the actual surface of the moon before it suddenly subsides and stops.

Silence was deafening.

Until a hand quickly bursts out the glass and through the crevice of the crater.

Having felt the cold 200 plus temperature and the dusty wind skimming past its sharp talons covered by thick layers of gold, the feeling was intoxicating. Being imprisoned in the depths of the ocean for sixty-five million years, debating which was worse was a debate saved for later. A subtle twitch here and there, the hand balls up aggressively as the other hand shortly follows suit, clawing and purring back to the moons surface. Finally, after a last ditch effort, the surface rumbled yet again until Rita burst through the glass and out of the rocky, uncomfortable surface.

Recovering her airtime quickly, she lands feet first.

Recovering from her frozen slumber, however, was more difficult then she had anticipated. Even though the gravitational force between the Moon and Earth would have any human bouncing or lost in the balance, Rita wasn't human. So she could stay on the surface without worrying about floating away afterwards. But the temperature, on the other hand, still didn't make it easy on her. As she looks out to the Earth; remembering the past and dropping down to her knees in agony, she quickly turns away and covered her stomach.

The cold temperature of the dark side of the moon was getting through to her to the point where she could barely stand up.

But out of the corner of her eye, she spots an ominous glow and it bared an eerie significance to the same source she claimed deemed her worthy of such power. Rita needed no guesses on what it could've been; no instruction on what to do next, for the temperature was close to having her rendered frozen once more. She simply reaches her hand out to the barely visible light in the distance and almost immediately after a few seconds, it flung all the way back to her as it shot straight into her grasp.

Her green power coin.

Upon returning to the hands of its owner, it glowed up frequently as Rita's eyes sparked the glowing fluorescent green as her strength returned, along with her battle armor intact. Having barely kept her alive during the Cenozoic period, there was no longer a need for gold to fully restore her body, power, and mind following her short tensure frozen.

Rita: Ahhhhh.....much.....better.

Cracking her neck to the side, as soon as she was able to regain her strength and get back to her feet, her attention runs back to the hole she left in the crater shortly beside her that led down the glass wall that had since then incapsulated her. A grim but sly Hmm left her, gripping ahold of her natural impulses and pulling her in.

Wanting nothing to do with what lied down there, not much however could deter her away from it, for she understood what it meant and much more.

Down she falls, discarding shards of the hole-ridden glass elsewhere and dispersing directly around her in a circle as she lands on her knees and feet once again.

No sooner does she arise back up a vertical basis, she gets overtaken by a peculiar sense of urgency. Directing her attention to behind, the sly smile re-emerges as she bolts behind her.

Nothing but endless darkness.

Through the broken glass wall led to an underground cave with a perpetual dead end....or so it seemed. Peachy, Rita had to refrain from saying out loud. She couldn't stomach the very inhuman chill quickly tingling throughout her body the further she looked down the path, despite barely flinching or reacting to it.

She turns herself around once more and takes one step backwards only to lunge the opposite direction, leaping through the immense darkness of the cave. Engulfed and swallowed up by the extreme lack of light, the pitch blackness would've quickly became an eyesore if not for the supernatural crystal given to her that repeatedly shined a brightly colored green. In fact, green was all that illuminated through the dark for that brief non-strenuous trudge through purgatory.

No less than a minute through the cave, she picks up the pace, skimming through to the other side in a fraction of a second and is quickly bombarded with light again. Not to mention, a giant crystallized rock the size of five ginormous asteroids had her barricaded in with no other exit in sight. The crevices of the rock were shown to be crammed against the side of the cave walls, embedding then just deep enough to where there wouldn't be any subtle movements.

The structure barred a familiar presence upon closer inspection, for it sported an architectural form too irregular to be apart of the astronomical body orbiting Earth as its only natural satellite. It looked more or less like a middle-age castle. The only thing that could come to mind was.....not worth thinking about but Rita's hesitancy to physically touch it really spoke volumes.

Her head tilts to the right slightly, as if she was perplexed by the crystals immense size and structure until her pupils eventually glew dark green, an effect that quickly reflected back to the huge castle-sized embedded crystal. Casted in the same foul green hue that now tainted Repulsa's name, it fell under her telekinetic control but only just. As strong as her mind allowed her to push onwards, no reaction followed. She barely strains herself in doing so but the closest she got was one, ONE crack amidst all the rumbling.

If anything, the amount of strain she was exerting only pushed the rock further into the walls.

Now having to alter her positioning to get a better handling on it, the crystallized behemoth of a structure still would not budge and yet, it simply would not stop her from trying. Before she could extend her brainpower to a breaking point, a dark, ominous, laminating voice boomed into her head suddenly.

Rita Repulsa.

The echoing voice booming within the confines of her thick skull was all too familiar to her, as she stopped dead in her tracks. She knew who was talking to her.

Rita: My lord?

Not taking chances and already down to a knee position, she bows in the voices direction with her head pressed down into her arm, letting the stained, dirty, frozen battle armor meet with her forehead as if she was admitting her failure for the first time in centuries. Quite a far cry from the textbook sociopathic homicidal manic she was known for.

Rita: My master.....forgive me.....I have....I have failed you. Zordon had interfered. He brought a few of his toys to crash my party. I almost had the crystal right in my grasp.

Almost is not enough. You carry out my will in my absence and you return to me EMPTY-HANDED. You dare mock and embarrass me by being defeated by mere children. My disappointment in you is immeasurable, Repulsa.

Her least favorite word: disappointment. It made her visibly sick as she twitched at the sound of it. However, "I will make this right" is all she could muster to say before an epiphany comes over her. She glimpses back to her coin and grips it tightly, staring through the green and gold crystallized casing over the coin and the carving above it. For eons, one thing was certain in Rita's warped twisted mind: that she deserved this power. That she earned it. That she was worthy of it. That nobody was going to take it away from her. That despite her fall from grace, it was, in fact, her greatest ascension.

Now.....she had forced herself to reconsider that statement. 

Her nerves of steel having barely reached their limits, it was a miracle how she was able to not abandon any and all semblance of composure. This decision to come was both physically and mentally painful for her to make but at least the intended end result would be the same as she had well as a small bonus in the long run.

Rita: My lord.....I have carried the power of the green ranger since the Cenozoic Era. It would seem only fair if I find another WORTHY of such divine POWER.

She almost growls menacingly, lying through her teeth.

So you are give up the source your own power and ambition to find another to bring upon Zordons destruction?

Rita: People who fight fire with fire only end up with ashes of their own integrity. I intend to drill that through Zordon's thick cerebrum and learn that the hard way.

To her, it was the perfect trump card. Her go-to move. The play to end this millennium long game of chess by putting the king in check. With Zordon already tarnishing a new group of Rangers to toy with her, what better way to destroy them then to let history repeat itself? Her confidence in her own abilities is well founded, not to an exact science but she found herself far from incompetent.

This was going to work, come hell or high water, whether her lord saw the beneficiary's behind it or not. There was an brief silence in the air until the voice boomed once again, informing her......

Very well. Seek out who is worthy to carry out the will of the Green Ranger. Destroy Zordon and have the Power Rangers begging for their pitiful demise. NO mistakes, NO excuses this time.

Rita simply gave a bow to her lord as the booming voice fades away. She smirks evilly and starts to chuckle with her new profound plan in sight as she glimpses down at the green power coin still grasped in-between her fingers; watching as a bright green light sparkles with energy.

Out of the hole through the moon she stood, landing on the rocky dusty surface once more. Staring out towards the Earth, a full 238,900 miles away, all she could think about was.....the stigma behind her first true defeat, how utterly humiliated it made her feel. It bought more shame upon herself than even she thought it would affect her. After 65,000,000 million years, she had been freed from her underwater confinement with the intention of finishing what she had started: intergalactic domination.

And then the Power Rangers happened.

Since then, the implant across her face and body stung tremendously; she could still feel how badly the metallic slap slapped the taste out her mouth. Never again would she allow Zordon to make such an embarrassment out of her again; that would be the last time anyone ever made her out to be a laughingstock.

Loosening the grip over her coin, almost in defeat, she holds it up alongside her face within near-kissing distance, ushering the words "Find only those who are worthy. Find only those who are strong" towards the coin in an undisclosed alien language.

Banking on this strategy on this next move was risky but the reward would be worth it. Before long, she tosses her coin away from her grasp watching it hurdle through the vast emptiness of space, shooting through a massive horse of meteors zooming by the Earth's gravitational pull. It wouldn't be long before the coin enters the Earth's atmosphere heating up during re-entry.

Burning faster and shining brighter all the same, the flame sparking around the coin eventually dissolves into green as bright streaks crossed the sky; Earth passing through the dusty trail of it's orbit. Within milliseconds later, a shooting star zooms by and is disintegrated amongst contact with the coin. Passing by its path of trajectory might as well have been a warning label.

Nothing was going to stand in the way of Rita Repulsa's vengeance....

....that as, if her megalomania didn't already cast a sinister reflection over the rest of the town she barely destroyed.

Four weeks after the Encounter |Saturday | 2:15 p.m

Angel Grove, California.

A small town near the edge of the ocean with a gold mine on the outskirts, its one where any news of any kind travels relatively fast in a very short period of time. Most of that comes from the local residents of the town with a surprisingly dense population of 376,000 and a rather short elevation of 241 ft. Sporting a shopping mall, four schools, the Angel Grove Youth Center, a public library, a community park.....and several Krispy Kreme stores, the town wasn't completely devoid of any activity.

Lots of events that take place tend to come and go rather quietly, however.

That remained the case.....until four weeks ago.

Nobody would ever forget the time Rita Repulsa crashed at town, uninvited and started wrecking havoc. Killing off respected police officers, causing thousands of dollars in property damages and of course, attacking the town and nearly reducing it to ashes in search of the Zeo Crystal. While the cause and number of fatalities were significantly low, much to the surprise of city officials and residents thanks to the quick witted determination of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the end result was a mixed bag.

Despite more than a quarter of the town being left in utter shambles, very few casualties were reported; yet, while many residents found it easy to put their faith in the Power Rangers, others more or less became increasingly skeptical, seeing how their supposed act of justice ended causing more damage they actually solved.

The residents fearing the worst and not willing to wait for another attack, fled the city in droves and crammed up the traffic daily.

As a result, those who didn't leave and were left devastated from the attack had to relocate to the newly founded Angel Grove Central Park Refugee Camp. Anyone and everyone who had lost their homes or were injured thanks to Rita's arrival had to be repositioned here until further notice. The new arrivals at the camp had to register with a picture ID before being issued with any medical, housing or meal vouchers before they could even get comfortable and unlike a certain Food, Emergency And Shelter Training homeless shelter in Chinatown, New York, this didn't feel like home.

Because of how quickly state officials and officers scraped together to create this on such short notice, the environment and atmosphere it let off felt more polluted than diseased free. It also served as their only states of protection.

Which didn't really help matters since the Putties were back in town.

Just when it looked like it would be safe enough to at least walk outside or take a stroll, the standard army unit of rocky, gold, concrete, or dirt inherited foot-soldiers kept raring their ugly heads....or lack thereof, only this time, they also came along with more durability and staying power. No less than a week after Rita Repulsa was booted off the planet, multiple news reports reported them infesting every corner of the town they just so happen to materialized in like, from streets and avenues like Mariner Bay to Reefside to Briarwood to Coral Harbor and even on the outskirts back to the gold mine.

The next time they'd be reported on however, there's no traces of them left except for the damage caused by their numerous efforts. Eventually, their lack of stability posed less and less of a threat, so much so that they became literal laughingstocks throughout town. Today, unfortunately, wouldn't be any different.

Welcome to Angel Grove, the very sign that had once haunted a team of five teenagers with attitude laid dormant amongst the peaceful tranquility that laid outside of the crosshairs that led into the town. Perhaps the only solitary guise necessary to distract any new residents from its recent series of unfortunate events.

The brownish-burgundy sign perched with a seagull on the top right tumbled into pieces following a collision with a Putty patroller dislocated from the waist up. Knees and legs were missing while its upper half remained sturdy enough at large. Slipping and maneuvering back to a vertical stance did next to nothing for the next couple of seconds when it looked up and was met face to face with a resonant ground pound, dispersing the rest of its remains across the road with pebbles and dirt smudging and blackening the mini-barricade, more of the road up ahead and off to the side.

In fact, all the way up to the curved road leading away from the town, that's all that laid dormant. Eventually, a shadow lurks from a few measly feet away before long, stepping all over the disemboweled ligaments of the Putties rocky remains as the Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott (Dacre Montgomery) sprinted aside the field of discarded rocks and pebbles; rushing in a subordinate manner.

His HUD display and visor spotted more of them up ahead.

Quickly maneuvering past the pile, his suit's added speed mechanic breezed past three Putties blocking his path before he physically started moving fully with a jump kick one moment, a back body-drop the next and then he completely snaps a Putty into pieces with a tackle that'd make Bill Goldberg proud. Not even a minute after rolling out from the spear, he gets tackled himself by three Putties at once but with no forward momentum, they barely manage to push him back.

Flimsy little punches to the gut did nothing to keep the Red Ranger at bay, launching the boulder lugs off with authority. Resilient they were, charging for him again. Jason is quick to roll through however and kick off the heads of two of them while the last one was left with piss-poor offense that honestly left Jason feeling embarrassed. It left him thinking, If these were the best Rita had left for them to take care of, she clearly had very little faith in them as he sidesteps the last punch directed to his face, snaps off it's arm and via crossing his other arm around his head, tosses the Putty directly over him.

Further adding insult to injury was the arrival of the Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan (Becky G) literally dropping on in and crushing the Putty's body adding double the trouble for the rest of the group involved.

Seems that Zordon had sent them and the other Rangers in charge of mop-up duty straight away after Rita was dealt with. While they destroyed Goldar, the remains of his golden form were still at large with the remains scattering across the city and seeping into the ground. No less than almost a week after Rita was sent into orbit, more putty patrollers began formulating out of thin air and continued to ransack and destroy the more quieter areas of town, presumably on Rita's former command.

With some of Goldars remains spreading throughout the city, a few of the golden ashes laid scattered to the winds and turned into dust. The dust reignited a certain spark in the fallen putties—reactivating them from whichever surface they were created from and making them meaner and nastier then mildly disappointing results.

Didn't make the task at hand any less annoying or easier for the two. As long as they weren't outnumbering them, it was a walk in the park: a long stroll through trails of tedium and monotony.

Red Ranger: Yellow Ranger, I need a controlled push on my right flank before—

"Take a chill pill, boss. Don't what a 'push' or 'flank' is", Trini reiterates while ripping a stop sign out from the concrete and wacking the rocky abominations off the road and onto the grassy terrain beside her. Tossing the sign above her, she rolls on over, kicking two Putties legs out and dropkicks another one into pieces. One unlucky Putty got left in the dust, being the only one having to face the Yellow Ranger now.

It didn't last long, for Trini had caught the stop well as Jason getting bombarded with more Putties swarming around him.

Playing along though and with some time to spare, she leads it on, allowing measly punch after measly punch as long as her attention span allowed. To her, it was fun waiting out the inevitable much so she'd call them 'practice'.

One kick missed later, the attention span finally wore off.

Yellow Ranger: I just wait for them to step up....

Head-butting the putty back a foot, she only decapitates it's legs with the sign before impaling it through the chest with the metal and watching it fall apart.

Yellow Ranger:....and I take 'em down.

Keeping it simple, eyeing over at Jason who signaled for immediate assistance raised her offensive a little bit.

In an act of sportsmanship, she tossed the stop sign to Jason who's quick to spin a full 360, knocking off six Putty heads out of fifteen in a row and immediately dispersing back to retaliate with a leap straight up into the sky, leaving them in muddled confusion before the energy from the armor spiked to a maximum, executing a thunderous red-level ground-pound.

And that was only, what, the second wave? Jason questioned himself as he moved away from the rocky ruble, tossing the two totaled halves of the stop sign aside. Flustered and above all anxious, he just wanted to get to the next wave and help with the others. Trini patting him on the back however did very little to soothe him.

Yellow Ranger: Word of advice: try not to overthink it, boss.

Red Ranger: Please don't call me that. There's more up the road; gotta keep moving.

Adjusting their pace, they're quick to sprint out to the open road where even more Putties were spotted further outside the entrance to Angel Grove where curvy roads were aplenty and traffic was almost nigh-nonexistent. Only one can was spotted alongside the road and refused to budge an inch.

Made the work easier for the Rangers. At least they knew to stay far from the action than risk getting into further danger by trying to plow on through. Both the Red and Yellow Ranger kept over the car to get the clearer view ahead where more rocks and gold dust were scattered and sprayed everywhere.

