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Green With Evil: Power Rangers is a 2019 live action, adventure, drama and comedic superhero movie and the sequel to the 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie. It's based on the same superhero team from the same name from the 90's TV series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" and features a few of the same actors from the original show. The 2017 reboot did make a total of 142.3 million at the box office, way over its original budget, yet the film was still considered a box office failure. However, thanks to merchandising as well as toy sales and rental DVD sales, the film managed to persevere through the difficult times and crank out enough for Lionsgate and Saban films to OFFICIALLY green light a sequel. Other sequels are still in question and are yet to be confirmed, however.

This film is directed once again by Dean Israelite, produced by Haim Saban, rated PG-13 and distributed by Lionsgate, Saban Films and Temple Hill Entertainment.

This sequel will feature most of the returning actors from the previous film, along with some new additions. It will feature Dacre Montgomery, Dylan O' Brien, Naomi Scott, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Austin St. John, Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, Michael Chiklis, Eiza Gonzalez, Mila Kunis and many, many more.

Main Cast

  • Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger
  • Dylan O'Brien as Thomas “Tommy” Oliver/Green Ranger
  • Naomi Scott as Kimberly Ann Hart/Pink Ranger
  • Becky G as Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger
  • Ronald "RJ" Cyler II as William "Billy" Cranston/Blue Ranger
  • Ludi Lin as Zachary "Zack" Taylor/Black Ranger
  • Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5
  • Michael Chiklis as Jacob Hogan/Goldar
  • Eiza Gonzalez as Aubrey Hogan/Scorpina
  • Mila Kunis as Melanie Sheer
  • Austin St. John as Lucas Scott
  • Jason David Frank as Jeffrey Oliver
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Deborah "Debbie" Oliver
  • David Denman as Sam Scott
  • Caroline Cave as Beverly Scott
  • Zach Roerig as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
  • Eric Knudsen as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
  • Will Sasso as Ernie
  • Christian Keyes as Chief Colton
  • Jaime M. Callica as Officer Bebe
  • Blake Michael as Tyler "Ty" Fleming
  • Kayden Magnuson as Pearl Scott
  • Sarah Grey as Amanda Clark
  • Wesley MacInnes as Colt Wallace 
  • Anjali Jay as Maddy Hart
  • Robert Moloney as Ted Hart 
  • Lisa Berry as Candace Cranston 
  • Fiona Fu as Monica Taylor
  • Erica Cerra as June Kwan
  • Patrick Sabongui as Buford Kwan 
  • Steve Cardenas as Principal Caplin

  • Doug Walker as Nostalgia Critic
  • Walter Emanuel Jones as Wallace Cranston
  • Willem Dafoe as Lord Zedd (Voice)


Upon embracing the bond of friendship and the power unlocked in all of them, the new protectors of Angel Grove, Zordon's new league of Power Rangers have since then been remembered and recognized as heroes by all. Well.....all except for ONE. The villainous Rita Repulsa STILL has a massive bone to pick with them, after her failed attempt to find the Zeo Crystal. Willing to take any route necessary to find it and get back at her new rivals, Rita gives up her green coin and leaves it into the hands of one unwilling Tommy Oliver.

Once he gets the coin and Rita makes her presence felt within's safe to say the Rangers will have to do battle with their greatest adversary yet.


The trembling, rumbling contents of a glorified bright specimens, or a shooting star cuts through the orbiting pattern between our Earth and Moon. Before long, it continues its path of trajectory onwards as it's path of illumination glows dimmer and dimmer.

Down onto the surface of our moon, rotating above the Earth where over on one of the craters encased into and below the surface, a frozen specimen laid, buried within its rocky surface. Surrounding it was broken frozen glass, keeping it in place as it's hands laid frozen up underneath the surface. Unfortunately, that frozen specimen was MORE than a frozen specimen as the ravenous, villainous, evil empress and former green ranger, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) laid motionless beneath its surface after the events of her defeat at the hands of the newly formed team of adversaries, comprised of the colors of Trix cereal.

And said team were constructed together by an old adversary of Rita's, one in which had a calculating and somewhat selfish nature to him, who had a secretive side, who at one point refused to anyone but his own voice: Zordon Of Eltar.

Said team he constructed barely managed to defeat her and her army where they stood and, unwilling to accept defeat, she pressed forward, only to be met with a backhand slap which sent her flying into the vacuum of space, with the power coin separating from her. In space, near the moon, a bloodthirsty smile creeped onto her face as she froze in the vastness before eventually crashing down onto the moons rocky, dusty surface.

It had remained her resting place for only a measly three and a half weeks; nothing indicated that she could be revived due to the moons on-going super-cold brightness temperatures. When sunlight did hit the moon's surface, the temperature reached 260 degrees Fahrenheit or 127 degrees Celsius and when the sun went down, temperatures dipped to minus 280 F or minus 173 C. Temperatures changed all across the moon and because of how small it is to Earth tilt and the axis the moon is titled at, there are places at the lunar poles that never see daylight and the moon's interior temperatures don't climb as high.

All of which equaled a rather perilous and arduous scenario that most people would succumb to.

Rita was not like most people however. Far from it.

On her side of the moon, bright but delicate rays of daylight were shown beaming down on the surface. A little pebble rolled along out the crater, continuing its path of tractors away from the crater. Eventually, more pebbles and even rocks began to roll and shake and stir rather violently as faint but auditable BOOMS could be heard from beneath the crater and resonating throughout the entire moon.

Beneath said crater, the frozen wall surrounding Rita's body laid ridden with nasty crack after nasty crack as attempts made to free herself from her icy tomb paid off, with the wall cracking even further then it already had all the way up to the actual surface of the moon before it suddenly subsides and stops.

Silence was deafening.

Until a hand quickly bursts out the glass and through the crevice of the crater.

Having felt the cold 200 plus temperature and the dusty wind skimming past its sharp talons covered by thick layers of gold, the feeling was intoxicating. Being imprisoned in the depths of the ocean for sixty-five million years, debating which was worse was a debate saved for later. A subtle twitch here and there, the hand balls up aggressively as the other hand shortly follows suit, clawing and purring back to the moons surface. Finally, after a last ditch effort, the surface rumbled yet again until Rita burst through the glass and out of the rocky, uncomfortable surface.

Recovering her airtime quickly, she lands feet first.

Recovering from her frozen slumber, however, was more difficult then she had anticipated. Even though the gravitational force between the Moon and Earth would have any human bouncing or lost in the balance, Rita wasn't human. So she could stay on the surface without worrying about floating away afterwards. But the temperature, on the other hand, still didn't make it easy on her. As she looks out to the Earth; remembering the past and dropping down to her knees in agony, she quickly turns away and covered her stomach.

The cold temperature of the dark side of the moon was getting through to her to the point where she could barely stand up.

But out of the corner of her eye, she spots an ominous glow and it bared an eerie significance to the same source she claimed deemed her worthy of such power. Rita needed no guesses on what it could've been; no instruction on what to do next, for the temperature was close to having her rendered frozen once more. She simply reaches her hand out to the barely visible light in the distance and almost immediately after a few seconds, it flung all the way back to her as it shot straight into her grasp.

Her green power coin.

Upon returning to the hands of its owner, it glowed up frequently as Rita's eyes sparked the glowing fluorescent green as her strength returned, along with her battle armor intact. Having barely kept her alive during the Cenozoic period, there was no longer a need for gold to fully restore her body, power, and mind following her short tensure frozen.

Rita: Ahhhhh.....much.....better.

Cracking her neck to the side, as soon as she was able to regain her strength and get back to her feet, her attention runs back to the hole she left in the crater shortly beside her that led down the glass wall that had since then incapsulated her. A grim but sly Hmm left her, gripping ahold of her natural impulses and pulling her in.

Wanting nothing to do with what lied down there, not much however could deter her away from it, for she understood what it meant and much more.

Down she falls, discarding shards of the hole-ridden glass elsewhere and dispersing directly around her in a circle as she lands on her knees and feet once again.

No sooner does she arise back up a vertical basis, she gets overtaken by a peculiar sense of urgency. Directing her attention to behind, the sly smile re-emerges as she bolts behind her.

Nothing but endless darkness.

Through the broken glass wall led to an underground cave with a perpetual dead end....or so it seemed. Peachy, Rita had to refrain from saying out loud. She couldn't stomach the very inhuman chill quickly tingling throughout her body the further she looked down the path, despite barely flinching or reacting to it.

She turns herself around once more and takes one step backwards only to lunge the opposite direction, leaping through the immense darkness of the cave. Engulfed and swallowed up by the extreme lack of light, the pitch blackness would've quickly became an eyesore if not for the supernatural crystal given to her that repeatedly shined a brightly colored green. In fact, green was all that illuminated through the dark for that brief non-strenuous trudge through purgatory.

No less than a minute through the cave, she picks up the pace, skimming through to the other side in a fraction of a second and is quickly bombarded with light again. Not to mention, a giant crystallized rock the size of five ginormous asteroids had her barricaded in with no other exit in sight. The crevices of the rock were shown to be crammed against the side of the cave walls, embedding then just deep enough to where there wouldn't be any subtle movements.

The structure barred a familiar presence upon closer inspection, for it sported an architectural form too irregular to be apart of the astronomical body orbiting Earth as its only natural satellite. It looked more or less like a middle-aged castle. The only thing that could come to mind was.....not worth thinking about but Rita's hesitancy to physically touch it really spoke volumes.

Her head tilts to the right slightly, as if she was perplexed by the crystals immense size and structure until her pupils eventually glew dark green, an effect that quickly reflected back to the huge castle-sized embedded crystal. Casted in the same foul green hue that now tainted Repulsa's name, it fell under her telekinetic control but only just. As strong as her mind allowed her to push onwards, no reaction followed. She barely strains herself in doing so but the closest she got was one, ONE crack amidst all the rumbling.

If anything, the amount of strain she was exerting only pushed the rock further into the walls.

Now having to alter her positioning to get a better handling on it, the crystallized behemoth of a structure still would not budge and yet, it simply would not stop her from trying. Before she could extend her brainpower to a breaking point, a dark, ominous, laminating voice boomed into her head suddenly.

Rita Repulsa.

The echoing voice booming within the confines of her thick skull was all too familiar to her, as she stopped dead in her tracks. She knew who was talking to her.

Rita: My lord?

Not taking chances and already down to a knee position, she bows in the voices direction with her head pressed down into her arm, letting the stained, dirty, frozen battle armor meet with her forehead as if she was admitting her failure for the first time in centuries. Quite a far cry from the textbook sociopathic homicidal manic she was known for.

Rita: My master.....forgive me.....I have....I have failed you. Zordon had interfered. He brought a few of his toys to crash my party. I almost had the crystal right in my grasp.

Almost is not enough. You carry out my will in my absence and you return to me EMPTY-HANDED. You dare mock and embarrass me by being defeated by mere children. My disappointment in you is immeasurable, Repulsa.

Her least favorite word: disappointment. It made her visibly sick as she twitched at the sound of it. However, "I will make this right" is all she could muster to say before an epiphany comes over her. She glimpses back to her coin and grips it tightly, staring through the green and gold crystallized casing over the coin and the carving above it. For eons, one thing was certain in Rita's warped twisted mind: that she deserved this power. That she earned it. That she was worthy of it. That nobody was going to take it away from her. That despite her fall from grace, it was, in fact, her greatest ascension.

Now.....she had forced herself to reconsider that statement. 

Her nerves of steel having barely reached their limits, it was a miracle how she was able to not abandon any and all semblance of composure. This decision to come was both physically and mentally painful for her to make but at least the intended end result would be the same as she had well as a small bonus in the long run.

Rita: My lord.....I have carried the power of the green ranger since the Cenozoic Era. It would seem only fair if I find another WORTHY of such divine POWER.

She almost growls menacingly, lying through her teeth.

So you are give up the source your own power and ambition to find another to bring upon Zordons destruction?

Rita: People who fight fire with fire only end up with ashes of their own integrity. I intend to drill that through Zordon's thick cerebrum and learn that the hard way.

To her, it was the perfect trump card. Her go-to move. The play to end this millennium long game of chess by putting the king in check. With Zordon already tarnishing a new group of Rangers to toy with her, what better way to destroy them then to let history repeat itself? Her confidence in her own abilities is well founded, not to an exact science but she found herself far from incompetent.

This was going to work, come hell or high water, whether her lord saw the beneficiary's behind it or not. There was an brief silence in the air until the voice boomed once again, informing her......

Very well. Seek out who is worthy to carry out the will of the Green Ranger. Destroy Zordon and have the Power Rangers begging for their pitiful demise. NO mistakes, NO excuses this time.

Rita simply gave a bow to her lord as the booming voice fades away. She smirks evilly and starts to chuckle with her new profound plan in sight as she glimpses down at the green power coin still grasped in-between her fingers; watching as a bright green light sparkles with energy.

Out of the hole through the moon she stood, landing on the rocky dusty surface once more. Staring out towards the Earth, a full 238,900 miles away, all she could think about was.....the stigma behind her first true defeat, how utterly humiliated it made her feel. It bought more shame upon herself than even she thought it would affect her. After 65,000,000 million years, she had been freed from her underwater confinement with the intention of finishing what she had started: intergalactic domination.

And then the Power Rangers happened.

Since then, the implant across her face and body stung tremendously; she could still feel how badly the metallic slap slapped the taste out her mouth. Never again would she allow Zordon to make such an embarrassment out of her again; that would be the last time anyone ever made her out to be a laughingstock.

Loosening the grip over her coin, almost in defeat, she holds it up alongside her face within near-kissing distance, ushering the words "Find only those who are worthy. Find only those who are strong" towards the coin in an undisclosed alien language.

Banking on this strategy on this next move was risky but the reward would be worth it. Before long, she tosses her coin away from her grasp watching it hurdle through the vast emptiness of space, shooting through a massive horse of meteors zooming by the Earth's gravitational pull. It wouldn't be long before the coin enters the Earth's atmosphere heating up during re-entry.

Burning faster and shining brighter all the same, the flame sparking around the coin eventually dissolves into green as bright streaks crossed the sky; Earth passing through the dusty trail of it's orbit. Within milliseconds later, a shooting star zooms by and is disintegrated amongst contact with the coin. Passing by its path of trajectory might as well have been a warning label.

Nothing was going to stand in the way of Rita Repulsa's vengeance....

....that as, if her megalomania didn't already cast a sinister reflection over the rest of the town she barely destroyed.

Four weeks after the Encounter |Saturday | 2:15 p.m

Angel Grove, California.

A small town near the edge of the ocean with a gold mine on the outskirts, its one where any news of any kind travels relatively fast in a very short period of time. Most of that comes from the local residents of the town with a surprisingly dense population of 376,000 and a rather short elevation of 241 ft. Sporting a shopping mall, four schools, the Angel Grove Youth Center, a public library, a community park.....and several Krispy Kreme stores, the town wasn't completely devoid of any activity.

Lots of events that take place tend to come and go rather quietly, however.

That remained the case.....until four weeks ago.

Nobody would ever forget the time Rita Repulsa crashed at town, uninvited and started wrecking havoc. Killing off respected police officers, causing thousands of dollars in property damages and of course, attacking the town and nearly reducing it to ashes in search of the Zeo Crystal. While the cause and number of fatalities were significantly low, much to the surprise of city officials and residents thanks to the quick witted determination of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the end result was a mixed bag.

Despite more than a quarter of the town being left in utter shambles, very few casualties were reported; yet, while many residents found it easy to put their faith in the Power Rangers, others more or less became increasingly skeptical, seeing how their supposed act of justice ended causing more damage they actually solved.

The residents fearing the worst and not willing to wait for another attack, fled the city in droves and crammed up the traffic daily.

As a result, those who didn't leave and were left devastated from the attack had to relocate to the newly founded Angel Grove Central Park Refugee Camp. Anyone and everyone who had lost their homes or were injured thanks to Rita's arrival had to be repositioned here until further notice. The new arrivals at the camp had to register with a picture ID before being issued with any medical, housing or meal vouchers before they could even get comfortable and unlike a certain Food, Emergency And Shelter Training homeless shelter in Chinatown, New York, this didn't feel like home.

Because of how quickly state officials and officers scraped together to create this on such short notice, the environment and atmosphere it let off felt more polluted than diseased free. It also served as their only states of protection.

Which didn't really help matters since the Putties were back in town.

Just when it looked like it would be safe enough to at least walk outside or take a stroll, the standard army unit of rocky, gold, concrete, or dirt inherited foot-soldiers kept raring their ugly heads....or lack thereof, only this time, they also came along with more durability and staying power. No less than a week after Rita Repulsa was booted off the planet, multiple news reports reported them infesting every corner of the town they just so happen to materialized in like, from streets and avenues like Mariner Bay to Reefside to Briarwood to Coral Harbor and even on the outskirts back to the gold mine.

The next time they'd be reported on however, there's no traces of them left except for the damage caused by their numerous efforts. Eventually, their lack of stability posed less and less of a threat, so much so that they became literal laughingstocks throughout town. Today, unfortunately, wouldn't be any different.

Welcome to Angel Grove, the very sign that had once haunted a team of five teenagers with attitude laid dormant amongst the peaceful tranquility that laid outside of the crosshairs that led into the town. Perhaps the only solitary guise necessary to distract any new residents from its recent series of unfortunate events.

The brownish-burgundy sign perched with a seagull on the top right tumbled into pieces following a collision with a Putty patroller dislocated from the waist up. Knees and legs were missing while its upper half remained sturdy enough at large. Slipping and maneuvering back to a vertical stance did next to nothing for the next couple of seconds when it looked up and was met face to face with a resonant ground pound, dispersing the rest of its remains across the road with pebbles and dirt smudging and blackening the mini-barricade, more of the road up ahead and off to the side.

In fact, all the way up to the curved road leading away from the town, that's all that laid dormant. Eventually, a shadow lurks from a few measly feet away before long, stepping all over the disemboweled ligaments of the Putties rocky remains as the Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott (Dacre Montgomery) sprinted aside the field of discarded rocks and pebbles; rushing in a subordinate manner.

His HUD display and visor spotted more of them up ahead.

Quickly maneuvering past the pile, his suit's added speed mechanic breezed past three Putties blocking his path before he physically started moving fully with a jump kick one moment, a back body-drop the next and then he completely snaps a Putty into pieces with a tackle that'd make Bill Goldberg proud. Not even a minute after rolling out from the spear, he gets tackled himself by three Putties at once but with no forward momentum, they barely manage to push him back.

Flimsy little punches to the gut did nothing to keep the Red Ranger at bay, launching the boulder lugs off with authority. Resilient they were, charging for him again. Jason is quick to roll through however and kick off the heads of two of them while the last one was left with piss-poor offense that honestly left Jason feeling embarrassed. It left him thinking, If these were the best Rita had left for them to take care of, she clearly had very little faith in them as he sidesteps the last punch directed to his face, snaps off it's arm and via crossing his other arm around his head, tosses the Putty directly over him.

Further adding insult to injury was the arrival of the Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan (Becky G) literally dropping on in and crushing the Putty's body adding double the trouble for the rest of the group involved.

Seems that Zordon had sent them and the other Rangers in charge of mop-up duty straight away after Rita was dealt with. While they destroyed Goldar, the remains of his golden form were still at large with the remains scattering across the city and seeping into the ground. No less than almost a week after Rita was sent into orbit, more putty patrollers began formulating out of thin air and continued to ransack and destroy the more quieter areas of town, presumably on Rita's former command.

With some of Goldars remains spreading throughout the city, a few of the golden ashes laid scattered to the winds and turned into dust. The dust reignited a certain spark in the fallen putties—reactivating them from whichever surface they were created from and making them meaner and nastier then mildly disappointing results.

Didn't make the task at hand any less annoying or easier for the two. As long as they weren't outnumbering them, it was a walk in the park: a long stroll through trails of tedium and monotony.

Red Ranger: Yellow Ranger, I need a controlled push on my right flank before—

"Take a chill pill, boss. Don't what a 'push' or 'flank' is", Trini reiterates while ripping a stop sign out from the concrete and wacking the rocky abominations off the road and onto the grassy terrain beside her. Tossing the sign above her, she rolls on over, kicking two Putties legs out and dropkicks another one into pieces. One unlucky Putty got left in the dust, being the only one having to face the Yellow Ranger now.

It didn't last long, for Trini had caught the stop well as Jason getting bombarded with more Putties swarming around him.

Playing along though and with some time to spare, she leads it on, allowing measly punch after measly punch as long as her attention span allowed. To her, it was fun waiting out the inevitable much so she'd call them 'practice'.

One kick missed later, the attention span finally wore off.

Yellow Ranger: I just wait for them to step up....

Head-butting the putty back a foot, she only decapitates it's legs with the sign before impaling it through the chest with the metal and watching it fall apart.

Yellow Ranger:....and I take 'em down.

Keeping it simple, eyeing over at Jason who signaled for immediate assistance raised her offensive a little bit.

In an act of sportsmanship, she tossed the stop sign to Jason who's quick to spin a full 360, knocking off six Putty heads out of fifteen in a row and immediately dispersing back to retaliate with a leap straight up into the sky, leaving them in muddled confusion before the energy from the armor spiked to a maximum, executing a thunderous red-level ground-pound.

And that was only, what, the second wave? Jason questioned himself as he moved away from the rocky ruble, tossing the two totaled halves of the stop sign aside. Flustered and above all anxious, he just wanted to get to the next wave and help with the others. Trini patting him on the back however did very little to soothe him.

Yellow Ranger: Word of advice: try not to overthink it, boss.

Red Ranger: Please don't call me that. There's more up the road; gotta keep moving.

Adjusting their pace, they're quick to sprint out to the open road where even more Putties were spotted further outside the entrance to Angel Grove where curvy roads were aplenty and traffic was almost nigh-nonexistent. Only one can was spotted alongside the road and refused to budge an inch.

Made the work easier for the Rangers. At least they knew to stay far from the action than risk getting into further danger by trying to plow on through. Both the Red and Yellow Ranger kept over the car to get the clearer view ahead where more rocks and gold dust were scattered and sprayed everywhere.

That's when they found, or re-found, more company.

Zachary Taylor (Ludi Lin), William Cranston (RJ Cyler) and Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott), the Black, Blue and Pink Ranger of the team had found themselves more or less in the same debacle: surrounded, slightly irritated.....but more or less occupied. 

Compared to the latter of the other two, these three at least gave off more of the impression that they were having fun with the mundane task left ahead of them as far as cleaning up the streets AGAIN. So as an audiable method for passing the time, a lot of the excessive banter between the three tied back towards stating the blantly obvious and their respective equalizers: their Ranger armors. Granted, only a month inside of an alien battle armor and there were plenty of new elements needed to be explored and discussed. 

But it still regarded talking involved. 

Lots and lots and LOTS of talking.

"Is it just me or—", the comment was cut short as Kimberly had to maneuver around another putty throwing itself at her before decapitating its head with an axe kick.

Pink Ranger:...Or is there more of these guys than usual?

"I'm more worried about—", Billy starts before yelping at a Putty leaping at him and directly over him and punches its chest apart as soon as it lands, which causes a domino effect with the next three Putties nearby. Another back elbow, scissor kick and roundhouse later, he's standing above six "deceased" Putties.

Blue Ranger: Seriously, we punch WAY too hard.

Black Ranger: Only you would complain about something totally awesome, Billy.

Blue Ranger: I'm not complaining. I'm PROCESSING!

Billy's voice cracked following multitasking making friendly conversation and bungee jumping over Putties attempting and failing a tackle only to get tackled in return as it laid no attention to Jason charging in from the side.

His eyes in one place but his senses honing in in the other direction, Billy unleashed a massive force of energy subconsciously launching another pile of Putties back that were heading his way. Once again, it left him looking at his fist.

Proved his point.

Blue Ranger: Seriously, who made these things?

That's all he would say before throwing another Putty over his shoulder and kicking it off the bridge over the railing.

"Well, me personally: I'm psyched", Zack concurred to Billy's original statement, nudging the pebbles off the head of one Putty with another in a chokehold. Similar to Trini, the bravado and swagger that encompassed Zack's cool persona found a lot of enjoyment out of bending and breaking the rules of physics on almost every level.

It's a childish thing to do, not fully understanding the full capacity of what be bestowed upon him but he didn't mind figuring out along the way.

Black Ranger: I mean seriously....if this is my floor, can you imagine my ceiling? Who knows - maybe I can fly!

He grunts out the last word, vis slamming both Putties heads into one another, leading from one malodorous monotonous pile to the next.

Blue Ranger: That's exactly my point. I haven't even mastered my regular body functions yet, let alone a bunch of new dangerous ones. How we supposed to know if it's really us—

"I guess you just 'fake it 'till you make it'. That sort of thing, Billy", Kim felt the need to cut him off, anything to keep him from getting too excited or having his head explode from too much knowledge.

Pink Ranger: Pretend you know what you're doing, you might just end up fooling yourself?

Yellow Ranger: Whichever way it works.

That car perched further up the road, slowly had its tires itching and turning inch by inch against the road, the driver and its passengers (mother, father and teenage daughter) had lost patience and grown antsy. Slight acceleration with minimum pressure on the gas, they started to move, their original intention being to wait until the Putties and Rangers cleared out to move.

No such luck; impatience had finally ran though.

"Goddamn it, lets go", the father issued worrying the mother and daughter despite the path in front of them being slightly less contaminated with putty debris than when they were forced to stop before. He and his family come to regret that decision when a Putty suddenly jumps in front of their line of view and startles them.

The dad immediately backs up inadvertently running over another Putty without having to look back but once he finally does look back, two more materialized Putties already slam down upon the trunk of the pickup truck before kicking the car forward and bumping the wheels off the road, causing the truck to skid violently amongst the road.

"DADDY!", the daughter screamed as the car violently bumps and jerks amongst the road to where even hanging on to the back of the drivers seat wasn't ideally safe with the seatbelt removed.

Dad: Hold on to something!

They had no choice but to comply as the car scrapes off both lanes and, while involuntarily running over more Putties, reaches a halt after denting and crashing through the metal railing. All the constant screaming and panic drew all the Rangers attention.

Couldn't have come at a more perfect time too, since their car ran over was essentially the last of the Putties. But then again, they were no trapped in a scenario where literally every second counts and they couldn't afford to waste ANY. As Billy muttered "Oh god" under his breath, that very thought had come to fruition for all of them.

Pink Ranger: This just got a whole new type of real.

Black Ranger: Let's play hero then. I got the passengers.

"We'll hold the car", Billy insisted, pointing to him and Trini and the rest of the team. "And I'll create the fulcrum."

Billy's idea of a fulcrum: the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots was to go in at the bottom left wheel and grip it tightly. Despite the unknowns of how much power he can possess, he withheld just enough of it to where he didn't deflate the tire. Trini and Jason, with the fulcrum laid out and the car no longer inching further and further over the edge, grabbed ahold of the trunk and the underside of the car

For now, the van was stationary.

The family took notice, taking in the gravity of the situation and remained calm, with the exception of the daughter. She has to hold in her excitement, seconds away from geeking out after seeing the heroes of Angel Grove in person for the first time. Trini, taking notice of her, waves.

The girl waves back, slowly peeking a smile.

Suddenly, the door directly above her is torn off its hinges and ripped off, exposing her. Immediately, she had the urge to scream out until she saw it was just the Black Ranger, making the escape route for the whole family relatively easier.

Black Ranger: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, listen up: nobody be stupid and everyone lives, ok?

He extends his hand out to the daughter first.

Black Ranger: Ladies first.

The daughter was the first to eagerly and hurriedly take the Black Rangers hand before Zack lifted her up and out and into open air and sunshine. Zack had to carefully step to the edge of the trunk, holding the kid while Billy and Trini and Jason continued to supply pressure to keep the van above ground.

Black Ranger: One step, two step, don't look back. There you go.

Thanks to Kimberly being nearby, the kid had help getting down.

Rinse and repeat for the mother, who had to manually crawl away from the passengers seat and into Zack's reach in the backseat. A slight jolt however took everyone out of focus: the rocks holding the van along with the teams fulcrum was beginning to crack and crumble and everyone's senses were alarmed and widened to11. Now they were in a hurry.

However, slow and steady was still the proper move to take, for anymore slight jolts meant innocent blood on the Rangers hands. With Billy, Trini and Jason having to tighten their grip on the back, the mother barely managed to slink through the back and into Zack's grasp, eventually exiting the car. Except this time, Zack has to leap off the car albeit slowly to reunite the mother with her daughter.

Alas, their luck had run out.

The rocks had began to crack and break further apart no longer holding the weight of the van in place and thus sliding it further and further towards the edge to what looked like imminent death.

Jason caught onto it not too long ago but still couldn't stay attached for long.

Red Ranger: Shit, shit, shit!

Blue Ranger: Guys, the van's slipping! It's slipping!

Billy warned the others as he and the other two strained to pull the car back. The dad was absolutely beside himself at the moment. His best move was to burst open the passenger side door as Zack rushed to his aid, finally catching the trouble at hand after further aiding the rescued girls.

But the rocks gave away and with giant metallic clank, the van finally gave way and dropped off the edge of the road.

While Trini and Jason has small pieces of the metal from the trunk of the car, Billy was left accidentally ripping off the bottom left wheel all while Zack slid in a second too late, left to nothing but endless cries from the father to save him.

Black Ranger: Wait! WAIT!

That was all Zack could hopelessly scream as the car tumbled through the air. The father was thrown out of the car and was left free-falling on his lonesome, much to the mother and daughters horror.

Zack just stood there motionless and petrified, still sticking his hand out like an idiot while the father continued into freefall, falling deeper and deeper and deeper to imminent quietus. Even with the Rangers added superhuman durability and speed, it didn't appear that there'd be even enough time to outrun death itself.

But as Ursula K. Le Guin once said "One must work with time and not against it".

Kimberly took that phrase to heart as she swooped in at the last possible second, snatching the falling dad out the air with a wire from the railing above ground. The entire time, he kept on screaming his lungs out since the wind blowing past him in a horizontal direction vaguely resembled him going down.

Pink Ranger: Don't worry, falling dad. I gotcha.

It wasn't until he heard that from Kimberly that he even dared to open his eyes. And sure enough, there she was, her arms gripped tightly around his chest and abdomen carrying him far up through the air. Feeling a sense of relief and calm and warmth, he sighed he sighed heavily in relief almost passing out by the time Pink Ranger landed back onto the surface with him safe and sound.

No sooner does she release him from his arms does he run to his wife and young daughter, the two ecstatic that their father was able to be reunited with them and in one piece. They felt the need to congratulate and thank the five multi-colored teens.

While the other four gave welcome to the family, Zack laid physically immobilized since the moment Billy lost the grip on the car, nearly staring off down the hole the car was dented into and later fell through. Not even able to properly hear his heartbeat nor his irregular breathing, it was a moment of realization for Zack that severely opened his eyes to one of the many dangers of this job.

Somebody could've actually died today, hadn't Kimberly been right there at the precise moment and he hadn't lost focus when the car slipped. It rendered him silent for the remainder of the time they spent there.

Blue Ranger: Huh, maybe we can fly after all.

Even Billy's previous remarks on what he said compared to their act of bravery wasn't cheering him up any better.

All in a days work for the main five teenagers with attitude.

The mess had been mopped up, the rocky mutant Putty patrollers were taken care of and the city could, at least, function into the early afternoon and hopefully for the rest of the day. Rinse and repeat: baddies come in, Rangers show up in the nick of time and save the day. Granted, the upgraded Goldar-dust infected Putties presented more of a challenge for the team and gave them some trouble but only just.

For four out of the five members, todays hassle of events and near causalities, in Zack's instance, was enough for them to handle for one day. All that was left was to report back to their base of operations and, moreso, to their powerful galactic mentor: Zordon of Eltar.

His ship laid amongst the gold mines near the outskirts of Angel Grove, buried deep beneath the crevices of the mountainside underwater. And said body of water, vaguely outlined in the shape of a thunderbolt, led straight down to an ungravitated dead end where droplets are held frozen and crystallized at the end of the surface. Through the stagnant water in place on the other laid both an underwater cave and a rather hazardous training area in one.

The Pit.

To say the Rangers somewhat resented the Pit despite the progress they've made would be taken as an understatement. A lot of blood, sweat and tears and potentially broken bones were shed in this area over the course of three weeks before the team of five were officially accepted as Rangers and if there was one index of memories that could be forgotten about or taken away, the Pit would be close up to the top of the list.....if the team were given the choice.

Especially Billy, who resented it the most for reasons he never made public record. Luckily, the Pit was just a sub-stop.

The main point of entry was 200 feet away and 70 steps later at a caved-in alien spaceship. The doors magnetically as they approach the base of the entrance, for the only way to gain access to the spaceship was with five of the supernatural crystals connected to the Morphin’ Grid. Granting them access, they trudge inside.

A full three minutes of wandering up another flight of stairs and up to and through the main hull, the path then on was relatively straight forward. It led them down to the Command Center where Jason could see the giant pulsating digitized essence of their mentor, Zordon (Bryan Cranston) trapped in the computer matrix behind the wall of the ship from a birds eye-view away. The closer they approached, the brighter the dimmer the light from the Morphin’ Grid’s multiversal energy field in the middle of the room shone back at the main five.

How it didn’t effect his humanoid-like assistant Alpha 5 (Bill Hader) as much needed no question given his cybernetic enhancements.....and the fact that he was the only inhabitance aboard Zordon's ship for the next millions of years before Jason and the others came along.

Zordon: Rangers, excellent work.

He congratulated the team upon them entering the room, standing side by side one another.

Zordon: With each day, your control over your new abilities grows and with it—my faith in you.

This coming from a decorated war veteran and military leader trained at birth who once expected his band of Rangers to follow his instructions to the letter and was easily frustrated, Zordon gradually grew more appreciative of the new team, though his rather secretive side wasn’t keen on outright showing them his gratitude.

His change of heart and coming to terms with his own death made him a significantly better mentor than previously.

Zordon: The 'Goldar dust' is slowly to losing its ability to reanimate any of Rita's fallen putty patrollers, an ability that has since worsened as of today, thanks to your efforts. Soon they will be gone and Angel Grove will be safe again.

Yellow Ranger: Full disclosure.....

Trini started off by manually removing her helmet instead of letting down her face shield and letting her hair flow out.

Trini:....'safe' is just another word for boring.

Kimberly and Billy were quick to pipe in agree with Trini's rather statement, much to Jason's nonplussed confusion. Zack added nothing to the debate, staying off to the side and letting the four get their talk in.

Events from earlier screwed with him too much to motivate him to participate in anything now. However, he did reluctantly remove his helmet off his face once the others began following in tow.

Kimberly: If I may concur, she's not wrong. Look, I won't pretend it hasn’t been fun beating up Gumby and the gang but—I’ve had worse Thursday nights.

Jason: They mean--we can handle anything you throw our way Zordon. Billy: Within the reason of course that's not a challenge.

Zordon: Alpha Five and I will continue to monitor for future Putty activity. Until then you should all get some well deserved rest.

Kimberly: Or ya know go to school see our friends and maintain some hint of a normal life.

Zack: Is anyone else getting extra homework since the Goldar attack?

Everyone chuckle till Zordon spoke up again

Zordon: Jason? A moment alone please?

Jason: Sure. You guys go. I'll catch up.

Everyone nodded and walked out but also with Jason and Kim making a short moment of eye contact and soon as the four left Jason and Zordon were the only ones in the morphing gri

Jason: What's up Z?

Zordon: Jason I just want to be you believe you can still lead this team?

Jason: Pardon me? Didn't we just saved the world? 

Zordon: Yes but one battle does not win a war. And one victory does not make a team. Right now you're relying on luck as much as skill to lead for the others to fallow they have to believe that you not only know their strengths but how to use them properly.

Jason: What'd you talking about?! Few weeks ago we didn't even know each other and you're upset because we're not the Beatles yet?!

Zordon: There are and will be other threats Jason. Rita and Goldar will not be the last to try and steal the crystal and take the world. As Leader I lead my team into countless disasters and I should have known better what these exact threats are then. I don't want to see you making my mistakes Jason. These are more powerful and more dangerous than any you can possibly imagine. And I assure you now that the Rangers are back.....

Silence flooded the grid as Jason froze in his tracks of Zordon's warning

Zordon: They're coming.

This warning made Jason chill to his spine and giving Zordon made this firming as possible Jason tended to take his word for it but he still felt confident that it was nothing that he and the gang could not handle

Jason: Ok I get it. Sooner or later we'll have to save the world again. It'll be a cake Zordon. You'll see. 

Zordon: Do not take this likely Jason. A real leader must be cautious.

Jason: I got it covered. See you on next patrol.  Jason walked out with Zordon knowing he was far from what he hoped him to be and not taking this seriously he let out a soft sigh with Alpha looking back

Zordon: I don't think he's taking this seriously Alpha 5. Everytime I try to presa him he treats it like it's agame. This is no game.

Alpha: Teenagers with Attitude sir. They're just use to being children. They all have a lot to learn before they can face the big things out there. Which is why they need more training.

Zordon: Yes you're right Alpha. But first let's get back to monitoring.

So Zordon and Alpha went back to monitoring for Putty activity with the screen soon cutting back to the town

At Angel Grove Mal we observe people shopping eating at the food court and even walking in and out of a theater there we also soon come across a Karate Center where students were practicing by demonstrating moves punching and kicking heavy bags and sparring on rings

But in an office one student was seeing the Master after a mishap incident that accured an hour later earlier

Sensei: Frankly Mr. Oliver your performance earlier was most disgraceful. That's 5 in a row this month. We teach self confidence and discipline. It's not all about fighting. 

The young man in the chair infront of the desk the Sensei was talking to happened to be another AG High Junior Student. About the same age as the gang in a Green Jacket Black Jeans with a White Shirt underneath

The young man was revealed to be Tommy Oliver (Dylan O'Brien) son of Jeffry And Deborah Oliver and top student to Angel Grove's Karate Center....or he was top till some other mishaps A record of getting into fights at the center and school and former record of shoplifting Tommy's chart was still mildly crooked given the fights had never stopped

Tommy: I get it Sensei. I messed up. It's just I feel like I have to fight each time I turn around. I always had to since I was 12. 

Sensei: And that's why your parents sent you to us for self-discipline.

Tommy: I AM discipline. About making green so let's not make this more diffitcult okay?

Sensei: And that's the kind of attitude that keeps getting you into this situation. Tommy you're a good kid. A smart kid. But the center can no longer tolerate this act of violence.

Tommy: So what am I suppose to do? Just let everyone walk all over me?!

Sensei: That's not what I meant. Tomorrow we'll be holding a sparing try-outs and you been accepted to attend. If you pass this your actions will be cleared but....if you blow this with another fight here or at Angel Grove High Mr. Oliver....we'll have to let you go.

That there made Tommy freeze in that seat as he nodded 

Tommy: Yes Sensei. 

Not many people benefit greatly from getting the short end of the stick and Tommy wasn't exactly teetering near the middle to put it nicely. He knew this was on him; that was his ultimate ultimatum. The last last chance he were to ever get to maintain whatever shred of decency was withheld inside of him that Tommy himself wanted to believe was still there.

So he held his Sensei up to that promise.

Of course, that left the other matter at hand: the parents.

To prevent an already volatile scene from escalating, the nets course of action was to remove Tommy from the premises. Sensei instructed the young Oliver to sit outside of the training room, ponder his thoughts to himself. It was all he could do to insure that Tommy makes sure to take in the full scope of what he became apart of and what he did; an act of predetermined laziness that rubbed off on him extensively for years now.

The same cycle repeated at nausea.

Burdened with the consequences at hand, it left him immobile, starring off into the distance past the plexiglass windows covering the nearest exit. At least until a wolf whistle from the other end of the hallway brings him back to reality.

From then on, the whistle turns his attention over to a young woman with bombshell blonde hair. Same outfit as his, black belt, shoes on and her hands interwoven like she was lying in wait, patiently. There she sat waving over at him, her peach Stiletto claw nails blending in with her skin tone.

(Guess who)

His vital readings turned erratic rather quickly upon taking the first glance at her; didn't stop him from reluctantly raising his hand up and waving at her albeit weakly. Finally, he turns away. Didn't even bother looking back for the next minute in a half while he could barely hear the commotion of what's been happening inside the training room without having to eavesdrop.

Sighing heavily, he turns away from the wall. Before long, he heard the clicking of the locks from the other side of the double doors as the gradually swing open.

From then on, his eyes stayed glued primarily on his parents, Deborah (Amy Jo Johnson) and Jeffrey Oliver (Jason David Frank) being gradually escorted to the way out by Sensei. Not much more needed to be exchanged between the master and seemingly unstable student, evidenced as to how quickly he re-entered the training dojo.

It left the parents on their own to take care of their son.

The stoic glances they exchanged between each other and then back at Tommy spoke about the same level he expected: disappointment. No anger was sensed just from looking at his father but Tommy's played this game before: outrage wasn't his strong suit. Whatever was hidden behind that middle-aged exterior wasn't normally taken up at face value in his experience.

Both of their eyes spoke more of exhaustion, tiredness and irritation.

It wasn't their first time having to come to terms with their sons frequent inability to refrain from hurting others, nor did it look like it was gonna be the last as Debbie motioned to Tommy with her pointer and middle finger. Instructing him to come to them so they could leave, they didn’t rush off without taking a brief glance over at the young lady who again just nods silently and smiles.

All Tommy could do was refrain himself, sighing heavily once more before following his parents on the way out.

The display of awkward silence only escalated once the family were on the road. Nothing but their own mild breathing come across as the only vague sounds the car had to offer aside from the running of the engine.

Nobody spoke.

Nobody looked at each other.

Nobody veered their attention away from the road for the next four minutes. But finally, Tommy’s father felt the need to speak up.

Jeff: You know.....There comes a time when, as a parent, you have to wonder if you're ever truly raising your kids properly.

He honestly couldn't put the statement anymore bluntly than that. "And at this point in time, I'm perplexed as to whether or not this stems from bad luck or it this is intentional."

Tommy: You saying this is my fault?

Jeff: How many times has this happened to you, Thomas? How many times has it ended exactly the same way? When's the cycle gonna stop?

Tommy: When people start turning the other direction and stop trying to pick a fight with me. It's not my fault I'm so susceptible to how I feel all the time.

Most of these were pointers and splices of info that he was well old enough to understand at this point; none of which gave him a satisfactory answer to any of his questions.

His eyes barely resist the urge to twitch. Eventually, he realized there was no avoiding this, forcibly thinking aloud Ok, so we're doing this as he signals left. Taking Debbie off by surprise, the van is taken off the road and near the railing where he brings the car to a stop and switching off the ignition.

He needed clarification because this wasn't doing anyone in the car ANY favors.

Jeff: So you got yourself fired from two perfectly good jobs that paid you well in the last year due to this? I’m trying to understand the though process to this because I swear th—

Tommy: You know why I got fired. The dumbass tried to choke me out because he was off his medication. I didn't even know he took any—

Jeff: You nearly took the boys head off!

Tommy: Self-defense!

Debbie: Boys!

Silence once again flood the car after Deb's shout as Tommy looked directly at his mother who looked back at both her husband and son with an uneasy disblief expression and Jeff just nodded to himself driving on with Tommy just sitting back to the back seat not saying anything after that outbursts 

Not bearing this silence anymore Deborah spoke now

Deborah: Tommy we're only worried about you. Tommy didn't reply He just looked back at the windshield just to see the moon at it's brightest he stared on to it as it seemed like time was going slow for him not knowing up on the moon Rita was staring down at the Earth imaptiently waiting for her coin to pick it's new keeper

Rita then walks away from the view picking up her scepter from the thrown as she exits the room like a dissatisfied auidence from a bad movie 

That Friday morning we come to Angel Grove High since we were last here after the Goldar attack the halls were crowed as students chatter through the halls opening and closing lockers leaving and going in class rooms and on the walls some posters with marker writings of "Go Go Power Rangers!" 

Since the attack the Rangers gotten popular and a number of fan clubs by some of the students but unaware their least favorite gang are who they admire

Speaking of the gang we see half of them in the cafeteria mostly just Kimberly Trini and Jason sitting at a small round table where Jason just tells the girls of Zordon's warning

Trini: So what if there are other threats? Why are you making a big deal out of it?  Jason: I'm not making a big deal. It's just Zordon thinks we can't handle it.

Trini: Ever think there's a reason for it? 

Kimberly: Yeah I mean we underestimated Rita and that's what got Billy killed before. And since Zordon gave up his last chance to be whole again to bring him back maybe he's just trying to keep the same thing from happening to us.  Jason: I'm well aware of that but if we can take down a giant golden mutant and a green suited sorceress what can't we do?

Kimberly: Easy Red. We may have super strength that can punch a hole on a solid wall but we're not invincible. I mean look what happened to Zordon's Rangers. They were all murdered by Rita on the same time the Dinosaurs met their extinction. 

Trini: Yeah plus we're still kids. We maybe teenagers but it counts. And another plus we're still new to this we might need to learn more wisdom.

Jason: Alright. Alright. We'll play it by the book a little more. But I still think Zordon worries too much we can't handle anything that comes our way. I mean we're like the Avengers here. 

Trini: I wouldn't compare myself as a comic character Jason. Kimberly just chuckles with Jason chuckling after her and Kim then spoke that changed the subject

Kimberly: Let's not forget what else we have to worry about besides saving the world. 

Jason: Like what Kim? Kimberly: Saturday Detention.

Ooooh that silenced the trio they been more focused with cleaning up Putties and regular school work they forgot all about their Saturday Detentions and that they and the others are stuck in for the rest of the year which makes Jason sink into his frusteration more but not out bursting infront of the girls Meanwhile at the North Hall which is filled with moving students Tommy is in the crowd and slips into the men's room

Still being down of that spas he had with his parents yesterday Tommy coming out of a stall later he went up to the sinks taking a moment to look at himself in the mirror but when he turned on the running water on the sink the door opens and entered two boys who Tommy saw coming at him in the mirrors

He looked back to see himself being confronted by them which Tommy Recognized them when they arrived

Tommy: Bulk. Skull.

Bulk (Zach Roerig): What's up little Oliver. We heard you....had some problems at the Karate Center

Skull (Eric Knudsen): Yeah. We wanted to check in our favorite fighter. 

Bulk: Maybe we can.....settle that old lesson we promised you last summer. What's say? Tommy tried to back away not saying anything to them trying to keep his promised to the Sensei not to fight till the sparring try outs knowing if he fought before it this would blow everything for him even if it was for self defense and Bulk just grabs him by the collar of his green jacket

Bulk: Chickening out huh? Well allow me to make the first move.

Bulk swung a punch that knocked Tommy to the flour still refusing to fight Bulk started kicking him on the flour and Skull joined in a minute later trying to get Tommy to fight back but wouldn't so they kept kicking him until.....


Bulk and Skull looked back to the door to see Billy standing ther looking at them nervously and none approval. Briefly staring down at Tommy being battered and bruised, Billy's confidence shines through once again as he stands up to the two.

While anxious to actually want to show off his strength like he did to Colt Wallace that one time especially if it means giving away his secret, and rightfully so, Billy couldn't stand the thought of anyone being mishandled the way he’s been. He hated bullies and made it be known.

“Crams-ton”, Bulk expresses rather confidently.

Of course, Billy thought to himself. How could he forget about how basic and embarrassing the two buddies were? If memory served him well, Bulk was the one who gave him that hokey name as a joke in the first place and why it still stuck with him all this time.

It took Skull relatively longer to fully focus on Billy. Given he wasn’t exactly bright, he questioned....

Skull: Wh—why exactly are we staring him down?

Bulk: Fella knocked out Colt.

Skull: A shrimp like you? You concussed Colt Wallace and forced him to back off of you?

Billy could only shrug, repeating his lie he told to his batch of fans when he first got rid of Colt.

Billy: I just simply stated 'If you must come at me.....come at me, bro.' He head-butted me so I knocked him out.

Silence toes the line between the three before there’s snickering. And there’s outrageous, obnoxious hyena-like laughter directed at both each other and at him. Pretty much their way of saying and calling ‘Bullshit’ on that statement.

To further hammer the message across, Bulk just charges at Billy with no warning.

Luckily, he sidestepped out of the way, letting Bulk’s greasy body slip and slide to the hallway as he collided shoulder-first into the lockers. The clanging thud attracted only a moderate crowd of only twenty people, circling around Bulk on the ground just in time to see Billy exit from the doorway of the bathroom. Thinking Billy was the one who threw him out, and rightfully so, the crowd began clamoring and piping up.

Billy was already in enough trouble as it is, given Saturday detention was still on his mind and the possibility they could extend his time to last into the summer. But he was already knee deep into it now.

He took a step forward, offering his hand out to Bulk. If this was going to happen, he wanted this to be fair at least. As expected, Bulk smacks his hand away and slides back to a vertical stance, amidst the collision into the locker rocking his vision a little.

Up on his feet once more, Bulk throws a punch and misses. Billy catches another coming his way and another but swiftly avoids the fists like before. Without even having to throw a punch, he was embarrassing Bulk in front of the surrounding crowd, which had now formed into a semi-circle around the two. The moment Bulk tried going for another tackle, Billy just sidesteps to the side letting him collide with the lockers yet again.

His guard left wide open, Billy didn't notice Skull charging in from the side until a second too late, tackling him to the floor and unloading punches on him.....none of which landed because Billy was wise to keep his hands and elbows up the whole time. Some punches went through though as Skull resorted to aiming at his sides, letting his weight off of the autistic child and kneeing him from the side.

That did as well as expected as the scrawny Skull felt massive pain spiking through his knee. Even more enraged, Skull went for a kick straight for his head which Billy avoided as he quickly rolled backwards and landed on his feet again.

Before he could even pull another punch, he hears "Skullovitch!" originating back to the same bathroom as only him and Billy and a recovering Bulk get his eyes directly on a recovering Tommy while the corresponding crowd nearby have to inch out a little to see him standing near the doorway again. With his fists clutches and balled up, Tommy now found it strenuous to keep his composure.

But so help him, he was gonna pull it together and take it.

Tommy: Oi, turn your gaze back to me. He had nothing to do with this; I'm want the one you started this with.

No sooner should he say that does Bulk clock him square across the face and knock him woozy. Then he proceeds to knee him to the wall.

Bulk: Skull. Over here; let's show him the difference between fundamentals and flash.

Skull is left nodding his head and then further clocks him down to the floor. With kick after kick after kick after punch, Tommy kept his arms up and his sides protected for as long as he could muster to do so for. But he refused to come up with a counter-reaction; anything to keep his promise.

He refused to lift a single finger.

Finally, Billy intervenes.

Jumping on Bulk to distract him, it only gets him so far as he just pushes him off as Billy goes face first into another locker as he continues punching away at Tommy. His eyes however briefly glimpse over at Skull slamming him over again just as Billy was getting up.

Upon briefly seeing that, something in Tommy just SNAPS.

The next kick aimed at him hits his left knee, leaving Bulk wide open for Tommy to knock Bulk down with his other leg. Kicking his leg out from underneath him, it pulls Bulk up close to Tommy as he headbutts him away, allowing him to get up.

Skull, feeling like having dealt enough enough to Billy, adds one more kick in for good measure before turning back around straight into instant doom. Tommy charges in, tackling Skull straight into the lockers with his arms clenched around his waist to avoid him breaking leverage. Persistent, Skull tries swinging around to disorient him which not only made him look retarded but backfired as he ended up bumping into the ongoing crowd.

It did release Tommy's grip however. But that left him a front row seat to see his friend suffer in his place.

Tommy, breathing heavily and his teeth gritting in frustration, snaps his entire body around to a charging Bulk while extending his arm out from the side of the body and parallel to the ground, hitting Bulk hard in both the neck and chest area. It sends him crashing to the ground, aiding several on-goers to look away while the commotion still uproariously flooded the hallway.

That included Billy, who found himself up on his feet but not too far from the fight.

But then he catches notice of Tommy pulling Bulk off the ground by only his arm, draping him over his shoulders in a fireman's carry position. Only then does Skull decide to run to his friends aid, only to get stopped immediately as Tommy spun Bulk around on his shoulders and clocked Skull across the face using Bulls feet. Adding further insult to injury, he just squished Bulk up against his he lockers again before letting him land hard on his ribs.

Yet again, Skull comes flailing in with a punch directed at the karate veteran but there's nobody home.

Aiming for another punch, he notices Tommy sidestepping out the way but then grabbing the arm in place and popping Skull in the face with a back elbow. The brief knock-back from the elbow bounces Skull into a headbutt before Tommy lets go momentarily and without hesitation.

A groggy Skull didn't anticipate Tommy wrapping his arm around the back of his neck and bringing him onto the back of his hip, then spinning like a wheel to throw him directly over him and straight onto his shoulder blade and ribs. To make matters worse, Tommy is quick to trap Skulls arm between his own legs and torque the elbow unnaturally into an armbar. Squeezing his legs towards his body and pulling the arm towards him, Tommy was not giving Skull a second to breathe.

Skull was flailing around hyper-extensively like a fish out of water, desperate for some kind of leverage to get out of the hold but the armbar was locked in too tightly. And this went on for a full two minutes. Hyper-rotating the shoulder joint also hyper-rotated the elbow joint, which eventually snapped his elbow out of place, causing more agony for Skull.

Finally letting go of the hold, Tommy ceases the horror show as students began backing away from him and start fleeing the hallway, sans Billy who still lingered around with a watchful eye. But that left only one half of the duo worse for wear....and Tommy did not feel the need to continue on with this much longer, for he had well and truly overstayed his over-dramatic outburst.

But alas, it wasn't to be.

His face just turned stoic as he spun around with a sidekick, clocking Bulk in the stomach and knocking the air out of his lungs as he dropped to his knees. His hands gradually let loose of the strap on his bookbag, his object of choice to hit Tommy over the head with as he quickly wrapped his arms around his stomach, the kick taking all the air out of him and leaving him wide open for Tommy to continue an assault.

An assault he, for one, wanted to stop as soon as possible. It wasn't hard for Tommy to sympathize with Bulks current predicament.....loosely. Like most bullies, they don't tend to back away or shut down in front of anyone unless met with someone mentally or physically stronger and here these two laid, flat on their backs and on their knees.

And yet something kept Tommy from just leaving him on his lonesome. It really did seem unfair that no matter how much he strived to be honorable and respectable like his conscience wanted him to be, it would also keep taunting him with his failures. Each time the regrets reemerged, he would diligently analyze them again, hoping that this time his mind would be satisfied with his self professed remorse, but it never was......even though he felt it. Like an unforgiving spectre, it would be back seconds later the next day to haunt him all over again.

And that broken conscience was urging him to finish it, through his frustration. It was a call he unwillingly had to follow, storming down to Bulks midsection and grabbing ahold of his right leg while he finally spoke up, frantically trying to prevent the same fate as his friend.

Bulk: Enough enough enough! Ok ok ok, you got me. You got us, ok, Tommy? We'll stay clear of you, just stop this. I beg of you!

Tommy: Next time......don't pull that kind of stunt on me.....

He pauses and then laments the next thought and course of action to follow.

Tommy: Otherwise, you're gonna force me to break the other one.

Bulk: The other whaAARGHHH!

That was the sound of his right ankle, snapping and crushing the Achilles' tendon in his leg and rendering Bulk one leg short. In one fell swoop, both boys were seen flat on their backs battered and physically broken with no immediate cause of action in easing their projected injuries.

They simply picked the wrong fight with Tommy.

With the area airing out, it gave Tommy some breathing room as the sweat became more visible slowly dripping down his face and through his shirt and hoodie. Having recovered from his eventful rampage on the two boys, a thick blanket of air calms him, wrapping his head back around to the matter at hand: Billy.

Noticing how Billy stayed out of the fight for a majority of the time after he came in and broke the boys, he simply asks....

Tommy: Are you alright?

Billy's only response was "Was that—was that really necessary, man?"

Tommy just nods No, well aware that he broke his promise to his Sensei and broke two more people who now looking back on it, deserved better than what he gave them. But he couldn't take back what he did.

However, Billy, knowing Tommy's heart was somewhat in the right place felt giving credit where credit was due. "Tough guy, huh?"

Tommy: Sometimes you got to be tough to get by. But I do appreciate your help.

He held out his hand to him.

Tommy: I'm Tommy. Billy: Billy.

"And that's enough."

They both look up and see the new principal Caplin (Steve Cardenas) hovering over the two. However, he was pointing directly at Tommy.

Caplin: Well Mr. Oliver another record broken I see. Tommy: Mr. Caplin let me just say.....

Caplin: That you'll be joining Saturday Detention for the rest of the year? Glad to hear it.

Silence came for a moment as the Princible and the two boys to look back to see Bulk regaining consciousness Bulk: And as for you two.

The duo look at the Princible in surprise

Caplin: How many times you weasels gonna repeat the 11th Grade?

Bulk: Yo sir it's not what it looks like. We....we were just minding our own bussiness till we heard some commotion in the men's room and we saw these two going at it Skull: Yeah all we did was try to brake it up.

Tommy: You lying sons of.....

Tommy was about to charge at them again till Billy grabbed his arm and shoulder he looked back at him with Billy nodding "No" to him telling him he wan't worth it

Tommy even felt a harder grip from him which he frowned at not knowing that was Billy's Ranger strength he was feeling Tommy looked back at Caplin who was staring back at them with a soft smirk

Caplin: Nice of you to hold a leash on him Mr. Cranston. You'll even have more company at Saturday Detention. And as for you Mr. Oliver this was your exact last chance. If you at leat avoided one fight before your try-outs your record would have had a clean slate. Weather however this fight happened it still marks it as the last ones. I'll be phoning your parents and your Sensei in the next period. And we'll be seeing you this Saturday. 

Life once again hit Tommy like a giant semi truck knowing this would kick him out of not only the try outs but but out of the entire center too even knowing his dad will be extra furious for this Tommy was just ready to blow just as Caplin turned back to Bulk and Skull

Caplin: And that goes for you two as well. Saturday Dention.

Bulk: Are you kidding me?! 

Skull: Sir don't you trust us?

Caplin: With your track records I don't think so.

The two kept protesting to try and talk their ways out of this but Caplin kept overruling them as Billy and Tommy took a moment to turn to one another again

Billy: Sorry I got you in trouble.

Tommy: It's not your fault. I think I would have anyway if you hadn't walked in. 

Billy: Still I feel bad. But....I got to say those moves of yours are impressive. How did you learn how to fight like that? 

Tommy: Ehh....when you get walked on all your life you.....just got to walk back. What little it did me. You train yourself? You got a good grip when you grabbed me. 

Billy: Oh uh......

Billy knowing he seemd to have been suspected there not knowing he had his strength on him Billy had no words and babled for a moment which made Tommy more confused till......

Caplin: Well boys? Am I clear on Saturday tomorrow? Tommy? 

Tommy: Y--yes sir. 

Billy was relieved to know he was saved there knowing he was more in trouble than he already was Tommy was still beaten up more than he literally was

Caplin nodded and he walked away escorting Bulk and Skull away who still were trying to talk themselves out of Saturday Detention and Tommy and Billy talked one last time

Billy: Well....that could have gone better. 

Tommy: With those two I doubt it. They're like the Beevus and Butthead in this school.

Billy: Hahahaha! That's a good one. But if you ask me Bulk and Skull should get their own comedy show. 

Tommy: I know right. That's what I was always saying to myself. Too bad no one has the last laugh now. My folks are really gonna kill me this time.

Billy: Don't let it get to you man. Besides Saturday Detention's not too bad. You basically just have to listen to the teachers running it gibber a lot.

They both chuckled starting to take a like to one another till they hear the bell ringing with students now flooding the halls again

Tommy: Well uh....nice meeting you Billy. See ya Saturday?

Billy: Just looked to the left.

Tommy smirked chuckling as he walked off in the crowd and Billy turned walking to the other side

Later after the last period the whole gang regrouped out in the main hall just as Billy finished telling the them what went on at the Men's room

Jason: Are you sure this guy didn't suspect anything when you grabbed him?

Billy: Possitve. I think he completely forgot soon as Mr. Caplin threw the hammer on him and Bulk and Skull. He didn't ask anything after that. I'm sure we're good. 

Jason: Good. 

Kimberly: Bulk and Skull. You know those two were suppose to be seniors this year. Till last year they were hold back for the incident last year. 

Zack: What happened? 

Trini: You don't want to know.

Jason: Trust me you don't. But anyway. Kim? 

Kimberly looked curiously at Jason

Jason: You think later you and I could----

Billy suddenly out burst like something hit him before Jason could finish his statement with Kimberly but now was intterupted

Billy: OH YEAH!

Everyone looked at him with Jason looking annoyed for that

Billy: I just remembered something. Since I got back on my old science projects after the uh.....attack? I been working on something that might help us in the next......missions.

Trini: What's that? 

Billy: They're uh.....well you guys might laugh at me when you see them but....what the he---

Still keen on trying to keep himself cursing Billy took a minute to put it behind him

Billy: What the heck. It's back at my house I'll show you.

Billy walked passed them. The whole group fallowed Billy out as Jason looked back little disapointed he didn't get to ask Kimberly whatever question it was but after looking back for a minute he turned over to fallow the others

Few minutes later at Billy's house the garage door open with the gang standing outsided and once the door was done lifting Billy walked in first as the rest looked around

Zack: Nice Garage Bill. 

Billy: I use to do my project in here. Till my dad had his accident. Since then I....well....let's just say I spent more time in the basement playing video games. 

Billy reached up to a top shelf with Kim and Trini behind him looking up to what he was reaching for and Jason and Zack came up looking curious as Billy pulled out a large box and placed it on the tool table and opened it

Billy: Rangers.....allow me to introduce you......

What he showed them was five walkie talkies in the same colors as their armors with Jason frowning lower than the others

Billy:......our new communicators.

The hinged lid white oak wooden box stored five weirdly shaped communicators the same size as their IPhones, except here they gave off more the impression of looking like toys; early 2000's gimmicky toys modeled almost circuit by circuit after the digivices from the popular multimedia franchise Digimon, more specifically the second season of Digimon Adventure.

The similarities were radically similar in every distinct fashion.

Each version of said device was equipped with a radar and data storage. Even though they were the same type, they were differentiated by a color scheme unique to the character who uses them. While the center spoke nothing to write home about, the grip expressed the dominant color of each member while also sporting the crystallized armor plating from each of their suits.

Jason's observant eye took no time at all to figure out the distinctions.

Jason: Billy, di—Did you seriously model these after the Digimon devices?

Billy: They're called D3 digivice and cut me some slack, alright Jason? It was the first thing to popped to mind and God knows when we'll ever need to use these.

Kimberly: Well maybe....but, why not just use our phones? least make pagers.

Zack: Now that would be off an earlier show than Digimon.

Trini: Better try wristwatches then.

Billy shrugged his shoulders; something told me they wouldn't exactly be open to these at first. "Fine. I'll think of something else IF it comes to me. But for now, we improvise with these."

Again, it sparked no immediate reaction from the other teammates, probably out of confusion and incertitude. They couldn't get over just how cheesy it looked, how it felt, let alone what it would imply if they did go through with it. This wasn't no early 90's Saturday morning cartoon, this was 2017.

Objectively speaking, very few people would even still be using these.

Zack was the first, and only one to respond, simply shrugging his shoulders and putting his digivice communicator away in his brown jacket pocket. The smiles he perks seconds later displayed his former bravo and swagger, the toughness and coolness of his exterior but it doesn't stay for longer. Yesterday's events still lingered heavily on him: the car slipping, the father screaming ringing endlessly in his ears, the stigma that he arrived too little too late and he would've been dead if not for Kimberly.

These multiple layers beyond his fearless appearance fractured him as a result, outside of his ailing mother.

He could only respond with simply.....

Zack: Yeah. Well, Imma be on my way. Be seeing you, guys.

Nothing about that statement sat well with the others, especially Trini who attempted to reach out for Zack but to no avail. He just shrugs himself away and just walks up his way back up the stairs, carrying most of the weight of his somber, silent attitude along with him.....while also leaving some of it down with the other four momentarily, who just stared off at where he left worrying what his deal was.

Similar to the others, Billy grew increasingly worried for Zack’s ongoing behavior. He sounded less like himself and gave off the impression he didn’t exactly want to spend too much time around the others. Billy wasn’t the first to grow concerned for Zack’s well-being.....but he was the first that wanted to do something about it.

Billy: I'll—I'll take care of him. See y'all, if not tonight, then Saturday.

Billy's quick to dash past Trini but not without saying "Excuse me", remembering his manners and rushing up the wooden stairs to catch up with Zack. Seconds pass as the door closes, leaving the other three down in that basement with their hands still gripped to their communicators before finally giving in.

Shrugging together, they all went ‘Why the hell not?’ and simply put theirs away, back pocket, front pocket, wherever they saw fit.

They'd find a way to make it work with each other.....somehow.

Jason: So where does this leave us for the rest of the day?

This gave Trini pause for thought for a few, but then all of a sudden, it clicked.

Trini: I think I got something.

Kimberly: Hmm?

Trini: There's this pub that I go to after-school sometimes, and it's run by this cool guy where people just hang out to have a good time; you know? Packed with a gym and juice bar and last I checked, they're holding karate tryouts over there in about an hour or two. I figured.....why not pass the time?

At that moment, Kimberly just looked up through the window, seeing Zack walking away from the house and making his leave. Billy took longer to come into view in Jason's eyes. The thought creeped in, once gain, that something was ticking inside of Zack but he was positive that despite his autism, Billy could get him to open up.

Once the two turn away from the window, sharing a brief little staring contest within the moment.....their heads choose over their guts snd decides for both of them.

They both look up at Trini and nod "Yes." However, the good-natured sport in Jason's head kept mentally screaming at him that maybe they should've reconsidered.

Walking away from the house, Zack just looked piss poor unable to let go the previous errors from yesterday.

The nagging pain of nearly failing had overtaken him at its fullest. He had allowed this one mistake to mentally corrupt him and overblow the complications of the situation to extreme proportions. Granted, grief obeys its own trajectory, there is no timetable for feelings of pain after loss; nor is it possible to avoid suffering altogether. In fact, attempts to suppress or deny grief are just as likely to prolong the process while also demanding additional emotional effort.

And almost a full day of ignoring and denying the grief had caught up to the poor man. Right then and there, Zack knew he couldn't let it pass any further; the inner child in him suggested he take it out on something, someone other than his friends.

How he planned to go through with that: by heading straight back to the Pit.

One plus to the already hazardous training area was the supposed equal fifty-fifty treatment regarding who got hurt. It consisted of one and only one separate blink-and-you'll-miss-it training pad billed and constructed identically as the rest of the rocky terrain it inhabited. The only way to unlock it and set the options at hand was via a pressure pad.

Which was piss easy to feel and locate since Alpha had done it on repeat for the team on the off-chance they needed to do some of the training themselves. Up upon one of the higher rock surfaces of the area laid the pad....

....and what appeared up and out through the floor was exactly what Zack needed right now: Putties. These hybrid rock mutated freaks of nature slowly crawling up and through the floor, formulating their mutilated body structures always brought a measure of unpleasantness over Zack. Watching them having to do was about the same equivalent as someone dislocating their bones on their own behalf.

Either way he looked at it, it was disgusting.

Off goes the jacket, chucking it down to the side and biting off the edge of the wrist tape from the roll and wrapping it around his already sweaty arms and hands. But in need of a workout, the shirt wasn't gonna stay on. He tosses it back behind him, leaving his chest and ripped skin exposed as he stood his ground, battle ready, already breathing heavily for what was to come.

"Just know I ain't got all damn day", he spit harshly as the reanimated fake Putties surround him with malicious intent.

He did get the drop on them first however.

Straight out the gate, he charges forward at the first Putty he sees and spins around it's heads entangling them with his arms before slamming the back of their heads to the ground. Rolling over, he dropkicks another Putty by its legs, dismembering it. More of the Putties quickly began to pile up on him before even giving him breathing room to get off.

Being the slippery one Zack was, he ends up sliding up and away from the pile leaving a faint clutter of Putties clumped together on the floor. Taking his chance, he leaps up to the nearest wall on his right and lunges down at high velocity. Most of the pile catches eye of him and briefly moves out the way....all except for three.

Landing down with velocity, a thunderous ground pound is executed with his fists and feet piercing through the chests and shoulders of three dismembered Putties. He noticed the holographic ligaments of their bodies twitching around his arms and back.

Zack: Just keep going, Zack.

High into the air, he kicks a Putty's head clean off with a roundhouse but ends up losing balance as he tries to recover. The loss of balance causes him to fall right into the Putties hands as two just grabbed ahold of him from behind and hurled him towards two others in front of him. They weren't expecting Zack to spin around halfway through and clobber through both Putties elbow first, the two falling apart when the center of their chest was struck.

No time to dilly dally, despite having plenty of time, Zack runs up and under another Putty who attempted a big boot but missed, only to kick it square in the neck. It caused its body to fall apart while leaving the head. Using leverage, Zack kicks the head like a soccerball as it collapses into another Putty charging at his direction.

The access pile of rocks tumbling out of it blinds the Putties directly behind it and off to the its closest left and right. But only momentarily as the sight of Zack leaping directly over and behind them didn't go past unnoticed. They all take a swing at him simultaneously, indirectly locking up each other's arms and allowing Zack to grab each by the wrist and snap all their arms off.

Zack: Gotta be quicker than that.

It didn't help that they were put to use as nunchucks immediately afterwards, clocking each Putty that came his way further dislocating, dismembering and making easy work of Rita's holographic foot soldiers.

Nearly half an hour of this went into this hell. Every Putty he put down, Zack wanted more, not gaining anymore satisfaction from disposing of enemies that were piss easy to dispose OF in the first place. Except deep in his heart of hearts, there was no real point to it anymore and the issue he was beating himself over was that of an everyday occurrence......all of which hit way too close to home.

He wanted to stop this and call it a day. He really wanted to but he pressed onwards and to his displeasure, Zack realized he wasn't feeling any better. And the last thing he needed was somebody else to call him out on it.

You know, the average highs school student nine hours of sleep to function properly.....

Technobabble: a form of jargon that consists of buzzwords, esoteric language, specialized technical terms, or technical slang that is impossible to understand for the average listener. Except Zack's definition of technobabble doesn't branch outwards towards just spiffy new tech and more towards anything in particular he doesn't understand or doesn't want to.

So Billy having to come in and interrupt with him with superstition that sounded awfully preachy wasn't what he needed.

Billy:....and you're way below that. Not that I'm calling you average, I'm—I'm sure you're above that, moderately speaking.

"Not now, Bill. Let me practice in peace", Zack exerts loudly as he lands another side kick towards the chest area of another Putty.

Zack: I don't need a pep talk. See, you night he used to screwing up but not me. It won’t happen again on my watch. Not now, not EVER.

Billy: Zack, seriously now. What happened the other day wasn't anything to write home about. Don't tell me you're still beating yourself up over a stupid litt—

The sudden shift of velocity and air hurling his direction took Billy off his rocker a little bit but he manages to block the incoming roundhouse from Zack with ease. He had pushed one of his friends buttons a few centimeters too far.


Taking his warning lightly but not with playfully nudging his roundhouse away from his face with his elbow, Billy just took a step away to give Zack some breathing room despite him standing straight Center into the holographic training ground.

Billy: Seriously, Z. It's not much to beat yourself up about; you need to get some R&R.

Zack: I NEED to be BETTER.

He rebuttals straight back at Billy once more, his emotions no longer restraining the pitch in his voice from rising up in frustration from the past days. To Billy's credit, he'd be hard pressed to find Zack training on his lonesome let alone determined to improve.....especially since since he was originally somewhat the slacker of the group. The signs of a good student: good isn't good enough for them.

Out of breath from the near thirty minute endless long training session, Zack still caught ahold of one remaining Putty patroller now squirming in agony with Zack's wrist-taped hand clutched firmly around it's neck. His eyes lingered onwards, keeping focus squarely on Billy and daring him to make a move on him. Any sort of action whatsoever, he wanted him to take it.

Billy did.....but in a way that could've severely mentally cripple his friend.