That's when they found, or re-found, more company.

Zachary Taylor (Ludi Lin), William Cranston (RJ Cyler) and Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott), the Black, Blue and Pink Ranger of the team had found themselves more or less in the same debacle: surrounded, slightly irritated.....but more or less occupied. 

Compared to the latter of the other two, these three at least gave off more of the impression that they were having fun with the mundane task left ahead of them as far as cleaning up the streets AGAIN. So as an audiable method for passing the time, a lot of the excessive banter between the three tied back towards stating the blantly obvious and their respective equalizers: their Ranger armors. Granted, only a month inside of an alien battle armor and there were plenty of new elements needed to be explored and discussed. 

But it still regarded talking involved. 

Lots and lots and LOTS of talking.

"Is it just me or—", the comment was cut short as Kimberly had to maneuver around another putty throwing itself at her before decapitating its head with an axe kick.

Pink Ranger:...Or is there more of these guys than usual?

"I'm more worried about—", Billy starts before yelping at a Putty leaping at him and directly over him and punches its chest apart as soon as it lands, which causes a domino effect with the next three Putties nearby. Another back elbow, scissor kick and roundhouse later, he's standing above six "deceased" Putties.

Blue Ranger: Seriously, we punch WAY too hard.

Black Ranger: Only you would complain about something totally awesome, Billy.

Blue Ranger: I'm not complaining. I'm PROCESSING!

Billy's voice cracked following multitasking making friendly conversation and bungee jumping over Putties attempting and failing a tackle only to get tackled in return as it laid no attention to Jason charging in from the side.

His eyes in one place but his senses honing in in the other direction, Billy unleashed a massive force of energy subconsciously launching another pile of Putties back that were heading his way. Once again, it left him looking at his fist.

Proved his point.

Blue Ranger: Seriously, who made these things?

That's all he would say before throwing another Putty over his shoulder and kicking it off the bridge over the railing.

"Well, me personally: I'm psyched", Zack concurred to Billy's original statement, nudging the pebbles off the head of one Putty with another in a chokehold. Similar to Trini, the bravado and swagger that encompassed Zack's cool persona found a lot of enjoyment out of bending and breaking the rules of physics on almost every level.

It's a childish thing to do, not fully understanding the full capacity of what be bestowed upon him but he didn't mind figuring out along the way.

Black Ranger: I mean seriously....if this is my floor, can you imagine my ceiling? Who knows - maybe I can fly!

He grunts out the last word, vis slamming both Putties heads into one another, leading from one malodorous monotonous pile to the next.

Blue Ranger: That's exactly my point. I haven't even mastered my regular body functions yet, let alone a bunch of new dangerous ones. How we supposed to know if it's really us—

"I guess you just 'fake it 'till you make it'. That sort of thing, Billy", Kim felt the need to cut him off, anything to keep him from getting too excited or having his head explode from too much knowledge.

Pink Ranger: Pretend you know what you're doing, you might just end up fooling yourself?

Yellow Ranger: Whichever way it works.

That car perched further up the road, slowly had its tires itching and turning inch by inch against the road, the driver and its passengers (mother, father and teenage daughter) had lost patience and grown antsy. Slight acceleration with minimum pressure on the gas, they started to move, their original intention being to wait until the Putties and Rangers cleared out to move.

No such luck; impatience had finally ran though.

"Goddamn it, lets go", the father issued worrying the mother and daughter despite the path in front of them being slightly less contaminated with putty debris than when they were forced to stop before. He and his family come to regret that decision when a Putty suddenly jumps in front of their line of view and startles them.

The dad immediately backs up inadvertently running over another Putty without having to look back but once he finally does look back, two more materialized Putties already slam down upon the trunk of the pickup truck before kicking the car forward and bumping the wheels off the road, causing the truck to skid violently amongst the road.

"DADDY!", the daughter screamed as the car violently bumps and jerks amongst the road to where even hanging on to the back of the drivers seat wasn't ideally safe with the seatbelt removed.

Dad: Hold on to something!

They had no choice but to comply as the car scrapes off both lanes and, while involuntarily running over more Putties, reaches a halt after denting and crashing through the metal railing. All the constant screaming and panic drew all the Rangers attention.

Couldn't have come at a more perfect time too, since their car ran over was essentially the last of the Putties. But then again, they were no trapped in a scenario where literally every second counts and they couldn't afford to waste ANY. As Billy muttered "Oh god" under his breath, that very thought had come to fruition for all of them.

Pink Ranger: This just got a whole new type of real.

Black Ranger: Let's play hero then. I got the passengers.

"We'll hold the car", Billy insisted, pointing to him and Trini and the rest of the team. "And I'll create the fulcrum."

Billy's idea of a fulcrum: the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots was to go in at the bottom left wheel and grip it tightly. Despite the unknowns of how much power he can possess, he withheld just enough of it to where he didn't deflate the tire. Trini and Jason, with the fulcrum laid out and the car no longer inching further and further over the edge, grabbed ahold of the trunk and the underside of the car

For now, the van was stationary.

The family took notice, taking in the gravity of the situation and remained calm, with the exception of the daughter. She has to hold in her excitement, seconds away from geeking out after seeing the heroes of Angel Grove in person for the first time. Trini, taking notice of her, waves.

The girl waves back, slowly peeking a smile.

Suddenly, the door directly above her is torn off its hinges and ripped off, exposing her. Immediately, she had the urge to scream out until she saw it was just the Black Ranger, making the escape route for the whole family relatively easier.

Black Ranger: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, listen up: nobody be stupid and everyone lives, ok?

He extends his hand out to the daughter first.

Black Ranger: Ladies first.

The daughter was the first to eagerly and hurriedly take the Black Rangers hand before Zack lifted her up and out and into open air and sunshine. Zack had to carefully step to the edge of the trunk, holding the kid while Billy and Trini and Jason continued to supply pressure to keep the van above ground.

Black Ranger: One step, two step, don't look back. There you go.

Thanks to Kimberly being nearby, the kid had help getting down.

Rinse and repeat for the mother, who had to manually crawl away from the passengers seat and into Zack's reach in the backseat. A slight jolt however took everyone out of focus: the rocks holding the van along with the teams fulcrum was beginning to crack and crumble and everyone's senses were alarmed and widened to11. Now they were in a hurry.

However, slow and steady was still the proper move to take, for anymore slight jolts meant innocent blood on the Rangers hands. With Billy, Trini and Jason having to tighten their grip on the back, the mother barely managed to slink through the back and into Zack's grasp, eventually exiting the car. Except this time, Zack has to leap off the car albeit slowly to reunite the mother with her daughter.

Alas, their luck had run out.

The rocks had began to crack and break further apart no longer holding the weight of the van in place and thus sliding it further and further towards the edge to what looked like imminent death.

Jason caught onto it not too long ago but still couldn't stay attached for long.

Red Ranger: Shit, shit, shit!

Blue Ranger: Guys, the van's slipping! It's slipping!

Billy warned the others as he and the other two strained to pull the car back. The dad was absolutely beside himself at the moment. His best move was to burst open the passenger side door as Zack rushed to his aid, finally catching the trouble at hand after further aiding the rescued girls.

But the rocks gave away and with giant metallic clank, the van finally gave way and dropped off the edge of the road.

While Trini and Jason has small pieces of the metal from the trunk of the car, Billy was left accidentally ripping off the bottom left wheel all while Zack slid in a second too late, left to nothing but endless cries from the father to save him.

Black Ranger: Wait! WAIT!

That was all Zack could hopelessly scream as the car tumbled through the air. The father was thrown out of the car and was left free-falling on his lonesome, much to the mother and daughters horror.

Zack just stood there motionless and petrified, still sticking his hand out like an idiot while the father continued into freefall, falling deeper and deeper and deeper to imminent quietus. Even with the Rangers added superhuman durability and speed, it didn't appear that there'd be even enough time to outrun death itself.

But as Ursula K. Le Guin once said "One must work with time and not against it".

Kimberly took that phrase to heart as she swooped in at the last possible second, snatching the falling dad out the air with a wire from the railing above ground. The entire time, he kept on screaming his lungs out since the wind blowing past him in a horizontal direction vaguely resembled him going down.

Pink Ranger: Don't worry, falling dad. I gotcha.

It wasn't until he heard that from Kimberly that he even dared to open his eyes. And sure enough, there she was, her arms gripped tightly around his chest and abdomen carrying him far up through the air. Feeling a sense of relief and calm and warmth, he sighed he sighed heavily in relief almost passing out by the time Pink Ranger landed back onto the surface with him safe and sound.

No sooner does she release him from his arms does he run to his wife and young daughter, the two ecstatic that their father was able to be reunited with them and in one piece. They felt the need to congratulate and thank the five multi-colored teens.

While the other four gave welcome to the family, Zack laid physically immobilized since the moment Billy lost the grip on the car, nearly staring off down the hole the car was dented into and later fell through. Not even able to properly hear his heartbeat nor his irregular breathing, it was a moment of realization for Zack that severely opened his eyes to one of the many dangers of this job.

Somebody could've actually died today, hadn't Kimberly been right there at the precise moment and he hadn't lost focus when the car slipped. It rendered him silent for the remainder of the time they spent there.

Blue Ranger: Huh, maybe we can fly after all.

Even Billy's previous remarks on what he said compared to their act of bravery wasn't cheering him up any better.

All in a days work for the main five teenagers with attitude.

The mess had been mopped up, the rocky mutant Putty patrollers were taken care of and the city could, at least, function into the early afternoon and hopefully for the rest of the day. Rinse and repeat: baddies come in, Rangers show up in the nick of time and save the day. Granted, the upgraded Goldar-dust infected Putties presented more of a challenge for the team and gave them some trouble but only just.

For four out of the five members, todays hassle of events and near causalities, in Zack's instance, was enough for them to handle for one day. All that was left was to report back to their base of operations and, moreso, to their powerful galactic mentor: Zordon of Eltar.

His ship laid amongst the gold mines near the outskirts of Angel Grove, buried deep beneath the crevices of the mountainside underwater. And said body of water, vaguely outlined in the shape of a thunderbolt, led straight down to an ungravitated dead end where droplets are held frozen and crystallized at the end of the surface. Through the stagnant water in place on the other laid both an underwater cave and a rather hazardous training area in one.

The Pit.

To say the Rangers somewhat resented the Pit despite the progress they've made would be taken as an understatement. A lot of blood, sweat and tears and potentially broken bones were shed in this area over the course of three weeks before the team of five were officially accepted as Rangers and if there was one index of memories that could be forgotten about or taken away, the Pit would be close up to the top of the list.....if the team were given the choice.

Especially Billy, who resented it the most for reasons he never made public record. Luckily, the Pit was just a sub-stop.

The main point of entry was 200 feet away and 70 steps later at a caved-in alien spaceship. The doors magnetically as they approach the base of the entrance, for the only way to gain access to the spaceship was with five of the supernatural crystals connected to the Morphin’ Grid. Granting them access, they trudge inside.

A full three minutes of wandering up another flight of stairs and up to and through the main hull, the path then on was relatively straight forward. It led them down to the Command Center where Jason could see the giant pulsating digitized essence of their mentor, Zordon (Bryan Cranston) trapped in the computer matrix behind the wall of the ship from a birds eye-view away. The closer they approached, the brighter the dimmer the light from the Morphin’ Grid’s multiversal energy field in the middle of the room shone back at the main five.

How it didn’t effect his humanoid-like assistant Alpha 5 (Bill Hader) as much needed no question given his cybernetic enhancements.....and the fact that he was the only inhabitance aboard Zordon's ship for the next millions of years before Jason and the others came along.

Zordon: Rangers, excellent work.

He congratulated the team upon them entering the room, standing side by side one another.

Zordon: With each day, your control over your new abilities grows and with it—my faith in you.

This coming from a decorated war veteran and military leader trained at birth who once expected his band of Rangers to follow his instructions to the letter and was easily frustrated, Zordon gradually grew more appreciative of the new team, though his rather secretive side wasn’t keen on outright showing them his gratitude.

His change of heart and coming to terms with his own death made him a significantly better mentor than previously.

Zordon: The 'Goldar dust' is slowly to losing its ability to reanimate any of Rita's fallen putty patrollers, an ability that has since worsened as of today, thanks to your efforts. Soon they will be gone and Angel Grove will be safe again.

Yellow Ranger: Full disclosure.....

Trini started off by manually removing her helmet instead of letting down her face shield and letting her hair flow out.

Trini:....'safe' is just another word for boring.

Kimberly and Billy were quick to pipe in agree with Trini's rather statement, much to Jason's nonplussed confusion. Zack added nothing to the debate, staying off to the side and letting the four get their talk in.

Events from earlier screwed with him too much to motivate him to participate in anything now. However, he did reluctantly remove his helmet off his face once the others began following in tow.

Kimberly: If I may concur, she's not wrong. Look, I won't pretend it hasn’t been fun beating up Gumby and the gang but—I’ve had worse Thursday nights.

Jason: They mean--we can handle anything you throw our way Zordon. Billy: Within the reason of course that's not a challenge.

Zordon: Alpha Five and I will continue to monitor for future Putty activity. Until then you should all get some well deserved rest.

Kimberly: Or ya know go to school see our friends and maintain some hint of a normal life.

Zack: Is anyone else getting extra homework since the Goldar attack?

Everyone chuckle till Zordon spoke up again

Zordon: Jason? A moment alone please?

Jason: Sure. You guys go. I'll catch up.

Everyone nodded and walked out but also with Jason and Kim making a short moment of eye contact and soon as the four left Jason and Zordon were the only ones in the morphing gri

Jason: What's up Z?

Zordon: Jason I just want to be you believe you can still lead this team?

Jason: Pardon me? Didn't we just saved the world? 

Zordon: Yes but one battle does not win a war. And one victory does not make a team. Right now you're relying on luck as much as skill to lead for the others to fallow they have to believe that you not only know their strengths but how to use them properly.

Jason: What'd you talking about?! Few weeks ago we didn't even know each other and you're upset because we're not the Beatles yet?!

Zordon: There are and will be other threats Jason. Rita and Goldar will not be the last to try and steal the crystal and take the world. As Leader I lead my team into countless disasters and I should have known better what these exact threats are then. I don't want to see you making my mistakes Jason. These are more powerful and more dangerous than any you can possibly imagine. And I assure you now that the Rangers are back.....

Silence flooded the grid as Jason froze in his tracks of Zordon's warning

Zordon: They're coming.

This warning made Jason chill to his spine and giving Zordon made this firming as possible Jason tended to take his word for it but he still felt confident that it was nothing that he and the gang could not handle

Jason: Ok I get it. Sooner or later we'll have to save the world again. It'll be a cake Zordon. You'll see. 

Zordon: Do not take this likely Jason. A real leader must be cautious.

Jason: I got it covered. See you on next patrol.  Jason walked out with Zordon knowing he was far from what he hoped him to be and not taking this seriously he let out a soft sigh with Alpha looking back

Zordon: I don't think he's taking this seriously Alpha 5. Everytime I try to presa him he treats it like it's agame. This is no game.

Alpha: Teenagers with Attitude sir. They're just use to being children. They all have a lot to learn before they can face the big things out there. Which is why they need more training.

Zordon: Yes you're right Alpha. But first let's get back to monitoring.

So Zordon and Alpha went back to monitoring for Putty activity with the screen soon cutting back to the town

At Angel Grove Mal we observe people shopping eating at the food court and even walking in and out of a theater there we also soon come across a Karate Center where students were practicing by demonstrating moves punching and kicking heavy bags and sparring on rings

But in an office one student was seeing the Master after a mishap incident that accured an hour later earlier

Sensei: Frankly Mr. Oliver your performance earlier was most disgraceful. That's 5 in a row this month. We teach self confidence and discipline. It's not all about fighting. 

The young man in the chair infront of the desk the Sensei was talking to happened to be another AG High Junior Student. About the same age as the gang in a Green Jacket Black Jeans with a White Shirt underneath

The young man was revealed to be Tommy Oliver (Dylan O'Brien) son of Jeffry And Deborah Oliver and top student to Angel Grove's Karate Center....or he was top till some other mishaps A record of getting into fights at the center and school and former record of shoplifting Tommy's chart was still mildly crooked given the fights had never stopped

Tommy: I get it Sensei. I messed up. It's just I feel like I have to fight each time I turn around. I always had to since I was 12. 

Sensei: And that's why your parents sent you to us for self-discipline.

Tommy: I AM discipline. About making green so let's not make this more diffitcult okay?

Sensei: And that's the kind of attitude that keeps getting you into this situation. Tommy you're a good kid. A smart kid. But the center can no longer tolerate this act of violence.

Tommy: So what am I suppose to do? Just let everyone walk all over me?!

Sensei: That's not what I meant. Tomorrow we'll be holding a sparing try-outs and you been accepted to attend. If you pass this your actions will be cleared but....if you blow this with another fight here or at Angel Grove High Mr. Oliver....we'll have to let you go.

That there made Tommy freeze in that seat as he nodded 

Tommy: Yes Sensei. 

Not many people benefit greatly from getting the short end of the stick and Tommy wasn't exactly teetering near the middle to put it nicely. He knew this was on him; that was his ultimate ultimatum. The last last chance he were to ever get to maintain whatever shred of decency was withheld inside of him that Tommy himself wanted to believe was still there.

So he held his Sensei up to that promise.

Of course, that left the other matter at hand: the parents.

To prevent an already volatile scene from escalating, the nets course of action was to remove Tommy from the premises. Sensei instructed the young Oliver to sit outside of the training room, ponder his thoughts to himself. It was all he could do to insure that Tommy makes sure to take in the full scope of what he became apart of and what he did; an act of predetermined laziness that rubbed off on him extensively for years now.

The same cycle repeated at nausea.

Burdened with the consequences at hand, it left him immobile, starring off into the distance past the plexiglass windows covering the nearest exit. At least until a wolf whistle from the other end of the hallway brings him back to reality.

From then on, the whistle turns his attention over to a young woman with bombshell blonde hair. Same outfit as his, black belt, shoes on and her hands interwoven like she was lying in wait, patiently. There she sat waving over at him, her peach Stiletto claw nails blending in with her skin tone.

(Guess who)

His vital readings turned erratic rather quickly upon taking the first glance at her; didn't stop him from reluctantly raising his hand up and waving at her albeit weakly. Finally, he turns away. Didn't even bother looking back for the next minute in a half while he could barely hear the commotion of what's been happening inside the training room without having to eavesdrop.

Sighing heavily, he turns away from the wall. Before long, he heard the clicking of the locks from the other side of the double doors as the gradually swing open.

From then on, his eyes stayed glued primarily on his parents, Deborah (Amy Jo Johnson) and Jeffrey Oliver (Jason David Frank) being gradually escorted to the way out by Sensei. Not much more needed to be exchanged between the master and seemingly unstable student, evidenced as to how quickly he re-entered the training dojo.

It left the parents on their own to take care of their son.

The stoic glances they exchanged between each other and then back at Tommy spoke about the same level he expected: disappointment. No anger was sensed just from looking at his father but Tommy's played this game before: outrage wasn't his strong suit. Whatever was hidden behind that middle-aged exterior wasn't normally taken up at face value in his experience.

Both of their eyes spoke more of exhaustion, tiredness and irritation.

It wasn't their first time having to come to terms with their sons frequent inability to refrain from hurting others, nor did it look like it was gonna be the last as Debbie motioned to Tommy with her pointer and middle finger. Instructing him to come to them so they could leave, they didn’t rush off without taking a brief glance over at the young lady who again just nods silently and smiles.

All Tommy could do was refrain himself, sighing heavily once more before following his parents on the way out.

The display of awkward silence only escalated once the family were on the road. Nothing but their own mild breathing come across as the only vague sounds the car had to offer aside from the running of the engine.

Nobody spoke.

Nobody looked at each other.

Nobody veered their attention away from the road for the next four minutes. But finally, Tommy’s father felt the need to speak up.

Jeff: You know.....There comes a time when, as a parent, you have to wonder if you're ever truly raising your kids properly.

He honestly couldn't put the statement anymore bluntly than that. "And at this point in time, I'm perplexed as to whether or not this stems from bad luck or it this is intentional."

Tommy: You saying this is my fault?

Jeff: How many times has this happened to you, Thomas? How many times has it ended exactly the same way? When's the cycle gonna stop?

Tommy: When people start turning the other direction and stop trying to pick a fight with me. It's not my fault I'm so susceptible to how I feel all the time.

Most of these were pointers and splices of info that he was well old enough to understand at this point; none of which gave him a satisfactory answer to any of his questions.

His eyes barely resist the urge to twitch. Eventually, he realized there was no avoiding this, forcibly thinking aloud Ok, so we're doing this as he signals left. Taking Debbie off by surprise, the van is taken off the road and near the railing where he brings the car to a stop and switching off the ignition.

He needed clarification because this wasn't doing anyone in the car ANY favors.

Jeff: So you got yourself fired from two perfectly good jobs that paid you well in the last year due to this? I’m trying to understand the though process to this because I swear th—

Tommy: You know why I got fired. The dumbass tried to choke me out because he was off his medication. I didn't even know he took any—

Jeff: You nearly took the boys head off!

Tommy: Self-defense!

Debbie: Boys!

Silence once again flood the car after Deb's shout as Tommy looked directly at his mother who looked back at both her husband and son with an uneasy disblief expression and Jeff just nodded to himself driving on with Tommy just sitting back to the back seat not saying anything after that outbursts 

Not bearing this silence anymore Deborah spoke now

Deborah: Tommy we're only worried about you. Tommy didn't reply He just looked back at the windshield just to see the moon at it's brightest he stared on to it as it seemed like time was going slow for him not knowing up on the moon Rita was staring down at the Earth imaptiently waiting for her coin to pick it's new keeper

Rita then walks away from the view picking up her scepter from the thrown as she exits the room like a dissatisfied auidence from a bad movie 

That Friday morning we come to Angel Grove High since we were last here after the Goldar attack the halls were crowed as students chatter through the halls opening and closing lockers leaving and going in class rooms and on the walls some posters with marker writings of "Go Go Power Rangers!" 

Since the attack the Rangers gotten popular and a number of fan clubs by some of the students but unaware their least favorite gang are who they admire

Speaking of the gang we see half of them in the cafeteria mostly just Kimberly Trini and Jason sitting at a small round table where Jason just tells the girls of Zordon's warning

Trini: So what if there are other threats? Why are you making a big deal out of it?  Jason: I'm not making a big deal. It's just Zordon thinks we can't handle it.

Trini: Ever think there's a reason for it? 

Kimberly: Yeah I mean we underestimated Rita and that's what got Billy killed before. And since Zordon gave up his last chance to be whole again to bring him back maybe he's just trying to keep the same thing from happening to us.  Jason: I'm well aware of that but if we can take down a giant golden mutant and a green suited sorceress what can't we do?

Kimberly: Easy Red. We may have super strength that can punch a hole on a solid wall but we're not invincible. I mean look what happened to Zordon's Rangers. They were all murdered by Rita on the same time the Dinosaurs met their extinction. 

Trini: Yeah plus we're still kids. We maybe teenagers but it counts. And another plus we're still new to this we might need to learn more wisdom.

Jason: Alright. Alright. We'll play it by the book a little more. But I still think Zordon worries too much we can't handle anything that comes our way. I mean we're like the Avengers here. 

Trini: I wouldn't compare myself as a comic character Jason. Kimberly just chuckles with Jason chuckling after her and Kim then spoke that changed the subject

Kimberly: Let's not forget what else we have to worry about besides saving the world. 

Jason: Like what Kim? Kimberly: Saturday Detention.

Ooooh that silenced the trio they been more focused with cleaning up Putties and regular school work they forgot all about their Saturday Detentions and that they and the others are stuck in for the rest of the year which makes Jason sink into his frusteration more but not out bursting infront of the girls Meanwhile at the North Hall which is filled with moving students Tommy is in the crowd and slips into the men's room

Still being down of that spas he had with his parents yesterday Tommy coming out of a stall later he went up to the sinks taking a moment to look at himself in the mirror but when he turned on the running water on the sink the door opens and entered two boys who Tommy saw coming at him in the mirrors

He looked back to see himself being confronted by them which Tommy Recognized them when they arrived

Tommy: Bulk. Skull.

Bulk (Zach Roerig): What's up little Oliver. We heard you....had some problems at the Karate Center

Skull (Eric Knudsen): Yeah. We wanted to check in our favorite fighter. 

Bulk: Maybe we can.....settle that old lesson we promised you last summer. What's say? Tommy tried to back away not saying anything to them trying to keep his promised to the Sensei not to fight till the sparring try outs knowing if he fought before it this would blow everything for him even if it was for self defense and Bulk just grabs him by the collar of his green jacket

Bulk: Chickening out huh? Well allow me to make the first move.

Bulk swung a punch that knocked Tommy to the flour still refusing to fight Bulk started kicking him on the flour and Skull joined in a minute later trying to get Tommy to fight back but wouldn't so they kept kicking him until.....


Bulk and Skull looked back to the door to see Billy standing ther looking at them nervously and none approval. Briefly staring down at Tommy being battered and bruised, Billy's confidence shines through once again as he stands up to the two.

While anxious to actually want to show off his strength like he did to Colt Wallace that one time especially if it means giving away his secret, and rightfully so, Billy couldn't stand the thought of anyone being mishandled the way he’s been. He hated bullies and made it be known.

“Crams-ton”, Bulk expresses rather confidently.

Of course, Billy thought to himself. How could he forget about how basic and embarrassing the two buddies were? If memory served him well, Bulk was the one who gave him that hokey name as a joke in the first place and why it still stuck with him all this time.

It took Skull relatively longer to fully focus on Billy. Given he wasn’t exactly bright, he questioned....

Skull: Wh—why exactly are we staring him down?

Bulk: Fella knocked out Colt.

Skull: A shrimp like you? You concussed Colt Wallace and forced him to back off of you?

Billy could only shrug, repeating his lie he told to his batch of fans when he first got rid of Colt.

Billy: I just simply stated 'If you must come at me.....come at me, bro.' He head-butted me so I knocked him out.

Silence toes the line between the three before there’s snickering. And there’s outrageous, obnoxious hyena-like laughter directed at both each other and at him. Pretty much their way of saying and calling ‘Bullshit’ on that statement.

To further hammer the message across, Bulk just charges at Billy with no warning.

Luckily, he sidestepped out of the way, letting Bulk’s greasy body slip and slide to the hallway as he collided shoulder-first into the lockers. The clanging thud attracted only a moderate crowd of only twenty people, circling around Bulk on the ground just in time to see Billy exit from the doorway of the bathroom. Thinking Billy was the one who threw him out, and rightfully so, the crowd began clamoring and piping up.

Billy was already in enough trouble as it is, given Saturday detention was still on his mind and the possibility they could extend his time to last into the summer. But he was already knee deep into it now.

He took a step forward, offering his hand out to Bulk. If this was going to happen, he wanted this to be fair at least. As expected, Bulk smacks his hand away and slides back to a vertical stance, amidst the collision into the locker rocking his vision a little.

Up on his feet once more, Bulk throws a punch and misses. Billy catches another coming his way and another but swiftly avoids the fists like before. Without even having to throw a punch, he was embarrassing Bulk in front of the surrounding crowd, which had now formed into a semi-circle around the two. The moment Bulk tried going for another tackle, Billy just sidesteps to the side letting him collide with the lockers yet again.

His guard left wide open, Billy didn't notice Skull charging in from the side until a second too late, tackling him to the floor and unloading punches on him.....none of which landed because Billy was wise to keep his hands and elbows up the whole time. Some punches went through though as Skull resorted to aiming at his sides, letting his weight off of the autistic child and kneeing him from the side.

That did as well as expected as the scrawny Skull felt massive pain spiking through his knee. Even more enraged, Skull went for a kick straight for his head which Billy avoided as he quickly rolled backwards and landed on his feet again.

Before he could even pull another punch, he hears "Skullovitch!" originating back to the same bathroom as only him and Billy and a recovering Bulk get his eyes directly on a recovering Tommy while the corresponding crowd nearby have to inch out a little to see him standing near the doorway again. With his fists clutches and balled up, Tommy now found it strenuous to keep his composure.

But so help him, he was gonna pull it together and take it.

Tommy: Oi, turn your gaze back to me. He had nothing to do with this; I'm want the one you started this with.

No sooner should he say that does Bulk clock him square across the face and knock him woozy. Then he proceeds to knee him to the wall.

Bulk: Skull. Over here; let's show him the difference between fundamentals and flash.

Skull is left nodding his head and then further clocks him down to the floor. With kick after kick after kick after punch, Tommy kept his arms up and his sides protected for as long as he could muster to do so for. But he refused to come up with a counter-reaction; anything to keep his promise.

He refused to lift a single finger.

Finally, Billy intervenes.

Jumping on Bulk to distract him, it only gets him so far as he just pushes him off as Billy goes face first into another locker as he continues punching away at Tommy. His eyes however briefly glimpse over at Skull slamming him over again just as Billy was getting up.

Upon briefly seeing that, something in Tommy just SNAPS.

The next kick aimed at him hits his left knee, leaving Bulk wide open for Tommy to knock Bulk down with his other leg. Kicking his leg out from underneath him, it pulls Bulk up close to Tommy as he headbutts him away, allowing him to get up.

Skull, feeling like having dealt enough enough to Billy, adds one more kick in for good measure before turning back around straight into instant doom. Tommy charges in, tackling Skull straight into the lockers with his arms clenched around his waist to avoid him breaking leverage. Persistent, Skull tries swinging around to disorient him which not only made him look retarded but backfired as he ended up bumping into the ongoing crowd.

It did release Tommy's grip however. But that left him a front row seat to see his friend suffer in his place.

Tommy, breathing heavily and his teeth gritting in frustration, snaps his entire body around to a charging Bulk while extending his arm out from the side of the body and parallel to the ground, hitting Bulk hard in both the neck and chest area. It sends him crashing to the ground, aiding several on-goers to look away while the commotion still uproariously flooded the hallway.

That included Billy, who found himself up on his feet but not too far from the fight.

But then he catches notice of Tommy pulling Bulk off the ground by only his arm, draping him over his shoulders in a fireman's carry position. Only then does Skull decide to run to his friends aid, only to get stopped immediately as Tommy spun Bulk around on his shoulders and clocked Skull across the face using Bulls feet. Adding further insult to injury, he just squished Bulk up against his he lockers again before letting him land hard on his ribs.

Yet again, Skull comes flailing in with a punch directed at the karate veteran but there's nobody home.

Aiming for another punch, he notices Tommy sidestepping out the way but then grabbing the arm in place and popping Skull in the face with a back elbow. The brief knock-back from the elbow bounces Skull into a headbutt before Tommy lets go momentarily and without hesitation.

A groggy Skull didn't anticipate Tommy wrapping his arm around the back of his neck and bringing him onto the back of his hip, then spinning like a wheel to throw him directly over him and straight onto his shoulder blade and ribs. To make matters worse, Tommy is quick to trap Skulls arm between his own legs and torque the elbow unnaturally into an armbar. Squeezing his legs towards his body and pulling the arm towards him, Tommy was not giving Skull a second to breathe.

Skull was flailing around hyper-extensively like a fish out of water, desperate for some kind of leverage to get out of the hold but the armbar was locked in too tightly. And this went on for a full two minutes. Hyper-rotating the shoulder joint also hyper-rotated the elbow joint, which eventually snapped his elbow out of place, causing more agony for Skull.

Finally letting go of the hold, Tommy ceases the horror show as students began backing away from him and start fleeing the hallway, sans Billy who still lingered around with a watchful eye. But that left only one half of the duo worse for wear....and Tommy did not feel the need to continue on with this much longer, for he had well and truly overstayed his over-dramatic outburst.

But alas, it wasn't to be.

His face just turned stoic as he spun around with a sidekick, clocking Bulk in the stomach and knocking the air out of his lungs as he dropped to his knees. His hands gradually let loose of the strap on his bookbag, his object of choice to hit Tommy over the head with as he quickly wrapped his arms around his stomach, the kick taking all the air out of him and leaving him wide open for Tommy to continue an assault.

An assault he, for one, wanted to stop as soon as possible. It wasn't hard for Tommy to sympathize with Bulks current predicament.....loosely. Like most bullies, they don't tend to back away or shut down in front of anyone unless met with someone mentally or physically stronger and here these two laid, flat on their backs and on their knees.

And yet something kept Tommy from just leaving him on his lonesome. It really did seem unfair that no matter how much he strived to be honorable and respectable like his conscience wanted him to be, it would also keep taunting him with his failures. Each time the regrets reemerged, he would diligently analyze them again, hoping that this time his mind would be satisfied with his self professed remorse, but it never was......even though he felt it. Like an unforgiving spectre, it would be back seconds later the next day to haunt him all over again.