Billy: If this is about the dad......I know that feeling.

Zack freezes, his legs crossed over the other and the sweat from his chest drip-drip-dripping down upon his shoes. Upon recollection, he scoffs.

Zack: A child almost grew up without a father a mere thirty nine hours ago because I took my eyes off him for a split second. You really think that you know what that feels like—

Billy: I lost my father because I lost focus. And.....I never really knew how to process that, even today. Believe me: I KNOW a thing or two about loss.

All Zack thought about spitting out the instant he finished that sentence was 'The hell you do. Nobody knows how to describe that feeling'. The ridiculous amount of resentment and frustration he already kept inside had doubled upon hearing those last four words. It was as profound as it was banal. But then he remembered the bonfire: the night that truly brought them together.

And I—I don't miss my dad as much. I mean, coming to the mountain with him was all I had.....

Rewording and rewinding to a month ago felt a lot like a cerebral process especially since Zack knew personally he wasn't exactly one of the brightest members of the group. But he couldn't deduce that it was just an act: when Billy does get emotional, he tends to REALLY let it all go. Why would an autistic kid joke about death?

Now Zack had a better understanding as to what Billy really meant when those words were ushered that night. And it changed his whole perspective on how he envisioned the previous day and a half. No words needed to be addressed further, for everything that needed to be explained was already discussed to its full conclusion.

Zack: Bill I....I didn't mean to snap like that. And condolences about your dad. 

Billy: Thanks. Mine to yours too. 

Zack: Do you remeber anthying else about.....the accident? If you don't mind me asking. 

Billy was deep in thought and each time he thought about it only made him grief and confused as ever he was basically silent for a moment but just as Zack opened his mouth to speak again Billy looked at him with a nod

Billy: Just.....not much. It's about all I remember. But....I do get a few gaps I over looked before each time it pops in my head. But other than that it's a blur.

Zack: I hear ya. 

Billy and Zack walked on just when it was close to sunset but during that we come back to Angel Grove Mall where it was still crowded with people coming and going given it was a Friday we join Trini still leading Jason and Kimberly there as they came through the giant halls of the mall which gets Kim to grow a small grin remebering she use to shop here when she was on the squad

Kimberly: You know Trin if I known you were bringing us here I would have my credit card re-newed.

Trini: We're not here to shop. Just to stop by to see a friend of mine at the Yuth Center plus there's some kind of karate try-outs going on. 

Jason: Oh yeah I try to get in that pulled me away from that.

Kimberly: You should think about re-joining then? You know to get some practice know.

Jason: Nah. Training in the pit's enough for me.

Trini nodded at Jason's confidence with a smirk and soon they pressed on and about a minute or two later they come across the yuth center where it was more crowded than the other departments in the mall

The trio manage to get through the crowd just in a matter of more minutes and mange to catch the sparring fights on the righ and the crowd was cheering and all and Trini just kept smirking and nodding as Jason and Kimberly observed curiously

Jason: Whoa those guys are pros.

Trini: Yeah it's suppose to be a try-out for an upcoming tournament this summer.

Kimberly: And your friend's one of them.

Trini: No he's at the bar. Come on.

They made way to the other side through the crowd and came across the milk shake bar to see a bar tender turned to the back gathering glasses and stuff as Trini sat to the bar and calls out to the man

Trini: Ernie! 

The Bartender: Ernie (Will Sasso) turned around to see Trini on the bar and grinned

Ernie: Trini. Haven't seen you in awhile. 

Trini: Been stuck in freaking Breakfast Club every Saturday. 

Ernie: Bummer. There no  fun. Except the movie. I don't think you missed much the center here's been packed since the attack. A lot sigbed up for self defense classes.

Trini: No shock there. 

Ernie: Who are you two friends here? 

Trini: Oh.....just some friends from school I thought I bring along.

Jason: Jason Scott. 

Jason reached over to Ernie's hand shaking it as he shook his hand Ernie nodded and turned to Kimberly on the other seat by Trini

Kimberly: Kim Ann Heart. Short for Kimberly. 

Ernie: Ahh....Angel Grove High huh? Nice to meet you both. I think I heard of you Jason. Are you....Lucas's boy?

Jason: Lucas? Ohh you must be talking about my uncle. I didn't even know he comes here.

Ernie: Just occasionally. Mostly just sits by one of the booths and glues himself to his laptop like a detective or something.

Jason: Sounds like he's still on his X-Files habit looking for aliens.

Jason: Well now we know for sure the truth IS out there. Given after the giant golden monster and that team of rainbow superheroes and their giant. You guys hear of that?

The trio looked at one another knowing it was them and Billy and Zacl he was really talking about and not knowing it and Trini nodded to him 

Trini: Yeah we heard I mean we've got tv's. 

Ernie: Well whoever those people are aliens or not they got my approval. A lot of people trash talk about them but we'd all be dead if not for them right?

Jason: I know right. Some can be ungrateful.

Kimberly: Everyone has their own feelings about everything. Even about the Power Rangers.

Ernie: No doubt. So....what can I get you guys? Trini the usual?

Trini: Sure. 

Ernie: And what would you two like? 

Jason: Just a 7-up.

Kimberly I'll have a water.

At the back of the center in the Sensei's office poor Tommy was again sent there to be sculled but it was worse than before

Sensei: Tommy....I'm really sorry but from what your Principle told me that was the last straw.

Tommy: They were picking on another kid Sensei. Was I suppose to let him get beaten up?

Sensei: Of course not. But I can't cover this this time. The center can't afford more acts of violence weather you were standing up for a friend or not.

Tommy: So that's it? Just bye gones be bye gones. I been coming here for three years and now it all ends cause....I had to get into a fight just to stand up for another.

Sensei: I'm really sorry Tommy. 

Tommy: Not as Sorry as I am. 

Tommy got up and pulled off his backpack unzipping it and pulls out his karate suit all folded and just slams it on the desk Tommy and the Sensei looked at each other for a moment then Tommy pulled his pack on and left in a hurry feeling defeated and frusterated

Later Kimberly came out of the girl's bathroom and when she was about to walk back to the bar she reached in her purse just for her to drop out a folded magazine she reached for it just when someone grabbed it for her handing it back 

Kimberly: Thanks. 

Tommy: You're welcome.

Yes it was Tommy but Kim didn't get a good look at his face given he walked around her so fast but she did looked to his direction seeing only his back feeling curious who that was but wasn't sure

Kimberly's curiosity got the better of her causing her to shout out Hey! to the unknown man which made him look around suddenly at her which made Kimberly freeze in her chest staring at Tommy's handsome face and flat buffed chest 

Kim felt weak in the knees as she was lost for words not knowing what to say to him as Tommy looked back curious but too felt a sudden freeze looking at the beautiful short haired girl and wondered who she was too it was like he was looking at an agel

But with no words still not coming out of Kimberly Tommy quoted Yeah? which snapped her out of it finally talking but stuttered a little

Kimberly: attending here?

Tommy: Not anymore. I just got kicked out. 

Kimberly: Oh that's too bad. What happened? If you don't mind me asking. 

Tommy: Not at all. It's not like  I got anyone else to tell.

Kim frowned from that realizing this guy maybe a loner like she and the others were before

Tommy: I uh....I got into some fight with some guys at school. They were after me but came at some other guy trying to defend me. Then the Principle caught us and sent us all in Saturday Dention and.....just cost me my role here.

Hearing that sounded awfully the same as Billy's story from earlier making her realize this guy was who he was talking about

Kimberly: Are you talking about Billy Cranston?

Tommy: Yeah. You know him? 

Kimberly: He's a good friend of mine I met in the same detention.

Tommy: You??? You seem too nice to be in Saturday Detention.

Kimberly: Well if you knew my full story you would know that's not the case. 

Tommy: I bet. And sorry where are my manners. I'm Tommy Oliver. 

Tommy held out his hand and Kimberly gladly took it feeling his warmth palm as her cheeks nearly turned red

Kimberly: Hi. I'm Kimberly Heart. 

Tommy: That's a pretty name. 

Kim just got more and more nervous when the word Pretty esscaped his mouth and she was feeling more weak in the knees she even stuttered again

Kimberly: Th---thanks....

Tommy let out a nervous chuckle given he was feeling unedge but not as close as Kimberly is 

Kimberly: So.....if you're gonna attend detention tomorrow do you want to hang out....with the others and me? We might be doing something afterwards if you're.....interested. Billy will be there too.

Tommy: Yeah that....that sounds great. I could use a bright side from all this darkness around me.

Kimberly: Yeah. 

Tommy: Well.....see ya then? 

Kimberly: Yeah. 

Tommy and Kimberly kept nodding chuckling nervously and kept saying Bye four times and soon Tommy found his courage to walk away not noticing Kimberly didn't take his eyes off him till he disappeared to the edge of the doorway to the hall where the crowd was still cheering for the fights

As Kim later had a hard time shaking her memory of what just happened still covered in red cheeks which normally doesn't happend to her as often as now she walked back to Ernie's bar where Jason and Trini till turning their heads over to her coming back.

Trini: You took your time. 

Kimberly: Sorry I....I got a little side track. 

Jason: Well you're just in time they started the finals.

They watched the final rounds accurue which took several minutes almost an hour really and soon a winner was declared to be entering the summer tournament

The crowd cheered and the three applaud too just before turning back to Ernie

Ernie: That kid's got some guts. He's gonna need the best luck this summer. 

Jason: I got no doubt in it.

Ernie: You sure sound confident. 

Trini: You have no idea. Jason: What do you mean Trin?  Trini: Nothing. 

Ernie: Well once again nice meeting you two. Hope you'll come by again.

Kimberly: Oh for sure. We may bring our other two friends with us. 

Ernie: More the merrier. 

They nodded and soon left the bar outside Tommy was just talking on his cell phone to his dad which sounded pretty heated up given Tommy's responses

Tommy: Look I get it I'm a screw up can you please lower the volume. No sir I didn't mean it like that. Dad come o----

Tommy just huffed as the phone talk wasn't as smooth as he tried to make it

Tommy: Ok....I got it. I'll be home in an hour. Bye.  Tommy pressed the hang up button as he looked back hearing chattering from countless people but turned back to his car and hopped the ignition and driving off

But in the crowd the trio came out and Jason turned to Kimberly

Jason: You want a ride in my truck? 

Kimberly: I uh.....

Kim turned to Trini wondering the same with her

Trini: Go on ahead. I got to get home anyway or my brothers will snitch to my parents on me. 

They two nodded to her and Trini went jogging off leaving Kim and Jason by themselves

Kimberly: I guess so.

Jason smiled taking Kim's hand which for some reason feels off given her memory of Tommy had not left her head and at first tended to pull her hand off but she gripped his trying to hold her nervousness in and went with Jason to his truck

Jason opened the shotgun seat for her and she gladly went in it and after closing the door Jason went to the driver's seat and turned his own ignition and drove off themselves

Something about this picture felt wrong.

Mental turmoil and emotional chaos had followed Kim from the moment she left the mall.....and it was staring at her from the other side of the windshield; almost laughing at her. This never happened to her before: crush at first sight? Love at first sight? It was dangerous, it was reckless, it was something she deemed unhealthy and unethical given what she'd already been through and the current predicament Kimberly found herself in now with Tommy.

She didn't even know the man personally so why is she feeling this way? How would Jason react to it if he found out? was the first thought to herself the entirety of the car-ride home and it was the nagging suspicion that she actually was attracted to the former karate veteran that actively worried her, especially since Jason thought they were dating.

Or close to it, at least.

But she wouldn't have to worry about those beans spilling, for something else was stifling Jason and his current thought process; something.......troubling. Zordon's previous words of warning really had him doubting his positioning as Red Ranger, let alone his position as a natural born leader. Then again, now he wasn't sure if he could even associate himself to that same title.

Similar to Zack, it was a rather nagging thought that honestly had him stumped.

The best Kim could do was try and avoid the topic from overclouding her thought process and the guilt from engulfing here. All she could muster to say while coupled up in the passenger seat, staring out at the reflections of the streetlights reflecting off the windshields was....

Kimberly: Do you think it was wise for that.....Youth Center of whatever to still be open during this time?

Jason: Its a matter of perspective. Personally speaking, people have become dependent on that kind of entertainment whenever shit goes south. Safety always matters first to me.

Kimberly: That's the ironic thing about all of this: during all of this chaos, businesses, big and small, are doing better than before. And yet, half the city's thrashed, thousands of people are dead while others are stuck living in the park because of their homes being destroyed.....and then you have my parents complaining cause our lawnmowers broken. That's like surviving a plane crash and complaining about where's the food.

Jason: Do you think I make a good leader?

A sudden detailing of the previous conversation, it brought the topic around to where Jason's current insecurities lied. Unlike Kim, he decided to get it out the air right her and now rather than hold it in and let it eat him alive.

Being one part of the conversation that Jason intentionally left out earlier on in the day, he realized how perplexed it made Kimberly. At least she was until he outright said....

Jason: That's why Zordon pulled me aside to talk to me yesterday. He mentioned that with more bad things coming our way, they're not gonna wait for us to figure out how to work together.

Kimberly: Which is why you kept insisting that we know what we're doing, how we can handle this, etc etc.

She intervenes, finishing Jason's statement for him recognizing where he's going with this. All Jason could reply back with was....

Jason: Can you blame me though? If he's not bluffing, and I sure as hell don't want to call him out on that, I need people to at least pretend that I'm in charge here.

Kimberly: Why, cause red's a primary color?

He shrugged.

Jason: He gave off the impression that it was.

Kimberly: Again, to reiterate my point from earlier....we all started doing this at the exact same time. You want people to look up to you like they once did Zordon—maybe start by listening to them first. Because as far as I'm concerned, good leaders actually listen.

Jason appreciated the words of free advice he received, for it showed that he wasn't completely incompetent by hiding the information for himself and being forthcoming about his potential issue.

Whether or not he'd listen to what was given was a different matter entirely.....and it was all up to him.

What wasn't was when they'd get back to Kimberly's house. She wasn't kidding when she said she lived on the other side of the mountain, for both her and Jason could barely see the hazardous rocky terrain from over the hills of trees and shrubs and bushes......and that meant they were close.

No less then a minute later, the red Dodge Ram is parked up at the edge of the sidewalk and halts. Jason departs from the driving seat, having led Kimberly home like he promised and walks over to her side before opening the door and letting her out.

Kimberly: Thank you.

Nobody was outside; Kim's mom and step-dad were nowhere in sight and most of the lights inside the house were shut off, indicating that the two were asleep. Good, was all Kim had to say. Even if that wasn't the case, they had regained enough trust in her that she'd be out and come back home when it counted.

That would've changed if they were up and saw Angel Groves former star quarterback dropping her off and immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. Kim promised no more drama between them and her....for as long as she could.

Approaching the front door with only the porch-lights on, the reflecting off of her only stumped Jason further from taking another step. Blinded by her imminent beauty, he found himself losing sight of the fact that he was only supposed to be dropping her off even as he directly heard her say her goodbyes.

Kimberly: Thanks for the ride. Goodnight.

Jason: Hold up a second.

Noticing his own sudden shift in demeanor, there was no taking the statement back. Jason could tell how silent it was outside, aside from the repetitive high-pitched cheeping of crickets, and he resisted the urge to smirk lightly underneath a facepalm. He didn't feel comfortable pull this next move off in a noisy, messy setting and he didn't want it to be somewhere too brightly lit or conspicuous either.

Which made this location a better spot than never.

Jason: I wanted to say this earlier before we were pulled to Billy’s garage. So.....

As he basked in the continuous chirping, he remembered a crickets various meanings for certain cultures of chirping. Some cultures regard the chirp as an indication of good luck or a sign of rain. Other cultures consider it a bad sign and believe it can indicate impending illness or death. But they were named for the high-pitched sounds male specimens produce to attract females. And Jason had been trying and failing at every opportunity since the attack to make some sort of move on Kim; he himself couldn't believe how difficult it was for him to just simply say how he really felt for her.

Bottom line to Jason was that he knew what he wanted: he wanted to make that move. And given he was already wasting Kim's time he decided right then and was going to be soon.

"So....umm, I know things have been crazy the past month and half and we're still trying to find our footing and all.......", Jason mustered the courage to start off as he took three steps forward, already contemplating the next step. Cold feet was a lingering possibility here and he had every reason to be nervous, especially since he realized he was beginning to stare his partner down.

And vice versa.

A little bit of eye contact eventually helped make the initial movement less awkward for them after a couple of seconds. Kimberly was left eying at his arms and facial muscle contortions, surprisingly taken aback by his lack of bravado and confidence in this very least until she remembered one crucial fling that definitely put the breaks on their relationship.

That kiss. That damn kiss.

Such a out-of-the-blue, heat-of-the-moment action to take up and neither one of them have talked about it or thought about it since.....until tonight. Almost forbidden it felt, thinking back to the moment that stifled them progressively when they came around each other. And even now, the lack of disillusion in tension as Jason began to approach her again.

He moves in a bit closer to her and she doesn't move.

She wasn't standing him up. She wasn't backing away. A part of her knew what was coming and she wanted it. Given the incident with Tommy earlier, Kim figured the best way to get over it was to admit to what she was trying to deny to herself for a while now: that she did have some affection there for Jason.

Jason: But, you and I, there's this.....we have this thing between us—in common, I mean....that's been bugging me for a while—?

Kimberly: Uh-huh, Jason. Use your words.

Actions spoke louder than his word though, with Jason continuing to lean in.

“So I as just wondering if you wanted to, we could....”, Jason utters all of this while slowly reaching out for her arm. Gently touching and resting his hand on Kimberly’s left shoulder for a few seconds, he didn’t rest his hand on cupping her cheek until he felt ready and comfortable enough to do so.

He noticed Kim smirking at him, keeping her arms open and at the sides so she didn’t seem closed off. She lightly touched him near his upper thigh.

Closing the distance between each other, they scooted closer, leaning in the others direction.....wait for them to come even closer.

Kimberly: Are you going to do what I think you're gonna do?

Jason: Are you gonna stop me?

The smart remark causes Kim to scoff briefly.

Kimberly: Probably not.

Whatever tension they were both experiencing had reached a point where the climax was fast approaching; the last chance for either one to back away from this moment and neither one took it, titling their heads to the opposite side of each other, closing your eyes and keeping them closed as the two teammates neared their lips.

Barely centimeters away from their lips, an imminent explosion rocks them and draws their attention away from each other. Turning to their far right to the site of the loud KABOOM that resonated from the distance and shorted out from the Doppler effect, all that could be seen from eye-view was a giant black cloud of smoke creeping over the buildings and houses.

Said cloud barely phases into the blackish-navy blue sky, clouding not only the peaceful tranquil of the night but also the minds of the Pink and Red war-trained combatants.

Kim’s face dropped slightly, seeing this potentially heartwarming moment squandered. Needless to say, Jason was more bummed about it than she was.

Jason: I have the worst luck.

Kimberly: We have the worst luck.

But it was what it was.....and what this was was simple: trouble. A job needed to be done.

Glimpsing at the smoke rising in the distance, the call back to action was being literally being ushered out to the two; a call neither of the two felt the need to pass up. Quickly scouting through his right pants pocket, Jason ruffles his way through before pulling out and gripping ahold of his supernatural red power crystal.

Kim is quick to do the same, for the situation called for their assistance.

Kimberly: Guess it's Morphin' time.

Nodding towards the other, both teammates and derailed soon-to-be lovers focus their attention back to their respective power coins, using sheer focus of their will on their respective Coins causing both of various color crystals to glow brightly and vibrate mildly reflecting it in their eyes. The coins outer shell then materialized Power Morphers around it like a casing and receptacle, all while the rest of the Ranger Armor materializes around their arms, legs and back in a successful molecular transmutation process.

The morphers themselves are depicted as buckles that house their Power Coins as their visors and face shields on the helmets enclosed, accessing a HUD display that highlighted everything in sight. No sooner after booting up, both HUDs directed the two Rangers straight to the sight of the disturbance that supported the massive smoke cloud.

As the two raced towards where that smoke was coming from Kimberly manage to shake out the memory of what nearly accured getting her head in the situation and instantly making her forget about that completely 

She then pressed on the right side of her helmet contacting the other three of the situation 

Pink Ranger: Rangers! Mayday! Mayday! We have a situation. 

The first who were to reach Kimberly's call was Trini coming in her room looking a little stress but hearing the beeper on her yellow walkie talkie from Billy as she pressed the center button she heard Kim's voice

Mayday! Mayday! 

Trini: Lower the volume Kim I'm here. What's up? 

Else where Billy and Zack were still talking and chuckling till they heard the beeps of their walkie talkies going off too which excited Billy to know his invention was finally being put to use and Zack grabbed his barely knowing how to use it till Billy pointed the center button at his own showing Zack how to speak on it he nodded then both boys pressed them and they Trini at her house where all were on Kimberly's line 

There's been an explosion at Angel Grove Prison. Jason and I are heading there now but we need all hands on deck.

Billy froze in silence like he was having a spooky flashback which in a way he was unknown to Zack who replied to Kim

Zack: We'll meet you there Kim.

On Trini's side

Trini: Hang tight Kimberly. I'm coming.

Soon as Trini cut off she looked back to her door hearing chattering from her parents which made her freeze for a moment but sounded to her they were just turning in for the night giving the daring girl the opportunity to open her window and crawl through to climb out and landing in the backyard She then heard dogs barking as she ran and hopped over the fence then yelling: It's Morphin Time! Trini's nanotech soon formed her yellow armor slowly becoming the Yellow Ranger and used her speed to catch up to the Red and Pink Rangers to the location

With Billy and Zack Zack was just about to morph till he saw Billy just standing there still in thoughts since Kim brought up the prison 

Zack: Billy? You ok?

He din't even acknowledge him

Zack: Billy?

Still not replying

Zack: Hello! Earth to Billy! 

Finally he got his attention when Billy snapped out of his thoughts from Zack's outburst 

Billy: What?? 

Zack: What do you mean what? Didn't you catch Kim's report? We're needed at the prison. 

Billy: Yeah. Yeah I caught it I just....never mind I'll tell you later. I'll get the van. 

Zack: No too slow. We'll get their faster in our suits.

Billy: Good thinking. 

Soon both stood straight giving the shout at once: It's Morphin Time! and their nanotech forms their and the two ran to meet with their comrades too We join back with the Oliver truck where Tommy was nearly feeling sleepy he rubbed his eyes trying to stay awake till he made it home until he looked aside seeing the smoke himself and frowned in confusion

He turned away keeping his eyes on the road still trying to stay awake until he saw in front of him the road was on fire somehow and he gasped and suddenly felt a large pumping from underneath the truck 

Tommy: Jesus!

He pinned his foot to the break which barely done him good given the truck was still moving but slowing down and soon as it stopped Tommy got out and saw fire and brimstone all over the road and didn't know where all this came from he could even still see the smoke was actually coming from in front of him and the prison was just blocks away behind Tommy turned away from it and kneeled down to see his left front and back tires.....flatten

Tommy: Ahh man....I can't get a break.

Tommy went on his phone to call a tow but he didn't had a signal which frusterated him more he threw his phone down cracking it in half not caring it was broken due to his bad luck for the past two days Tommy was about to go back in the truck until....

.....he saw as the smoke begin to dim a green flash shinning under it and the crater that was nearly visible which made Tommy frown in curious We come back to Angel Grove Prison where at the result of the explosion and impact cracked it in half all the way from Tommy's location which cut the power at the prsion forcing all the cells to open and inmates chattered at first but then laughed and started running

Alarm systems were still able to go off due to back up power and security guards tried to hold them back but given their numbers they barely could some got lucky but most of the inmates were strong enough to fight the guards back due to their numbers But in the back of all of this lied two unknown figures stepping out of their own cells

It was the Hogan twins (Michael Chikilis and Eiza Gonzales)

Jacob: Looks like we made parole, sis.

Aubrey: Seems like it to me, and they even started the party without us.

A loud "Hey!" reverberates to their left as they see another prison guard, female and with a baton in hand, calling out their attention. But since redirecting the prisons back to their cells wasn't much of a no-brainer anymore or a non-starter, brute force was the intended option she had to go with.

Quickly swinging the baton at their direction, Jacob swiftly avoids the weapon as it beats the air. Another miss later, he finally grips the baton tight in his grip, putting the guard at high alert. Mistakes were made when the baton was ripped straight out her hands, jerking her upwards and directing her forward momentum towards Jacob before he headbutts her backwards towards Aubrey.

From there on, she takes care of the rest, kneeing the guard in the abdomen before she slammed her head into the railing with enough force to discombobulate her. A sly smirk creeps on Aubrey's face, seeing the guard struggle to find her footing before eventually succumbing and passing out.

With their pathway mostly clear amidst all the chaos erupting around them, they needed a way out. Dashing amongst the rest of the walkway, more prisoners either frantically looking for an escape or just blocking the pathway either way came into their viewpoint.

Jacob tusked.

He absolutely lays havoc amongst those in his path, sidestepping a few unlucky prisoners while absolutely plowing through the next three that came in his path, all of whom then laid stiff and motionless on the ground besides the two. The path somewhat clear now, it didn't set right with Jacob. With all the other chaos erupting around the two, the fact that not a single guard had barged onto their path since a few minutes ago didn't sit well with him.

He didn't want to take the chance. And he made sure Aubrey understood that.

Jacob: Grab my arm.

Aubrey: The hell you mean--

"Just grab me, dammit", he urged her, not willing to illiterate any further.

And she went along with it, placing herself on his back before positioning over to his right arm. Having moved over and dangling herself over the railing to the floor below, Jacob intended this to be a quick drop-off for his sister; anything to prevent her from getting caught and detained.

He wanted to ensure that if by any chances he gets left behind, she gets out alive.

Suddenly, she felt her balance go off it's rocker. Jacob felt himself thrusted forward towards the railing, having his balance shifted off key and forcing him to let go of his sister early. He can only watch as Aubrey falls indefinitely for only a brief period before she collided with the table directly beneath her and quickly sliding off the edge.

Her left shoulder and ribs colliding with the concrete, she was lucky to not have connected to any metal otherwise her recovery would've been a lot slower. What really prompts her up to her feet though is the sound of repeated groans and struggling and the sight of multiple guards and officers and restraint or trying to restrain Jacob through below the floor grate.

Aubrey: Jacob, you--

Jacob: Find us a way out, I'll meet you there. Go!

She was left no choice but to heed his warning as she watched the guards continue to pull back against Jacob and pin him up against the floor.

She hated it.

Aubrey hated that she had to leave her little brother behind like that; despite having proven to handle himself, she didn't want the one to survive this breakout if that option was there. So much so that not even a full two minutes after her brother was out of her sight.....

.....she got cold feet.

Quickly turning back behind her, she ends up running back the other direction to go back for Jacob. Except more company came her way. Two wounded guards caught eye of her and made their way to their feet, prompting Aubrey to run with her tail between her legs.

Anything to avoid capture.

With the two in fast pursuit, there was no easy out of this one. Having been dropped onto the bottom level, she now had to make her way back up via a ladder.....but not quick enough. She felt one of the guards gripping her left leg, almost digging his fingernails into her skin and nearly costing her her grip on the ladder.

But then comes her right leg, stomping down on his face to alleviate the pressure on her leg. If anything, it only made him hold on much so that Aubrey's grip couldn't hold on much longer. She's left falling off the ladder and crashing down directly onto the guard as they both crashed into the grated floor below him. Only Aubrey was lucky one having avoided being knocked out, quickly checking her neck and abdomen area......

....but the distraction cost her.

Slowly inching away from the unconscious guard, she's left covering her stomach and bending down on both knees, having felt a whipping, stinging pain to her thighs and stomach. She didn't keep her eyes on the second guard who also chased after her as Aubrey was left wide open from the pain she more pain.

The repeated impact of the baton smacking down on her back, shoulder, face and legs were painful to the point of temporary debilitation, not that the guard minded. She was just another prisoner in his eyes and intended to make due with that.

What he didn't expect was the wall cracking and eventually bursting into pieces behind him, overtaking him in endless flying chunks of debris and knocking Aubrey off from the side. The dust from the wall blinded him momentarily, clouding his vision from the last thing he nor any of the other guards in the prison complex expected.


The disfigured foot soldiers quickly stormed through the wall of the complex, sprinting one way, leaping the other and causing a bigger infestation to the prison then the actual guards and officers and prisoners that inhabited it. Most of whom entered were the new and improved Putty patrollers who had been effected by the Goldar dust and the sheer size of those who entered was gigantic.

Compared to the kind of attacks Angel Grove has been on the receiving end of because of them, this dissimilarity was a far cry from before.

Carnage was all they could dish out. From the columns to the railings and the actual prison cells, the Rocky monsters were scavenging and scouring throughout but not without resistance. Guards who spotted them were either quick to immediately jump on them or too late to do that but similar to the prisoners, the numbers game was too great on them.

One such group of guards barely dented a single Putty in motion only for the distraction to cost them as more formulated from behind, lifted them up and then tossed them aside into the giant seismic crevice that split the prison into two pieces. Rinse and repeat for other who came to support.

Others were left unlucky, with some prisoners being left pummeled and mauled to death by the rock monsters. Those who lucky to not even be noticed by them or the guards took the first chance they saw and ran out the complex with freedom in their sights.

Aubrey was not one of those.

Barely being directly in the line of Fire when the wall was blown open, she was left unconscious for a brief while.....not that it helped her when she did regain her eyesight. Her eyes kept dilating constantly, for the excess dust covered around the ashes blocked the foreground of her eyesight despite getting up off her back, coughing excessively. All she could think to do was call out for her brother.....

Aubrey: Jacob?!

But her own voice is nearly drowned out in a muddled cloud, a void of endless screams and cries and pleas from countless guards and prisoners being overtaken by the Putty patrollers. And she wasn’t so lucky herself.

The blurriness of her peripheral vision slowly fading, her eyes could hone in on an approaching figure, outlined in Grey and dirt and dust. She was quick to stumble away from the approaching Putty, using the railing as leverage as Aubrey continue to hide her time and back away from a then crowd of three Putties.

The Putties only response was malice as they proceeded forward, staring her down as she stumbled back in through the hole in the wall. Having tripped and fallen over, she had to stand there frozen in place and watch as the Putties screech echo throughout the broken remains of the prison complex. Not exactly bloodcurdling or eat-shattering but very VERY loud. Having enough, Aubrey just dashed forward and punched the first Putty she saw in the face.

Eventually, she has to draw away, for the impact hurt her hand almost like colliding with a solid wall. The reduced superhuman element needed to fully break the Putties down wasn’t there for Aubrey; luckily, that putties jaw barely broke off from whatever seeds of strength Aubrey had in store.

Didn't phase the defaced monstrosities.

Fortunately, help had arrived......a full 10 minutes late.

From first glances alone, the prison spelled out devastation and disaster for the Pink and Red Ranger. The two found themselves lucky that the massive cloud of smoke was coming in not from the prison complex but instead a few feet away from the entrance, the ground carved in by what looked like a befallen meteor.

Red flags were amuck.

Red Ranger: Alright, I'll sweep the perimeter and see what we're dealing with.

Pink Ranger: I'll check for survivors. 

The two went on their directions and as Kim made her way till two inmates blocked her way

Inmate # 1: The Pink Ranger? Tell us hot under that costume? 

Inmate # 2: Cause you can come to our party if you want. 

The first inmate grabbed her shoulder but Kimberly grabbed his hand and.....

Pink Ranger: Hands off! 

......CRUSHED it!!!!

The first inmate yelled in painful agony as the second threw a punch but the not to be pushed around pink princess ducked it and kicked him sending half way across the messy courtyard. Soon Red Ranger was on high ground scootering the area seeing the situations left and right inmates from running to freedoms through open gaps and riots within and soon he was startled...... Black and Blue Rangers who appeared behind 

Red Ranger: DAMN! You guys trying to give me a heart attack?

Blue Ranger: Just wanting to make an entrance. 

Red Ranger: Well congratulations you passed. 

Black Ranger: We tried the front door since it was blown open but too inmates there. 

Red Ranger: Try all over the place. There's riots going on at every corner. 

Blue Ranger: What exactly happened here? 

Red Ranger: No idea but....we're gonna end it here. Where's Trini?

Blue Ranger: I'll do you one better: Where's Kimberly? 

Jason nodded and the three boys jumped down and ran into action just as Kimberly liftef some ruble to clear a path for surviving guards

Guard # 1: Thank you! 

Guard # 2: We won't forget this! 

Pink Ranger: Forget about it. Now go get help! 

Guard # 3: Yes maim! 

They ran as Kim threw the ruble aside and just soon she spotted inmates running towards a large gap on the wall 

Pink Ranger: NO! 

They just nearly made it till one of them got his ass kicked outside and thrown back in the other inmates up confused and looked over to see the Yellow Ranger entering the scene 

Yellow Ranger: Think......again!

Back at the crater that green glow from earlier was still shinning as our new friend Tommy was looking down at it more curious as he still couldn't see clearly what was down there Tommy had half a mind to just turn away and wait for help and he almost did.....but his curiosity won out and he turned back over looking again until....he heard another car coming and Tommy felt relief and ran up to them 

Tommy: Hey! Hey help!

Tommy tried to get them to stop but the car just speeded passed them and floured it till they were out of sight

Tommy: Freaking people. What's the matter with you? 

Tommy almost went back to his truck but then.....curiosity won him over again and went back to the crater and this time he slid down it but landed hard on his back 

Tommy: Ahh! 

After that hard landing Tommy stood up wiping the dirt off himself and then.....he was able to get a closer look at that green glow as it then shined on his face reflecting back and then lowering his face close to the glow revealed to be..........

.....a sixth power coin.......

.....GREEN one

The alarm goes on and on back at Angel Grove as soon as the five Rangers all regrouped and plan out their tactics but something.......caught Billy's attention

Red Ranger: Good you made it. 

Yellow Ranger: Had to wait till my parents were in for the night.

Red Ranger: Figures. Alright team here's what we'll do. 

Blue Ranger: Jason......

Red Ranger: We'll have to split in two teams if we're to gather all these prisoners back in their cells and save everyone. 

Blue Ranger: Uh Jason.....

Red Ranger: Kimberly Trini you're both with me on stopping the riots.

Blue Ranger: Jason? 

Red Ranger: Billy and Zack head into the facility for any hostages and make sure cells that aren't opened are secured. 

They were about to part for their assignments till.....

Blue Ranger: JASON!!

Red Ranger: *Looks back* WHAT??! 

Billy pointed up and the others looked over to see now the Rangers were now.....confronted by....... .....the Putties

Black Rangers: Putties. 

Yellow Ranger: Why am I not surprised? 

Pink Ranger: What now?

Red Ranger: Change of plans. We fight.

Then the Rangers and the Putties charged at one another for another round

Or so it seemed.

With the stakes gradually raised up and enough of the prisoners apprehended to not cause a distraction, the Ranger has their sights set on the upgraded Putties ready to disperse straight through them. Charging forward and crying out for battle, what they received in return was either underwhelming or disappointing, depending on how one would look at it.

The Putties absolutely trampled past them.

Not intent on fighting the Rangers, the rock-cluttered foot soldiers bypassed all five Trix-colored teens almost trampling each of them down as they crawled and savaged and hurdled their way all the way to the now cracked and heavily demolished remains of the door barring off the entrance to the barrier that leads to outside. About a good third of them quickly broke down through the doors and left.

Rather uncharacteristic of them to let their guards down on their opponents especially when the Rangers show up.

Billy however was quick to deduce that while they may have been responsible for the prison riot, what was happening outside, that was drawing them towards that point of disturbance? He didn't trust it. It didn't give off the impression that they were surrendering.

Blue Ranger: They're looking for something else. We're not of any concern to them.

Black Ranger: Gives us enough time to take 'em all out.

Pink Ranger: But not before getting to whatever they're looking for.

That is about all Kim could say before the pile of Putties stops roughing around all about as the sliding and stitching of rocks ceased sliding up on top of each other. One half of the Putties left the prison. The other half immediately snapped their heads back to the five teenagers with attitude, their sights now fully set on their

Red Ranger: Kim, Zack, don't let the Putties escape. Find where they're going.

A distant nod later and the two dashed past their leader, leaping straight over the pile of Putties lined up by the door and rushed outside, hot on the other Puttie's trail.

That left the other three with the other half.

Red Ranger: Trin, double check the inmates. Billy, stay close to me. Let's keep the fighting here.

He issued out to the two while broadening out his fighting stance.

While the second laidback member of the group refrained from rolling her eyes just a tad, she was sure to let Billy know to handle Jason under the pretense things wouldn't go to plan in the next few minutes.

Yellow Ranger: Billy, make sure the boss doesn't pop a blood vessel by the time I get back.

Once again playfully poking fun at his overly gimmicky take as leader, she turns back the other way to check on the inmates but she didn't expect Billy to turn back to her direction around the time she got far enough to look back.

The involuntary amount of silence displayed towards her distracted her momentarily, as if something she had just said set him off the wrong way. However, his gaze wasn’t aimed at her.

It was aimed directly above, for Jacob Hogan had escaped from the guards who pinned him down previously and was aided by Aubrey, not content on leaving him behind here. Only a minute was granted to catch their breath before they could get anymore traction because before there were Putties. Now they had the Power Rangers to deal with.

And worse of all, one of them was staring directly at both of them: Billy.

Blue Ranger: HEY!

Billy screams out as he rushes past Trini, causing the Hogan’s to quickly dash away from him and abandoning the post Jason left him on as he tried to refrain from calling him out. He did so anyways, yelling at Billy to come back at the expense of letting his guard down.

The second he turned back towards Billy running after the twins, the Putties charged forward, crowding him in and dog-piling all on top of him. The only time the Putties would ever get the jump on the Rangers would be like this. Nearly suffocating under tons of rocks and dirt and asphalt was not how Jason envisioned on going out but the sheer abundance of Putties on top of him proved difficult to maneuver least at first. His feet burrowing into the ground and his arms straining fro the weight of them all, he suddenly heard a slight WHOOSH pass by him on the right.

In doing so, a chunk of the Putties were taken off of him.

Another WHOOSH later, there goes another chunk of them. Out of a tiny crack in the dog-pile dome, he could see Trini slamming two Putties by their feet and slamming them into one another, providing a momentary distraction.

With two quick dashes, Trini has already lightened the load by half. Finally getting his leverage back, Jason takes one step forward to find his footing which alarms the Putties that he's close to escaping. But with not enough to hold him, they are completely vulnerable to the leader once again. Then comes another step.

Then another.

Then another.

Finally, Jason's energy reaches a boiling point. His chest visor and armor radiating with red energy, he delays the movement. Stoping dead in his tracks, the Putties are left dazed, confused and clueless. No less then a minute passes before one, more clueless than the others, digs it's mutilated rocky hand into the pile to check on Jason. Jason explodes out of the pile, minions scattering to the four winds and his energy peaks, bursting out red-level energy from all over his body in order to repel the opponents around him.

Broken and dismembered the enemies were, it left Jason thankfully unharmed but mental ticked off. He gave Billy a direct order on his behalf and he didn't follow through with it: his confession and promised plight earlier on wanting people to pretend that he's in charge falling greatly on deaf ears once more.

Not that Billy seemed to mind in the heat of the moment. His sights were set squarely on Aubrey and Jacob, as he chased after them.

Down inside the prison inmates ran wild to freedom fighting their way out and fought of every guard and beaten them down

They would have made it outside till Yellow Ranger crashed through the ceiling and landed hard on her feet and the inmates backed up from her

Yellow Ranger: Listen you guys I don't know if they let you watch tv but we just survived an alien invasion and the last thing Angel Grove needs is you guys running a muck taring it down again. So what'd you say we do this nice......peaceful.........

An inmate yelled out motivating the others to charge at her

Yellow Ranger: Of course. 

The inmates tried to overpower her but given her Trini's Ranger Strength and training from Zordon she countered each attack broke their legs twisted their arms knocked out five of their teeth even crippled

All the inmates were beaten down all groaning in pain from their injuries Trini went to the beaten up guards 

Yellow Ranger: Is everyone ok? 

Guard # 1: No one will be if the inmates on the third flour escape outside. If they make it out to the main couryard nothing will be able to stop them. 

Yellow Ranger: Let me worry about that. My comrades are handling the other problems. You two just get yourselves to safety soon as I clear the room.

Guard # 2: Thank you. My eight your old daughter looks up to you guys. She'll never believe I met you.

Yellow Ranger: I'll send an autograph if I can for nwo get out of here. 

Trini cleared the room in speed to deal with the inmates on the third flour 

Meanwhile back with Tommy he kept admiring the sixth coin as he stood with it laying in his palm and all of a sudden the coin glew green again and it burned Tommy's hand

Tommy: Eow! 

He dropped it holding his hand and it made a slight vibration sound as he stared down at it Tommy was about to turn and leave to wait for help but soon as he turned he gasped to see he had some company 

It was the putties that ran out of the prison and they slowly approached Tommy who remembered seeing these rock-creatures on tv and backed up at first but went into a karate position

Tommy: Look guys.....I don't want any trouble so just back up and we settle this nice and easy.

A putty threw a punch but Tommy ducked dodging and he threw his own punch but when his fist landed on the rocked-foot soldier's jaw Tommy felt he just hit a brick wall and he yelled in agony with another Putty punching him from his right knocking Tommy out

He fell on the ground out cold and another putty saw the green coin and was about to pick it up till.....

Hey rock breath!

All the Putties looked up to be confronted by the Black and Pink Rangers they didn't see the coin but when Kim saw Tommy she remembered him from the malt shop earlier and seeing him being attacked by the putties made her clutch her fists 

Pink Ranger: Leave.....that boy.......ALONE!

Kimberly made the first move by jumping into the crater and punches the putties to bits fallowed by Zack who noticed Kimberly's outburst but seemed to forgot it when he fought his half of the putties

But as the fights progressed the green coin glows and Tommy still out cold for some reason.......he glowed green too it was in the first process but soon it stopped 

And soon Kim went to Tommy's aid and checked his pulse and felt a strong one and Black Ranger approached getting a good look at Tommy

Black Ranger: Who is that? 

Pink Ranger: I think you'll know know tomorrow. I'm gonna get him down you search for whatever they were looking for. 

Black Ranger: Hold up Kim! Jason said we have to find it together. 

Pink Ranger: I know but we need to make sure he's safe first. I'll just take a me two minutes. 

Zack tried to protest but Kim went into speed and her and Tommy were gone in seconds seems Billy was now not the only one disobaying orders for leaving Zack by himself not knowing what else to do except look around but oddly....the Green Coin was nowhere to be found

Down town Kim arrived carrying Tommy to a hospital and luckily spotted an ambulance with it's back doors left open and putted him in on a stretcher

Kim looked at him close as everything was slowing down to her face shield opening to observe him more Tommy began to ster which made Kimberly gasp as Tommy opened his eyes briefly but his vision was faint

From his P.O.V. it was blury when he looked up at Kim's face who was frozen in worry he saw her face but Tommy faints again letting out a soft breath

Kim sighed in  knowing he wouldn't be able to put two and two together but she heard someone coming she closed her face shield and ran in speed again

Two paramedics exited the hospital just in time for Tommy to regain consciousness and they noticed him in there and in panic they ran to him 

Paramedic # 1: You ok kid? 

Tommy: I think so.....but how did I get here? 

Paramedic # 2: That's what we liked to know.

Tommy: You didn't bring me here? 

They both nodded no and Tommy thought hard on the last thing he remembered which was the Green Coin the Putties and blacking out after a hard blow to the jaw which imprinted a brews on his left cheek and then.....he BRIEFLY remembered what he saw through his blurry vision of the Pink Ranger but....could not remember seeing her face 

Tommy: I don't even truck broke down and.....there was this crater and I found.....something strange.....the next thing there were these.....rock things and they attacked me.....the same ones from the news and then there was thing I couldn't make it out and then the next.......

His mind was on what he thought he saw when his vision was blurry when seeing Kimberly 

Paramedic # 2: Next what?? 

Tommy: Never mind. Do any of you have a phone? I need to call my parents.

Paramedic # 1: Sure. Come on inside kid.

The two kind men lead Tommy into the building where they let him use the front desk phone to call his parents but we zoom closely at his left pocket and unknown to him........lied......the Green Coin

Neither Jacob or Aubrey were in any position to where they could catch a break.

It's bad enough that Putties were still on the scene despite many of them quickly dispersing away from the scene but the Blue Ranger had yet to slow down as far as speed and momentum was concerned and that meant trouble for both of them. They were very unlucky in escaping Billy's eyesight.

Given they were already two floors above him, that just made things worse. Having already leaped up to their level and sprinting at a frantically fast pace, danger never felt this bloodcurdlingly swift and especially with the Blue Ranger not in the mood for any distractions. It was the equivalent of every children's nightmare: running for the hills at the sight of an unknown entity chasing after you with your life stuck in either your hands or his; the kind of entity that resembles a power far beyond human comprehension.

Aubrey and Jacob were absolutely terrified. It was the exact opposite of what Billy wanted.

Blue Ranger: FREEZE means STOP! Hey!

Billy is left bellowing out once more through the now dormant prison complex with inmates now clearing house, making way for the Blue Ranger as he dashes right on through.

Yelling did him no favors.

All it did was further block his path with more trapped and crowded inmates unable to escape the compound, foolishly thinking they can take him. A blazing 1.5 tons of force bombards them and knocks them off balance as Billy blazes past them: the weight of your average everyday car. They were lucky to only receive the fair minimum of what he could do.

It hardly made him feel any better however. And then came more another inmate from an open cell tackling him to the edge of the ramp. Then another one from behind.

More and more inmates happened to formulate out of thin air to keep the Blue Ranger at bay; much to Aubrey and Jacobs amusement and relief. The brief little distraction barely stalled him long enough to give them room to stay ahead. And just in time too, for out of the corner of Aubrey's eye, the Yellow Ranger was now headed their direction, packing the same superhuman strain of speed and durability needed just to catch them.

Now their hearts were skipping over about three beats. They knew, right here and there, that they needed to bail quickly. Luckily, their miracle arrived a measly nine feet away from them: one out of many creviced holes left by the Putties made easy escape routes for any prisoner that happened to be so lucky to come across it.

A line was almost in-midst of forming with inmates groaning, yelling and dog-piling over each other, desperate to grasp ahold of any sliver of a chance to retain their freedom. Only difference was they were waiting.

The twins were not.

Jacob: After you, Aubrey!

Jacob's quick to alarm his younger sister before they both dash to the hole. The collapsing pile of crumbling inmates was a collapsing timetable for the two, one they barely managed to scale in time.

Aubrey crawled up along the backs of the inmates, barely maintaining balance as she fought the urge to slip and using the inmates clothes to her advantage. Crawling and crawling to the end of the wall, she makes her way on through with Jacob not too far behind.....only for the Blue and Yellow Ranger to rattle their attention again and pick up the pace. Jacob, frantic on not being left behind, barely gets half of his body over the wall and slithers the rest of himself out with his sister.

His lack of care and coordination ruptured the entire pile of inmates up against the hole. Not that it bothered both Rangers, though......least of all Billy.

Blue Ranger: Trin, get these guys!

Leaping over everyone else, he's over and out of the hole and back to the outside, still fresh and hot on the twins trail to the far left. Bewildered and stupefied by Billy's actions, it left Trini flustered and wide open.

But only just. It wouldn't stop her from sensing a kick from the opposite direction from another unlucky inmate, hoping to score a lucky hit. All he received was a sweep at the legs and an elbow straight to the chest.

Of course, that left just the unfortunate twenty-plus others left in her wake. Oh goody, Trini was left thinking.

Yellow Ranger: C'mon now. None of you B-movie extras should be out this late, ok?

The twins barely got out through the hole unscathed with Jacob suffering only a moderate gash on his right palm. Momentary lapses of pain endured but not enough to stifle their movement as they began running again. Getting out was the more complicated hurdle, where they'd go now was less than far-fetched.

But then a high yet verbal "EXCUSE ME!" reminded them that prison wasn't their only concern; reminding them to pick up their pace and run faster with Billy not too far behind.

His relentless and frankly unneeded pursuit would end here. Mere inches away from apprehending the two, these two, out of all the other inmates that happened to be incarcerated here, needed to put down. All in his way was another piddly three feet.

Three feet almost immediately turned into twelve and then twenty feet away, thanks to one Putty Patroller taking a page out of Freddy Kruger's playbook and startling the Blue Ranger our of thin air. Said strategy backfired tremendously as Billy's immediate shift in focus led him crashing into said Putty until he tripped over the monsters remains of rocks and pebbles raining all over him. His lack of focus was immense at the moment; he was left unaware that there was even another Putty directly in front of him but a disarrayed back elbow knocked its head clean off.

Why, what, when didn't matter to Billy as he stumbled over his left leg before continuing to run after the Hogan's, who weren't that far ahead from him. Sliding around the corner and mildly exhausted, another yell directed at them and they both snap their heads at an incoming nanotech blue covered alien man seconds from taking them back to solitary confinement.

Taken aback by the momentary distractions, the next one cost him dearly as one last Putty tackles Billy from his far left, eventually tackling him down but collapsing on top of him as a result.

Woozy but not unconscious, he was still left in some considerable degree of pain, given the upgraded Putties added more UMPH to an already destructible yet fragile freakish force of nature. His eyes couldn't catch onto a few dozen specks of the Goldar dust evaporating away from the now dormant remains of the three Putties Billy left in his wake.

Making matters worse, some particles of it were floating straight into Jacob and Aubrey's direction.....neither of whom moved one solitary inch after the Blue Ranger was taken off his feet.

Thanks in turn to natural selection, it left people with an innate preference for things that sparkle and the Goldar dust just so happened to carry those tiny tiny shards within the particles that, more or less, make the particles look like a substance similar to a lesser man's form of glitter. All of it was mostly masked by upgraded fugitive dust, an environmental air quality term for very small particles suspended in the air, the source of which is primarily the Earth's soil.

And said remains of Goldar had been trapped within the Earth’s soils before and after Rita’s defeat.

It could barely be felt on either of their skins. All that was visible was miniature pieces of gold, sticking out on either their hands or shoulders or face. Neither brother or sister could understand the feeling behind it but it felt.....euphoric.

Aubrey: What—what is this feeling?

Jacob: Almost heavenly. Aubrey, I never felt anything like this in a while.

The feeling was just a deviation, for power always came at a price. Seconds past and both twins found a sharp numbness stinging through their hands and feet and eventually their entire body, commons with the term of their body falling asleep. Normally, it comes at the result from pressure on a pinched median nerve. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway surrounded by bones and ligaments; when said median nerve is compressed, numbness, tingling and weakness in the hand, arm, leg and body is expected.

But no such instance was occurring. The effects were occurring at complete random and at Mother Nature's will, it didn't look to be getting any better.

"Aubrey?", Jacob was quick to call out his sister, noticing the numbness reaching a higher state of while all motor functions of their legs and arms were lost. Now collapsed down onto their knees, directly in front of Billy now wide awake and taking in the horrific detriment of scene in front of him, the dust was working its magic.

The only way it knew how.

Jacob: Wh—what's happening?

Aubrey: I don't—rather not DWELL—ON THAT—RIGHT—NOW!

What started off as high grunts and restrained yells quickly evolved into bloodcurdling screams; the twins unable to control their bodies twitching and convulsing in agony with bone cracking and reshaping, muscles growing larger in size and even splices of skin slowly cracking it pen like shards of glass before being shredded off like a vipers second skin.

Billy was now aware this night was bound to go on longer then he or his friends anticipated. One man's trash just became another ones treasure.

It was a momentary blessing that the rest of the Rangers were stuck on mop-up duty again for a vast majority of the time, with Zack cleaning up the Putties that dispersed to the outside to capture Tommy and Jason having dealt with the other half and Trini took care of the remaining inmates and returning whatever loose inmates she could find to their cells. The process was about finished, however.

Zack, dropping his face shield for a split second, wipes the sweat from his forehead as he scouts the now dust covered Earth soiled remains of the Putties now coating the grass with an ugly shade of grey and beige. To an extent, he came to find his rigorous training season earlier had paid off, mostly due to Billy clearing his head and reminding him of his imperfection being his greatest asset.

A moderate gust of wind blows from the backside and pulls him back from the center as Kim skids right on in through the grass and comes to a dead halt. The Putties deformed and fractured bodies didn't come into her vision until Zack redirected her attention.

Looked as if the party finished up without her.

Pink Ranger: Crisis averted?

Only response she got was a friendly nod from Zack. No sooner, Jason and Trini caught up, regrouping with the two outside having taken care of the prison scum. Despite having to strain as much compared to the last few couple of days, tonight wasn't all that bad. The inmates didn't give the group a whole lot of trouble, the Putties barely put up a fight and despite only one hostage situation, at least he'll be able to live another day.

Four of the five rangers regrouped with their face-shields down, they needed to talk about something that had been......itching at the back of their heads, but as much as it irritated Zack and Kim.

Kim just spoke out stating "There was a crater here when we came out here, guys."

Both Trin and Jason observed the remains of the caved-in bowl-shaped cavity that left the prison center in shambles from a distance away. Jason could take a hint at what she was tempted to say next, since the crash was the reason why they investigated the prison in the first place.

"There wasn't anything in there, was there?" was all Jason could say.

Kimberly: Considering the Putties came out here first, I want to believe something was there's clearly gone now. What were we even supposed to be looking for?

Trini: Thirty bucks says this was just a diversion.

Zack: I'd take fifty.

Jason clears his throat at the playful banter between the two, given they were the most rebellious of the team and the ones tempted to slightly tick off, irritate or vex Jason when he least wanted it to. It left the team at odds yet again. Trini and Zack didn't know whether to be irritated or annoyed at Jason forcibly taking charge and Kim didn't know what to think.

But she was not a fan.

To his credit, it did stop.

Jason: We'll report back to Zordon and Alpha, see if they know anything. Let's double check it again, see if there's anything we missed.

"But first and foremost, what about the inmates?", Zack felt the need to remind everyone.

Trini: Fast asleep. Pacifiers and blankets for everyone.

Kimberly: And Billy?

Trini: Helped me with the inmates—

Jason: Against orders—

Jason chimed in to which Kim immediately covered him up with her hand and blocked out his voice. Now wasn't the time for any more authoritarian rule on his behalf, the muffling of his voice underneath her hand serving as mild relief.

With that momentarily stifled, it allowed Kim to take a breather to continue.

Kimberly: You were saying?

Trini: But he went off against a couple who refused capture. Probably caught them and double-checking everything else by now. You know him.

Kim didn't like the sound of that.

A part of her wanted to ask again to get a more clear answer on his whereabouts because of her goofing and affectionate relationship with him. She had developed a somewhat sibling-like bond with Billy, often treating him like an eccentric younger brother, as she was known to take his autistic quirks and neuroses arguably more easily than any other member of the team.

But for a guy as smart as Billy, it seemed unnecessary to keep looking over his shoulder.....especially since that was his job.

Kim ended up thinking on that matter too soon, as evidenced by the dark shape or outline of someone visible against a lighter background resembling a silhouette overtook her and Jason's shadow. Side by side amongst each other, the brief visual gave them pause for thought.....

.....just not enough to catch the hint in time as the silhouette overtakes the team, completely covering them in darkness before finally looking up.

The entire mainframe of Billy's body was flung from a full half a mile away, canceling out the moon momentarily and taking the team off-Guard. He's left crashing into both Kimberly and Trini as he crashes down and takes the two with him, rolling amongst the grass like a clogged-up steamroller. Eventually, the three come to a stop despite given it had only began to shower rain, the slipperiness of the artificial grass made maneuverability much more difficult.

A petty annoyance was all it was to Kim and Trini.

They sit up vertically before bringing their missing alley up to a vertical basis as well. Signs were not looking positive however, given Billy was the only one of the three, breathing heavily and looking heavily mortified after he dropped his face shield.

It was common of him to tell himself that fear was simply brain chemicals as his amygdala would ping, and then try to analyse the situation as he may without it. Trying to imagine it from the outside, as if it were a movie and not real life before asking himself what his "character" should do. It helped him to make better choices.

Now it was difficult to work against what his amygdala was internally forcing onto him because first and foremost, he already died once. And now he felt more in danger for his life than he ever thought possible.

The girls, from one glance alone, didn't like what that face entailed and what it meant for further reference. Trini instigated anyways, gently poking the bear.

Trini: I'm hesitant to even ask right now.....but please tell me you're ok?

Billy: I'm—I'm ok.....psychically.

Kimberly: Billy, it can't be that bad.

Billy No, you're right. It's worse.

He wouldn’t tell them, at least not directly. This gave them more than enough ample cause to be worried for him again. Jason and Zack finally caught up with the three and Billy’s rather frozen state of subconscious rubbed off on the two and not in any way that would best be satisfactory. Quintessentially, between the five of them, their week had all been but peachy and this was a radical far cry from the Billy they talked to hours earlier.

Sensing Billy wasn’t in the right mindset, Jason helped him up to his feet and held him close, being mindful of his own attitude for once and backing off. It was not his attention to be too much of a burden on him, considering what he just went through. The girls obliged as well.

Zack however bit the bullet, taking the initiative to ask....

Zack: Billy, what happened to you?

He helped him in a difficult situation; Zack felt it was fair if he could return the favor.

Said favor can hurdling his way instead via a combined hulking sixty tons of force crashes directly beside the team, momentarily shaking the ground in quick rapid succession and successfully capturing the teams attention. Trini, Kim, Jason and Zack were quick to huddle together and go on the offensive, retracting up their face-shields and broadening out their fighting stances at the threat centered ahead of them.

All except for Billy.

There was no helping his dumbfounded state of shock and anxiety, his muscles tensioning up, his heartbeat ratcheting up a few beats and his arms shaking uncontrollably. All Billy could do was oblige by Zack’s question, redirecting the teams attention to the two behemoths blocking the outside left wing of the fractured prison system with just a thrust of his index finger.

Blue Ranger: THEY happened to me.

There he sees Jacob and Aubrey partially mutated into what bared a similar resemblance to the putties but more animalistic.

Covered a quarter of the way down the left side of his chest with golden scales and a grotesque monstrous appearance to boot, Jacob now resembled the look of hideous, brooding creatures associated to Gargoyles, his skin now reeking an ugly shade of peach and beige over slinkets of gold around his neck and hair.

Aubrey had a razor sharp scorpion tail-like blade gripped tightly in one hand, said hand now replaced with a golden claw, a new replaced exoskeleton and a burrow grafted into her skin large enough to make room for a narrow, segmented tail. Her appearance bared more animalistic than her brother by far, but the end result was identical across all five teenagers.

Confusion, perplexity and worry.

They did a good job of attracting the other Rangers attention, but not as good as they attracted Billy. Now hypnotized at the sight of the two inmates turned monsters, almost mortified at their mere image, his brain and body was constantly shouting at him not to break down despite his heart speaking the complete opposite. Transformations are known to do wonders for some and horrors to many and upon seeing the twins and deducing their real identities.....

.....Billy wished he took back every second of this night. This was his real-life horror movie turned into a reality.

Aubrey: We have company, little brother.

Jacob: Yes, they're called 'Rangers'. And we are going to destroy them.

At least there's no monologuing, Trini remarked to herself somewhat glad that these new threats aren't completely devoid of common sense and are dumber than a sack of paper. The same time though, she knew that didn't really worked well in their favor. Just one step inching towards them at a time and the team were continually put on high alert; this was anything but what the putties presented to them.

Their energy spike also resonated some concern. It felt way too familiar.

Red Ranger: Haven't seen energy readings like this in a while.

Aubrey: are these Rangers everyone's been talking about....and I thought there'd be one more of you. 

Jacob: Patience Aubrey. There will be.....and in an assorted color.  Kimberly and Billy were the only ones who caught that part "One more of them" as Trini stood by Jason both examining them and the gold result on Jacob resembled a familiarity like they saw it before the tail Aubrey had was new to them but Jacob was the only one giving Jason and later Zack a hint of dejavu but lost thought soon as Trini spoke up

Yellow Ranger: So.....boys will take the big ugly guy and Pink and I get the girl. Seems fair right? 

Jason was still keen on Jacob's look still knowing it from something which was why he went ahead to contact the ship

Red Ranger: Red Ranger to Alpha. I have a three point convergence. How shall we act? 

Proceed to ingage.

Aubrey: You said it be here--where is it?  Jacob: It's deep below the building's foundation. I can feel it. It's just the path down. I can see it reaching out for us. But first let's take care of these colored aliens.  Yellow Ranger: Aliens? You looked in the mirror lately? 

Aubrey: Let's just becareful. I seen them on tv. They're stronger than they look.  Jacob: We don't have to be. Not anymore. Cause so are we. 

Jacob swung his golden arm at Jason but he leaped over to dodge it Trini ducked leaving for Aubrey to swing her mutated tail at the other three Billy jumped down falling his side with Zack backed up making fall back and Kim rolled around towards Jason Trini and Jacob leaving them make eye contact

Jacob: I don't know why.....but this so Familiar. You.....and me---like always we fight at each other's throats----like we've done this once before.  Jason was more puzzled than earlier given this too was familiar to him

Jacob: I don't know if it's a dream or a memory.....but instant FEELING! 

Jacob nearly lunged at Kimberly till she ducked and uppercut him in the jaw Pink Ranger: Yeah? Then how's that feel?  Yellow Ranger: Whoever you are whatever you want......we can't allow you to put any innocent lives any more danger. 

Red Ranger: This town's already dealt with enough freaks shows and we're gonna make sure it doesn't have to anymore.  Jacob: Hehehehe......isn't that the fantastic idea.

Barely aware a news helicopter hovered above them trying to get a live fee of the action and Jacob happen to notice and smirk and the fee was on every tv and every smart phone around town

Female Reporter: I'm flying above the Angel Grove's correction facility where just one hour ago an earth quake has broken open the prison cutting the power and inmates running free. Reports on sight have confirmed that the rock creatures from the alien attack from four weeks ago have been sighted there too which also includes the so called colored group known to the public as the Power Rangers. Jacob smirked back to the three Rangers he was fighting with Zack and Billy still tangling with Aubrey who had tied into her tail and shaking him around and Billy struggled to to hold her off

Blue Ranger: I was....willing to forgive you.....since you didn't really..... Aubrey: Didn't what? THIS?!

She pushed him off as she thre Zack aside crashing throuh a wall but barely recovered

Back at the hospital Tommy was soon being questioned by police on how he ended up in the ambulance in the first place 

Tommy: I keep telling you.....I don't even know how I got there. There was the crater and these.....these.....things.....and then one punch I was out like a light.  Officer: Well thanks for your time son. If any memory jogs keep us in the loop. And call us here. 

He handed him a card Tommy: Sure thing officer. 

A throat being cleared was heard and Tommy and the officer looked back seeing two strange men in suits like they were in the secret service Men in Black style or something like it. 

Man # 1: Gentlemen. I'm Agent Cole. This is Agent Wes. We're with APEX. 

Tommy's eyes widen and thought: Apex? Weren't they on the news last week?  Cole: If we could take a minute with the boy we have questions of our own reguarding the alien invasion four weeks ago and the incident happening tonight.

Tommy felt the interrogation was never going to end hearing about these guys from the news and seeing them in person tonight chilled him to the bone he almost rather be in Saturday Detention now. A minute later in a private room Tommy sat on a desk with Agent Wes sitting across from him and Cole on the wall arms folded together

Wes: You said to the police earlier you saw creatures made out of rock. What can you tell us about them?  Tommy: Other than the fact they tried to pummel me to death in the crater nothing much. Wes: This crater. Did you happen to see what caused it or find anything there?

Tommy thought back to that green coin still not knowing he had it in his pocket but Tommy didn't feel sharing that information to them given he didn't know what it was anyway 

Tommy: No sir......there was nothing.  Wes: Well just one more question. Have you happen to see any meteor sights on that high way before the impact accured? 

As they talked Cole noticed the side tv on the upper left wall was also playing the live fee and he shushed at both his partner and Tommy who looked back at him Cole: Sorry but I think we need to listen to this. 

They all watched with the same female reporter's report at the prison

Apparently another monster battle is happening as I speak. And from the looks of it is a five on two brawl. Two mutants fighting against the so called super heroes what the public calls......The Power Rangers.  Tommy was fascinated to see the Power Rangers on tv again

Tommy: Well.....what'd you know.

It's always surreal whenever the sight of your favorite heroes or source of inspiration just so happens to pop up on the screen when you least expect it, especially if they're in a potentially life threatening or life alternating situation. However, it was here that a part of Tommy wished he hadn't been escorted from the premises of the prison.

From a full minute at staring at the news footage of the Rangers, it was made evident that none of the five were exactly getting anywhere. On the actual field of battle, it looked even worse.

The five teenagers with attitudes perseverance against this new threat proved formidable for a short while, further illustrating that their time in the Pit did help mold them into better fighters If not stratigizers. They managed to get a few hits on them but the Hogan's new mutated bodies and alternate weapons proved a bit much for the young five. For a new threat that materialized no less than a pitiful five minutes ago, both brother and sister's crystallized gold-hardened skin was doing quite a number on the heroes.

Not that the gold completely stopped their onslaught but compared to the Putties, the Power Rangers ability to incapacitate them was notwithstanding.....and really pitiful.

Hurled straight up off the ground with Jacob's hardened gold talons gripped tight around his arm and legs, it placed Jason in one of the most uncomfortable positions of his life. Raised up over his head, he could discern the monsters attempt to not only bend his body almost entirely out of shape but the position he was in heavily mimicked Bane's infamous move in the Knightfall arc. So if bending him out of shape wouldn't cripple him, hurling him down on his back and splintering his body into pieces definitely would.

Seconds of waiting and the anticipation ended. Jason felt a tight but quick acceleration of speed breeze through him; Jacob having flipped him over and forcing his body down to impending doom. Eventually, Jason, fed up, shifts the weight of his body upwards causing him to fall flat on Jacobs head as they both crash onto the grass.

Recovering rather quickly, Jason doesn't wait for an opening. Charging forward, he punt kicks Jacob right up the head, forcing him over and kneeing him in the chest as soon as he got up. Breathing heavily, Jason was willing to give credit where credit was due: this was admittedly a challenge he definitely needed.

Cracking his neck, he signals his right arm out as his power sword materializes into his hand. Gripping the holster tightly, another jerk of his right arm splits open his power sword into a blaster mode and after taking his shot, fires a beam of energy at the opposed threat in front of him.

If only he could see the look on his own face when Jacob easily reflected the beam away from him with just a single flick of his arm.

Said beam ends up crashing near the other three Rangers, one of which was grounded and the others gripped Aubrey hard by the forearms. But then the blast comes hurdling in behind them and via a quick flash and a brief explosion that blows the terrain, it was the perfect distraction.

The force of the impact knocks Billy and Zack directly over the new mutated twin and put them both at ground distance with Aubrey hovering directly over them. A wicked smirk later and she grabs Zack by the helmet, hoisting him upwards as her talons grip into his helmet and slams him down again. Zack's long, loud, piercing cry of pain was music to Aubrey's ears; a consolation contrasted to one of the many things in life she had been denied.

Licking her chops to get the end, more pain and agony is inflicted to Zack as she hoists him up by the head again and then changes gears when she tosses him back and Billy's direction. He only had a split second warning before he left his arms out to catch him and his quick thinking was rewarded.

The two teammates in arms gripping the others hand, Billy swung Zack back around to Aubrey in mid-air to which he successfully clotheslined her straight to the terrain and came down on his knees, barely sliding amongst the wet grass. There were five gaping holes where Aubrey's fingers were left through his helmet and visor; all of which wouldn't make maneuverability the big of a lingering issue....

......if the opposing opposition bothered to give him a moment to breathe.

Barely phased by the clothesline, Aubrey turns around into another punch from Zack. In comes another and another and a roundhouse which misses but makes up for it with a kick to the gut. But that's when another caveat suddenly interjected himself into the brawl: Zack found himself suddenly yanked off the ground again by a 17 centimeter retractable tail, hoisted right into Aubrey's line of sight once more.

The tail attempts to grip ahold of Zack; its combined forces of pressure enough to squeeze his ribs apart and crush his ligaments if she so desired. Instead, Billy jumps in and takes the hit.

Aubrey: Isn't that cute?

She chastised his attempts to save his friend, watching him quickly tumble down onto the wet terrain and slowly come to. Rolling back to a vertical basis, Aubrey further takes in her opponents mental and physical state, both of which were in a frail and befuddled state of disarray.

Billy was no longer in the mood to fight her. And she was well aware.

Not that it was going to stop her.

Lunging forward again, this time with her tail being her weapon of choice to attack, Billy was quick to hold up his arms in a desperate attempt to block the venom-injecting barb from the stinger of the tail. All he heard was a metallic clank when the two opposing forces came to a head.

Billy finds, much to his surprise, the tail blocked curtesy of double-sided lances, composed of the same alien material that made up of Jason's power sword. Far from the most ideal time to be presented with these weapons.....but late then never.

Blue Ranger: Heh.....thanks a ton, Alpha.

Quick to twist the lances around, it catches Aubrey's tail in the midst of the metal as Billy then jerks the weapon around. Spinning around in a whirlwind, it left Aubrey rather airsick; the added depth and velocity of which he was swinging her matched the specific form of motion sickness normally induced by air travel.

Whether or not it would still apply to her was not the question worth answering right now.

Billy finally subsided with the wild swinging and slams Aubrey flat onto the grass terrain and without giving her any moments notice, leaps down onto her back. At least he would've if Aubrey had not rolled out of the way. But then another subversion took her eyes off of him. A rapid gust of wind just by half a millimeter, slices across Aubrey's face where the edges make contact, severing the skin but only just. There's pain, yes- but only leaving a deep scratch. Said gust of wind that brushed by her with massive speed and force was not what she originally surmised.

Her eyes catch a glimpse of a yellow armored battle dagger zipping back towards Trini's grasps, who then materializes another one right alongside her. So now it left her against two Rangers with the odds most likely to now be stacked evenly against each other.

"Just know I'm doing this for your own good", was all Billy could muster to say before he charges back in.

Immediately however, the tail re-emerges, slicing through Billy's lances without even a lick of effort. Jokes on her though, since the lances were already made to be retractable as Billy realized upon a quick closer inspection.

No time to ponder on it now, he instructed himself as he went in, slicing in almost frantically with Trini not far behind him. The next minute left Aubrey completely on defense, tediously swiping and dodging the blades from her less-then-inferior foes in laborious detail and skill despite being under the varied impression that she had their number. Her main focus wasn't on them; It was the crater that helped them escape.

The sentient object that granted her and her brother escape from solitary confinement and gradually gave them access to their new forms. But said object needed to be delivered to their new disciple, their master.

All she needed to do was create an opening and take it.

Easier said then done, given the relentless offense from the Yellow and Blue Ranger with the Black Ranger nowhere in sight.The one moment that either of the two leave themselves open, Aubrey swings down with her new sharp blade and barely gets a hit off of Trini, scraping the nanotech off her left shoulder. Readjusting her trajectory towards her abdomen, she swings once before flicking thee wrist and blade upwards to the helmet, staggering Trin before she flips over her.....

....only to be met with Billy's left lance which ricochets last her face and then snaps back towards him. It left her wide open for a good 20 seconds, swaying her body backwards to avoid Trini's daggers but the momentary sway left her wide open for a involuntary distraction via Billy slamming the butt of his daggers near her feet, resulting in a low density shockwave that pushed her back a few feet.

Wide open, Trini lunged in and knees her straight in the abdomen only to be met with an uppercut launching her back a good five feet while rolled down the closest hill she was lunged to; only good it did the Yellow Ranger was slowing the mutant scorpion down. Crashlanding on the grass, she kips up almost immediately and rolls under an incoming blade attack only for Trin to sense the tail coming her way and corkscrew right through, barely avoiding the stinger without a scratch on her.

Finding an opening, she leaps upwards and slams down on the back of Aubrey's head with an axe handle but not before clenching both her knees around her head for stability and jerking her down face first. Stunned and wide open, Trini blindsides her with a back leg roundhouse.