And that broken conscience was urging him to finish it, through his frustration. It was a call he unwillingly had to follow, storming down to Bulks midsection and grabbing ahold of his right leg while he finally spoke up, frantically trying to prevent the same fate as his friend.

Bulk: Enough enough enough! Ok ok ok, you got me. You got us, ok, Tommy? We'll stay clear of you, just stop this. I beg of you!

Tommy: Next time......don't pull that kind of stunt on me.....

He pauses and then laments the next thought and course of action to follow.

Tommy: Otherwise, you're gonna force me to break the other one.

Bulk: The other whaAARGHHH!

That was the sound of his right ankle, snapping and crushing the Achilles' tendon in his leg and rendering Bulk one leg short. In one fell swoop, both boys were seen flat on their backs battered and physically broken with no immediate cause of action in easing their projected injuries.

They simply picked the wrong fight with Tommy.

With the area airing out, it gave Tommy some breathing room as the sweat became more visible slowly dripping down his face and through his shirt and hoodie. Having recovered from his eventful rampage on the two boys, a thick blanket of air calms him, wrapping his head back around to the matter at hand: Billy.

Noticing how Billy stayed out of the fight for a majority of the time after he came in and broke the boys, he simply asks....

Tommy: Are you alright?

Billy's only response was "Was that—was that really necessary, man?"

Tommy just nods No, well aware that he broke his promise to his Sensei and broke two more people who now looking back on it, deserved better than what he gave them. But he couldn't take back what he did.

However, Billy, knowing Tommy's heart was somewhat in the right place felt giving credit where credit was due. "Tough guy, huh?"

Tommy: Sometimes you got to be tough to get by. But I do appreciate your help.

He held out his hand to him.

Tommy: I'm Tommy. Billy: Billy.

"And that's enough."

They both look up and see the new principal Caplin (Steve Cardenas) hovering over the two. However, he was pointing directly at Tommy.

Caplin: Well Mr. Oliver another record broken I see. Tommy: Mr. Caplin let me just say.....

Caplin: That you'll be joining Saturday Detention for the rest of the year? Glad to hear it.

Silence came for a moment as the Princible and the two boys to look back to see Bulk regaining consciousness Bulk: And as for you two.

The duo look at the Princible in surprise

Caplin: How many times you weasels gonna repeat the 11th Grade?

Bulk: Yo sir it's not what it looks like. We....we were just minding our own bussiness till we heard some commotion in the men's room and we saw these two going at it Skull: Yeah all we did was try to brake it up.

Tommy: You lying sons of.....

Tommy was about to charge at them again till Billy grabbed his arm and shoulder he looked back at him with Billy nodding "No" to him telling him he wan't worth it

Tommy even felt a harder grip from him which he frowned at not knowing that was Billy's Ranger strength he was feeling Tommy looked back at Caplin who was staring back at them with a soft smirk

Caplin: Nice of you to hold a leash on him Mr. Cranston. You'll even have more company at Saturday Detention. And as for you Mr. Oliver this was your exact last chance. If you at leat avoided one fight before your try-outs your record would have had a clean slate. Weather however this fight happened it still marks it as the last ones. I'll be phoning your parents and your Sensei in the next period. And we'll be seeing you this Saturday. 

Life once again hit Tommy like a giant semi truck knowing this would kick him out of not only the try outs but but out of the entire center too even knowing his dad will be extra furious for this Tommy was just ready to blow just as Caplin turned back to Bulk and Skull

Caplin: And that goes for you two as well. Saturday Dention.

Bulk: Are you kidding me?! 

Skull: Sir don't you trust us?

Caplin: With your track records I don't think so.

The two kept protesting to try and talk their ways out of this but Caplin kept overruling them as Billy and Tommy took a moment to turn to one another again

Billy: Sorry I got you in trouble.

Tommy: It's not your fault. I think I would have anyway if you hadn't walked in. 

Billy: Still I feel bad. But....I got to say those moves of yours are impressive. How did you learn how to fight like that? 

Tommy: Ehh....when you get walked on all your life you.....just got to walk back. What little it did me. You train yourself? You got a good grip when you grabbed me. 

Billy: Oh uh......

Billy knowing he seemd to have been suspected there not knowing he had his strength on him Billy had no words and babled for a moment which made Tommy more confused till......

Caplin: Well boys? Am I clear on Saturday tomorrow? Tommy? 

Tommy: Y--yes sir. 

Billy was relieved to know he was saved there knowing he was more in trouble than he already was Tommy was still beaten up more than he literally was

Caplin nodded and he walked away escorting Bulk and Skull away who still were trying to talk themselves out of Saturday Detention and Tommy and Billy talked one last time

Billy: Well....that could have gone better. 

Tommy: With those two I doubt it. They're like the Beevus and Butthead in this school.

Billy: Hahahaha! That's a good one. But if you ask me Bulk and Skull should get their own comedy show. 

Tommy: I know right. That's what I was always saying to myself. Too bad no one has the last laugh now. My folks are really gonna kill me this time.

Billy: Don't let it get to you man. Besides Saturday Detention's not too bad. You basically just have to listen to the teachers running it gibber a lot.

They both chuckled starting to take a like to one another till they hear the bell ringing with students now flooding the halls again

Tommy: Well uh....nice meeting you Billy. See ya Saturday?

Billy: Just looked to the left.

Tommy smirked chuckling as he walked off in the crowd and Billy turned walking to the other side

Later after the last period the whole gang regrouped out in the main hall just as Billy finished telling the them what went on at the Men's room

Jason: Are you sure this guy didn't suspect anything when you grabbed him?

Billy: Possitve. I think he completely forgot soon as Mr. Caplin threw the hammer on him and Bulk and Skull. He didn't ask anything after that. I'm sure we're good. 

Jason: Good. 

Kimberly: Bulk and Skull. You know those two were suppose to be seniors this year. Till last year they were hold back for the incident last year. 

Zack: What happened? 

Trini: You don't want to know.

Jason: Trust me you don't. But anyway. Kim? 

Kimberly looked curiously at Jason

Jason: You think later you and I could----

Billy suddenly out burst like something hit him before Jason could finish his statement with Kimberly but now was intterupted

Billy: OH YEAH!

Everyone looked at him with Jason looking annoyed for that

Billy: I just remembered something. Since I got back on my old science projects after the uh.....attack? I been working on something that might help us in the next......missions.

Trini: What's that? 

Billy: They're uh.....well you guys might laugh at me when you see them but....what the he---

Still keen on trying to keep himself cursing Billy took a minute to put it behind him

Billy: What the heck. It's back at my house I'll show you.

Billy walked passed them. The whole group fallowed Billy out as Jason looked back little disapointed he didn't get to ask Kimberly whatever question it was but after looking back for a minute he turned over to fallow the others

Few minutes later at Billy's house the garage door open with the gang standing outsided and once the door was done lifting Billy walked in first as the rest looked around

Zack: Nice Garage Bill. 

Billy: I use to do my project in here. Till my dad had his accident. Since then I....well....let's just say I spent more time in the basement playing video games. 

Billy reached up to a top shelf with Kim and Trini behind him looking up to what he was reaching for and Jason and Zack came up looking curious as Billy pulled out a large box and placed it on the tool table and opened it

Billy: Rangers.....allow me to introduce you......

What he showed them was five walkie talkies in the same colors as their armors with Jason frowning lower than the others

Billy:......our new communicators.

The hinged lid white oak wooden box stored five weirdly shaped communicators the same size as their IPhones, except here they gave off more the impression of looking like toys; early 2000's gimmicky toys modeled almost circuit by circuit after the digivices from the popular multimedia franchise Digimon, more specifically the second season of Digimon Adventure.

The similarities were radically similar in every distinct fashion.

Each version of said device was equipped with a radar and data storage. Even though they were the same type, they were differentiated by a color scheme unique to the character who uses them. While the center spoke nothing to write home about, the grip expressed the dominant color of each member while also sporting the crystallized armor plating from each of their suits.

Jason's observant eye took no time at all to figure out the distinctions.

Jason: Billy, di—Did you seriously model these after the Digimon devices?

Billy: They're called D3 digivice and cut me some slack, alright Jason? It was the first thing to popped to mind and God knows when we'll ever need to use these.

Kimberly: Well maybe....but, why not just use our phones? least make pagers.

Zack: Now that would be off an earlier show than Digimon.

Trini: Better try wristwatches then.

Billy shrugged his shoulders; something told me they wouldn't exactly be open to these at first. "Fine. I'll think of something else IF it comes to me. But for now, we improvise with these."

Again, it sparked no immediate reaction from the other teammates, probably out of confusion and incertitude. They couldn't get over just how cheesy it looked, how it felt, let alone what it would imply if they did go through with it. This wasn't no early 90's Saturday morning cartoon, this was 2017.

Objectively speaking, very few people would even still be using these.

Zack was the first, and only one to respond, simply shrugging his shoulders and putting his digivice communicator away in his brown jacket pocket. The smiles he perks seconds later displayed his former bravo and swagger, the toughness and coolness of his exterior but it doesn't stay for longer. Yesterday's events still lingered heavily on him: the car slipping, the father screaming ringing endlessly in his ears, the stigma that he arrived too little too late and he would've been dead if not for Kimberly.

These multiple layers beyond his fearless appearance fractured him as a result, outside of his ailing mother.

He could only respond with simply.....

Zack: Yeah. Well, Imma be on my way. Be seeing you, guys.

Nothing about that statement sat well with the others, especially Trini who attempted to reach out for Zack but to no avail. He just shrugs himself away and just walks up his way back up the stairs, carrying most of the weight of his somber, silent attitude along with him.....while also leaving some of it down with the other four momentarily, who just stared off at where he left worrying what his deal was.

Similar to the others, Billy grew increasingly worried for Zack’s ongoing behavior. He sounded less like himself and gave off the impression he didn’t exactly want to spend too much time around the others. Billy wasn’t the first to grow concerned for Zack’s well-being.....but he was the first that wanted to do something about it.

Billy: I'll—I'll take care of him. See y'all, if not tonight, then Saturday.

Billy's quick to dash past Trini but not without saying "Excuse me", remembering his manners and rushing up the wooden stairs to catch up with Zack. Seconds pass as the door closes, leaving the other three down in that basement with their hands still gripped to their communicators before finally giving in.

Shrugging together, they all went ‘Why the hell not?’ and simply put theirs away, back pocket, front pocket, wherever they saw fit.

They'd find a way to make it work with each other.....somehow.

Jason: So where does this leave us for the rest of the day?

This gave Trini pause for thought for a few, but then all of a sudden, it clicked.

Trini: I think I got something.

Kimberly: Hmm?

Trini: There's this pub that I go to after-school sometimes, and it's run by this cool guy where people just hang out to have a good time; you know? Packed with a gym and juice bar and last I checked, they're holding karate tryouts over there in about an hour or two. I figured.....why not pass the time?

At that moment, Kimberly just looked up through the window, seeing Zack walking away from the house and making his leave. Billy took longer to come into view in Jason's eyes. The thought creeped in, once gain, that something was ticking inside of Zack but he was positive that despite his autism, Billy could get him to open up.

Once the two turn away from the window, sharing a brief little staring contest within the moment.....their heads choose over their guts snd decides for both of them.

They both look up at Trini and nod "Yes." However, the good-natured sport in Jason's head kept mentally screaming at him that maybe they should've reconsidered.

Walking away from the house, Zack just looked piss poor unable to let go the previous errors from yesterday.

The nagging pain of nearly failing had overtaken him at its fullest. He had allowed this one mistake to mentally corrupt him and overblow the complications of the situation to extreme proportions. Granted, grief obeys its own trajectory, there is no timetable for feelings of pain after loss; nor is it possible to avoid suffering altogether. In fact, attempts to suppress or deny grief are just as likely to prolong the process while also demanding additional emotional effort.

And almost a full day of ignoring and denying the grief had caught up to the poor man. Right then and there, Zack knew he couldn't let it pass any further; the inner child in him suggested he take it out on something, someone other than his friends.

How he planned to go through with that: by heading straight back to the Pit.

One plus to the already hazardous training area was the supposed equal fifty-fifty treatment regarding who got hurt. It consisted of one and only one separate blink-and-you'll-miss-it training pad billed and constructed identically as the rest of the rocky terrain it inhabited. The only way to unlock it and set the options at hand was via a pressure pad.

Which was piss easy to feel and locate since Alpha had done it on repeat for the team on the off-chance they needed to do some of the training themselves. Up upon one of the higher rock surfaces of the area laid the pad....

....and what appeared up and out through the floor was exactly what Zack needed right now: Putties. These hybrid rock mutated freaks of nature slowly crawling up and through the floor, formulating their mutilated body structures always brought a measure of unpleasantness over Zack. Watching them having to do was about the same equivalent as someone dislocating their bones on their own behalf.

Either way he looked at it, it was disgusting.

Off goes the jacket, chucking it down to the side and biting off the edge of the wrist tape from the roll and wrapping it around his already sweaty arms and hands. But in need of a workout, the shirt wasn't gonna stay on. He tosses it back behind him, leaving his chest and ripped skin exposed as he stood his ground, battle ready, already breathing heavily for what was to come.

"Just know I ain't got all damn day", he spit harshly as the reanimated fake Putties surround him with malicious intent.

He did get the drop on them first however.

Straight out the gate, he charges forward at the first Putty he sees and spins around it's heads entangling them with his arms before slamming the back of their heads to the ground. Rolling over, he dropkicks another Putty by its legs, dismembering it. More of the Putties quickly began to pile up on him before even giving him breathing room to get off.

Being the slippery one Zack was, he ends up sliding up and away from the pile leaving a faint clutter of Putties clumped together on the floor. Taking his chance, he leaps up to the nearest wall on his right and lunges down at high velocity. Most of the pile catches eye of him and briefly moves out the way....all except for three.

Landing down with velocity, a thunderous ground pound is executed with his fists and feet piercing through the chests and shoulders of three dismembered Putties. He noticed the holographic ligaments of their bodies twitching around his arms and back.

Zack: Just keep going, Zack.

High into the air, he kicks a Putty's head clean off with a roundhouse but ends up losing balance as he tries to recover. The loss of balance causes him to fall right into the Putties hands as two just grabbed ahold of him from behind and hurled him towards two others in front of him. They weren't expecting Zack to spin around halfway through and clobber through both Putties elbow first, the two falling apart when the center of their chest was struck.

No time to dilly dally, despite having plenty of time, Zack runs up and under another Putty who attempted a big boot but missed, only to kick it square in the neck. It caused its body to fall apart while leaving the head. Using leverage, Zack kicks the head like a soccerball as it collapses into another Putty charging at his direction.

The access pile of rocks tumbling out of it blinds the Putties directly behind it and off to the its closest left and right. But only momentarily as the sight of Zack leaping directly over and behind them didn't go past unnoticed. They all take a swing at him simultaneously, indirectly locking up each other's arms and allowing Zack to grab each by the wrist and snap all their arms off.

Zack: Gotta be quicker than that.

It didn't help that they were put to use as nunchucks immediately afterwards, clocking each Putty that came his way further dislocating, dismembering and making easy work of Rita's holographic foot soldiers.

Nearly half an hour of this went into this hell. Every Putty he put down, Zack wanted more, not gaining anymore satisfaction from disposing of enemies that were piss easy to dispose OF in the first place. Except deep in his heart of hearts, there was no real point to it anymore and the issue he was beating himself over was that of an everyday occurrence......all of which hit way too close to home.

He wanted to stop this and call it a day. He really wanted to but he pressed onwards and to his displeasure, Zack realized he wasn't feeling any better. And the last thing he needed was somebody else to call him out on it.

You know, the average highs school student nine hours of sleep to function properly.....

Technobabble: a form of jargon that consists of buzzwords, esoteric language, specialized technical terms, or technical slang that is impossible to understand for the average listener. Except Zack's definition of technobabble doesn't branch outwards towards just spiffy new tech and more towards anything in particular he doesn't understand or doesn't want to.

So Billy having to come in and interrupt with him with superstition that sounded awfully preachy wasn't what he needed.

Billy:....and you're way below that. Not that I'm calling you average, I'm—I'm sure you're above that, moderately speaking.

"Not now, Bill. Let me practice in peace", Zack exerts loudly as he lands another side kick towards the chest area of another Putty.

Zack: I don't need a pep talk. See, you night he used to screwing up but not me. It won’t happen again on my watch. Not now, not EVER.

Billy: Zack, seriously now. What happened the other day wasn't anything to write home about. Don't tell me you're still beating yourself up over a stupid litt—

The sudden shift of velocity and air hurling his direction took Billy off his rocker a little bit but he manages to block the incoming roundhouse from Zack with ease. He had pushed one of his friends buttons a few centimeters too far.


Taking his warning lightly but not with playfully nudging his roundhouse away from his face with his elbow, Billy just took a step away to give Zack some breathing room despite him standing straight Center into the holographic training ground.

Billy: Seriously, Z. It's not much to beat yourself up about; you need to get some R&R.

Zack: I NEED to be BETTER.

He rebuttals straight back at Billy once more, his emotions no longer restraining the pitch in his voice from rising up in frustration from the past days. To Billy's credit, he'd be hard pressed to find Zack training on his lonesome let alone determined to improve.....especially since since he was originally somewhat the slacker of the group. The signs of a good student: good isn't good enough for them.

Out of breath from the near thirty minute endless long training session, Zack still caught ahold of one remaining Putty patroller now squirming in agony with Zack's wrist-taped hand clutched firmly around it's neck. His eyes lingered onwards, keeping focus squarely on Billy and daring him to make a move on him. Any sort of action whatsoever, he wanted him to take it.

Billy did.....but in a way that could've severely mentally cripple his friend.

Billy: If this is about the dad......I know that feeling.

Zack freezes, his legs crossed over the other and the sweat from his chest drip-drip-dripping down upon his shoes. Upon recollection, he scoffs.

Zack: A child almost grew up without a father a mere thirty nine hours ago because I took my eyes off him for a split second. You really think that you know what that feels like—

Billy: I lost my father because I lost focus. And.....I never really knew how to process that, even today. Believe me: I KNOW a thing or two about loss.

All Zack thought about spitting out the instant he finished that sentence was 'The hell you do. Nobody knows how to describe that feeling'. The ridiculous amount of resentment and frustration he already kept inside had doubled upon hearing those last four words. It was as profound as it was banal. But then he remembered the bonfire: the night that truly brought them together.

And I—I don't miss my dad as much. I mean, coming to the mountain with him was all I had.....

Rewording and rewinding to a month ago felt a lot like a cerebral process especially since Zack knew personally he wasn't exactly one of the brightest members of the group. But he couldn't deduce that it was just an act: when Billy does get emotional, he tends to REALLY let it all go. Why would an autistic kid joke about death?

Now Zack had a better understanding as to what Billy really meant when those words were ushered that night. And it changed his whole perspective on how he envisioned the previous day and a half. No words needed to be addressed further, for everything that needed to be explained was already discussed to its full conclusion.

Zack: Bill I....I didn't mean to snap like that. And condolences about your dad. 

Billy: Thanks. Mine to yours too. 

Zack: Do you remeber anthying else about.....the accident? If you don't mind me asking. 

Billy was deep in thought and each time he thought about it only made him grief and confused as ever he was basically silent for a moment but just as Zack opened his mouth to speak again Billy looked at him with a nod

Billy: Just.....not much. It's about all I remember. But....I do get a few gaps I over looked before each time it pops in my head. But other than that it's a blur.

Zack: I hear ya. 

Billy and Zack walked on just when it was close to sunset but during that we come back to Angel Grove Mall where it was still crowded with people coming and going given it was a Friday we join Trini still leading Jason and Kimberly there as they came through the giant halls of the mall which gets Kim to grow a small grin remebering she use to shop here when she was on the squad

Kimberly: You know Trin if I known you were bringing us here I would have my credit card re-newed.

Trini: We're not here to shop. Just to stop by to see a friend of mine at the Yuth Center plus there's some kind of karate try-outs going on. 

Jason: Oh yeah I try to get in that pulled me away from that.

Kimberly: You should think about re-joining then? You know to get some practice know.

Jason: Nah. Training in the pit's enough for me.

Trini nodded at Jason's confidence with a smirk and soon they pressed on and about a minute or two later they come across the yuth center where it was more crowded than the other departments in the mall

The trio manage to get through the crowd just in a matter of more minutes and mange to catch the sparring fights on the righ and the crowd was cheering and all and Trini just kept smirking and nodding as Jason and Kimberly observed curiously

Jason: Whoa those guys are pros.

Trini: Yeah it's suppose to be a try-out for an upcoming tournament this summer.

Kimberly: And your friend's one of them.

Trini: No he's at the bar. Come on.

They made way to the other side through the crowd and came across the milk shake bar to see a bar tender turned to the back gathering glasses and stuff as Trini sat to the bar and calls out to the man

Trini: Ernie! 

The Bartender: Ernie (Will Sasso) turned around to see Trini on the bar and grinned

Ernie: Trini. Haven't seen you in awhile. 

Trini: Been stuck in freaking Breakfast Club every Saturday. 

Ernie: Bummer. There no  fun. Except the movie. I don't think you missed much the center here's been packed since the attack. A lot sigbed up for self defense classes.

Trini: No shock there. 

Ernie: Who are you two friends here? 

Trini: Oh.....just some friends from school I thought I bring along.

Jason: Jason Scott. 

Jason reached over to Ernie's hand shaking it as he shook his hand Ernie nodded and turned to Kimberly on the other seat by Trini

Kimberly: Kim Ann Heart. Short for Kimberly. 

Ernie: Ahh....Angel Grove High huh? Nice to meet you both. I think I heard of you Jason. Are you....Lucas's boy?

Jason: Lucas? Ohh you must be talking about my uncle. I didn't even know he comes here.

Ernie: Just occasionally. Mostly just sits by one of the booths and glues himself to his laptop like a detective or something.

Jason: Sounds like he's still on his X-Files habit looking for aliens.

Jason: Well now we know for sure the truth IS out there. Given after the giant golden monster and that team of rainbow superheroes and their giant. You guys hear of that?

The trio looked at one another knowing it was them and Billy and Zacl he was really talking about and not knowing it and Trini nodded to him 

Trini: Yeah we heard I mean we've got tv's. 

Ernie: Well whoever those people are aliens or not they got my approval. A lot of people trash talk about them but we'd all be dead if not for them right?

Jason: I know right. Some can be ungrateful.

Kimberly: Everyone has their own feelings about everything. Even about the Power Rangers.

Ernie: No doubt. So....what can I get you guys? Trini the usual?

Trini: Sure. 

Ernie: And what would you two like? 

Jason: Just a 7-up.

Kimberly I'll have a water.

At the back of the center in the Sensei's office poor Tommy was again sent there to be sculled but it was worse than before

Sensei: Tommy....I'm really sorry but from what your Principle told me that was the last straw.

Tommy: They were picking on another kid Sensei. Was I suppose to let him get beaten up?

Sensei: Of course not. But I can't cover this this time. The center can't afford more acts of violence weather you were standing up for a friend or not.

Tommy: So that's it? Just bye gones be bye gones. I been coming here for three years and now it all ends cause....I had to get into a fight just to stand up for another.

Sensei: I'm really sorry Tommy. 

Tommy: Not as Sorry as I am. 

Tommy got up and pulled off his backpack unzipping it and pulls out his karate suit all folded and just slams it on the desk Tommy and the Sensei looked at each other for a moment then Tommy pulled his pack on and left in a hurry feeling defeated and frusterated

Later Kimberly came out of the girl's bathroom and when she was about to walk back to the bar she reached in her purse just for her to drop out a folded magazine she reached for it just when someone grabbed it for her handing it back 

Kimberly: Thanks. 

Tommy: You're welcome.

Yes it was Tommy but Kim didn't get a good look at his face given he walked around her so fast but she did looked to his direction seeing only his back feeling curious who that was but wasn't sure

Kimberly's curiosity got the better of her causing her to shout out Hey! to the unknown man which made him look around suddenly at her which made Kimberly freeze in her chest staring at Tommy's handsome face and flat buffed chest 

Kim felt weak in the knees as she was lost for words not knowing what to say to him as Tommy looked back curious but too felt a sudden freeze looking at the beautiful short haired girl and wondered who she was too it was like he was looking at an agel

But with no words still not coming out of Kimberly Tommy quoted Yeah? which snapped her out of it finally talking but stuttered a little

Kimberly: attending here?

Tommy: Not anymore. I just got kicked out. 

Kimberly: Oh that's too bad. What happened? If you don't mind me asking. 

Tommy: Not at all. It's not like  I got anyone else to tell.

Kim frowned from that realizing this guy maybe a loner like she and the others were before

Tommy: I uh....I got into some fight with some guys at school. They were after me but came at some other guy trying to defend me. Then the Principle caught us and sent us all in Saturday Dention and.....just cost me my role here.

Hearing that sounded awfully the same as Billy's story from earlier making her realize this guy was who he was talking about

Kimberly: Are you talking about Billy Cranston? Tommy: Yeah. You know him? 

Kimberly: He's a good friend of mine I met in the same detention.

Tommy: You??? You seem too nice to be in Saturday Detention.

Kimberly: Well if you knew my full story you would know that's not the case. 

Tommy: I bet. And sorry where are my manners. I'm Tommy Oliver. 

Tommy held out his hand and Kimberly gladly took it feeling his warmth palm as her cheeks nearly turned red

Kimberly: Hi. I'm Kimberly Heart. 

Tommy: That's a pretty name. 

Kim just got more and more nervous when the word Pretty esscaped his mouth and she was feeling more weak in the knees she even stuttered again

Kimberly: Th---thanks.... Tommy let out a nervous chuckle given he was feeling unedge but not as close as Kimberly is 

Kimberly: So.....if you're gonna attend detention tomorrow do you want to hang out....with the others and me? We might be doing something afterwards if you're.....interested. Billy will be there too.

Tommy: Yeah that....that sounds great. I could use a bright side from all this darkness around me. Kimberly: Yeah. 

Tommy: Well.....see ya then? 

Kimberly: Yeah. 

Tommy and Kimberly kept nodding chuckling nervously and kept saying Bye four times and soon Tommy found his courage to walk away not noticing Kimberly didn't take his eyes off him till he disappeared to the edge of the doorway to the hall where the crowd was still cheering for the fights

As Kim later had a hard time shaking her memory of what just happened still covered in red cheeks which normally doesn't happend to her as often as now she walked back to Ernie's bar where Jason and Trini till turning their heads over to her coming back.

Trini: You took your time. 

Kimberly: Sorry I....I got a little side track. 

Jason: Well you're just in time they started the finals.

They watched the final rounds accurue which took several minutes almost an hour really and soon a winner was declared to be entering the summer tournament

The crowd cheered and the three applaud too just before turning back to Ernie

Ernie: That kid's got some guts. He's gonna need the best luck this summer. 

Jason: I got no doubt in it.

Ernie: You sure sound confident. 

Trini: You have no idea. Jason: What do you mean Trin?  Trini: Nothing. 

Ernie: Well once again nice meeting you two. Hope you'll come by again.

Kimberly: Oh for sure. We may bring our other two friends with us. 

Ernie: More the merrier. 

They nodded and soon left the bar outside Tommy was just talking on his cell phone to his dad which sounded pretty heated up given Tommy's responses

Tommy: Look I get it I'm a screw up can you please lower the volume. No sir I didn't mean it like that. Dad come o----

Tommy just huffed as the phone talk wasn't as smooth as he tried to make it

Tommy: Ok....I got it. I'll be home in an hour. Bye.  Tommy pressed the hang up button as he looked back hearing chattering from countless people but turned back to his car and hopped the ignition and driving off

But in the crowd the trio came out and Jason turned to Kimberly

Jason: You want a ride in my truck? 

Kimberly: I uh.....

Kim turned to Trini wondering the same with her

Trini: Go on ahead. I got to get home anyway or my brothers will snitch to my parents on me. 

They two nodded to her and Trini went jogging off leaving Kim and Jason by themselves

Kimberly: I guess so.

Jason smiled taking Kim's hand which for some reason feels off given her memory of Tommy had not left her head and at first tended to pull her hand off but she gripped his trying to hold her nervousness in and went with Jason to his truck Jason opened the shotgun seat for her and she gladly went in it and after closing the door Jason went to the driver's seat and turned his own ignition and drove off themselves

Something about this picture felt wrong.

Mental turmoil and emotional chaos had followed Kim from the moment she left the mall.....and it was staring at her from the other side of the windshield; almost laughing at her. This never happened to her before: crush at first sight? Love at first sight? It was dangerous, it was reckless, it was something she deemed unhealthy and unethical given what she'd already been through and the current predicament Kimberly found herself in now with Tommy.

She didn't even know the man personally so why is she feeling this way? How would Jason react to it if he found out? was the first thought to herself the entirety of the car-ride home and it was the nagging suspicion that she actually was attracted to the former karate veteran that actively worried her, especially since Jason thought they were dating.

Or close to it, at least.

But she wouldn't have to worry about those beans spilling, for something else was stifling Jason and his current thought process; something.......troubling. Zordon's previous words of warning really had him doubting his positioning as Red Ranger, let alone his position as a natural born leader. Then again, now he wasn't sure if he could even associate himself to that same title.

Similar to Zack, it was a rather nagging thought that honestly had him stumped.

The best Kim could do was try and avoid the topic from overclouding her thought process and the guilt from engulfing here. All she could muster to say while coupled up in the passenger seat, staring out at the reflections of the streetlights reflecting off the windshields was....

Kimberly: Do you think it was wise for that.....Youth Center of whatever to still be open during this time?

Jason: Its a matter of perspective. Personally speaking, people have become dependent on that kind of entertainment whenever shit goes south. Safety always matters first to me.

Kimberly: That's the ironic thing about all of this: during all of this chaos, businesses, big and small, are doing better than before. And yet, half the city's thrashed, thousands of people are dead while others are stuck living in the park because of their homes being destroyed.....and then you have my parents complaining cause our lawnmowers broken. That's like surviving a plane crash and complaining about where's the food.

Jason: Do you think I make a good leader?

A sudden detailing of the previous conversation, it brought the topic around to where Jason's current insecurities lied. Unlike Kim, he decided to get it out the air right her and now rather than hold it in and let it eat him alive.

Being one part of the conversation that Jason intentionally left out earlier on in the day, he realized how perplexed it made Kimberly. At least she was until he outright said....

Jason: That's why Zordon pulled me aside to talk to me yesterday. He mentioned that with more bad things coming our way, they're not gonna wait for us to figure out how to work together.

Kimberly: Which is why you kept insisting that we know what we're doing, how we can handle this, etc etc.

She intervenes, finishing Jason's statement for him recognizing where he's going with this. All Jason could reply back with was....

Jason: Can you blame me though? If he's not bluffing, and I sure as hell don't want to call him out on that, I need people to at least pretend that I'm in charge here.

Kimberly: Why, cause red's a primary color?

He shrugged.

Jason: He gave off the impression that it was.

Kimberly: Again, to reiterate my point from earlier....we all started doing this at the exact same time. You want people to look up to you like they once did Zordon—maybe start by listening to them first. Because as far as I'm concerned, good leaders actually listen.

Jason appreciated the words of free advice he received, for it showed that he wasn't completely incompetent by hiding the information for himself and being forthcoming about his potential issue.

Whether or not he'd listen to what was given was a different matter entirely.....and it was all up to him.

What wasn't was when they'd get back to Kimberly's house. She wasn't kidding when she said she lived on the other side of the mountain, for both her and Jason could barely see the hazardous rocky terrain from over the hills of trees and shrubs and bushes......and that meant they were close.

No less then a minute later, the red Dodge Ram is parked up at the edge of the sidewalk and halts. Jason departs from the driving seat, having led Kimberly home like he promised and walks over to her side before opening the door and letting her out.

Kimberly: Thank you.

Nobody was outside; Kim's mom and step-dad were nowhere in sight and most of the lights inside the house were shut off, indicating that the two were asleep. Good, was all Kim had to say. Even if that wasn't the case, they had regained enough trust in her that she'd be out and come back home when it counted.

That would've changed if they were up and saw Angel Groves former star quarterback dropping her off and immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. Kim promised no more drama between them and her....for as long as she could.

Approaching the front door with only the porch-lights on, the reflecting off of her only stumped Jason further from taking another step. Blinded by her imminent beauty, he found himself losing sight of the fact that he was only supposed to be dropping her off even as he directly heard her say her goodbyes.

Kimberly: Thanks for the ride. Goodnight.

Jason: Hold up a second.

Noticing his own sudden shift in demeanor, there was no taking the statement back. Jason could tell how silent it was outside, aside from the repetitive high-pitched cheeping of crickets, and he resisted the urge to smirk lightly underneath a facepalm. He didn't feel comfortable pull this next move off in a noisy, messy setting and he didn't want it to be somewhere too brightly lit or conspicuous either.