Aubrey was now in a hurry to try and incapacitate Trini via her tail to sweep at the legs but Trini flips over and lunges forward at her with another huge knee to the which Aubrey responds by simply lunging forward and tackling her down a small hill.

At least she would've, had Trini not rolled out of the way. But that quick evasion still came with a caveat: Aubrey's tail swiped Trini by the neck on the way down, taking her off balance and dropping her daggers. She would quickly relish in this moment to take matters into her own hands with finishing an opponent, except now wasn't the time. As soon as she was certain that Trini wouldn't be getting up so quickly, she leaps back up the hill before swatting Billy down with one hand as he approached her with the lances.....

....and then leaping up and away to the far side of the prison.

However, her sight set on the crater caused her to overlook another crucial dent that would've been able to put a halt to the whole operation: Zack. His body roughed up and spiking heavily in considerable doses of pain, said training he reduced himself to hours earlier fatigued him faster than he had anticipated.

Whatever primary electrical functions still ringing in through Zack's helmet caught the disturbance of Jason and Kimberly left roughed up by Jacob. With Aubrey out of his peripheral vision, he saw his chance to give the rest of his team a helping hand.

And at this point in time, that was really needed.

This time, it's Kimberly who's up and about and goes for the next punch at Goldar but he manages to push her back slightly. Pink Ranger is able to break her grip before she staggers Jacob with a jumping side-kick to the head who grabbed her foot at the last second from the point of impact and slams her about.

One end to the next end and the process continued from there, badly roughing Kim up to where blood was coughed up from the side of her helmet. Jason, running in to halt the beatdown, takes a page out of his quarterback days and charges straight into Jacob, knocking them both down.....but still not letting Kim go. The next 10 seconds is Jason repeatedly slugging punches against Jacobs ugly face with each swing connecting harder and harder the further Jason allowed his anger to show.

That same anger made him reckless to Jacobs delight as he taunted him.

Jacob: I remember.....being forty feet tall, fighting you. But it wasn't ME!

He expressed almost laughing, launching Kim directly at Jason as the two tumbled off the brute and over each other.

No time for that as they both got back up and Jason again, calls his sword back to him and throws it at his enemy. All it does is annoy Jacob even more as he deflects the blade behind him.....

.....only for Zack to come in and catch the power sword and then hurled it down at Jacob with a back kick to stun him. And to his credit, it worked. The short window to recover was well worth it to regroup with the other two members of his team.

Black Ranger: If this is how you two normally fight without me, how the heck are you still alive?

Zack jokingly quips, seeing the two fairing just as badly as him.

Red Ranger: No idea. He definitely packs a wallop but if we come at him together, perhaps—

Black Ranger: YOLO!

That's as far he got before Zack rushes on in, once again ignoring Jason's potential order and making him feel even more insignificant regarding his position as leader here.

Black Ranger: Hey, Rocky Road! How about I take a swing?

That cry amused Jacob, seeing how his competition refused to back down.

Jacob: By all means, go ahead. You can't do any worse than your friends.

Taking that comment lightly, Zack's arm begins to pixelate quickly around his wrist and arm as a double bladed alien power axe formulated as his weapon of choice.

Dashing in on, Jacob, in turn, welcomes Zack to the going baseball slugger on him, knocking him completely aside with a discus clothesline before Zack even has a chance to attack. Compared to Aubrey, Jacob hit just as hard, if not a decimal harder. At least it was enough to jog Zack's memory a little bit: the answer wasn't there yet but he had a gut feeling as to the who behind Jacob. Said pondering had to wait.... Jacob crushed down onto Zack, leaving him writhing in agony once more. A brief glimpse into the cracks of Zack's helmet showed dry tears soaked into his skin and a stream of blood trickling down his mouth.

Jacob: Guess I stand corrected. I don't feel like I've ever killed one of you before.....

The mutated gargoyle gleefully expressed, pounding down on the Black Ranger with his bare fists, reducing Zack into more of a bloody pulp.

Jacob:...but there's a first time for everything.

Zack is only saved by a 249 pounds of force slammed into the back of Jacobs neck, bringing him down to his knees. He barely gets a good look at Kimberly wielding the blunt object before she clocks him upside the head with it again, once again taking Jacob down.

Pink Ranger: You know something? If you keep hitting everybody, we're never going to get you cleaned up and dating again and you'll spend your life wondering....

Another swing of the manhole goes nowhere, except in Jacobs golden grasp as he stopped the trajectory heading his way.

Pink Ranger:.....where did it all go wrong?

The distraction worked. For what little energy she had left, Trini leapt over his ugly head and bulldogs his face into the dirt, slightly overextending her right arm as a result.

Kim could tell just from looking: Trin was barely holding her own. The numbers game had caught up to her as she became overwhelmed with Aubrey's relentless offense and defense smothering her, resulting in her body moving a lot slower and sloppily compared to a few minutes prior......which didn't seem to occur similar towards the twins cause they hardly seemed out of whack or even tired for that matter.

Just as Jacob inches his way back up, a bicycle kick from Zack out of nowhere clocked him square in the face, allowing Trini to slide up underneath him, using her left arm to grab Jacob's right, spinning him around for a ripcord knee strike while maintaining wrist control. And then a single dropkick from Kim to the chest takes him off balance....but only just.

Luckily, Kim still had the manhole cover which she tossed directly at his head, highlighting her ultimate frisbee skills as she finally staggers him.

From then on, there was deafening silence. Anymore short periods of rest felt more detrimental than helpful given the physical states they were left in. If it wasn't for the Ranger physiology within the coins and their added superhuman durability, everyone would've been crippled for life.....but on its own, this wasn't a workout.

This was mostly a squash match.

It left the girls breathing heavily, heavily famished, staring briefly at one another before Kim extends her hand out to an ailing Zack and he takes it. Not much of a conversation takes place as Zack stumbles up to a vertical basis and Kim wraps his arm around her for support but not before Trini remarks....

Yellow Ranger: I'm just glad you didn't completely break him without us.

Zack just scoffs it off, playfully.

Black Ranger: I'll let you know about that when I put my head back on......

"Rangers, on me!", a cry out from their leader Jason now accompanied by Billy drew the rest of the team towards them, regrouping then for the first time since earlier today.

The sight that laid bare in front of them was.....interesting, to say the least. Standing a good few feet away from the crater that totaled the prison complex and led to Jacob and Aubrey escaping, they weren't expecting Aubrey to already have been there, let alone pillaging through the dirt in such rapid succession like a Rottweiler.

Pink Ranger: She's looking at the crater.

Yellow Ranger: Yeah, no shit Sherlock. But what's in there?

Pink Ranger: You're asking me?

Yellow Ranger: Kim. You're seriously telling me you and the red jocket didn't look?

Slight moaning resonates from the right and the team turn, finding Jacob recovered, off the ground and still without any dents, bruises or lacerations of any kind. He may not be impervious to pain but now this was looking ridiculous: the constant shrugging off of all their attacks gave away how they're nowhere close to beating him.

If the word even meant anything anymore.

And then came the lack of remembrance towards the nearby news crew who were left miraculously unharmed during the entire ordeal and went completely unheard to the point where even Jacob himself forgot they were watching. The thick blanket of air blowing behind him from afar was nice, though. Following the direction of the light from his left, he sees most of the news crew grounded with only a pilot in the drivers seat from up in the helicopter with another one hovering not too far behind.

The more publicity, the better, he thought to himself. They'll be dead soon anyways.

He'd quickly come to put the action behind that cause and effect on the backburner for only that moment.

He heard his sister calling him out from afar, the distance between each other cut remarkably short thanks to the Goldar dust's given side effects included advanced hearing and sight. And said eyesight was suddenly confronted by a tidal wave of condition, contempt and agitation as she faced her brother, simply shaking her head 'No'.

Jacob shared and expressed her displeasure with an agitated “How unfortunate. And everything was going so well."

To the Rangers fortunate luck, against the odds, they did manage to hold their own against the two siblings only for whatever was laid dormant in the crater to vanish so that they couldn't get it. Aubrey realized the illuminating force that they had been called towards vanished, albeit faintly. Nothing but the cratered remains of what said object of interest left behind, the twins were understandably disappointed.

Unfortunately, what the Rangers didn't deduce immediately was that the force never deteriorated away. It went about as a slight thump thump....thump thump.....essentially a weakened heartbeat crying desperately out for help.

It was still at large. Just not here.

What they're looking for no longer there, the two sibling-hybrids turn back towards their adversaries, still stuck in battle stances, ready to lash out for however long the night deemed they be there for. No longer were they pressed for or about the time; they needed to get rid of these new threats and in any way they could.

At least Jason wanted to make sure of that.

Red Ranger: Anymore cheap tricks to pull out your ass or can we reconvene this beatdown?

Mirroring across from each other, the twins were now in the opposed opposite position as opposed to Jason; no longer in need to waste anymore precious and valuable time on these miserable twerps. Other matters needed to be fulfilled; they'd only get in the way.


Living up to that promise, both brother and sister redirect their attention below them with arms and legs traveling at high velocity and smashes the ground hard enough to send out a wave of energy, rippling through the grass and debris and more or less throughout the rest of the area and another five miles beyond that....

Said shockwave effect blew the news helicopters in the air out of whack, snapping both throttles into pieces as they spiraled out of control. Coincidentally, the main five Rangers found themselves forcibly pushed back from the force of impact and away from the twins the instant the attack went into effect and the attack within itself packed a ridiculous amount of range to it that it knocked them all back into the prison system.

Unfortunately, there's no catching any breaks with the team.

Normally, the entire goal of a slam effect is usually to create distance between you and the opponent or to follow up with an attack which requires a charge-up time to perform. Said slam was originally intended to distance the Rangers away from the team to concoct a hasty retreat; an attempt that proved successful. But due to the range of the shockwave gusting by everything within a five mile radius, it also leveled the entire prison system yet again.

Thousands upon thousands of the inmates that the Rangers spent half an hour putting back in their cells were left running free and directly running over them as Billy, the first to inch up to his feet, was also the first to notice that their escape was due to an electrical outage that completely crippled the power generators from beneath the prison. And as if the prison literally being split in half, the electrical outage from the shockwave and the inmates trying to escape wasn't enough, the front exit had been torpedoed with chunks of debris and bits of the inner pillars so nobody could get out.

And to further escalate matters, the collapse of the pillars is further causing the entire prison structure to collapse.

Very few were able to climb up and out; the others were rather unlucky, now met with the reality that they're stuck in the last place they dreamed of being with the last people they wanted to come into contact with, under the pretense that deaths doorstep is only minutes away.

That very same revelation perplexed the Rangers: the third time they were seconds away from nearly getting killed. And yet the only one with a logical response was Kimberly.

Pink Ranger: We should be running. Like, now?!

“Ummm......guys, triangle of life", Billy quickly suggests, causing a downpour of confused faces from Zack, Trini and Kimberly who had no idea what he was talking about. But he kept on insisting.

Blue Ranger: Triangle of life, triangle of life! That way!

With more chunks of debris and disconnected shreds of metal being torn about and hurled towards the team at every disorderly angle, Jason is left nearly screaming.....

Red Ranger: Go! Go now! Everyone hunker up!

The team’s left adhering to Billy's idea and clenching themselves up against the closest solid object they could find. Whatever inmates were around them followed suit almost immediately, not wanting to suffer a fate similar to those who got crushed by the falling debris.

Now came the most antagonizing bit: waiting.

Triangle of life: an unsubstantiated and normally misguided theory that advocates methods of protection very different from the mainstream advice of "drop, cover, and hold on" method widely supported by reputable agencies. If anyone hunkers up against solid items, a void or space that will provide a protective space that could prevent injury or permit survival in the event of a major structural failure, any object that is taller than them, the debris that would've landed on them has to go over whatever you're hiding against.....

.....thus creating a small triangle of safety, hence the name.

Except it was only a theory, a rather faulty one at that. And yet, at the end, it was the only option available.

Finally, the rest of the pillars collapse, taking the whole prison structure down with it as the primary structural elements fail, resulting in the failure of adjoining structural elements, which in turn, further results in a pancake collapse.

Nothing but dirt and debris and ashes lay over a thick blanket over what remained of the prison.

After a moment of long silence the ruble begins to twitch as rocks and dirt begin to shake off and bursts out a red armored hand which oon the leader of the team himself broke out of the after math buried on him he then opened his face shield and coughed out for air 

Pretty soon he was offered a pink armored hand which was Kimberly offering it to him and he took it as she with her face shield open too along with the others behind her 

Kimberly then wrapped Jason's arm around her shoulder as Jason kept coughing 

Kimberly: You ok? 

Jason: *Coughs* Yeah. *Coughs out more* I don't know what that thing is---

Kimberly: Me neither but I loved it. 

Trini: Yeah fast thinking Blue.

Billy: It's actually an earth quake survival theory. Crouching next to a large stable object. Creating a protection zone from collapsing material. Never really thought I actually had to use it though. 

Jason: First time for everything then. But everybody up there could be um.....a counter attack or something. 

Trini: Don't think that's gonna be a problem boss. Here's one problem. 

She waved her hand towards an opening to the others showing them that's where Aubrey and Jacob escaped through

Trini: Our bad guys are long gone....whoever or whatever they are. 

Jason: Oh dammit. Something was not right about them. 

Billy: That's one way of describing them.

Jason: You sound very familiar with them Bill. Do you know them? 

Billy: Know them? My dad knew their dad. 

Zack: Wait.....Billy were they the ones you.....told me about before?

He nodded which confused Kim and Trini but Jason was just more focused on WHAT they were or what they were becoming cause Jacob's new look was too familiar to him which chilled to the bone

Meanwhile at an old abandoned sawmill the twins arrived feeling proud of earlier and welcoming their freedom given they still didn't understand what was happening to them they liked it anyway

Aubrey: It's beautiful. Thoughts in my head memories that aren't my own and the voice....I can hear it too. The energy rippling between us. Can you feel it too? 

Jacob: Yes. And I nearly took care of the Power Rangers all by myself. But now with you there's no way they'll stop us now. 

Aubrey: The Rangers will fall but I have something much bigger in mind. Something.....much....bigger. 

All of a sudden Aubrey started to glow bright which blinds Jacob for a moment

Aubrey: It's time the people of Angel Grove looked up to us for a change! That we aren't invisible anymore!

She then exploded which blew off the windows and a hole on the roof which starles Jacob a bit and soon Aubrey powers down looking at her hands liking this new power and personality

Aubrey: Cause these powers have changed our lives forever. 

Jacob: But where does it all come from?

Perhaps I can answer that. 

The twins turned around startled and who appeared to them was none other than the Empress of evil and former Ranger of Zordon's old team of the Rangers sixty five million years ago.....

....Rita Repulsa!

She approached the mutating twins with a sinister smirk holding her golden scepter 

Jacob: Who are you? 

Rita: The one who set you both free of course. And gave you new abilities.

Aubrey: You? Wait a minute.....I know you....I saw you on tv during the alien invasion. You're Rita Repulsa. 

Jacob: It can't be. Everyone said you were dead when that giant robot bitch-slap you to space. How did you survive?

Rita: If I hadn't you two would still be rotting in that facility you earthlings call prison.

Aubrey: Well not that we're ungrateful but this? What's happening to us? 

Rita: Funny you should ask my dear. You and your brother were chosen to be the vassals of my most powerful and precious monters to ever be known through out the universe. Jacob the golden mutations are the remains of my most special friend which in a matter of time you will become....Goldar. 

Jacob: You mean that big yellow thing you had destroy the city? your style.

Aubrey: What about me? 

Rita: You my dear have been mutated by the venom of Goldar's twin sister. You are becoming.....Scorpina. The queen of the galactic mutating scorpions and the venom to all the galaxy. And in time you both shall embrace the personalities and the power. 

Jacob: Man.....we're gonna be gods sis.

Aubrey: If everything you say is true and we become what you we will.....count us in. 

Rita smirks and nods

Rita: Excellent. You two wait here for me I have to look into our third new recruit. 

Jacob: Third new recruit? 

Aubrey: Someone our new selves know?

Rita: You'll see soon enough my dears. Meantime.....fave fun. 

Rita vanishes in green smoke leaving the twins smirking where she disappeared and then to each other 

But later on Rita arrives at the crater where the coin landed and Tommy was stuck on and looks down knowing for sure what made it and seeing the coin was not there she figured someone took it already chose it's new master either way Rita looked on the high way determine to find the answer herself: An answer that didn't need any clarification, for she had her eyes set on her chosen warrior and if all went according to plan, this was one trump card that Zordon wouldn't be able to overcome or outsmart.

Not this time.

Malcolm Forbes once stated "Victory is the sweetest when you've known defeat": a rather obvious meaning that even now, took a while to ring through to the five Power Rangers despite knowing that feeling thrice over by now. It was the first time in a while they've suffered a defeat this embarrassing since Billy's unfortunate murder at the hands of Rita and the mere thought that this could've had something to do with her wasn't even the tip of the iceberg for what went wrong.

Not only do they now have escaped or even dead inmates on their conscience, the new big baddies on the block have swept them completely under the rug while also getting no leeway on whatever caused the prison to shatter apart. If Rita's fingerprints were all over this, Zordon and Alpha would be the first to know so it's back to the ship they went.

Nobody spoke. Not a word was ushered between the five friends.

There's always that moment between action and consequence, eternal and fleeting. It's when whatever you did has occurred but the reaction is yet to come. The seed of embarrassment gets wedged inside, ready to blossom red upon your cheeks. Whenever one must recall my top most embarrassing moments, their personal hall of shame, that's where the memory always starts. Amongst many embarrassments....

....this was guaranteed to be among the top ten.

Everything that could've gone wrong in a moment of panic did go wrong and then some. Knowing why was the next step to figure out how to correct that.

Both doors that led to the main deck of the Command Center revolve wide open, leaving room for a lot of angry stomping and scattered feet amongst the floors of the Morphin' Grid, openly startling Alpha. There was always a 84% guarantee, a gut feeling feeling he'd get whenever they'd come here that something was bound to go wrong.

Common in the fight against evil.....except Alpha was well aware that this would not end well.

"What the hell was that, Zordon?", a furious Jason demanded, chucking his helmet off and slamming it down beside him much to his startled teammates. All he got as a response from Zordon was just this omnipresent blank stare they'd always see whenever they show up.

Only this time, brief warping can be detected through the screen: the only physical way the team could catch any signals of Zordon emoting at all.

A slight twitch in his right eye before he began to lower his head slowly, he quickly picked himself back up, knowing what they were about to discuss. And he took as much responsibility for that as the team were already shouldering.

Zordon: I will admit: this was my bad.

Jason: So be on top of it next time. If you want us to be effective, then pray tell, keep us in the loop. I—

Jason felt his blood boiling from every word spoken; he's left with his hand out towards Zordon's avatar through the screen almost trembling uncontrollably at the notion of feeling powerless.

Such a feeling never gripped ahold of Jason's subconscious in quite some time: his position being tested on a daily basis on and off-Ranger duty and the one time he desperately needed to step up, everything went south very quickly. Responsibility needed to be taken upon for all five of them, a revelation that Jason knew first and foremost that everyone already took up on their own behalf because what happened back at the prison was terrible.

But then something popped through Jason's head again. He was tempted to ask this important question but Jason needed confirmation and some sort of validation so he could know what to do and how to deal with it. Hell, his teammates needed to know just as badly as him; they had the right to.

Jason: Is this her? Is this Rita again?

A delayed reaction and response was expected. Instead, they got the total opposite with Zordon piping up and answering almost immediately.

Zordon: Indirectly, yes. But this is mostly Goldars doing.

Once again, steel brakes similar to that of Mac truck slams into the loss and bounces against the teens current dissection of the situation and showcased the gravity of this would-be one off scouting of alien activity into a permanent predicament for everyone involved.

Jason was left wondering through a majority of the battle who Jacob's mutated form resembled and the name Goldar somehow snuck right under his nose. Now that the name had once again been brought into fruition, he couldn't unsee it now. And neither could the others.

Only Zack was the one willing to actively respond to that.

Zack: Stop stop stop stop, flag on the play. You literally said that dust might jumpstart a few Putties, not bring that mutated mutant gold blob of cheese back to life.

Zordon: Rita infused Goldar with her power and drive for the Zeo Crystal. But now that she's gone, it's sentence is fading. So it's seeking out a new purpose—and new hosts. One of the two prisoners you accounted at the complex had been chosen per due by the dust it was infected with to remake and re-image Goldar in a civilian form.

"Great," was the only response Trini had be marked to say, sarcastically speaking. Despite rather itching for a challenge, she found herself just as worried as her teammates.

Trini: That's three enemies on our asses then: Rita, mutant Goldar and this scorpion-like chick with the giant stinge—

Alpha: Wait, what you'd say? Tell me I didn't hear Scorpion?

Zack was not in the mood for anybody playing dumb tonight; as his face spelled out for his robotic friend, he wouldn't have it.

Zack: You're telling me you didn't see this Scorpion-hybrid chick rampaging the prison with him? I swear Alpha, sometimes you can be—

Billy: Her names Aubrey.

He usurped, loud enough to bring the entire room to a halt.

Everyone redirects their attention away from each other and locks eyes straight onto Billy. Alpha and Zordon however sensed this was something just as urgent to their current situation than left to be surmised.

But they couldn't get anywhere with what would or wouldn't be reliable information if Billy wasn't willing to speak up.....

"Billy?", Alpha is left reiterating again following his lack of an immediate response. Normally, Billy is always keen to speak about what's on his mind no matter how dire the situation; bad time or otherwise, whether it be bringing wisdom to the group or lightening up a certain drear atmosphere, he'd normally have SOMETHING.

Here though? There was nothing. Nothing that provided any sense of wisdom or integrity or closure to comfort the team.

Billy: They're brother and sister: Jacob and Aubrey Hogan. They—they haven't had it easy since—well.....

That sixteen worded sentence spoke of a radically opposite side to Billy's usually autistic but bubbly optimism, one of which left everyone in the room stumped.

His hands trembled and his eyes water, his body feels hot with sweat trickling down his neck. Billy has to grip it tightly and twist it. Every impulse of his body movement gave away a radical exposure of fear, the same fear that left Billy on the defense more than offense about an hour ago, to the point where he didn't almost want to fight back.

The same fear that haunted the team as a result of his death.

Billy: To say they've had a rough life is putting it lightly since—

Jason:—it's about to get tougher.

Billy finds himself cut off by Jason; the cocky confident overbearing side to Jason gradually unveiling itself to the others again, baring the expected response of the face of a team unwilling to waver in the face of opposition. The team were a little less keen to pipe up and verbally agree following the beating they took from the new kids on the block.

But Jason's next rally call fell mostly on deaf ears.

Jason: Let's split up and take rotating patrols.....

His next call to action was quickly deemed an unpopular decision, with the announcement being met with eye rolls, scoffing and indefinite from Trini and Zack. The lack of response from

Kimberly, Billy, Alpha and even Zordon mentally cornered Jason, once again propelling him to fall under another stroke of uncertainty.

Mountains upon mountains of pressure threatened to rip the pit of his stomach, to rip open his pitiful insecurity regarding the disgusting truth: his very presence exemplified the epitome of shame, a sight Kimberly couldn't unseen since they arrived back onto the ship. His moral compass had once again lead him, mentally, back to a troubled time.

Jason longed for hope that perched in the soul and sang the tune without words; a daily struggle in the eventual life of a superhero that they barely been subjected to and already receiving the short end of the stick. He needed something to ensure him of what right they were doing, more specifically him.

If only he learned self-control. If only he was patient to put up with Trini and Zack's understandably petulant attitude.

Jason: Do you have a problem with that?

Trini held nothing back from him.

Trini: Uhhh yeah: SUPER bad idea. In case you forgot, we just got pounded six ways to Sunday. They just schooled us and dropped a building on our heads; now you want us to take him on alone?

Jason: Do you see anyone else anyone else making those decisions? If you don’t feel like helping, you’re more than happy to stay.

Trini: That ain’t up to you, boss.

Jason: Didn't I tell—

The brief crack in his voice as he raised his temper didn't phase Trin in the slightest. Too emotional, very angry, frustrated and cranky, it left Jason as famished as the rest of his teammates.....only he was having a really terrible job at hiding it. If there was anything left to hide.

Jason; I told you not to call me that.

Zack: But that's how the buck stops with you, isn't it? Your way or the highway, right?

Jason: Somebody has to take to charge, somebody has to make the hard decisions here if we're gonna stick together. And I don't mind to—

Alpha: That's enough.

Sensing that tensions are quickly boiling to an inevitable high tipping point, the robotic humanoid placed himself between the five overbearing, overly emotional and now stifled adolescents.

Alpha: You're all under an amazing amount of stress. Get some rest. Me and Zordon will contact you when you're needed....

Jason: Hang on a second Alpha. We need some answers first. Like what's really happening with the twins. If you and Zordon knows something we need to know what we're really up against if not human twins. They were legit freak shows and they kicked our asses out there.

Billy: Bos---Jason. We probably don't have to dig too much it right now. I already know those guys more than I should enough.

Jason: Yeah Bill? Well there's probably more we all need to know if they come at any of us again. And I'm gonna want to know how to beat them when they do. We know the big guy is possessed by Goldar....sort of speaking....but what was with the woman with the scorpion tail?

Suddenly that chilled Alpha to the spine like Jason predicted he DID know something of that and he turned to Zordon

Alpha: He's right. It's time.

Zordon: Are you sure?

Alpha: They'll find out soon enough.

Kimberly: Find out what?

Zordon: Rangers.....the human you call Aubrey Hogan was mutating into Rita's second monster that helped her annihilate my own team sixty five million years ago. She's Rita's most deadliest and mencing minion you've ever come to face. She is a hybrid of human and scorpion alike known only as....Scorpina. Goldar's twin sister.

Billy: Twin sister?! Like Jacob and Aubrey are twins?!

Zordon: That is correct Billy.

Billy was just beyond lost of words that this night couldn't get any stranger and couldn't help but to give Goldar and Scorpina credit that they chose perfect hosts knowing they were as rotten as Rita

The others however didn't know what to make of this not expecting the monster they defeated before would have any siblings

Trini: If....Goldar has a come she wasn't there the day him and Rita attacked Angel Grove.

Zordon: My team and I manage to stop her before we fell victim to Rita's wrath. We thought we destroyed her but given you saw the Hogan twins becoming the Gold twins Rita must have had her remains all this time and roamed the earth after you stopped her and Goldar. Now that they're taking over the Hogans there's no doubt Rita will lead them to destruction to find the crystal again.

Trini: She's still after that thing?

Jason: She'll never find it. It's in our zords. She and those two creeps aren't stupid enough to dig up trouble with them without us knowing.

Zordon: Be cautious Jason. Remember a real leader never seeks out battle or lead his team to it without knowing your enemies more than they know themselves.

Jason: You told uss everything about them. I think we got this Zordon.

Zordon: And I use to say the same thing. And that only lead my team to danger. Jason I selected you as the leader of this team only to make up for my own past mistakes. I don't want you making them too. A good leader must never fall into arrogance.

Jason was at first tempted to protest again but that whole "Leader" thing had him stumped and turned to the others as Kimberly and Zack were the only ones looking back at him Trini and Billy were stumped with the twin monsters and Rita returning basically Jason looked back to Zordon who gave him a firm expression

Jason nodded to him and looked back to the others

Jason: Alright. Let's go guys.

The five turned and exited the morphing grid as Alpha looked up to Zordon

Alpha:Ayi Ayi Ayi

Zordon: Alpha a long time ago I missed something fundamentally flawed inside a ranger and paid the price for it. I won't make the same mistake twice.

Alpha: Yes. These kids are.....well they're "kids" and kids screw up. It'll make them stronger in the end.

AT the crater police were already on the scene lead by Chief Colton (Christian Keyes)

They towed Tommy's dad's truck still there obviously and some other officers were even searching the crater but found nothing his deputy Officer Bebe (Jamie M. Callica) climbed out of the hole and reported the chief

Bebe: Chief. We been all over this hole and found nothing. Whatever was here is long gone.

Colton: Have you ruled everything around it?

Bebe: Yes sit. We even searched the truck before the tow picked it up. Still nothing. Nothing but rocks that look like hands and feet. And....some burnt dust. Other than that. There's nothing here.

Colton: Alright. Lock this down. Till we rule the cause of that hole no one crosses this area.

Suddenly the chief and Bebe were startled as helicopters and vans arrive and what step out was.....APEX agents

Bebe: Who the hell are these guys?

Colton: Something tells me the government sent them. I hate the government.

Woman (Mila Kunis): Chief Colton I persume.My apology for this sudden drop in. But we'll be taking this situation from here.

Bolton: Who the hell are you people?

Woman: Special Agency Melanie Sheer Director of APEX.

Bebe: Director of what?

Sheer: We're here to investigate alien activity due to the attack on your town before and given the circumstances looks as a meteor just hit here.

Colton: Or a explosion cause there's nothing in that hole.

Sheer: Oh trust me Chief there was something here. Either it wondered somewhere under town....or someone took it wondered somewhere under your town....or someone or something took it. And until it's found and that we have a real update on these....people.

She showed the chief pictures of the Power Rangers fighting putties in the park and the zords down town fighting Goldar

Sheer: We'll be proceeing.

Chief: The Power Rangers?

Sheer: Apparently we know know nothing about them we don't even know if they're aliens or....some special force themselves we don't know where they come from or what they're capable of and quite frankly we don't know they pose a threat given....they're just as responsible for your town's destruction as this woman on this picture and.....this yellow creature.

Colton: True we don't know who they are but far as many know they don't pose a threat. Some of my people owe their lives to them.

Sheer: Let me guess they're the Batman in your Commissioner Gordon story. News flash Chief: I am under strict policy of alien activity on the planet. I have clearance from the President himself to lock this town down if have to. So until we know the cause of this crater or if we know who are the Power Rangers or better place them under arrest we're in charge of this investigation.

The chief stepped close to the Director

Colton: Go to hell.

That put off tense between them and Colton and Bebe stormed off from the scene

The chief got in his car with Bebe coming in the shot gut seat

Bebe: I never heard of this APEX agency

Colton: Trust me. They'r nothing but trouble. They'll take over this city and lock it down. Sheer thinks she can take this investigation from us but she's sadly mistaken. This is our town Deputy not theirs. We'regoing to find the cause of this weather they like it or not.

Soon after they drove away

Meanwhile at the Scott residents Jason came through the front door with his parents Sam (David Denman) and Beverly Scott (Caroline Cave) on the couch watching the news on the prison break and Sam wass the first to notice him

Same: Late again I see.

Jason: Lost track of time.

Sam: There's a clock on your cell phone.

Jason: I know.

Sam: *Stands up* I thought we agreed son 7PM on the dot.

Jason: I lost track of time like I said. The guys and me......

He stopped made him think back to what Zordon said which only gave Sam the chance to talk back

Sam: Ever since you started hanging with those other kids you been more irresponsible than before. That's probably why they're in the detention with you.

Beverly: Sam.

Sam: He's got to learn from his mistakes Bev. The boy will never learn anything if he doesn't.

Jason: That's what you said when I was kicked out of the team. I learned a lot more than you think but I got my own life.

Sam: And that's a life you'll throw away if you don't shape up your record.

Beverly: Sam not tonight. It's late

Sam: Then is it late for one question?

His parents turned to him

Jason: Was I any good....of being a leader?

Beverly: Of course you were Jason. We all knew you were.

Jason: Dad?

Sam was silent at first

Sam: I thought you were terrific. Even your uncle thought so. He still thinks are.

Jason: Lucas?

Beverly: And so do we? Jason we always hoped for the best for you. Don't ever think we don't.

Jason stood there at first and just briefly nodded to them too and turning away going up stairs with his parents turning to one another in concern

Soon as Jason was walking to his room he heard a door opening behind him causing him to turn seeing his younger sister Pearl (Kayden Magnuson) stepping out of her room

Jason: What'd you doing out of bed?

Pearl: Heard you and dad arguing again. And I think you're a great leader too.

Jason: Were you listening?

Pearl: I just heard. But I really do think you're awesome.

Jason: Thanks. It's untrue but....your words are sweet. And this may be something you'll go through when you're older too. And it's not gonna be a day at the carnival.

Pearl: It won't change what I think.

Jason grinned walked over to his sister and rubbed her hair and sent back to bed and soon Jason went in his room a minute later and looked out the dock through his window with Zordon's words still haunting him

Meanwhile we come to the Oliver's residents the police had just dropped Tommy off and after another scolding but worried talk from his parents Tommy went to HIS room and threw his back pack on his bed sitting on it still unsure what just happened earlier

The crater the coin those rock creatures how he ended up in an ambulance not knowing how and the out of focus pink figure (Pink Ranger) especially the APEX coming to town and seeing the Power Rangers on tv and wondered....if it was one of them that saved him.....given there was a Pink Ranger

Tommy: Hmm....

He laid flat on the bed but felt something hard which made him sat back up and looked down to his pocket and reached in to it and......

......pulled out....

.....the same green coin

Tommy frowned not remember ever taking it

Tommy: How the heck did you get here?

He got up and sat at his desk observing it closely

Tommy: I never seen anything like this. Where did it.....?

He soon breathed on it and rubbed it on his chest to clear any dirt on it and after a moment he felt.....a HUGE vibrate on it


Tommy frowned again and the coin soon.....glowed bright green it reflected off to his face and soon Tommy felt something inside and soon.....the coin set OFF and which forced Tommy's desk chair to slide back and went in some dream state and somehow.....

.....all the other Rangers went in it too and all gasped

Jason in his bed Kimberly and Trini walking home and Billy and Zack at the van who hit the brake very fast and all six saw an image......

.....of a masked figure sitting in a thrown turned from the screen and turned his head side ways his mask almost looked like a ranger and quoted

Kneel before your lord!

And soon the dream fainted as Tommy and ason passed out in their rooms Kimberly and Trini looked at each other confused and Billy and Zack were in shock as they rushed out of the van


Zack: I have no idea!

They looked around with the camera pulling back only for the screen to cut back to the ship as an alarm went off on the grid and Alpha went to ID the cause of the alarm

Zordon: Alpha. Status.

Alpha: The grid has picked up a signal in the city. It's faint but very strong.

Zordon: Only things to make a strong signal like that is a power coin.

Alpha: I won't be able to trace the signal. But I can ID the coin. Stand by.

Alpha pressed the scanning buttons to ID the signal which only made Alpha.....freeze in his tracks.

Alpha: can't be.....

Zordon: Report Alpha 5. Which coin is it?

Alpha: It's.....HER coin sir.

Luckily, the following morning looked the same as any other: tranquil.



And hopefully uneventful.

If the current 67 degree coolant temperature and dreary grey humid weather was of anything to take into consideration, it was looking likely that it would stay that way for most of today.

As his dreams lingered, dancing in the way that dreams do, Tommy's eyes peeled themselves open, coming arise to the light of the new day.....but only just.

Rubbing his tired eyes with the insides of his palms, his now stricken red eyes were dry from lack of hydration, having stayed up for days on end weeks previous. Raking his fingers through his tossed and tangled shoulder length hair, he tied it up to keep it out of his face. Setting his head back on the uncomfortable pillow in freefall position with his head only fragments in the right place......

Probably the last thing he needed after a crazy night tossing and turning like that.

Unwilling to want to deal with the ramifications of last nights debacle, Tommy knew the next step was getting the hell up and pretending like it never unlikely as that may seem. But he goes for it anyways, rolling on out of bed only to yelp prior to rolling off the edge.

He catches himself, hands first onto the carpet and his eyes steadily fastened and weary of his surroundings. Glancing at his White tainted Louver prefinished PVC Bifold closet door with his peripheral vision steering over to his bathroom with the lights barely on and the cracked open window beside his bed, Tommy felt an overwhelming internal crunch in the pit of his stomach.

No clue as to what but he didn't feel so good.

All he could muster to do was slowly inch up to a vertical basis, one procedurally slow step at a time. Something felt.....different.

The bathroom had an earthy feel as Tommy enters after a word of caution. The walls were large format tiles of white honed travertine and the floor was made of dull brown tiles. The vanities were of a dark wood and the counters were a brilliant white quartz. There was no bath but instead a huge walk in shower with two shower heads; towels were fragrant, fluffy and carefully folded on a thrift-store chair in the corner.

Dipping straight for the sink, Tommy always found a soothing sensation by the sound of water. The power it had often loosened him in the drum of heavy rain and brief splashing with the gurgle of storm water soon rushing down the drain.

Another splashy dose of water to his face later and as his face clears up looking at the mirror, a sight stops him dead in his tracks, close at himself in the mirror noticing his arms and torso was a little.....more buffed up like he had years worth of work out done in a day: muscles that were proof of overcoming adversity and rise, proof that he valued himself enough to put in the effort it took.....if he actually had been to the gym.

Very very fishy, he thought, frowning at the sight of himself in the mirror and tried to ignore it, opening his medicine cabinet......only for it to get pulled CLEAN off.

The amount of unnecessary force applied needed to pull that off pushed Tommy back a couple feet as he stumbled down to the floor, stunned at the sight. He effortlessly pulled a door off its hinges without even having to try.

Let alone force it open.

Now looking back at the broken door and his grip on said broken door, this was already enough red flags on its own and more to add to Tommy's semi-depressant mood. First, his loss of temper gets him exiled from karate on his behalf, he nearly got killed yesterday, the discovery of the green coin and nightmares it planted upon him and his psyche that kept him up as a result.

The last two thoughts was an immediate flag on the play. It couldn't have been a coincidence, he thought to himself, seeing how his updated size and strength followed through almost immediately. His heart-rate accelerating, his senses heightening.....

Made way too much sense.

Tommy: Not in the mood for this today.

Begrudgingly removing himself from the bathroom but not without taking the broken cabinet door with him, he simply tosses it aside on the bed while glancing briefly at the coin over on his desk. Picking it up to get another look, the only thoughts formulating through his head was What does this mean? The hell are you trying to tell me?

Said thoughts didn't last long though as he laid back to on the bed to ponder about it more.

Attempted to, at least.

A single push back against the framing of his bed and he trips back onto it, completely folding in the mattress, wooden paneling and bedrest. But not before it all completely split in half. Without hesitation, with just one more glance at the coin, he crawls away from his now crunched bed-space and aims his coin right out the windowsill.

A precise baseball pitcher aim later, the coin was out of his hand and out of his reach. Which also left him vulnerable to the door knock.


Tommy: Oh my g—One second!

He was quick to close his bathroom in a foolhardy attempt to hide the damage but knew full well there was no hiding the bed from the woman of the house. She sees that, she'll get suspicious and God knows, the last thing this boy needed was for her to raise her voice this early in the morning.

Now impatient, tired and rushing, Tommy's 'trying to remain unnoticed' appeal was quickly deteriorating. The longer he kept his mom waiting , the more obvious it'd be on what is or isn't happening.

Finally, he rushes right out the minute he opened the door and shut it at an instant with Debbie standing outside.

Debbie: Tom. What were you doing in there?

Tommy:.....I was....uh, redecorating a bit.

Debbie: Sounded like a ruckus in there.

Tommy: Some things fell off the shelf. I'll take care of it when I get back.

She nods.

Debbie: Well....all in a days work. Breakfast is ready, so hurry up if you wanna be early.

He can only nod at the response.

Debbie went down stairs as Tommy softly sighed heavily in relief, looked back at his door and through the crack into his now totaled private space that used to be his room. All of it destroyed in his merit.....unaccordingly.

Looking down at his hands, he couldn’t help but to mutter out loud....

Tommy: Did that thing just turn me into the next Superman?

That very question proved to be quite the adjusted anomaly for the young once-venerated karate veteran. There was this absolute stillness that plagued his ears, clouded his eyes and warped around his brain as he was stuck walking in his way to school on his lonesome after breakfast. His dad had already left earlier and with his mom caught in a business meeting at home, he was left with no other choice since his car was still with the repairmen.

No air stirred the grass or leaves; a contradiction to a somber breeze itching around his shoulders and neck. No clouds drifted in the sea of bluish gray above. No water dripped or flowed. Not a sound could be heard either close at hand or in the far off distance, despite a doppler effect zipped behind and past him with endless cars on the road. Even his own breath seemed to die as soon as it left him. It was an eerie sort of tranquility; instead of being soothed; his senses became heightened. He felt like the prey even though no predator could be detected.

It was as if the world were encased in a cocoon, a bubble and there was no way out.

He was walking like his shoes were too tight, making short little strutting steps like a clockwork soldier and yet the pace at which Tommy was going was unusually slow, almost robotic, as if his brain was struggling to tell each foot to take the next step. It was as if he was in a stupor; like someone under hypnosis in one of those Scooby-Doo cartoons.

But he sensed this: the abnormality of it.

Tommy tried forcing himself to trudge along the pavement at a more sedate pace, redirecting his attention to focus on the gentle footsteps that seemed to echo throughout the desolate street......a task that proved to be next to impossible to perform. The events of last night were a daunting innovation not just to himself but to those who enjoyed Tommy's company around them.

Fear hadn't always been a known tangent to Tommy's persona but the very lack of high quality performance; him accomplishing even the most mundane of tasks now proved seemingly fruitless.


Bolting his eyes open, he snapped his head behind him, around him, above him, all around his personal space as a voice echoed louder and louder in his head. The tension wouldn't leave him.


The distorted noise in his head eventually honed outwards back to reality; finding himself back on the sidewalk on firm solid ground and startled like a deer in the woods, almost toppling as he took a large step backwards. He brushed the imaginary dirt from his light green hoodie and jeans before letting his face fall with gravity again, looking down at his hands trembling and his feet falling asleep.

Now this was becoming a serious issue: one of which, again, raised way too many red flags directing back to the worst case scenario; the only way this would've made any sense. At least now there was no point in trying to guess as he gulped dreadfully, his hand moderately reaching down to his left pocket and the essential terror that wrapped around his brain if what he thought was there was there and if he kept it for too long.

Not much comes out of it though, thanks to a cautious, keyed up "Hey. Excuse me" reverberating from Tommy's far left. There he sees Jason, perched up, wheel on the sidewalk in his red Dodge Ram directly calling out to him in a show of camaraderie and care.

Jason was quick to take notice of the befuddled teen beside himself. The young man before him had a sort of hen-pecked look, his shoulders hunched together like he was trying to disappear inside himself. Even his dark eyes seemed to be attempting to retreat inside his head.

Along with a troubled mind, who urged him to move along and not pay him mind. Tommy obliged at first, stepping aside while trying to slunk past the truck not looking left or right or even directly at Jasons face.

At least that was the plan.....until he regained a fragment of human decency and turned back to Jason, tempted to, at least, answer him.

Tommy: Is there something wrong?

Jason: I was going to ask you the same thing. It's like 50 degrees out here. You freezing?

To Tommy, that was strange....very strange. He knew he should've been and yet it was the total opposite; if anything, it felt like he was the one whom had complete control over his body temperature and once again, the elephant in the room was too obvious at this moment in time to point out.

All he could do was ignore it and just play along the best way he could.

Tommy: Nah, not really.

Jason was left raising an eyebrow at the remark, taking Tommy's stance on his temperature with a grain of salt.

Jason: You got to be warm blooded as hell then. This temperature's no joke.

Tommy: You sound like my mom.

"Far departure from my pops, then. He wants to be able to understand me and how I operate but—" A slight chuckle leaves Jason, not that Tommy minds. He could use something to lighten the mood a little.

Jason: I dunno if he will.

The silence distanced between the two made the latter's blood as cold as the summer air that crept through his open window. Bereft of any wind the leaves hung limp until they fell of their own accord, there was no whispering noise or rustling. It was as if even nature itself conspired to keep Tommy in the dark, not daring to whisper the reassurance he craved.

And only Jason appeared to be the one willing to help him go against that least upon second inspection. Didn't matter if he was wasting valuable time.

Jason: Oh shit. Sorry, don't mean to waste up your time. Umm.....where you going?

Only answer he got was Tommy pointing straight down the sidewalk and further down more blocked off streets thanks to the omnipresence of the fog blocking their point of view.

Then he says "Saturday detention".

Almost immediately, Jason nods begrudgingly before pointing in the same direction, ushering "I'm—that's where I'm going."

Tommy: You too?

Jason: Unfortunately. Tried a prank on the opposing team, let my anger get the better of me and—well, let's just say, uh.....well, I have the worst luck.

Luck: perhaps the most infamous of flaws. Speaking of which.....Boy, Tommy could tell Jason was full of them. And Jason could say the same.

The black eye; the scar above Tommy's cheekbone. His apparent coldness towards people. He gave off the impression that he had the ability to scare away anyone that looked at him. However, that would usually be on only how deep people saw into him. But Jason?

From first glance, he couldn't desert everything....but he saw enough of him fully. He saw past all the supposed nastiness from his appearance and focused on what he heard. All the while, gradually, the word 'opposing team' caught Tommy's interests. Not much needed to be dissected further catching another glance at Jason behind the wheel before the revelation eventually came to him: Jason was the former star quarterback of their football team.

Nothing was said about the matter, however.

Jason: don't want a ride there? Save up time?

He can only nod in agreement to that before Jason extended his arm out and opened the door for Tommy. No sooner should the disgruntled teen make himself comfortable in the passengers seat does Jason accelerate the car forward taking the right wheel off the sidewalk before making a right on Briarwood just as the light went green.

Of course, given his faulty first impression in the sidewalk, there wasn't much Tommy thought he could do to convince Jason he was anything but a stranger. Still, he tried, by at least giving out his name.

Tommy: By the way, umm......Thomas Oliver. But my parents call me Tommy.

Jason: Tommy Oliver? Wait now I know you were at the tryouts at Ernie's.

"Yeah, to get kicked out. Bull and Skull were picking in a Billy Cranston. He....tried to defend me first so...." Tommy faced down, dreading the thought of having to see them both again within only an half hours time but the very position he put himself in as a result of his heroic actions still bit at him as.....left to be desired.

Tommy:.....only no one won.

A somber, gritty and heavily drear tone through Tommy's monotone reaction to Jason's remark, a response that left Jason puzzled but ultimately . Similar to him, he was left doing what he thought was the right thing one time and was left picking up the pieces of the aftermath which would now haunt him for the rest of his days.

Lo and behold, there was Tommy again gazing straight ahead, only half-aware of a world outside the claustrophobic comfort of the car, of Jason's hands stroking the wheel, the almost soundless changing of the gears, the pattern of traffic lights....all recycled in a timeless, endless loop of productivity that almost meant nothing to him.

Almost nothing seemed to matter in his mind.

Jason: You ok, man?

Tommy: Yeah, yeah. I'm good.

If only he was.

Jason: You haven't said anything in twenty minutes.

Tommy had to force himself out the vacant blank space in his head to bring himself to answer Jason without coming off as cranky. Every flag raised gave off the impression that he was; convincing him otherwise was a far from trivial task; Certainly didn't help that Jason was getting a little suspicious with the matter.

"My bad, my bad, sorry," Tommy is left having to apologize for nothing again. "I.....just kinda spaced a bit. Not much of a morning person."

Am I even a person at all? These very conflicting thoughts, most of which were already ushered aloud, did a terrible job at convincing Jason otherwise. Not that Jason didn't mind anyways.....except he did. From seemingly ignoring being cold and his entire aura sparking a seemingly bitter presence, the first thing that came to the former football quarterback is that he's stressed out.

Perhaps it was a mistake taking him along, Jason couldn’t help but to ponder deep down, especially if Tommy wasn’t in the right state of mind to even go.

Jason: You know.....Tommy, if you’re not feeling great, I could just drop you back off at home and—

Tommy: Don’t, don’t. I get days like these all the time but.....probably a first for me today: first day jitters and all.

Jason: Uhhhh....except you’ve probably been going to Angel Grove High for weeks, years now.

Tommy: I know......

That is all he could just as the seemingly endless twenty five minute long drive had come to a halt upon arriving to Angel Grove High.

Tommy:....but not like this.

Jason: Exactly what I said when I was kicked out of the team.

Tommy: Team?

They both froze them both in their tracks looking at one another and not long after that Tommy frowned like if Jason were an old friend or something

Tommy: We....haven't met before have we?

Jason: I don't think so....

Tommy: No not officially I meant....wait a minute.....oh my god. You're Jason Lee Scott. The team leader of our football team.

The cat was out of the bag with Jason briefly embarrassed being recognized what he worried for his mishap with the police before

Tommy: I can't believe I didn't recognized you before. I saw you a couple of your games three months ago. What happened to you? Middle of the first semester you disappeared off the team. Why are you in Saturday detention?

Jason was a LITTLE relieved he didn't know his reasons unlike everybody else

Jason: Let's just say that uh.....being a leader has it's flaws.

Tommy: Well that's one thing we have in common. I mean....except the leader part. The flaws.

Jason: Right. Well much as I love to chat more I don't want to kill the time I got to check with my friends before detention starts.

He and Tommy got out and soon walked in with the halls empty unless you count the janitor by the left of the lockers (David Hugh de Lautour)

Jason: Well guess I'll see you in detention?

Tommy: Yeah. Nice meeting ya.

They took their seprate ways and Tommy went to his locker and soon as he opened it a green glow shinned on his face

Tommy: What the---

Right before his very eyes he could not believe what he found in there he reached in and pulled out......

.....the Green Coin

Tommy: I threw you out. How did you......?

Tommy wasn't in the mood for puzzle games and not knowing what else to do he grabbed his books leaving the coin IN his locker and wondered off

And soon after everyone was gathering in detention Jason came down stairs with Billy in front of him plugging in some cords with Trini in her seat and Zack sitting backwards behind Billy's desk

And out of no where Bulk holding a crutch for his snapped ankle and Skull wearing a cast on his broken arm were the last to enter the room and the first to notice them was Kimberly who came down the stairs too

Kimberly: Oh great.

Skull: Well....guess tis place is why you couldn't make it to our date last Saturday.

Kimberly: Dream on Skull I never made a date with you.

Kimberly was just about ot walk pass them but Bulk blocked her with his crutch

Bulk: Well....looks like someone here needs to be taught ssome manors

Jason saw what was happening and was about to confront them away from Kimberly but....someone beat him to it

Bulk felt a hard grip on his shoulder making him and Skull turn around and see......

Tommy: Didn't you two hear the lady? She said no.

Bulk: You again? Well time for pay back for putting us in here. And my ankle.

Skull: And my arm!

Tommy: Go ahead then your arm and ankle will be the least of your worries cause all three of us will be in here till graduation.

They knew their payback would not be worth it after hearing that

Bulk: Uh....yeah....maybe....some other time.

Skull waltzed to his seat and Bulk tripped while trying to rush to his and had to crawl his way to it and Trini Zack and a few other kids laughed at the way they moved more so at Bulk on the flour till he made it to his desk and climbed up to his chair and looked at Skull

Bulk: Thanks for the help.

Jason laughed till he turned his attention to Tommy and Kimberly

Kimberly: Tommy....thanks for that. But....I mean I do appreciate it but you didn't need to do that I could have handled it.

Tommy: Yeah but then you be here till graduation too.

They both laughed as Jason kept looking at them oddly

Tommy: much time is there left I....need to go to the men's room.

Kimberly: Just another 25 minutes.

Tommy: Good. I'll be right back.

Tommy went to his seat putting his green jacket and bag on his chair and books on his desk and left for the mens' room where he lost focus thinking back to the coin his strength....even that dream he and unknown to him the Rangers had last night but during so Kimberly watched him go grinning briefly and soon a she turned around she saw Jason staring who gasped when she spotted him

Kimberly: You ok?

Jason: Yeah....just was in thought.

Kimberly: While staring at me?

Jason: You were in my direction.

That got awkward in a hurry and soon they went to their seats everyone was chattering Skull was eyeing at Kimberly who was drawing something with Bulk on his laptop watching an Nostalia Critic you-tube video

Kimberly folded the paper and threw it towards Jason who caught it with a signle hand due to his....Ranger strength unfolding it sseeing a lightning bolt logo with their exact colors on it

Jason laughed liking it and threw it back to Kim who too caught it with her single hand

Soon as 25 mins were almost up and the teacher came in with his brief case and sat in his desk

Teacher: Attention! Attention in detention. Everyone in your seats.

The students that weren't sitting sat and Kim was the only one looking over at the entrance and Tommy still hadn't come back she frowned in confusion and the teacher spoke again

Teacher: Before we start we have detention student: Tommy Oliver. Tommy Oliver?

The students looked around Jason and Kimberly were the only ones looking at his empty desk with his jacket on his seat

Teacher: Tommy Oliver?

Out in the wall we zoom down it cutting back to Tommy's locker with the coin in there glowing green and making that vibrating sound again


And then...................


There was an explosion. It was, as though a fist of orange flame had decided to punch it's way out of the main hallway.

But no windows shattered. No thousands of pieces of glass and steel showered down. No alarms erupted. Just smoke, dust, charred, burned pieces of paper and a broken disfigured locker doors rushed out. Not only that but for as low velocity the explosion was, a huge bite had been taken out of the side of the building.

The only major person of interest was the janitor, who upon looking through the oval shaped hole through the wall, realized he had double the work cut out for him as his jaw nearly dropped down to the floor.

Yet the detainees in detention had a reaction somewhere along the lines of brief amusement, mild annoyance or in the case for the five war-hardened teens, galvanized. They immediately jumped out their seats, standing by each other near the back entrance of the room; having been startled by the explosion, they weren't gonna take any chances.

Even as it resulted in awkward and infringed glances from the rest of the class, including the teacher.

Teacher: Cranston.

Inching himself away from Jason and shooting his arms straight up, Billy takes the blame; under the pretense it was another one of his explosion theatrics gone horribly wrong.

Billy: That might've been my fault. That might've been my fault; I am so sorry.

In the bathroom, though, Tommy was still bidding his time, his face glued to the hallway after hearing the aftershock of the explosion rock him from where he stood over the sink. He felt his teeth gritting in annoyance; that green coin was going to be the literal death of him.

Dumping his face into the commercial sink trying to wash his face off did little to help this time. By the time he turns off the water and catches his breath, he bolts his face upwards and looks at himself in the same stained, cracked voidless mirror. Tommy Oliver huffs and puffs excessively, eyeing over at his still-swollen black eye from the night before. It wasn't completely black, but it was clear from attempting to look into his eyes, it was like nothing was there to behold: nothing but an endless depth of ink, sorrow, and pain.

No use in seeing the usual sclera that highlights the whites of his eyes nor the vessels that flowed through them; he couldn't see much of it. Once more, the disfigured mirror did a fantastic job making him see something entirely opposite of what he wanted.

They were depths of Tatarus holding a thousand souls in his eyes yet there were none to be seen......all in one faint omnipresent glow.

Tommy: Why does this have to be me?

That’s all he says before he waltz out of the bathroom with three extra chips on his shoulder before he's let staring at the mess in front of him.

Mess was an understatement; it was a disaster zone. It looked like a drunken cyclone had erupted across the floor, then made it's haphazard way across to the desk to do the same to the janitors' sanitary work....which was already made twice as hard now compared to the previous few weeks. Amongst the broken doors and dusty debris, only fragments of fraying string, tiny triangles of construction paper from yesterday's mosaic project, an old rotten cheerio and half a raisin; all of them lied amongst this smorgasbord of waiting to greet any visitors that happen to stop by: the janitor being the more unlucky one.

However.....the wrrrr started to reverberate again.....and Tommy couldn't turn away. Underneath a mountain of discarded construction paper was the everglowing, everflowing, ever infuriating green coin. The janitor, being the good sport he was, simply handed the coin to Tommy despite his suspicions.

The befuddled teen had every reason to turn away but given his last few attempts to get rid of it ended disastrously.....this didn't appear to be up for debate any longer. Tommy huffs contemptuously and just takes the coin from him.

Finally, everyone stands up in the detention room upon the door slightly opening up to see Tommy Oliver re-entering the room, covering his swollen black eye with a bag of ice. Having kept the small bag in his pocket for most of the morning, that was one cold

Teacher: Tommy Oliver. You're late, I see.

"Had to use the bathroom, sir," Tommy coldly projects, still protecting his eye.

"Alright. Next time, be sure you use the pass," was all the teacher could be bothered to say, sitting back down in front of the room.

Tommy boldly nodded over at him as he waltzed over to his seat, still covering his eye the best way he can. As soon as he sat down, Jason couldn't help but to take a REALLY good look at him; for compared to a few minutes ago, this look to Tommy didn't give away who he thought he was when he offered to drive him here.

At that point, a gust of wind breezes past him as he immediately caught a glided up piece of paper through his fingertips. He laid it flat on the table and opened it up, only for the note to say: "Anyone you know?"

Jason quickly looked over at Trini's direction and nodded "Yes", as he nodded back.

Teacher: Alright. So.....I know last month seemed intense due to the "alien invasion" last month and those.....weird people in the color suits, but.....

Colt: Go go Power Rangers!

About a good half of the students erupted into cheers and chants amongst the comment, all except for the five. Tommy didn't feel the need to get involved as he caught the detention teacher getting riled up as he stood up, rather annoyed.

Teacher: Hey hey hey, quiet! Everyone sit down, ok?

The rooms eruption quickly faded rather quickly as everyone just sat back down in their seats.

Teacher: I know that was SOMETHING else, four weeks ago. But we don't live in the past, we transgress forward. And that's what we'll start on in just a few. Oh....and just for that, Colt Wallace, I can guarantee that you'll be staying here longer than the rest of us. In fact, for the rest of the semester.

Colt: It's not even that long before schools out.

Teacher: My point, EXACTLY.

As the Teacher rambled on, Kimberly had a REALLY hard time, trying to take her eyes off Tommy, still favoring his black eye with that pack of ice. It wasn't long before he felt someone looking over him and he slowly turns around. Luckily, Kim turned away before he could catch it, but the fact that she ACTUALLY found someone rather interesting upon first sight.....she couldn't help but to blush and even grin at the thought.

Jason looked over at him as well and then her, while maintaining the type of look that made it look like he wasn't really satisfied with anything. He might've had that look of a jealous weasel, but deep down, it didn't really bother him much.

Needless to say, Zack wasn't sitting well with this.

Yet another brief gust of air flicks near Jason's direction as he catches yet another folded piece of paper from Zack's direction. All he does is nod before turning away, drowning out the teachers incoherent babbling. A brief look at the paper poised a question: Bonfire tonight by the pit? Maybe bring him with us?

It was an....interesting proposal to say the least. Nothing was really happening after school anyways but something still didn't sit right with Tommy to Jason; so much so that he tosses the paper back at Zack while mouthing You sure?

Zack just nods again, turning back.

The thought trundled through Jason's brain like a freight train, with no intention of stopping. Having gazed his attention back to Tommy conspicuously, it didn't give off the impression that it would have any disastrous consequences. As he watched the tail lights winking in the distance, all trace of this lingering thought leaving his neurons, he wondered if maybe.....just maybe.....that this idea could lead to, perhaps, a spiritual awakening for Tommy.

The bonfire helped him loosen up to his other teammates and friends. So what's the trouble in trying to do the same for him?

One more glance over at him, seeing his face buried into his notebook and Jason decides.....Why not?

About another few minutes later, Saturday detention had already ended and Tommy was one of the last few students to actually exit. Upon walking down the hall still holding the ice towards his black eye, waiting for the contents of the cubes to cool the pain from his eyelids, he happened to look over down the hallway in front of him as he saw Jason, just about to open the double doors.

But that's when he stopped.

He felt Tommy's presence from a-far, which was only confirmed once he saw him behind him. Jason didn't do much.....except for smile and wave over at Tommy. Tommy just waved back as Jason pushed the doors open and walked out. By that point, Tommy was once again, trudging his way down the seemingly endless hall before he heard the squealing marks of steps coming up behind him.

It did little to slow Tommy down, for he already had enough on his plate. But Kimberly was seemingly determined to, at least, try and call him. It didn't help matters that he was already 10 plus feet ahead of her.

But then she stops.

“What are you doing?" she asks herself before she could stop myself. To further complicate matters, Tommy, mere moments before he walked out the entrance to the parking lot, was met with a rather resounding ‘Hey’ from his far right.

Turns out Ty Fleming (Blake Michael) was present at Saturday detention as well.....except he wasn’t actively taking detention and more or less helping with the staff regarding the transition to the next year. He greets Tommy warmly with Tommy shaking his hand and bopping with a brief hug.

His head barely cocked to the side, his eyes shifting from the ground towards the dumbfounded former cheerleader. Her heart stopped and Kim could barely breathe from then on.

How could the flimsy little detail that he was helping out with the end of the year cleaning up process of the semester on Saturdays completely slip her mind? It was a baffling punch in the gut to Kimberly and all of her insecurities from months ago immediately came flashing before her eyes. Kimberly's bullying of Ty weighed heavily on her conscience to the point where she was ashamed to admit her secret to anyone but Jason, showing her deep capacity for remorse and shame in her misguided actions. All she wanted was to find the perfect moment to.....unveil the real her. It'd probably be a snowballs chance in hell before Ty would forgive her but she'd be damned if she didn't try to make the attempt.

Hesitant, she was however.

Words had flown from her mouth directed at him that she never thought she'd even think, let alone say out loud....and Ty was justified in returning the favor despite loosing some of his teeth in the process. Kim knew instantly from the look in his eyes, no matter what she'd say or do after the fact, the tsunami that consisted of them parting ways hit its mark. Their relationship: shattered into glassy shards. Nothing would ever be the same again.

But she didn’t care. I still got time, Kim forced herself to crunch down before picking her pacing a little, finally moving after him just as Tommy actually exits the building.

And then she shouts to him.

Kimberly: Tyler!

The voice pulls him away from the door, effectively halting him. Ty didn’t look any bit pleased to hear Kim’s voice; he made it clear he was done with her after what happened so to see her still lurking around as if trying to make things right, was even more frustrating than what she actually did.

But alas, he slowly trudges himself around to face her. Needless to say, things started off....really poorly.

Kimberly: Let me just—I—just let try and clear the air here, ok?

She gets no response.


Just this deep, blank, empty thousand stare as if she'd misinterpreted his actions, his words, his expressions again, like years before. Didn’t help that the entire duration of time they spent staring at each other, the reflective gaze from Ty’s eyes were sinking into her soul, desperately searching through her….waiting.

No words left him. She was left staring into those bright brown eyes burning with anger and disgust and her heart fell silent.

Kimberly: Answer me.

She pleaded. But he still couldn’t bring it amongst himself to will his lips to move. As if stuck underwater, everything was slow and warbled even as he finally ushered a sentence all while pointed a shaky finger in Kim’s face.

Ty: You know I've seen them hanging about around you: Zack, Billy, Didi.....

Kimberly: Trini.

He just rolls his eyes, ignoring her remark as what she had to say at this point didn't mater much to him. And Ty let it be made very clear in his next sentence.

Ty: See, that's where my frustration lies: this whole front to your rebel-without-a-cause image. They might fall for that mask you wear every day but I know better.

Kimberly: What is there to fall for?

"Seriously, now?", Ty rebuttals, taking Kimberly's sincerity as a means of playing dumb. These were the types of circumstances he'd always find himself in with her, defensive over offensive. He could count on the back of his hand how many times Kimberly had to feign innocence either to get somewhere or something else just as equally stupid or retarded back when they were close friends.

Now with that bond broken, Ty could see through most of Kim's detractions and former competitive nature that he came to resent after the incident that left his teeth temporarily removed.

Ty was no longer in the mood for hot-shot bullshit. "Angel Grove High's Queen Bee turning over a new leaf? You really expect me to believe that?"

Kimberly: I don't expect you to; I just wanted to let you know—

Ty: —that you're still a piece of shit? That being cast out of the popular clique wasn't enough to hammer the point home? Good to know.


That was the only way Kim could describe how she felt right here; having found herself in a position where she openly herself admitted she should've seen coming just minutes prior to this conversation. Her actions still casted her in a rather negative light here at the school as well as the people who once looked up and even depended on her once upon a time ago.

It was humiliating that if after saving the town, it wouldn't paint her regular alter ego in a similar light, especially the others.

Having said his piece with a disapproving glare, Ty just turns away from her. Aiming to walk away and leave her hanging, he feels her gripping his hand, to which he quickly snatches away. But then she grabs him again, tighter then before out of sheer desperation in an attempt to get her side of the story across.

Kimberly: I still hate myself for what I did to you, I—it destroyed me. You don't have to take my word for it but goddamn it, cut me some slack for trying to—

And that was as far as she could go before everything just halts. Kim didn't know why she stopped, for who knows when would be the next time to actively admit her guilt.

But then she went a step further.....not that it would help matters.

Kimberly: It was Amanda's idea.

Ty: You think I give a shit abou—

Kimberly: She sent that photo to me, entitled me to do the deed for her. And it was selfish of her to do that to you, even moreso for me to be involved. I had to sit there in the office, subject myself into looking into her fathers eyes. I didn't realize what the hell I did until I saw her face, until he lamented and lashed out at her in disgust.

Regret washed over her like the long slow waves on a shallow beach. Each wave was icy cold and sent shivers down her spine. How she longed to go back and take a different path, but now that was impossible. She had to live with how she actively hurt someone close to her and cause her to reflect on all the others she hurt beforehand and there was no way back.

There was no way to make it right. The remorse would eat at her everyday of her life. She envied the pebbles, hard and lifeless, unable to feel the torments of it; and whether it resulted in an apology.

Kimberly: I committed a very horrible breach in what was left of our friendship; a heinous act, what I did to you. And I spent a lot of nights walking, crying, praying that I could take it back. The guilt is ice in my guts. It could be a hundred degrees out and I'd still be frozen on the inside.......I just wanted to tell you—

She couldn’t bring it amongst herself to finish.

Ty: Well, on the bright least now I ain't got to be mad at just you.

Kimberly let out a soft scoff and just had enough with this BS she didn't need and just walked pass him and he shouted at her as she walked down the hall

Ty: You're bad luck Heart! You're bad luck for this town! You're bad luck for anyone!

She just ignored him as she walked away

Meanhwile we come by with Jason Zack and Billy who were walking down stairs and were talking about the note on the bonfire and inviting Tommy

Jason: Got nothing against it but why invite this Tommy guy?

Zack: Just the way we heard of him from Billy he sounds he could use it.

Billy:: He could yeah. Plus he put up a hell of a fight the way he stood up to Bulk and Skull. And the way he stood up to them for Kimberly that was tight.

Jason: Yeah....great.....

Zack: So where is he stationed at?

Jason: What?

Zack: I mean....his locker.

Billy: I think it's around.....

They came across the aftermath of the locker exploding and Tommy grabbing the rest of his stuff from it storing in his back pack given there was hardly room now

Zack: Guessing this guy has more problems than us.

Jason: I wouldn't take it too far. All though I have to admit he'll need a new locker. Lord knows that's tough in a school this big.

Tommy zipped up his bag and grabbing his ice pack holding it to his eye and soon he noticed the tree behind him

Tommy: Billy Jason.....and.....

Zack: Zack Taylor.

Tommy: Pleasure.

Jason: I see you had some party.

Tommy: Hardly a party. My freaking locker just blew up. And look what happened to me.

Jason: Yeah that does suck.

Billy: Any ideas what happened?

Tommy suspected it was the coin but knew he had to play dumb to who he didn't know had coins too that turn him to the Power Rangers

Tommy: No idea.

Billy: Probably Bulk and Skull's way of their payback on you.

Jason: Or Colt's. This looks way to big for Beeves and Butthead.

Billy: I never pictured Colt with explosions either

Tommy: Whoever or whatever it was it doesn't matter. This locker's totaled now. Now my parents are gonna be on me worse than being kicked out of karate.

Billy: Well let us make up for that.

Tommy looked at them curiously taking the ice pack off

Billy: Jason?

Jason: here is throwing a bonfire up at death valley. And....the guys and I were talking.....well not TALKING talking cause detention had us pinned but the point would like to hang with us there?

Tommy just froze he was in utter surprise no one ver invited him to anything before not even ayone at the karate classes Tommy never even had much choice in things not even from his own parents

And all the years Tommy has experienced he felt he never had a chance to have a regular teenage experience he wasn't sure at first and had to ask:

Tommy: Why invite me? You guys hardly know me.

Billy: Well we know well had just have it as bad as us. Maybe more. And when you and I stood up to Bulk and Skull the other day. And the way you stood up for our friend Kimberly earlier figure you deserve it.

Jason went silent hearing that

Tommy: If you guys are just inviting me cause you feel sorry for me....I appreciate it but.....I don't want to be pitied.

Jason: It's not that at all. Just we're all in the same shoes. And thought it be fun for ya.

Tommy: Will Kimberly be there?

Jason went silent again hearing that

Zack: Yeah she will. Why you ask?

Jason: Yeah why did you ask?

Billy looked at Jason odd from that

Tommy: Just asking. And....why not I'll come.

Jason: Cool.

Tommy: Just it's in the middle of the desert how will I find it?

Jason: You can ride with us.

Tommy: Feel like you're my driver now given you drove me to school.

Jason: Just doing my part. We'll meet up at Billy's house.

Billy gave Tommy a paper with is address and Tommy nodded them and as the camera pulled back they parted ways

We come to that very evening where the boys were the first to arrive Tommy was helping Zack set up the fire while Jason and Billy were bringing out cases of soda and snacks and Tommy and Zack had a chance to get aquinted

Tommy: So you live out here?

Zack: With my mother. She's been very ill for some time and I been hiding my worries with a boisterous swagger attitude. It even caused me to pull some prank that went wrong. That's what got me in Saturday Detention. So I been spending my free time hiking around here and....I met the guys when they came out here.

Tommy: And do you guys spend all your days here?

Zack: More or less.

Tommy: And you wouldn't happen to be that You-Tuber that caught some people leaping off the cliff not far from here on video would you?

Zack flinced for Tommy happen to bring up when THEY all leap off the cliff and landing on the other side and worried his and the others secrets were just exposed

Zack: Wh---what?

Tommy: There's a video on You-Tube catching some people jumping off a cliff and somehow.....they made it on the other side. It was out of focus so no one knows who they were. But did you see anyone?

Zack was relieved the secrets were not out after all but he did know if the others didn't know if they knew about the video.....would have to tell them about it

Zack: I haven't I'm....not really a You-Tube person.

Tommy nodded and soon Jason and Billy came back with drinks and stuff and got the fire started and after a few minutes Kimberly and Trini were already there and were all set up and each of the five took turns getting acquinted with Tommy

Trini: So Tommy where you from?

Tommy: Here. Basically. I live with my parents at west corner street.

Kimberly: Who are your parents?

Tommy: Jeffery and Deborah Oliver. They're case workers for some.....independent policy. My dad more so than my mom.

Billy: So you got the regular working parents? My dad was a woraholic too. Before he....passed.

Tommy: My condolences.

Billy nodded to him briefly

Zack: So what are your hobbies Tommy?

Tommy: My hobbies?

Zack: Yeah you know like what do you do for fun? You work anywhere? You got a favorite hang out?

Tommy: Well I use to hang at Ernie's but I don't know how to show face there after being kicked out of my Karate school.

Trini: Hey I know Ernie. I went to his bar all the time before got stuck in Saturday detention. I was there yesterday witn Jason and Kimberly.

Tommy: Oh yeah Kimberly and I ran into each other ther during the tournament and my....exile.

Jason: I don't think I saw you. Guess we left in a hurry. Kim and I went home together and if we didn't had Saturday detention we would have caught a movie.

Kimberly: Oh a movie was on your mind?

Jason: Well either a movie or....I could have snuck in your window like you snuck in mine once.

Kimberly: Hey we don't need to bring that up. That was during a bad time.

Jason: Could have ended in a good time.

They both laughed and one question popped into Tommy's mind

Tommy: So....are you

That question caught everyone off guard especially Trini for some reason she looked at Kimberly with a puzzling expression wile Billy and Zack's eyes were locked on Tommy

As for Kimberly she gave a surprised and mild grin expresion as Jason just nodded with a wide grin when both gave their answers at once

Jason: Yes.

Kimberly: No.

There....they turned to one another surprised. Frankly speaking, neither of them expected the others reaction. Jason felt as if he shared more then another chemistry with her and a few sensitive passionate moments in the past that he'd assume they were dating. Kim would've liked to think the same except she knew better: it was slow little baby steps.