Which made this location a better spot than never.

Jason: I wanted to say this earlier before we were pulled to Billy’s garage. So.....

As he basked in the continuous chirping, he remembered a crickets various meanings for certain cultures of chirping. Some cultures regard the chirp as an indication of good luck or a sign of rain. Other cultures consider it a bad sign and believe it can indicate impending illness or death. But they were named for the high-pitched sounds male specimens produce to attract females. And Jason had been trying and failing at every opportunity since the attack to make some sort of move on Kim; he himself couldn't believe how difficult it was for him to just simply say how he really felt for her.

Bottom line to Jason was that he knew what he wanted: he wanted to make that move. And given he was already wasting Kim's time he decided right then and was going to be soon.

"So....umm, I know things have been crazy the past month and half and we're still trying to find our footing and all.......", Jason mustered the courage to start off as he took three steps forward, already contemplating the next step. Cold feet was a lingering possibility here and he had every reason to be nervous, especially since he realized he was beginning to stare his partner down.

And vice versa.

A little bit of eye contact eventually helped make the initial movement less awkward for them after a couple of seconds. Kimberly was left eying at his arms and facial muscle contortions, surprisingly taken aback by his lack of bravado and confidence in this very least until she remembered one crucial fling that definitely put the breaks on their relationship.

That kiss. That damn kiss.

Such a out-of-the-blue, heat-of-the-moment action to take up and neither one of them have talked about it or thought about it since.....until tonight. Almost forbidden it felt, thinking back to the moment that stifled them progressively when they came around each other. And even now, the lack of disillusion in tension as Jason began to approach her again.

He moves in a bit closer to her and she doesn't move.

She wasn't standing him up. She wasn't backing away. A part of her knew what was coming and she wanted it. Given the incident with Tommy earlier, Kim figured the best way to get over it was to admit to what she was trying to deny to herself for a while now: that she did have some affection there for Jason.

Jason: But, you and I, there's this.....we have this thing between us—in common, I mean....that's been bugging me for a while—?

Kimberly: Uh-huh, Jason. Use your words.

Actions spoke louder than his word though, with Jason continuing to lean in.

“So I as just wondering if you wanted to, we could....”, Jason utters all of this while slowly reaching out for her arm. Gently touching and resting his hand on Kimberly’s left shoulder for a few seconds, he didn’t rest his hand on cupping her cheek until he felt ready and comfortable enough to do so.

He noticed Kim smirking at him, keeping her arms open and at the sides so she didn’t seem closed off. She lightly touched him near his upper thigh.

Closing the distance between each other, they scooted closer, leaning in the others direction.....wait for them to come even closer.

Kimberly: Are you going to do what I think you're gonna do?

Jason: Are you gonna stop me?

The smart remark causes Kim to scoff briefly.

Kimberly: Probably not.

Whatever tension they were both experiencing had reached a point where the climax was fast approaching; the last chance for either one to back away from this moment and neither one took it, titling their heads to the opposite side of each other, closing your eyes and keeping them closed as the two teammates neared their lips.

Barely centimeters away from their lips, an imminent explosion rocks them and draws their attention away from each other. Turning to their far right to the site of the loud KABOOM that resonated from the distance and shorted out from the Doppler effect, all that could be seen from eye-view was a giant black cloud of smoke creeping over the buildings and houses.

Said cloud barely phases into the blackish-navy blue sky, clouding not only the peaceful tranquil of the night but also the minds of the Pink and Red war-trained combatants.

Kim’s face dropped slightly, seeing this potentially heartwarming moment squandered. Needless to say, Jason was more bummed about it than she was.

Jason: I have the worst luck.

Kimberly: We have the worst luck.

But it was what it was.....and what this was was simple: trouble. A job needed to be done.

Glimpsing at the smoke rising in the distance, the call back to action was being literally being ushered out to the two; a call neither of the two felt the need to pass up. Quickly scouting through his right pants pocket, Jason ruffles his way through before pulling out and gripping ahold of his supernatural red power crystal.

Kim is quick to do the same, for the situation called for their assistance.

Kimberly: Guess it's Morphin' time.

Nodding towards the other, both teammates and derailed soon-to-be lovers focus their attention back to their respective power coins, using sheer focus of their will on their respective Coins causing both of various color crystals to glow brightly and vibrate mildly reflecting it in their eyes. The coins outer shell then materialized Power Morphers around it like a casing and receptacle, all while the rest of the Ranger Armor materializes around their arms, legs and back in a successful molecular transmutation process.

The morphers themselves are depicted as buckles that house their Power Coins as their visors and face shields on the helmets enclosed, accessing a HUD display that highlighted everything in sight. No sooner after booting up, both HUDs directed the two Rangers straight to the sight of the disturbance that supported the massive smoke cloud.

As the two raced towards where that smoke was coming from Kimberly manage to shake out the memory of what nearly accured getting her head in the situation and instantly making her forget about that completely 

She then pressed on the right side of her helmet contacting the other three of the situation 

Pink Ranger: Rangers! Mayday! Mayday! We have a situation. 

The first who were to reach Kimberly's call was Trini coming in her room looking a little stress but hearing the beeper on her yellow walkie talkie from Billy as she pressed the center button she heard Kim's voice

Mayday! Mayday! 

Trini: Lower the volume Kim I'm here. What's up? 

Else where Billy and Zack were still talking and chuckling till they heard the beeps of their walkie talkies going off too which excited Billy to know his invention was finally being put to use and Zack grabbed his barely knowing how to use it till Billy pointed the center button at his own showing Zack how to speak on it he nodded then both boys pressed them and they Trini at her house where all were on Kimberly's line 

There's been an explosion at Angel Grove Prison. Jason and I are heading there now but we need all hands on deck.

Billy froze in silence like he was having a spooky flashback which in a way he was unknown to Zack who replied to Kim

Zack: We'll meet you there Kim.

On Trini's side

Trini: Hang tight Kimberly. I'm coming.

Soon as Trini cut off she looked back to her door hearing chattering from her parents which made her freeze for a moment but sounded to her they were just turning in for the night giving the daring girl the opportunity to open her window and crawl through to climb out and landing in the backyard She then heard dogs barking as she ran and hopped over the fence then yelling: It's Morphin Time! Trini's nanotech soon formed her yellow armor slowly becoming the Yellow Ranger and used her speed to catch up to the Red and Pink Rangers to the location

With Billy and Zack Zack was just about to morph till he saw Billy just standing there still in thoughts since Kim brought up the prison 

Zack: Billy? You ok?

He din't even acknowledge him

Zack: Billy?

Still not replying

Zack: Hello! Earth to Billy! 

Finally he got his attention when Billy snapped out of his thoughts from Zack's outburst 

Billy: What?? 

Zack: What do you mean what? Didn't you catch Kim's report? We're needed at the prison. 

Billy: Yeah. Yeah I caught it I just....never mind I'll tell you later. I'll get the van. 

Zack: No too slow. We'll get their faster in our suits.

Billy: Good thinking. 

Soon both stood straight giving the shout at once: It's Morphin Time! and their nanotech forms their and the two ran to meet with their comrades too We join back with the Oliver truck where Tommy was nearly feeling sleepy he rubbed his eyes trying to stay awake till he made it home until he looked aside seeing the smoke himself and frowned in confusion

He turned away keeping his eyes on the road still trying to stay awake until he saw in front of him the road was on fire somehow and he gasped and suddenly felt a large pumping from underneath the truck 

Tommy: Jesus!

He pinned his foot to the break which barely done him good given the truck was still moving but slowing down and soon as it stopped Tommy got out and saw fire and brimstone all over the road and didn't know where all this came from he could even still see the smoke was actually coming from in front of him and the prison was just blocks away behind Tommy turned away from it and kneeled down to see his left front and back tires.....flatten

Tommy: Ahh man....I can't get a break.

Tommy went on his phone to call a tow but he didn't had a signal which frusterated him more he threw his phone down cracking it in half not caring it was broken due to his bad luck for the past two days Tommy was about to go back in the truck until....

.....he saw as the smoke begin to dim a green flash shinning under it and the crater that was nearly visible which made Tommy frown in curious We come back to Angel Grove Prison where at the result of the explosion and impact cracked it in half all the way from Tommy's location which cut the power at the prsion forcing all the cells to open and inmates chattered at first but then laughed and started running

Alarm systems were still able to go off due to back up power and security guards tried to hold them back but given their numbers they barely could some got lucky but most of the inmates were strong enough to fight the guards back due to their numbers But in the back of all of this lied two unknown figures stepping out of their own cells

It was the Hogan twins (Michael Chikilis and Eiza Gonzales)

Jacob: Looks like we made parole, sis.

Aubrey: Seems like it to me, and they even started the party without us.

A loud "Hey!" reverberates to their left as they see another prison guard, female and with a baton in hand, calling out their attention. But since redirecting the prisons back to their cells wasn't much of a no-brainer anymore or a non-starter, brute force was the intended option she had to go with.

Quickly swinging the baton at their direction, Jacob swiftly avoids the weapon as it beats the air. Another miss later, he finally grips the baton tight in his grip, putting the guard at high alert. Mistakes were made when the baton was ripped straight out her hands, jerking her upwards and directing her forward momentum towards Jacob before he headbutts her backwards towards Aubrey.

From there on, she takes care of the rest, kneeing the guard in the abdomen before she slammed her head into the railing with enough force to discombobulate her. A sly smirk creeps on Aubrey's face, seeing the guard struggle to find her footing before eventually succumbing and passing out.

With their pathway mostly clear amidst all the chaos erupting around them, they needed a way out. Dashing amongst the rest of the walkway, more prisoners either frantically looking for an escape or just blocking the pathway either way came into their viewpoint.

Jacob tusked.

He absolutely lays havoc amongst those in his path, sidestepping a few unlucky prisoners while absolutely plowing through the next three that came in his path, all of whom then laid stiff and motionless on the ground besides the two. The path somewhat clear now, it didn't set right with Jacob. With all the other chaos erupting around the two, the fact that not a single guard had barged onto their path since a few minutes ago didn't sit well with him.

He didn't want to take the chance. And he made sure Aubrey understood that.

Jacob: Grab my arm.

Aubrey: The hell you mean--

"Just grab me, dammit", he urged her, not willing to illiterate any further.

And she went along with it, placing herself on his back before positioning over to his right arm. Having moved over and dangling herself over the railing to the floor below, Jacob intended this to be a quick drop-off for his sister; anything to prevent her from getting caught and detained.

He wanted to ensure that if by any chances he gets left behind, she gets out alive.

Suddenly, she felt her balance go off it's rocker. Jacob felt himself thrusted forward towards the railing, having his balance shifted off key and forcing him to let go of his sister early. He can only watch as Aubrey falls indefinitely for only a brief period before she collided with the table directly beneath her and quickly sliding off the edge.

Her left shoulder and ribs colliding with the concrete, she was lucky to not have connected to any metal otherwise her recovery would've been a lot slower. What really prompts her up to her feet though is the sound of repeated groans and struggling and the sight of multiple guards and officers and restraint or trying to restrain Jacob through below the floor grate.

Aubrey: Jacob, you--

Jacob: Find us a way out, I'll meet you there. Go!

She was left no choice but to heed his warning as she watched the guards continue to pull back against Jacob and pin him up against the floor.

She hated it.

Aubrey hated that she had to leave her little brother behind like that; despite having proven to handle himself, she didn't want the one to survive this breakout if that option was there. So much so that not even a full two minutes after her brother was out of her sight.....

.....she got cold feet.

Quickly turning back behind her, she ends up running back the other direction to go back for Jacob. Except more company came her way. Two wounded guards caught eye of her and made their way to their feet, prompting Aubrey to run with her tail between her legs.

Anything to avoid capture.

With the two in fast pursuit, there was no easy out of this one. Having been dropped onto the bottom level, she now had to make her way back up via a ladder.....but not quick enough. She felt one of the guards gripping her left leg, almost digging his fingernails into her skin and nearly costing her her grip on the ladder.

But then comes her right leg, stomping down on his face to alleviate the pressure on her leg. If anything, it only made him hold on much so that Aubrey's grip couldn't hold on much longer. She's left falling off the ladder and crashing down directly onto the guard as they both crashed into the grated floor below him. Only Aubrey was lucky one having avoided being knocked out, quickly checking her neck and abdomen area......

....but the distraction cost her.

Slowly inching away from the unconscious guard, she's left covering her stomach and bending down on both knees, having felt a whipping, stinging pain to her thighs and stomach. She didn't keep her eyes on the second guard who also chased after her as Aubrey was left wide open from the pain she more pain.

The repeated impact of the baton smacking down on her back, shoulder, face and legs were painful to the point of temporary debilitation, not that the guard minded. She was just another prisoner in his eyes and intended to make due with that.

What he didn't expect was the wall cracking and eventually bursting into pieces behind him, overtaking him in endless flying chunks of debris and knocking Aubrey off from the side. The dust from the wall blinded him momentarily, clouding his vision from the last thing he nor any of the other guards in the prison complex expected.


The disfigured foot soldiers quickly stormed through the wall of the complex, sprinting one way, leaping the other and causing a bigger infestation to the prison then the actual guards and officers and prisoners that inhabited it. Most of whom entered were the new and improved Putty patrollers who had been effected by the Goldar dust and the sheer size of those who entered was gigantic.

Compared to the kind of attacks Angel Grove has been on the receiving end of because of them, this dissimilarity was a far cry from before.

Carnage was all they could dish out. From the columns to the railings and the actual prison cells, the Rocky monsters were scavenging and scouring throughout but not without resistance. Guards who spotted them were either quick to immediately jump on them or too late to do that but similar to the prisoners, the numbers game was too great on them.

One such group of guards barely dented a single Putty in motion only for the distraction to cost them as more formulated from behind, lifted them up and then tossed them aside into the giant seismic crevice that split the prison into two pieces. Rinse and repeat for other who came to support.

Others were left unlucky, with some prisoners being left pummeled and mauled to death by the rock monsters. Those who lucky to not even be noticed by them or the guards took the first chance they saw and ran out the complex with freedom in their sights.

Aubrey was not one of those.

Barely being directly in the line of Fire when the wall was blown open, she was left unconscious for a brief while.....not that it helped her when she did regain her eyesight. Her eyes kept dilating constantly, for the excess dust covered around the ashes blocked the foreground of her eyesight despite getting up off her back, coughing excessively. All she could think to do was call out for her brother.....

Aubrey: Jacob?!

But her own voice is nearly drowned out in a muddled cloud, a void of endless screams and cries and pleas from countless guards and prisoners being overtaken by the Putty patrollers. And she wasn’t so lucky herself.

The blurriness of her peripheral vision slowly fading, her eyes could hone in on an approaching figure, outlined in Grey and dirt and dust. She was quick to stumble away from the approaching Putty, using the railing as leverage as Aubrey continue to hide her time and back away from a then crowd of three Putties.

The Putties only response was malice as they proceeded forward, staring her down as she stumbled back in through the hole in the wall. Having tripped and fallen over, she had to stand there frozen in place and watch as the Putties screech echo throughout the broken remains of the prison complex. Not exactly bloodcurdling or eat-shattering but very VERY loud. Having enough, Aubrey just dashed forward and punched the first Putty she saw in the face.

Eventually, she has to draw away, for the impact hurt her hand almost like colliding with a solid wall. The reduced superhuman element needed to fully break the Putties down wasn’t there for Aubrey; luckily, that putties jaw barely broke off from whatever seeds of strength Aubrey had in store.

Didn't phase the defaced monstrosities.

Fortunately, help had arrived......a full 10 minutes late.

From first glances alone, the prison spelled out devastation and disaster for the Pink and Red Ranger. The two found themselves lucky that the massive cloud of smoke was coming in not from the prison complex but instead a few feet away from the entrance, the ground carved in by what looked like a befallen meteor.

Red flags were amuck.

Red Ranger: Alright, I'll sweep the perimeter and see what we're dealing with.

Pink Ranger: I'll check for survivors. 

The two went on their directions and as Kim made her way till two inmates blocked her way

Inmate # 1: The Pink Ranger? Tell us hot under that costume? 

Inmate # 2: Cause you can come to our party if you want. 

The first inmate grabbed her shoulder but Kimberly grabbed his hand and.....

Pink Ranger: Hands off! 

......CRUSHED it!!!!

The first inmate yelled in painful agony as the second threw a punch but the not to be pushed around pink princess ducked it and kicked him sending half way across the messy courtyard. Soon Red Ranger was on high ground scootering the area seeing the situations left and right inmates from running to freedoms through open gaps and riots within and soon he was startled...... Black and Blue Rangers who appeared behind 

Red Ranger: DAMN! You guys trying to give me a heart attack?