Their common ground as screw-ups who lost their place in the in-crowd due to foolish choices led to their on-growing 'romantic' interest in each other but Kimberly still had those interests suppressed underneath.

Jason didn't feel like suppressing them for much longer.

At that point however, both of them slowly inch and perk a smile before the two just burst out laughing. While it wasn't completely kept under wraps, the issue itself still needed addressing.....and despite their similarities, it stuck to everyone else

Luckily, the two had self-restraint.

Kimberly: Sorry sorry, we didn’t mean to cut you off. Continue.

And so with clearance, Tommy continued.

Tommy: Well....

At that point, everyone's just looking at him; anxiously waiting for the type of answer that would come out of his mouth. What they got was.....kinda what they were.....and were NOT expecting.

Tommy: A good natural kid like me.....we always start off good natured, happy go lucky, this types of traits, you know. And....just when everything in your life seems to be going so well, somewhere down the end up bumping into something that......changes the course of your trajectory for a while.

The word "Bumping" seemed to have caught Kim's attention as she quickly looked over at him, wanting to stay as glued to the story as possible.

Jason: Meaning?

Tommy: Meaning I got off to a rough start.

Billy: Well, didn't you say you got into some fights before?

Tommy: Well, that's what some people don't get about me sometimes. Just because I take karate doesn't mean I always DO fight. Besides, I never start them. I only finish them. My parents signed me up for karate around 10; early signs were encouraging. But after a few years, it didn’t really feel like I was there anymore. And I didn’t want to go through with it beyond that point....

He begrudgingly forced himself to admit that. As if for the longest time, he was forced to tell himself otherwise just to maintain a seemingly noble image. As pitiful as it sounded, Tommy noticed how nobody lost interest in his tale.

Nobody was getting bored. No one turned away.

The story was really captivating to the others under the realization that someone else besides them were caught on the receiving end of what life had to give them, even when it was on their own behalf. Billy and Jason just looked down, trying to make sense of the story while Trini and Kim were left twiddling their thumbs in anticipation.

Tommy: But they expect too much from me....if that makes any sense.

It did to Jason. All too well.

Tommy: There are times my brain fries up. It's no excuse, I know; I own my behavior. I try to help, try to be good.....but then a trigger is flicked. My emotions turn - cold, fearless, indignant.....and that’s just the icing on top of the shit sundae, ok? But to save up on time, what you heard about Bulk and Skull and me.....that’s all legit. And that’s why I’m locked in on Saturday’s with all of you.

He’s left pointing over to Jason, Kim and Billy as he inches himself closer to the center, making sure the contents of the fire didn't get too close to him, yet it kept him warm at the same time. Everyone was roasted from the front, frozen from behind - the bonfire cooking them gently and the April wind carrying the coolness from February reminding them that summer isn't far away. There is something about the flame that rendered all six without smiles, yet content, the echoes of the hearth perhaps.

The fire came to light up the night, to warm air that was more accustomed to the early year winter chills. It lit each face and they felt the heat go to their cores.

Zack: Damn, Man. Can't seem to catch a break around here.

Tommy: I know, Zack. Sadly, I've gotten used to it. So you know my story. What's y'alls?

This actually made the team think, preferably back to one key thing: their fight with Rita and Goldar. As expected, it was awkward to bring up or discuss because that one detail alone was strictly prohibited. They knew for a fact that one of the three rules for being a Ranger was to keep it a secret, so unwilling to spill out the beans, they all just thought back to the start.

How it all began for them. The memories weren't all noteworthy but it was important to address nonetheless.

"Ahh, screw it.....", Jason starts off, shifting everyone's eyes over to him. Considering that last time, he didn't really try or manage to express himself, there was one good thing that was coming out of this friendship/partnership/alliance: no more secrets.

Or a lot less of them.

Not much was left to lose in this moment and with the 'new kid' on the block, Jason only felt it was fair to properly introduce who the real him was. Spill the beans, to be more precise.

The other five of them continued to stare and ponder mildly to each other as Jason let the sparkles and cracks of the burning inferno warm him initially before finally breaking it down.

Jason: My name's Jason Lee Scott. Despite making it this far, I'm always left wondering why I'm even up to this point in my life. I've always been oblivious to whenever I get myself into trouble that point, I ended up making the wrong decisions. ALWAYS.

This side of Jason seemed just as sincere as it was when he claimed responsibility for Billy's death. Even Tommy couldn't help but be fascinated by this tale. So they all drew in closer.

Jason: I was the star football player for Angel Grove Tigers. Then again, who DOESN'T know? I thought I had it all. The trophies, the recognition, the fame, the whole school behind my back. Never felt more alive. Funny how life throws curveballs at you at the absolute worst times. I made one mistake, ONE ball-headed mistake on my behalf.....and it almost cost me everything. One had special prank planned with some of my other teammates. We didn't get too far. The cops came. The cow and the others got away, but me......I wasn't that lucky.

~Awkward silence~

"And that's how I got this......", he speaks woodenly with a hint of regret buried in his voice, pulling the scuff from the bottom of his jeans up to reveal his ankle monitor strapped to his right ankle.

The others are surprised, to say the least.

Tommy: Is that an ankle monitor?

Trini: So you're on house arrest?

Jason: Yeah.......luckily, Billy was able to rewire it so it wouldn’t give away my location. was another reason why I thought of leaving Angel Grove.

Eyes were quick to gaze on him once more. That statement wasn't enough to put everyone on hold but it came off as a sudden and .

Billy: L-leave? Like permanently, leave Angel Grove?

Trini: Why didn't you tell us this the other time?

Jason: It's not happening, ok Trin? It was just a thought that plagued my head ever since I turned 14. I think it's safe to say though.....

He slowly eyes over at Kimberly.

Jason: Someone was more determined to leave than me.

Jason moved his eyes towards Kimberly who....was oddly silent. she looked away for a minute then looks at Tommy who looked at her in wonder and the whole group was just.....silent

Kim turned down still saying nothing leaving both Tommy and Jason puzzled waiting for her to answer and for a minute later.....still silence till Trini kills it.

Trini: My a bit off....I don't have it well with my parents either.....and....there's....something about me.....that's....kind of hard to talk about. But...hopefully, this can help you a little bit, Kim.

That's as far as she got before she sought to freeze up as well. A decision this big wasn't going to sit well with one of these guys and it stung at Trini hard. She had gotten used to being comfortable going through a learning process by yourself or drawing on the experiences of other people.

Actually stepping out of that comfort zone and venturing on into new territory was another matter entirely.

There are some things even an pixelated alien armor can't hide.This left the others noticeably perplexed. All except for Zack. He deduced this weeks ago and now it looked like that bubble was about to pop.

"Hey," he called to it to her, drawing her attention and friendly creasing her knee.

Zack: I think I might have an idea on where this is going.....but I promise you it'll be fine. There's nothing to be worried about. We won't sell you out for anything, ok? Just tell us.

Billy and Tommy just nodded in unison while Jason sat straight up. If they were gonna tell them anything, now would be the time. And sure enough, unwilling to keep beating at that dead horse, Trini finally looks away from Zack, looks up at all of them and flat out says.......

Trini: I—I think I'm a lesbian.

The entire group grew silent at the revelation with the exception of Billy spitting out soda at the shock of the response.

It was assumed that everyone knew Trini's secret right then and there when she told her side of the story at her first bonfire. But based on how clueless everyone looked, that was not the case.

Tommy: Oh.....

And Kim spoke.

Kimberly: Well....Trini, there's nothing wrong with that. I hear rumors one of the cheerleaders in the squad was too. But didn't stay in long enough to know.

Zack: Yeah. I mean what's the big deal.

Trini: The big deal is I never told my parents and it's mostly why I cut myself off from it for years.

At that point, Billy intervenes saying "And it also makes sense why you and Kim can't stop looking at each other", which draws Trini's eyes away from the fire and straight over at Billy.

Billy: Oi, stuff like that doesn't pass me by, ok? I may be autistic but I'm a lot more useful than people give me credit for.

Trini: And I'm not like that Billy. You know I dated other guys before it....dawned on me....

Billy: Oh you mean that guy you.....right....

She nodded silently, which drew the attention back to Tommy who interrupted saying a rather eloquent "Well this is.....this is a lot to sink in."

Trini: Trust me, new haven't heard everything yet.

Tommy: Well I heard enough to know aliens exist.

That made the group look towards him. That lead the gang to awkwardness.

Tommy: I mean, didn’t you guys hear about that.....yellow thing destroying the city and those....Trix-colored armored vigilantes in that robot?

Jason: mean the Power Rangers Yeah we have. So I guess you learn fast.

Tommy: I lived in Angel Grove all my life. I get around a lot since I’m mostly invisible to anyone I don't fight.

Kimberly: Lucky you're not me then.

Kim interrupting the change in subject brought another abrupt stop to the chatter. Once more, it peeked Tommy's interest compared to the rest. Then again outside of Jason, nobody else knew what Kim was prepared to talk about.

If it wasn't for Trini confessing her secret, she probably wouldn't give in to doing it PERIOD. Jason played part in this too, for the guilt of the event still beared a lot on her conscience.

But compared to a few minutes ago, she wasn't visibly afraid anymore.

Kimberly: If Jason was the king of Angel Grove High, then I guess that made me the queen bee of the school. I....I used to think that way, being all high and mighty and such. And then....


Kimberly: Amanda Clark coaxed me into a cyber-bullying prank against Ty Fleming, a former friend of mine. She gave me the specifics and I forced myself into doing the deed..... When it went viral, he cursed me out, made a scene.....then I punched him. Knocked out some of his teeth; landed me in Saturday detention.

She takes another deep breath before taking out the bobbin clumped in her hair and threw it aside as she let her hair loose.

Kimberly: I guess after playing my part in that cruel sadistic joke, it clicked. It became clear to me that it had gotten me nowhere. If--if anything, I DROPPED DOWN a few levels. And with Rebecca and Amanda Clark casting me out of the popular clique, I saw, for the first time in my life, what I had truly become. That, along with my dad and younger brother kicking the bucket years ago, forced me to try and concoct a plan to leave this town as well.

Tommy: My condolences.

She nodded firmly, her way of saying 'Thank you'.

Kimberly: I put on my big girl pants and tried to make things right with him earlier; Wouldn’t listen to me. But I can’t say I blame him.

Tommy: Then I guess I know I shouldn't get on your bad side.

Kim mildly grinned at him. “Has someone like me ever challenged you, Tommy?"

Tommy: In karate, yes. Outside of it.....No. I mean....there was this one time but I never fought back.

Kimberly: Was she too much for you?

Tommy: Oh no. She was easy on me at first, I just.....I never put up a fight.

Kimberly: Well....say if one ever challenged you for real, not wanting you to hold back....would you accept?

Jason: Kimberly, you're not challenging him yourself, are you?

Kimberly: I was only asking him. Cause lord knows I could take you, Jason.

Once again, brief chuckles erupted.

Thats when Tommy catches Billy begrudgingly raising his hand, redirecting everybody’s attention to him. However, the predetermined notion of Billy’s demeanor and attitude quickly changed, outside of his hand shaking uncontrollably.

Trini: Billy?

He paused and immediately tensed up. Being emotionally vulnerable was always one of Billy’s defining characteristics, one that made him an down-to-Earth likable charming figure, if you don’t mind his autism. This time, however, he looked torn up just by mentioned either of their names.

Not even he was fully honest at the campfire; BOTH of them. And for once, he felt guilty sharing this crucial piece of information that Jason didn’t let him finish yesterday.

Billy: You remember what I told you about the mining accident my dad was in? Their dad was involved as well.....worst off, I was watch and observe, you know. I suffered this momentary lapse of concentration, lost focus for one second and accidentally pressed the detonator. Blew the whole side of the mountain off, rocks falling everywhere.....I saw one coming down right towards me. But then their father pushed me out of the way.....letting the rocks crush him. Dad caught me and we ran for the river but the slope on the way down was—

He couldn’t continue much beyond that point but the rest of that story was easy to dissect. The rest of his friends managed to put two and two together quickly and rather decisively.

All except for Tommy.

Billy: I-I killed my father....and theirs. If they find out who am I, they’ll want to take my head off.

Tommy: Who’s they?

Jason: The Hogan twins.

Tommy: Jacob and Aubrey?

Billy: You heard of them?

Tommy: Yeah, they broke out of jail last night and heard they went through some.....changes.

Jason: No kidding.....

Tommy: You sound like you actually know about them then you’re letting on, William. Something else about them that’s bugging you?

Jason: Tommy, he doesn't want to talk about that.

Billy: No it's fine, Jason. If he's gonna be hanging with us he should know too. To make a long story short: their dad knew my dad before....what I did. And....they blamed me for what happened to him. Not....directly that is. In fact, I’m the reason they were locked up anyways.

Once again, he struggles to tell it without breaking down a little. Through perfect teeth comes the truth and the lies, all vibrations in the air, inconsequential to the medium through which they travel.

Only Tommy appeared to know the difference.

He watched those perfectly aligned slabs of white enamel, taking in his entire being. He saw the anger flash in Billy’s eyes, the urge to hide his true feelings. And as he talked, it was hard to no notice him crumpling inside, all the while remaining composed. He has hid these feelings for years and never intended to tell, forcing me into a life that wasn't quite right, not quite real.

Billy:.....I was almost certain that I was going to die that night. But I had the willpower to call 9-1-1 and......thankfully, the cops took them away.

Zack: Damn....

Tommy: Geez that's awful. You're lucky to be alive.

Billy: With them loose again I don't fee lucky.

Tommy: Better call for police protection then.

Billy is still left mortified, mouthing off I don't think they can help us now....

As for Tommy....he didn't know what to conclude. At that point, that meant even more talking.

Lots of it.

Not that anybody minded. But unbeknownst to any of them.....was the simple fact of the matter that even though they were SAFE, they were still being WATCHED by one of their few allies, Alpha 5, as he hid himself behind another rock.

Alpha: Hmmm......

You'd think he had just happened to show up there, He was there the entire time. It's been long enough to the point where he knows this is where they hang out from time to time, especially considering the cliff leading to their hideout was right there. He takes a good luck at the guys chatting and having a good time talking right up until he gets a brief glimpse at Tommy's face as he turns towards Zack.

Alpha: Interesting.....

Alpha examined Tommy much further and had much curiosity and given he was just merely a friend the Rangers were spending time with he let them be and headed back to the ship

About hours later the bonfire was just about over and the guys road with Jason in his van as Trini road with Kimberly Jason dropped Zack off first given they were out in the desert his house was the closest and then Billy soon as they made it back into town

Soon Tommy was the last take home and soon they parked by his house and Jason took to oberve it

Jason: Wow. This is a nice house. I think I drove by it once or twice during my game times.

Tommy: Yeah my dad always wondered who kept cheering out each time someone drove by.

The guys laughed and soon as it was silent one question came to mind for Tommy

Tommy: Jason?

Tommy: About what you said earlier.....about leaving Angel Grove....if you did.....where would you go?

Jason ever wondered if anyone would ask him that he thought he didn't really expected cause he'd assume everyone would not care if he left but when things changed for him and the weight of a leader's responsibilty hangs over his shoulders he hadn't thought much if anyone would ask not even Kimberly

But thinking about her now made him thin back when she said they weren't dating when he said they wereand didn't understand why he tried to act natural during the whole bonfire but he hid how he really took Kim's answer but thinking back to Tommy's question he had to come up with some answer

Jason: I really don't. Vegas. New York. Switzerland. I haven't really thought about much of it man.

Tommy: Do you still think it be better for you if you left? How do you know anything is better than here? Don't get me wrong I hate this place sometimes too. But.....that's only cause my whole life here is based on fighting. I mean look at me do I look like Jackie Chan to you?

Jason: Guess it depends if you're part chines somewhere.

They chuckled again

Tommy: But the point is....what running away really solve? Lord knows I tried once.

Jason: You did?

Tommy: Yeah but that's cause I was hanging with the wrong people back then. And boy did I had some sense knocked into me. Literally.

Jasson: Literally? What happened?

Tommy: Let's just say in one of my fights one of my opponents gave me a sharp blow to the head. And I got the bump to prove it. What's left of it. But since then.....I realize running away was just a way of giving up. Cause Jason your life can't end just cause the world turns their back on you. For all you know....anyone who has probably have it just as bad as you. Maybe worse. It's life man. And when life gives you lemons just say screw the lemons and be proud of what you got. And....the others....I wouldn't be surprise if you all came to one another to a moment of need.

Jason: What makes you that?

Tommy: Because you guys came along when my troubles got worse. I know we've only known one another just half a day but I've had time to learn about guy.....are just as much as me. And if you feel like you're alone in the universe.....all us outcasts each other.

Jason gave who he now looked at as a new great friend he patted Tommy on the shoulder for that advice knowing he needed one for a long awhile

Jason: Thanks man. I'll keep all that in mind.

Tommy: Anytime. So....see you on Monday?

Jason: Count on it.

Tommy and Jason pat fists and bumped them and Tommy got out of the van and Jason waited till he got inside and when he did.....Jason drove away

When Tommy entered the living room all the light were out and he can hear his father's snores upstairs

He knew his parents were already in for the night and he went in the kitchen for al ate night snack only to find a note was on the kitchen table it was a note from his mother

Dinner's in the oven if you're hungry

Tommy nodded and didn't really feel hungry and he soon went up stairs trying to be as quit as possible and soon made it to his room only to find the damage on his bed being broken in hald was still in place

Tommy scoffed not knowing what to do about this except bring the mattress off the broken frame as slowly and silent as possible one or two drops but none woke his parents

And soon Tommy manage to get the mattress off the frame and on the flour Tommy later changed just to be reminded the mirror door from his medicine cabinet was broken off and leaning on the wall under the sink

A minute later he came out in a white t-shirt and shorts as he went on the frameless mattress and tried to fall asleep as possible but..... the window by the broken frame lied....the Empress of Evil herself

Rita was for some reason examining Tommy herself and she looked at him with much interest yet made an expression like if she found a long lost family memeber realitive

Rita had fallowed the Green Coin through her scepter and grinned as she discovered who it chosen as it's new master and grinned wide sinisterly

Rita: He's perfect.

The green coin in his back pack shined and made that strange vibrating noise again


And this time Tommy was glowing green too for the energy was growing slowly but stronger as Rita stared on through the window with that same sinister grin

Rita: You have the power. And now it's taken it's biggest effect there is only one more process you must pass. Your negative energy will trigger my curse on it changing you into a new warrior. One that will deliver Zordon into his rightful place along with the Power Rangers. Once you give in to his rightful place along with the Power Rangers. Once you give you in to a sense of doubt hurt or will become.....MY own Ranger! The Green Ranger!

Rita disappeared into the darkness as the green glow on Tommy faded like it was never there and Tommy.....remained asleep not knowing what just accured

That very morning around......8AM let's say the Rangers were called in to the ship by Alpha the second they got up from bed saying Zordon needed to talk to them of something important

They were all in the van and Jason was driving again of course with Billy riding shotgun and the others in the back

Trini: It's Sunday for Pete's sake the only weekend day we have to sleep in and Zordon had to call us at the right time.

Kimberly: We're living the double life now. It's bound to happen.

Zack: What Zordon say actually about something important? Alpha wasn't really being suspific.

Trini: He wasn't suspific to any of uss. I couldn't make heads or tales with it.

Jason: Let's just get this over with. Cause this is really a bad time.

Billy: You seem intense Jason. Something going on?

Jason only nodded still a little beefed on Kim's answer and he hardly made any eye contact with her through the whole trip to the ship an hour later they made it to the ship as the hatch opens Alpha awaited them in the main hall

Alpha: Rangers you made it. Good.

Billy: What's up Alpha? You sounded weird on the communicators.

Kimberly: Is the Hogans or Rita?

Alpha: I wish it were that simple. But I'm afraid this is something bigger.

Jason: What could be bigger than two mutating hybrids?

Alpha: Just everyone fallow me.

Alpha walked up to the hall of the morphing grid the rangers fallowed as he said and the only ones who felt their heads spinning were Jason Billy ad Kimberly Trini and Zack were the only ones in the group that were as calm as possible

Jason had a moment to look at Kim before they all entered the morphing grid still down with what she told Tommy at the bonfire but still kept it to himself as possible

And as the Rangers gathered around the grid Zordon once more appeared on the wall

Zordon: Welcome back Rangers. Forgive me for calling you here so sudden but if it wasn't urgent you wouldn't need to be here.

Trini: Well so much for sleeping in on your one day weekend.

Kimberly: But we're getting use to it.

Zack: But what's up though? Is it the Hogans?

Trini: Or Rita?

Zordon: This has nothing to do with the Hogans but it has everything to do with Rita. What I'm about to tell you may shock you all.....beyond belief

Jason: Come on Zordon I'm sure nothing can shock us now.

Zordon sighed softly given Jason was still in the same level as he was as a ranger which worried him more but stayed focus on the task at hand and turned to Alpha

Zordon: Alpha?

Alpha pressed buttons on the panel and the grid showed a holographic image.....of the green coin which proved Zordon right about them being shocked especially Jason but not like if it was a jump scare just curiously

Zordon: Behold my friends. The Green Coin. The coin which Rita carried in my time as a Ranger. The source of the power......of the Green Ranger.

Jason: Green Ranger?

Billy: Legit awesome.

Kimberly: You mean there's a sixth Ranger?

Zordon: That is correct. The origin of the Green Ranger began a decade after the creation of the original five. And Rita was that exact Ranger before her betrayal. And has awakened. Rita has compelled it to choose a new successor of her own. To repeat the dark history that accrued sixty five million years ago. Rita had casted a dark spell on it for if it's new master gives into his or her own negative energy a curse would trigger and that Ranger would be under Rita's exact influence and command him to do her bidding thus creating.....the Green with Evil.

Trini: The Green with Evil?

Billy: That's not bad for a title of an episode of a kids superheroes series.

Zack: Wait....that impact that started that prison brake?

Trini: That was the green coin?

Kimberly was the only one not asking questions remember seeing the large hole where she rescued Tommy from the putties but wasn't sure for certain cause she didn't see it there for all she figured the Putties could have had it before she arrived and didn't know what Tommy could have seen but didn't say this to the others

Zordon: Yes. Alpha and I are uncertain who the coin chosen but we detected it's somewhere in Angel Grove. We cannot ID who has it but it's very important you find him or her before they express negative energy of human emotion from anger pain or depression or Rita's curse will take over giving rebirth to the Green with Evil

Jason: Wait a minute. How the hell are we suppose to do that? You said you don't even know who it is. He could have the coin in his pocket or something.

Trini: Yeah. How are we suppose to know who?

Zordon: Use your own coins. They can track each other it will lead you to who Rita chose as her Ranger the coins will give a vibration once your close to them.

Zack: And then what?

Alpha: Bring him here. Only Zordon and I can remove Rita's curse from the coin. Once it's removed from the coin the spell on the Ranger will be broken.

Talk about an encyclopedia article of lore. Having to constantly take dumps and dumps and dumps of background information pertained to a particular subject was guaranteed to be troublesome for the average child; these statistics were of the end-of-the-world kind. That practically canceled out almost every other thing they had learned or remembered years prior as well as plans for the rest of the day.

All in days work however: a duty that even a begrudged Jason knew he had to comply with.

"Understood, sir.", he spoke to his mentor with a very polished tongue, too polished in fact.

Jason: We'll start our search immediately, however long it takes.

Zordon couldn't mince words, ending this admittedly short briefing with yet another vital warning.

Zordon: Time is on the essence, Rangers. Please, do be careful.

Angel Grove Park: objectively speaking, the only legitimately big area within the entire town. While nowhere near the recreational area that lots of other towns and cities model their parks after, this was a residual stepping stone for a town that tried to expand outwards and outwards only to keep getting knocked down.

So objectively, hiding in plain sight? No one would expect the least that's what Zack thought when he brought up the idea.

In practice, though......the five found it to be a little tricky when they did finally arrive.

Jason briefly felt out his red coin trying to get a vibe for the Green Coin. Nothing came through. “ No vibrations.”

Zack: Well, our tracking lead us here. Rita's Ranger has to be here.

Billy: So funny she would make a Ranger of her own. I thought she hated Rangers now.

Trini: Guess she got desperate to fight fire with fire....if there really is a sixth Ranger.

This was the most agonizing bit of the job so far: the waiting.

There are two radically different types of waiting: the kind that feels like gentle onshore breezes kissing salty stones. It isn't warm but there is a sense of calm, of nature, of things expected. Then there is the kind that feels like the head of a medieval mace is loose in the guts and the head has taken a beating with a hefty plank of wood.

Neither felt gave off its presence to the team; arguably, the sight of villains surrounding them and going about their normal day. But that's what made this waiting assignment that much worse in the grand scheme of things: not knowing what to expect or how or to whom.

They just knew something was bound to happen and if the prison break was anything to write home about, shit was guaranteed to hit the fan any second now.

Compared to yesterday, the summer weather was back in full effect today. In this heat, Trini could barely formulate a thought. There is no cooling breeze or cloud to block the high-rising late April sun. She curls her fingers around the thin fabric of her top, waving it in and out to create just a little air flow, but it's not enough, like an ice cube into hot soup.Billy had seen it all in the movies, however: sniper in the prone position ready to fire. Waiting was easier for him compared to the others.

Kim hadn't even been set in place for nearly an hour and her neck muscles were fit to spasm. It felt like her elbow had melded to a damp blacktop roof and her legs won't work when it's time to pack up and ship out. The job sounded exciting; the reality is hours of tedium and pain followed by an adrenaline filled escape that lasts all of ten minutes or less.

With tedium growing and Jason left staring so hard his mind almost conjures some to please him but won't let it.....he makes a rather hefty decision.

Jason: Goddamn it, I can't wait this out. We're all gonna have to split up. Everyone, spread out, check every corner of the park from above or below. Don't know how you do it: just make sure nobody sees you. Soon as you get something, patch it through to me and please.....for the love of God......nobody goes in Harwood County.

Trini: Alright, alright. Kim and I will go this way, you boys check the other side.

Jason: Wait....what....Trin, I was gonna say—

Kimberly: It's fine. I'll go with her.

The girls just left which drove Jason's frustration more on edge.

Billy: You ok?

Jason: Peachy. Let's just get this over with.

Burying his growing affection for Kimberly was getting gradually more difficult for Jason to adhere. He knew what was more important here; he knew how important his teammates and friends were to the probability of getting this done. But lord help him, he needed some answers regarding the bonfire from last night.

And yet, he found it in him to stay in reality, for both his sake and the teams.

Trin and Kim kept themselves stationed on solid earth, taking Zack’s advice to hide in plain sight close to heart as they positioned themselves to the nearest bench they could find. It left Zack and Billy in the unusual of positions of scouting amongst the rooftops, trying their damnedest to camouflage amongst the tiles and failing miserably.

Just as long as nobody could see them.

Jason was a few feet away from the girls, hands in his pocket, pacing back and forth amongst that one faint spot separating the grass from the sidewalk. He refused to move.

Focusing, prior the last few days, became more difficult for Kim to bear. The bench was black metal, painted of course, and it catches the morning sun in a way that reminded her of her father's old car - the one he kept so polished. She eventually has to turn to see from where if anything comes up and then glances back down to the coin in her pocket, knowing that it's too early.

Then her mind began to wander off. The traffic moving from the lights, a procession of colours yet with only grey faces inside regardless of skin tone. She wondered what was on each radio, what information each person chose to let into their lives. Then Kim turns to see the houses, brick and uniform, gardens taking on the earthy hues of the incoming summer.

She’s left turning again, only this time she freezes.

He’s there. Tommy came into her eyesight, walking with a casual gait and face that wasn’t as gritty or lifeless compared to what she saw yesterday. And it didn’t take long for Trini to notice.

She couldn’t find my voice; Kimberly couldn’t find the strength. She felt her cheeks flushed hot, and her stomach heavy. Her heart pounded in her throat, threatening to break out. His eyes wandered around the crowd but hers stayed locked on him. How many love songs had she heard them said, “He takes my breath away”? Now that line made a lot sense.

There was no helping herself; feeling her body numbing up and becoming painfully conscious of her appearance.

Trini: Kimberly? Kimberly.

Kim gasped snapping out of her trance turning to Trini

Trini: You zoned out for a second you alright?

Kimberly: Sorry I guess I was distracted. With all this The Hogan's Rita's....mysterious Ranger who God knows who....I guess I wasn't too focus while trying to focus on a million things at once.

Trini: I feel ya. It does seem too much. In superhero movies comics and stuff they make it look so easy. Just yesterday we barely had time to breath with the wonder twins playing face punch on us. And now Rita's in the woodwork with this so called Sixth Ranger. I wonder if she even remembers my name now.

The girls could not help but to laugh at that unaware Tommy was now leaving the park even completly unaware....their yellow and pink coins in their pockets were blinking but the lights....slowly dimmed the further Tommy got further away from them

Back with the guy Zack and Billy had their coins out trying not to let anyone they come across see them Jason however was walking behind them in his thoughts hands still in his pockets more bitter in his thougts

But a second later the light on their coins....started to dim too

Zack: The coins are dimming.

Billy: Yeah what's going on?

Jason: Let me check mine.

Jason pulled out his Red Coin and the light on it was dimming too

Jason: What's going on? Did Zordon forget to tell us they had batteries?

Billy: No. We got to be loosing the signal. The mystery Ranger must be leaving the park.

Jason: To where though?

Billy: I'm not a psychic Jason. I'm just talking in theory.

Jason: Either way....we can't loose em.

The guys made a run for it to try and catch up to the signal heading for an exit to the park but their coins were still dimming meaning they were heading for the wrong exit

Jason: They're still not lighting back up.

Billy: Then we're going the wrong direction.

Billy was the first to turn around fallowed by Jason and Zack and they ran as fast as they could trying not to use their speed to give themselves away and they soon realize they could trying not to use their speed to give themselves away and they soon realize they were heading for Kim and Trini's direction where they saw the coins lights slowly started shinning

Zack: It's coming back on a bit.

Jason: We're not far from Kimberly and Trini either.

Billy: Better see if they found our mystery friend.

Billy took out his blue communicator and as he pressed the center button it sounded crooked and statically a bit he couldn't get through

Billy: What the?

Zack: What's wrong with it?

Billy: I'm not getting a signal.

Jason: I told you those things might short out. Reminder you got this off of Digimon.

Billy: It's only a few errors.

Oh say that now Billy cause little do you and the other two know.... got a little bit of auidience by the bushes

Aubrey: There's the punk right now.

Jacob: He's not alone. Should we wait more.

Aubrey: No screw it. Sooner the better!

Jacob: Just the way I like it. That runt is finally gonna pay for what he did to our father.

Aubrey: If only he could see us now.

Billy kept trying on the walkie talkie as Jason and Zack now tried theirs and almost got through to the girls

Billy? Is that you?

Billy: Yeah Trini. Did you----

Billy's question was soon interuppted as he felt a strong and tight grip around his body and was being lifted off his feet

Jason and Zack looked in surprise to see Billy being tied and lifted by Aubrey's giant scorpion tail and ason looked to his right hearing roaring yells and saw Jacob in his golden armor lunging at Jason and both struggled to one another

It caught Zack off guard and fell off his feet

On Kim and Trini's side Trini was on her yellow communicator and lost Billy's connection on it

Trini: Billy! Billy are you still there?!

Kimberly: What's going on?

Trini: I don't know. But something tells me the boys are in trouble....again.

Kimberly: Well let's get our asses up there and help save theirs.

The girls ran for it to get to their location unaware....they too were being Rita sitting above on a tree

Her expression was of one being forced to endure an unpleasant odor. Her gaze was unwavering and unabashed. Those dilating green pupils did not travel up to either face of the female Rangers or down to their boots, but they followed them as if really focusing on something a couple of feet further away. Perhaps her introspective nature lead him to be locked in thought as she observed, it was hard to know from an outsiders perspective.

But she's no slouch. Rita planned this down to the letter.

Just like Friday night, the scorpion tail was hard at work; its combined force with enough pressure ready to squeeze the ribs and crush the ligaments of any Ranger that came into contact with her. Zack got the short end of the stick at the prison....

Billy wasn't so lucky today.

He found the 17 centimeter long barb excruciating for him to free himself from. Simply banging his fists against the stinger skin only forced Aubrey to tighten her grip around his abdomen and ribs even further. Billy is left squealing in agony, for even a mere mortal gifted with enhanced durability isn't immune to all implications of pain and punishment.

Jacob took great delight in watching this but took even more in making the next move, as he intended with the next swing with his golden sword. Spotting his opening though, all Billy could do was bent as far back as he could, narrowly avoiding the liquidized golden tip of the blade and then grab the tip of the handle.

With this leverage, he simply takes Jacob off the ground, weapon in hand and chucks him flat on top of his sister. It releases her grip and frees Billy from the scorpion tail, allowing him to quickly distance himself from the two using the nearest trees in front of him as leverage for stability once he reached them.

Billy: Enough! The two of you, just stop! Let me get my piece in and we'll talk this out, ok?!

Unamused, they were. Why would he have the right to explain himself? Why SHOULD he have the right to do such a thing after what he's done, the twins thought alike. They had a right to be vile, to be frustrated and angry at Billy. But the means of doing it, with what he was left on Friday? He really didn't want to go through with that again.

And once more, it showed.

Once again, a silver of fear had found him once again. It spoke to him in its cackling voice, told his legs to go weak, his stomach to lurch and his heart to ache. Billy could recall his mother telling him every once in a while that there was nothing to fear but fear itself.....and yet he could not silence its voice. Adrenaline flooded his system like it's on an intravenous drip - right into his blood at full pelt. The thought of his heart exploding was quite an extreme.

His body only wanted one of two things: run fast for the hills or work to find weaponry. But his mentality worked against that and his mind spoke for him: instead, he stood right where he was.

Billy: Jacob. Aubrey. I know why you're doing this.....and you have every reason to be angry. So many nights, I wished I could take back everything that went down. It's already a challenge being autistic but this?

He was already left nodding his head in defeat, getting emotional over the fault he committed.

Billy: Your dads death is on my hands and mine ALONE. My friends have absolutely nothing to do with this; I'm the one that you want. Just....know I take full responsibility.

Billy, intended to be the peacemaker here, tried to talk the two of them, the humanized side of the twins he felt he ruined. He knew full-well it probably wouldn’t work but the attempt didn’t hurt. While cautious in not giving away his identity, the two refused to budge as they already know who he is and given this piss poor attempt at sympathy from a man who they didn’t see as worthy of the term, it actively pissed them off even more.

Jacob: You’re right, Cranston. It was your fault. Your major incompetence stole our innocence. After that accident you caused, they, this town, abandoned both of us.

Aubrey: It was like we were invisible. Everything we did after that, we did to survive. Now we’ve been offered the one thing that’s been denied to us all our lives: Power: real, pure, raw, unadulterated power. And in exchange....

Jacob:....we just have to eliminate you and your assorted color power twerps.

Billy was left shrugging his shoulders, frustrated at their refusal to listen but understanding as to why. Figured this fight was inevitable regardless.

Billy: I tried to be nice.....

He admits, refusing to circumvent the outcome and prepping his body for the eventual mauling to come.

That was the breaking point of their patience. At that moment, both twins were blinded by a five-course serving of rage that tasted bitter, yet surprisingly satisfying. Jacob was the first to reached out to punch him in the face.

Instead, he was met by a forearm from a intercepting Zack before he kicks him back and quickly comes to Billy’s aid, alongside Trini, Kim and Jason.

Zack: You don't touch him.

Kimberly: Keep your claws off our Billy.

Aubrey: Back off you little runts! This doesn't concern you!

Trini: Messing with our family IS our concern.

Jason: You mess with one of us you mess with ALL of us!

Billy didn't know why the others would stand up for him given everyone knows of Billy's accident that got their dads killed and it's the reason why the twins are doing this but grinned feeling touched with that then Jacob growled and charged at them

Jason took a stand and fought him off countering every attack Jacob throws only to have Zack step in fighting im too

Aubrey snarled launching her tail only to have Trini countering it and Kimberly backed flip and kicked her back

Billy stood up feeling proud and not letting his guilt get to them given he still feels bad for the accident he couldn't let the twins harm his newly family either

So....he joined the fight just when Jacob pushed Jason and Zack aside and Billy charged at him


Billy did a back flip like Kimberly too and then uppercut Jacob which sends him up to the air and flipping down falling on his chest

Jacob grabbed Billy's leg only to get kicked off by the other leg forcing him to roll aside and then he turned to Aubrey who knocked Kimberly aside and had Trini tied into her tail so he charged at her she noticed him which forced her to let Trini go and .......

Billy launched his fist at Aubrey's jaw then kicks her away

As that fight progresses Rita.....still watching from a distance frowned what was happening but looked over and from where she was sitting seeing there was no sign of Tommy and grinned knowing he left the park so her job there was done and spke to the twins ain their heads telepathcally


Jacob lifted his head off the ground


Aubrey turned away from Billy as she stood up

Our own Ranger just left. Our job' done here. Meet me later we're heading back to the palace.

The twins were disappointed that Rita was ordering them back before they could accomplish what they really came for and looked to one another

They nodded to one another and looked to the Rangers mostly at Billy

Aubrey: Don't think this is over. It's not even in the same area code is over!

Jacob got up and he and his sister retreated leaving the Rangers not knowing what just happened Jason was the only one who tried to go after them but ending up in the most public area in the park and the twins were gone

Jason stomped his foot in frusteration

Jason: Dammit!

This didn't help with his frusteration from earlier given he was eager to bring them down this time

Back with the others they surrounded Billy proud of him how he stood up to the twins

Zack: Dude that was amazing!

Kimberly: Yeah. Are you ok?

Trini: I can't believe you did that! That was so cool.

Billy: Guys! Guys! Let me breath. It was nothing really. You guys...motivated me how you all stood up for me...which is less than I deserve.

Trini: Are you kidding me? You're one of us Bill. And we've all done things we're not proud of.

Billy: Not like mine.

Kimberly: Billy. Stop living in the guilt-hood. What happened to your dad and theirs wasn't your fault. Accident's happen and you took a stand in it.

Billy nodded in understanding as he now slowly was getting over his guilt no where close from it but took the first step

Jason came back looking defeated and didn't take long for the others to notice him

Zack: Jason.

Trini: Did you catch them?

Jason: No....they got away....I was so sure we'd have them this time.

Kimberly: They'll turn up again. Right now we should get back on the search for this Green Coin.

Jason huffed still bitter on the twins getting away and Kim's answer at the onfire only one not focusing on thetask at hand he did try to focus but he was o over it he could not think

And the rest of the mission.....was dead end after dead end they could not pick up the Green Coin's signal with theirs a matter of time....they called it a day

That very next day back at Angel Grove High kids were coming and going through the halls and at the cafeteria some were getting breakfast and Trini Billy and Zack were the only Rangers there and discussing they should continue their search for the Green Ranger

Trini: Where do we even go next?

Billy: I guess where the coins take us.

Zack: Yeah but everywhere we go the Hogans always seem to fallow us.

Billy: It's me they really want.

Trini: Maybe but our coins picked up the signal until they showed up at the park. Don't you think that's coincidence?

The guys looked at Trini feeling they were suppose to know something

Trini: Revenge maybe their main priority but....ain't it obvious we could have found Rita's Ranger....IF the Hogan's weren't there. And we already know Rita's turning them into her monsters in the first place.

Zack: Are you saying that....Rita had them keep us from....finding her Ranger?

Trini: Exactly. The answer was right in front of us the entire time. Rita would know Zordon would have us find her Ranger. Why else would the Hogan's be there?

Billy: You mean besides me?

Trini: Yeah besides you.

Zack: You maybe on to something. But if Rita wants to keep us from finding this other Ranger why not fight us herself like before?

Trini: Why do you think? She's scared of us since we bitch-slapped her to the moon. Maybe me mostly.

Billy: What makes you say that?

Trini: Cause she can't remember my freaking name.

They laughed at that all knowing Rita too was stuck on the...."Dee Dee" name more than everyone else

Where did everyone get that idea to call her that? Seriously. Guess we'll never know

But on the North Hall Jason was passing by through the halls some students gave him the look about their dogs like from what he told Kim before and some were just laughing at him but he ignored them and speaking of Kimberly he soon caught sight of her at her mocker

And found no better time than to talk to her about two nights ago which was all he could think about for the past two days he walked over to her and didn't take long for Kim to notice him

Kimberly: Morning Jason.

Jason: Can we talk for a minute?

Kimberly: About what? Does Zordon need us again?

Jason: No. This ain't about him. Or the Hogan's or this....mystery Green Ranger. It's....about us.

Kimberly frowned in confusion as Jason gave her a firm look so she closed her locker with everyone else walking their own directions as they walked foward

Jason: Kim. I....didn't know how to say this in front of everyone else and it was getting hard not to with all the....commotion going on.

Kimberly: We have been pretty busy Jas.

Jason: Yeah and I had a connection when we first got into this. And you....well....I....

Jason and Kim were walking up the stairs but stopped on the mid flour between both of the stair cases

Kimberly: Jason.....where you going with this?

Jason took a deep breath and looked deeply at Kim

Jason: I'm going with what you told Tommy....about us at the bonfire.

Kim seemed to get the picture

Kimberly: Oh.....Ohhhhhhh. I...I see.

Jason kept looking at her firmly

Kimberly: Jason I...I didn't even know if you and I were even at that level. I didn't know if you thought.....

Jason: How can you not know?

Kimberly: Jason.

Jason: Kim come on. I really thought....I don't know...that we were closer back then I mean...didn't we almost kiss when I drove you home? Just before the Prison riot?

Kim widen her eyes remebering that after forgetting about it completely

Kimberly: Oh. I'm sorry Jas. I guess I forgot. I said I didn't really know if it meant anything. But it didn't feel anything for you.

Jason: Then why did you tell Tommy we weren't dating?

Kimberly didn't know how to answer that when it came to her new crush especially to the guy who made it clear is crushing on hereven made her think back to her failed relationship with Ty

Kimberly: I....I don't really know. Why did you tell him we were?

That was an awkard silence between them and didn't know what else to say Kim turned away a second later and her eyes widen to see.....

Kimberly: Tommy....

Tommy: S---Sorry I interrupting something?

Jason just slumps hearing his voice. Doing his damnedest to refrain from lashing out since the kid meant well at the end of the day, he calmly turns towards him, hands in pockets waiting for Kim to do the same.

She turns slowly, not even bothering to look back at him to see if he’ll go for an answer.

But a part of him couldn’t help but to be annoyed: His team are hardly taking him seriously, they’ve gotten their asses kicked thrice over, and the new kid in his life is reportedly harboring a crush on a girl who he laid eyes on first. One moment he’s important, next minute he’s in the background at best; couldn’t say which one he preferred. What makes his head spin are the transitions. Jason knew everything was ‘need-to-know' and 'last minute' for a reason, but this was one of those days where it felt like his brain cells have been randomized.

Kimberly: Umm, no. Not really, Tommy.

Tommy: Positive? Cause I don’t like this picture that I’m seeing with you two.

Kimberly: We were just talking.....little heatedly, I admit.


Jason could tell she was already putting things aside with them again, which made him more frustrated. More and more of the impression was being made that Kim was inching further and further away from him but given the liking he gave to Tommy no less than two days ago, he needed to refrain from being the aggressor once more.

And so he did. But only just, staying silent as Kimberly and Tommy talked on.

Kimberly: Is there anything you need though?

Tommy: I....was gonna ask the same thing.....when I saw you guys; looked a little too personal.

Kimberly: It's nothing to worry about.

Jason’s uneasiness was skyrocketing the longer the two chatted on. He already spoke out as having more chemistry with her than he did despite not being that much of a talker and the way Kim patted Tommy on the shoulders nearly made Jason turn away.

And then there was the way she was looking at him.

But can you blame her? Tommy was mostly quiet compared to the other boys, but not out of painful shyness. It was a reservedness, like a conscious choice to observe the lie of the land before he got involved. Yet he wasn't stand-offish, her remained friendly faced and welcoming in body posture. It wasn't like he sat down one day and planned to be like that, it's just the way he was.

And Kimberly came to admire that more than she once wanted to. She couldn’t help herself; she had to smile this once.

He had ignored it for about as long as he could stomach. The chemistry they shared with each other when they first met created an instant spark that began fizzling and fizzling out the longer Jason held back his true feelings.....

....and vice versa.

And understandable, it was starting to reach a breaking point.

Jason: You remember what we agreed upon when we first started doing this?

Kim: Hey, you promised: WHATEVER we felt for it about each other, we wouldn’t let it get in the way of what was happening.

Jason: Absolutely, I haven’t forgotten but.....

Kim could see wind-stirred waves in his eyes. He was really struggling with this; more than he probably had to.’s getting really hard to stick to it.

Tommy: Stick to what?

It was difficult to exchange glances between each other at that point. The entitled leader and second-in-command knew it’d look too suspicious for Tommy’s tastes.

All they could do was stall with just a small fraction of the truth.

Jason: Let’s—let’s just say we’ve been tackling responsibilities more than the both of us probably would’ve like to imagine.

Tommy is left with the gears spinning in his head.....

Tommy: I think I have an idea what you mean.

.....and it finally gave both Kim and Jason pause for concern. Momentarily.

Tommy: You wouldn't believe how much responsibility I had to carry during my.....therapeutic episodes during karate.

Jason and Kim (Both): Oh.

Tommy: But hey, bright side: two more Saturday’s and we’re home free. Guess I did get lucky.

Jason: Never was a man with luck pal.

Tommy: Nor was I comes back to you sooner or later.

He offered his hand out and Jason, barely holding in the urge, felt obligated to shake it and keep him in moderately good spirits.

Tommy: Catch y’all later.

Jason: See ya man.

Tommy made his way down with Kimberly and Jason unaware their coins in their backpacks dimmed slowly as Tommy got further away

Kimberly looked down sweetly at him which Jason noticed too and he was about to continue his talk but.....then we learn what he meant he wasn't a man with luck......when the bell rang

Kimberly: I'll ssee you after class Jason.

Kimberly rushed up stairs with Jason feeling defeated knowing he did not accomplish what he tried to do with Kim leaving him as frusterated and aggravated as ever

The girl he liked growing to like the new friend he was growing fond of too he didn't want to have a grudge against Tommy but his hopes of building a relationship with Kimberly now seemed very fragile realizing her crush on Tommy from the bonfire to today even when he stood up for her against Bulk and Skull at detention

Jason nodded to himself and made his way upstairs still in defeat

Three hours later just after school ended Rita was lurking from the background as students all walked out for their buses and cars and some just leaving the area to walk home or other areas

Tommy soon came into her sight

She smirked and soon spotted Trini and Billy walking out next and listened to their conversation

Billy: Alright. We better wait up for the others if we're ever gonna find Rita's Ranger.

Trini: That reminds me....did your coin glow the last few hours cause during gym I felt the vibration from mine. And saw it glow very bright.

Billy: What you think the Ranger was here?

Trini: I wouldn't be surprised. I couldn't fallow it cause stuck on the volleyball net.

Billy: Yeah I'll admit I thought my bag made a weird vibration. You think Green Ranger goes here?

Trini: Or probably a teacher or janitor here. I don't know. But I guess we'll find out soon.

Billy: You got your communicator?

Trini reached in her pocket and oulled out her yellow communicator with an "Ehh" expression

Billy: Excellent.

Billy pulled out his blue one out of his pocket and spoke on it

Billy: Zack you read me buddy? Jason Kimberly come in.

Zack here. Found Jason and Kim. Where are you?

Billy: North side. Meet us here.

Rita was on high alert hearing that her enemies are still looking for her own Ranger but from the sound of it they still don't know who it is but knew now there was no time to waste if the Rangers got to Tommy before her her whole plans for revenge and last hope of getting the zeo crystal would be ruined

So Rita disappeared behind the wall of the school and no doubt now.....

.....fallowing Tommy to......

........Angel Grove Mall

The biggest shopping center in the entire town bokked with a theater starbucks there was even a second Krispy Kreme there too as well as a karate center where Tommy now just stops by to look into from outside knowing his former class would be there

He kept his distance but saw sessions being tended by his old sensei who basically kicked him out

Tommy has been regretful of his choices that got him kicked out but after gaining new friends of his own who are unknown to him.....are the Rangers

And speaking of Rangers.....they entered the mall fallowing their coins well basically Billy's cause he was holding out his Blue coin and the light on it got brighter as they came in the mall

Billy: Signal's getting stronger. He must be here.

Trini: Or she. Zordon didn't specifically tell us the gender.

Zack: Just one question.....if we do find we gonna convince a public mall? What of it's some stranger or someone who hates us at school?

Jason: Who cares? Let's just find who it is and get 'em to Zordon and get out of here.

Jason hiffed and made his way away from the others leaving them confused of his behaver and Kim.....pratically remembered their talk from earlier

Trini: What's his problem?

Kimberly: He uh.....he's kind of mad at me. He's been moody about......a talk we had earlier.

Trini: What kind?

Kimberly: I'll tell you later. Let's just find our mystery friend.

The young heroes set off into the mall tracking who they don't know is Tommy but....unaware Rita spotted them from outside

Rita: Why those meddling power geeks! It's still too soon! Well time for a little reunion with my PUTTIES!

Rita tapped her scepter on the pavement which cracked up and Putties rose up

On the unfortunate note, they were formulated over a mile away from where the mall was. So the heroes luckily had some time to spare before then.


Jason wasn't sure about what to feel anymore; about anything. He gave off the impression of a jealous weasel the more he talked and the more Kimberly saw him. How the others didn't catch on was anybody's guess but good on him since he only needed to carry the weight of one as opposed to the entire team in retrospect.

He was like a ball of tangled yarn. The parts that were untangled are available, useable; the rest is a mess, useless until it is untied. That mess feels endless and at most times unyielding.

Still, he kept himself focused on the task at hand.

Very few crowds blocked his horizontal path ahead and yet no vibration came through via his coin. Not a single shake, quake or quiver resonated throughout the alien crystal designed to bestow power upon its user. Keeping a cool head remained challenging for the leader.....

.....and the sudden vibration of his IPhone didn't do much to help matters. The buzzer of said phone went off like an annoying rattlesnake, even more of what Jason didn't need at this hour. Against his judgement, he scooped it up out his pocket and spoke into it, barely holding back his ire.

The other side of the phone quickly shuts him down as his voice loosened up fast.

Jason: You? Hey......I mean. They said you were still over there. I—I thought you were—Well, did you tell Mom and Dad? Does Pearl know? Bloody—argh.

Jason was left piping in for just a moment, letting the other wireless connection frizzling through the other side into his ear. He looked defeated when he took the phone away from his ear for another brief moment as he looked upwards.....and then back dow to his coin and Digimon duplicate communicator.

He sighs heavily before answering "I have time to kill. Where are you?"

The call lead him directly to the other side of the mall, placing him smack dab, back to the entrance of the Youth Center. Massive sigh of relief came over Jason; there was no need of making a big scene out in the open so he liked the area was somewhat secluded.

And right at the Juice Bar, with Ernie directly in the bartenders slot, sat only one man. Well fit, late 40's, moderate physique but a little laidback in posture and stature. There was his Uncle Lucas (Austin St. John), Sam’s older brother and a former convicted felon himself.

He set up a meeting with him on his phone but forgot to set the alarm on his calendar.

Regardless, while a few minutes later than the recommended meeting time, Lucas was still there, ready to greet him as Jason entered slowly. There wasn't much that contain Jason's semi-excitement at the moment. It's been almost forever since he had seen his Uncle in person no less, and at this point in time, he was glad to see him now rather than never again.

At that moment, the two hugged.

Lucas; So, you holding up alright?

Jason: Still in detention, so that's a solid.....maybe? I don't even know anymore.

Lucas: I know, I know. Sometimes we can't help ourselves sometimes. Even when you choose to do the right thing, the consequences will still follow suit.

Jason: could say that again.

Next question was more crucial to Jason as he sat down besides his Uncle by the bar table: “How’d they let you out?”

Lucas: Good behavior.

Jason: Lucky you. House arrest was physically and verbal torture for me and that was just me stealing a cow; yet you rob a bank in broad daylight and get a slap on the wrist?

Lucas: Not exactly. Sure as hell felt like it though; had me feeling dirty ever since I left. Especially since I’ve got no one to.....go home to.

Jason: I'm sure.

Luca: What about you? You pay off your house arrest dept?

Jason: Uhh...

Jason didn't know how to tell his long lost uncle how to tell his long lost uncle how he manage to block off his location from the authorities even worried Lucas might rat him out so....he made up a lie....with a heavier heart than he already does with Kimberly

Jason: Y---yeah. Yeah I did.

Lucas replied with a chuckle which made Jason look at him with a confuesed frown

Lucas: You're just like your dad. Dishonesty even believing it himself. I know the leg brace wasn't for show.

Jason was worried he was busted at first till Lucas laughed again

Lucas: get your rebel habit from both of us. When your dad and I were your age we had our fair share of sneak outs and rebellion. But we had our flaws. I was caught more than he was only cause your mom straighten him anyway she could but....I won't say anything to your parents. But if you get're on own.

He felt a little relief

Jason: You promise?

Lucas: Promise.

They nod to one another and it was silent for a moment till....

Lucas: So you here with any friends?

Jason: Uh.....yeah. friend Trini hangs here with Ernie they go way back. I was just stopping by then....I hear from you.

Lucas nodded and couldn't help but to notice Jason looked down on his luck

Lucas: But are you alright son?

Jason: Huh? Oh....yeah sorry I....I was distracted..

Lucas: Let me guess....girl troubles?

Jason: What? No. Just....distracted.

Lucas: That's what I said to your dad when I had girl troubles. Come on buddy. What's going on? You use to tell me everything when you were 11.

It's true. Back in Jason's childhood he relied on Lucas more than his dad each time there was family drama or school trouble Jason always went to Lucas for guidance but when he was doing his time later Jason had to rely on his own and so little it did him

But now that he's back Jason felt no shame of spilling his guts with him for the first time in years

Jason: There's this kid at school. And let's just ay he got stuck in Saturday detention too. and....the only friends I made there after being kicked out of the team took a liking to him and....believe it or not.....he kind of relates to me in some ways. Which is why....I don't want to have a grudge against him.....out of jealousy

Lucas: Jealousy?

Jason: My friend Kimberly Heart and I not too long ago got a little close. She even snuck in my room one night. Of course nothing much happened we just talked. And then....a kiss.....I even drove her home a few nights ago and something could have happen there till.....I got pulled away by some....something came up. And lately I started noticing....she's been crushing on Tommy. Which is the name of our new friend.

Lucas: I see. Did you try talking to her?

Jason: Yeah. Earlier today at school but....well....let's just say Tommy has non purposely perfect timing.

Lucas: And what does he think of her?

Jason: I don't really know....I mean he stood up for her against the schools dumbest jerks ever. He even asked us if Kimberly and I were dating. I said we were.....but she said we weren't.

Lucas: Oh. I'm so sorry bud. I know I wasn't there for you for a long time. Maybe if I probably wouldn't be getting into these problems. And I mean your detentions and stuff. But I was too busy with my own shit.

Jason: We all got our own problems Uncle Lucas. It's nothing to feel bad about.

Lucas: It's not bad to feel bad either. that I'm out I can make up for it.

Jason nodded again and was about to reply till his digimon communicator rang which caused Jason to pull out instantly and Lucas saw it looking curiously at it and Billy's voice came on it

Hey man. Where'd you go?

Jason: Uh.....

He looked at Lucas who just realized he saw him with it worrying he was caught....AGAIN only about his secret but acted natural

Jason: I'll meet up with you soon.

He cut off before Billy could reply

Lucas: Is that....a Digimon Walkie talkie from the show?

Jason: It' early Christmas present from a friend to power on our phones case they died on us. Uh....I have to was....good seeing you Uncle.

Lucas nodded and Jason almost turned away till...

Lucas: Jason.

He looked back to him

Lucas: Stay out of trouble ok?

He nodded back and rushed out of the center and by the time Lucas lost sight of Jason he reached down in his bag pulling out his laptop opening it turning it on and after a minute as it was fully on Lucas went on You-Tube

And he typed in....Leap over Death Valley cliff and what pulled up....

....was soemthing Tommy mentioned before

It was Jason and the others from before when they were learning their powers and leaped over the cliff making it to the other side but it was unknown to the youtiber who was hiking that day video blogging and caught sights of them as he explains on the video

Given their faces were too distant to ID and out of focus Lucas had a hunch on soemthing that one of the jumpers.....looked a bit like Jason....

And that....was Lucas's second suspicion....

....his first....

.....was the red communicator given it was red and....there was a Red Ranger

Lucas: Hmm....

He originally got a start on this attempted discovery back the other day at Krispy Kreme; the day after he was released but couldn’t get much done due to loud noise.

Here was different though.

Based on all the news and events that was happening, he decided he had to do a little bit of digging himself to see if he could find anything about this.

Based on the awkward time period between the Rangers appearance and Jason's disappearance, Lucas knew something was NOT fitting the way it should be. So he had spent the last few days looking up anything on them for more possible evidence which hit a jackpot today. He decided to up on possible UFO reports and all he could find was articles of them being nothing but rumors.

He then decided to switch gears as he went back to last months incident reports and out of all that happened, the one thing that caught his attention: an unfocused video of people jumping up some cliff and landing on the other cliff across the ravine: and this was the first thing he saw.

He couldn't tell who they were cause the video was out of focus but.....he did recogniz Jason's outline surrounding his body. At this point, it seemed like all bets were off about discovering Jason's identity.....but he STILL seemed unsure.

Lucas: Really???

Same could be said for Jason.

That brief interruption took him out of a mostly peaceful and tender conversation, one that was really well needed and left him just a little bit on the downside yet again, But this was the job that he had admittedly signed up for, same with every one of his friends.

Sighing heavily, Jason found himself scurrying along to the closest bathroom and shutting down, allowing himself to be at peace. But then came checking the stalls inside.

Nobody was visible at the sinks or urinal deodorizer blocks but the bathroom stalls could be problematic. One wrong assumption and every word he spit out can be interpreted the wrong way and he'd be good as done. So down he crouched, methodically looking at each and every bathroom stall scouting for noises, checking for feet, keeping his ears open and eyes open.

No one was visible. Nothing can be heard from within the stalls.

The cost was clear.

Jason pops off the tiled floor and slammed himself to the wall, ruffling around his pockets to pick up his communicator and dial in.

Jason: Team, come in.

Static comes through on the other side; silence was deafening.

Jason: Billy? Zack? Kim?


Finally, an answer from Trini slinks its way through Jason's communicator and gives him a response. Now he has a chance to get to the bottom of what was so urgent that he needed to be interrupted during his uncles pep talk.

Jason: Where are you?

Perched outside. We got trouble, more Putties are converging around our location and they're disturbing our search. This has to be Rita's doing; she's found us.

He gave off a look of uncertainty, for something about the statement came off as off. Trini didn’t seem like one to find about something so serious but the lack of vibrating on his coin didn’t give him much confidence. Jason could sense the doubt radiating from himself like heat off a radiator. This wouldn't work if she wasn't telling the truth; a thought that was quickly debunked when he heard faint screaming echoing from the other side of the door.

Trouble had, indeed, found them.

Alpha told the rest of us that green with evil has to be somewhere where he's at. If the Putties are here, then Jacob and Aubrey aren't far behind; we need to hurry.

Jason understands the point; however, he knows that he can't transform in a public area or risk exposing his secret.....

....especially since stepping out of the bathroom put squarely up in the midst of a crowd of pedestrians, running around, hiding behind tables or just more screaming.

Jason realized right away what they were going off about knowing Rita The twins and the army of putties were attacking Jason knew he had to regroup with the others and find a private place to morph from public eyes question was where

Jason grunts in frustration and just runs through the panic crowd on the run

As for the others Trini fought off putties outside as Zack Kimberly and Billy ran back inside but crowds came running at them Billy tripped but Zack added and Kimberly was pulled away from the group by the crowd running past her nearly knocking her down too but landed in one of the centers

Kimberly got up but couldn't get through the least not without exposing herself by pushing everyone aside with her strength no Kim had to improvise cause if she even morphed there be no guarantee she wouldn't be caught in public eyes thankfully she found a back way that lead her to the back hall around the mall

Kimberly had time to catch her breath but felt the vibration in her back pocket Kim pulled out her pink coin and it was going off the hay wire by making it's glowing pink light meaning.....the chosen alter ego of the Green with Evil was not far from her location

Kimberly: You're near by. Good. Better take this chance before Rita gets the jump on this

She pulled out her Pink Digimon Communicator and spoke on it

Kimberly: Kimberly to Trini. I got a lock on our mystery friend. Keep Rita at bay I'm heading over to them now.

What?? Kim no. We got a full building of innocent people to save! Rita will--

Kim cut off just before Trini could finish and starting down the hall

On Trini's side she scoffed in frusteration that Kim was running the opposite side from where she was needed most but soon noticed the Putties approachingher but before she could engage into another fight the same panic crowd came running out and ran pass the putties for they were what they were running from

Trini used this opportunity to duck down when the putties took their eyes off her and found a side door to another back hall back into the mall to meet up with the others

Inside as the crowd was gone and Billy and Zack recovered walking out to the main halls of the mall

Zack: Never once have I seen a panic crowd outside of a Godzilla movie

Billy: Doubt it'll be the last buddy. But come on, We got to meet up with Kim. Just heard her on the communicator telling Trini she's tracking the mystery Ranger.

They ran as Billy tries to reach Jason again who was still stuck in his own panic crowd and from Tommy's side when he walked out another bathroom heard the screams himself

Tommy: What the....what's going on?

Tommy was so curious he ran but before he knew it he had his own ranger speed that got him there in seconds

Tommy: How the hell---?!

He looked back confused and unknowingly to him Kimberly came out from a side exit still fallowing her coin and soon as she looked yp when it got hot she saw him and her eyes widen seeing him in shock that the coin lead her new crush

Kimberly: T---Tommy?

Kim almost put two and two together herself as she slowly approached him till....a putty from behind her grabbed her on the shoulder and threw her back

She looked up in panic as it approached her but was about to jump kick it's head was busted to bits by a kick from behind it soon as it fell aside Jason appeared behind it and Kim felt a relief

Kimberly: Boy am I glad to see you.

Jason offered his hand and Kim took it and the pulled her back on her feet Jason was about to speak till---

Kimberly: Come on. I think I found our new Ranger.

Kim walked pass the stumped again Jason as he grunted again only for Kim to notice....Tommy was gone and Jason turned to her in confusion

Jason: Well where is he?

Kimberly: He was least that's what my coin told me.

Everything was silent at first till they heard marching steps at a distance and the two saw more putties coming lead by....

......Rita herself as she stared dead at the duo with a sinister smirk

From behind them the other three came out from the same back hall Kim came from and gathered around Jason and Kimberly

Jason: Perfect timing.

Billy: You find our Ranger Kim?

Kim almost blurted out Tommy's name but....out of her crush feelings didn't want to jumping to any conclusions on least....maybe not yet for all she knew Tommy could have been near the Ranger hiding somewhere Kim nodded "No" and Trini stomped her foot in frusteration but there wasn't anytime to scold her for earlier soon as she too notice Rita coming

But the Rangers also notice.....No civilians were around most of them got out and some were possibly hiding in stores or back areas and soon Billy turned to Jason

Billy: Jason...?

Jason: It's MORPHIN time.

Out came his coin, gripped tightly, prepared for the on-going battle.

The others took a while to follow suit but eventually followed through, coins out and game-faces on.

Using sheer focus of their will on their respective Coins causing all five of the various color crystalized coins to glow brightly, the teams abundance of the Ranger Armor materializes and pixelates around their arms, legs and back in a successful molecular transmutation process.

The Power Rangers were here and accounted for.

Rita’s sly, slimy smirk came to crawl for a second.

Here, it felt like forever ago since she’s faced off against the team but her humiliating defeat at the hands of this newbie team hit more closer to home than ever. There was no escaping that one cruel memory of her downfall; every single scene of what went wrong that day refused to leave her.

But that was of no matter to her anymore. Because this time would be different.

And already, the chips were falling into her favor.....with a heavy sigh. Her eyes wandered out of the corner of Zack’s shoulders as a peculiarly delicious sight revealed itself.

Tommy was still there.

He had been prone to finding really convenient hiding spots since the instant the attack happened. Needless to say, it worked for the most part since none of the putties that swarmed the area hadn’t drawn him out. Look at all the good that did him.

Especially after what he was greeted with. For the past minute, he had been cooped up in the corner watching the five stand off against the crowd of rock monsters.....only to watch them glow up in the same colors as the supposed town heroes and morph into those said heroes.

Everything in Tommy’s mind and heart completely sank in that one moment.

The people who he had just met not even less then two days ago were the glorified protectors of Angel Grove. He could not believe it. He REFUSED to believe it, but the more he played the image in his head, the more it became apparent that he wasn't dreaming. Although he wished he was.

Tommy was just absolutely dumbstruck that the only friends he had.....they never trusted him with their secret.

But why he thought; why would they NOT let him know about this? Were they ashamed? Were they embarrassed? Did they just not trust him enough with it cause they just met him? Either way, Tommy just was out of words.....but his troubles were JUST beginning.....for the negativity from the brink of betrayal was already working its magic on the coin in his pocket.

It was exactly what Rita wanted. She just needed to keep stalling.

Rita: Kimberly. Billy. Jason. Zachery. Didi.

Trini quietly growls underneath her helmet.

Rita: Oh, have I missed you.

Red Ranger: Yeah, the feelings mutual.

He wasn’t lying.

The sarcastic impulses of “friendly competition” masked by utter disdain only poured more gasoline to an already mildly unstable fire, set ablaze by decisions that neither appeared to be in the mood of letting go.

Rita’s body had already lost the strength to forgive long ago. Her mind shattered and the rest of her followed suit. Without the hatred, she’d probably die since there isn't any part of her that feels anything else. Without it, she’d be nothing, feel nothing, so why eat? Why sleep? Why continue to breathe? But she has the hate, her only companion in the wilderness humans called existence. It is the fuel that keeps her heart pumping and brain ticking over.

Revenge was coming. It's coming real soon.

Her golden talon claws gripping her scepter, Rita slams the butt of it down hard, alarming her rock soldiers and putting them on high alert. Another sly smirk was shone towards the five Rangers before she pointed behind them, her sights locked directly on Tommy. The angle of the scepter took the team off, misinterpreting her aim to be a sign of her being there for them.

Rita: Get him.

Her foot soldiers groaned and roared loudly as they crawl, savage and hurdle their way towards the team standing their ground.

Just like last time, the Putties absolutely trampled past them.

Not intent on fighting the Rangers, the rock-cluttered foot soldiers bypassed all five teens and flocked behind them like a pack of hyenas salivating at the feast. They were heading straight after Tommy.

No sooner should he catch notice of that, he quickly begins running the other way as the Putties gave chase.

Noticing this, Jason simply tapped on Kimberly’s shoulder, which discreetly gave her the A-ok to move. She wasted no time, quick to rush over and chase after the Putties, not intending on losing the chosen Green Ranger again.

Now it was four on one.

Tommy ran nearly giving into the speed again till more putties blocked his path and was surrounded him

He was about to ready himself to fight making is combat position but....

.....a putty was kicked across from him and hit two of the putties in front of him Tommy looked and appeared....

....the Pink Ranger practically unknown to him for the second time from Putties

Tommy: The Pink Ranger....

Pink Ranger: You ok T---kid?

Tommy: So. They barely touched me anywhere...

Pink Ranger: Good. Stay close to me.

Some putties still whole recovered and Kimberly engaged them in combat Tommy wanted to help but still not up exposing his unknown secret powers even to a Power Ranger unknown to him Kimberly kind of suspects him after her coin tracking him

Kim countered two putties two more with flip kicks one she then uppers cuts one's head off and Tommy couldn't help but to be impressed her fight patterns were just amazing

Back with the four Rangers against Rita it lasted several minutes with first Jason struggling with her holding her scepter which soon she slapped him off

Billy flipped over her and then tried to kick her but Rita countered by deflecting his kick with the scepter and knocked him away

Next thing Zack charged up ducking down giving Trini a chance to give a chance launch lunge from the air kicking Rita across the hall and she slid back and she approached her looking down

Yellow Ranger: What's my name?

Rita: Want me to spell it out for ya?

She kicked Trini knocking her off her feet and lands hard on the flour denting and cracking it from her strength

Back with Pink Ranger and Tommy she finished all the putties and turned to Tommy

Tommy: Man....I seen you guys on tv a few times and I never seen anyone fight like that. Where do you learn all that?

Pink Ranger: I can tell you this. It was a long road.

Tommy was just about to speak again till they both looked back hearing a crashing sound which had to be the fighting

Pink Ranger: I got to go help my team. You find a place to hide till the police arrive.

Tommy: Y---Yes maim.

She runs in speed again but Tommy's curiosity got the better of him and.....stealthly fallows her

Back with the four and Rita they just knock her down and they surround her determine to bring her in with Zordon

Red Ranger: You've lost Rita. Make it easy on yourself and come peacefully.

Rita: I don't think my new friends would like that.

All of a sudden Trini was tied up by a giant scorpion tail by Aubra and pulled away and Billy was the first to hear yells and stomps and Jacob came pouncing him Jason and Zack turned to help them....

....and Rita made a run for it

With Tommy sticking around after being told to flee, the situation was almost guarenteed to grow dire. No sooner should he make himself comfortable around the corner of the Victoria's Secret mall section, he found his mouth smothered, his arms bounded together and his body being dragged by yet even more Putties as they dragged him all the way outside, his muffled cries for alarm not attracting any of the Rangers.

Rita wanted to make damn sure her chosen warrior would have no escape.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Admist the distraction, as soon as they drag Tommy outside, one of the rock putties grabbed Tommy and tried to choke him out. Luckily, Tommy knew how to get out of that. After kicking another puddie away, he contorted the elbow around his neck, got out of the hold and broke the puddies arm before he slapped him silly with it.

And then after that, he goes around behind him, locks him in a back bearhug.....and then does a German Suplex on him.

At that point, he managed to get a LOT of offense in as he barely managed to prevent himself from getting hit at least once. At one point, he did a backflip over one and then tripped it with his leg before taking it down. Soon after that, he damn near kicked one of the puddies head off like it was a soccer ball and plowed it into the others. As he came close to encountering the last of the few puddies around him, his no hit streak comes to an end as the Puddies ended up double teaming on him.

Unable to defend himself against this type of onslaught, they easily pick him up off the ground with ease and just toss him aside like it was nothing. Tommy regains his balance as he quickly notices a trash can, with the lid barley covering the top.

Ever the opportunist, he quickly rolled over, grabbed the lid and used it as a shield for the time being before executing ANOTHER spin kick......and finally throwing the trash lid towards the last puddie he saw, once again decapitating it.

What he did was nothing short of supernatural, and it comes of the focus he has.

With the brief time he had, Tommy was left staring down at his palms trembling, almost as if he just produced a rhinoceros from his pocket. One could only imagine the sparks flying in his brain, desperately trying to connect the dots and instead just causing a short circuit. He looked like a pop-eyed toy from one of those claw machines at the fun fair.

In the midst between horror and astonishment, he nonetheless had no more time to process himself as another Putty prowls and pounces his way. Quickly, Tommy jumps over it as it misses the concrete, missing its intended target.

However, Tommy underestimated how high the arc of his jump would take him as he ended up a full 50 feet off the ground on the roof of the mall, the heels of his sneakers chipping against the very edge before he manages to regain balance.

Tommy: What the f—

Once more, he found no time to collect his thoughts.

More Putties leap up to his level, crashing hard on the roof with tiny particles of dust chipping off their backs and feet. Like hyena's slobbering and salivating at the sight in front of them, they surrounded him relentlessly.

Chomping at the bit, the numbers quickly multiplied from five to ten to fifteen, the increasing numbers only raising Tommy's already vented-frustrations until it all came to a boiling point.

He lunges for the first Putty he sees, knocking it's head clean off before knocking the closest one behind him silly with a back-roundhouse. A front kick later, he’s left jumping on the heads of each and every Putty that came running his way, looking for space and leverage.

Before this could get any fun however, the roof implodes.

The Red Ranger was sent flying through the roof, knocking all the other Putties surrounding Tommy out of range and into freefall, unintentionally saving the boys life....

....not that he actually needed any saving.

And upon regaining his balance and eyesight after a brief scuffle, he didn’t really need to remind him any further.

Red Ranger: What’re you still doing here? It’s not safe, kid! Go!

Gripping his hands to the side, Jason torpedoes himself down from the hole in the roof, narrowing avoiding one of the support beams and after a minute of free falling and narrowing between his two target, quickly tackles down Aubrey.

Her tail is quick to squirm around him but he grips his hands around the barb stinger as he alleviates all his weight off of her and then starts spinning her around clockwise. The dizziness that normally follows after a rodeo doesn’t come though as Aubrey is able to loosen from Jason’s grip and slam down hard onto the ground; her talon claws aimed at his head.

But she missed.

At that point, he meets her with a knee across the face and a dodged roundhouse only for Aubrey to finally squeeze her tail around Jason’s abdomen and slam him down onto the tiled floor, headfirst and with no leeway or warning.

A sudden gush of pain jolted throughout Jason’s body the more the beatdown occurred. His stomach ached, his arms lost tension and his legs began to weaken.

You will not get the better of me, he thought to himself as with the right leverage and opening, he rolled out of Aubrey’s grasp from the tail before assaulting her with a corkscrew kick to her ribs and then dropping to the ground.

His tongue was soaked in the taste of blood. Bruised and winded, with a leg in agony, he intended to grab the foot of the woman-turned-mutant scorpion-to be and pulled her to the ground to further finish matters.

Jason could feel his head was pounding as he scurried up to his feet. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get far.

Jacob, from out of nowhere, brought a fist to the captain’s face, snapping his nose into a grotesquerie while also sending him flying across the floor. No sooner should that happen does Trini and Zack jump the big man from behind.

And they had him pinned down for a moment

Yellow Ranger: Games up big guy!

Black Ranger: Make it easy on yourself and tell us where Rita is.

Jacob only respnded by shrugging them off and stood back up e went to his injured sister and lifted her up

Jason ran in for the attack but Jacob kicked him away and land hard on the flour and Jacob ran dropping off the roof Jason ran over to the edge and he looked down and saw they were gone he slammed his foot down in frusteration once more that they got away....again

Red Ranger: Damn why can't we ever catch these guys?!

Yellow Ranger: They're slippery I'll give them that.

Red Ranger: Worst of all we still haven't found the Green with Evil.

Black Ranger: Something else doesn't feel right. This seem too easy.

The Red and Yellow Rangers looked at him odd and couldn't help but to figure it was too easy the twins put up more of a fight than Rita did and she just ran away in minutes after she appeared

Soon enough they met up with Kimberly and Billy outside sitting on a bench by the wall and all discussed the event

Blue Ranger: This doesn't make sense. Why would they just retreat?

Black Ranger: I feel like they were distracting us.

Pink Ranger: From what?

Yellow Ranger: Do you have to ask?

Kimberly was stummped especially when her coin lead her to Tommy and didn't know what to think she didn't even know to mention thiss to the others

And speaking of Tommy....he was behind a wall and he saw the rangers and he could hear everything they were saying especially still struck on his early discovery

Blue Ranger: Either's possible Rita and the twins could have either gotten to the mystery Ranger first or the whole events chased him off

Red Ranger: If they already got him we're officially screwed.

Yellow Ranger: Well there's not much we can do here. We better get out of here before the cops or APEX get here.

Red Ranger: Yeah.

Tommy frowned as he observed them closely and soon the Nano-tech of their armors demorphed and were all as themselves again still shocked beyond belief Tommy couldn't believe the new friends he made.....are the Power Rangers and the more his feelings dropped the more the Green Coin shined in his pocket for it was now feeding off his negative energy

Tommy hid flat on the wall not believing this especially seeing Jason and Kimberly as Rangers too given he too had a crush on Kimberly and was fond of of Jason like a brother almost

The Ranger soon ran off as Tommy watched them go in disbelief and soon......he started to feel weird.....

.....and stifled, but nonetheless, headstrong. His brain stutters for a moment and his eyes take in more light than expected, every part of him going on pause while his thoughts scrambled, frantically playing catch up.

Tommy, once again, found himself shaking his head, vigorously. He found it childish to hold a grudge over something he couldn’t understand which, outside of what he just saw, composed of 90% of the entire ordeal. Under the pretense that there was probably a reason for why they absolutely had to steer clear of him, he didn’t feel the need to bring it up.

Prepared to let it go after a near-brush with death, he slid himself off the wall in the closet alley he was lucky to find and cautiously turned the other way.

Once his eyes repositioned themselves to show what was his new forward direction, Rita bombarded his point of view, appearing directly in front of him and startling him like a deer in the woods, almost toppling as he took a large step backwards.

He just could not win today.

Tommy’s face fell faster than a corpse in cement boots. In that instant his skin became greyed, his mouth hung with lips slightly parted and his eyes were as wide as they could stretch. All he could do, at the sight of her, was glance nervously down at his pocket where his coin laid dormant.

If she didn’t know about it, he might be able to deal - unless she had already figured it out- then all bets were off.

Rita: Finally.....I have you.

Tommy: The hell do you want?

Rita: Simply just a moment of your time.

Once again, he steps back and away.

She saw something like this coming. It was inevitable.

Rita: You don’t.....remember? I don’t blame you but just—just dig deeper. Search inside yourself, the answer is there.

His vision.

The very claustrophobic unpleasant nights sleep from a few days back; the sight that beheld a dark fate upon him and the possession that lied in his pocket. If there was one memory he wished he could take back, that’d nab the top spot. However, as his face loosened up in response, another memory comes into fruition.

Another warrior embellished in broken armor had appeared alongside another, sporting the same build, complexion and as the woman that now stood before him.

Now he remembered.

Tommy: You. You’re her.

Honored at the recognition, a tiny baby grin creeps alongside her face. She felt honored.

Rita: I am. But the stories you’ve heard of me......I am not what they paint me as. Besides, you now know the truth about your so called friends."

Tommy: I’m sure they had their reasons.

Rita: Then why do I feel such resentment about it from you? Secrets are never healthy in friendships; friends are not a source of strength. They’re a liability, only there to be later written off and underestimated. You’ve seen the truth as I once did. Now your energy is allowing you to embrace your full power.

"Full power".

Spoke more volumes to him then it probably would’ve if he hadn’t been dragged into the middle of all this. It left Tommy digging through his pocket once more before pulling out his green coin; the faint but fluorescent blinking shone a bright reflection through his pupils.

Rita: You’re a bred warrior: so many ribs cracked, bones broken, blood spilled.

Tommy: Self-defense; never my intention. People should know better than to pick a fight with the wrong man.

Rita: You misunderstand. I’m impressed; see, you and me? We’re connected. It's in your nature; in your blood. You are more than what you appear to be, more than what you know of yourself. Why else have I chosen you?

Tommy: Chosen me for what?

She simply glares down at the coin, tightly grasped within his hand. The radiant energy glazing back at Tommy through the cracks of his fingers spoke a lot in regards to the kind of power that was bestowed upon him and given Rita's slow, vile animalistic grin formulating, the coin had taken ahold of her unstable tendencies.

Putting two and two together wasn't difficult. What was the 'Why' of the matter.

Tommy was no expert but it was impossible not to see past her homicidal and mentally shattered exterior and interior, prodding and manipulating her foes just like she was doing to him now.

Tommy: Y-you did this to me.

Rita: I'm not the one at fault here, remember? You take my hand, no will walk over you again.

Tommy: Can it! I’m no monster.

There, Rita went through an epiphany.

This imagined light source within a diamond of pure clarity, one light, one source...forming a kaleidoscope of dancing rainbows that she painted in her head was not what she had expected, at all. She had hoped that they were the same, souls from one source that shone through each other.

She couldn’t be anymore wrong. And yet the sly smile refused to fade.

Rita: You're nothing like HIM.

Tommy: Like who?

Rita: You have more of your parents in you.

Tommy: You don't know nothing about them!

Rita: We shall soon see.....

Tommy felt his coin whip out from his hands into Rita’s as she holds her coin out in front of him, implying that SHE would be the one behind the reins this time. Almost immediately, Tommy found his feet hardened through the floor thanks to Rita’s geokinesis, the very Earth beneath him fastening around his feet and legs, rendering him immobile.

Even with the amount of experience he has, not even Tommy could find a way to escape Rita's grip on him.

There was truly no escape this time.

Rita: Don't forget: you MADE me do this.

Tommy: No! NO!

Rita couldn't help but to chuckle sinisterly as the coin once again fizzled and sparkled with the fluorescent energy packed inside, shooting out and surrounding Tommy with malicious intents in mind and just as the coin started to work it's magic.....

....everything blacks out completely.

As the light dims down and comes to pass, both Rita and Tommy had vanished.

And where they ended up was the moon palace where Tommy opened his eyes glowing green......the Green with Evil had awaken

At the ship the sensors had picked it up Alpha traced it for the signal was high as the Empire State building realizing the obvious

Alpha: Oh no.....Zordon!

Zordon: Yes I know Alpha I sense it too. The Rangers are too late. The Green with Evil has awaken.

Alpha: This is not good. I know we should have destroyed that Green Coin when we had the chance.

Zordon: We couldn't. With all that dark energy in it it was too risky. It would have needed to be taken out.

Alpha: Exactly my point. Removing the darkness then destroy it.

Zordon: That would have still jeopardize the prophecy Alpha.

Alpha: You still believe in that mumbo jumbo of the whole deal of the return of the sixth ranger? That was down and dumped the minute Rita betrayed us.

Zordon: And you know why she really did Alpha.....

That put silence in the room as Alpha was just reminded of the error of Zordon's past mistake.

Alpha: what'd we do now sir?

Zordon: We'll proceed as planned. Rita will surely strike with the Green with Evil sooner or later. Then we'll have the Rangers cature them.

Alpha: What if they can't manage? Rita became stronger than you and the other team when she attacked you. The new Ranger could be just as strong. Maybe stronger.

Zordon: She'll still have to train them. That will buy us time.

Time might be one thing they don't really have cause back at the moon palace Tommy was emotionless from the curse and on one knee in a bowing position to Rita who sat in her thrown

Tommy: How can I serve my Empress?

Rita: When your training is complete you will recieve your first mission. As a Ranger you will be able to enter Zordon's ship. There you will disable him and eliminate the Power Rangers. Jason the Red Ranger. Zack the Black Ranger. Kimberly the Pink Ranger. Billy the Blue Ranger. And Dee Dee the Yellow Ranger. And after that I want you to find me the zeo crystal.

Tommy: As you wish.

Rita: Arise Oliver and morph....into the Green Ranger!

He does so gripping his coin and then....

......the same nano-tech formulates around Tommy's body thus was the birth.....

.......of the Green Ranger!!

Green Ranger: To the fall of Zordon! And destruction of the Power Rangers!

As he stood in place with his back arched straight like a commanding officer, Rita’s satisfaction knew no bounds.

There it was: this animalistic, childish, hungry smile crawling up along her face. She took sadistic pleasure in making him his slave, as much as she took sadistic pleasure in tormenting her foes with almost savage and murderous satisfaction, delaying the inevitable for moments, keeping her victims uncertain when and how she'd choose to end them.

Rita felt immense satisfaction in her creation, gently caressing the side of his cheekbones with the tip of her golden claws barely tipping the armor protecting his skin. Her eyes locking with his, it sparked the very connection she saw in him when she first laid eyes onto him.

And here he was: now at her will. To do whatever she damn well pleased.

There was only one thing on Rita's mind.

Rita: Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, my dear sweet Tommy. You will be the candle that will guide me back, my Knight that will protect my dream, my warrior that will honor my truth, the one that will bring this planet back down to its knees after what they've done to me. Let us redirect that anger towards something more.....destructive.

The hypnotized Tommy bowed before her as she formulated orbs of dark forest green from her palms, her eyes dilating in the same familiar color as she exerted her energy before her newly discipled warrior.

Through her fingertips, a force field materializes in her hands while Rita’s hands massages the initial covering.

With one solid swipe, she unsheathes a large and heavy blade out from the force field, capable of cutting easily through flesh and muscle, as well as solid stone, a blade that magnifies the wielder's own powers, and strengthens the effects of any magic or spells upon them: a power sword mixed with the effects of Goldars dust, rendering the metal and handle to a dark gold.

The tip of the blade, sharper than any metal on Earth, is put to efficient use. Rita taps the squire on both of Tommy’s shoulder with his sword, knighting him.

Rita: I knight thee, Tommy Oliver, as my worthy warrior and destroyer of all who oppose me.

Tommy just nodded ever so SLOWLY under her command as he held out his hand, allowing Rita to place the sword in his hand.

Rita: I know you will use it well.

~One week later~



Endless hours of knocking against the doors of relatives in the town area, which had only increased slightly since the events of the first alien attack. Striking a surface noisily to attract attention, especially when waiting to be let in through a door is bound to wake up almost everybody.

And the situation was urgent.

Almost a week had past since Deborah or Jeffrey Oliver had seen any signs of their son, Tommy.

The news of the putty attack at the mall and the return of Rita Repulsa hit the karate veterans parents hard with worry, doubt and anxiety.....but not as much as opposed to when Tommy didn’t return home later on that same day.

One hour passed. Then two. Then three.

No Tommy.

But then the morning came. Any hopes that poor Debbie had that her baby boy would return safely to her were quickly dashed as she commenced a quick search of the house and, eventually, her block and avenue in hopes of finding him.

When no such luck came and Jeff had helped sulked up her tears, they were eventually forced to file a missing person report. From that point onwards, the police took over the investigation with Officer Bebe leading the charge. Given the first 72 hours in a missing persons investigation are often considered the most critical, police had called on the aid of any remaining Angel Grove residents.

Just waves and waves of knocking.

Those generous enough, who felt obliged to join in on the search did little to find any leads and eventually the integrity of the case began to grow cold.

Enter Monday of the following week.

Compared to the other bustle Angel Grove had to put up with previously, the mid-afternoon fuss was aggressively tame; not that anybody minded the peace and quiet. Anything to get away from having to deal with the Putties or Rita every other damn day. So instead, in her place, came missing person posters.

With the police coming up empty on the search for their son, the Oliver’s stayed a fault. Taking matters into their own hands, they printed out and stapled posters of Tommy all over town.

Houses, restaurants, lightpoles, support beams, vehicles, almost anything that moved had been plastered with a photo of a missing mother and fathers son, desperate to cling onto the hope that he is not dead.

That was the full bulk of what the two were able to tell Lucas, who they just so happened to be acquainted with mid-afternoon at the Krispy Kreme parlor.

With the two separated on different sides of the table, the scenery spoke for them: quiet, tame, very uneven within the midst of their own selves. Uncomfortable; sheltered even. Lucas was the most recent of the civilians in this town that caught the news of Tommy’s disappearance.

News that the Oliver’s delivered to him personally.

Lucas: Sorry to hear about your son.

Jeff can only nod him; Deborah laid their in silence, stating at the styrofoam edges of the coffee cup to block out reality for the time-being.

Jeff: Think we pushed him away?

Lucas: That’s not wishful thinking.

Jeff: I was hard on him for awhile Lucas. He's had it rougher than I dared to notice. I should have been more supportive to him.

Lucas: You can't blame yourself Jeff. Every parent and child goes through these things. My own brother and his boy have been having it harder than you and Tommy. And with all due respect, Sam’s barely even considering having me around. Who knows? Maybe if I had kept my mouth shut, I’d still have a family by now......

Almost immediately, Lucas drew his attention over to Debbie, who was seen sipping out the styrofoam cup, squelching her face thanks to too much sugar in the coffee and just places it down.

When she sighed, she jutted her bottom lip out, redirecting the air-flow to her long bangs. For that brief moment, her hair fanned upwards before resettling just over her eyes. The sigh that came was a signal, not of her resolve leaving but of the level her tension had reached. She was more like an old fashioned kettle - still full even when some steam forced its way out. But Debbie knew when to hold her composure.

She felt ready to talk now.

Deborah: What do you think we should do?

Lucas: You’re asking me for advice?

Deborah: Had more than enough tim to reflect on your past errors. Any bit of wisdom you can share with us would be splendid, Lucas. Please.

Now he was next to sigh, with enough time to gather his thoughts together.

Lucas: I doubt I’ll be much help but in situations like this, you need to ask yourself: Did you do you job as a parent? Did you install the right values in your children? And ultimately, and most you think you’ve raised Tommy well enough to trust him to handle himself?

No answers. They couldn’t really garner a response for that. Once upon a time, they thought they had done those very steps carefully.

Yet there was no time for Lucas to get an answer when he heard the bell of the front door ring as it opened Lucas turned his head and saw who he knew as friends of his nephew and other suspicions of his own

Billy Trini and Kimberly

Lucas frowned at them for whatever he suspected of Jason at the mall before he had the same feeling about them as well and what he thought he knew was yet to be revealed so Lucas had to cut this short

Lucas: Listen sorry to cut this short but......something's come up. I have to go. But if I hear anything from Tommy I'll let you know.

Deborah: We appreciate it Lucas. This means a lot.

Deb handed Lucas a piece of paper which looked to be a poster on the other side of it but off screen and see through on the back side

Lucas got up headed for the door but not without taking one last look at the trio and soon he caught Trini's attention who happen to eye at him the minute he reached the door causing Jason's uncle to flee through the door as the bell rang again when it opened

Lucas was out of sight but Trini didn't take her eyes off the door for a second she recoginzed Lucas from Ernie's bar but didn't make a positive ID that it was a relative of Jason given none of the Rangers actually saw him before not even see Jason with him before they were split up at the mall so they dodn't see them together when Rita attacked that day Trini just only recognized him from Ernie's but that was it

Billy happen to notice her staring in space as her direction was still at the door

Billy: Trini? What you staring at?

Trini: What?? Oh sorry....guess I was miles away

The three were fully sat at their table as they went in discussion for their next move

Kimberly: We're all on edge. Rita's back in town the mutating wonder twins are still at large and we still haven't found the Green with Evil.

Trini: And it's been a week and Rita hasn't made a move since the mall. What's she planning?

Billy: Obviously something. They usually buy their time before they commence on their main plan.

Trini: It's unlike her to be this silent for an entire week. Zordon's even gone dark on us.

Kimberly: It's not Zordon worrying me.

Billy: What do you mean?

Kimberly: Didn't anyone notice Tommy was a no show all week? He didn't even come to detention yesterday.

Trini: That is strange. Where do you think he could have gone?

Billy: You don't think he diteched town do you? Especially what he told us his life story at the bonfire?

Kimberly: I don't think so. Look.

Kimberly pointed their right and Billy and Trini looked where she pointed and they saw the Olivers Trini recognized them for they were here the last time her and Kim were here when they performed their abilities with silverwares and stuff and were almost seen by them

Billy however was the only one who didn't recognized them

Billy: Who are they?

Kimberly: I think.....that's Tommy's parents. I've seen them before. They were on campus a couple of times I even saw them with Tommy once.

Trini: I've seen them too. But just here.

Billy: Well Angel Grove is a small town we're bound to run into many here.

Kimberly never took her eyes off the Olivers not even when Deb got up first she saw her walk up to the front section and handed a waitress (Barbra Goodson) a piece of paper too soon as Jeff got up he and Deborah exit the building and Kimberly got up

Kimberly: I'll be right back guys.

Kimberly walked over to the waitress at the front desk curious what Deb gave her

Kimberly: Excuse me maim. But mind if I take a look at that paper that nice lady who just left gave you?

Waitress: Not at all dear. It's really nothing much but it's a missing poster of her son. Asked me to show this around. Anything you might know?

The waitress handed Kimberly the paper and it was a missing poster......of Tommy with home address cell numbers even a fax one which made Kimberly's heart skip a beat in surprise

This wasn’t exactly guaranteed to get her or the team any closer to finding out where Tommy was but reconciling with the parents and getting their side of the story appeared to be a good start. And yet, there she stood frozen.....and frightened.

How to go about telling them’, she thought to herself, realizing the scale of the situation had drastically doubled, thanks to her kept little secret. If the parents found out what she knew about Tommy, there’s no telling how the rest of the team would react to such news.....

.....especially Jason.

She knew these are things for her to work on, not for others to mitigate, she was an adolescent after all. Yet she found herself asking herself for consideration, that her fear triggers are left alone until her body stopped living in a state of flight or fight, until she found a way back to being calm and steady.

It came eventually but it didn’t make her feel any better as she eventually was left backing away from the counter and walking out the door, the doorbell jangling ringing to dead silence within seconds after she left.

After 45 minutes of driving around, she found herself up against a standard middle class family home only with no garage and a very linear backdrop. Taking ahold of the flyer that was given to her from the passenger seat, double-checking the address was crucial.

She couldn’t afford any wasted time. Luckily, the mailbox staring directly out from her through the windows mirrored her exact destination. Oddly enough, his parents resided in a....slightly unfavorable part of Angel Grove: Harwood County.

Kimberly took a soft deep breath and stepped out of the car and looked at the house for a moment

She looked at the mail box with the label on the side reading "Olivers" Kim knew he was at the right place but looked at the address on the poster just to be sure and it matched the address on the house and it did match

Kim nodded nervously and walked up to the house slowly he admired the porch and soon took time to look at the door for a moment then eyed at the door bell and after another moment she heard news reports inside no doubt the TV was on she then pressed the button dinging the bell

Kim heard the volume lowered and soon enough the front door opened and who appeared behind it was Deborah herself

Kimberly: Mrs. Oliver?

Deborah: Yes? What's your name honey?

Kimberly: Um....I'm Kimberly Heart. I'm a friend of your son Tommy from Angel Grove High. I just saw one of your posters on him.

She shows her the poster she had

Kimberly: It's how I found your address. I wanted to check in cause......he wasn't in school nor detention.

Knowingly she just gave hersself away of her being in Saturday Detention too to her crush's mother she kept on

Kimberly: I wanted to know if there's been anything on him.....unless I'm intruding.

Deborah: Not at all. It's really been awhile since we met any friend to Tommy. Especially anyone concern enough to come by. Why don't you come in dear. I I was just making tea.

Kimberly: You're too kind Mrs. Oliver.

Deborah: Call me Deborah dear.

Deborah let's Kimberly in and she walked in admiring the house it was well furnish and the living room had two couches across from one another with a coffee table between them and Jeff was sitting in the left one watching a news report from a female reporter she mentioned the mall attack the rison riot even mentioned APEX and the Power Rangers

But what caught Kimberly's attention more was the framed pictures on the fire place on the other side of the room

She saw two framed pictures of Jeff and Deborah's wedding them with Tommy age 6 and 7 in family pics Tommy age 8 and 19 in the boy scouts framed pics of what Tommy looks like now and a group pic of his karate class Tommy was furthr in the back looking unhappy

Kimberly was just amazed at the pics even to know her new crush was in the boy scouts soon enough as the TV was showing commercials Jeff turned and saw Kimberly himself

Jeff: Excuse me.

Startled Kim turned around real fast

Jeff: Sorry didn't mea to scare you.

Kimberly: No. I....I wasn't paying attention.

Jeff: You.....uh....a friend of Tommy's? Cause he's not here.

Kimberly: I know. That's.....actually why I'm here Mr. Oliver.

Jeff: Jeff.

Kimberly: Right Jeff.

Soon as Deb came back in the room with tea she gave Kim one and another to her husband and the third for her own soon Kim sat in the right couch as Deb sat next to Jeff in the left one and Kim told the Olivers how she met Tommy at Ernie's bar the day he was banned from his Karate classes but left out the Bulk and Skull incident and bonfire to keep Tommy out of more trouble than he's already in

Kimberly: My friends and I were at Ernie's when I ran into him. He really seemed sweet and....we grew fond of him instantly.

Deborah: I'm glad he's making new friends. And you seem like a nice girl. Way nicer than that other one.

Kimberly: Other one?

Deborah: One of those irresponsible kids that got him in trouble before.

Jeff: I don't mean to pry.....but have we met before?

Kimberly: You.....could have saw me at the school. Or at the Krispy Kreme.

Jeff: We were just there with a friend. Even asking around if anyone's seen Tommy.

Deborah: Were you at the Krispy Kreme with another girl months ago? I thought we saw you two playing with your silverwares.

Kimberly: Oh yeah.....yeah that was me with my friend Trini. We were......we were just horsing around.

Jeff: I thought that might have-----

Jeff stopped as the news report came back on and the same female reporter.......was interviewing an APEX agent

Jeff: Hang on I think we need to hear this.

Deborah and Kimberly looked at the TV too as Jeff turned to the TV with the volume back on

Better yet, it wasn’t just any APEX agent. It was the big bossman herself primed and ready at the scene.

Director Melanie Sheer appeared to be the most flourished out of all the other APEX agents there; standing firmly in the midst of the shot of the camera, smirking and even a nonchalant wave to the viewers watching at home while she was being asked these questions.

This picture could not have looked anymore pompous. To the Eagle-eyed viewers watching, her posture and positioning just screamed shady operative. One question came about asking her how they plan to negotiate or deal with the Power Rangers.

Her answer couldn’t be anymore blunt or basic.

Melanie: I’m not exactly the kind the gal who likes to wait around with the world going to shit. These vigilantes hailed by the public are a contributing factor to the increase of violent attacks proceeded by these monsters, whether it be their intention or not. We’re keeping an eye out on them; monitoring them closely and with extreme prejudice.

News reporter: And what do you say to those who have actually grown fond of the Power Rangers?

She scoffs silently.

Melanie: It’s one thing to show support to a celebrity but blind loyalty? That’s a bridge too far. Alas, in the midst of dire times in this town, one must expect the unexpected. So I implore you all watching at home or on the go: keep listening in; absorb every outlet you can muster because the day will come when they muck up. Everyone and everything leaves a trace behind and the next time we meet.....

Down she reached into her jeans and pulled out Ray-Ban glasses. The glasses added something to her face, a certain poise. They did more than frame her eyes, they added an extra window to her....completive soul.

Melanie:....they’re mine.

She’s quick to turn away from the camera; the indicative notion of her saying ‘No more questions’ even as the news reporter and other cameramen and outlets proceeded to follow her. But she was the APEX director for a reason.

Having had enough, Jeff muted the TV and changed the channel.

Kimberly: Well.....that was a big ass bucket of nothing.

Deborah: My dear, that’s not even the half of it.

Kimberly: For all I know, we could be over-exaggerating. Maybe they are just doing their job and keeping their eyes—

Jeff: Mind if we tell you something? Urgent.

In that moment, Kimberly felt anxiety.

It was like being hooked up to a cattle fence - not enough voltage to kill but sufficient to keep things uncomfortable. Guess that's the downside of knowing things are awry instead of living in blissful ignorance. But what is there to do other than breathe, walk and figure things out just a little at a time?

It's not easy taking a step forward when you don't know where your foot will fall. But feeling confident it wouldn’t lead to anywhere potentially dangerous, Kim calmed herself. She can only nod, prompting Jeff to continue.

Jeff: Tommy was there the night of the prison riot. Same night APEX cleaned up after the monsters mess.

Her heart sank. She couldn’t show it but deep inside. it was eating her up inside under the pretense that they knew that Tommy was there....

Kimberly: Wait....wh-wh—what were they doing at the prison?

Jeff: Said some kind of meteorite crashed by, caused an outbreak with some inmates escaping before the complex sunk into the ground. Tommy said he was rescued by one of the few Rangers before hell broke loose.

Deborah: Another reason we have to be thankful for them.

Jeff: Told us afterwards that two APEX agents interviewed him in the hospital since he was the closest there. As for the Rangers, they've been present at their other encounters ever since.

Suspicions confirmed.

Them showing up after every Power Ranger conflict in the city of as the last couple weeks wasn’t as glaring as the predicament down at the prison. The fact that APEX actually found Tommy in the hospital and talked to him BEFORE they bothered to clear out the area at the then sunken prison..... highlighted how right Billy was to be worried about their presence. But not as much as Kim.

Having been the one who helped Tommy, she also singlehandly gave him to APEX, made him susceptible to Rita’s green with evil and in the grand scheme of things, doomed everyone in the process.....all because she got mushy.

Kimberly: Wh-what do they even want? All I heard was they’re a government organization specializing in "dark web stuff.”

Deborah: From what I’ve heard, there’s more to the story. They came to Angel Grove posing as an organization called Samaritan Relief to help out the displaced refugees and citizens of Angel Grove who didn’t leave after the attack weeks ago. However, I believe that Sheer and her people are actually in town to secretly collect information on the Power Rangers and the events that happened.

Jeff: Their plan has something to do with giving the government some measure of control and oversight over the Power Rangers and any new alien menaces threatening the planet, I’m sure of it.

While Kim didn’t want to jump to conclusions about this information, it was hard to disclose it giving what Billy had already informed her and the rest of the team.

Taking a gamble, she had to ask....

Kimberly: You—you don’t think APEX has Tommy, do you?

Deborah: What makes you say that honey?

Kimberly: Because you said yourself that Tommy was there at the prison riot and when those APEX agents questioned him. Could he have.....een something he shouldn't have and they took him in for it?

Jeff: If they did they would have notified us about it.

Kimberly: Would they? I mean like you said they're government agencies trying to keep things under wrap including the Power Rangers. So what that woman said on the report.

Debrah: It's.....somewhat possible.

Jeff: I'm gonna make some calls.

Jeff got up to the kitchen leaving Kim and Deb in the room alone to talk more

Meanwhile we cut to the moon palace to observe Tommy's current location he stared at the screen emotionless with his eyes glowing green he was fighting putties to complete his training and one by one he crushed them all with each finishing blow

The Hogan's nearly fully mutated and their voices changing observed his training Aubrey was impressed but Jacob......didn't had any trust for Tommy. And he wasn't wrong to do so.

Jacob: It's a mistake letting him here. Rita said he was a Ranger. That makes him one of them.

Aubrey: So was Rita long ago. But from what she said she destroyed the first Rangers. He may destroy the other ones.

Jacob: What for? She gave us these powers. We'd kill the Rangers ourselves if she gave us the chance.

Aubrey: I'm sure Rita knows what she's doing dear brother. We must put our trust in her. She freed us from the mundanity of humanity; we owe her that.

Speaking of Rita she soon appeared from the halls and she approached the twins

Rita: How's our Ranger doing?

Aubrey: He's made progress mistress.

Jacob: I don't trust him your highness. He's another Ranger.

Rita: He's OUR Green Ranger my sweet Goldar. And as long as the curse on the green coin has hold of him he will not backdown and he will defeat the Ranger. And retrieve the Zeo Crystal.

Jacob: I don't doubt your wisdom Empress but if you give me the chance, we'll destroy those Power Geeks ourselves and get that crystal.

Rita: I'm sure you could. But last time you were almost destroyed for good by Zordon's new team of Rangers. Fighting fire with fire is the key to everything. As it was from the beginning.

They observed Tommy more he fought off the last three putties he kicked off the first one's head punches through the chest of the second and as he turned to the third with his green eyes still shinning it tried to run away in fear but Tommy ran after it leaps over kicking it in front of it and sending it flying off shattering to pieces when it hit the wall

Rita laughed and clapped her hands as she came down the stairs to the training room and the brain washed Tommy gave his queen a smirk and bow

Rita: Well done my Green Ranger. Your finally complete. And it only took you one week to surpasss all my tests. Guess your fighting experiences really paid off

Tommy: Indeed they have my empress. I have fought all my life and this one will walk all over me.

Rita: That they won't. Now that you have passed, it's time you do what you sent out to do. Scorpina.

Obeying her command Aubrey took a large wide box bringing it down with Jacob having his arms crossed to one another she walked down carrying it and opens it revealing.....the golden power sword with a red shinning icon on it.

The brain washed Tommy observed it and took it from the box admiring it's outline and blade.

Tommy: Incredible.

Aubrey: Welcome to the club handsome.

Tommy mirked and swung the sword around testing his sword skills with it and Tommy mildly chuckled

Tommy: Finally. The Power Rangers will be destroyed.

Rita: That they will but first Zordon must be dealt with. Without him and that alien bucket of bolts Alpha is out of the way the Rangerss will be helpless. So first.....I want you to go to Zordon's ship. Your power coin will gain you access without alarm and know what to do.

Tommy: Your wish is my command empress.

Jacob rolled his eyes like that quote was average still not trusting Tommy all cause he's a Ranger but from then on Tommy pulled out the green coin from his pocket morphing with nanotech again forming into the Green Ranger once again

Business was booming for the opposing side. The same could not be said for our dear heroes.

News had broken out to Zordon and Alpha back at the ship about the disaster at the mall and another one of Rita’s attacks leaving the team flustered and flustered. No fatalities luckily, but only more destruction and yet another perilous gamble that was worth the risk and reward. A week later and the ship had grown eerily quiet.

More than the two would’ve liked to have nowadays.

No chatting in the hallways, the doors not opening to anyone but them, it all felt incredibly lonely: a feeling the latter of the two had known all too well. Zordon was forced to wrestle with the revelation that his team had failed to capture the rogue Ranger.

Alpha, keeping his spirits up, however, knew not all was lost. Despite losing the Green With Evil’s signal, he felt the need to do something. So most of his days were spent trotting around and through the viewing globe in the middle of the room.

No such luck for him.

Alpha: Aye-yai-yai. This is always the most agonizing part: the waiting. I’d Billy say it: “patience is a virtue”? That’s not really doing any of us any—

He felt the need to comply with Zordon, given anytime he starts yapping off, he would normally jump in to calm him down. No such thing happened, however.

Alpha: Zordon?

Zordon was left static and frozen, his eyes drooping in shame. It was the feeling that no matter how hard he tried, it almost came off as the impression that he just couldn't do anything right, even after a momentary lapse of victory. His ‘works of art’ were mere copies of another, thousands of words through a screen were not yet adequate to the demands of his new team. The raw feeling through his eyes were something to be ashamed of.

He felt unaccomplished.

Of course, the team would rant and rave on and on about how stuff needs to change, what needs to be edited.....and it’s there Zordon came to the revelation that even though Jason, Billy, Trini, Zack, and Kim, there was no blocking out how disastrous this ended up being back when he was a Ranger. Whenever he tried to create something amazing, it came out a stick figure of the worst nightmare.

And it was at the point where he was struggling to find any way to put up with it. He loathed, HATED the feeling of being obsolete.

Zordon: This Ranger on the loose is on me. I’m responsible for the path that Rita is on. And what she does next with them if she gets that crystal.....will be the cost of ALL my mistakes.

There, Alpha sighs heavily to himself, having seen this song and dance enough times to know where it was going. He’s seen his master depressed before yet while this wasn’t his worse, the feeling was mutual.

Alpha: Sir....with all due respect....

He starts off, maneuvering away from the viewing globe for a brief moment.

Alpha:....the past is, well, the past. Regardless of what your team felt about you, they still fought alongside you ‘till the end. I doubt that’ll change now.

Zordon: You've always been wise, Alpha. But like I’ve stated previously, I can't ignore what really created Rita's destructive nature. The dark Lord was just the pinnacle of what unleashed her anger.


Alpha: Do they know the whole story?

Zordon: I wanted to tell them. But there’s never a good time.

Alpha: So make time. Not just for them. For yourself. You've kept this guilt in you for the last sixty-five million years. If you don't get it off your will one day be your downfall.

Zordon: I’ve already fallen, Alpha. Now here I am: an essence. An avatar. The fleeting image of who I once thought I was. I left this on their no sense in letting them fly in blind.

Once again, good to have Alpha there. It was as welcome as war to a soldier, even to a well-trained warrior. Nobody wants that call, the one saying battle has come to find you.

Yet at the same time there was a pride under the sorrow, a glimmer of metal to face what was to come, his anger like cheese-wire under snow. Whatever took his team and his ambition was going to have him and the others to reckon with. That day he knew his pupils, his team would rise up, that his path was set, but their warrior-self awakening had only just begun.

Zordon: They deserve the truth......all of it. All of them.

Alpha: Spoken like a true leader.

Quickly after saying that, the entire interior of the ship dissolves from a Neo-fluorescent teal blue to a deep dark shade of red with only a few three seconds interval before the lights fade and then come back. To add more nuance to it, since the dwelling unit to the ship was triggered, alarms were going off in a very loud siren.

Whatever was happening was no any good.

Alpha: Aye-yai-yai, what now?

Zordon: That's the intruder alarm, Alpha 5.

Alpha: Impossible. No one can access entry to the ship without a coin. Maybe Zack took one of the zords for a joyride again.

The only answer he got was a solid ‘no’ from his master. It prompts him to look back behind him with a sliver of uncertainty building up his head.

Eventually, said suspicions were confirmed. And they couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Zordon: He’s arrived.

Alpha: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Zordon: Alpha, you’re not up to the task to defeat him.

I know....”, is all he can say before positioning himself in front of the doors cutting off the main control center from the main hub.

Alpha:....but that won’t stop me from trying.

Prepping and preparing himself, he’s resorted to dislocating and extending his arms out for a quick stretch. Not to mention a full 360-degree head spin for full focus.

Alpha: Argh, been way too long. Little rusty here and there but I still got a little bounce in my step.

Before Alpha could say anything else, an immediate green flash of light crashes into the morphing grid, pushing Alpha back, and with the sudden green and yellow disperse of energy, it shuts down the rest of the ship in the process from the grid all the way down to the Pit. Ever-changing and blinding, this light was.

As soon as the light dimmed away.....HE appeared.

Green Ranger: I've found you at last.....

Alpha: HEY!

He lunged his elastic arm over and it grabs Tommy, but almost immediately, he forcefully grabs the arm and then slams Alpha over the walls, on the ceiling, towards the door.....

He practically knocked Alpha silly by the time he was done.

Except he wasn't done.

To finish Alpha, he once again propels Alpha towards him and hits him with a clothesline that damn near takes his head off.

Zordon: ENOUGH!

His sudden yell almost instantly rebooted all the power to the ship and pushed Tommy back, but just barely as his feet barely skidded across the gridded floor.

As for the man underneath the helmet, he couldn't help but chuckle sinisterly to himself. This then led him to let go of Alpha, but not before taking his hand and bursting it through Alpha’s chest, squirting pints of blue blood all over the floor. This, in turn, locked him out and effectively shut Alpha down entirely, leaving him as only dead weight.

Only then does the Green Ranger show him mercy and kick him outside of the door.

With that taken care of, the Green Ranger turns his attention back to Zordon, as he slowly walks down the steps and looks at him straight in the face, while chuckling sinisterly.

Zordon: So YOU are the one that Rita chose to give it to.

Green Ranger: Wise beyond your years, Zordon.

Zordon: This is as far as it goes. Her influence of the coin has had you trapped under her spell. You must resist.

Green Ranger: Why should I resist? The world belongs to her! You are in the way!

Zordon: You don't have to do this. I can save you.

Green Ranger: Worry about saving yourself, old man!

He quickly looked around him and the unfortunate thing was.....there wasn't much to destroy. That's was......until he saw the Center pulsating orb in the middle that made up both the viewing globe and an additional power source behind Zordon appearing behind the wall. Spectating that the Crystal might be in there, Tommy turned his attention back to the wall.

He unsheathes his golden sword of darkness and blasts at the screen, frying Zordon’s avatar as he bellows out in agony, convulsing and glitching up behind the screen. With not much that could be done, the new Green Ranger was left to torture Zordon for as long as he saw fit until he’d get the answer he was looking for.

This would not fair Zordon well for the next few minutes.

Zordon: St—stop!

Green Ranger: Where's the crystal?!

Zordon: You'll never find it!

Green Ranger: Then you have sealed your fate!

The brainwashed Tommy continues destroying the ship breaking Zordon's link to it

Zordon: No! Please! You don't have to do this! Alpha! Alpha 5 wake up! You must warn the Power Rangers! Green Ranger listen to me! You don't know what you're doing!

(I...think he does)

The destruction went on as Tommy blasted and cut through every power panel in the grid Zordon was loosing power to the ship in a matter of seconds the more destruction he caused poor Zordon was now fading from the wall

Zordon: I can't hold out! I'm loosing every link to the ship! Green Ranger you're sick! Let me help you! Green Ranger nooooooooo........

And just like that.....

.....Zordon the original Red Ranger and leader of the first Power Rangers and mentor of the new ones......had disconnected from the wall and he was gone

The aftermath caused te grid and panels to smoke and sparkle electricity as the Green with Evil warrior himself sstarted on under his emotionless mask Where Zordon once was on and he sheaved his sword

Green Ranger tapped on the right side of his head in contact with Rita

Green Ranger: It is done my Queen. Zordon has been eliminated.

Excellent work my mighty night. My revenge on him has been exacted after sixty five million years. And it's all thanks to you. Did you find the crystal at least?

Green Ranger: Afraid not. Zordon wouldn't talk. But I'll search the ship more just in case it's here.

Good. The Power Rangers will likely be coming soon once they don't hear from Zordon soon. Wait for them there while you look for the crystal.

Green Ranger: As you wish Empress. With Zordon eliminated the Power Rangerss won't stand a chance. MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Back at Angel Grove at Billy's garage Kimberly met up with the other there and she told them what she what she told the Olivers after hearing the news report with APEX's leader unaware of the danger that awaits them at the hip

Kimberly: So given Tommy was a witness to what happened at the prison I have a strong theory that APEX possibly took Tommy away for more quetioning only cause he might have seen things he wasn't suppose to.

Trini: But it doesn't make sense Kim. None of us saw Tommy AT the prison you said yourself you found him in a crater.

Kimberly: That was NEAR the prison.

Billy: She's got a point.

Zack: So what do you suggest?

Kimberly: This will sound nuts but.....I highly suggest we sneak into their base here or basessee if Tommy is being held or at leasst see if there's a clue to his where abouts.

Jason: It's highly unlikely. If they had him they would have likely let him go by now.

Kimberly: Then there still has to be a record at least.

Jason: Kim.

Trini: Jason.

Jason looked towards Trini

Trini: This goes against my better judgment too. But given APEX has it out for us anyway we may........have to know what they're planning for us too. So....... we'd have to infiltrate a base anyway.

Jason had his hand on his head nodding in disbelieve and sighed loud

Jason: Alright. Here's what we'll do.......

Before Jason could give a plan Billy's computer made a loud beep noise that caught everyone's attention

Billy went to it and pulled it up and what he saw made his eyes widen

Zack: What is it Bill?

Billy: There's been an intruder alert at the ship.

Zack: No way. Nobody can get on the ship—

Billy: Without a coin, I know. But that makes it all the more alarming; something tells me our new Ranger dropped by unannounced.

Kimberly: Let me go.

Confusion was quick to boil over when she said that. Nothing made sense about what she just said; so much so that they all turned back to her; their eyes and faces agape in refusal.

Kimberly: This is my mess; let me clean it up.

Trini: Alone? That’s suicide.

Kimberly: Well, maybe I had it coming.

Once again, no bells were ringing. It wasn’t as big of a deal that she would feel obligated to take care of this on her lonesome. At least that’s what Billy and Zack thought.

Jason and Trini though? Something was definitely amiss.

The paths had already been laid before them, as always, like an impossible maze. In the newbred life of a vigilante, those would have to be the situations needed to adjust to. But this time was different. One path began to shine as if it were made of the rays of the sun itself and the other paths melted away like so much ice in a sudden unannounced return of summer.

Now it begun to start making sense for Jason and Trini. And while one was actually expecting something like this to occur, the other had let the situation fly too far over his head that now that he absolutely knew for certain, he wanted to slap himself.

All of that built-up jealousy and frustration had only quadrupled upon the gobsmacking revelation and Jason, to the unfortunate displeasure to the rest of the team, had no intention of cooling off

Jason: Now it’s shining through. A beautiful jigsaw finally falls into its place.

Zack: Hmm?

Billy: Jas?

He doesn’t answer them. He only dusts himself off and rises to his feet, almost staring Kim down with venomous intent in mind.

His position as leader once again hit a snag because outside of Zack and Trini and Billy defying direct orders, now he has to deal with the nagging confession that Kimberly spent days actively LYING not just to him but to everyone else. Given everything else escalating around them, having to deal with this was a lot to bear.

Jason whooshes past Kim as if this was his house instead of Billy’s and, to add more nuance to his pending frustration, perches back in his favourite chair.

Billy: That’s my chair.

Trini saw this coming a mile away. She was waiting for Jason to say something to Kim but he does not for a solid thirty seconds. Kim is left flicking that her dark brunette hair to one side in what he knew to be a conscious act.

So he looked. And finally he spoke up.

Jason: I’m not gonna ask what made you do it or how the thought occurred to you. Just tell me why you did it.

Kimberly: You’re seriously going to lash out at me for saving an innocent life?

Jason: For withholding valuable information that would’ve been a tiny bit delightful to have known weeks ago. Instead, you actively chose to let him go and now we are actively positioned to lose the entire thing!

Kimberly: Except if it were anybody but him, you wouldn’t be chomping at the bit to blame all on me, would you?

Jason: Kimberly, I’m not the one who let him get away!

Kimberly: Now THAT just sounds like a jealous weasel to me.

‘Jealous weasel’. Far from the worst thing to call him but the right to it was justified.

Normally, it’d be Trini with heat in her voice. Now it was Kim with that same heat, despite her heart beating so steadily, even though she took a different view from Jason’s own. While most of her answers elevated into a poor man’s version of ‘I made a mistake for falling for one of our enemies’, she knew none of that made any of her excuses any less tolerable.

She could see Jason balk at first, so accustomed he was to the ways of her fierce determination clashing with his fiery temper. Verity was different, she absorbed things and then responded more than reacted, unlike him, and had a better chance at dampening situations rather than adding to the flames.

But this one mistake could cost them everything so Jason felt he had the right to be pissed the hell off as he bolted up out the chair and stared her down.

Jason: You should’ve been honest with us.

Kimberly: Seriously berating me over a mistake? You’re questioning my loyalty?

Jason: Just answer the question! Him or me!

Kimberly: That answers mine. Jealousy! Even after he was sweet to you!

Trini: Guys! Guys! Chill out! This senseless argument is getting us no where.

Zack: Trini's right. We're in the middle of a crises here. The ship's got a possible intruder and for all we know they might be wrecking the place. Zordon and Alpha maybe in serious danger.

Trini: So Kimberly left out a small detail. But so what? It's not a big deal we son't know for sure weather our new friend Tommy is our guy or not for all we know he could have been at the same spot as them at the same time. Either's no reason to whine over something you can't have Jas.

Jason steps forward to Trini with a serious look

Jason: So you're taking her side now.

Trini: Just what the hell is THAT suppose to mean?

Jason: You know what I mean. Ever since your little confession at the bonfire how do I know YOU got a thing for Kim too?!

Kimberly: Jason.

Zack: Jason you're acting rash!

Jason: I've had to act rash most of my life! I lost everything last year and I have to deal with shit with my day every day and five days a week with everyone at school! And I thought you guys were fifferent! I'm suppose to be the leader of this team and what do I get?! NOTHING! And I'm SICK of it!

Trini: What'd you want from us Jason! Kneel before you like you're the king of this group?!

Zack: I think Zordon should have picked another for the leader of this group with the way you're acting all cause Kim's not into you!

Kimberly: Hello! I'm right here!

Jason: And what else are you hiding from us!

Kimberly: Will you give me a break! I'm not gonna beg for your forgiveness! In fact maybe I have a right to NOT pick you! With this attitude of yours!

The argument got heatedly as the yelling had no sign to end Billy kept his ears covered with his hands until......he couldn't take it no more and something......SNAPPED inside

Billy: ALRIGHT!!!! THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The argument went silent and the other four turned to Billy who gave them a fed up expression and he panted like he ran a mile for that yell too some breath out of him and he then nodded before speaking

Billy: We don't have time to get at each other's throats! Zordon needs our help and we have a missing friend in need! I don't about this APEX thing but if they're something to worry about later then we should check them out! But some of us have to go the ship! And the only way we can is to not fight among ourselves! All cause one of us keeps the rest of us in the dark! And the other acting like A JEALOUS JERK TO HIS FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason went went completly silent hearing that from Billy who was always the kindest and funniest in the group he nor the others never seen him this way

Trini and Kimberly looked at each other as Zack faced down shameful

Billy: Now if everyone's done especially you Jason.......we got a job to do. Half of us will go to the APEX base the other half has to go to the ship. But who goes where? Jason.....?

Jason sighed softly and nodded as everyone looked to him and Jason lift his head up and got a grip not that he wa now over Kim's secret nor the thing with Tommy but......getting a hold of himself he took a deep breath and nodded

Jason: Alright. Forgive my behavior and let's get our heads back in the game. Kimberly? To make up attitude to and I will go to the APEX base to find Tommy......together.

Kimberly briefly grinned hearing that

Jason: Zack Trini and Billy? Head for the ship and see what's going on up there and we'll meet you there later. But if you see Rita the twins or our mystery Ranger don't engage without us. We'll have them out numbered together.

Zack: You're the leader.

So then on Trini and two of the boys took the van heading for the desert as Jason and Kimberly nodded to each other and both speed run for the base

Hours later when they got there the ship had smoke coming out of it and the had a sick feeling when they got in the pit the ship looked ok on the outside apart from the smoke but who knows what it looked like on the inside

But through the hall the door to the morphing grid looked busted and shed from fire

Billy: Oh my god.....Rita?

Zack: Or the Green with Evil. Let's get it opened.

The boys grabbed the door inches and with their Ranger strength they managed to open it slowly and a spark of electricity blew out which startled Trini enough to scream and.......the three saw the aftermath of the Green Rangers destruction

Billy: What a mess.

Zack: This is insane.

Trini: What happened in here.....?

Blown wires, frizzling circuitry, shredded and torn mesh and metal from the walls and floor; it was an unpleasant sight, seeing the closest thing they got to a second home trashed this severely.

And it this was only the hull of the ship? They were far from comfortable walking and making their way through the rest of it after seeing the carnage inflicted on only the first floor. Yet, that does little to deter the three.

The only place to go from then onwards was up. And unfortunately, the only means of getting up to the main hall, the retractable stairs, were completely torn out, leaving this massive gaping hole between the two floors.

Made way for easy access for Trini to quickly leap through the hole with the boys sticking close by.

From here, the sight was quick to adjust but the feeling only got worse. If who they think broke in here and tore most of the interior to shreds, the thought of what could’ve happened to either Alpha or Zordon was excruciating. The fear thoughts looped around in their minds until there was almost no room for anything else.

The loop pressed on and on as the three eventually trudged onwards towards the doors that separated them from the Command Center. However, once crossing past the hallway and within viewing distance of the door, Billy felt a bit of a budge down by his leg. It didn't take long for him to realize and recognize that it wasn't part of the ship.

Billy: Guys! A little help?!

Almost immediately, the others came over to assist him. With a Mighty effort, they managed to pull off 2 tons of shredded metal and debris away from the wall, releasing what was entangled up and out of the confines of the wrecked ship.

It was far from what they were expecting it to be.

It was Alpha. He was completely unresponsive and battered and bruised with his brief yet short brutal confrontation with the Green Ranger.

Trini: Alpha?!

Zack: Somebody wake him up. Wake him up!

Billy: I think he won't be able to for now, for whoever blew up in here made sure that he wouldn't even be able to move for now. Damn.

Taking a look at his badly contorted arm along with the hole pierced through his chest made it look like Alpha was damn near murdered. It was really uncomfortable to look at.

Soon enough Zack was the first to notice Zordon wasn't on his wall

Zack: Guys?

They looked at him and he pointed them to Zordon's wall was blank and all frowned in confusion Billy stood up to try and get Zordon's attention

Billy: Zordon are you still there?

No response none except more electricity blowing out

Billy: Zordon it's Billy! Are you there?

Still no response

Billy: Something's wrong. He always responses.

Trini: And I think I know why he isn't.

Trini pointed to the destroyed panels that were cut out and blown to bits by Green Ranger she figured whoever did this and wanted Zordon gone knew exactly what they were doing

Billy and Zack just had a Grim feeling this marked the beginning of the end of the Power Rangers with Zordon off line and Alpha fatally injured

Billy: This is not good. With the panels disabled Zordon's link to the ship is off the grid. And only Alpha can get him back on but with him wounded we're in serious trouble guys.

Zack: Agreed. What'd we gonna do?

Trini: You two get Alpha somewhere comfortable while I take a look around. Whoever broke in could still be here.

Billy: Be careful.

The boys did as Trini instructed by lifting Alpha off the flour with their Ranger strengths as Trini turned around turning on the flashlight on her phone and walked out of the grid through the halls shinning the light all over the place

Nothing turned up so she went out to the pit all over the cave walls unaware she was being watched from above...... the Green Ranger on one knee on the cliff

Green Ranger: Mehehehe....

Trini shined her flashlight everywhere and soon just about shined it where the Green Ranger was stalking her but....

.....he wassn't there anymore he disappeared like Batman does to Gordon and elieving nothing or no one was here she sighed softly turned off her flashlight and took out her communicator

Trini to Kimberly. You there?

Kind of a bad time Trin.

Trini: Sorry just.....did you find Tommy yet? We could use some help here. The ship's a disaster Alpha's injured and Zordon's been disabled from the grid. He can't respond anymore and we don't know if he's even alive now. I been all over the ship AND the pit and nothing's turned up.

At Jason and Kimberly's side they were morphed into their armors and at APEX's base of operations in Angel Grove and they were in the lot behind an APEX van crouched as Kimberly on the ear speaker of her helmet as Jason wass examining the area and the Pink Ranger was in deep shock to hear about Zordon and Alpha

Pink Ranger Zordon's gone?

Jason turned in surprise under his helmet hearing that

Pink Ranger: What happened to Alpha?

It's really bad Kim. You and Jas better hurry we really need all heads on deck.

Pink Ranger: We'll be in and out and be right there.

Kim cut off and Jason couldn't believe what he heard

Red Ranger: He’s gone? Like—

Pink Ranger: Let’s hope it isn’t as bad as she says. Gotta hurry up.

Red Ranger: Way ahead of you.

Switching on his HUD display, a custom-fit modification to the helmet packed an invisible scope through the visor: a red long slit that could allow the Red Ranger to see movement even of camouflaged opponents. It could also tell him the composition of what living beings are made of, assuming they’re not of any human authenticity.

Having spent the last minute dissecting through the APEX main headquarters, only two things were for certain. One: there was a containment center placed underground and it was the most guarded area in the building; arguably the most obvious position Tommy could’ve been trapped in.

And two: they needed to stop wasting time.

Pink Ranger Alright in and out. What's the plan.....boss?

Red Ranger: Hey this wass your idea. And reasons.....understandable but....I hoped you had one.

Pink Ranger: Just one. But....we'd have to reach Tommy.....very.....VERY quietly.

Red Ranger: Yeah stealth maybe our best option but let's try not to draw attention to ourselves. We don't to jeopardize how these people feel about us now than it already is.

Pink Ranger: The best one of us take the grounds while the other watch from above.

Red Ranger: I'll take the high grounds.

Jason stood leaping up to the closet vent pulling it open as slowly as possible and sliding it on the side and crawled in

Kim looked at the back entrance seeing a guard there and Kim had to improvise how to get passed him and she had one thought

The Pink Ranger latched out her bow from her right gauntlet and shot an arrow across from the guard making a loud thud sound not far from him

APEX guard: Huh? Who's there?

Kim's plan worked the guard walked over where she heard the sound and she crouched over to the back entrance heading inside

But on the higher flours Jason came out of the vent in an office flour filled with APEX agents armed with blasters some were posted others patrolled around

Red Ranger: *Whispers* Jesus.....Tommy better be here. He's the only one making this worth it.

One of the guards was on communications with Sheer

APEX agent: Area secured maim.

Lock down the entire flour. I don't want anything penetrating through till morning.

APEX agent: Understood. I have two of my finest men with the only keys to the prisoner holding.

Keep them under personal vision. I don't want those keys to slip out by any circumstances.

APEX agent: Yes maim.

Red Ranger: Sounds like he's talking to the leader. Says two of these guards have the only keys to the prisoner holding. Looks like they're my only way in to Tommy. If he's here. Also means I got to take out all seven of these APEX jerks one by one till I find them. Well Jason.....time to go to Predator mode.

Meanwhile back on the lower flours Kim kept crouching her way up and down stairs through halls keeping hidden behind walls hiding from APEX agents

She soon got pinned down with two of them facing her direction armed with blasters

Pink Ranger: *Whispers* Dammit. Those guards will spot me if I make move. They won't turn around. Come on Bow don't fail me now.

She latched out her bow again holding two arrows she tended stun the guard guarding the entrance they were posted by

Kim pointed her bow pulling the arrows back and took a shot and the arrows hit them the APEX guards yelled out being tasered by the arrows and both fell out cold Kim stood up walking over but heard yells from one of the guards communicators

Agent Walter! Director Sheer to Agent Walter come in!

Kim remembered that name and that voice from the speaker from the news report she saw at the Olivers

Kim whispered Shit....knowing Sheer would order another agent to investigate and finding the out cold guards would give her and Jason's presences away

Kim had no time to improvise sshe made her way to the entrance they were guarding in hopes to find Tommy

Back in the office room Jason hopped from gargoyle to gargoyle sliding down into flour vents taking out each APEX from behind one by one but the time he took out his third..... of the remaining agaents saw one of the casualties

APEX agent # 1: Man down! MAN DOWN!

APEX AGENT # 2: What's your location?!

APEX agent # 1: North side.

Red Ranger: *Whispers* Shhhhhiiii......

The third agent reported to the director on the radio of the three fallen agents and Jason overheard from above

APEX agent # 3: Maim. Three agents are down. Out cold. There's possibility we have an intruder in the base.

Make that two. I lost contact with Agents Walter and Kirby. Find the one on your flour and bring 'em to me alive! I'll be down soon.

APEX agent # 3: Understood. Listen up! The Director wants the intruders brought in alive.

APEX agent # 2: Better hope I don't find them. They're in for a world of hell!

Red Ranger: Dammit! So much for undectection. Better wrap thiese guys up and get those keys.

So from then on the agents proceed on the hunt Jason being as stealth as possible taking out the last remaining guards from behind and above.....and under

He was down to one and just when he was right behind him.....

Jas! Where are you guys? We really need some help here!

APEX agent # 3: What the hell....?!

The Red Ranger speeded to him knocking the weapon out of his hands lunged his left hand on his chest sending the agnet flying across the room hitting the wall and knocking him out

Jason panted out of breath he tapped on his ear to speak to Trini

Red Ranger: Perfect timing. You got me caught.

Forgive me for giving you away but we can't hold out any longer. Billy's already trying to repair the damage but it's getting worse and so is Alpha's injuries.

Red Ranger: We'll be there in 20 minutes. I just got the keys to the prisoner holding

Jas cut off walked walked over to the the third agent and searched him for the first key and luckily....he found it.

Red Ranger: Easy money.

Soon enough he went to the back door to the halls to meet up with Kim with the keys till all of a sudden......

.....Sheer came in from both startling each other and the Director pointed her gun at the Red Ranger but he speeded behind her grabbing her arm pulling it behind her forcing her to drop her gun

Red Ranger: I'm not gonna hurt you! But you need to stay out of my way.

Sheer: Ugh! Never!

Red Ranger: Hey! We're not your enemy. We're on the same side.

He let go of her arm only for her to look up at him with a grudge frown as she stood up facing him

Sheer: The same side? I highly doubt that. The side I'm on works within the government. My side doesn't attract aliens and giant monsters. We've earned this country's respect!

Red Ranger: IF that were true we wouldn't be here. Those things would have come anyway if we didn't.

More armed agents came in front of the other door pointing their blasters at Jason

APEX commander: We got this Director!

She held out her hand to them

Sheer: Hold your fire! If he moves take him down.

She turns to the Red Ranger

Sheer: You've got no where to go. Surrender and we'll make it easy on you.

Jason clutched his fists no doubt his anger problems were kicking in again seeing the Director was in NO attention of listening to him he wanted to knock her down but couldn't without the agents firing at him

But luckily they were stunned from behind and dropped down revealing Kim stunned them with her bow Sheer was pulled back by Jason before she could react to her and Jason slammed her on the open door knocking her out

Pink Ranger: Couldn't keep hidden?

Red Ranger: Could say the same for you.

He shows her the keys

Red Ranger: These can get us to their cells.

Pink Ranger: Good.

Kim took one of the keys and her and Red Rangers made their way to holding cells which was highley secured.

Or so they were led to believe.

Utilizing all three keys at their disposal (seriously, why is it always in threes?), the two befuddled friends now had a clear path before them into the containment center.....which was clearly blockaded as another dead end.

Jason’s earlier scan did ring true about this being an actual containment center: laboratory biosafety precautions were pertained to microbiology laboratories in which the physical containment of pathogenic organisms or agents (bacteria, viruses, and toxins) was required, usually by isolation in environmentally and biologically secure cabinets or rooms, to prevent accidental infection of workers or release into the surrounding community during scientific research.

But it spoke out more towards being a laboratory than a bio-containment lab; considering there were four columns each of tanks meant for testing and experimentation, medical trays on the far right corner of the room, about three lab refrigerators, and complete, utter blackness. The kind of darkness that makes every street from the projects look like an old fashioned photograph, everything a shade of grey.

This wasn’t like that.

This was the darkness that was enough to rob someone of their best senses and replace it with paralyzing fear. And needless to say, the atmosphere definitely lived up to that.

Red Ranger: Billy wasn’t playing around ‘bout them.

Pink Ranger: All the more reason to get Tommy out and away if he’s here.

Red Ranger: What makes you so certain—

Pink Ranger: Forgive me for somewhat jumping to conclusions, ok? I’m just trying to unscrew my screwup. Better hope we kill two birds with one stone here.....


A moderate metallic thud resonated on the far back of the room, drawing both the red warrior and pink Princess’s attention towards the sound of impact. The echo reverberated long after, drawing morbid curiosity from the two.....especially after their visors started picking up an energy spike nearby.

The spike sent off a small electromagnetic pulse sonar to the both of them; a calling card for any putties in the area. They knew better than to simply drone on blindly towards potential imminent danger....

....but there was no point in leaving just yet.

Jason’s sword and Kim’s bow materializes in their hands on the off-chance more threats were presented. Aiming at the back wall of the room, they slowly traverse the space, their eyes quickly glazing past each corner and their backs towards one another. The last thing they wanted was yet another unfortunate circumstance to come forth and further muck them up.

No control over the situation was a common occurrence and this one couldn’t have been any sneakier.

Finally, the small EMP sonar pulse hit a fast electronic beeping, signaling their target was close. Upon getting close in range, all they saw was......more disappointment. There were no Putties; only the dismembered hand of one crammed in another container, but smaller. Smack dab in the middle of the floor, spotlight directly hovering over it.....

Talk about embarrassing.

No surprise they had different shaped containers for potential experimentation subjects but for this being left out in the open, there was no need to remain oblivious to the facts quickly circling around in their heads.

Just one quick glance across each other before Jason moved in slowly, gripping ahold of the bottom of the container with his left hand as slowly as possible. Finally, they had the courage to say the obvious......

Pink Ranger: Its a trap!

Bolting their heads back behind them, over a hundred repeated clicking and tinkering with bullet cartridges and hammers drew the two Rangers face to face with APEX agent after APEX agent stating them down in a circle with assault rifles jammed in their faces.

We can still take them was the first thought to come to Jason, given how normal regular bullets have a snowball's chance in hell in the dead of summer of penetrating their armor but that was far from Jason’s biggest problem. This entire heist to get Tommy back was all on Kimberly’s doing so she could own up to her mistake of even getting him involved in the first place.

And just like their previous attempts to get to the new Ranger, it took a nice faceplant and fell flat horribly.

Red Ranger: Shit....

Pink Ranger: Oh boy.....

You’re absolutely right.

Once more, the voice of Melanie Sheer peeps up in the background before emerging out of the shadows holding her neck in place, given the force Jason exerted onto her could’ve done more damage, had he been less careless.

Yet, the childish smile didn’t fade from her.

Melanie: Yes, this is a trap. But I’d like to think of it as more of a showing. A preview, if you will, to the kind of lengths you have to go to if you wanna meet the Power Rangers: Angel Grove’s saviors.

This had every reason to go badly, especially since Kim could sense a few of the soldiers getting very itchy trigger fingers.

Pink Ranger: Who are you really? The hell do you want?

Red Ranger: Let me say the word, ok? We can take them.

Melanie: Aww no, no. Say no words. If these boys felt like it, they would’ve shot you already. Just be lucky I’m the one not looking for a fight..... at least not yet. As of right now, we’re just here to make sure you get our message.

Red Ranger: What message?

Melanie: That the American government applauds and appreciates your far. However, we’re not fans of aliens fighting our battles for us without oversight.

Pink Ranger: Umm, yeah. Except there’s one teeny tiny little problem there: WE DON’T WORK FOR YOU. Pointing a couple of guns at us isn’t going to change that.

Once more, Melanie smirks and scoffs.

Melanie: Maybe.....maybe not.

Then, with a simple snap of the fingers, the entire circle filled with armed agents just backed down. A full hundred fully armed men and women quickly eased up and away from both their director and the two Rangers, dissipating away into the blackness of the room.

Now the three had some valuable time alone to talk.

Melanie: Sorry to disappoint you. Mr. Oliver’s not here.

Both Rangers flinched with Melanie giving them a mild smirk and that was enough for Jason to grab her by te collars and hold her up to him

Red Ranger: What'd you talking about?! If you think we're looking for the Oliver kid why would he not be here?!

Melanie: We know it was all of you who saved him from the crater. How else would he be at that ambulance the minute after? We also know you know he witness something he wasn't suppose to. And believe me....he would be here for interrogation if he hadn't disappeared off the grid.

Then Pink Ranger grabbed her out of Jason's

Pink Ranger: THEN WHERE IS HE?!

Melanie: If I knew that....I wouldn't be looking for him too. I don't know if you people have some connection with whatever he saw that night but you better hope I get to him before me.

Kim felt a little rageful herself now she wanted to punch a hole through Sheer's face

Pink Ranger: You will NOT touch him!

Red Ranger: Pink Ranger let it go. The others need us remember?

Pink Ranger: If you think you're the damn hurricane in this town think again!

Red Ranger: PINK! I'm giving you an order!

Melanie: Better listen to him honey. As we speak my reinforcements are on the way.

It was hard for Kim to let her go with her intentions of finding Tommy herself but fallowing Jason's orders she drops her and her and Red Ranger ran out the emeregency exit

Soon as they were out Sheer's reinforcements had arrived as she said they would and locked down the base but they were already gone with Sheer frowning on where they have gone to

Later Jason and Kim were demorphed and speeded towards the pit and Trini was down ther waiting on them and soon as they came down landing on their feet Trini nodded at them with a smirk

Trini: About time you two.

Jason: Sorry Trin. Our stealth was blown and it was an ambush.

Trini: Did you at least find Tommy?

Kimberly: No. It was a dead end. Worst of all Sheer knew we were looking for him.

Trini: What??

Jason: She knew Kim saved him from the crater during the prison riot Kim's hunch was correct they'd target him as a witness but he wasn't there. But let's worry about that later. Tell us what's wrong with Zordon and Alpha.

We cut to in the Morhing Grid with Billy trying to fix the panels with no luck and Zack tending to Alpha and Zordon's wall was still a blank and Trini told Jason and Kim everything

Trini: What Billy detected at the garage was correct. There was an intruder here. Most of the equipment hs been cut in half a blade or something. The rest are cosmic dust. and it's broke Zordon's link to the ship.

Kimberly: Poor Zordon....

Jason: This doesn't make sense! How can anybody get in the ship without a power coin?

Billy: It's a little obvious don't you think Jas? Someone DID had a coin. The GREEN coin.

Jason: The Green with Evil.

Trini: Correct. I searched all over the place but whoever was here must ave fled before we got here.

Zack: The only good news is Alpha will pull through but those cuts on him look sever he could have lost some blood or fluent. Whatever he has.

Jason: Once again we're too freaking late!

Kimberly: Now what?

In a golden image the Rangers were being Rita through her scepter

Rita: "Now what"?'re all about to find out. As I will find out where you've hidden the crystal. But for's time for you Power Geeks to meet my Green Ranger.

Rita quoted chante casting a spell upon her scepter where she imaged the Rangers

In the ship Trini was the first to feel something off noticing Rita's spell wave coming over them


Trini's outburst cause the Rangers to notice the spell waves and it soon surrounded them covering them in mere seconds

Of course they struggled but it was like swinging punches at air with your bare hands and another minute.....

......the five young heroes found themselves in the middle.....of Death Valley

Trini: Where are we?

Zack: looks like the outskirts of the desert. We're probably near my house.

Billy: Nah. I know these road ways. It's Death Valley.

Kimberly: How did we get here?

Trini: My guess: Rita. It's not like the ship can teleport us anywhere.

Jason: So why did she bring us here?

It's funny Jason would ask cause soon the Rangers were all startled when they heard......


That maniacal laugh, the one you’d find on the first page of the cliched villain's handbook, startled the hell out of all of them. Not only was it creepy, but it came right out of nowhere. And given they were blank in the middle of scenic nowhere, the laugh reverberated out for miles beyond where the team stood.

Jason: The hell....

Kimberly: Back to back!

They all immediately bolted next to one another, their backs bounded together in a small circle. Zack, Kim, Trin, Jason, and Billy circled around with their eyes, eying every distant rock and crevice,!prepared to see what type of threat would befall them.


Trini: What is this, Jared Leto's Joker?!

Zack: He does not sound anything REMOTELY like that.

Jason: Well, that's beside the--OVER THERE!

That question needed no answering after all.

There he was, standing high and mighty above them all, sporting the same glossy, high tech alien armor they all possess. The team wasn't quick to dismiss the familiar green color that once called to its original master, Rita. But compared to her suit, more gold outlines and shading were present to fit with the male counterpart. His complexion up against the dark gloomy clouds from above, further broadening out his presence and superiority wasn't exactly promising either.

And if the red outlining in his chest piece powering the suit didn't give anything away, then what else was needed?

It was safe to assume this was the chosen warrior Rita had called to replace her. Upon first glance, he didn't resemble much to be presented as a challenger but the team knew better not to judge a book by its cover.

"That's him", Jason warned the team.

Zack: Guys, let's not draw out weapons until further notice. Gotta see who we're dealing with under there first.

Heeding Zack's plea, Jason and the others perches their hands away from their hips; their eyes still gazing over at the motionless specimen that had must've been brave or stupid or enough to take up Rita's offer to replace her.

Green Ranger: So....we meet at last, Rangers.

Billy: I take it your Rita's replacement. New Green Ranger.

Green Ranger: I am HER Green Ranger. And you all have been a thorn of my empress's sight.

Trini: Tsk. Your empress? What are you: her lover? Worshipper? Slave?

Green Ranger: Careful how you use that tongue with me, Didi.

Trini: Oh, for god's sake!

The constant misconception of her name was getting to her a lot in recent weeks, none of which came off as fuel for anything. It served more as a distraction than a passable jump hurdle, so much so that Zack had to push her back to prevent a hasty move.

That is if Green Ranger wasn't prone to making that move first.

His foot is set off the edge of the cliff as he tips himself forward, eventually casting himself off. No less than 10 feet down, he flips over twice before crash-landing besides the five, erupting the area with a thunderous Doppler effect. It called the five at attention once more; the threat becoming more and more radical in his presence, drawing four out of the five Rangers to reach behind them, the handles of their weapons nearly pixelating into their grasps.

Jason was quick to stop them. "Not yet. Keep your guards up."

Green Ranger:Show me your true colors.

They didn't like what that meant. Nobody was around to see them, yes, but the fact that he already knew who they were was far from a good sign of what that implied for the long run.

Kimberly: Just tell us what Rita sent you for? How did she survive?

That was all Kimberly could be bothered to ask before the opponent drastically raises his voice.

Green Ranger: She is superior to you ants....and I've come to deliver. That Zeo-Crystal belongs to her.