Blue Ranger: Just wanting to make an entrance. 

Red Ranger: Well congratulations you passed. 

Black Ranger: We tried the front door since it was blown open but too inmates there. 

Red Ranger: Try all over the place. There's riots going on at every corner. 

Blue Ranger: What exactly happened here? 

Red Ranger: No idea but....we're gonna end it here. Where's Trini?

Blue Ranger: I'll do you one better: Where's Kimberly? 

Jason nodded and the three boys jumped down and ran into action just as Kimberly liftef some ruble to clear a path for surviving guards

Guard # 1: Thank you! 

Guard # 2: We won't forget this! 

Pink Ranger: Forget about it. Now go get help! 

Guard # 3: Yes maim! 

They ran as Kim threw the ruble aside and just soon she spotted inmates running towards a large gap on the wall 

Pink Ranger: NO! 

They just nearly made it till one of them got his ass kicked outside and thrown back in the other inmates up confused and looked over to see the Yellow Ranger entering the scene 

Yellow Ranger: Think......again!

Back at the crater that green glow from earlier was still shinning as our new friend Tommy was looking down at it more curious as he still couldn't see clearly what was down there Tommy had half a mind to just turn away and wait for help and he almost did.....but his curiosity won out and he turned back over looking again until....he heard another car coming and Tommy felt relief and ran up to them 

Tommy: Hey! Hey help!

Tommy tried to get them to stop but the car just speeded passed them and floured it till they were out of sight

Tommy: Freaking people. What's the matter with you? 

Tommy almost went back to his truck but then.....curiosity won him over again and went back to the crater and this time he slid down it but landed hard on his back 

Tommy: Ahh! 

After that hard landing Tommy stood up wiping the dirt off himself and then.....he was able to get a closer look at that green glow as it then shined on his face reflecting back and then lowering his face close to the glow revealed to be..........

.....a sixth power coin.......

.....GREEN one

The alarm goes on and on back at Angel Grove as soon as the five Rangers all regrouped and plan out their tactics but something.......caught Billy's attention

Red Ranger: Good you made it. 

Yellow Ranger: Had to wait till my parents were in for the night.

Red Ranger: Figures. Alright team here's what we'll do. 

Blue Ranger: Jason......

Red Ranger: We'll have to split in two teams if we're to gather all these prisoners back in their cells and save everyone. 

Blue Ranger: Uh Jason.....

Red Ranger: Kimberly Trini you're both with me on stopping the riots.

Blue Ranger: Jason? 

Red Ranger: Billy and Zack head into the facility for any hostages and make sure cells that aren't opened are secured. 

They were about to part for their assignments till.....

Blue Ranger: JASON!!

Red Ranger: *Looks back* WHAT??! 

Billy pointed up and the others looked over to see now the Rangers were now.....confronted by....... .....the Putties

Black Rangers: Putties. 

Yellow Ranger: Why am I not surprised? 

Pink Ranger: What now?

Red Ranger: Change of plans. We fight.

Then the Rangers and the Putties charged at one another for another round

Or so it seemed.

With the stakes gradually raised up and enough of the prisoners apprehended to not cause a distraction, the Ranger has their sights set on the upgraded Putties ready to disperse straight through them. Charging forward and crying out for battle, what they received in return was either underwhelming or disappointing, depending on how one would look at it.

The Putties absolutely trampled past them.

Not intent on fighting the Rangers, the rock-cluttered foot soldiers bypassed all five Trix-colored teens almost trampling each of them down as they crawled and savaged and hurdled their way all the way to the now cracked and heavily demolished remains of the door barring off the entrance to the barrier that leads to outside. About a good third of them quickly broke down through the doors and left.

Rather uncharacteristic of them to let their guards down on their opponents especially when the Rangers show up.

Billy however was quick to deduce that while they may have been responsible for the prison riot, what was happening outside, that was drawing them towards that point of disturbance? He didn't trust it. It didn't give off the impression that they were surrendering.

Blue Ranger: They're looking for something else. We're not of any concern to them.

Black Ranger: Gives us enough time to take 'em all out.

Pink Ranger: But not before getting to whatever they're looking for.

That is about all Kim could say before the pile of Putties stops roughing around all about as the sliding and stitching of rocks ceased sliding up on top of each other. One half of the Putties left the prison. The other half immediately snapped their heads back to the five teenagers with attitude, their sights now fully set on their

Red Ranger: Kim, Zack, don't let the Putties escape. Find where they're going.

A distant nod later and the two dashed past their leader, leaping straight over the pile of Putties lined up by the door and rushed outside, hot on the other Puttie's trail.

That left the other three with the other half.

Red Ranger: Trin, double check the inmates. Billy, stay close to me. Let's keep the fighting here.

He issued out to the two while broadening out his fighting stance.

While the second laidback member of the group refrained from rolling her eyes just a tad, she was sure to let Billy know to handle Jason under the pretense things wouldn't go to plan in the next few minutes.

Yellow Ranger: Billy, make sure the boss doesn't pop a blood vessel by the time I get back.

Once again playfully poking fun at his overly gimmicky take as leader, she turns back the other way to check on the inmates but she didn't expect Billy to turn back to her direction around the time she got far enough to look back.

The involuntary amount of silence displayed towards her distracted her momentarily, as if something she had just said set him off the wrong way. However, his gaze wasn’t aimed at her.

It was aimed directly above, for Jacob Hogan had escaped from the guards who pinned him down previously and was aided by Aubrey, not content on leaving him behind here. Only a minute was granted to catch their breath before they could get anymore traction because before there were Putties. Now they had the Power Rangers to deal with.

And worse of all, one of them was staring directly at both of them: Billy.

Blue Ranger: HEY!

Billy screams out as he rushes past Trini, causing the Hogan’s to quickly dash away from him and abandoning the post Jason left him on as he tried to refrain from calling him out. He did so anyways, yelling at Billy to come back at the expense of letting his guard down.

The second he turned back towards Billy running after the twins, the Putties charged forward, crowding him in and dog-piling all on top of him. The only time the Putties would ever get the jump on the Rangers would be like this. Nearly suffocating under tons of rocks and dirt and asphalt was not how Jason envisioned on going out but the sheer abundance of Putties on top of him proved difficult to maneuver least at first. His feet burrowing into the ground and his arms straining fro the weight of them all, he suddenly heard a slight WHOOSH pass by him on the right.

In doing so, a chunk of the Putties were taken off of him.

Another WHOOSH later, there goes another chunk of them. Out of a tiny crack in the dog-pile dome, he could see Trini slamming two Putties by their feet and slamming them into one another, providing a momentary distraction.

With two quick dashes, Trini has already lightened the load by half. Finally getting his leverage back, Jason takes one step forward to find his footing which alarms the Putties that he's close to escaping. But with not enough to hold him, they are completely vulnerable to the leader once again. Then comes another step.

Then another.

Then another.

Finally, Jason's energy reaches a boiling point. His chest visor and armor radiating with red energy, he delays the movement. Stoping dead in his tracks, the Putties are left dazed, confused and clueless. No less then a minute passes before one, more clueless than the others, digs it's mutilated rocky hand into the pile to check on Jason. Jason explodes out of the pile, minions scattering to the four winds and his energy peaks, bursting out red-level energy from all over his body in order to repel the opponents around him.

Broken and dismembered the enemies were, it left Jason thankfully unharmed but mental ticked off. He gave Billy a direct order on his behalf and he didn't follow through with it: his confession and promised plight earlier on wanting people to pretend that he's in charge falling greatly on deaf ears once more.

Not that Billy seemed to mind in the heat of the moment. His sights were set squarely on Aubrey and Jacob, as he chased after them.

Down inside the prison inmates ran wild to freedom fighting their way out and fought of every guard and beaten them down

They would have made it outside till Yellow Ranger crashed through the ceiling and landed hard on her feet and the inmates backed up from her

Yellow Ranger: Listen you guys I don't know if they let you watch tv but we just survived an alien invasion and the last thing Angel Grove needs is you guys running a muck taring it down again. So what'd you say we do this nice......peaceful.........

An inmate yelled out motivating the others to charge at her

Yellow Ranger: Of course. 

The inmates tried to overpower her but given her Trini's Ranger Strength and training from Zordon she countered each attack broke their legs twisted their arms knocked out five of their teeth even crippled

All the inmates were beaten down all groaning in pain from their injuries Trini went to the beaten up guards 

Yellow Ranger: Is everyone ok? 

Guard # 1: No one will be if the inmates on the third flour escape outside. If they make it out to the main couryard nothing will be able to stop them. 

Yellow Ranger: Let me worry about that. My comrades are handling the other problems. You two just get yourselves to safety soon as I clear the room.

Guard # 2: Thank you. My eight your old daughter looks up to you guys. She'll never believe I met you.

Yellow Ranger: I'll send an autograph if I can for nwo get out of here. 

Trini cleared the room in speed to deal with the inmates on the third flour 

Meanwhile back with Tommy he kept admiring the sixth coin as he stood with it laying in his palm and all of a sudden the coin glew green again and it burned Tommy's hand

Tommy: Eow! 

He dropped it holding his hand and it made a slight vibration sound as he stared down at it Tommy was about to turn and leave to wait for help but soon as he turned he gasped to see he had some company 

It was the putties that ran out of the prison and they slowly approached Tommy who remembered seeing these rock-creatures on tv and backed up at first but went into a karate position

Tommy: Look guys.....I don't want any trouble so just back up and we settle this nice and easy.

A putty threw a punch but Tommy ducked dodging and he threw his own punch but when his fist landed on the rocked-foot soldier's jaw Tommy felt he just hit a brick wall and he yelled in agony with another Putty punching him from his right knocking Tommy out

He fell on the ground out cold and another putty saw the green coin and was about to pick it up till.....

Hey rock breath!

All the Putties looked up to be confronted by the Black and Pink Rangers they didn't see the coin but when Kim saw Tommy she remembered him from the malt shop earlier and seeing him being attacked by the putties made her clutch her fists 

Pink Ranger: Leave.....that boy.......ALONE!

Kimberly made the first move by jumping into the crater and punches the putties to bits fallowed by Zack who noticed Kimberly's outburst but seemed to forgot it when he fought his half of the putties

But as the fights progressed the green coin glows and Tommy still out cold for some reason.......he glowed green too it was in the first process but soon it stopped 

And soon Kim went to Tommy's aid and checked his pulse and felt a strong one and Black Ranger approached getting a good look at Tommy

Black Ranger: Who is that? 

Pink Ranger: I think you'll know know tomorrow. I'm gonna get him down you search for whatever they were looking for. 

Black Ranger: Hold up Kim! Jason said we have to find it together. 

Pink Ranger: I know but we need to make sure he's safe first. I'll just take a me two minutes. 

Zack tried to protest but Kim went into speed and her and Tommy were gone in seconds seems Billy was now not the only one disobaying orders for leaving Zack by himself not knowing what else to do except look around but oddly....the Green Coin was nowhere to be found

Down town Kim arrived carrying Tommy to a hospital and luckily spotted an ambulance with it's back doors left open and putted him in on a stretcher

Kim looked at him close as everything was slowing down to her face shield opening to observe him more Tommy began to ster which made Kimberly gasp as Tommy opened his eyes briefly but his vision was faint

From his P.O.V. it was blury when he looked up at Kim's face who was frozen in worry he saw her face but Tommy faints again letting out a soft breath

Kim sighed in  knowing he wouldn't be able to put two and two together but she heard someone coming she closed her face shield and ran in speed again

Two paramedics exited the hospital just in time for Tommy to regain consciousness and they noticed him in there and in panic they ran to him 

Paramedic # 1: You ok kid? 

Tommy: I think so.....but how did I get here? 

Paramedic # 2: That's what we liked to know.

Tommy: You didn't bring me here? 

They both nodded no and Tommy thought hard on the last thing he remembered which was the Green Coin the Putties and blacking out after a hard blow to the jaw which imprinted a brews on his left cheek and then.....he BRIEFLY remembered what he saw through his blurry vision of the Pink Ranger but....could not remember seeing her face 

Tommy: I don't even truck broke down and.....there was this crater and I found.....something strange.....the next thing there were these.....rock things and they attacked me.....the same ones from the news and then there was thing I couldn't make it out and then the next.......

His mind was on what he thought he saw when his vision was blurry when seeing Kimberly 

Paramedic # 2: Next what?? 

Tommy: Never mind. Do any of you have a phone? I need to call my parents.

Paramedic # 1: Sure. Come on inside kid.

The two kind men lead Tommy into the building where they let him use the front desk phone to call his parents but we zoom closely at his left pocket and unknown to him........lied......the Green Coin

Neither Jacob or Aubrey were in any position to where they could catch a break.

It's bad enough that Putties were still on the scene despite many of them quickly dispersing away from the scene but the Blue Ranger had yet to slow down as far as speed and momentum was concerned and that meant trouble for both of them. They were very unlucky in escaping Billy's eyesight.

Given they were already two floors above him, that just made things worse. Having already leaped up to their level and sprinting at a frantically fast pace, danger never felt this bloodcurdlingly swift and especially with the Blue Ranger not in the mood for any distractions. It was the equivalent of every children's nightmare: running for the hills at the sight of an unknown entity chasing after you with your life stuck in either your hands or his; the kind of entity that resembles a power far beyond human comprehension.

Aubrey and Jacob were absolutely terrified. It was the exact opposite of what Billy wanted.

Blue Ranger: FREEZE means STOP! Hey!

Billy is left bellowing out once more through the now dormant prison complex with inmates now clearing house, making way for the Blue Ranger as he dashes right on through.

Yelling did him no favors.

All it did was further block his path with more trapped and crowded inmates unable to escape the compound, foolishly thinking they can take him. A blazing 1.5 tons of force bombards them and knocks them off balance as Billy blazes past them: the weight of your average everyday car. They were lucky to only receive the fair minimum of what he could do.

It hardly made him feel any better however. And then came more another inmate from an open cell tackling him to the edge of the ramp. Then another one from behind.

More and more inmates happened to formulate out of thin air to keep the Blue Ranger at bay; much to Aubrey and Jacobs amusement and relief. The brief little distraction barely stalled him long enough to give them room to stay ahead. And just in time too, for out of the corner of Aubrey's eye, the Yellow Ranger was now headed their direction, packing the same superhuman strain of speed and durability needed just to catch them.

Now their hearts were skipping over about three beats. They knew, right here and there, that they needed to bail quickly. Luckily, their miracle arrived a measly nine feet away from them: one out of many creviced holes left by the Putties made easy escape routes for any prisoner that happened to be so lucky to come across it.

A line was almost in-midst of forming with inmates groaning, yelling and dog-piling over each other, desperate to grasp ahold of any sliver of a chance to retain their freedom. Only difference was they were waiting.

The twins were not.

Jacob: After you, Aubrey!

Jacob's quick to alarm his younger sister before they both dash to the hole. The collapsing pile of crumbling inmates was a collapsing timetable for the two, one they barely managed to scale in time.

Aubrey crawled up along the backs of the inmates, barely maintaining balance as she fought the urge to slip and using the inmates clothes to her advantage. Crawling and crawling to the end of the wall, she makes her way on through with Jacob not too far behind.....only for the Blue and Yellow Ranger to rattle their attention again and pick up the pace. Jacob, frantic on not being left behind, barely gets half of his body over the wall and slithers the rest of himself out with his sister.

His lack of care and coordination ruptured the entire pile of inmates up against the hole. Not that it bothered both Rangers, though......least of all Billy.

Blue Ranger: Trin, get these guys!

Leaping over everyone else, he's over and out of the hole and back to the outside, still fresh and hot on the twins trail to the far left. Bewildered and stupefied by Billy's actions, it left Trini flustered and wide open.

But only just. It wouldn't stop her from sensing a kick from the opposite direction from another unlucky inmate, hoping to score a lucky hit. All he received was a sweep at the legs and an elbow straight to the chest.

Of course, that left just the unfortunate twenty-plus others left in her wake. Oh goody, Trini was left thinking.

Yellow Ranger: C'mon now. None of you B-movie extras should be out this late, ok?

The twins barely got out through the hole unscathed with Jacob suffering only a moderate gash on his right palm. Momentary lapses of pain endured but not enough to stifle their movement as they began running again. Getting out was the more complicated hurdle, where they'd go now was less than far-fetched.

But then a high yet verbal "EXCUSE ME!" reminded them that prison wasn't their only concern; reminding them to pick up their pace and run faster with Billy not too far behind.