Zack: Of course Rita's still after that Crystal.

Billy just whispered No surprise to him under his breath.

Green Ranger:Now I ask again: Show me your true colors.

No response from the opposing side. Nothing yet.

Still, the team lies in wait, defensive. All except for Jason, signaling for the guys to loosen up just a pinch. Despite being in relevant danger here, he insisted upon himself that this was an outcome bound to happen sooner or later....which made all the more sense to him why he'd want to deal with it now.

Zack: We better do as he says, ok? I think he means business.

Trini: I guess you're right.

Jason: Fine.

Billy: You guys ready?

Kim: As I'll ever be, yeah.

They all call out: "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"

Arms out and legs spread apart, their coins materialized into their morpher slots, slinking into place on the pixelating nanotech armor of the five Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. All five stood together and held their ground.....

....exactly what their new adversary wanted.

Green Ranger: Finally, your true colors. Now, THIS is where it gets interesting!

Upon saying that, all the Rangers got into fighting positions, waiting for the Green Ranger to make some kind of move on them. And what was his response to them?

Complete and utter apathy.

He just stood there, smug and confident, biding his time as stood his opponents down, mentally dissecting them from the inside out. Finally, with one step forward, the Green Ranger switches up tactics, slamming his fist downwards, erupting the air with a fully focused 360-degree shockwave that ripples amongst the terrain they all stood, pushing the five Rangers back a considerable distance away and breaking their guards.

Now he was ready to attack.

Green Ranger: Long live empress Rita!

He finally took a running start while the other took a running start and finally.....the first fight between them began.

It didn't go well for our heroes. .

The Green Ranger was practically unable to get hit once during the entire ordeal, even more so when it came to Jason, as he kept kicking him away. And every time they got some kind of advantage, when they actually were able to hit him, it backfired on all of them spectacularly because he so much more momentum, stamina, and power.

Not even 10 minutes in, most of the Rangers were already exhausted and taken completely off-guard by how brutal his offense was.

But still, with no gripping steel brakes crashing in their heads, the Rangers charged in from the front while Kimberly attacked from behind. The end result: Green Ranger countering all their attacks with a simultaneous ground pound, launching Jason, Zack, and Billy back while Trini laid flat on the ashy ground.

Needless to say, Kim still tried to make a move but Green Ranger flipped her over and held her hand tightly in place.

Green Ranger: Not quick enough, Pink Princess.

She barely blocks the incoming roundhouse and responds with one of her own. Next came a crescent kick which went nowhere since the Green Ranger was quick to lunge directly at her. Despite blocking the tackle, Kim couldn't see how he had flipped directly over her before tucking her into position and flipping her over her shoulders.

Not wanting any recovery, he catapults her high up in the air for a pop-up but gets met with a scissor kick over his head. He crashes hard onto the ashy ground below and feels pressure on his lower waistline.

Kim was trying her damnedest to lift him up and to her credit, she did. It was just enough to get his eyes locked onto Billy as he charged forward with a bicycle kick. At the last second though, he grips her arms and slides directly up underneath her and behind her causing Billy to clock Kim across the face by accident.

Blue Ranger: Oh shit! Kim, I—Why you!

Poor Billy barely gets any offense any before Green Ranger bombards him with a swarm of punches and low kicks. However, Billy's rigorous training with Alpha in the pit helped him catch on, and soon enough, he was able to avoid almost everything he threw at him.

Avoiding the backhand, Billy again tries for the boot but Green Ranger catches it and just slams him down before kicking him away. Kim catches him off guard, taking him down vertically and rolling him over her with her legs before he just kips up immediately and dodges a clothesline.

Trini barely gets any luck either double-teaming with Zack. Green Ranger manages to disorient them both with rapid fast elbows to take both of them down with a crucifix headscissor, proving to be extra crafty in his work.

Billy, however, wouldn't stay down.

Blue Ranger: I ain't going down like this. Come on!

He once again charges straight ahead as his brawl with the Green Ranger continues. However, this time he starts to get some offense in on him as the Green Ranger put up a hell of a good defense as the others get up and recover.

Finally, Billy scores one as he headbutts the Green Ranger. But almost immediately, the Green Ranger headbutts him back with SO MUCH FORCE, it sends him flying through the desert terrain and flips him back on his chest.

Not even a minute after hitting the concrete, Billy finds his entire body carried up in the air and on his shoulders. He exclaims loudly as his face is slammed into his opponent's knee when flipped over, rendering him woozy. Barely aware of his surroundings, he found himself spun around from behind and turned inside out with a discus clothesline by the Green Ranger.

Seeing one of their friends in peril at the hands of their new mortal enemy, the other Rangers quickly rushed to his aid.

Black Ranger: Not so fast!

Yellow Ranger: Eat my daggers, four-leaf clover!

From that moment, Trini, Zack, and Kimberly's arms began to pixelate suddenly as their hands gripped ahead of handles from their weapons.

Zack attacked at ALMOST the right moment, but The Green Ranger deflected both his and Jason's weapons at the exact same time. And just as he pushed BOTH of them back, he pressed his hands again towards the ground as it sparked a flash of green lightning out the ground towards their location, immediately blew Jason and Zack back with tremendous force.

The Yellow Ranger then took a chance as she swung her daggers at him, but he quickly deflected them as well as Zack's ax, whom he had caught from behind.

At that point, Pink Ranger once again aimed her bow and arrow steadily, but once she got a shot at the Green Ranger, she saw him quickly execute a spin kick, knocking Trini and Zack all down with a flawless swing. Seeing this, she fired three of her arrows at the same time.....only for him to catch the arrows instantly......

.....while looking directly back at her.

Pink Ranger: No way......

He quickly snapped two of those arrows into pieces and threw the last one back at her, but she quickly dodged it at the last second.

Green Ranger: I really pity you all.....

Pink Ranger: I know who you are.

Green Ranger: Now, now.....we don't want to spoil the surprise just yet.

Pink Ranger: Yeah, well I can't wait that long.

In a bold yet unwise move, Pink Ranger converted her bow into an actual makeshift sword and commenced her own duel with the menacing villain. Luckily, Billy was barely regaining some consciousness.

She was not doing well as she was when she first started. All she got was defense and defense only as Green Ranger started to get more vicious with his offense. Jason, seeing how close she was to getting injured or worst, sprints on in and blocks the sword but immediately gets knocked back due to the huge power ratio between the two.

His defense down, Green Ranger spikes his sword over at him, which Jason blocks with his own.

Red Ranger: You think you so tough?! Take me on!

Green Ranger: With pleasure.....

Both the Leader of the Rangers and Rita's rouge Ranger clashed their swords at one another making loud thundering bangs given the swords were very powerful enough to make such clashes it would echo like real thunder from a distance

Even some civilians on the outskirts of Angel Grove heard the clashes some thought a real storm was coming but what they thought weird was.....there was not a single cloud in the sky

The Red and Green Rangers sword fight clashed on remarkably almost like the Anakin vs Obi-Wan Mustafar duel Jason almost had an open shot but the Green with Evil ducked and kicked him back forcing him off his feet but luckily he landed back on them the Green Ranger lunged at him to strike at him with his sword but Jason blocked his attack by countering his sword with his own

Trini aided the injured Billy as Zack and Kimberly watched the red and green duel

Black Ranger: GET HIM JAS!

The Pink Ranger was mostly silent fearing her suspicions on the Green Ranger maybe true and hoped so hard.....she was wrong

While trying to lift Billy back on his feet the Yellow Ranger was the only one who noticed Kim not moving nor being as cheerful as Zack and Trin had a feeling why after what they learn too back in Billy's garage and for Kim's sake.....Trini hoped the same as her

Meanwhile the sword fight raged on both Rangers countered and clashed their swords none stop their fight was drawing them to a near by cliff the Green Ranger tried to force Jason to it by swinging his sword none stop forcing Jason to counter the swings

Jason luckily turned and spotted the cliff behind and then he threw a kick to the Green Rangers left leg which made him drop his guard only for a second and when Jason raised his sword about to strike himself......

.....The Green Ranger grabbed him by the throat

Jason choked dropping on his right knee gripping on the green gauntlet holding tight on his neck he could barely breath making Jason realize this guy was unbelievably stronger than him and the others

Red Ranger: Urrgh! Who.....are you?!

Green Ranger: Muhehehe....nah not yet Red Ranger. NOT yet.

And just at that very second the Green Ranger threw him to the cliff the Red Ranger would have fallen off but he grabbed the edge

Pink Ranger: JASON!!

Kimberly speeded towards them with Yellow and Black Rangers yelling to her: KIM NO!! And unfortunate the Dark Ranger saw her comin in a minute before she was barely a few steps away from Jason almost like he slowed down time in his vision

Green Ranger: I don't think so sweetheart.

He threw his sword causing Kim to trip and fall on her armory chest and helplessly.....she saw Jason loose his grip and fall to the bottom ground and sadly the others saw even Billy when he regained his focus

Yellow Ranger: NO!!

Black Ranger: JASON!!

Blue Ranger: This can't be happening....

Kim could not believe what she saw she turned to the Green Ranger laughing and laughing at the Red Ranger's fall

Green Ranger: Muhahahaha! MUHAHAHAHA!!!

Pink Ranger: You.....why??

Green Ranger: Why? If you must know dear Pink Ranger. Rita is the rightful ruler of this world. Once I find the crystal I will hand it to my empress and she will rule the world.

She stood up

Pink Ranger: THIS ISN'T YOU!

Silece apart from his chuckle

Green Ranger: Muhehehe....

Pink Ranger: If you are who I think you are....I know you're not doing this willingly. Please....let us help you.

Kimberly nearly grabbed his hand but the cursed Ranger backed away and pointed his sword at her forcing her to stop dead in her tracks

Green Ranger: You....have been warned.

Kim backed up as the Green with Evil raised his sword about to strike at her but all of a sudden....

....Green Ranger was hit from behind by one of Trini's daggers forcing him to fall on the ground Kim turned seeing the other three across from them with Billy's arm around Trini's still as he was still as he was still aiding him from his injuries Billy's arm around Trini's still as he was still aiding him from his injuries Billy's arm around Trini still aiding him from his injuries

Yellow Ranger: Kim! We gotta go!

They turned about to move and the Pink Ranger turned tp the Green Rager one last time who looked back up at her while on the ground and both stared at one another underneath Kim's helmet she put on a sadden and worried expression and turned away running fallowing the others

Green Ranger stood up about to go after them but.....

No Tommy! Let them go.

Green Ranger: Empress?

I didn't expect you to destroy them all at the first round. That would have been remarkable. The important thing is....they now know they're no match for you.

Green Ranger: I can still finish them if you just let me my queen.

Be patient my dear Ranger. In time they will hunt you down and when they must take the crystal from them. In desperation....they will try to use it against you. Once it's in your will have my permission to kill them. For now return to the palace. It is time for you to recieve your second weapon.

Green Ranger: As you wish milady.

The Green with evil picked up his sword walking into the unknown sand fog

But below the cliff lied the unconscious Red Ranger lying flat breathing painfully under his helmet his armor was covered in dust and scratches he took from both the thud of the fall and the fight of the Green Ranger

But as it soon turns out Jason wasn't really alone for long for some local hiker in goggles hat and scarf covering his face emerged from some side of the cliff walls and soon saw the Red Ranger on the ground

And for some reason the unknown hiker rushed up to him and placed his hand on his left side neck for pulse and even through the armor could feel the weak pulse in him

Soon enough the hiker removed his hat goggles and scarf revealing to be.....Jason's uncle Lucas

Lucas: Hang on kid.

He lifted Jason pulling his arm over his shoulder unknown to him was his nephew...or did he when he said......"Hang on kid."

We cut back to the ship where Trini and Zack carried Billy with both his arms over their shoulders wit Kimberly behind them who was still silent as ever with all their face shields open

Billy however.....was in disbelieve of what accrued just now

Billy: That didn't just happen....tell me that didn't just happen.

Trini: It did happen. We can't change the truth. No matter how much we dislike it.

Zack: We better get your armor off see if there's any fatal injuries.

Everyone but Kimberly demorphed she sat there on the stairs in her thoughts which concerned Trini more due to her own suspicions but soon turned to Zack and Billy as Zack brought out his first aids from his bag and Trini helped tended to Billy

And soon Billy's bruises were treated with apicate and wrapped bandages around the cuts on his right leg

Billy: Dang. Who knew we had a doctor in the house? Thanks.

Zack: No problem.

Trini: Now let’s take it slow.

Both she and Zack wrapped Billy’s arms around theirs, counter-serving as a balance for him so he can at least inch his way off the ramp. A tiny bump later, he’s barely able to stand up albeit with a little wobble in his stance.

He needed to sit again to let the injury sustain itself so it doesn’t worsen. Some strain could be felt as Billy slowly slinks up towards the wall and slides down. Luckily the leg doesn’t give away and he finds himself stable.

Billy: I’m good, I’m good. Thanks.

Zack: Gotta look after each other.

The two exchange handshakes while Trin looks on with a brief little smirk, seeing one of her allies in mostly tip-top shape after the incident earlier. On the off-chance Jason was, she didn’t believe it. She refused to believe he’d go down that easily, not with how hopefully stubborn the man was.

As long as she didn’t have to lose another one of them, she’d feel as euphoric as she did when they first bonded together. Of course, the beating they had received no less than an hour ago knocked a silver of that optimistic taste out her mouth.

That was uncommon....and she didn’t like it.

But not as much as she couldn’t stand the sight of seeing Kimberly simply sitting on her ass not doing anything. Fifteen minutes had passed since the four returned to the ship and nothing came out of her. No words, no grunts, not a single peep. It was like she wasn’t even there.

Trini: Kim?

Zip. Zero. Nothing. Nada. Diddly freaking squat.

Kimberly: I let this happen.

Trini: No no no.

She was quick to sit down beside her. Assuring her nothing was wrong would be foolhardy for her to do, given how royally screwed they all were at this moment: no mentor, no assistant, and as of right now, no leader. Kim might be the catalyst for letting the situation get this far.....

.....but she’d be a fool not to understand why.

Kimberly: I didn’t want to believe it. Even when I figured it out, I didn’t say anything. I jeopardized the entire team, all of you.

Trini: Don’t. Kimmy, do not do that to yourself. Since when do we ever get anything right the first time?

Found no reason to argue with that, Kim realized. That within itself was already a lost cause, as if stationing themselves in front of the perch of the command center, glancing at the voidless, empty wall, where Zordon used to be wasn’t enough to nail that point home.

All that Kim could ponder on about was.....

Kimberly: So what do we now?

Billy: We regroup.....and we rebuild. You guys find Jason. I’ll stick around for a while.

Zack: You sure, Billy?

Billy: Someone’s gotta start doing something to bring Zordon and Alpha back. I may not know everything about their technology but I know enough. Someone, help me up.

Trini and Zack took hold of Billy's arms and they lowly helped him stand up he soon nearly fell and were just about to catch him but...

Billy: No no I'm fine. It's alright.

Billy steadied himself slowly then he manage to keep his balance

Trini: Are you sure you got this? You said didn't know yourself about their technology.

Billy: I also said I know enough. Besides we're gonna need Zordon more enough if we're gonna stop this green menace.

Kimberly: He's not----

Everyone turned to her as she suddenly stop with Trini's expression all wide eye but the boys were more curious

Zack: Not what Kim?

Kimberly:....not.....not one to trifle with for now. Earlier he caught us off guard.

Billy: Exactly why we need Zordon. I'm gonna get to work on him.

Trini: Let us know if there's any progress. Come on guys. We got to see if Jason survive that fall.....or we'll be under house arrest....for life.

Trini lead Kim and Zack out of the grid as Billy tended to the damaged panels which....looked worse than he thought a lot of the wires were cut in half....and erreplicable.

Billy: hard could it be?

That was yet to be answered but soon cut to black screen as it opens a blurry vision P.O.V. as the vision starts to focus it appears to a ceiling of a living room

Jason wakes up on a couch unmasked and still in his red armor and large bruise on the left side between his eye and forehead he stood up slowly holding his head where his bruise was feeling the headache from it

Jason: Ahh damn.

Soon as he was able to regain his focus he noticed his helmet was on the coffee table and looked down to see he was still in his armor and waking up in a living room.....

.....wasn't a good sign

Jason: What the f----

Not polite to swear son.

Jason turned to see Lucas coming down from the stairs

Jason: Unc? What??

Lucas: Believe me I was just as shocked as you. I think even was when I found out that was you and those other kids from that cliff jump video.

Jason: Video? long have you known?

Lucas: I wasn't completely sure when I saw the video a week ago. But seeing you in that armor. Guess that week was official.

Jason: You haven't told anyone have you? Our trainer Zor....

He figured just knowing the identities was more than enough Zordon didn't had to be in Lucas's knowledge

Jason:....instructed us to keep them secret to protect our friends and families.

Lucas: Don't worry about it kiddo. It's not like anyone would believe me anyway. Not even your old man.

Jason: Does he know I'm with you?

Lucas: Fat chance kid. If he knew that it would violate your house arrest sentence. I can buy you a few days till you he maybe a week or two till you heal but not more than that.

Jason: Two weeks?! Luc you know I got Saturday Detention. If I miss one week I'll be in it till the end of the year. I miss two I'll be in it on Senior Year.

Lucas: I'll figure out how to get you off the hook kid. For now your recovery is more important that bruise on your face is probably nothing compared to whatever beating you took. Your suit looks dented.

Jason: Oh yeah....

Jason flashbacks to the Green Ranger laughing at the screen

Muhahahaha! MUHAHAHAHAHA! was that Green Ranger guy....he dropped me off a cliff! Dammit! When I get my hands on this guy I'll drop him off a higher cliff!

Lucas: Easy kid. Your dad had a hard time controlling himself when he got mad about things. Hat to see you like that.

Jason: Sorry it's just.....this dude really ticks me off. He thrahsed us around like we were no challange to him. Like we were nothing. And that laugh of his.....I'll never get it out of my head. Especially on who he might be under that green armor

Lucas: What do you mean?

Jason: doesn't matter. All I do know this Green Creep is out to get us. I'm worried he or Rita might find out where I am.

Lucas: Don't worry. I'll do whatever it takes to insure you heal in time. And your secret will be safe with me.

Jason: Thanks Unc. But that also includes Kimberly and the others identities right?

Lucas: Course.

Lucas gave his injured nephew a pat on the shoulder and he handed him something.

Lucas: Here. You also dropped this.

He handed him back his red Digimon communicator

Lucas: Can’t do your job but you’ll have to stay in contact with your crew.

This is the moment where Jason felt conflicted. Feeling conflicted is an artifact in this world, for we are born to follow the direction of the soul with empathy and logic working together upon the right path. Yet, it works with emotional indifference, the opposite of empathy, and this is the source of said conflict. And yet here he was, still struggling to make sense of a world that doesn't.

The resolution of conflicted feelings is an inside job that requires self-honesty, all self-delusions rescinded.

Had Lucas not found out his identity, he’d be less on the fence regarding how and why with everything. But now that he’s busted (through no fault of his own), Jason now found himself zip-locked and packed tight into a corner.

The same could be said for Kimberly, Zack, and Trini but it was less sophisticated than one would believe. On top of the APEX raid going south and getting their teeth kicked in by the Green Ranger, there was no legit way of knowing how or even if Jason could be found.

Alive or dead.

Using their communicators would be too simple of a tactic to use, given they already tried that the entire way back to the ship and got nothing but static.

Still, the constant glances the three shared with each other as they drove away from the ravine that connected across the gold mines and mountains behind them soaked in everything they had been struggling with since earlier on. They could sense and feel each other’s worry.

They can relate.

As the daylight dwindled the further they drove away from the mountains, the tension in Kim grew. This was sickening, waiting for anybody to break the news on whether Jason made it or not; knowing him, he should have been back by now.

Kimberly: Fine! I’ll try it again.

Gripping ahold of her communicator with one hand while her other on the wheel, she could feel herself shaking violently.....and it didn’t make Zack or Trini and less comfortable.

She had no intention of dousing off, no time for distractions, her eyes darting back and forth between the road ahead of her communicator that refused to ring. She even bothered to turn the radio on just to drown out the silence, only to turn it off just a minute later.

Kimberly: Marko.

No response.

Kimberly: Marko?


Kimberly: Thank God.

Zack: Is that him?

Kim nods and Zack grabs his communicator

Zack: Hey man. We were beginning to fear the worst.

That I was dead? Only part of me died was my pride.

Kimberly: Where are you?

At my uncle Lucas's

At Jason's side

Jason: He found me and.....hope you guys are sitting down for this but.....he knows.

Know what??

Jason: Who we are Zack. He knows we'r the Power Rangers.


Jason: Easy Kim. He hasn't told anyone. He even said he'd keep our secret. But that's not our biggest problem. I took a nasty beating from that Green Ranger dude. Even from that fall when he dropped me off the cliff. Lucas won't let me leave till I heal.

Back with the other three who all had their communicators.

Trini: And how long will that take?

Lucas said a few days less than two weeks.

Kimberly: Few days?

Trini: Jas. You still know we're still locked in Saturday's prison called detention right? If you miss any they'll hold you till the end of the year! Not just that. If we're divided that snake Rita her hybrid twin pets and that Green creep might strike any time. We barely had a chance all of us together. Divided they may turn us all into dog chow.

I'm well aware of that but we're out of options. I'll try to heal fast but you guys got to cover for me. Lucas will try to keep my parents and the authorities off my back. But you guys try to keep the heat down. Plus we still need to fix Zordon and Alpha. We need them now more than ever.

Kimberly: He's right Trin. We are out of options.

Trini: This better not come back to bite us.

Red Ranger out.

Everyone cut off and our young heroes had nothing else to do except head back to the ship.

But we cut to the next Saturday when the four drove up to the school as they all talked about the situation they're in Jason Alpha injured and Zordon MIA

Billy: Jason's likely to be stuck here every Saturday for the whole year after this.

Trini: I said the same thing. But have you had luck on Zordon?

Billy: A lot of his wiring isn't easy as hot wiring a car. I don't know where things go had a few on and off hick ups Alpha mumbled once or twice but was out moment after. We're still in square one.

Trini: Great. Just when things were bad enough. But things ar bigger now. Rita's playing for keeps and she's got friends now. The Hogans were one thing but this Green Ranger maybe worse.

Kimberly: But we know why Trin.

Trini: Of course.....

Zack: Know what really?

Kimberly faced down and Trini still willing to keep this susbicion for her sake Trini nodded to the boys

Trini: We can't really talk about it.

Billy: Why? What aren't you telling us?

Zack: Is it what Kim didn't tell us back at the garage?

Trini: Zack.

Zack: Sorry.

Trini: Look we'll talk about this matter later. Let's just get through Saturday....later we'll go check onJason at Lucas's and head back to the ship.

Everyone nodded in agreement and exited the van but above the school on the roof the Rangers were being guess who

Green Ranger: the fall of the Power Rangers. I'll destroy you one. And. All. MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Soon as they entered turns out Bulk and Skull were the first to be there Bulk had his cast ankle on the desk as Skull was nodding litening to what it sounded like Eddie Valen's Dreams

Kimberly: Oh god look.

Billy: Ha! These guys are never the first ones here.

Trini: First time for everything I guess.

Bulk soon noticed them and gave them a frown

Bulk: What'd you dweebs looking at?

They shrugged their shoulders and went to their seats and as Kim did all she could stare at was.....Tommy's empty desk

Remeber their first detention together

Billy eyed at Jason's empty desk nodding nerbously

Billy: You're so screwed Jas.

As minutes passed other stdents started coming in some giving the gang hateful looks and but were ignored Kim and Trini mostly Trini was over it Kim....was just too distracted to Tommy's empty desk

Till the teacher came in and everyone broke out of their trance

Teacher: Everyone in your seats! We got a special assiggnment today. WHich I expect to be finish in HALF an hour

Some of the students groaned in disappoinment as Trimi rolled her eyes thinking: Whatever.

Soon as the Teacher sat down he took his clip board putting on his glasses

Teacher: But first let's give a roll call.

The Rangers from their seats looked at each other worrying especially where this will lead Jason to Tommy not sure given he's......missing

Teacher: Jason Scott?

Billy mouthed: Shit!

Teacher: Jason??

The four were panicking inside but soon.....every panicked when an impact hit them from the outside of the building creating a mild shake from the ground

Some ran out of the room as the Teacher fell out his seat looking around on the flour and Bulk and Skull forward on their desk


Teacher: Language Mr. Skullovitch.

The young heroes looked at each other knowing what it might be they ran to the back window and saw there some exploion out in the football field

Billy: Whoa.....I know Jason would love to see the football field go out with a bang.

Zack: Question did it happen?

Trini: I think we're about to find out. Look!

Trini pointed out as the dust cleared entering out.....the Green with Evil

Green Ranger: Muhahahaha! MUHAHAHA! Power Rangers! Come out and play!

Kim was in utter shock seeing him again more than the others

Billy: It's Green Ranger again!

Zack: What's he doing here?

Trinu: I think he wants another shot with us. Come on!

They ran out of the detention room with Skull distracted on helping Bulk up given his casted leg of course but the Teacher noticed them running

Teacher: Hey you four! Get back here!

Fat chance.

In public or otherwise, they had a job to do and they were obligated to obey.

A notion made all the more obvious once they got a good look at the carnage inflicted on the football field. From the end zone to the goal line to the pylons all the way to the goal post, the grassy field meant to display the 100-yard field of play was left a total mess: charred with flames and punctured by holes.

Endless bystanders football jockets and cheerleaders running for the hills, screaming like chickens with their heads cut off all while the Green Ranger, ever so ambitious with his work, gazed over at the sight from above the left scoreboard. If only one could see the sick, mean Grinch-like smirk creeping up from underneath his visor.

But these......simpletons were not his concern. The Power Rangers were the only thing that meant anything of any relevance at that moment and with their leader out of the picture, now seemed like a better time than ever to finish them off.

And what better way to do that than to come at them through what’s important to them?

Perfect timing too, seeing the four actively step out onto the field frantically moving about and searching for students stuck to advise away from the field, aware of the threat present.

Green Ranger: Bullseye.

With his opportunity seized, he tosses his Sword of Darkness straight down, clocking in at terminal velocity before hitting the center of the football field and startling those who happened to be running away, especially an unsuspecting Amanda Clark (Sarah Grey). Nobody bothered to move close to the sword embedded into the grass but they didn’t need to.

It vibrated a little bit.

Just one inch. Then two inches.

Before finally, it zipped across the field, cutting through the grass and through the actual field in a circle formation, effectively cutting off Amanda and whoever else was trapped with her from the rest of the field. Couldn’t have asked for a more excruciatingly petrifying experience.

Especially if you’ve lived through it twice.

Once the sword finished its circle formation, the gold-encrusted sword did something just as worse.....not on its own behalf though.

Layers upon layers of Earth had already been cut deep thanks to the sword and the effects had already spread to every corner of the football field, via large chunks of the grass cutting through to the surface. It effectively cut the field into pieces and if the seismic rumbling from beneath was of any indication, it was actively somehow getting worse.

And not noticing it for the four Rangers was next to impossible.

Zack: Umm.....guys?

Thinking quickly but rather irrationally, they back-stepped away from the cracks through the field and onto the bleachers....unaware that they too were in the proximity of the soon-to-be cut field.

Green Ranger: Muhahaha! Come out Power Rangers! Unless you want these poor students getting their heads shaved off with my sword of darkness you'll come out and fight!

Everyone who he held with him including Amanda and more surprisingly to Kim Ty all panicked and screamed

Backing further away the Rangers realized they were out of options as they ducked behind the bleachers

Billy: He' got hostages. That Green Ranger has totally lost it.

Trini: It's us he wants. We better morph now.

Zack: What if he kills them if he see's us?

Kimberly: He won't.

Billy: How do you know that?

Kim was lot at words at first with the boys looking firmly at her but luckily Trini covered for her again

Trini: Because he wouldn't be calling us out if he would kill them. He'd already done it.

Billy: Fair point.

Zack: Jason's still not here to lead us to victory.

Trini: He's injured right now. He'd want us to stop him with or without him anyway.

Zack: Alright. Let's do it.


The gang's nanotech forged on them morphing into Angel Grove's greatest defenders the Power Rangers and they flipped over the bleachers making their official entrance to the cracked open field landing on their feet standing in combat position

Green Ranger: Muhahahaha! Finally.

Ty: The Power Rangers!!

Amanda: Thank God! We're saved!

Hearing that Kim thought: Not yeat you're not......

The Green Ranger flips over jumping over te crack landing in front of the other Rangers

Green Ranger: Ready for round two Power Geeks.

Yellow Ranger: Look we don't want to hurt you. Just let them go and whatever issue you got with us we can settle it like adults.

Green Ranger: Please be my guest but I sure as hell like to hurt YOU!

The Green Ranger drew his sword Trinin her daggers and Zack his axe and clashed with him

Yellow Ranger: Blue and Pink Ranger! Get the hostages! We got him!

He clashed at her as Kim nodded turning to Blue Ranger

Pink Ranger: You heard the lady! Move it!

Billy and Kim ran jumping over the crack over to the Green Ranger's hostages who fought on with Trini and Zack

Given Trini was only covering for Kim on her suspicion her theory was right he wasn't gonna hurt the students they were just bait for the Rangers it was them he wanted and they fell into it and the fight lasted evenly as it did last time given Green Ranger kicked Zack aside three times and cover countered Trini twice

Pink and Blue Rangers tended to the hostages as Kim stared down at the two people who had her thrown in Saturday detention cause of her doings of course

Pink Ranger: I got these two. You get the others.

Blue Ranger: On it.

Billy went to the others as Kim took a moment staring at them till she kneed down to help them up trying to stay in character as possible

Pink Ranger: Come on. I'll get you out of here.

They took her hands but the ground shook a bit and Ty nearly fell off the edge

Pink Ranger: TY!

Amanda gasped seeing him fall but Kimberly grabbed his leg in time before he fell further

Ty: Aaaaaah! Aaaah! Help! Don't.....let me fall!

Kim couldn't help but to almost laugh under her helmet seeing him panic but eventually pulled him back over scrubbing that laugh off

As Billy helped the other hostages to safety

Blue Ranger: All of you run. And all the police.

Boy # 1: You got it.

Boy # 2: You rock Blue Ranger!

Give that Green creep one for me.

Unexpectedly the girl gave Billy a kiss on the side of his helmet and her and the two boys ran away given Billy froze a but given his feeling about girls but snapped out of it soon as Kim jumped Ty and Amanda over too

Pink Ranger: You two get to safety.

Amanda: Thank you.

She runs

Ty: Gotta guys kick ass. You.....want my number Pink Ranger?

Pink Ranger: GO!

Her tone scared Ty enough to run away like she said then her and Billy nod to each other to get back to the fight

The fight howver went hasty that Trini and Zack were getting their asses kicked he clashed and countered Trini's every move kicking her away and Zack Clashing their weapons and strugged between them

Black Ranger: Urrrg! Why.....Why are you doing this?!

Green Ranger: For my queen of course! She wants you all gone. And so do I.

The villainous Ranger flips his sword and Zack’s axe downwards in a counter-clockwise position, leaving Zack open for a brief period of time to strike. His sword slices Zack by abdomen up to the left shoulder, causing him to drop the axe entirely.

No time to react any further, he has to dodge another slash from the sword via rolling over and clocking him. One straight kick to the face and another roundhouse later, Zack finds the Green Ranger only mildly taken aback from those kicks.

And then he and turns his back on him, much to Zack’s confusion and frustration.

What a disrespectful gesture from a someone who shared the same armor as the enemies he faced. Especially now that he started chuckling to himself.


Zack just kept his arms and legs locked tight in position, waiting for any opening; some kind of sign for the preceding threat to come just as Billy, Kim, and Trini regroup with him to....participate in what felt like a thousand-yard staring contest: the last thing any of them needed.

Green Ranger: Fresh out the gurneys and back for more, I see.

Black Ranger: Should’ve known we wouldn’t stay away.

Green Ranger: Everyone has a breaking point eventually. A compassionate teammate and ally would be home, mourning the loss of their leader and life-long companion right now.....and yet, here you are.

Yellow Ranger: He’s still kicking. Says he can’t wait to get his hands on ya.

Unexpected, he immediately thought to himself. His orders from his master were made clear the first time around: toy around with them. Keep them at bay until the time was right, now that Rita knew they were no match for him. But even then....

....he still expected to get a lucky kill to further cripple the team.

The team once more braced for an opening as the Green Ranger slowly turns back and glances over at the four, his face cast as dead-pan as he could manage under that crystallized armor-platted helmet, yet he failed. There, at the corner of his would-be somber lips, was a crease of amusement.

In his arrogant triumph, he smirked - just a small pouting of the lips; a narrowing of the eyes and a tilting of the head. It was so subtle, it was more infuriating for Kim who caught a glimpse as he eyes over at her.

Green Ranger: Tougher than I gave him credit for. All it that he’s the more worthy opponent. Our next bout; our battle will be legendary!

Sick of the commotion, Billy charges forward with a bicycle kick aimed at the head only for Green Ranger to bypass the kick and clock him in the back of the head with one of his own.

Undeterred, the other three get in close proximity to throw strikes of their own.....only for the Green Ranger to clasp his hands together; executing a Thunderclap. It blindsides the three and knocks them back, the Doppler effect of the attack resonating throughout the cracked football field and even inside of the school.

It was as loud as a sonic boom or a hurricane, and in some cases, it was loud enough that it could’ve been lethal....if that’s what the Green Ranger wanted.

His attention spurs back to Billy, who is quick to recover from that brief kick to the back of the head and once again, prepares himself in his fighting position. This time, the Green Ranger is the one to make the first move with a swift chop....

.....that missed.

Billy is quick to block the next one and then a kick to the knees and only just a crescent kick to the head again. Green Ranger did manage to inch his right foot behind Billy’s left to get close for an elbow strike but Billy is able to bend over backward to dodge the elbow while contorting his body to kick his enemy in the ribs.

He could tell the opponent was getting frustrated; their resilience proving to be the only major caveat to the Green Ranger's otherwise impenetrable facade that Rita built up so much.

Didn’t stop him from going heavy on defense as Billy continued to swing and kick and maneuver around him to no avail; the Green Ranger having caught his second wind. For a minute straight, he seemed to be reading Billy’s every move either dodging or blocking attacks....and blocking hard.

Sweeping low block, rising block, reverse sweeping forearm block, everything Billy threw at him, Green Ranger countered and countered with force. Even a momentary distraction from Kim, who came flying at him with a triple mid-air kick, it barely tickled the guy. She comes at him with a roundhouse which misses and kicks him again, aimed at his chest....but he catches the foot.

Green Ranger: Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Having her right where he wanted her, he took the foot and flipped Kimberly’s entire body inside out, and immediately clocks her across the face with a knee before she could even get up. Yet again, the distraction gave Billy ample time to come flailing in with another punch directed at the multi-versatile veteran but there's nobody home.

Aiming for another punch, he notices Green Ranger sidestepping out the way but then grabbing the arm in place and popping him in the face with a back elbow. The brief knock-back from the elbow bounces Billy into a headbutt before the Green Ranger lets go momentarily and without hesitation.

A groggy Billy didn't anticipate his villainous adversary wrapping his arm around the back of his neck and bringing him onto the back of his hip, then spinning like a wheel to throw him directly over him and straight onto his shoulder blade and ribs. To make matters worse, he was positioned to quickly trap Billy’s arm between his own legs and torque the elbow unnaturally into an armbar....

....just like he did to Skull.

Everything about that entire sequence of events was an immediate flash of Deja vu: one of which he was too smart to not notice. It was the same combo used to injury Skull after he came to Tommy’s aid.....and executed in the exact same series of movements.

Two and two began to slowly click together but no concrete conclusion could be formulated in that brief moment. All he could do was speculate and the supposed thought to be made him want to throw up.

Blue Ranger: It’s you???

Noticing this and not wanting to suffer the same fate, he wriggles his way around before his enemy could lock the hold in and kicks him directly upwards in the face. Staggering him momentarily, it leaves him wide open for Zack to calf-kick him square across the face, tackling him down to the grass before dragging him up by his feet......

Green Ranger: Muhahaha.....was that your best shot?

The Green menace kicks Zack off him and turns to see the other three lunging at him only to counter them with his sword clashing their weapons at one another at first still evenly evenly matched only later for the Green with Evil to unleash the true power of the sword

Green Ranger: Power Rangers feel the power of the sword of DARKNESS!

He launched a power beam towards them striking the Rangers down which caused more damage to the field than them

The football field was burnt crumbled in half and grounds were burst open of dirt and mud the Ranger suits was scratched and dented almost bad as Jason's from earlier

Black Ranger: It's no use! He's too strong!

Pink Ranger: We can't give up!

Yellow Ranger: Kim he's right. We'r only getting our asses kicked again. We can't stop him without Jason.

Pink Ranger: Didn't you say he'd want us to fight?

Yellow Ranger: Yes but he wouldn't want us to get killed in a fight we can't win alone. We'll have another shot but we have to retreat.

Kim had no room to argue and Zack nodded in agreement with Trini but....Billy looked up seeing the Green Ranger approaching them laughing how hard they've fallen and willing to retreat

Green Ranger: Muhahaha! Leaving so soon? Well that's a damn shame.....cause I'M JUST GETTING WARMED UP! But now.....I'm gonna finish it.

Yellow Ranger: Not today. But just's far from over.

The Yellow Ranger took one of her daggers and threw at him with force the Green Ranger tried to deflect it with his sword but at the last minute forced the Green Menace into the smoke of the aftermath of the Football field giving our young heroes one last chance to escape and they did in their full speed

Once the Green Ranger recovered he saw his targets were gone

Green Ranger: You can run Rangers....but you can't hide. I'll find you all again! You haven't seen the last of the GREEN RANGER!

And soon he leaped off up high disappearing in the smoke.....

......however about later tat hour firetrucks ambulance and police cars were all over Angel Grove High taking statements from from witnesses even Ty and Amanda along with the other hostages the Green with Evil took

The football field however....let's just games for the rest of the year due to the sever damage it recieved

But meanwhile no where else to go the Rangers were back at Billy's garage beating themselves up about earlier but Billy was the only silent one in the room

Kimberly: Already a round two and he still tossed us around like rag dolls. Rita's doing some serious damge by sending the Green Ranger at the school.

Trini: I never ran from anything since......since before hiding what I am. But I feel stupid.

Zack: You made the right call. Green Ranger was looking to finish us off with no prisoners. If we hadn't gotten away Rita would have won.

Trini: What if she already has?

Kimberly: Don't say that. You told the Green Ranger it was far from over. I know that wasn't a bluff. I would know.

Trini: You would.

Zack: So what now? The school's obviously closed after earlier which.....on the bright side got us out of detention for awhile.

Trini: Yeah but we're still in trouble on a lot of things. And by we I mean all of Angel Grove.

Kimberly: Not just Angel Grove. The whole planet. The Green Ranger said this world would belong to Rita.

Zack: Fat chance.

Trini: Yeah. Without the crystal there's no way she'll take over.

There Kim had a crazy idea and when I say crazy I mean.....REAL crazy

Kimberly: That's it.

Zack: What??

Kimberly: The crystal is our shot to overpower the Green Ranger. With it we can wear him down and get him back to the ship.

Trini: know the Crystal is in our zord right?

Zack: And Rita's after the crystal. If the Green Ranger gets it he'll likely hand it to her.

Trini: This sounds crazy Kim. And reckless. We'd put everything in jeopardy. But.....we are desprate.

Zack: So what'd we do?

Trini: Few of us will head back to the ship. See if Alpha's awake yet. We need him to fix Zordon. Rest of us.....will check on Jason.

Hearing his name made Billy stand up coming out of his silence and caught everyone's attention

Billy: I'll go.

Billy looked towards Kim looking at her like worried that he might disappointed her later.

That depth of disappointment hid behind anger and sadness; the latter of which fell on his behalf for remaining so oblivious to both the situation and the irony behind the Green Rangers identity that was staring all of them right in the face since minute one.

That same could be felt with Kim, as her eyes twitched and tightened upon the revelation of yet another member of the team deducing the identity of their new enemy.

Kimberly: Me too.

Hours pass, reducing the breezy early afternoon air and sun to tranquil mild speeds in the late afternoon. 6:15 p.m.

The weather had been so warm in recent days, the air so velvety on the skin. It’s a spa from the time the light filters over the hills until it too takes its rest. Clouds drift by on the most relaxed of breezes, helping the eyes of those who wander after dark to appreciate the bluebird sky all the more. But shortly amongst the wind, clouds began rolling in. The clouds were the kind of grey that would make any quarry rock proud as if they were so pleased to echo the earth. All the grey, all that swirling water in the sky, condensation was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

And condense, they did.

The rain, when it came, alighted as softly as the shoes of a ballet dancer, adorning and rejuvenating the only stage that matters at around 6:45.

Too bad Jason couldn’t pull himself to enjoy it. Quite literally.

The news forecast didn’t help matters.

TV Anchor: Daryl Forman here, live at Angel Grove, the most recent site as to where the Power Ranger’s supposed path of ‘destruction’ continues. Seven hours ago, witnesses caught footage of four out of the five Rangers present at the football field of the school with no Red Ranger in sight. It appears we now have a sixth Ranger on the scene as a Green Ranger was left fighting against one of his own. Luckily, nobody was killed during all the commotion. Two of the witnesses, Amanda Clark and Ty Fleming, were able to give insight as to what happened.

Amanda: He—he cut the field into—into pieces. He had me and the others in the middle, dangling up like a flying saucer with his sword!

Ty: I don’t know what his deal was. I didn’t even know there was another one of them. All I know is—they saved my life. So for that, I’m grateful.

Amanda: Somebody—somebody needs to arrest that vermin. Stat!

TV Anchor: As you can see....there’s no more football field in sight. The constitution crew arrived shortly after Saturday detention was canceled for the day but foresight had been stopped due to the rain. School is said to be postponed also until further notice; this sure won’t help the Ranger’s conscious as it builds a case for the few Angel Grove civilians who’ve been commenting for weeks criticizing their acts of heroism—

Fed up with the bullshit, Jason reaches for the remote with his good arm and turns off the TV. But he arguably made it worse with the now-vacant screen acting like a self-reflective mirror onto him; sitting in the corner like an unwelcome visitor.

Jason tried not to look, but with it off the reflected mess in the room seemed so much worse than the real thing. The television should mean fantasy, looking at the lives of others, being a fly on the wall - not a poor copy of his own issues and disorders. He didn't need the monotony and frustration of his own lives being reflected back at him. His foot tapped rhythmically up and down, his cheeks felt tight.....

.....then almost without conscious thought, he picked up the remote to select the music channel and sat back, mind comfortably blank once more. Kimberly, Tommy, his allies, Rita, house arrest, Saturday detention, his parents and sister, the reputation of the town?

Too much.

The best that could be done was his uncle providing his usual sanitary needs, bringing him a sandwich and a glass of water.

“Spewing half-truths again?”, Lucas comments as he looks over at the TV not being placed on the news forecast.

Jason: As if that’s the least of what I’m worried about.

He briefly glances down to his right foot where his ankle monitor used to be, now positioned above the counter to his left.

Then his heart briefly pauses when he hears knocking at the door. Knocks there came thrice, strong and loud, almost as if the door was already opened wide. The sound of the knocking matched the sound of a heartbeat.

And it spelled concern.

Jason: I think that’s them?

Lucas made his way to the front door unlocking the bolt and lock and pulling the door open revealing both Kimberly and Billy at the front porch

Billy: Lucas Scott?

Lucas: How do you do?

Kimberly: Is Jason here?

Lucas: Yeah. But are you two and those otherss alright?

Billy: What??

Kimberly: Yyyyyeah?? Why??

Kim's confusing tone made Lucas realize they don't know he knows yet and looked back at Jason on the couch and turned back nodding to them

Lucas: Come on in.

Confused and in wonder Billy and Kim walked in not taking their eyes off Lucas he soon turned to Jason leading them into the living room and Jason soon eyed to the side seeing Billy and Kim behind his uncle

Jason: Hey guys what----

Billy: Just.....uh.....thought we drop in.

Lucas: You kids take your time. I'll be right back.

Lucas left the living room walking up stairs with Kim and Billy still looking at him odd

But soon as he was out of sight up stairs Billy was the first to turn to Jason and noticed him rubbing his pained shoulder

Billy: Still hurt?

Jason: Like hell. My ankle's worse but I'm able to stand now.

Kim looked over at them still in suspicion about Lucas

Kimberly: Did you tell your uncle about us?

Jason: What??

Kimberly: I can't help but to feel it's pretty obvious he knows something. What did you tell him?

Jason felt his rage boost come up again with Kimberly asking if he told Lucas their secrets but luckily his injury prevented him from snapping back and just looked down and back up

Jason: No. He figured it out himself. That you-tube video of us leaping off the cliffs Tommy told us about.....he saw it and had suspicions around me. And.....well you two know the rest.

Billy: WHAT?!?!?!?! HE KNOWS WE'RE---

Jason: He's my uncle. I trust him. But.....I want to know what happened out there. The school is all over the news.

Kimberly: Besides the football field totally rumbled now the Green Ranger kicked the shit out of us again.

Jason: Dammit.

Talking about the Green Ranger made Billy ilent as he looked at Kim in worry which she soon noticed

Kimberly: What??

Billy: I uh....I'm just on edge.

Kim could tell Billy wasn't being truthful but worried to dig deep in front of Jason a much as she worried.....he figured out her suspicion Jason however.....was in clear confusion and was about to speak till......

....Kim's pink didgimon communicator beeped breaking the silence before Jason

Kimberly: That must be Trin and Zack. I'll be right back.

Kim left the living room into the kitchen answering the call on the communicator but Jason was still curious on the tension and turned to Billy

Jason: Ok Bill what's up? You seem a little tense.

Billy was still silent at firt till he let out a soft sigh till he looed up at Jason in worry

Billy: I have to tell you something Jason.'re not gonna like it. I'm not sure about it myself but at the same time I can't help but to be certain.

Jason: Just tell me Bill what's going on?

Billy sat next to him in the couch moving towards the right side of his head whispering in his ear

After the whispering ended....both of them were silent....

Silence spoke for them.

The boys were unaware, however, that just a room beside them, Kim was being starstruck with some relatively good news finally. In retrospect, it was close to being the best thing she heard in weeks. No words came due to confusion.

She was confused because she needed to gain greater perspective, to take a step back and see the wide-angle version. In an instance where they found themselves handicapped at almost every turn in recent weeks, this likely to be the big break that they all needed and Kim was beside herself.

Kimberly: You—you serious?

Gotta give Bill credit..... outdid himself again.

He’s left gripping his communicator with a big fat smile plastered over his face, gazing at the command center within the heart of the ship. The last time they arrived, it was almost unrecognizable: torn mesh, discarded metal, cut wires, it was all a contorted pile of garbage.

But upon revisitation, the site was more than breathable now as Billy had, in a way, recycled most of the debris and torn shrubbery from the premises. And on top of that, he put whatever discarded mesh, metal, and wires he could find and put it to good use....

....creating a controller with the energy capacity of an entire power plant, powered by a tiny flux capacitor. The genius of the group was able to get more done for the team in a day and a half than the entire team together in the last few weeks.

Trini: So basically, he put all this shit lying around and made a controller out of it, and....looks like it’s powered by a mini-flux capacitor. No worries about time travel, right?

Zack: He connected the source of the capacitor to the sphere in the middle of the room, right? That’s the morphin’ grid if I remember correctly. Basically, the controller makes a mini-warp through the grid to locate his avatar behind the wall, so on and so forth.

That was all Billy?

Trini: Said the same thing myself. We tried it out a couple minutes ago; pipe in and listen.

With the controller already linked to the grid in the center of the room, actually maneuvering around it was.....tricky. The router was sturdy enough to not break itself apart but even with joysticks with smooth sensitivity, the feedback from within the grid itself combined the multiversal energy field that sustained it, was counteracting with the data that the two were sending.

So far, no way of finding Zordon for his avatar or his link through the grid.

For a brief moment, however, hard work was rewarded.

Lots of vibration resonated through the controller which then resonated through Zack, so much so that Trin had to stay close just to keep them steady. Finally, eyes were take off the grid sphere in the middle onto the giant screen in front of them as the static began to fizzle away. The random dot pixel pattern of static displayed when no transmission signal is found through the receiver was finally picking up a signal.

No way of telling who or what it was, from Zack and Trini’s befuddled looks. But a faint silhouette did appear through the screen, matching that of Zordon’s avatar appearance.

Zordon: Ran—what’s hap—warn—Rita’s plan—find the Green—Stop them by—

Unfortunately, the router was unable to maintain the connection with Zordon, and he fades away once again.

It wasn’t a breakthrough but it was their first big break in a while.....and Kim let it be known on the other side with a slight nudge in her arm, signaling ‘Thank god!’

When the tension went, when the relief began, she carried on as normal, only somewhat happier than before.

Zack: You heard all that, right? He got us one step closer to the finish line. If we can get him back up online, we might have a chance.

Trini: Sooner you get your asses back to the ship, the better.

Kimberly: Sure thing, sure thing. I’ll let them know.

Cutting off her communicator, she sighs heavily realizing how fortunate she was for Billy and for how loyal her friends were to her and to each other. The quicker they get back online, the sooner this nightmare she helped escalated could be over.

But by the moment Kim came back into the living room Jason looked up to her with a disappointment and Billy facing down in shame....with himself which made Kimberly confused of their expressions than earlier

Kimberly: What?

Jason: Tell me you're not really keeping something from us. From what Billy told me it's obvious now.

Kimberly: Jas do NOT start this again. I'm under enough pressure as it is.

Billy looked up and stood up

Billy: We all are Kim. Thes secret of yourss is putting us all on pressure.

Kimberly: I know that. But the thing's not as easy as making morning patties. Cause after everything that's happen.....I can't....I can't even believe it myself.

Jason's rage boost kicked in but wasn't strong enough to make him let out another outburst but allowed him to stand up ignoring his remaining pain which worried both Kimberly and Billy to almost help him but he held out his hand to stop them

Jason: No! No...

Jason took a breath and looked at Kimberly again

Jason: If you don't believe it Kim what's the point of keeping us in the dark when it's obvious?

Kimberly: Would you understand how it is for me? Despite how you feel about me?

Jason was stumped as was Billy and he faced down nodding not in the mood to fight and he slowly walked to the front door fully healed to walk

But just when he grabbed the door nob he felt a hand on his shoulder which made him grunt loud from the pain on it and Billy removed his from his shoulder behind him

Billy: Sorry boss. But....where you going?

Jason: Ugh....I'm---I'm gonna go home. My dad will tare my hide out if he knows I'm with Uncle Lucas.

Kimberly: Then let us drive you. You're still in bad shape.

Jason: I feel fine Kim. Besides you guy need to get back to the ship. I'll join up with you later.

Jason opened the door rushing out not giving Bill or Kim a chance to protest more

They looked at each other which Kim was more serious than Billy

Kimberly: What do you know? Did you tell him anything?

Billy: What I told him only confirm you know the truth about it. You know who he you?

Kimberly just let out a soft sigh still not up for fessing up

Kimberly: I can't.....I'm sorry.

Billy: I hope you're considering your secret wisely Kim. I'll keep it for you but.....sooner or later the others will know too. And if they learn it and you didn't tell may losse them forever.

Kimberly: You think I don't know that?

Billy: Course not. I'm just saying.....don't keep it for long.

Kimberly: I won't. Let's just get back to the ship.

Hold up!

The two looked up before they reached the door looking up where that voice came from and Lucas came back down stairs in a hurry

Lucas: That's what I use to say to my brother. But I never went home. And knowing that boy that's the last place he's going.....unless....

Kimberly: Unless what??

Lucas: Unless he was going to the docks.

Kimberly: So what??

Lucas: With that Green Ranger fella out there I can't take chances. I have to go after him.

Kimberly: Let me go with you. If you run into the Green Ranger you'll need my help.

Lucas gave Kim a nod and went for the door Kim fallowed him when looking back at Billy

Kimberly: Get back to the ship and let the others know where we're heading. We might need backup later.

Billy: on it.

They left the room and Lucas and Kimberly got in his car as Billy jumped into the van with Lucas's car backing out of the drive way the van was already on route down the road heading for the ship as Lucas's car head the opposite direction

But at the docks Lucas assumed correctly cause Jason was just now there and looked around mostly he was eyeing at his red coin starting to doubt himself as a worthy leader

First the football team his arrogance that got Billy killed and being so jealous of his new friend all cause Kimberly was growing infatuated with him making him think that's why she's not being truthful of what she knows about the Green Ranger

But speaking of the Green Ranger


That familiar minicanal startled Jason so bad he dropped his coin down the stairs near a dock on the water and to his horror the Rogue Ranger himself was standing in front of him

Jason: YOU!!

Green Ranger: We meet again Red Ranger. I was sadden to not see you at the football field but here you are.

Jason: What's your beef with us? Why do you hate us so much?

Green Ranger: I don't hate you. But Rita does. I'm just doing what needs to be done for my empress.

Jason: So you're not really psychotic. Just her puppet. I don't get it. You're a Ranger but your loylaty is with Rita. Why?

Green Ranger: Haven't you power geeks learned already? I am HER Green Ranger. Her successor to fufill my destiny. The crystal will be ours and she will rule the world.

Jason: Don't you care what she'll do to everyone if she gets her paws on it?!

Green Ranger: Do I care if everyone steps on a million ants on a sidewalk?

Jason: How'd you get so twisted?

Green Ranger: Rita is the rightful ruler of this planet. I will insure of that.


Green Ranger: I know. So am I.

As the Green Ranger prepared himself, Jason just took a small step back and circled around him. He was clearly nervous about this because he knew he still wasn't at even HALF his full strength to beat him.....but he still had to give it everything he got.

It didn’t help that a tiny sliver of him actually wanted so badly to beat him senseless for everything he put them through, regardless IF it was who it was underneath that helmet.

And then....the two adversaries clashed once more.

It went about as Jason expected: his ass getting handed to him.

After a few combos filled with swinging kicks and punches, it looked as if the fight was evenly matched between them but Jason's leg and shoulder kept him far from 100% and the Green Ranger could tell it was limiting his movement. All the better for him. He felt disappointed; Green Ranger knew he was far too strong for Jason to actually get any offense for now but he could've expected Jason to try harder.

Jason is left widely swinging and missing with his good arm which allows the Green Ranger to trip him up. Thanks to his bad leg, he wasn't able to catch himself. Groaning amongst the wooden floor for a few precious moments, the leader of the Power Rangers had to will himself back up to a vertical basis, hopping on his good leg for any sort of balance.

However, Jason was lucky to get a shot off of him. Green Ranger threw multiple swing kicks at Jason, which he dodged, and the second he left himself open, Jason superkicks him square across the face and knocks him back. But it also hurt Jason in the process as well, since he hit him with his bad leg.

But something changed in those few moments.

Jason was no longer struck with that hint of hesitation that clouded him just mere minutes before. Here he stood, to the best of his ability, breathing steadily with his hands gripped and his eyes laser-focused on the opponent ahead of him.

This time, his opponent made the first move.

With Jason’s senses seemingly dialed up to a 10 at best, he found himself on a rapidly rising defensive state against the Green Ranger. He found himself reacting to many of the same offensive tactics used on him during their first bout in Death Valley. A steady balance of fast but furious arm and leg movements; hook elbow strike, rising punch, knife-hand, sweeping kick, reverse sweeping forearm....

....all of which Jason is able to counteract, quickly.

Taking pointers and tips from Billy earlier, Jason distanced from the Sweeping low block, rising block, and reverse sweeping forearm block after the first few times he attempted it and as soon as Green Ranger went for a high kick, Jason bent backward to avoid it. But it left him wide open to a double punch to the sternum, which pushed Jason back a great distance away to two of the many planks holding the interior of the building in place. Still, Green Ranger leaps forward leaps forward for a scissor strike, wrapping his legs around Jason’s neck and bringing him down....

....only for Jason to flip right through it with his one good arm and clock his enemy across the face with a discus knee.

Once more he tightens up, his body hardwired in fight mode via the fight or flight response as the Green Ranger quickly recovers from the mild interference from his adversary. The helmet withstanding the blow to the head, it leaves him chuckling to himself.

This was every bit of the challenge he had hoped to get from Jason last time. Better late than never.

Green Ranger: Impressive. Now I know why they made you the leader. You clearly are a skilled warrior.

Jason: You're not so bad yourself. But this is pointless. I don't want to fight you.

Green Ranger: Why not? Have you learned that I'll win?

Jason: Because I know who you are! And if that’s true, you wouldn't be fighting on the wrong side. You'd be on ours AND Zordon's!

Green Ranger: MUHAHAHAHA! Newsflash BACK at you: Zordon is nothing more but a memory now. Once my empress has the crystal, she will soon rule the world!

Jason: Not if you have any respect left for us.....after all we did for you.....

He yells out, almost in anguish not afraid to show vulnerability in the face of this fierce enemy. He noticed the subtle crack in his voice at the moment, that flash of anger protecting him from both sources of pain. Were he to relive it, he would try to summon more strength.

Jason: And I know the real you isn't as vile as this. I realize I should've been more supportive of your cause towards Kim and I'm sorry. Whatever Rita has done to won’t last.....because I won’t let it.

Guilt was finally starting to seep out of him....and Jason didn’t seem to care anymore. It was like gasoline in his guts. His insides died slowly in the toxicity, needing no more than a spark to set it ablaze. The fire burnt him out so badly there was nothing left but a shell, an outline of who he was before all this.

He’s met with a scoff for his efforts, his enemy finding it hypocritical on his stances on wanting to fight and then switching so quickly felt insulting. There was no frivolous gimmick when it came to Jason’s frustration and rage at him last time, his intentions to hurt and/or injury him were clear.

So what changed?

Green Ranger: You said you wished not to fight me.

Jason: Didn’t say ‘I WOULDN’T’.

He directs another kick toward his opponent but the Green Ranger shoved it away and responded with kicks of his own. Highs, lows, Jason’s only response was ‘sand-the-floor’.

Unfortunately, at one point, Jason’s sand-the-floor block has him wide open a second too early and allows Green Ranger to leap over him before quickly lifting him up by his back while holding the injured leg. Jason was placed on his opponent’s back, face-up across his shoulders before Green Ranger hooked Jason’s head with one hand and the injured leg with the other to then pull down on both ends to flex Jason’s back.

It stung like hell.

In the dead of night, nobody close by could hear Jason’s groans and screams of anguish, for the docks were relatively the quietest part of the town, and rarely any civilians outside those who worked down there, Jason and his dad actually consulted to know anything down there.

With one more noticeable exception.

Forged aluminum wheels screech up to the pavement; a H3 Hummer van situated a block away from the actual dockside. The engine dies down, the car’s top and bottom left wheel hugging the black tarmac, bright headlamps illuminating the onward road.

Through the windows of the car came a verdant panorama to expand the heart and soul: the only emotion rushing through Lucas and Kimberly in the state of this emergency. Said emotion only escalated upon stopping the car and hearing the distant Doppler effect of a scream a measurable distance away.

That answers Lucas’s earlier question on where Jason was and more specifically who found him.

One quick look over at Kim and a parental fuse switches off up in his head. Last thing he wanted was to roughen her up even more than she already was.

Lucas: I’m not gonna risk it; you stay here.

He scurries for the handle on the door only to feel a tight tug on his opposite hand; sensing Kimberly holding onto him and pulling him away from the handle.

Kimberly: I wouldn’t do that, if I were you. I’m taking the bait.

Lucas: If what you told me rings true, you’ll be too distracted. I’m saving my nephew.

Kimberly: He gets one hit off on you; there may be oncoming back for you.

Lucas: Maybe it’s been a long time coming then.

Finally, he pulls the door open and rushes out only for Kim to frantically reach out and fail to reach him.

Kimberly: Get back he—LUCAS!

Perhaps it was for the best.

Four solid minutes and the Green Ranger continued to flex Jason’s back further and further apart followed by more agonizing screams. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Green Ranger quickly switched up the position of the torture rack position.....

.....dropping to the floor in a sitting/kneeling position, thus flexing Jason’s back further with the impact of the drop.

Said impact almost bent Jason in half.

Finally having had enough, Jason kicks and scurries his hand out of position before flipping backwards off his shoulders, only to fall down as soon as he pulled free because the damage to his back and injured shoulder and leg made standing after that assault feel way too difficult.

Of course, it didn’t stop the Green Ranger from leaping down onto Jason, intended to crush him only for Jason to roll out the way and backflip kick him across the chin.

Only then did Jason find the wherewithal to stand but only just.

Despite what would've been a full-fledged decapitation if he was actually at full strength, the Green Ranger still stood unfazed and unharmed. Jason gets popped in his bad leg, bending down on his left, and sees his opponent spinning for a roundhouse. He's lucky enough to bend far enough back to avoid the kick before kipping up again and kneeing the Green Ranger across the face in his helmet, rendering him woozy.

At that point, Jason takes a running start and flips over the back and around the head, attempting to do a headscissor but, at the last moment, Green Ranger uses his strength advantage to give him an edge. As Jason struggles to move from his position around his head, Green Ranger lifts him up all the way, and with a mighty effort, he POWERBOMBS him flat on the floor.

It almost breaks Jason's back upon impact and rendering him helpless while knocking his coin out of his pocket. The Green Ranger stood, oozing with confidence at the sight of his victory.

Jason, writhing in pain but desperate to keep fighting, reached out for his coin in hopes to gain an advantage.

Green Ranger: Oh no, you don't!

Leaping forwards, he comes down within an inch of Jason’s neck right as his index finger scrapes the edge of the crystallized exterior.

His foot comes crashing down onto Jason’s bad shoulder, the upper arm bone popping out of the cup-shaped socket that's part of the shoulder blade, dislocating it yet again. Once more Jason screeches with agony, this time with tears swelling up as he’s left in too much pain to even endure crawling any further distance away from the Green Ranger.

All he could do, with his leg now pinned against his will, was to listen to the Green Ranger continue to gloat about his victory, laughing maniacally.

Green Ranger: So it has come to this. Some leader you are.

Orbs of dark forest green from his palms formulate into gold before he unsheathes his trusty gold Sword of Darkness. The expression of the sword is the accent of the heart that holds it......

....and this heart was filled to the brim with corruption, as he methodically waves the metal tip of the blade over the back of Jason’s head. Finally, he forcibly flips him over on the side so he could get a good close-up view of the look on his face.

It spelled disaster.....and Jason was conflicted on whether he truly was ready for this.

Green Ranger: For what it was worth, you really did put up a good fight. My only regret is that it could have lasted longer.

Jason: You don't have to do this....I know there's more to you than this, otherwise, you wouldn't really be a Ranger!

Green Ranger: Soon, I will be the one and only Ranger!

Jason turns away as he raised his sword a few feet above and thrusts down.

Just when Green Ranger lunged down at Jason, the rouge Ranger was stunned from behind from out of nowhere, clocked in the back of the head with a blunt object....the impact not even stunning or phasing him.

But the sight of a broken Nunchuck on his lower right side brought to light the backup brought to Jason’s aid.

Picking the sword back up to his side, he grips the handle even tighter now turning towards Lucas, who was left handicapped with a weapon shirt in his vain effort to protect his nephew from getting killed. Surprised at being saved in the nick of time, Jason looks over at his Uncle in astonishment and rather in gratitude for the brave act that he just committed.

All Lucas could do was peek over at him, nodding to him, tacitly implying there was nothing to worry about.

Green Ranger: You’ve got some nerve, old man.

Lucas: And you must feel pretty damn stupid, not having a contingency in store for the Rangers backup. So high and mighty and yet your arms are too short to box with God.

Green Ranger: I see no reason to fight one....

He says, as he quickly palm strikes Lucas in the gut before kneeing him to the face, rendering him woozy. His sight clear, he clocks Lucas with a roundhouse, launching him back towards one of the columns of the rotting building. In fact, it was so much force that the column snapped into pieces, wood splintering everywhere.

Green Ranger:...when I already serve one.

Jason: UNCLE!

His uncle was left with his brains scrambled and no idea as to where he was at that moment. His balance wobbled, as Lucas found it difficult to stand up straight for a solid minute all while Green Ranger readied his sword once more.

Now it was becoming a nightmare for Jason to have to watch.

Green Ranger: And to those who oppose her, she demands their swift removals. For you....I’ll try to make it painless.

No sooner should Lucas finally regain some clarity of control over his body does the Green Ranger charge on through again, this time targeted at him. He barely had time to react.

But it turns out he doesn't need to.

He hears a shing as he ducks and covers seconds too late. However, what he does see stuns him, so much that it actively scared him: Jason within eye contact of the Green Ranger and him slightly groaning in agony....

.....with the Sword of Darkness embedded in his chest.

Luckily, the blade doesn't pierce all the way through. However, that wouldn't be the case for long, with Jason's next idea requiring some means of exterior self-sacrifice. The pain he was in was already hard to stomach enough, for being stabbed in the chest, he felt the impact at first. Then there's the intense tingle, like a severe electric shock. That's his nervous system realizing that thousands upon thousands of circuits have just been broken.

Then he felt the heat. That's what people usually remember the most. It's a heat like nothing he ever imagined. But then, as he took two steps forward and quickly gripped the sword, he presses it further into him, and then it goes straight through.

His bloodcurdling scream of pain quickly turns Lucas away but not before Jason grips the Green Rangers arm and yanks it upwards violently, snapping the bones in pieces and disarming the sword from him. As he backs up in considerable pain, holding over his arm, the much-needed tending to his dislocated arm cost him his attention span as he gets blindsided by his own Sword coming back at him, knocking him outside the area and close to the bay, nearby the water.

The sword barely skims the edge.

It was just enough space for Jason to recover but at a rather grim cost. The wound he received from the blade wasn't enough to be fatal but the pain was quick to repeat itself over again. The impact, the tingle, the heat, the numbness. After that was when it started to really hurt, like any other cut anyone's ever gotten, but deeper. And given how deep the wound went, it was bad.

Really bad.

Lucas clears his throat and that's when he briefly nods over at Jason's coin, as he saw it just near the entranceway.

Lucas sighed in relief just when Kimberly was not far behind and helped his nephew

Lucas: That looks nasty buddy.

Jason: Not for the coin that be it for me. That sword could have pierced my heart deeply.

Lucas: Then your dad would have pierced mine.

Jason: You took a big risk coming here alone Unc.

He's not alone.

The two Scotts looked back seeing Kim approach them

Jason: Kim.

Kimberly: Just needed to go home huh?

Jason: He came at me Kim and.....well believe me or prove how sorry I am for being a jealous jerk....I wat to help save him.

Kimberly was stunned hearing that but Lucas was rather.....confused.....

The two looked at him knowing he's not aware of the real situation but it had all three of them distracted as they explained it to him with no audio the Green Ranger......

.....stood on one knee reaching for the left side of his belt pulling out....a dagger.....

.......and it was no ordinary dagger

The Rogue Ranger glared at it emotionless under his helmet as he thinks back with screen cutting to a flashback back at Rita's moon palace after the first battle with Rangers

Rita was in her thrown with the Hogans beside her Aubrey in the left and Jacob on the right still merely fully mutated and....the brainwashed Tommy in social attire bowing before Rita with his eyes still glowing green

Tommy: I could have ended it right there Empress. They were at my mercy.

Rita: You are stronger than them Tommy. will need your full power as a ranger to not only defeat them....but to brake them. The crystal hides within the source of their zords as the Megazord.....they are at their strongest. But....the crystal rests in it's armor but the only way to claim will need your OWN zord.

Tommy: MY zord Empress?

Rita: Every Ranger has one. As the Sixth Ranger in Zordon's original five I wealed.....this.

Rita held up the same dagger we saw the Green Ranger pulled out in reality and Tommy stood up approaching looking at it

Rita: Thomas Oliver. Allow me to present.....your second weapon: The Dragon Dagger. Much powerful as your sword of darkness but install with a flute to call forth.....the Dragonzord.

Tommy reached for the dagger clutching it's handle and looking closely at it

Tommy: I'm to destroy the Rangers by playing a flute to them?

Rita: The flute gives you access to control and pilot your zord with it's dark power at your disposal the Megazord will have no chance.

Tommy grinned with his glowing eyes shinning greener than before

Tommy: That crystal is as good as ours. The Power Rangers.....good as DEAD.

The flashback ends bringing us back to reality where the Green Ranger staring down at what is revealed as the Dragon Dagger and he turns back to Kimberly Jason and Lucas as he.....was told everything.....including.....their suspicion

Lucas: I.....I don't know what to this guy is....

Kimberly: Under Rita's control....and we need our trainer to fix him.

Jason: The only problem is....he's disabled and barely reaching out to us.

Lucas: This is all news to me.


That laugh startling them made them turn to where the Green Ranger approached them from the end of the dock holding the dagger which Kim was the first to see

Kimberly: What the hell is that thing?

Green Ranger: Didn't Zordon ever tell you about the Dragon dagger? It holds the my own zord. Which that will turn yours into scrap and the crystal.....will be in MY GRASP!

Jason barely charged at him but fell over due to his injuries knocking out blood from his wound Kim and Lucas tended to him as they stared helplessly at the green menace

Green Ranger: And now Rangers....prepare to face the wrath of the DRAGONZORD!

And the Rouge Ranger held the dagger up to his masked face playing.....a loud flute call

The trio covered their ears as the flute sounded more like a horn call or something like it and the Green Ranger kept playing but from the other side of town near the coast people were relaxing grilling and anything people do on beaches

But one little girl notice water waves were starting to pick up lowly and she got closer as the waves started growing and the waves in the further back started to rage like something.....was forcing them to pick up and fast

Girl: Daddy! Look!

The child's father looked back running to his daughter picking her up

Soon enough....the town's siren warning started to go off causing a panic as the waves picked up harder and harder like something.....BIG was coming and all ran along with the man with his seven year old daughter

A dog was left tied to a tree barking at the waves getting bigger and bigger and it tried to get loose and manage to by pulling itself hard as possible and ripped itself free from the leash and ran with the people as a large title wave blew in to the cost and through out town as people ran in panic screaming and running into buildings in any shelter as the wave soon flooded the town

Drifting cars and side lights that broke loose from the wave cracking windows on buildings and soon.....the screen moves to some large green titanium figure of a machined animal letting out......somewhat of a roar and it had......giant golden wings that made it fly off the coast

Back at the top of the pit Trini Zack and Billy came out to look for Jason and Kimberly but they stopped in their tracks in shock for they can see that thing was flying around Angel Grove all the way from their position

Billy: Kiss my a---

Trini: What the hell is that thing?!

Zack: It's probably too far to see it up close but from this angle it.....looks like dragon.

Billy: But that's impossible isn't it?

Trini: Not when it comes to Rita or the Green Ranger. We need to find Jason and Kimberly. And get the zords.

Billy: I'll try them again.

Billy reaches for his blue digimon communicator in his pocket and talks on it

Billy: Billy to Jason come in. Kimberly are you there?

We're here.

Jason Kimberly and Lucas ran to his car with the Green Ranger was on their tail as Kim hopped in the back Lucas behind the weal and Jason in shotgun holding his wound talking to Billy on his red communicator

Jason: The Green Ranger's right behind us. He's just called in another zord.

Is that what that thing is flying around the town?!

Jason: What thing?!


The Green Ranger charged at them as Lucas turned the ignition backing up but the green menace jumped on the hood of the car Kimberly screamed as Lucas and Jason widen their eyes at the Rouge Ranger and he punched through the windshield grabbing Jason by the wrist causing him to drop his communicator

Green Ranger: Leaving so soon?! How rude!

He gripped Jason's wrist making him yell in agony but Lucas turned the car so fast the Green Ranger nearly fell off but grabbed the top of the hood causing it to barely rip off from his strength

Lucas: Get off my car!

He hit the brake causing the hood to rip CLEAN off dropping the Green Ranger on the pavement and they drove off as he stood staring dead in their direction

Green Ranger: See ya real soon.

They were on the road as they caught their breaths

Lucas: You ok kiddo?

Jason: I'll live.

Kimberly: Get us to the gold mines and fast.

Lucas: What's at the gold mines?

Kimberly: Our.....base? Just get us there as soon as possible.

Jason: WHOA!!

Lucas looked back and in panic he hit the brake hard as they nearly drove into the flooded streets but barely stopped just to get caught in the water

The hood splashed down first, the rest of the car submerging in the inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance fluid that served as the fluid for all life on Earth. Had the flooded streets been bigger, the car would’ve eventually turned turtle and the three would’ve been left struggling for air pockets and losing breath fast.

Luckily, that’s only the last case scenario if the water went past ones knees.

For now, the water was past the legs but it was getting awfully close.

Kimberly: Everyone out! Everyone out!

Lucas: Break!

Immediately, the three bolted through the doors and dipped into the drink beside them. Lucas and Kim were able to maneuver around the water; Jason was not so lucky.

His shoulder, leg and now impaled chest took most of his bodily functions away and left him doggie paddling through the flooded streets, breathing coarsely.

Normally, the best course of action when surviving a flood would be to not drive, swim or walk right through the currents since the direction of the current is likely to knock anybody down if the moving water is just above six inches. Just one inch is enough to sweep away any cars caught in the stream....

....and said thing happened directly to Lucas’s van.

And even more unfortunate for the three, Kim and Jason’s durability from the coins did nothing to actually shield them from the raging waters. If their first arrival to the Pit and Billy’s death was anything to reflect back on, it’s that even with powers, they weren’t invincible. Regardless, they had to chug onwards.

Staying exactly where they were wasn’t going to do any favors for Jason, who Lucas began to notice him doing more floating than moving. Assuming the worse, he began swimming toward him much more vigorously which, in turn, kept him at a standstill thanks to the currents.

Lucas: God! Kim!

Quickly thinking, she backpedals a few feet away, keeping in mind the debris and floating signs in her path. She does have to hop the rest of the way before coming close to Jason, thanks to her tripping over an underwater can she couldn’t see.

She’s unable to take her time however since the currents began getting rougher, splashing with more vigor with them and trapping both Lucas and Jason beneath the waves against their will. Both uncle and nephew move their arms like their climbing rocks but it's only water around them – water that washes around their bodies preventing access to precious air.

After only a few seconds Jason’s brain is in full panic, there are no coordinated movements, just clawing through the thin liquid that threatens to invade his lungs. From his lips comes an explosion of air bubbles, moving away from him at a peculiar angle. Lucas almost realizes he isn't facing upwards, that he’s struggling perpendicular to the surface, but already his thoughts are groggy.

Jason’s limbs eventually slow down.....stop....and eventually, he floats in the current like a doll.

Luckily, when Kim clasps her hands around both their wrists, they are unaware, but slowly they are towed upward to the moonlight above...

Kimberly: Gotcha.

Lucas is still left barely conscious while Jason is entirely knocked out. Quickly thinking, she goes for a carotid pulse, placing her pointer and middle fingers on the side of Jason’s windpipe just below the jawbone.

Therein lies a very faint thump thump thump vibrating through her fingers, ensuing a large sigh of relief.

The sudden cry of “INCOMING!” from Lucas took Kimberly by surprise, even moreso that Lucas suddenly pushes both her and Jason out of the way only for a massive force to catapult him straight down into the waves below again, shocking Kim to now end.

The night just would not let up.

Kim: My god...

It was a giant two legged golden scorpion that had this wicked miniacle laugh and Kimberly didn't had to guess who it was given she seen it before

Kimberly: Aubrey?!

Mutant-Aubrey: Not anymore sister. My brother and I have finally embraced our full mutation. As we speak.....Goldar walks the earth whole again. As for can call me.....SCORPINA!

Kimberly: Whoever you are....put him down!

Scorpina: I'm afraid I'm the least of your worries now.

As Jason began to recover he tried to shake his head to focus and looked up to Scorpina

Jason: WHOA!!

Scorpina: See my brother is once more destroying your precious town.

Kimberly: What have you done?!

Scorpina: I believe the question is....what will you choose?

It didn't take long for Jason notice his uncle in Scorpina's grip

Jason: UNC! Witch if you hurt him......!

Jason felt the rage boost kicking in again only this time it was out of love for family eeing the man he looked up to while growing up in pearl

Scorpina: You have one choice power geeks. Poor Uncle Lucas.....or save your sweet Angel Grove.

Kimberly: You sick.....

Scorpina: Make your choice.

Jason: Why you.....

Kimberly: Jas. I'll go after Jacob. Your uncle needs you.

Jason: Then Angel Grove needs us.

She gave a nod and both yelled.....IT'S MORPHIN TIME! Nano tech forging them into the Red and Pink Rangers once more

Red Ranger: Go. I got this.

Pink Ranger ran in speed out of the flooded road and Jason looked up to the mutated Scorpina

Back out in the deseret the zords with tow of them on auto-pilot (The Tryannosaurus and Pterodactyl) came jumping out of the pit

Trini and the boys were morphed face shields open and piloting their own zords racing down towards the town making them remeber before

Billy: YEE HAA!

Zack: Just like the old days!

Trini: Don't have fun right now guys. Reports are saying we got more than one monster this time besides that thing we saw. Here's what we'll do. Each of us will take all three each while Jason and Kimberly's Zords pick them up. Billy find that Dragon thing. Zack go after the one near the coast I'll head for the one downtown.

Billy: You got it.

The zords took their own directions as the Tyrannosaurus fallowed the Mastodon given it was heading where Jason is and the Pterodactyl fallowed the Sabor-Tooth Tiger

In the middle of downtown Scorpina wasn't BS with the Rangers Goldar (Jacob) really had returned and was attacking the town for the second time as people ran in panic APEX forces tried to take him down but Goldar smasjed them all to bits which no doubt was pissing off Director Sheer

But in the crowd Bulk and Skull ran jabbering in panic

Bulk: What the hell we do?! Where do we go?!

Skull: Why you asking me?! I never have the slighest clue!

Oh now he admits it but soon Bulk spots an empty bus by a bus stop near the yuth center

Bulk: THERE! That yuth center bus! It'll get us out of here faster!

Skull: Oh excellent! Hurry!

They both limped on over to the bus stop Skull jumped in the drivers seat as Bulk fell in the one behind him and Skull tried to initate the ignition

Skull: Come on! Come on!

Bulk: Hurry it up you numskull! That's thing's almost here!

Skull: I'm trying!

Skull did his best....but....they both felt the bus being lifted off the ground as they yelled out it was the fully mutated Goldar as he stared into the bus

Goldar: Peek a boo!

They yelled out at the eye peeking at them through the windshield

Soon enough Pink Ranger landed on her feet on the scene

Pink Ranger: JACOB!

Goldar: No...Goldar. And it's pay back time for blowing me to bits! And I believe these two are friends of yours. What do you call them? Balk and Skrull?

Inside the bus it was shaking as Bulk and Skull kept yelling holding on the seats least till Skull grabbed ahold of Bulk's shoulders



They yelled on as Kimberly stomped her foot

Pink Ranger: Hogan! Put them down NOW!

Goldar: Not until you surrender.

Glances are exchanged back and forth between the bus, Bulk and Skull, and the now-mutated Hogan twin; the full extent of the situation having been spelled out for her ever so clearly. Attacking Goldar head-on was suicide if last time was of any indication.

His fireballs and mutating gold liquid form made him easy to pass through and even shapeshift.

The bus carrying Bulk and Skull was very old and was prone to breaking down an awful lot. Any more strain and tear on the wheels and exterior design and they’d both be killjoy from the inside and out. It didn’t help that Goldar’s left hand was actually beginning to heat up the outside of the bus....

....burning into the inside as molten lava drips onto the seats and startles the two friends out even more.

Skull: AHH! AHH!

Bulk: Back back! Head to the back!

Scurrying to the back had them rushing through and around each other, constantly tripping beside the hardened seats beside them....meeting them with more lava dripping from the backside as well.

Kim needed to think fast. No such thought formulated through her head immediately....all except for one rearing in from behind her.

Turning to her backside, her visor zooms into the distance sensing a recognizable hum resonating and calling out to her. From the night comes a sound as if thunder could be stretched. So she tilts her head upwards, seeking lights that flash, the pink and white in the deepest of blue skies. For a moment she stands still, feeling the cool air, breathing in a steady rhythm.

Then out pops her Pterodactyl in the distance, flying high, ever onward.

She smirks underneath the helmet; she now had a plan in place....and just the right amount of time to pull it off. But it would still be risky; she’d have mere moments to pull it off. Regardless, it gave her the response she had been waiting for.

Pink Ranger: Fat chance, Goldilocks!

Goldar: Very poor choice of words.

As expected, Goldar hurls the bus over his head, and also as expected, Bulk and Skull are left screaming their heads off terrified for their lives. The two are left colliding into the seats multiple times, once when the car flipped upside down and again when it’s perched on its right side. Eventually, it flipped over once again that it launches Skull into the driver's seat.

To say it dumbfounded him was an exaggeration, for a life or death situation doesn’t leave one with much time to think. In a sheer act of desperation, Skull just gripped tightly to the wheel, mashing any button or switch he could see.....but to no avail.

Luckily for them, Kim had already gone straight after them, leaping a full 200 feet into the air....just in time for her Pterodactyl zord to come swooping by....but not before it fires a few potshots at Goldar that does nothing but mildly irritate him.

Regardless, she links in with her zord at the perfect timing, connecting her to the system and getting her synced in. The pterodactyl, with her behind the reigns, rode through the sky as if it were on sleek and perfect tracks....with just the right amount of urgency.

Barrel rolling past the city limits and over the raging seas, Kimberly had to zoom in to see just how far and how close the bus was to meeting certain demise. It was going to be cutting it very VERY close; too early, she’d miss them. Too late, and Beavis and Butthead will have already drowned.

Given how quickly a vehicle fills up with water, there’s no more time to waste. Diving down, she briskly passes through an incoming wave. The waves were powerful in that violent way of storms and their roar echoed across the sea to the dark land. The wind lashed in a torrent of its own as if determined to strike fear into the land-dwellers, rain beginning to patter from a dark sky with fires rising back in the city.

As lightning cracks the sky in two, smoke whirled around the totaled bus mere inches from the waves, the pterodactyl sweeps down under the ocean bed, and just as the bus and Bulk and Skull hit the rising liquids.....


Dead halt.

The two dweebs on the bus found themselves cowering and hugging each thee for comfort, initially prepared for their watery grave. The waves kept crashing, thunder roars along but they had yet to find themselves sinking to Davy Jones locker.

Amongst the sight of an unstable ocean, Bulk saw Skull still gripping tightly at the wheel and them miraculously saved from the depths.

Bulk: Skullovitch, what’re you doing?!

Skull: Don’t know what I’m doing!

Bulk: Well, whatever you’re doing, it’s working!

Frantic about staying on land, Skull continued to frolic around the buttons and the wheel....

....unaware the Pterodactyl had rescued them from impending doom and it had a cloaking option so they couldn’t see it.

Given that it was only visible to the Rangers Kim was phrased of her zord saving the dweeb duo

Pink Ranger: Hehehe that' my big girl.

The Pterodactyl gently placed the bus safely without them noticing and of course the duo assumed they were directly on top of it thinking they made it out themselves

Bulk: Skull you son of a bitch you did it!

Skull: I did? I did!

Bulk: Way to go! Now let' blow this nightmare!

They ran out of the bus running to safety as Goldar was just about to stomp towards Kimberly but out of no where....the Sabre-Tooth Tiger came out of no where snarling and jumped the giant hybrid from behind

Trini: Miss me 3-P0?

Goldar forced the zord off and both clashed at one another as Trini spoke to Kimberly on their helmet communications

Trini: Kimberly heads up. Your Zord's heading your way! Get to it and let's regroup form the Megazord and let's finish this!

Pink Ranger: You got it girl!

Goldar and the Sabre-Tooth Tiger kept thrashing which not long the Pterodactyl flew in shrieking and Kimberly jumped high on it the hatch opened and Kim jumped in her seat gaining it on manual mode and her face shield open

Kimberly: Alright let's go!

The Sabor-Tooth Tiger slashed Goldar in the face stunning him long enough for it and the Pterodactyl to retreat and regroup with the others

Meanwhile corpina continued taunting the leader of the Rangers while holding his captive uncle

Red Ranger: Aubrey I'll make you suffer if you hurt him!

Scorpina: For the last time! It's Scorpina now! And he will live if you give yourself up!

Red Ranger: Never!

Red Ranger: NO!!!

The mutated scorpion was just about to drop him till both the Tyrannosaurus and Mastodon charged in

Zack: Hang on boss!

The Tryannosaurus BIT Scorpina in the tail letting out as painful shriek Jason ran up a building foot leaping up to the roof and ust when Lucas fell out of Scorpina's hand he jumped up high catching him and both landing on the head of the Tyrannosaurus

Red Ranger: You ok Unc?

Lucas: Thank to you.

Scorpina's tail swat the Mastodon away


She turned to the Scotts and saw her coming as the Tyrannosaurus lowered down to help Lucas back down the ground and Jason's face shield opened too turning to his uncle

Jason: I got to take care of that thing. You ok to get out of here?

Lucas: Don't worry about me.

Lucas then placed his hand on Jason's shoulder to give him the best confidence and the best of luck

Lucas: I believe in you Jas. I always will. Make me proud son.

Jason felt emotional from that Lucass's faith in him really made Jason more confident they can stop them the hatch opened and Jason got in raising the zord back up

Lucas raised a thumbs up to him and the Red Ranger returned a thumbs up to him in the zord and turned to Scorpina

Jason: You want me bitch?! COME GET ME!

The Scorpion hybrid shrieled and her and the Tyrannosaurus charge at each other as the Mastodon recovered and Zack spoke to him on communications

Zack: We need the Megazord Jason it's our only chance!

Jason: Right but let's make sure she don't us.

They bashed each other and struggled at one another but with help with the Mastodon they manage to low her down and force her off her feet and fall into the flooded roads

Zack: That'll slow her down.

Jason: For now. Let's regroup.

Zack: You sure sound fired up.

Jason: You have no idea. Now let's find the others that's an order Black Ranger.

Zack: YES SIR!

They made a run for it just as soon as Scorpina manage to steady herself

Meanwhile the Triceratops ran where the mystery creature was spotted

Billy: Blue Ranger to....anyone. I'm at the location but I don't see.....

Billy looked up and his eyes widen and jaw dropped as he saw....what came out of the ocean....

.....the legendary and lost zord....


Billy: DRAGON!!!!

His bloodcurdling yell took all the Rangers off by surprise, so much so that for a brief moment, comms were shortened out. For the next few seconds, it just became static.

Trini: Guys?

Zack: Hello?

Jason: Anyone?

Kimberly: Does everyone copy?

The sight was paralyzing for Billy to take in, even more so to fully process. A large, serpentine, winged four-legged creature from the 12th century capable of breathing fire made out of crystallized green and gold, carbon-fiber mesh, and 1000 plus hours of manual labor was standing right in front of him, completely oblivious to his presence.

Billy felt both cautious but at ease in the presence of such a magnificent beast; dragons had a way about them, a slowness and grace.

In the summer sun in the age of dungeons and dragons, they would be out there on the rocks, taking the warmth in through their scales. They would doze that way for hours and perhaps that is how they feel happy, resting just so. In the wintry weather they hibernated, having fed on elk in the autumn. We'd know when they awoke by the calling in the hills, those deep voices, beautiful in their rawness, echoing from the rocks. No matter how often people saw them fly, arcing with outstretched wings, each as brilliant as stained glass, they’d hold their breaths for a moment, eyes wide.

They were kites without strings, celebrations of freedom with each rhythmic beat.....which only made it all the sadder that this image of a wondrous creature was under the control of such a.....a monster.

Billy almost contemplated attacking. At least until the dragon started sniffing around the area and picks up a scent. Its refined sense of smell is only partially dependant upon the dragon’s sensitive nose; it also uses its forked tongue to sample the air, just as a snake does.

All it could sense was that its target was hostile and Heavily armored.

Its dragon sense finally acquires its target, locking onto the Triceratops zord no less than half a mile away from it. Sensing its enemy, it snarls loudly, taking two steps forward inspiring no fear in the opposing force.

The Tricerazord simply digs its toes into the tarmac, crushing the concrete on the road while aiming its large bony frill and three horns straight ahead. The conflict was unavoidable so as Billy prepared for the initial clash to come, he was left aback by comms reconnecting.

The static finally fades, much to his delight as he’s met with the first voice he hears on the other side: Kimberly.

Billy? Billy, can you hear me? What’s your status, what are you doing?

All he can do is just stare down at his control panel and back up to the raging green dragon, waiting on him to make a move, and all he can say is....

Billy: The matador’s waving the cape at the charging bull.

....before reaching for his helmet and turning off his communications.

Billy: If you must come at me....

He says as he methodically reaches out, gripping his levers tightly, and telescopes them down.

Billy:....COME AT ME, BRO!

No longer delaying the inevitable, he goes full-throttle on the levers and pushes the Triceratops forward. The creature screeches before sliding off the tarmac charging straight ahead at the Dragonzord. Rather than follow the same befuddling barebones option as his adversary, the Dragonzord just leaps up into the air avoiding the Triceratops entirely.

8 feet up in the air, the Dragonzord then proceeds to dive downwards, plummeting the Triceratops back down into the tarmac but continued to zip through the unflooded half of the streets. It digs the Triceratops face-first into the ground which severely messes up its leverage and Billy’s aerodynamics.

The more dust and dirt kept crashing towards Billy’s cockpit, the more jarring it became to even pay attention.

Billy: God! Alright then, that’s how you wanna play it?!

Working around the levers once again, his zord is able to drive all six feet (yes, this Triceratops has six feet) into the tarmac once again and redirect its body weight to the Dragonzord’s right. In doing so, the dragons' grip on the back of the Triceratops’ neck began to loosen ever so slowly. Second by second, its talons began to slip further away from the neck.

But its grip was still strong.

In a last-minute ditch effort, Billy noticed the Dragonzord slowly drifting off towards....Harwood County. He pulls back on the levers this time, finally forcing the giant dragon to let go of his zord only for it to bounce back from a lack of balance. And then it collided with the dragon's tail, causing it to jerk forward and roll amongst the nearest library.

As the Dragonzord recovers from its long slide, it recovers all too quickly from crashing. It just lifts itself off the ground and screeches, turning its attention back to the zord based off on the herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur while flapping its wings.

So yes, Billy was finally given a reprieve and brief time to strategize an attack. No immediate weaknesses came to mind, however, or should I say none unearthed themselves to make it easy for Billy to pick out over time.

Life really was no Nintendo game.

Billy: Old fashioned way it is, then.

Once more, he was left charging the Triceratops at full speed as sidesteps the dragon crashing down again and it rams into the Dragonzord’s midsection. Given the horns were the animal's only exterior-based attack, it just continues to tear away at the fiber mesh ribs.

The dragon stops this almost immediately, swinging its claws down on its head and ramming it down. It doesn’t keep the Triceratops down long, however, as the dragon suddenly begins screeching again.....

....courtesy of the built-in energy cannons installed on the Triceratops large horns blasting straight into the ribs once again. The dragon’s tail comes mere inches from hitting Billy but thanks to the Triceratops insectoid front legs, it gets him out of harm's way quickly while the dragon does a full 180.

No sooner should it complete its sweep, the dragon starts to grind its teeth, teeth tinted and covered in residue.

Then, as the dragon releases its hydrogen- and methane-rich gas, the gas mixes with the oxygen in the air only to be ignited against the metallic residue....which could only mean one thing to Billy.

Billy: OH SHHH—

He immediately redirects the Triceratops the opposite direction as the Dragonzord leaps back into the air, breathing a large blanket of fire amongst the road and all around the streets. It chases Billy down for minutes all while Billy himself is constantly trying to outrun the flames.

Unfortunately, he also kept in mind that it wasn’t just him that was being caught in the midst of the breathing fire: Houses.




The flames that consumed demanded everything become ashes, the heat radiating outward as a fit of anger, and the destruction a terrible joy. It was as if the fire was the reflection of the arsonist, of a broken child who wanted no more than to burn instead of face water. And in this black night, under more stars than the imagination could ever conjure, emergency vehicle lights would eventually come through and shine, a brilliant blue to meet the roaring of the red.

This sight further angered Billy, realizing he needed to stop going on defense and start fighting back again.

So he crisscrosses the levers, putting the Triceratops at a U-turn drift, and immediately barges into the flames. He’s met with extensive heat and sweltering in his cockpit the further he pressed on, the blankets of flames already making for massive resistance on their own.

Having picked up enough momentum and speed, the Triceratops leaps off the heated tarmac and through the airwaves like Batman gliding through the air.....only to be met with the Dragonzord on the other side waiting right for him.

Billy couldn’t move his zord in midair so he had to watch the Dragonzord’s tail slap him and his zord miles away through the air.....


We cut to some locals in a studio filming something for You-Tube and the one sitting in the desk with a camera being pointed to him.....was wouldn't you know it....

.....The Nostalgia Critic!!

NC: Hel-lo I'm the Nostalgia Critic guy. I remember it o you don't have to. I am here in Angel Grove to review the latest incidents that accured not too long ago. About a month ago----

NC was soon startled as the wall behind him came crashing down and he and his camera ran from it as the Triceratops zord fell rigt into the flat on it's back

Billy: Ahh man!

Billy tried to get a hold of himself and regain control of the zord and amanage to slowly turn it back on it's feet

Soon as he was back in focus Billy looked down through the window of his hatch seeing the Nostalgia Critic who looked up at him but luckily for Billy they couldn't see his opened face given the Zord's head was too high to see it


Yeah like he heard that....(I don't think) soon the Triceratops backed out of the hole it made and it went backwards.....again

Billy: OOPS!

He manage to reset the controls and head forward as NC sood there horrorfied and turned to his camera man

NC: Did you get all that?

Meanwhile the Pterodactyl flew in with the Sabre-Tooth Tyger running under it Kimberly kept trying to reach Billy

Kimberly: Pink Ranger to Blue Ranger! Come in! Billy do you read me?! He's still not responding.

Keep trying. He's got to be about.

Kimberly: He sounded like he was crying bloody murder when he yelled Dragon.

And I don't think he was BSing us.


The Dragonzord flew down at the Trysnnosaurs and just pulled up from above and Jason had a great look at it

Jason: And it's another zord too....I think that's what the Green Ranger was talking about. We need the Megazord up and ready.

We can't do it without Billy

Who said you had to?

Jason looked out the window of his hatch seeing the Triceratops run back in down town

Jason: Billy you son of a--

Billy: Let's save that after we put this Dragon down. Let's do this!

All five Rangers iniate their commence on building their zord together all shifting and attaching together we get the first appearance of Megazord in tank mode

Jason: Hey this new.

Trini: I didn't know it could do this!

Zach: Zordon'ss been holding out on us!

Billy: What does this do?

Billy pressed a button on the center of control the tank mod Megazord blased the laser cannons accidently hitting some building windows

Billy: Oops! My bad...

Kimberly: Maybe we should read the instructions first?

Billy: Right right

The Dragonzord flew in again and breathed it's first fire breath at the Magazord tank which the fire blinded them through the window view

The Dragonzord flew in again and breathed it's first fire breath at the Magezord tank which the fire blinded them through the window view

Zach: Ahh! For a zord it's like a real Dragon!

Kimberly: Our zords are the same with their character creatures. Mostly.

Jason: We better figure this tank thing out later and put it in warrior mode now!


The tank form shifted and lifts up into the familiar robot from before the Megazord returns as it shined from the torso revealing the location of the crystal

On the roof.....was the Green Ranger

Green Ranger: The Megazord at last. Time to finish this! Ok my friend let's do this together!

The rogue Ranger played his flute calling his zord to him and it flew toward him it hovered down to him the hatch opened and the Green with Evil jumped in and took control himself being attach to it like the first five were before and the hatch closed

Green Ranger: Alright.....time to play!

The Dragonzord flew in landing on the road in front of the Megazord

The Megazord stood face to face with the Dragonzord as each individual Ranger took control of its Zord in its cockpit, armed and ready for battle. It didn't take long, however, for the Dragonzord to rebalance itself and see the Megazord staring down at it with all the other Rangers inside, ready to aim and attack.

Jason: Remember, guys. We all gotta move at the same time.

Billy: Can’t afford to make any screw-ups here. Zord or no zord, this guy packs a wallop.

Didn’t need to be any briefer on that fact.

The Green Ranger pressed onwards, prompting his Dragonzord to waste NO time charging forward at the Megazord, soaring through the air once again and roaring loudly. All five Rangers responded not with a charge but with a steady stance at the ready; once the dragon touches them, they’ll have seconds at best to maintain any sort of advantage on him.

Too early and they’d leave themselves wide open. Too late and he’ll likely maul them to bits before they can truly get any offense in.

Zack: Alright, let’s bait ’em in!

All: SLIP!

Less than 3 inches away, they all pressed down on their levers moving the Megazord out of the trajectory of the opposing force, allowing the Dragonzord to basically skim directly by them.

All: GRAB!

Having gotten far enough behind the dragon to give them enough space, Trin and Kim move the arms of the Megazord around the Dragonzord’s waist before interlocking its fingers and arms behind its back.

Coming straight out of the gate with the German Suplex, the same move that effectively stopped Goldar the first time around seemed foolproof. And it was essentially a good idea....

....but there’s just one problem.

All: LIFT!

As they all exerted the Megazords body weight in an attempt to drive the giant dragon off its feet, it attempts to fall backward while bridging its back and legs in order to slam the dragon on its down shoulder and upper back first.

In that attempt, the Dragonzord simply skyrockets back into the air with the Megazord’s arms still locked firmly around its waist. Its wings, plus additional boosters hardwired its back, effectively killed the teams' chances at getting an advantage on the Green Ranger WITHOUT taking him on the ground.

Winded from their cockpits, Trin and Kim eventually let go; the Megazords hands letting go of the dragons' midsection only to grip tightly onto its right leg as it continues to fly through the cumulonimbus clouds, rancid with rain sprinkling down on the both of them.

No point in staying in limbo, Jason thought to himself out loud. Either they make a move or it’s over.

Jason: Trin, I’m unlocking the swords for you! Go right ahead!

And by that, he meant he unlocked the retractable right wing power sword from the Megazords back. Regardless, Trin has the Megazord reach back for the sword, grip it, and then thrust it forward; the sword once again piercing through the already damaged fiber mesh ribs.

As expected, the dragon screeches loudly. Then comes another stab in the ribs.

Then another.

Then another.

Trini: C’mon!

Eventually, Trin gets impatient and has the Megazord throw the blade straight at the dragon’s head. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the blade instead found itself cutting the dragon's wings.

Snarling loudly, the Dragonzord immediately snaps its head backward and blinds the Megazord with another blanket of fire, blinding everyone in the cockpits. Balance was evidently lost and the Megazord eventually lets go of the dragon's leg.....

.....entering freefall.

Gravity all but began to gradually drag the Megazord back to ground level, pulling the giant metal hybrid down through the clouds while the five teens, inside, felt trapped. Despite not feeling the massive waves of air pushing back against them, their bodies started preparing before they were forced to let go, entering the fight or flight response mechanism.

The fight or flight response starts as a chemical reaction in the brain, activating the sympathetic nervous system. Once their bodies realized the threat of a fall, their brains reacted to give them a boost of energy, mainly strength and speed. The hormone epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) facilitates this physical response. When people talk about adrenaline, it's really the fight or flight response.

And right now, all of their brains were hardwired on flight....with only two options: Yell and scream.

No less than a few feet detached from the ground, all they could do was brace for the inevitable impact to come. Passing through the last set of clouds, they eventually are back out in the open....

...and directly above the high school.

Peaking in at exactly 25 meters tall and weighing over 25 tons, it was guaranteed they would crush the entire school when they’d land.


They all shoved their levers in opposite directions, forcing the Megazord to cover up so when it did land on the building, no one would get whiplash from the blow.

However, no such impact came.

Kim and Trin had coordinated the arms of the Megazord to cover up when they did crash and burn....a sensation that had either well passed them or they were still waiting for.

Kimberly: Are we dead yet?

Trini: Kimmy.

Kimberly: Answer my question.

Trini: You listening to yourself? Try this: open your eyes and you’ll see.

No point in delaying, Kim thought to herself. Finally urging herself to open her eyes, the sight she was left facing was quite a perplexing one to behold.

The Megazord was barely floating above the school....

.....thanks to their built-in jet thrusters in their legs. The revelation couldn’t have come at a better time for the team, with Billy and Zack being the most ecstatic over their near-death experience.

Zack: No way! Holy hell!

Billy: We have jet thrusters?!

That came as a much-needed and very pleasant surprise for the five of them, learning that they weren’t that handicapped in accessories after all. It did leave Jason wondering, though.....

Jason: Hold on, what else is there?

Curiosity grabs ahold of him as he looks around his cockpit, anything to answer what just happened. Normally, that'd be their last option when in the middle of a duel to the death but the Dragonzord not in sight they had some time.

Jason accidentally punches a man anonymous button on the top left side above him. Doing so brings up a holographic display layout of the Megazord’s structure, power level, and weapon capabilities in front of him for his own viewing pleasure. Turns out the wing power swords and jet thrusters weren’t all they had.

Jason: Kim, you’ve got twin cannons on your left wrist. Trini’s got another extended blade on her right.

Kim: Ok....ok, ok.

Trini: Perfect.

Having gone through that short checkup, came with it a sense of finality; maybe they do have enough to take care of this mess without Zordon or Alpha’s aid. Thinking back to how quickly they were able to morph and control the Megazord in only eleven days was even more of a reawakening.

They weren’t completely helpless as they had almost thought.

With that in mind, a faint distant roar resonated through the air bringing everyone to attention. The Dragonzord emerges through the clouds on the other side of the Megazord, barely holding itself up with a giant slash through its right wing. The beast wasn’t invincible....

....all they had to was get to it break.

Jason: Ready?

Zack: Ready.

Trini: Ready.

Billy: Ready!

Kimberly: Re—ready.

Leveling out their thruster feet, the Megazord goes from floating above the high school to slowly gliding through the airwaves at a moderate speed. Eventually, the Megazord travels at a high-speed velocity with the Dragonzord following suit.

Boosters did little to help, though.

The Dragonzord immediately takes them off their feet, whiplashing everyone in their cockpits. Tackling them to the ground and slowly sliding amongst the tarmac and concrete, the green mechanized dragon stomps down on the Megazords chest area with its talons, limiting its ability to move.

Finding space in their leg areas, Zack moves the right leg forcing the knee up as it startles the giant dragon from below. Distracted, Kim moves the left arm, uppercutting the beast. It finally gives the two Megazords some distance from each other.

No sooner should the five get up however does the Dragonzord swing its tail back towards them and disorient them. No other movements were made by the team for the next twenty seconds.

Green Ranger: Tapping out already? I’m just getting warmed up.

With the Megazord not even attempting to make a move, the Dragonzord decides to take the initiative....

....only for the Megazord to slice at the Dragonzord with the extended blade on its right arm. The Green Rangers personal zord was lucky to avoid the first slash and the second. But not the third.

So third slash was intended for the already injured right wing but instead, it ended up slicing off the end tip of the dragon's tail.

Jason: Gotcha!

Green Ranger: URG! DAMN YOU!

The Dragonzord tilt back a bit allowing the Megazord to approach firmly at it with the apprehend

Jason: Alright guys. Let' tare this Dragon apart and get our green friend back to the ship so we can have him ready to get that curse off.

Four Rangers: RIGHT!

The Megazord grabs the Dragonzord by the neck and pins it to a building

Green Ranger: Empress! Help! I can't do it alone!

My dear Tommy. You're never alone.

The Megazord had the Dragonzord down by one hand then raised the power word to smash it to pieces until.... was hit by a large golden fist forcing the Megazord off the Dragonzord

Jason: Ugh! Now what?!

Goldar roared in fierce lunging at the Megazord

Goldar: It's pay back time Power Zeroes!

Kimberly: It's Jacob!

Jason: But he's Goldar now.

Billy: What?? It can't be him.

Jason: Afraid so. The Hogan's must have been just vassals to Rita's most pwerful monsters. And they just embraced the mutation.

Trini: Which that there's only Goldar and Scorpina.

Zack: Rita' made them into abominations.

Billy paused for a moment

Billy: She's not the only one. I created them too. Their dad's death lead them to this.....

Trini: Billy don't start that song again. Make up for it and help us stop them.

Billy got his head back in the game and the Rangers worked together piloting the Megazord to fight back as they did a police car road in and Chief Colten and Officer Bebe exited seeing the fight happen

Bebe: It's happening again. And I thought we seen the last of that yellow monster. This is bad chief! What'd we do?

Colten: This goes against my better judgement. But we'll leave it to them.

Bebe: What?

Colten: We need to focus on evacuating the city anyway. The Power Rangers stopped it before they can do it again.

Bebe: What about Director Sheer?

Colten: That lady can kiss my ass. This is our town. And as far as I'm concern they've been a better help than APEX.

Bebe: As you wish sir. I'll call in reinforcements to search and rescue.

The chief nodded as he watched the fight and Megazord and Goldar continued bashing at another but hearing loud stomps behind them Colter and Bebe turned around and Scorpina stomped her way towards the battle field

Coleten: LOOK OUT!!

Colten and Bebe jumped aside to dodge her incoming and she STOMPED on their car and bash into the Megazord

Trini: Ugh! Dammit! Now what?

Jason: It's Aubrey!

Billy: WHAT?!?!?!!?

Kimberly: Only she now calls herself Scorpina.

Jason: We're in trouble now. We're running out of power and fast. We won't be able to finish this fight in time.

Kimberly: We got to try.

Trini: I know Kim. I know.

The Megazord held on best as it could both hybrids siblings on it's back and soon they attacked the colorful robot at once Scorpina wrapped her tail around the head as Goldar lunged at the Megazord and it was getting totaled but manage to grab her by the tail and pull it off and throw her at Goldar knocking them both down

Trini: We got them now!

Zach: Let's use full power then we'll crush them!

Billy: Zach's right! It's now or never!

Jason: Alright Rangers! Give it all the power that's left! LET'S END THIS NOW!

The Rangers pulled levers to increase a full power boost and that would have finished off them off for good but the Dragonzord that just recovered flew in grabbing the Megazord and basing it to a building

Jason: No!

Trini: So close!

Green Ranger: Muhahahaha! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Kimberly: Please God no....

Green Ranger: This ends now. You pathetic Power Raners are finally going down!

The Dragonzord Goldar and Scorpina all surrounded the Megazord as Rita herself watched on a roof smirking with Coleten and Bebe watching helplessly

Rita: At last! A plan works like I knew it was going to!

Scorpina STINGS the Megazord Goldar slashes it then......the Dragonzord pins it down to the ground like it did it

Green Ranger: The crystal is ours!

The Dragon roared and raised it's right talent above ad the Rangers looked horrified of what was about to accrue but Kimberly....was more scared even a tear ran down from her left eye

Kimberly: TOMMY NO!!!!!!

Rangers: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

The other four’s brains were left stuttering for a moment as their eyes take in more light than expected, every part of them going on pause while their thoughts catch up.

Zack was the only one completely left out of the loop and even with Billy, Jason and Trin having already caught onto the puzzle, the confirmation wasn’t any less shocking.

And happened.

The Dragonzord lunges its right arm down at them, viciously fast. Because of the bombshell that was just dropped on them, nobody in their cockpits had any time to react quick enough or even pay attention. Said arm pierces through the pulsing purple chest-piece of the Megazord, immediately setting off a domino chain of pain for everyone inside the cockpits.

Sparks began flying all around the inside of their cockpits and around every joint of the Megazord, from the arms, legs, joints, shoulders, calves, even up around the head; every available cell that had any sort of electrical outing of any kind was either shutting down or sorting out. And as a result of this, nobody was able to properly move the Megazord anymore from where they were.

Jason: Billy! Zack! Thrusters!

Zack: Nothing’s happening!

Jason: Blades?!

Trini: Not working! He’s broken the controls!

Kimberly just sat there, soaking in this embarrassment on their record, mortified at the impending thought that SHE was about to be the death of the Power Rangers; she was about to kill them.

Normally, when somebody pierces through something, they’re quick to pull out. The team couldn’t help but notice that the Dragonzord was pulling out from their chest-piece. Instead, they found themselves being lifted up off of the ground with no resistance at all while the Dragonzord’s hand still embedded deep within the chest of the Megazord.

For a few short seconds, the two zords find themselves face to face with each other again, only with the Dragonzord surrounded by Scorpina and Goldar, addressing they had the upper hand. The Green Ranger stares across at them through his cockpit almost in a state of pity, as if he actually felt bad for how well they valiantly fought only to end up so short.

And then....he yanks back on his levers, finally prompting the Dragonzord to yank away and pull out of the Megazords chest-piece, blowing out the core of the hybrid machine.

Once more, sparks began to fly through and around the now-defunct Megazord with every electrical outlet around their cockpits and joints of the Megazord blowing out and rendering the whole thing unable to perform.

Damage retention: Unstable. Unstable. Evacuate immediately.

Jason: Damn it! We’re sitting ducks!

Billy: Freakin’ major leagues. Happy now, Zack?!

No hope in pondering that thought in his head as another sight halted Zack in his tracks.

Zack: The hell? Guys, look!

The Green Ranger just laughed maniacally as he controlled the Dragonzord and manually opened up its hand, radiating with that familiar bright light. In those lights, the teams' retinas became flooded and all they saw was white. All at once, they were bathed in a light so bright that their eyes take a moment to adjust and see the vivid hues they missed before. Yet in a few moments more they could see, the blindness quite resolved.

With their vision clearing up, the sight presented before them was, indeed, a familiar sight. They all saw, from their cockpits, the Dragonzord hold out the Zeo Crystal straight from its hand. If it looked gorgeous before.... was a totally different sight to behold up close.

Zack: He’s got the crystal.....

Trini: I forgot how beautiful it was up close.

Once again, a bright light engulfs the Megazord for five seconds; long enough for the crystal to warp out of the grasp of the Green Ranger....

....and into the hands of one Rita Repulsa, who was lying in wait in the distance, anticipating the execution of her plan.

She found herself in a state of frozen incredulity, watching the aura of the Zeo crystal warp to her location and then casually drop into her hands. As she massages the Crystalline lattice solid, the sight of this approximation of nature, this complement to the natural form of creation, it glowed a florescent compilation of colors shining in the brilliant glimmer of night, a different sort of glow than the golden pools of streetlights. It’s as if it welcomed the darkness in some embrace more than took it though so passively.

It was hard to believe that after all this time.....she actually won. The power to give life and the power to end it was finally hers.

Rita: We—we did it. It’s ours. The Zeo Crystal is FINALLY OURS!

The victory cry alerted the Rangers from afar, seeing her on the rooftop half a mile from where they were. Senses heightened to an 11, all the Rangers could do was just, again, yell and scream.

Jason: YOU!




Kimberly: NO!

Being the only one willing to do anything, she tries to move the left arm of the Megazord but to no avail; the lack of power and control to the levers meant they were truly defunct and unable to move.

All they could do was watch as Rita slowly tiptoes away from the edge of the roof and walk away, the crystal in hand. But then she remembers. Poking her head back around to them, she flashes that animalistic smirk and boldly said....

Rita: Have fun, my children.

Finally, she shows mercy on the kids and disappears, leaving them at the mercy of all three of her infernal creations.

All three of them were left cackling away at the advantage that was practically left gift-wrapped for them. With the crystal now in their position, there was no need to keep delaying the inevitable any longer which meant the Power Rangers are in big trouble; with the Megazord surrounded by Goldar, Scorpina, and the Dragonzord, and not on enough power to finish the fight..... was now dinner time.

Billy: BRACE!

Scorpina further weakens the Megazord by wrapping her stinging tail around its head, further electrocuting the Megazord and rattling the Rangers inside. Here though, there was no point cause they couldn’t move and they had no way to defend themselves. Not to mention if they wanted to obliterate them, they would’ve done it immediately.

So they were essentially STILL toying with them.....which means the team was still up shit creek without a paddle.

The Dragonzord unsheathed its metallic fingertips from its claws instead revealing tiny mobile missiles. Launching from its hands, it once again rocks the Megazord with a series of explosions at every possible angle now that the team couldn’t cover up or move around. And for the cherry on top of this sundae, Goldar radiated yet another fireball from his gold-liquidated form of matter and hurled it at the Megazord.

That blast of energy at the Megazord dealt it a crippling blow at last as they all witnessed this massive hybrid beast of a Megazord inch forward about a foot and then tip back the rest of the way, falling straight down flat on its back on the tarmac.

But of COURSE, that wasn’t the end of it.

Now the Dragonzord wanted to ensure there was no sign of them left in this city; the Green Ranger wanted what was gonna be left of this metal contraption to be painted with their blood and broken bones; a monument to their failure and Zordons.

The dragon boldly picks up the barely functional Megazord with its own tail by the leg as the Rangers screamed, grunted, and held on for dear life on the inside.

Then began the swinging. And with the swinging came dizziness.

Each hair is connected to a nerve cell that carries signals to the brain when the head moves. The fluid in your ears is spinning round and round so when you stop spinning you are dizzy because the fluid is spinning. And despite not being physically spun themselves, it was impossible not to feel it from inside their cockpits, meaning the Rangers were stuck.

After a few good chucks towards the air.....


Billy: I'm HOLDING!

Green Ranger: See you next fall, Power Zeros!

....the Dragonzord lets go, tossing the Megazord and the five teenagers of attitude along with it outside of the area and back up into the clouds.

Once again, mass panic ensues for everyone inside. They couldn’t move, power was out, no indication was placed on where across the town they were being flung to and it was almost an immediate certainty that if they couldn’t get out before crash-landing, they would likely go SPLAT.

With a cracked head, torn chest piece, broken core, and no Zeo Crystal, the only thing left occupying the team was getting out in one piece.

Dipping through the clouds with no manner of control, they were finally able to see where exactly they were projected to crash towards: Angel Grove Bay. On the outskirts of the town.

Now leaving was the only form of self-protection left available. There was no other way to accomplish it, or to give themselves a chance to recover other than on the far top right of their cockpits, marked by the only button that was left blinking with any sort of light.

Leaving wasn’t a choice anymore but a duty.



Five THUMPS against the edge of their cockpits later and the team found their individual cockpits inching out and away between the external and internal structure of the Megazord. Mutating into escape pods, they launch out the Megazord like rockets shot out of an RPG, with gravity left keeping them steadily vertical through the air.

The metallic coverings around the pods guaranteed a safe, if not, durable exit for them. It didn’t make the lasting sight easier to sink in, however.

Watching the Megazord giver directly over them only to dive past and over them down underneath the last few layers of clouds, like the force of gravity had almost no effect on its size. For as short of a time they spent with them, those zords still felt like an extension of them and their duty to protect this city and the planet.

And in a few moments, it was all about to be gone.

The pods eventually found solace in exiting the atmosphere, landing just outside of Angel Grove Harbor rather gently with the sand sinking the metal from around the casing.

The team was lucky to catch the Megazord in their sights as it laid dormant and deserted with its head laying down over the water, its left arm sticking out over the sand and the rest of its body stretched out. They all immediately ran to follow it but after a short while, only four of them stopped.

The only one who kept going was Billy.

He was determined to at least catch up with it as much as he could but a few seconds later, BOOM!

The destruction of the Megazord launched a powerful shockwave that knocked Billy back all the way back a full 20 feet while it forced the others to cover up and look away. An explosion rents the air as if it was intent on shattering the universe by ripping apart every atom. To the sound of the explosion came the terrible echo as if it were the anguished cry of God.

Glimpsing over at the discarded totaled remains of their Megazord drifting off in the water with short bursts of fire surrounding it, the damning conclusion was quick to follow.


Kimberly: It's totaled!

Zach: This can't be happening....Rita's destroyed a part of us.....

Billy: It was always there when we needed it.

Trini: Now without the's gone. Just when we needed it most....

Jason: And with the crystal in Rita's hands.....the earth is doomed.

Jason wasn't wrong the crystal is the only thing to keep the earth stable from any destruction but now that her her monster twins and her rogue Rangers had wass the beginning of the end...... hours passed police ambulance firefighters even APEX were all over the town Bebe and Colten made a full report of what went on but given the Megazord was thrahed down it was unlcear to them what happened to the Power Rangers

As cops and APEX agents were tending to the injured and questioning witnesses Director Sheer was on the Chief's head on this

Sheer: 300 people hospitalized and 249: DEAD. You were suppose to keep me in the loop in this chief and my agents confirm while you were on the scene you let those creatures turn this town into hell on earth

Colten:As far as I'm concern Director The Power Rangers are a better help than you ever were. And least they care about us. Rumor has it you take some of my civilians off the streets for questioning on answers they don't know. I even got a call from the Olivers that think you have their son. So maybe you weren't the only one in the dark.

Sheer: We don't have him but we are tracking him. However letting the Power Rangers wreak havoc in this town proves you're not fit to protect it!

Colten: They were not responsible! Those yellow.....things.....and that.....dragon thing were. The Power Rangers were trying to stop them.

Sheer: And look where that lead 549 people to. If you can't grow a backbone to catch these monsters or the Power Rangers than I'm dismissing you.

Colten: You don't have the authority for that.

Sheer: Check my contract.

She stormed off with the Chief frusterated but worried she would take his job away

Back on the Moon Palace Rita was laughing manically in her thrown with one leg on one of the arms carrying a glass of green sparkling fluids (Alien whine) that she's obviously drinking and carrying and carrying the crystal in the other ohand observing

Goldar and Scorpina in human size now laughed too with their fair share of green sparkiling's they were celebrating their victory over Zordon and the Power Rangers and finally claiming the crystal

Rita: Well done my children. Well done! Our revenge I finally complete. Zordon and the Power Rangers are dead and the zeo crystal is in it'ss rightful place.

Goldar: And the world will finally bow down to us!

Rita: Of course it will my child. All though the crystal is actually for someone in higher power who promised us half of the planet if we got him the crystal.

Goldar: You mean....HIM?

Rita nodded

Scorpina: I didn't know he was still in charge. Are you two still.....?

Rita: Now is not the time to get into memory lane Scorpina. Now....where's my Green Champion? He's why we now have the crystal.

Scorpina: He's in the training chambers. Since we got back up here he's been bragging about the Rangers may have survived.

Rita: It is possible. I killed one of them once a month ago. And later he came back alive. We should be ready if the Rangers try and reclaim the crystal again.

Goldar: I still don't trust him my queen. What will happen if you're hold on him will brake and he tries and stop us?

Rita: Impossible. Only Zordon can remove my curse. But without him Thomas Oliver is a putty in my hands. So. I propose a toast. To the fall of Zordon and destruction of the Power Rangers! For tomorrow: It will be time to concur EARTH!

Goldar and Scorpina: YEAH!!

They cling their glasses and chug their fluids

This long-awaited celebration met their eyes as if its green and gold plastered colors were a mid-hearty laugh.

The same could not be said for their opponents.

Witnessing their last ray of hope literally burst up into flames right in front of them, the heroes were completely and utterly dumbstruck. Rita seemingly had them all beat, every step of the way. Zordon and Alpha are gone, the town was totaled along with their zords and most importantly, they got the Zeo crystal that they kept, unbeknownst to themselves, right under their noses.

A no-win scenario was all it was to them now.

The team had no idea what to say or how to react anymore and they weren't having any of it; their fists balling up in frustration and anger while their faces spoke a completely different tale of despair and depression. Billy laid still, standing against the current as the steady flow of wind kept slightly pushing up against his face. It's as if someone had slammed him into a billboard over twenty times and all he felt was....*pain*.

He didn't even notice Jason slowly lingering up on him, pacing leisurely back and forth in his line of sight. His body language and speed in which he was left walking spelled out *aggravation*.

Trini, on the other hand, felt *empty*.

No anger, no resentment, no satisfaction, no deliberate fragment of pain, having grown accustomed to being disappointed. It was like she was moving out all over again; closing another short chapter in an already uneventful book.

Zack had to cozy up to Trin, not used to seeing her this.....depleted. Sitting beside her on the sandy shores with the seagulls chirping away, not a word was ushered between them. Nothing needed to be said to describe what had just happened. All he could think was to wrap his arm around her and let her soak up the view in the comfort of a friend.....and it surprised her, so much so her eyes peek out and over at him glancing at the sea with the Megazord's head still peaking out.

Zack: *Wǒ mèng dàole yīgè mèng.... Dànshì xiànzài mèng yǐjīng lí wǒ ér qùle*(I have dreamed a dream....but now that dream is gone from me).

Normally, she'd be rather despondent to Zack doing any kind of advance towards her, friendly or otherwise. As of recently, however, something had changed: there was an energy to this hug, as if the matter of one was meant to power up the other. She accepted the comfort this time, for she was in dire need of it. If their first bonfire was of any indication, Zack's defenses have slowly begun to lower and reveal his true self: a *lost* soul.

Also positioned amongst the sandy shores staring at the paranoiac tropical purple sky, indicating the rising sunlight hovering over the blue sea, Kimberly however was left incongruous. After her trust shattered, her duty abandoned and her heart broken, the rooted impulse to bleed an ocean through her eyes was too great. Her soul felt wafer-thin and her body trembled and chilled under the early summer breeze.

Glimpsing back at one of the Megazord’s melted fingers just a foot away from where she stood was the final straw, however. She slowly backed away from the carnage, taking her time and ensuring that every piece and fragment of what she saw left her head sooner than later.

She simply backs away from the ocean bed and begins to walk away. It didn't take long for Jason to notice and he soon got up and followed her.....along with the others.

Billy was the last to get up and follow, as he was still shaken by the realization that the Megazord was no longer with them. But finally, he got up from the sand and followed the others. One thing was for certain.... was gonna be a long, miserable walk back to their ship.

~Hours later~

A full six hours of wandering all through town, back to the gold mines and up another flight of stairs and up to and through the main hull, leading them down to the Command Center wasn’t nearly as satisfying as before.

There they were, on the steps of Command Center with no miracle in sight. The place still looked as messy as before even with the controller Billy installed to make searching for their mentor easier.....and even then, there was still no luck in seeing the giant pulsating digitized essence of their Zordon trapped in the computer matrix behind the wall of the ship. Just more static.

No screen.

No Zordon.

No pulsating Morphin’ Grid as soon as they entered.

No Alpha.

No zords.

No tactics.

No options.


They were completely depleted. Most members of the group finally took to sitting near the foot of the entrance, moping on about their defeat while Jason still stood up, continuing to pace around.

Morale had officially hit an all-time low and it seemed clearly evident that after so long, Rita had finally won against them. To make matters even more breathtaking, nobody was saying one word for the next thirty minutes.

That was until Kimberly noticed something.

She was met with her fair share of criticism on the way back to the ship from everyone. Jason didn’t even have to speak to let her know how disappointed he was in her; Kim could see it all in his eyes; it was as there was a scream from deep within that was trying to force its way from his mouth, as if his terrified soul had unleashed a demon. All he felt then was anger.

Zack came at her with a lot of skepticism and confusion. Even the way Billy confronted her gave off a more demeaning attitude than she’s used to him talking to her.

Everyone looked at her now, almost as if she was a pariah to the group since her secret is out. It brought her right back to where she was when she ruined her reputation with that cyberbullying prank and in that very moment, Ty’s words ringed through to her: “You’re bad luck, Hart! On everyone!”

Well....almost everyone.

Trini remained the only one amongst the four who either didn’t criticize her or refused to look down on her for her stupid consequential as it ended up being. If anything, she was more concerned for her wellbeing than anything else, and for Kim, it was kind of getting annoying now.

So much so that she snapped her head back at her from behind, lightning-fast. At this point, she was daring Trini to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

Kimberly: You want to yell at me too? Well, I’m right here waiting; I can take it.

Trini: I'm not doing that. There isn’t a need for that.

She finds herself removing herself from the stairs and down to the bottom left corner of the globe where Kim sat. Trini just sneaks up and snuggles Kim in with her arm around her shoulder.

There was something so warm, something that felt right, smelt right about this hug. Kim let her body sag, her muscles become loose. In her embrace, the world stopped still on its axis. There was no time, no wind, no rain. Kimberly’s mind, as of right now, was at stilted peace.

Trini: But I am dumbstruck. Why this long, why now? It’s been this obvious for a while but I want to hear you say it.

She couldn’t think of an answer up here. Her eyes had to speak for her.

Realizing she wasn’t going to get anything out of her despite knowing why, Trini couldn’t help but sigh. Letting go of her shoulder, she contemplated getting up; loathing the thought of letting her stay cooped up in the corner, hating herself. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like much was going to cheer her up.

All she could do was gentle massage her on the shoulder and let her be.

But that’s when Billy chimes in, finally.

Billy: That didn't just happen. Tell me that didn't JUST happen.

Trini: It DID happen, Billy. And that's what sucks about life in general: we can't change the truth, no matter how much of a bitch it is.

Zack: I gotta give that Green Ranger dude some credit, though. He's one royal S.O.B.

Billy: And that gives me chills.

Trini: Hey, this is no laughing matter, Billy. We need to get Zordon back online.

Kimberly: Ba--

In counter to this, much to the shock of the others, she bursts back up to her feet ripping her jacket off and breathing heavily.

Kimberly: Be—be honest, now. How do you suppose we do that? Downloads? Jumpstarts? What do YOU see that we could use?! Everything's destroyed!

It seemed as if Kim was already accepting the price of defeat. The anger from her eyes showed the scared child within, the girl who was taught to fight and starved of the love she craved. Trin could see the pain beneath it and her soul drowning in this persona she'd carved to fit a world of indifference.

And apparently, she wasn't alone. Zack also made it clear once he stood up, stating......

Zack: That's it. The Power Rangers are history.

Billy: No!

Unwilling to give in to the jaws of defeat, Billy boldly stands up and speaks out to ALL of them.

Billy: Guys, we can't do this; we’re NOT doing this. This is EXACTLY what Rita wants. We can't let her and the Green Ranger destroy our home nor our planet.

Kimberly: Billy, did you even look around you?! Zordon's gone! Alpha's shut down! The crystal's taken and the zord's are destroyed! We're out-matched. They beat us to it. There's nothing left to fight for.

Billy: You don't want to believe that! If you walk out on us, you walk out on your life!

Trini: Hey hey hey. Guys, come on!

She breaks the tension for a short moment.

Trini: This isn't gonna help with anything. Isn't the smallest chance of victory enough of a reason for us to keep on going? After everything that brought us together, we should know better than this. The world needs us!

“What's the world done for us though? Huh?", Zack fires back at her, letting his contemplative nature cloud his better sense of judgment and discipline while also carrying a little bit of Jasons' excessive anger.

Zack: When we needed stability, comfort, support, love, where were we? Where were they? Our innocence died when they left us mentally stifled. The hell's the point?

There was no arguing against Trini's dispute; it would've been the perfect opportunity for the five to just fuck everything and run. But Kim wouldn't let that chance pass by without a blaze of glory. was ultimately Jason's decision since he was the leader.

It was his choice.

But it didn't really look like one was coming. Kim couldn't help but wander off over at Jason who remained.....distant for a majority of the conversation and from participating and being a part of it. She couldn't tell if he was thinking really hard or if the pressure from the last few days and earlier on in the night caused him to shut down.

The endless strolling, walking back and forth through the room and past the control deck eventually attracted the other Rangers gases and the point where he finally halted. His eyes were closed but his senses were open and he didn't appreciate everybody glaring over and staring him down like he did something wrong again. Certain responsibilities pass by when you're the leader and Jason was stuck in the center of it all.

Quite literally.

Jason: I can feel you all glaring at me and it's not helping.

No response.

Finally, Jason turned his head over, almost irritated. "Trin, seriously, why you all looking at me like that?"

Trini: You've been awfully silent since we came down here. We're on the verge of giving up and you're not saying anything.

Jason: I'm trying to think.

Kimberly: Yeah, think about skipping town, changing our names and raising alpacas.

Trini: Not helping, Kim!

Jason: I just need to find some peace for a moment, ok?!

"There's no need for a moment! Our town is getting destroyed! You need to have something!", Trin says gripping his shoulders,

Jason: What, you don't think I'm trying here? The hell do you want from me?!

Trini: Just tell me how we fix this, Jason! Tell us what to do!


Almost screeching at the top of his lungs, it forced Trini to step back and reconsider asking any more important questions. The others were unsurprisingly startled as well, seeing Jason's boiling temper rise to the surface once more only for that light to quickly fade out.

The look on his face expressed a clash between the pain of displaced and the pain of regret, so much so it forced him to backstep until he reached the steps. From then on....more tone-deaf waves of silence.

Finally, Jason spoke up but not before letting loose a heavy sigh of contempt.

Jason: first start at quarterback wasn't what you'd call 'great'. At the end of the first half, we'd have more injuries than points. Cheerleaders skipped out on us on purpose and we got to the point where—well, we just wanted to forfeit.

Kimberly: So what then?

Jason: Our coach played it straight for us, Kim. Said that winning and losing was voluntary but almost always momentary. All that mattered was FINISHING. And all of that.....led to this, when the coins chose us to be the new Rangers. It chose me to be the leader....but I forgot how hard it is to finish when not everyone sees it that way. And perhaps that's my fault. If I couldn't make a team leader on a stupid football team, what good am I in a team of superheroes? I'm no Captain America. I'm not Superman. I'm....I'm just a screw up."

Trini: And that’s what brought us together. It wasn't what we bargained for but we come this far.

Jason: That was then, Trin. And what makes the difference? We’re Couple of kids who let the power go way over our heads, I mean, look at this. We didn't even come close to saving this town. We.....we let them down too. Everyone.

Very uncharacteristic of him.

Unlike some of the other members, Jason would always be the most resilient and resistant one of the team. He wanted to push on when they couldn't morph. He wanted to keep going when he realized Zordon was using them at first. Even when he admitted that Billy's death was on him, he was still willing to persevere and fight the good fight. The lack of faith was disturbing for all of them.....

....and it was starting to make Kim reconsider what she was saying.

Worse case scenario: they were appalled by how casually Jason appeared to be taking his ball and going home.

However, Jason had more to say.

Jason: Look.....I know some of you weren't fond of the way that I 'led'......Trini, Zack, I'm looking at you. But I get it.....and you're probably right. We’re still new to this and to be honest, I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

Billy: Prove it.

Jason: Pro—Billy, man. All those command phrases I use? I looked them up online. Flank? Counter? Don't even know what they mean. I was pushing my daisies harder, faster and stronger than I have the right to because I got scared shitless every time we had to go back out there.

Zack: Because you were afraid of getting hurt?

Jason: Because I was afraid of any of you getting hurt. The last thing I wanted was for me to say or do something out of character that results in one of you getting—

He has to stop himself from choking up.

And it was in that moment right which that did the trick.

Something was triggered inside of Kimberly.....something that smacked her wide awake, begging her to sink in the bigger picture for a few seconds.

She was the kind of person who always refused to be powerless, to not even try to put her faith into action and simply sitting back, watching Jason sulk himself in his own pool of tears and self-pity in a time that did feel hopeless, the leader of this team that always found a way to stay optimistic even in the darkest of times....

....that was not only depressing to watch unravel. It made her realize how stupid she was for wanting to call it quits when, realistically, there still was time to fix this.

Jason did have a way of encouraging others to see all that they were capable of. Where others thought themselves her protectors by holding her back or hitting upon her self esteem, he mostly did the exact opposite. If they were chains, he was the key to breaking them. He always wanted her to have the same mental freedom he had, to see her strengths and build upon them to be stronger.

May not have always been his intention but that’s what he did.

And once again, it worked as she bolted up to her feet suddenly much everyone’s sudden confusion.

Kimberly: Then let’s not give up.

Jason: Hmm?

Kimberly: There’s another chance to stop all of this. We just need a plan.

Jason: You’re speaking rashly, Kim. Our best hope now is either delay the inevitable or get the hell out of dodge.

Kimberly: You can't be serious! Who's being rash now, huh? If they take over the world, running away won't stop them from finding us sooner or later. Rita's not one to leave loose ends; she made that clear when she tore up the town before."

Jason: Where’d this change of heart come from? I thought you said you wanted to leave Angel Grove before.

Kimberly: Things changed, Jason! I changed! You said it yourself: as much as I resent this town, I'm not gonna stand back and watch it die. Yes, I screwed up: I got mushy, I pushed it onto everyone and I’m truly sorry for that. But we still have people that look up to us, families that inspire us, friends who adore us. Look how many people are doing better now cause of what we've done for them. We—as much as I hate to admit it, this—being here; getting stuck in Saturday detention four weeks ago was the best day of my life.

She takes this time, looking back at the others and soaking in the corroded interior of the million year old ship that left the biggest impact on all of their lives. Jason couldn't ignore the tears that were beginning to swell up in her eyes; like she was lifting a fifty ton truck of cement off of her shoulders. This was as passionate she ever got about this.

Kimberly: Because if that didn't happen, I wouldn't have met any one of you. I regret absolutely NOTHING about that day, about what we accomplished together, about what we've become.....and neither should you, Jason.

She turns back to the others.

Kimberly: Neither should ANY of you.

If there was a word to describe this emotional breakdown, it'd be potent. The more she spoke out, the more it began to sink in how passionate Kimberly was. As tedious or dangerous or frustrating as being a Power Ranger was, she loved every second of it even with all the risks that came with it. Even if nobody agreed with her, she had hoped that someone in the room would understand.

Luckily for her, Billy already had his spirits lifted. The gears were starting to turn for Zack as well.

Jason, though?

His eyes repositioned up and around the base and staring through the viewing screen, mirroring Zordon's non-existent reflection back on top of him. Suddenly, it struck him, realizing once again, how coincidental this wasn't meant to be. If this wasn't fate or destiny or a prophecy or even luck, then what was it?This was their choice. And he realized now that it was one they needed to live with, own up to, embrace it.

The thought of what this did for every single one of them, how much it bettered the individual as a person made Jason perk a slight smile. If they threw all of that away, then what was the point?

Trini: Jason.

Hearing Trini's voice loud and clear, he slowly inches his head up towards her....barely noticing Billy standing up also to catch his breath from all this hot-headed tension as he walked to the far right of the room.

Trini: We've only got time for one choice here. If you are the leader.....make the call.

Thinking is best achieved when we have good self esteem, empathy for others, creativity, and a passion for solving the problem. For a brief moment of clarity, Jason found himself momentarily inspired to do all of those.

It looked like he was about to give his answer....

.....right up until he heard a commotion from the far right side of the Command Center.

Startling him and the others, they all stood up or moved away from the stairs only to find no reason to really be alarmed whatsoever. Turns out that handle amongst the tension of all these conversations earlier, Billy had tried to calm himself. But that's when he ended up falling backwards, stepping through the floor hard. The noise broke up the conversation quickly, the four now looking onwards at Billy before eyeing down at the grate.

Taking his foot out and away, he sees not only an additional layer between the metal coating but at the bottom.....was a futuristic projector which automatically triggered a virtual design of a Command Center..... both blueprint and VR type-constructed forms. It's safe to say it got their attention rather quickly.

Billy: Holy mother of Pittsburgh.

Zack: What is that?

Kimberly: New base of operations or something.

Billy: Looks more complex than that, Kim. Based on these structure designs and the pillar points here, we're looking at a different kind of headquarters. I'm looking at location storages for highly sophisticated computers capable of incredible feats of science fiction, including teleportation, scanning and contacting other temporal dimensions, and identifying the names of new monsters mere seconds after they're....created.

Had to spoil the surprise, didn't you?

Taken back by surprise once more, the team jumps from behind and locks themselves next to one another in fighting position. Facing the direction behind them and their stances as polished as ever, they were not in the mood for anymore games, anymore surprises.

They were done with it.

But they weren’t prepared for this.

Slight metallic whirring and polymorphic stitching and springing brought them back to the entranceway to the actual Command Center. It wasn’t exactly clear as to what or who was there but nobody really wanted to stay and wait to find out for themselves.

Yet they Alpha rolled on through the doorway tumbling down the stairs, still discombobulated and jittery from getting his ass handed to him days earlier. He jolts himself awake again as he groans slightly, struggling to maintain his balance.

Upon spinning his head a full 360 degrees to clear his thoughts and gain clarity, he eyes over at all five teens.....mortified and shocked. He could tell almost immediately something was wrong.

Alpha: The hell happened to you guys?

It didn't take long for the others to recognize the voice and it didn't seem real at first. But once they heard, their initial thoughts and feelings were profound

Alpha: Uhhh, hello? Were you expecting E.T or.....whatever Billy called it?


Kimberly, Billy and Zack ran up to grabbing Alpha in a tight hug, for it was clear that they missed him. Jason and Trini just ran behind them, so curious of how he survived.

Alpha: Easy easy! One at a time! Very sensitive.

The others reluctantly let go of him.

Zack: Oh thank god. You almost gave me a heart attack there.

Billy: Look, we're just happy that you're still alive. You just.....we thought you were dead or something.

Alpha: Dead?

He says as he inches his way down to his abdomen area, stitched back together despite a few dry droplets of blue blood still oozing out from the inside.

Alpha: If anything’s to be considered, I should’ve been.

Billy: We only are I said we thought you died or something. That cut looks pretty nasty.

Alpha: Yeah's my own fault. Should have learn better than to take on a a powerful enemy even one stronger than my abilities. But I again ask what happened to you guys while I wass out?

Jason: Oh it's not good Alpha. We were too late to bring you Rita's Ranger and since he cut Zordon's link to the ship he's been kicking the shit out of us.

Trini: He destroyed the football field from our school and half of the town with his own zord.

Alpha: You mean....the Dragonzord?

Zack: Yeah.

Kimberly: And we know who he is.....actually I've known all this time.

Everyone went silent looking at Kim especially Alpha

Kimberly: There's this guy from our school we recently brought in our group. His name is Tommy. Short for Thomas Oliver. Rita must have been stalking us for awhile which is probably how she learned about him. We fallowed the Green Coin's signal at the mall lead me to Tommy. But I didn't say anything cause I didn't want to believe it I wanted to believe he's not doing this by his own will. And I know it was wrong and stupid to not say anything but....I just wanted to believe this wasn't by his will.

Silence again

Alpha: It wasn't. Whatever your reasons were Kimberly I understand cause I saw how all of you were with him when I saw you guys at the desert.

Trini: You were spying on us at the bonfire Alpha?

Alpha: Zordon and I picked up your coins near by I was just checking what was up and saw that kid with you. This.....Tommy Oliver fellow you mentioned I persume?

Kimberly: Uh huh. So....if you're mad too....

Alpha: Well I am unsatisfied you kept this a secret. But knowing you realized you made a mistake I can't judge you. Plus Zordon made many mistakes himself as a young Ranger. And a lot of them were worse than yours. Which proves no one is perfect Human and Alien alike. But none of that matters now. What matters is we fix them by setting things right. First we need to get Zordon back online.

Billy: Can you?

Alpha: Course I can. I just have to reboot the backup systems before getting the grid up and running again.

Billy: There's one more problem Alpha. When we fought Tommy earlier he destroyed the Zords. And.....worst of all he took the zeo crystal.

Alpha: WHAT?!?!

Jason: We had no idea it was even in the Megazord till the Dragonzord busted through it and pulled it out. Now Rita has it.

Alpha: Ohhh crap. Ay ay ay with the crystal in Rita's hands the planet is in terrible danger. She'll harness the power and inslave everything!

Trini: Alpha get ahold of yourself. You're still under fragile condition.

Alpha: There's no time for that. We've got to get Zordon back up and running. And get that crystal back it's the only way we can fix the zords. You're all not ready to use the new ones yet.

Jason: New ones???

The Rangers were dumbstruck and curious at the mention of new zords

Alpha: I say too much. As you all see from this holograpic image this is a design of a command center Zordon and I plan to build. We would need it one day. Your new zords.....well that's something you'll need more training for and will need it soon if the dark lord comes.

Kimberly: Dark Lord???

Alpha: A greater but worst enemy than Rita. Zordon and I will tell you about him one day but for now.....we got work to do. Billy I'll need your help with the panels. Trini Kimberly. Go down to the reactor and reset the backup systems. I'll send you any information you need. Zack Jason soon as the power's back on reset the security protocal. Given your friend has acoin we'll need to make sure he can't get in again if he comes back.

Jason: We're on it Alph.

Alpha: Alph??

Jason: Sort of a nickname. It's another earth thing.

Four of the Rangers left for their assignments as Billy opened his bag pulling out his controller and Alpha noticed and got curious

Alpha: Billy.....what's that?

Billy: Let’s just say I did some reorganizing and tried to be helpful in tracking the floating head down. Wanna make it easier for you to do that...

He casually hands the controller over Alpha’s way, who continued to gaze at it in both awe and hesitation.

Billy:....just use this.

Alpha just shrugs at the remark and grabs the controller. There was no definitive game-plan set yet for what they'd do next anyways so....what's a few minutes?

Little did they know at that very moment, just outside of the Pit, the ravine and the gold mines near the outskirts of Angel Grove, a slightly vague but murky presence had begun casting an anonymous green glow, illuminating their shadow through the indefinite sunrise and its arrival back at the mine.

Up from the range, its silver metal-soled footprints crunch and push up against the rocky terrain repeatedly, bringing Rita closer and closer to the solitary of the nighttime view.

There she stood against the edge, watching as her Green Ranger appears alongside her backed up by Goldar and Scorpina. Doesn’t help that they were still in dangerously close proximity to Zack’s house.

Once again, she smirks mildly with the Crystal grasped ever so tightly in her hand, and upon this sight, Green Ranger just went down on both knees and kneeled before her. The two-hybrid twins follow suit.

Rita: My loyal Soldiers, we have it at last.

Scorpina: Twas our duty, Empress Rita.

Goldar: Those pathetic Rangers are finally finished.

Rita: I am such in gratitude for you, all of you. We won the fight and finished this meaningless war. This world will be yours. The universe, OURS. And as for the humans, what more can they do......but BURN?

She was definitely elated to FINALLY be victorious over her rivals after so many years, but she knew for a fact that this would mean nothing in the end, if the Rangers ACTUALLY came back and stopped them.

But she didn't let that fact bother her.

Rita: It is time.

She moves herself away from the edge of the cliff, turning back to her fellow-servants. No need to be too specific with any further instructions, she thought to herself. They deserved what was about to come to them and she lives to see what they could do.

Rita: Go, my children. Let the city know of our dominance......but make sure you don't have too much fun. I want in as well.

Scorpina: I thought you’d never ask.....

The three quickly nod emphatically at her order and leap away from the gold mines, splitting up into separate directions and disappearing into the semi-darkness leaving Rita on her own.

Rita holds up the Crystal in her grasp as it starts to glow up with every bit of the multidimensional vortex of energy it has stored inside. As she looks on, the crystal's energy finally reaches its climax point as the energy stored inside it explodes, causing this dispersal of power to ravage through all the mountains and the nearby city.....

....but faint enough to where nobody could feel it.

As for the team, what was supposed to be a few minutes fixing the ship turned into TWO and a half hours.

Even with their strength and agility and speed, it took quite a while. Tedious yet intriguing, in no time at all, the broken generators were restored, the main deck was tides up, wires were either re-wired or quickly replaced and the viewing screen was no longer cracked and distorted....but still no avatar of Zordon stored in the mainframe.

Most of the mess was cleaned up.

All that was needed was the actual backup generator.....

Alpha: Ok, you guys, don't move. I'm gonna test the backup power.....and pray we don't spontaneously combust.

About half of the team snapped their heads back over at Alpha, praying that he was kidding about that last remark. Since this was a ship, however, with barely any technical abnormalities up to now especially being over 65,000,000 years old, it shouldn't be that big of a problem.

For a first-time use.

With Alpha trudging and waddling out the room and to the far right, he extends his arm out to the far right wall, massaging the mesh surrounding and covering the metallic-alloy texture. Three taps to the side, it leaves a hollow echo. Ripping off the debris, he finds the backup generator.

Sporting three switches on the very back, it was rendered operational as quickly as Alpha was dispatched when the Green Ranger attacked him. He couldn't forget to overcharge the generator, keeping it operational for as much and as long as they needed it to.