His relentless and frankly unneeded pursuit would end here. Mere inches away from apprehending the two, these two, out of all the other inmates that happened to be incarcerated here, needed to put down. All in his way was another piddly three feet.

Three feet almost immediately turned into twelve and then twenty feet away, thanks to one Putty Patroller taking a page out of Freddy Kruger's playbook and startling the Blue Ranger our of thin air. Said strategy backfired tremendously as Billy's immediate shift in focus led him crashing into said Putty until he tripped over the monsters remains of rocks and pebbles raining all over him. His lack of focus was immense at the moment; he was left unaware that there was even another Putty directly in front of him but a disarrayed back elbow knocked its head clean off.

Why, what, when didn't matter to Billy as he stumbled over his left leg before continuing to run after the Hogan's, who weren't that far ahead from him. Sliding around the corner and mildly exhausted, another yell directed at them and they both snap their heads at an incoming nanotech blue covered alien man seconds from taking them back to solitary confinement.

Taken aback by the momentary distractions, the next one cost him dearly as one last Putty tackles Billy from his far left, eventually tackling him down but collapsing on top of him as a result.

Woozy but not unconscious, he was still left in some considerable degree of pain, given the upgraded Putties added more UMPH to an already destructible yet fragile freakish force of nature. His eyes couldn't catch onto a few dozen specks of the Goldar dust evaporating away from the now dormant remains of the three Putties Billy left in his wake.

Making matters worse, some particles of it were floating straight into Jacob and Aubrey's direction.....neither of whom moved one solitary inch after the Blue Ranger was taken off his feet.

Thanks in turn to natural selection, it left people with an innate preference for things that sparkle and the Goldar dust just so happened to carry those tiny tiny shards within the particles that, more or less, make the particles look like a substance similar to a lesser man's form of glitter. All of it was mostly masked by upgraded fugitive dust, an environmental air quality term for very small particles suspended in the air, the source of which is primarily the Earth's soil.

And said remains of Goldar had been trapped within the Earth’s soils before and after Rita’s defeat.

It could barely be felt on either of their skins. All that was visible was miniature pieces of gold, sticking out on either their hands or shoulders or face. Neither brother or sister could understand the feeling behind it but it felt.....euphoric.

Aubrey: What—what is this feeling?

Jacob: Almost heavenly. Aubrey, I never felt anything like this in a while.

The feeling was just a deviation, for power always came at a price. Seconds past and both twins found a sharp numbness stinging through their hands and feet and eventually their entire body, commons with the term of their body falling asleep. Normally, it comes at the result from pressure on a pinched median nerve. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway surrounded by bones and ligaments; when said median nerve is compressed, numbness, tingling and weakness in the hand, arm, leg and body is expected.

But no such instance was occurring. The effects were occurring at complete random and at Mother Nature's will, it didn't look to be getting any better.

"Aubrey?", Jacob was quick to call out his sister, noticing the numbness reaching a higher state of while all motor functions of their legs and arms were lost. Now collapsed down onto their knees, directly in front of Billy now wide awake and taking in the horrific detriment of scene in front of him, the dust was working its magic.

The only way it knew how.

Jacob: Wh—what's happening?

Aubrey: I don't—rather not DWELL—ON THAT—RIGHT—NOW!

What started off as high grunts and restrained yells quickly evolved into bloodcurdling screams; the twins unable to control their bodies twitching and convulsing in agony with bone cracking and reshaping, muscles growing larger in size and even splices of skin slowly cracking it pen like shards of glass before being shredded off like a vipers second skin.

Billy was now aware this night was bound to go on longer then he or his friends anticipated. One man's trash just became another ones treasure.

It was a momentary blessing that the rest of the Rangers were stuck on mop-up duty again for a vast majority of the time, with Zack cleaning up the Putties that dispersed to the outside to capture Tommy and Jason having dealt with the other half and Trini took care of the remaining inmates and returning whatever loose inmates she could find to their cells. The process was about finished, however.

Zack, dropping his face shield for a split second, wipes the sweat from his forehead as he scouts the now dust covered Earth soiled remains of the Putties now coating the grass with an ugly shade of grey and beige. To an extent, he came to find his rigorous training season earlier had paid off, mostly due to Billy clearing his head and reminding him of his imperfection being his greatest asset.

A moderate gust of wind blows from the backside and pulls him back from the center as Kim skids right on in through the grass and comes to a dead halt. The Putties deformed and fractured bodies didn't come into her vision until Zack redirected her attention.

Looked as if the party finished up without her.

Pink Ranger: Crisis averted?

Only response she got was a friendly nod from Zack. No sooner, Jason and Trini caught up, regrouping with the two outside having taken care of the prison scum. Despite having to strain as much compared to the last few couple of days, tonight wasn't all that bad. The inmates didn't give the group a whole lot of trouble, the Putties barely put up a fight and despite only one hostage situation, at least he'll be able to live another day.

Four of the five rangers regrouped with their face-shields down, they needed to talk about something that had been......itching at the back of their heads, but as much as it irritated Zack and Kim.

Kim just spoke out stating "There was a crater here when we came out here, guys."

Both Trin and Jason observed the remains of the caved-in bowl-shaped cavity that left the prison center in shambles from a distance away. Jason could take a hint at what she was tempted to say next, since the crash was the reason why they investigated the prison in the first place.

"There wasn't anything in there, was there?" was all Jason could say.

Kimberly: Considering the Putties came out here first, I want to believe something was there's clearly gone now. What were we even supposed to be looking for?

Trini: Thirty bucks says this was just a diversion.

Zack: I'd take fifty.

Jason clears his throat at the playful banter between the two, given they were the most rebellious of the team and the ones tempted to slightly tick off, irritate or vex Jason when he least wanted it to. It left the team at odds yet again. Trini and Zack didn't know whether to be irritated or annoyed at Jason forcibly taking charge and Kim didn't know what to think.

But she was not a fan.

To his credit, it did stop.

Jason: We'll report back to Zordon and Alpha, see if they know anything. Let's double check it again, see if there's anything we missed.

"But first and foremost, what about the inmates?", Zack felt the need to remind everyone.

Trini: Fast asleep. Pacifiers and blankets for everyone.

Kimberly: And Billy?

Trini: Helped me with the inmates—

Jason: Against orders—

Jason chimed in to which Kim immediately covered him up with her hand and blocked out his voice. Now wasn't the time for any more authoritarian rule on his behalf, the muffling of his voice underneath her hand serving as mild relief.

With that momentarily stifled, it allowed Kim to take a breather to continue.

Kimberly: You were saying?

Trini: But he went off against a couple who refused capture. Probably caught them and double-checking everything else by now. You know him.

Kim didn't like the sound of that.

A part of her wanted to ask again to get a more clear answer on his whereabouts because of her goofing and affectionate relationship with him. She had developed a somewhat sibling-like bond with Billy, often treating him like an eccentric younger brother, as she was known to take his autistic quirks and neuroses arguably more easily than any other member of the team.

But for a guy as smart as Billy, it seemed unnecessary to keep looking over his shoulder.....especially since that was his job.

Kim ended up thinking on that matter too soon, as evidenced by the dark shape or outline of someone visible against a lighter background resembling a silhouette overtook her and Jason's shadow. Side by side amongst each other, the brief visual gave them pause for thought.....

.....just not enough to catch the hint in time as the silhouette overtakes the team, completely covering them in darkness before finally looking up.

The entire mainframe of Billy's body was flung from a full half a mile away, canceling out the moon momentarily and taking the team off-Guard. He's left crashing into both Kimberly and Trini as he crashes down and takes the two with him, rolling amongst the grass like a clogged-up steamroller. Eventually, the three come to a stop despite given it had only began to shower rain, the slipperiness of the artificial grass made maneuverability much more difficult.

A petty annoyance was all it was to Kim and Trini.

They sit up vertically before bringing their missing alley up to a vertical basis as well. Signs were not looking positive however, given Billy was the only one of the three, breathing heavily and looking heavily mortified after he dropped his face shield.

It was common of him to tell himself that fear was simply brain chemicals as his amygdala would ping, and then try to analyse the situation as he may without it. Trying to imagine it from the outside, as if it were a movie and not real life before asking himself what his "character" should do. It helped him to make better choices.

Now it was difficult to work against what his amygdala was internally forcing onto him because first and foremost, he already died once. And now he felt more in danger for his life than he ever thought possible.

The girls, from one glance alone, didn't like what that face entailed and what it meant for further reference. Trini instigated anyways, gently poking the bear.

Trini: I'm hesitant to even ask right now.....but please tell me you're ok?

Billy: I'm—I'm ok.....psychically.

Kimberly: Billy, it can't be that bad.

Billy No, you're right. It's worse.

He wouldn’t tell them, at least not directly. This gave them more than enough ample cause to be worried for him again. Jason and Zack finally caught up with the three and Billy’s rather frozen state of subconscious rubbed off on the two and not in any way that would best be satisfactory. Quintessentially, between the five of them, their week had all been but peachy and this was a radical far cry from the Billy they talked to hours earlier.

Sensing Billy wasn’t in the right mindset, Jason helped him up to his feet and held him close, being mindful of his own attitude for once and backing off. It was not his attention to be too much of a burden on him, considering what he just went through. The girls obliged as well.

Zack however bit the bullet, taking the initiative to ask....

Zack: Billy, what happened to you?

He helped him in a difficult situation; Zack felt it was fair if he could return the favor.

Said favor can hurdling his way instead via a combined hulking sixty tons of force crashes directly beside the team, momentarily shaking the ground in quick rapid succession and successfully capturing the teams attention. Trini, Kim, Jason and Zack were quick to huddle together and go on the offensive, retracting up their face-shields and broadening out their fighting stances at the threat centered ahead of them.

All except for Billy.

There was no helping his dumbfounded state of shock and anxiety, his muscles tensioning up, his heartbeat ratcheting up a few beats and his arms shaking uncontrollably. All Billy could do was oblige by Zack’s question, redirecting the teams attention to the two behemoths blocking the outside left wing of the fractured prison system with just a thrust of his index finger.

Blue Ranger: THEY happened to me.

There he sees Jacob and Aubrey partially mutated into what bared a similar resemblance to the putties but more animalistic.

Covered a quarter of the way down the left side of his chest with golden scales and a grotesque monstrous appearance to boot, Jacob now resembled the look of hideous, brooding creatures associated to Gargoyles, his skin now reeking an ugly shade of peach and beige over slinkets of gold around his neck and hair.

Aubrey had a razor sharp scorpion tail-like blade gripped tightly in one hand, said hand now replaced with a golden claw, a new replaced exoskeleton and a burrow grafted into her skin large enough to make room for a narrow, segmented tail. Her appearance bared more animalistic than her brother by far, but the end result was identical across all five teenagers.

Confusion, perplexity and worry.

They did a good job of attracting the other Rangers attention, but not as good as they attracted Billy. Now hypnotized at the sight of the two inmates turned monsters, almost mortified at their mere image, his brain and body was constantly shouting at him not to break down despite his heart speaking the complete opposite. Transformations are known to do wonders for some and horrors to many and upon seeing the twins and deducing their real identities.....

.....Billy wished he took back every second of this night. This was his real-life horror movie turned into a reality.

Aubrey: We have company, little brother.

Jacob: Yes, they're called 'Rangers'. And we are going to destroy them.

At least there's no monologuing, Trini remarked to herself somewhat glad that these new threats aren't completely devoid of common sense and are dumber than a sack of paper. The same time though, she knew that didn't really worked well in their favor. Just one step inching towards them at a time and the team were continually put on high alert; this was anything but what the putties presented to them.

Their energy spike also resonated some concern. It felt way too familiar.

Red Ranger: Haven't seen energy readings like this in a while.

Aubrey: are these Rangers everyone's been talking about....and I thought there'd be one more of you. 

Jacob: Patience Aubrey. There will be.....and in an assorted color.  Kimberly and Billy were the only ones who caught that part "One more of them" as Trini stood by Jason both examining them and the gold result on Jacob resembled a familiarity like they saw it before the tail Aubrey had was new to them but Jacob was the only one giving Jason and later Zack a hint of dejavu but lost thought soon as Trini spoke up

Yellow Ranger: So.....boys will take the big ugly guy and Pink and I get the girl. Seems fair right? 

Jason was still keen on Jacob's look still knowing it from something which was why he went ahead to contact the ship

Red Ranger: Red Ranger to Alpha. I have a three point convergence. How shall we act? 

Proceed to ingage.

Aubrey: You said it be here--where is it?  Jacob: It's deep below the building's foundation. I can feel it. It's just the path down. I can see it reaching out for us. But first let's take care of these colored aliens.  Yellow Ranger: Aliens? You looked in the mirror lately? 

Aubrey: Let's just becareful. I seen them on tv. They're stronger than they look.  Jacob: We don't have to be. Not anymore. Cause so are we. 

Jacob swung his golden arm at Jason but he leaped over to dodge it Trini ducked leaving for Aubrey to swing her mutated tail at the other three Billy jumped down falling his side with Zack backed up making fall back and Kim rolled around towards Jason Trini and Jacob leaving them make eye contact

Jacob: I don't know why.....but this so Familiar. You.....and me---like always we fight at each other's throats----like we've done this once before.  Jason was more puzzled than earlier given this too was familiar to him

Jacob: I don't know if it's a dream or a memory.....but instant FEELING! 

Jacob nearly lunged at Kimberly till she ducked and uppercut him in the jaw Pink Ranger: Yeah? Then how's that feel?  Yellow Ranger: Whoever you are whatever you want......we can't allow you to put any innocent lives any more danger. 

Red Ranger: This town's already dealt with enough freaks shows and we're gonna make sure it doesn't have to anymore.  Jacob: Hehehehe......isn't that the fantastic idea.

Barely aware a news helicopter hovered above them trying to get a live fee of the action and Jacob happen to notice and smirk and the fee was on every tv and every smart phone around town

Female Reporter: I'm flying above the Angel Grove's correction facility where just one hour ago an earth quake has broken open the prison cutting the power and inmates running free. Reports on sight have confirmed that the rock creatures from the alien attack from four weeks ago have been sighted there too which also includes the so called colored group known to the public as the Power Rangers. Jacob smirked back to the three Rangers he was fighting with Zack and Billy still tangling with Aubrey who had tied into her tail and shaking him around and Billy struggled to to hold her off

Blue Ranger: I was....willing to forgive you.....since you didn't really..... Aubrey: Didn't what? THIS?!

She pushed him off as she thre Zack aside crashing throuh a wall but barely recovered

Back at the hospital Tommy was soon being questioned by police on how he ended up in the ambulance in the first place 

Tommy: I keep telling you.....I don't even know how I got there. There was the crater and these.....these.....things.....and then one punch I was out like a light.  Officer: Well thanks for your time son. If any memory jogs keep us in the loop. And call us here. 

He handed him a card Tommy: Sure thing officer. 

A throat being cleared was heard and Tommy and the officer looked back seeing two strange men in suits like they were in the secret service Men in Black style or something like it. 

Man # 1: Gentlemen. I'm Agent Cole. This is Agent Wes. We're with APEX. 

Tommy's eyes widen and thought: Apex? Weren't they on the news last week?  Cole: If we could take a minute with the boy we have questions of our own reguarding the alien invasion four weeks ago and the incident happening tonight.

Tommy felt the interrogation was never going to end hearing about these guys from the news and seeing them in person tonight chilled him to the bone he almost rather be in Saturday Detention now. A minute later in a private room Tommy sat on a desk with Agent Wes sitting across from him and Cole on the wall arms folded together

Wes: You said to the police earlier you saw creatures made out of rock. What can you tell us about them?  Tommy: Other than the fact they tried to pummel me to death in the crater nothing much. Wes: This crater. Did you happen to see what caused it or find anything there?

Tommy thought back to that green coin still not knowing he had it in his pocket but Tommy didn't feel sharing that information to them given he didn't know what it was anyway 

Tommy: No sir......there was nothing.  Wes: Well just one more question. Have you happen to see any meteor sights on that high way before the impact accured? 

As they talked Cole noticed the side tv on the upper left wall was also playing the live fee and he shushed at both his partner and Tommy who looked back at him Cole: Sorry but I think we need to listen to this. 

They all watched with the same female reporter's report at the prison

Apparently another monster battle is happening as I speak. And from the looks of it is a five on two brawl. Two mutants fighting against the so called super heroes what the public calls......The Power Rangers.  Tommy was fascinated to see the Power Rangers on tv again

Tommy: Well.....what'd you know.

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