Alpha: Ok, it's on. But one of you'll need to charge the igniter. One of you in there, check besides the Grid and look for a—

Found it!

Alpha: Excellent! Now switch it to the main reactor.

They pulled down the switch and to everyone's surprise the whole power to the ship all rebooted one by one everyone were just amazed and soon enough Alpha and Billy had the panels running again as they begun to bring Zordon back

Billy: Now just pressed down to the left analog and the center.

Billy's controller manage to boost up the panels and Alpha typed in the coordinates to Zordon's link as the five young heroes all stood behind him all nervous and sweating worrying it might not work

Alpha: Codes 5 4 7. Coordinates: 3 1 4 7 0 0. And.....

.....right before everyone's eyes especially Alpha after a minute Alpha punched in the coordinates the wall began to move roughly and then.....appeared on it....

......Zordon of Eltar.....had RETURNED!!

Rngers: ZORDON!!

Zordon: Rangers?

Alpha: Welcome bac old friend!

Zordon: Alpha. I am in full dept to you. Especially to all of you. Jason Kimberly Trini Billy and Zack. And for that I am proud of all of you.

The Rangers all mildly teared up in joy their were moments that they didn't think they ever see their mentor again but everything they been through lately it felt like dawn had rose upon them

But when dawn had rose above Angel Grove everything eemed pleasant and calm at first apart from the Olivers still asking around and posting posters of Tommy the Scotts were just about and while Beverly was out marketing Sam was at a gas station refuiling his truck and to his own surprise someone familiar to him wlked out with a bag of beer and cords

Sam: Lucas??

Lucas turned his head and gasped himself in surprise to his brother

Lucas: Sam.

It was awkard silence between the two brothers Sam wasn't that thrilled given their history together and Lucas......was just trying to find the right words to say despite they weren't seeing eye to eye

Lucas: you been?

Sam: How do you think?

Lucas: I was just asking. But hey....I'm off my sentence and......I've moved back to Angel Grove.

Sam: Yeah I heard and if you were any brother of mine you think I'd call?

Lucas: Sam. I get I haven't earn your trust God know how long doesn't change we're till family.

Sam: We are NOT family Luc. My own boy couldn't stay out of trouble and honestly each time he was with you I often wondered why really.

That made Lucas more worried than offended given last time he saw him he was going to fight Goldar Scorpina and the Green Ranger

Lucas: Have you heard from him lately?

Sam: It's not your concern Luc. All though God knows where he is. Have you......?

Lucas: No. No of course not.

Sam: I'll believ that IF I see that. You know Jason use to look up to you and still does knowing your reputation when he was 7 and always snuck out when he was with you each time. So if you know anything.....OR done anything......

Lucas: Sam! I agree I made bad choices but I wouldn't do anything to hurt him.

They were suddenly interrupted by a familiar laugh

Muhahaha! MUHAHAHAHA!!

That familiar miniacal laugh startled them the Olivers that drove by and more civilians and all looked up to a roof seeing the Green Ranger standing above them as he laughed on

Green Ranger: Muhahahaha! Angel Grove I here by declare all of you as loyal subjects to Empress Rita Repulsa. With the power of the Zeo Crystal she will rule the world! Now kneel before your queen or face the wrath of the Green Ranger!

Deborah couldn't help there was a mild familiarity to him but that was shaken off as the Rogue Ranger blew his floot calling forth the Dragonzord

Everyone heard giant flapping noises and the Dragonzord flew in blocking the sun which send everyone to panic all but Lucas and the Olivers

Jeff: What the hell is that thing?

Lucas: Never mind. Get inside!

Lucas lead him and Deborah back into the gas station to take cover as the Dragonzord blew fire on the road along with Goldar and Scorpina back in giant size wreaking havoc sending people to panic

Else where in an office we join Ted Hart (Robert Moloney) Kimberly's stepdad who was filling out notes and heard on the radio on his desk of what was happening out there

Breaking news up to date Angel Grove is once again under attack by alien monsters. Which is identified as the creature from last month along with a giant scorpion and witnesses claim to have seen one of the Power Rangers controlling a robot Dragon burning down the city.

Ted: Sweet mother of God.....

Ted reached for his phone calling his secretary

Ted: Jane get ahold of my wife.

Maddy Hart (Anjali Jay) Kimberly's mother was in her car at a stoplight and aw on her radio seeing Ted calling she was about to answer till.......


Maddy: What the he---

She looked out her windshield seeing Scorpina raging down the road and screamed driving the car in reverse and bashes in a window of a cloths shop but got out and ran

Else where at Billy's house his mother Candance Cranston (Lisa Berry) was brewing her coffee soon before she caught the news of the attacks seeing Goldar wreaking havoc

She was lost of words even calling Billy with no answer

Candance: Dammit Billy. Where are you?

At the Kwans residents Trini's parents (Patrick Sabongui and Erica Cerra) were on their couch with their coffees only to freeze at the reports of the attacks themselves

June: It's happening again.

Buford: Go check on the kids. I'll try and reach Trini.

June left for up stairs as when Buford reached for his cell he saw the Green Ranger on the news in shock to see a Power Ranger involved in this

At Zack's house his mother (Fiona Fu) was in her bed resting till the news on her radio got her attention hearing the mention of Goldar and Power Rangers attacking the town she heard about Scorpina and tried to remain cam but couldn't help but to worry for her son

Finally we come back to the ship where the Rangers explained everything that happened Kimberly knowing who the Green Ranger is the football field the mall the Hogans becoming Goldar and Scorpina and the Zords destroyed and Rita claiming the crystal however Zordon was soft on Kimberly like Trini was given it reminded him of his mistakes too like Alpha mentioned

Zordon: I do not blame you Kimberly seeing you learn from your mistakes allow me to continue to learn from my own. For now we must try and stop Rita from harnessing the crystal. And we must save your friend Tommy Oliver. We will need his help to save the planet.

Jason: His help? You mean....he'll have to join us?

Zordon: Indeed. There is a prophecy since Rita's betrayal of the sixth Ranger's return to restore hope and balance. It's something I wanted to believe for Rita hoping there's still any good in her. But it seems....your friend will need it more. And besides if we're ever to remove Rita's curse he'll have a lot to make up for if he has any chance of redemption and will need all of your help in that.

Everyone was silent till....Kimberly stepped forward

Kimberly: I say we do it.

Jason was feeling heavy from that again even Trini was getting a feeling herself but all dismissed it as the alarms went off

Trini: Now what??

Zordon: The ship has picked up an attack downtown the crystal's powers have been detected. Rita must be harnessing it.

Jason: Zordon. Without our zords we have no way of fighting them. They'll crush us all like bugs.

Zordon: Agreed. Which is why we'll have to focus on the Green Ranger and Rita first. You'll have to seperate to do both at once. We'll have a better chance that way.

Billy: Agreed. Well Jason? It's your call.

Jason: I say....


They nano-teched morphed into the Power Rangers once again and with memorial music playing they stepped over the cliff seeing the three monsters wreaking havoc

Yellow Ranger: They're destroying everything.

Black Ranger: Then let's kick some gold and green ass

Red Ranger: Alright Billy and Trini. Fallow the crystal's signal and you should find Rita. Get it away from her as best as you can and meet back here to repair the zords.

Blue Ranger: Got it.

Yellow Ranger: That bitch is gonna remeber my name

Red Ranger: Kimberly. You and I will deal with Tommy. If we can snag that dagger we can stop the Dragonzord. And hopefully bring him back the ship to take that curse off him.

Pink Ranger: Right.

Black Ranger: What about me boss?

Red Ranger: You save as many civilians as you can we don't want anything tragic on Tommy's consciousness more than it already is after we brake the curse.

Black Ranger: Understood.

Red Ranger: Now let's MOVE!!

Couldn’t leave any more room for debate.

They needed to nip this tail in the bud and they had to do it right then and now.

Sucks that the opposing forces at heart wouldn’t make it easier.

Once again, Rita Repulsa’s uninvited re-entry into Angel Grove has resulted in wreaking havoc, screaming outrage, and bloody murder. More thousands of dollars in property damages were ensured and her plan to nearly reducing it to ashes in search of the Zeo Crystal has already gone through its first and most crucial phase.

The Crystal was hers. Now came the less troublesome bit: annihilating everyone else.....which the Dragonzord was doing splendidly well at.

Droves upon droves of civilians were left on the verge on the Green Rangers 38 meter, 1496 inch wrecking ball, constantly batting its claws at telephone lines, swinging its tail at any nearby buildings or apartments, and violently stomping on the tarmac. Not to mention, its very presence on the road caused vehicles to constantly crash in front of its massive feet.

Some unlucky recipients who decided to step out of their cars and run were left a few meters short of a distance as the Dragonzord leaps forward....and ends up crushing both of them beneath his feet.

Its dominance followed up by more bloodcurdling screams of terror and running, the Green Ranger guffaws, laughing proudly at his work. The Dragonzord crouches its head and neck down a degree and then screeches at the top of its lungs, echoing all the way to the far outskirts of the city; one half resonating to where there used to be the “Welcome to Angel Grove” sign....

....and all the way back to the mountainside. The sound is picked up immediately by Kim, Zack, and Jason who were left sprinting down the side of the mountain, desperate to get to the city before there’s be nothing left to save.

If that screech was anything to go by, it meant bad news for our heroes.

Black Ranger: That’s not a convincing sign, boss!

Red Ranger: All the more reason to pick up the damn pace!

Pink Ranger: Hurry, hurry, hurry! Feet, don’t fail us now!

Still nowhere close to nearby, the urge to pick up the pace couldn’t have been any higher as they all start accelerating a mere ten seconds faster than they did before, greatly increasing their superhuman speed....

....before leaping off the forest-Green ashy dirt-covered mountainside, finally coming within close enough distance towards the city they vowed to protect.

Time was quickly running out, however, as now the Dragonzord, feeling more residue staining its teeth, releases another large blanket of fire, covering the path ahead of him in flames; from off the tarmac to the far left, flames coated and burned whoever laid in close proximity to the dragon which meant anybody within 50 to 60 feet....

....were immediately fried.

As it covers the entire road and the far left sidewalk, said residents in the basketball court found themselves scrambling far beyond the barbed gates momentarily guarding their path.

Those who did found a way to get out were dealt with quickly. A Galactus-sized foot of hardened liquidized gold immediately blocks their view, causing three residents to lock up and freeze before changing direction.

Another foot comes careening down and stops them again, causing them to finally gain a tiny silver of courage to look up.

The return of Goldar was frightening enough, seeing a ghost of their past turn what used to be a small fishing town into an emergency relief center bombarded with constant attacks week after week....but then they saw Scorpina. Something about a mutant scorpion with its signature barbed tail and fin grown to this size spelled disaster.

So once the residents in the basketball court did what they could: run the other way.

Goldar: Look, they think they can outrun us. How cute.

Scorpina: I’ve always hated this place.

Goldar: So the refugee camp then?

Scorpina: No.

She finds herself vibrating and wiggling her tail; a very high state of agitation that other scorpions find themselves in when they feel threatened, rubbing their tails along the little ridges on their backs to make it sound like a rattlesnake.

And she followed suit.

“First, we make a mess!”, she shouts as she slams her tail down amongst the basketball field. Her weight crushes the hoop, the fences, the tarmac, the fences, the entire field completely eroded away into nothing with a single whack of her tail.

Goldar immediately follows suit, mutating his golden hand into a liquidated battlemaster mace. With no leeway on being careful, he slams the mace down a full mile and a half away from him. Explosions erupt as it lands, adding a sick smile to his face. Snapping it back to him, he’s quick to slams the mace down a relatively close distance of HALF a mile away.....

....annihilating the Krispy Kreme shop and everything inside.

Or so he thought.

While the exterior was destroyed and most of the decor from inside including the counter and tables, people were hiding inside of there.

Realizing the gas station was one of the worst possible places to hide out given spilled gasoline tanks plus more fluid plus proper ignition equals KABOOM, a proper change of venue was desperately needed, Lucas decided. And so he spent the next fifteen minutes dragging Sam, Beverly, Deborah, and Jeff through the debris riddled, blood-soaked, burnt sidewalks of town....

....and Krispy Kreme was the closest place he could think of to hide.

Given their positioning and how closely Sam and Beverly and Jeff and Deborah were holding tightly to each other, Lucas found himself to regret that decision almost immediately.

Deborah: Could be hours before they scramble the national guard!

Beverly: National guard?! Does the army even know what’s happening here?!

Lucas: Do we?!

Once more, another titanic stomp from one of the three rampaging monsters jolts the place, forcing the five of them to keep sitting tightly behind what was left of the counter. It was the less than ideal area but sometimes when you’re on the verge of uncertain impending death, it’s difficult to think rationally all the time.

Something Sam was ticked off about, considering what happened last time.

Sam: Jesus, Luc. Of all the places you could’ve brought us to—

Lucas: I’ve gotten my fair share of eyesight; dissected everything. I’m just trying to survive here, just like everybody else. Sure, it ain’t the best I could’ve chosen but it’s the thought that counts, right? All that matters is I came back! I’m trying to fix this! Nobodies perfect, Samuel, so when are you gonna drill that through your thick skull, huh?!


Another loud thud rocks the place and given how small it was, this was big enough to almost cave the entire foundation of every single building that was sandwiched next to or behind it and bury them under 10 tons of concrete.

That wasn’t a big enough motivator for Lucas to move out and away with the others.... Scorpina decided to cram her ugly face through the destroyed roof and do it for him.

Lucas: Not again, not again!

He urges everyone to get up, finally taking the initiative to get on up and out. Directing everyone outside minding the giant gaping crack through the floor (I’ll get to that in a bit), he’s the last to leave before Scorpina’s claw-shaped hand completely caved Krispy Kreme into nothing.

No point in looking back around to see the destruction finish unfolding.....except for Jeff and Deborah.

Something about this view to both of them, watching the Krispy Kreme shop burst into a ball of debris and flames, came off as incredibly degrading. This was close to the sight where the Power Rangers held the line, stood their ground, gave people in the town some sort of hope; gave them hope.

And here it was; eradicated.



Deborah: What now?

Jeff: We keep going.

That statement couldn’t have come at a more awkward time and positioning. One of many AGPD police cruisers came careening in front of the two of them somber all the debris and flames amongst the road, doing next to nothing to startle the husband and wife. Chief Colton stepped out of one with Officer Bebe getting out alongside him, soaking in all the carnage before them....

....wondering how this keeps all going so very wrong for them.

No sign of APEX or Sheer anywhere yet, the Chief thought to himself. That spelled more relief to Colton than even he admitted he should allow. At least here, now, he could do his job.

Colton: Go south! Everyone leave everything and head south now!

The two just quickly look at each other, their twin-track thoughts running parallel to one other, always onwards. There comes a time when "pushing" one's ideas that could save our world becomes morally the right thing to do. At that moment, with Lucas, Sam, and Beverly far ahead of them, both of them nodded at the purse of action they needed to take.

Jeff simply pats Colton on his left shoulder....

Jeff: Thank you, Chief.

....and took his wife’s hand as they both ran south.

Pretty soon, the pattern began to slowly emerge amongst all the chaos. He was able to give a brief moment of stability and clarity to anyone who would listen. A whole line of people by the dozens came rolling on up from either behind cover or away from the fires to head in the direction away from the giant dragon and the other two monsters.

But this wouldn’t be enough. More people were still pinned down or already dead and if the Dragonzord duel from last night was of any indication, it was actively guaranteed to get much, much, MUCH worse.

And worse it did.

Bebe is quick to notice the Scorpina changing direction quickly and trudging her way over to them, stomping down on more cars and stepping on through fires. It alarmed him well enough to warn the Chief.

Bebe: Chief, it’s turned and heading for us; it’s coming back!

Colton: Shit, It’s heading for the refugee camp in Central Park! Quick, help me get these people clear before—

Once more, Scorpina’s tail slams down onto the tarmac, crushing the paved road alongside more blockaded cars and one additional police cruiser. Nine out of thirteen cars burst into flames upon making contact with the barbed end of the tail and two cars flipped over on their backs in Coltons direction.

Bebe quickly dives on in and tackles Colton out of the way as the flaming car collided with the cruiser behind them, heavily denting the hood and knocking the police sirens off the top of the car.

Not even waiting for the Chief to give out an order, any officers close behind him start raining bullets on Scorpina....all of which mildly irritated the giant arachnid-based creature. If anything, being pumped full of lead tickled....

....and it made her chuckle.

Scorpina: So nice of you to lump everyone together for me. Now everyone hold still.....

Scorpina launched her stinger and everyone turned away but out of no where a blasting beam was shot and it deflected her tail stinging her instead

She let out a loud agonizing shriek Colten and Bebe looked over

It was the Red Black and Pink Rangers Zack had blasted that beam from his axe as they stood between the two cops and the giant mutant hybrid

Colten: Power Rangers......

Bebe: You DID survive.

Red Ranger: Coure. You two go with the Black Ranger round up as many survivors as you can.

Bebe: We take orders from them now?

Colten: At this desperate time we'll need all the help we can get. Cause it looks like that thing's coming back

Scorpina looked back all pissed as she snarled beastly and Zack turned to Kimberly and Jason

Black Ranger: Bosss go after the Green Ranger I got this.

Pink Ranger: Are you sure?

Black Ranger: Yeah just go I got this.

Red Ranger: He's right. We need to go NOW.

Jas and Kim ran in speed as Scorpina roared and charged at Zack and the cops

Black Ranger: Alright keep close and fallow me!

The Black Ranger lead the two cops out of the park with Scorpina on their tail Zack tried to slow her down while blasting her more on the run

Meanwhile the destruction continued downtown as Goldar and the Dragonzord terrorized everything in their path and people ran in panic Goldar bashed every building around him with the Dragonzord flying down breathing fire everywhere

The disater was just endless with the Green Ranger on aother roof still playing his flute controlling his zord destroying everything but suddenly the Red and Pink Rangers leaped up high appearing from the edge of the building and landing behind their brain washed friend Kim couldn't believe what she was seeing him do

Pink Ranger: I can't believe this is happening.....

Red Ranger: Stay focus Kim. He's only under the curse remember that. All that matters is we stop him and get him back to the ship.

Kimberly nodded and she and Jason ran towards him tending to grab him by surprise but suddenly he stopped playing his flute and turned his head to them stopping them DEAD in their tracks caught red handed

Green Ranger: Fools! You think I didn't hear you back there?

Red Ranger: Tommy. This madness will gain you nothing. When Rita's done with you she'll just throw you away like garbage.

Green Ranger: You Power Geeks still don't get it do you? This world belongs to Empress Rita. The crystal's power will soon be harnessed and evil shall rule.

Red Ranger: Evil won't ever rule.

Pink Ranger: Tommy please.....we know you're still in there. You're really sick. Please let us take you to the ship. Zordon can still take out that curse.

Green Ranger: Zordon is dead. And so will ALL of who don't bow down to Empress Rita.

Pink Ranger: But at what cost? You're good peron Tommy don't do this!

Green Ranger: If you only knew the true power of a Ranger you would stand with Rita too. Zordon only held you all back cause he was afraid of his own power! And for what?! Out of guilt?! Well when Rita takes control no more holding back! Now......kneel before Rita. Or be destrooyed.

Red Ranger: That's enough Tommy! Last chance! Hand over the dagger or you will force us to take it!

Green Ranger: It's too late! There's no stopping now. There is only.....the war.

Red Ranger: So be it.

The Rogue Ranger leaped down to them as Jason and Kimberly drew their weapons and CLASHED for the final round

The stakes couldn’t rise any higher at that moment, however.

An invisible wave of energy suddenly blows through the town, taking Jason, Kimberly, and Zack by surprise as well as the remaining town residents. Dazed and confused, nobody but those three had an assumption as to what was happening. The very ground that they stood in began to vibrate and shake extensively as each second passed, seismic waves and surface ruptures rippling through the buildings and ground beneath them. Colton and Bebe had to grip onto lampposts to prevent from falling over....

....and Jeff and Deborah were left stumbling back behind an alley cause they couldn’t stand up much further.

The only ones undeterred by the apparent earthquake were Goldar, Scorpina, and the Dragonzord, and, to a less extent, the Green Ranger. While the Red and Pink Ranger struggled to keep their balance steady amongst all the excessive shifting of apparent tectonic plates, the Green Ranger just stood there, dagger in hand, carelessly looking on to his opponents.

The Sword Of Darkness flashes a bright green formulating in his hands as he spun around and hacked away with one slash. It launches both Kim and Jason back away from him as they lay defenseless on the ground with only moderate damage taken to both their bodies and their suits.

Talk about distracted.

Green Ranger: The end is nigh.

They needed to attack. They had no choice, except hope that Zack was will equipped to deal with it.


In the midst of the carnage and destruction down to their fair city, the ground began to split apart, forming a crevice that cracked through Angel Grove and slowly morphed into more of a ravine. Nothing but horrified faces from all of the civilians around town were shown as they were left either split apart from their loved ones or dropping straight into the ravine for an instant death. All the looks of morale and apparent hope crushed as news helicopters began surveying the scene, cameras eyeing helpless residents crying and shouting in agony.

Eventually, the helicopter does eye over at the Black Ranger holding Bebe and Colton up by their shoulders and dragging them elsewhere. With the ground splitting apart, they needed another tactic and quickly.

Black Ranger: Alright you two, listen to me: I need you two to head to the refugee camp.

Colton: That’s exactly where those....things are headed!

Black Ranger: They’ll suffer a fate worse than death if you don’t make the attempt, ok? You head to the camp and get everyone out but tell your men to stay behind and get whoever’s left here to safety. There are still people cooped up inside their houses and they’ll be in the line of fire soon. Tell them to take them through the back; keep them off the streets and head to the southwest. They’ll find train tracks that lead to the mountainside, they should know what to do by then.

Bebe: You really know your way around.

Black Ranger: When you’re like me, you get used to it! Now move!

Bebe: Wait, what are you doing?

Black Ranger: Taming the beast.

Pixelating his ax back into his grip, he immediately cocks the handle down as the ax blades split in two and fold backward to form an extra layer of armor and handle. The handle is immediately modified with a barrel and scope.

His ax was now a sniper rifle again.

Zack didn’t need any more time wasted so he inches the scope up to his helmet visor, zooming in until he could lock onto the Dragonzord. It eventually came into sight, roaring over the roads once again.

The head would be too easy of a target as it would move away from the blast and leave him wide open. But then he thought back to last night: one of the Megazord’s power swords was able to injure its right wing and the cut was still visible from a considerable distance away. So the go-to option was obvious.

Finger on the trigger, he fires....

....and a moderate ball of energy fizzles out the barrel at high speed and collided with the Dragonzord, hitting its right wing yet again and causing it to screech.

Zack got what he wanted: turn its attention over to him as it snarls, looking at him with villainous intent.

Black Ranger: HEY! Pick on someone your own size, you ugly son of a bitch! Lái ba, nǐ zhège āng zāng de dòngwù! (Come on, you filthy animal!)

He fires another potshot to lure towards him and here it came, charging through the carnage and flying directly above the ever-increasing crevice and directly at him.

Black Ranger: That’s right, boy! That’s right! Go along!

Addressing his attention back to Colton and Bebe, he was indirectly instructing them to go forward with what he told them to. With the Dragon chasing him amongst the rest of the town nearly sinking into a ravine that continued to grow larger and suck more things into the ground, the two got the gust pretty quickly.

That was their cue to move.

Colton: Let’s go, Bebe. To the refugee camp!

Bebe: All units, all units, I need men back where we were. Lead any surviving citizens away from the streets and southwest to the train tracks.

Colton: Don’t forget to set a perimeter back to the city limits. Those monsters don’t leave Angel Grove, not on our watch!


Every monster except for one.

While they were focused on the ones causing most of the excess destruction from the beginning, there was one crucial factor aiding and abetting this disaster that most people were completely unaware of, courtesy of their previous visitor.

Rita Repulsa.

Most of the morning, she had spent situated atop the gold mines. Dangerously close to where Zordon and Alpha were positioned, she had intended to make this victory all the more glorious by pulling this off right under their noses. A perfect encapsulation behind how confident she had grown in her ability to pull this off compared to first getting her hands on that crystal.

And she was inching ever so closer to do so.

Rita was now definitely struggling to keep in touch with the crystals' frightening degree of power. Hours into harnessing its power, she had to bend down to a knee to properly lift and hold the crystal up to the air at a leisurely pace and channel the rest of its inner power.

Even through all the pain, all the radiating pressure, she couldn’t help but flash a devious smirk. Normally, smirking was a cheeky joy, a sense of mirth and happiness combined. Here though, it came from the inner mind of someone so broken by a betrayal that she had to rely on darkness to accumulate for her profound strength.

Rita: Wait....wait ‘till you see me now, Zordon!

He won’t have to!

She catches the voice no less than a foot away from her and finding herself distracted, she immediately snaps her head back behind her, the crystal still in hand. Having prepared herself for the Rangers' last assault mentally, it was only a matter of time before they’d make a move.

Except she didn’t see anything.

Not until she inches back behind her, meeting both a blue power lance and yellow power dagger inches away from her face. The very tips of the alienated blades narrowly miss her face but even as she bends back to avoid them, the tips clip off six tiny strains of Rita’s hair.

Flipping back after nearly avoiding the weapons, the Blue Ranger charges in and tackles her off her feet, and flips back up with her in his grasp. Rita is quick to release herself before flipping over Billy’s back but as she goes for a sweep at the legs, Billy jumps over and knees her in the gut.

Yellow Ranger then comes in from behind, gripping her knees around her neck, and then rolls forward over her slamming her down as they both land on their backs hard. But Trini is quicker to get back on her feet and as Rita approaches her, she immediately turns her inside out with a roundhouse....

....which causes her to drop the Crystal.

Trini is left breathing heavily and seething at the teeth; she had been waiting for a proper bout between herself and Rita. Billy wasn’t too keen on missing this opportunity himself, for his death at her hands remained a crucial irritation that he needed to get past.

Upon Rita’s skin as she brought herself back to consciousness was earth, the dirt, pebbles, and sweat which sustains and brings us everything these humans love. If there was one thing laying face-first in dirt symbolized to Rita from last experience, it was resilience. She had taught her soul how to battle and reach deep for the reserve beneath the reserve and give it all she had: one of the few selling tips her former Ranger training brought her.

So that mud, that dirty appearance staining her already degraded green armor? She was proud of that, real proud. It brought a smirk on her face as she dragged herself back up from the dirt.

Rita: You couldn’t beat me together. You could barely halt my progress with your Megazord. What makes you think today will be any different?

Blue Ranger: Little something called trust, Rita. Should’ve kept it back when you still had the honor.

Rita: My honor was STOLEN from me, Blue. And today is the day I get it back. The Green Ranger destroys the Power Rangers, only THIS time, he'll FINISH THE JOB.

Blue Ranger: Not if we plow through you first.

Rita: You barely laid a finger on me last time.

Yellow Ranger: We slapped you off the planet, you do-nothing bitch.

Taking that challenge to heart, she smirks yet again. Another liquidated piece of gold slithers and slides down her arm before eventually coming to rest in its hand.

With her gold piece intact, it pulsates and mutates outwards yet again as the gold suddenly grew longer and wider to almost a primitive state, simply mutating itself into Rita’s signature golden staff.

Rita: Try it again. I DARE you, Didi.

For that Trini kicks Rita suddenly and pins her to the ground by the neck with her foot

Yellow Ranger: WHAT' name?

Rita: My lips are sealed.

She shoved her leg away and countered Trini forcing her back Billy charged in but Rita countered him too and they clashed their weapons to one another Rita lunged Trini away and Billy clashed his lances on Rita'ss scepter and struggled to one another

Blue Ranger: Kill me will ya?!

Rita: Happy to do it again.

They clashed more and more and while Trini tried to steady herself as she soon spotted the crystal on the ground across the flour from her

Yellow Ranger: Ah ha! Come to momma.

The Yellow Ranger crawled towards it and soon as Rita forced Billy off it didn't take long for her to spot her

Rita: Oh I don't think so!

Rita threw her scepter and it landed by her head which startled her enough to make a mild scream Trini looked up seeing the mad witch empress of evil approach her

Trini flipped back on her feet and charged back at Rita as they did a hand to hand fight slapping each other which merely sounded louder than mere human slaps but thundering clashes given how strong they are

Trini throws a punch but Rita catches it then holds out her hand pulling her scepter back in her hand with her telekinesis knocking Trini down again but Billy lunges from behind but Rita turns and counters him forcing him to hit the cave wall

Blue Ranger: Ugh.....damn she's slippery.

Slippery indeed but speaking of slippery the Green Ranger countered every attack Jason and Kimberly threw at him clashing weapons it was easy for Tommy with both the sword of darkness and dragon dagger and their fighting patterns were exactly the same

Rita obviously taught Tommy the same moves and abilities that Zordon taught them which is how tey were evenly matched this time all though the Green Ranger still had most of the apprehend

Pink Ranger: Tommy! Let us help you! Your parents need you!

Green Ranger: Silence!

Jason kicked him near the edge and he lunged his sword both clashing then Jason grabbed Tommy by the back of the neck and smashed his head to a window on a wall which cracked as he hit it


Jason was forcing the Rogue Ranger to look at his reflection in the cracked window

Red Ranger: Is this how you wanna be for the rest of your life?!

Tommy then grabbed his arms then kicked him off

Green Ranger: Don't lecture me Red Ranger. You will never convince me to betray my queen!

Red Ranger: Well now I pity you.

They continued to clash as Kim tried to catch her breath opening her face shield revealing a sad but tired expression

We some back to the train station where the cops and Black Ranger rounded up any civilians they found or came their way

Colten: Thanks for everything Black Ranger. APEX thinks you're a threat after last month but......well I want to think you and those others are trying to help.

Black Ranger: That we are. I know we made a mess but our real intentions......

Zack was suddenly interrupted when he and the chief looked up seeing an APEX helicopter landing into the train station and who stepped out was the Director herself

Colten: Oh hell. Watch out for this one. She bites like a bug.

Sheer and two more agents behind her walked firmly to them and Sheer was displeased seeing the Chief letting a Power Ranger help

Sheer: Just when I thought things couldn't go from bad to worse you had to let one of these Power Glory seekers on the scene like you let them destroy the town last night .

Colten: He's on our side Director!

Sheer: That's what the Red one said when he and the Pink one broke one broke into my base. Honestly Colten I knew you were getting sloppy but I didn't think you were this naive! I'm relieving you of your duty effective immediately and as for you I'm placing you under arrest.

Colten: RELIEVE ME?! You aragonite bitch! All you do is-----

Black Ranger: Wait Chief. Listen.....Melanie was it? We may have our differences and I know you don't trust us but we all want the same thing: Saving the planet. Cause when Rita's done with Angel Grove she'll take the whole world one city at a time and God knows what she'll do next. So......we can fight each other or fight Rita.

Sheer: Oh really.....if that's a fact....why is one of your own helping Rita tare the city apart?!

Zack was stumped with that not knowing if he told her the Green Ranger was under a curse and not doing this willingly and would she believe him?

And it definitely wouldn’t do any good for either their reputation or his if Melanie knew the person under the helmet was the guy who she had been accused of holding a few days ago.

There didn’t seem to be much of an answer to or around that. And there wasn’t much time to keep debating and arguing over who did more for what but then Zack thought back to weeks ago.....where he almost lost focus for a brief moment and almost cost a young girl the life of her father. Beating himself over it did nothing but hindered his self-worth, doubting himself.

Until Billy reminded him of what it was like to be imperfect and still improve: the main catalyst behind how he came to forgave Kim for her mistake.

There wasn’t anything excusable behind what Sheer and APEX were doing but if there was any chance for him to get them to cooperate just this ONE TIME, it would be worth it.

Black Ranger: You’re trained for wars from the unknown, right? Well, what happened with Rita last time was one of them; one of MANY. One of which you would’ve lost had we not shown up.

Sheer: You don’t get brownie points for trying to be a hero.

Black Ranger: Being a hero isn’t what I’m trying to be, it’s what I am. It’s a long, tedious, and painful road but my team is ironing out the kinks the best way we can. I’m running the same race and jumping the same hurdles as you so there’s no reason why you gotta trip us up. For someone who claims to be there for the people and say we have to stick together, you don’t even know what the hell that means.

She was undeterred by this.....

Black Ranger: Want people to actually look up to you for once? Confide trust in APEX? Here’s your chance.

....but she’d be lying if she didn’t admit he had a point. There’d be no point in any of this if there’s no city to save and the last thing they needed was for this juvenile squabbling to curb-stomp their attempts at doing so.

For the longest time though, she refused to get away from his face despite being six inches shorter than him. Melanie felt the need to debate this until she got the answer she was looking for....which now seemed unlikely.

Out of nowhere, Zack and everyone else hears distant screeching; the roar heavily compressed via the length of the wavelengths of the Doppler effect. He didn’t want to have to inch his way around to get a confirmation for himself but he does so anyway.

And lo and behold, out came the Dragonzord a good mile and a half away.

He was lucky in having lost the dragon earlier, drawing him away from the city. But he knew he wasn’t gonna lose him forever....

....let alone, be aware that he was gonna come back this close. And everyone else saw it too, which immediately had people freaking out and cowering next to whoever was close to them, family, residents, or officers.

Black Ranger: Director?

Someone needed to make a decision and NOW.

Sheer: Colton.

He bolts his head towards him, awaiting the answer to be whether it be music to his ears or elsewhere.

Sheer: Get these people on the train.

Colton hesitates to hear that; his subconscious not hearing what he thought he heard like his head and his heart didn’t understand it was getting completely different messages. The conscious mind hears and reads all the words, but the mind underneath is rather like a skim reader, only picking up words of particular significance....

....but no, he wasn’t making any of it up.

The director was finally taking in the bigger picture and willing to cease fire on both him and the Rangers, if only temporarily.

Bebe: No more wasting time, everyone in! Let’s go, everyone inside!

Quickly, he and other cops opened the freight doors of the train, making way for civilians to pile on up inside. Because there was plenty of room for everyone given how long it was, everyone didn’t have to wait long to get off the road and onto the tracks.

Sheer: Commander, I want three cars around the train. Give me tight corners and security protecting it at all costs; nobody breaks formation until prompted to.

Commander: Yes, ma’am.

Her men rally around the area, providing a protective barrier around the train to its destination (wherever it might be) along with the select few police officers there with them. Time was of the essence with the Dragonzord inching ever so closer to their location, the faint screeching growing louder and louder.

Luckily, the last of the civilians piled onto the train cars, prompting Bebe to close the last car and signaling everyone to get set and be ready to move.

Bebe: That’s all of them!

Colton: Alright, let’s move!

Mobilized and ready as they ever will, the engine car at the front starts to move, and in doing so, this wave of compressing couplings between all the cars buckles forward like a snail. The police cars and APEX vans are perched alongside both sides of the train to provide a sense of security to what came their way.

As for Sheer, she had her own ride as her helicopter swooped in from above like a bird of mercy, bringing much-needed nutrition for her kids. Her ride lands a few feet behind her and sensing it, she walks backward towards it....

....but not before eyeing back over at Zack, motioning she’d still be watching him.

Sheer: Don’t think this changes anything.

Black Ranger: Appreciate it. Let’s duke it out some other time, ok?

She nods begrudgingly, setting foot inside the copter’s cabin and motioning to get them in the air. Both the main router and the throttle on the tail begin spinning, blowing air around them in a circular motion before taking off.

Now all that was left was the incoming dragon in the distance.

Which didn't take long for Zack to notice it when it was just 30 stories away heralding towards them

Black Ranger: Wo de tian a (Oh my god) it's coming.

The train was still moving away but not far enough to run the dark zord he had to improvise

Zack speeded on top of one of the train carts and he yelled at it soon as it was ten stories

Black Ranger: HEY! BLADADADADA!!!!

The Dragonzord roared as it was merely an inch away and then the Black Ranger hopped on top of it's head as soon as it pulled up with people on the train screaming and Zack was now going for a ride as he held on tight to the right horn of the Dragonzord

Black Ranger: WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It soon flew out of Angel Grove

Meanwhile bac with the two on one Ranger face off the clashing continued as the Green Ranger continue to counter every attack of the Red Ranger's sword and Pink Ranger's bow

The fight seemed endless and the clashing got louder and louder form each bash of their weapons

Soon enough Tommy knocked Kimberly down then Jason clashed the Dragon Dagger out of his hands and then they bashed and struggled with both swords again


Green Ranger: No way!

Red Ranger: I'm sorry for everything man. If you're like this cause of me you have no idea how sorry I am. I should have never been rash with you I know that now. But I promise I'll save you from Rita's curse.

Green Ranger: What makes you think I need saving?

Red Ranger: Because I owe it to you.

Green Ranger: All you owe me is your fall.

He forced Jason off and they continued sword fighting which was more intense than ever and soon as Kimberly recovered she soon spotted the Dragon Dagger on the roof flour

Pink Ranger: That's it....

She crawled to it to reach for it but soon as Tommy knocked Jason away again he spotted Kimberly crawling to the dagger and he threw the sword of darkness at her the blade sticks to the ground in front of her reaching hand Kimberly looked up and the Green Ranger opened his face shield for the first time

Revealing an evil smirking expression of Tommy's face and his eyes glew green

Tommy: Long live.....Empress Rita.

Cutting back to Zack and the Dragonzord they were over the desert while flying on and Zack yelled out more and more while holding on

Black Ranger: RUN AWAY DRAGON!!

Soon he looked back at the right wing and Zack had the most crazy idea he then held out the blaster of his axe and FIRED it

Which caused the Dragonzord to loose altitude and lower to the desert and flip over forcing Zack to fall off and land hard on the cliff where he saw Billy and Trini still fighting Rita

Rita countered their attacks with her scepter and clash on and on till she tripped Billy falling flat on his back and the Yellow Ranger lunged her daggers only to get countered and lunged at forcing her to fly and fall hard rolling on the ground

Rita: Take a nap Didi. I got power to harness.

Rita walked up to the crystal on the flour and then picked it up and Black Ranger tried to steady back on his feet as he saw what Rita was doing

She continued briefly chanting and the crystal shinned with the power being drawn to her slowly causing an earth quake cracking the area in half and to Zack's horror

He saw the crack heading for the direction.....of his house

Black Ranger: MOM!!!!!!!!!!

He couldn’t help but catch his cry for his mother to come out more like a scream; a scream of the mouth and lungs, the eyes and soul and bypasses the ears to speak right to the heart.

No fixing that.

He’s left sprinting over to his house with the crevice in the ground growing wider and wider with Rita’s grip on the crystal harnesses more and more power from this ancient least until Rita hears Zack’s cries from afar and then sees him sprinting off of the other end of the cliff and through the other side of the gold mines.

And no chance in hell was she gonna let another Ranger distract her from what she was mere moments from accomplishing.

Rita: Oh no you’re not!

Her hand immediately shoots out with her scepter telepathically calling to her. Immediately in gripping it, she aims quickly at Zack’s line of direction, realizing aiming directly at him would cause her to miss...

....but aiming a few feet ahead of him would be more likely to cripple the boy.

Just as she charges up her scepter and fires, however, Billy tackles her down.

It didn’t help that Zack could see the blast from the scepter coming milliseconds too late and has to improvise to avoid it. He squiggles himself as far away from the blast as possible, mere inches from colliding with the projectile....

....only for the aura surrounding the blast itself to catapult him backward, crashing into his house.

Straight past the door, past the living room and the basement door, Zack is left powerless through the air as he crashes headfirst into his mother’s room. The debris flings all over the room with dirt and pebbles staining the decor but not as much as his back violently jolting up against the back of his mom’s bed.

The impact wakes her up immediately as his weight against the framing of the bed also completely folds in the mattress, wooden paneling, and bedrest from his side, causing his mom to bounce off from it and jolt her through the air.

A critical moment was dawning as Zack recovers from his fall. Rolling away from the now flattened bed, his mom comes into his sights as soon as he opens his eyes.

Springing into action, he rolls over back to his feet and jumps through the air long enough so that she’d collide with him at the precise moment just over the TV. Even as he went past his mother’s body a millisecond too early, her body was parallel to the ground, accidentally driving her shoulder into Zack’s midsection.

She ended up accidentally tackling him through the wall into the living room, which is also in shambles. Realizing how short on time Zack is, he quickly turns himself over so he’d take the brunt of the impact when they land. And so they did, with Zack’s armor sliding amongst the wooden floor and her mother’s arms still around him as he extends his right arm out to the doorframe ahead of him.

He stops immediately, saving his mother in the process.

In no time for rest, Zack brings himself back to his feet while placing one arm around his mom’s back and the other arm around the bend in her knees. He was left having to place her own arms around his shoulders to make the process of picking her up easier.

Given she was terminally ill, lifting her up felt like nothing.....which also brought to mind the sad state of just how near death's door she was every single time he had to see her.

He could even see it in her eyes as she came to, opening up her eyes and actually seeing one fifth of the ‘warriors’ she had heard from the first time around.

Monica: Hēi wǔshì... (The black warrior....)

Black Ranger: Listen to me, ma’am. You’re not safe here, you need to come with me.

Monica: Wǒ de érzi. Wǒ érzi ní? (My son. Where’s my son?)

Feeling awkard as ever hearing that he almost blurted out something without thinking but had to stop himself in a last minute pick up line

Black Ranger: Ta hen anquan. Rang ni likai zheli. (He's safe. Let's get you out of here.)

Monica was amazed to hear the Black Ranger spoke her language not knowing it's her own son she didn't think the Power Rangers knew about other earth languges but it had her trusst him and took his hand and Zack lifted her up in his arms and carried her out of the house in speed

Back in the gold mines Rita continued harnessing the crystal only a moment later for it to be knocked out of her hands by one of Trini' daggers and the crystal flew across the air and Billy caught it with his right hand

Blue Ranger: No jewlry for you lady!

Rita turned around to see Yellow Ranger with her other dagger in her left arm and looking firmly at her

Yellow Ranger: What's my name?!

Rita: Let me shout it for ya!

Rita yelled out lunging at Trini and clashed her scepter with her one dagger Trini fought back yelling for Billy

Yellow Ranger: BILLY! Get the crystal away from Rita as possible! Find the others and get the zords back up and running!

Blue Ranger: What about you?!

Yellow Ranger: Just GO! You're wasting time!

Rita: Oh no you don't!

She forced her off and blasted at Billy but he ducked the last minute falling over

Blue Ranger: Eow!

Rita: Give me that CRYSTAL!

Blue Ranger: Screw you!!

She yelled lunging her scepter down to him but he rolled over dodging it gripping the crystal till Trini kicked her off of him and Rita fell over and the Yellow Ranger grabbed Billy's hand pulling him up

Yellow Ranger: Let's get out of here and find the others.

Blue Ranger: Right behind ya.

Rita growled as she sat up and pointed her scepter at them

Yellow Ranger: MOVE IT BLUE BERRY!

They speeded vanishing as the beam hit the ground where they stood and Rita's temper grew bigger and bigger and she howled out in outrage


She levitated away

Back with Zack and Monica they landed on top of the moving train in full speed walking up to the front passanger car and open a top hatch and came in which starled Bulk and Skull that happen to be on the train themselves with other survivors

And didn't take long for Bebe to notice him and walk up to him

Bebe: Black Ranger? Another survivor?

Black Ranger: Yeah. But a sick one. Make sure this woman is in strong hands.

Bebe: I'll get her with the best doctors.

Zack slowly lowered his mother back on her feet and Bebe took hold of her to help her steady

Monica: Xiexie (Thank you.)

Black Ranger: Bu keqi (You're welcome.)

Soon as Bebe escorted Monica to the next car Zack watched them go till they were out of the room and turned about head for the hatch but Bulk and Skull startled him appearing behind him

Bulk: The Black Ranger?

Skull: Huge fan of you man. And the other ones.

Bulk: Are you from another planet?

Skull: What's space like?

Bulk: You have a space ship?

Skull: What'd you look like under there?

Black Ranger: Kan zai shangdi de fen shang. (For God's sake)

Skull: What's that?

Bulk: Didn't know you spoke Chinese?

Black Ranger: Look I'd love to answer your questions boys and wish I had the time for them but.....I got a world to save.

He pushed them aside walking pass them and jumping up the hatch he came on the duo looked stumped and looked at each other

Bulk: We were just pushed aside by the Black Ranger.

Skull: That is....AWESOME!

Looks like we got a fan club here....Amongst all the others.

Unfortunately, it didn’t look like it would appear to be the case much longer if the Green Ranger had anything to say about it.

For the last two and a half minutes, Green Ranger had locked Jason in a rear-naked choke from behind; just more deadly than the regular hold. Jason desperately tried to reach out for the nearest doorframe closest to him but the positioning of the lock Tommy had on him basically prevented him from taking another step forward.

And with Kimberly currently out of sight, no one would get him out of it but him....and ONLY him.

It is a common misnomer among people who aren't versed in fighting that chokeholds only target the flow of air through the windpipe, hence the term "choke".

Not so.

Here, Tommy’s hold put only minimal pressure on the windpipe, and instead targeted the carotid arteries on one side of the neck. He left the hand that wraps around the neck loose, so as not to lock the hold in for real. And by controlling the arm as he did, the hold automatically pulls Jason’s arm back as Green Ranger pushed his head forward, increasing the pressure still further. All of this blocks one of the two big arteries on either side of the neck, restricting the flow of blood to the brain.

It was guaranteed to quickly render him unconscious in a matter of seconds.

Thank god Jason’s increased durability from the coin kept him on his feet for a few seconds.....but not for long.

The panic was settling in quickly. Jason’s face-shield opened in desperation for him to breathe, nearly losing the color from his face. It was as if his heart had suddenly stopped beating and all the blood cut off from his brain had run down into his boots. He swayed for just a moment, slugging forward. Beneath his feet, the wooden floor felt soft, not as much as even a firm carpet, but not right for oak planks.

Jason moved to the edge of the room, his bruised dirt-covered armor brushing against the mildewed wall.

Eventually, the Green Ranger further tightened his grip over Jason, locking his legs around his abdomen forcing himself and Jason backward, crumpling like a puppet suddenly released of their strings.

Similar to yesterday, in the water, Jason’s brain is in full panic. There are no coordinated movements, just clawing through the thin air while the very lack of it inside of him threatens to puncture his lungs. From his lips comes an explosion of short and shallow breaths. Jason almost realizes he isn't facing upwards, that he’s struggling perpendicular to the surface, but already his thoughts are groggy.

His body finally began to shut down and Jason’s consciousness began fading once more....

....much to Kimberly’s horror as she finally comes to, seeing him choke the man out almost to death.

Pink Ranger: LET GO OF HIM!

She can’t refrain her voice any longer. She rushes over with a single arrow materializing in her hand, thrusting it down where Green Rangers head was....almost forgetting about the man who was underneath the helmet.

Unfortunately, while he was forced to let go of Jason just in the nick of time too, he again was one step ahead as he launches his dragon dagger directly at Kimberly at a ludicrous fast pace. She’s barely able to defend herself before the dagger penetrates with so much force, it launches her out the window.

And down she falls, for only a brief five seconds before colliding with the hood of a charred car.

She groans slightly from the impact. Metal colliding with fragile skin never ends with the human coming out on top, as evidenced by Kim shortly sliding off from the hood and onto her knees.

But not so much as the dragon dagger embedded through her armor and in her shoulder. The dagger was a tool, no more, either for noble defense or evil cold-hearted deeds. And so what is more important is not the blade yet the heart that wields it.

And the heart that wielded it was one of fierce determination and it came off as shocking when Kim discovered that the dagger didn’t penetrate straight through her. Usually, a stab to the shoulder would do damage to the underlying joint more than being fatal; there’s not much more than bone, nerve, and major blood vessels in the shoulder.

But with three major arteries running through the shoulder, had the dagger pierced through one of the other, superhuman or otherwise, she would’ve been dead in minutes.

Thankful for that, she grips the tip of the blade slowly before closing her eyes, taking deep breathes. She pulls out, barely yelping out in anguish.....and there she was, staring down at the dragon dagger.

Tommy practically gave her exactly what she needed to bring down that wild dragon and maybe turn the fight back over in their favor.

But then comes more yelling. She bolts her head up, seeing Tommy carrying Jason out through the ceiling and just tossing him back down again. Amongst all the destruction that was being done to this city, he was causing the vast majority of it, resulting in most residents either heading to the mountains for safety or already dead.

Most of the battle had gone swiftly his way....all the more reason she needed to do something and fast.

Poor Jason was barely hanging in there and here he was, back where he started and ended each and every time they fought. With his pride having been diminished (the last thing on his mind right now) no clue how the rest of the team were doing, everything was lying squarely on his shoulders.

He was lucky to find none of his injuries from the previous night resurfacing: shoulder, leg, sternum, and all that. But then came the stigma of the HOW behind getting any advantage over Tommy. Last night at the docks, the closest he found himself getting anywhere near beating him was when he was blocking and countering his every move....

....but even then, he was able to switch things up almost instantly and it landed him back at square one. Even breaking his own arm did nothing to phase him.

It left the leader of the Power Rangers absolutely stumped, yet it worked wonders for his opponent though. This was the trigger that Tommy mentioned days before: the frying of the brain that turned him from a sensible human being to someone cold, fearless, and indigent. That was the person Jason had witnessed standing in front of him for days now, one who craved the challenge Jason provided him. But all good things must come to an end....

....and if his hand illuminating with dark green as his golden sword pops out, fading in through the grip in his hands, he looked damn near ready to put the nail in the coffin.

Just as the blade is not as important as the heart that wields it, the expression of the sword is the accent of the heart that holds it.

Green Ranger: Now Red Ranger, our battle draws to a close. It is time for me to destroy you; I must be victorious for my queen!

No need in waiting for him to get up, he thought to himself. He had his chance. Ever so close to finishing the job once and all, he blindly charges forward, sword in hand, with every fiber in his being prepared to deliver the coup-de-grace to his opponent.

Jason could only help but to glimpse up at him shortly, seeing the impending doom heading his way.

When one has been in the cold for so long, without the smallest ray of hope, and all that you love hangs in the balance, a leap into the unknown becomes prudence. And that leap of faith came right about....


Just as it appears that the Green Ranger will finally destroy the Red Ranger with a single slash of his sword, Jason makes his move. With the sword coming at him mere inches away from his face, he bypasses the sword’s direction and ducks under it.

In that brief quick timeframe, Jason uses the palm of his left hand to strike the Green Ranger under his right arm, incapacitating the joints and causing his arm to eventually go limp. In the process, he left his sword dangling up through the air. Sensing his only opportunity, Jason dodges a roundhouse from his opponent before barely catching the Sword of Darkness by the handle.....

....and stabs Tommy clean through.

The impact stops the Green Ranger dead in his tracks but his own blade doesn't pierce all the way through. But the pain he was in was already hard to stomach enough, for being stabbed in the chest, he felt the impact at first. Then there's the intense tingle, like a severe electric shock. That's his nervous system realizing that thousands upon thousands of circuits have just been broken.

It was his turn to feel the heat.

That's what people usually remember the most. It's a heat like nothing he ever imagined; said wound he received from the blade wasn't enough to be fatal but the pain was quick to repeat itself over again. The impact, the tingle, the heat, the numbness. After that was when it started to really hurt, like any other cut anyone's ever gotten, but deeper. And given how deep the wound went, it was bad.

Not as bad as when he did it to Jason but there was no way he couldn’t not feel it.

Now the two were even.

Jason found himself breathing just as much as the Green Ranger, for the very lack of breath is felt through their bodies: that feeling of tiredness and lethargy. For as their lungs work to bring in much-needed oxygen, even then they feel as if they’re drowning in the air.

He felt himself gripping Tommy’s left shoulder like his inner consciousness was calling out to him to bring a sense of calmness to the young man. Dropping down to a knee, Tommy unanimously follows suit with both of their face shields dropping seconds apart from each other.

Staring eyes apart from each other, the Red Ranger found the glimmer of reflective dark green in Tommy’s pupils, yet another signed confession that this wasn’t any of his own doing.... if he needed any more confirmation after last night.

Jason: You—are coming with us.

Tommy: You hold no authority over me, Red Ranger.

Jason: You’re right. It’s not up to I’ll take you to Zordon and let him be the judge.

Fat chance.

There are times shadows are so welcome, a chance to dwell in diffuse rays, to rest. There are times that kiss of cold air is a salve, for it beckons one to sit, to revive what needs quiet solitude, those sweet puddles of calmness.

Couldn’t have been a worse time for a shadow to ruin the moment, as Jason catches a 25-meter shadow hovering over both him and Tommy, completely obstructing their view of the sun.

No question on what was coming next. So quickly thinking, Jason pushes Tommy away just as a golden liquidated mace slices through half of the building, forcing Jason to jump to the farthest one from him to maintain leverage.

Tommy was left aiding to his wound; the Sword of Darkness still embedded into his chest. He could barely bring himself to look upwards, seeing Goldar re-emerging back on the scene. Seeing as the Green Ranger had finally gotten handicapped and met his match, the former Jacob Hogan had no intentions on letting this loss be so short-lived.

So much for friends.

Goldar: This should be fun.

Jason: Not now, you!

Goldar: This is OUR home, Ranger! NOT YOURS! If anyone’s going to destroy it, it’s gonna be us! My sister should be laying waste to the refugee camp as I speak; a shame she won’t get to see me WASTE YOU!

He says as he, once again, plunges his hand downwards crushing the next building Jason happened to be standing on before he leaps back some more and finds higher ground again.

This was the song and dance for the next minute: endless running followed by destroyed building after destroyed building like Goldar playing wack-a-mole. Only one time during the ordeal did Jason attempt to slow Goldar down....

....materializing his sword back into his hands before splitting the blade apart and firing at him like a blaster.

He just absorbed the blast like it was nothing.

Then came.....trumpets.

Weird, misplaced, out of sync, trumpets.

The sound was halfway tolerable as if it was somebody's first time. And then it clicked to everyone.

It was most horrifying to the Green Ranger, racing towards the edge of his half of the building, his hands gripping the cemented edge with anguish and frustration. The sight of Kimberly with his dragon dagger attempting to call his zord and playing it mere feet below him was staggering.

He was certain he had her killed when he tossed it at her; only to find out he just gift-wrapped a way for them to beat them properly.

Tommy: NO!

Goldar: No, you don’t!

Kimberly is quick to notice how close Goldar's piston-sized foot was to where she was positioned, standing on the hood of another disfigured cop car.

She had seconds at best before dropping the dagger and moving out of the way, letting Goldar's big ugly foot careen down and fail at stomping her. Jason was saved from his wrath for the time being as Goldar just kept stomping and smashing trying to get a pretty pink stain underneath his sole.

No such luck.

Goldar: Hold still!

Wasn't in the blueprints for Kim. All she had to do was hope she got enough of the notes right that the Dragonzord would come their way.

Her prayers were answered very shortly.

Kim hears distant screeching; the roar heavily compressed via the length of the wavelengths of the Doppler effect. She didn’t want to have to inch his way around to get a confirmation for himself but he does so anyway.

And lo and behold, out came the Dragonzord a good mile and a half away.

Almost immediately, she sprints back in the opposite direction underneath Goldar while searching sporadically for the dagger. Amongst all the debris and concrete and dried up blood, it was the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack.

But heading back to the charred cop car from earlier yielded the location of the voluntary weapon she carelessly threw away. Too little too late, though.

Gripping the handle of the dagger once more, she sees the Dragon getting extremely close to Goldar. The latter, realizing it was being controlled by Kim, decides to flat out bring it down as his hands heat up with fire in preparations for a fireball.

Kim tries to play the dagger like a flute again but continues to flounder on the notes, thus missing her cue. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she couldn’t get it to switch directions along the side of the road, resulting in the Dragonzord colliding with more buildings and lampposts, further damaging its already flimsy right wing.

Unable to stop the Dragon just as it opens its mouth to prepare for a fire blast of its own, it crashes directly into Goldar....

....redirecting his fireball in the opposite direction.

Flying a full two and a half miles away from him, it catches Scorpina in its sights just as she finally got in close proximity to the refugee camp.

She doesn’t catch the hurling mass of heat from afar and by the time she does feel a resemblance of it, it’s too little too late. The fireball clocks her across the face and takes her off-balance, falling over her tail and landing flat on the tarmac beneath her. That accidental misfire inadvertently saved those cooped up at the refugee camp.

But that was far from Goldar’s only screwup.

Not shortly after being tackled, it launches him back a foot towards the Green Ranger with his arms and back crumbling more buildings behind him. In a desperate struggle to keep standing despite the Dragonzord being embedded into his chest, he tries and fails to cling to another building and the two eventually fall flat on the tarmac below, damaged and broken.

Him failing to hold on for dead life with his giant arm accidentally sends a shockwave dangerously close to Tommy and knocks him off of the building. Jason could see it all from where he stood and his face dropped in horror.

Jason: TOMMY!

To say Tommy took the brunt of it is an understatement. The shockwave flew him off the roof completely as he fell down into an alleyway. By that point, he hit the wall on his right before BOUNCING his head off the exterior stairs on the same side and then fell onto a dumpster underneath him.....

.....before landing on the ground, out cold.

Jason hopped over the roof landing hard on his feet which caught Kim's attention and fallowed him while running into the alleway and didn't take long for Kim to see where Jason rand to which was to her horror too

Kimberly: Oh my god....

Kim ran up to the boys as she ad Jason kneed down seeing the Rogue Ranger unconscious and his face in his opened helmet showing signs of nose bleed Kimberly placed her head on his armored chest to listen for a heart beat as Jason placed two of his fingers on his neck to feel any pulse

Kim had a hard time hearing a beat under his armor but Jason manage to feel a small thump from the pulse

Jason: Oh......

Kimberly: Is he....?

Jason: No. He's unconscious but he's still alive. But the pulse is weak.

Kimberly: Let's get him back to the ship before he wakes up.

Jason: I got him. You still got the dagger?

She held up the dagger showing him

Jason: Excellent. Without that we shouldn't have to worry about the Dragonzord. Call Zordon and tell him we're on our way with Tommy.

Kim latched the dagger on her belt and tapped on the right side of her pink helmet and spoke

Kimberly: Zordon. We got Tommy. We're bringing him in.

Good work Kimberly. We're notifying the others now.

Goldar however manage to slowly recover as he sat up beaten up from the thrashing he took from and the Dragonzord and seeing it flat on the ground not moving an inch

Goldar: Knew you couldn't be trusted.

He reached over to crawl a bit to steady himself and look down to the alleyway to see the Red Pink and Green Rangers were gone

He looked around with no sign of them he even ripped things apart looking for them road sidewalks everywhere and not a single rainbow color was glimpsed

Goldar: Baaaah! Run and hide! But I will find you!

He tried to stand up but a minute after fell back over

At the refuge camp Scorpina's vision was out of focus from the fireball as she too sat up holding her face grunting from the burns and she stood up but fell herself back to the ground

As for Rita.....she was just outragged not being able to reach her monsters with her telepath or on the Green Ranger's communications

Rita: Green Ranger? Come in! Goldar! SCORPINA! where the hell are you?! RAAAAHHHH!!!!

She stomped her foot in the most fiery frusteration Rita the looked out to th desert knowing where that direction was

As half an hour passed the Rangers all met back at the ship Billy and Trini had the crystal and Kim and Jason brought Tommy into the medical room where Alpha had everything set to remove the curse

Tommy was still knocked out and flat on the bed and they demorphed him to treat his injuries and Kim couldn't take her worried eyes off him

Kimberly: Oh just look at him. He's so fragile.

Alpha: Don't you worry Kim. Zordon and I will get to work on him right away. Meantime you two get to the main hall Zordon will have instructions for you how to harness the crystal.

Kimberly: I don't want to leave him.

Alpha: There's nothing you can do here. I promise he'll be better when you get back.

Jason: Alpha's right. We'll help Tommy more if we stop Rita. It's not gonna take her long to find out we have him. I'm more sure she's on to us given Trini and Billy brought the crystal.

Alpha: He's right. You two better get going.

Kim was silent still staring at Tommy

Alpha: He's safe. I swear.

Kim was still and she briefly nodded and fallowed Jaon out of the medical room and Alpha turned to Tommy as he was still out of it and mumbling in his sleep

Tommy: I must......destroy....them....I.....must.....destroy.......

Alpha: Ayiayiayi.......Rita really messed you up good didn't she? Well I better get to work.

While that was in process the other five were in the Morhing Grid as Trini was holding out the crystal observing it with Zack and Billy behind her observing it from their positions

Zack: All this was in our Megazord.

Billy: You think it split in five when our zords were.....separate?

Trini: Unlikely. Logically had to be in one of our zords.

Zordon: Now's the time for logic theories Rangers. As we speak Rita is likely destroying your city out of rage. And must be stopped at all costs.

Trini: Then what'd we waiting for? Tell us how we get the Zords back.

Zordon: What you must do....

Sorry we're late.

That quote that interrupted them made them look to the main entrance where Jason came in first fallowed by a silent Kimberly

Jason: Sorry. Didn't mean to burst. What I miss?

Zordon: As I was saying....all five of you can channel energy with the crystal as it will draw it's power within you. You will then be able to harness all it's energy and then.....all you will you have to call out the names of your zords.

Zack: That's it?

Zordon: That's it.

Billy: Man this definitely feels like we're in a Saturday morning 1990's kids tv show.

Zordon: Once it's harnessed the damge on all six zords should automatically repair and be funcional.

Jason: Good. Then we got this in......did you just say six?

Zordon: Correct Jason. The crystal's energy will effect the Dragonzord as well as your own. But by the time Alpha and I remove Rita's curse from the Green Coin I will send him to join you in the fight.

Being a skeptic is not a personality but a gear, a mode, that can switch on or off depending on if the situation requires it. For the loving hearts, we switch it off, when we have an intuition that truth as been departed from we switch it on.

Not one of them could really say they felt comfortable going through with this despite being at the line. They all felt, for lack of a better word, forced, into this ending half of the predicament despite having all the necessary precautions lying ahead, especially Jason and Kimberly. It just left all five friends looking across from each other because.....the real Tommy that was underneath all that was just as uncertain as they were.

The bonfire showed that while he was the last man anyone should mess with, he was also just as miserable and relatable as each other; the messing piece to that layered puzzle, perhaps. Yet, the demeanor he presented showed a man who didn’t enjoy fighting; it was simply the last resort in case he really needed to.

Even if he recovered from all the property he’s destroyed, the lives he’s taken, and the damage he’s surely caused to not only his reputation but the Power Rangers also, it seemed unlikely that he would stay behind and commit to this when all was said and done.

Billy was left thinking to himself, that this wouldn’t be the life for him.

Jason: Alright.

Zack: We’ll take care of this, Zordon.

Everyone else just nods unanimously in agreement before turning around by one and walking out the doors of the Command Center all while Zordon nods at them from behind. Unfortunately, that was a bridge that needed to be crossed by the time they got back. They still had a city to save and a baddie to put away.

One or another, this bout needed to end today.

Leaping out from the submerging water, the five all landed back on top of the very cliffs of the ravine where it all started....and hopefully where it was going to end.

At least, that’s what Zack had planned. No better way to finish this charade and put all of this behind them, he proposed to the others.

Billy was very VERY quick to counteract that.

Billy: Not here.

Zack: How so?

Billy: In case Rita comes back, it’ll be the first place she’ll look. And in case you forgot....

He simply points directly back down the ravine where the body of water, vaguely outlined in the shape of a thunderbolt, led straight down to an ungravitated dead end where droplets are held frozen and crystallized at the end of the surface. Given the Pit and the ship where right next to one another....’d be another instant death trap for all of them.

Billy: We’d be making it too easy.

Zack: Point taken. So where to then, boss?

He says, turning back to Jason alone with every one else, awaiting the decision of the leader. Jason couldn’t help but to admit, he had gotten used to everyone but Kim referring to him as ‘boss’; while before it came off as patronizing, now it came off like a more genuine sign of respect.

Jason found himself shaking his head at the response, formulating his thoughts. There came a time when "pushing" one's ideas that could save our world becomes morally the right thing to do and the former quarterback football captain must’ve had something up his sleeve for this final epitaph to attempt #2 for Rita’s attempt to ruin their lives.


Well, not much really came to mind. All the available areas that did come to him eventually were either too convenient, too easy to track or likely destroyed from the rampage so that eliminated most of Angel Grove and even back her at the gold mines and the mountainside.

All except for one place.

Suddenly, Jason is lifted up into the air against his will. Exclaiming loudly, it puts the rest of the team on edge. Finding himself trapped in an invisible barrier with an aura tainted in green hue, it was difficult for him to wiggle his way out of the control of the force.

Especially with who was behind it.

Rita had appeared from behind the trees from behind, her head tilting to the right slightly, as her pupils glew dark green, an effect that quickly reflected back to her telekinetic control over Jason. She barely had to strain herself in order to lift him up.

Everybody gets defensive with their positions all while the leader is left eyeing down over at the animalistic mirth shown in Rita burrowed underneath mountains and mountains of anger and frustration for eons. Her teeth gritting, her head violently shaking, even her body language spoke of a woman deprived of absolutely everything and had resorted to going gung-ho as a last resort.

Rita’s nerves of steel had finally reached their limits. She was furious, abandoning any and all semblance of composure.

Rita: Red. I can.....taste his stench off of you and every time I do, i can’t help but feel like I’ve somehow been infected by it. It’s repulsive. Bold, brash, arrogant, idiotic! You insult the memory of this team by branding that color!

Zack: Let him go or I SHOOT!

Rita: SHOOT ME AND HE DIES! It is MY FATE to harness that power! NONE OTHER!

When the prefrontal cortex isn't given the right environment to develop self-control, a violent temper can be the result. We are born to handle temporary stress, temporary rises in cortisol, yet not consistently for months, years, or decades. Without good role models and coping mechanisms, the person can become a victim of their own inner storms, in constant "Hulk smash" mode.

And with her composure having finally broken down after eons, Rita was, once again, a lost cause to them and herself. Anger, pain, sadness - so intertwined that perhaps her name sought to be tweaked to reflect the true origins of those emotions.

Having enough and her emotions on overload, she twitches her head upwards which violently jerks Jason over at Kim and Billy’s direction. The green hue resonating from the aura of the telekinesis faded away but the force that propelled him towards them was still in effect. Kim and Billy had to dig their feet into the dirt for stability against the opposing force....

....completely unaware it was the latter wanted.

No soon should they stop Jason from hurling past them, they’re too late to notice Rita swinging her staff at them. A green sweeping blast radiates away from the staff and it quickly overtakes the five teenagers with attitude with massive force.

They all try too late to block up from the fan-like particles in the blast, keeping them from moving any forward but the blast takes them all off their feet and grounds them. It had been a long morning and the constant threats of people taking over the city wore them out a lot more than expected.

Cold and bitter, Rita slams her scepter into the dirt once more, her mouth twitching and gritting with vexation and irritability. For her to get this far and this close to achieving her nirvana only to find they’re still trouble after all of this time.....she couldn’t help but to further scream out in anguish now that her advantage was gone.

And to think, she realized, she barely had to do any of the work. If she felt like it, she could’ve let Kimberly’s conflicting nature on Tommy poor gasoline over the team’s foundation just like Zordon’s ego did for her’s and rip them apart from the inside out. Had nothing else worked, she had hoped for that at the very least.

She was so close, yet so far.

This was why she quickly redirected all her frustration and attention towards pretty Pink #2, all the while leaving everyone else to recover and lie there in considerable pain.

Kim finds herself near the very edge of the cliff overlooking the thunder-shaped bolt lake that separates them from the Pit. Escape was the last thing she needed; her team needed her. But the temptation to just crawl over and drop down into the drink for a quick breather was difficult not to formulate in her brain.

All of that ended though when Rita just waltzed right over to Kim, alerting her neural senses and bringing her back to focus. She finds Rita thrusting the sharp end-tip of her scepter down onto her....which goes nowhere. Kim is quick to catch the scepter at the last possible second; the golden tip of the scepter barely grazing the already injured right shoulder.

Rita: You know how you felt about him; I saw the way you looked at him! Why couldn’t you just give in?!

Kimberly: Make me, you hideous skag.

She asked for Rita complied, smacking Kimberly alongside the face with the crest of her scepter only to thrust down at her again. But still, no dice. Kim refused to be stabbed.

Rita: I must say I’m disappointed; your predecessor put up more of a convincing fight than this at the end of her run. All you just a pretty face:

Kimberly: Care to put that money in your mouth?

She kicks her scepter away and hops back on her feet, only to then swing a punch which then misses Rita. Rita forces her back with the scepter and then proceeds to start swinging herself.

Barely swiping herself out the way, the crest of the scepter only just misses as Kim rolls over and kicks it away again. But then there are Rita’s claws, endlessly swiping away like a deranged lunatic with some sense of suave and style.

It proved to be difficult, given how wickedly fast she was swinging. Those sharp talons that can scratch metal did a lot more than just scratch at the paint job of Kim’s armor, as evidence when Kimberly actually attempted to dodge a scratch and go up underneath her arm for an arm drag, she was successful but her guard being let down left her wide open for a back kick across the face.

Not even a moment after the kick connected, Rita bursts forward with a furious knee strike that forced Kim down on both knees and arms. It left her winded and gasping for air rather heavily.

Exactly where Rita wanted her. With her Green Ranger missing, it’d be nice to fulfill the honor in taking all five teenagers with attitude down herself. All that was left in her way was petty pretty pink.

Her hand reaches out, calling her scepter. Summoning back into her hands, she rams the butt-end of the tip of the scepter down into Kim’s head and Rita was really fuming when she did it, her hands and teeth clinching in fury.

Rita: Kneel.

Terrible choices of words.

“Not today!”, Kim expressed with confidence as she flipped upwards with a tornado kick, nearly taking Rita’s head off and knocking her down to the ground.

Up she leaps into the air, her bow and arrow converting into her makeshift sword again. The attack misses, for Rita moved away, skidding aside the rocky terrain who retaliates by throwing her scepter at her like a spear.

Catching eye of this, she slides directly underneath the attack and does the same with her bow sword, which Rita easily deflects. Prepared for a simple kick or punch, Rita doesn’t bother preparing for the next attack which comes as a genuine surprise. Kim jumps right up to Rita’s shoulders and slams both her elbows down on her shoulder bones, bringing Rita down to one knee. She swings a roundhouse which Rita ducks, socking Kim with a Superman punch.

Woozy, Kim returns the favor with an Enziguri to the back of her head and then slams her face straight into the ground. Not satisfied though, Kim pulls her up by the hair.

Kimberly: Anything else?

The lack of fear or worry over her face still stuck out like a sore thumb. It really brought up concerns whether or not they were doing that much damage to her in the first palace.

Rita: Fascinating me....was your greatest irony.

Kim wasn’t fast enough to avoid Rita sucker punching her before zipping over and around her and pushing her with massive force over by the trees where the rest of the Rangers laid recovering. Crashing through a tree trunk and skidding her arms and body past branches, boulders, and rocks, the impact of the last crash crushed the top half of her helmet.

With her visor exposed, it spoke levels to how strong Rita really was and how pathetically easy she was holding herself back last time. What she demonstrated to them before was nothing compared to now and if the teams' looks of dispense and grief spoke to that, they knew they were in trouble.

The competitor in Kim wouldn’t budge, however, for the fate of the planet and potentially the universe laid at stake. Forcibly pulling her helmet off and letting the blood in her eyes drip down, she charges on once more.

Grabbing her bow and arrow sword, she simply throws it again at Rita who simply deflects it away. But Kim again goes directly underneath her and interlocks her arms behind her back. With force, she lifts her off the ground.

By two feet.

Rita noticed how tight the waistlock was clenched in with her arms intertwined with Kimberly still trying her damn way to lift her. It left Rita giggling sadistically.

Rita: Pink, pink, pink. Always the bravest of us.....

She headbutts from the back and breaks the hold from the waist, flipping Kim directly over her with ease only to interlock her arms around Kim’s back and lift her up, falling backward while bridging her back and legs, slamming the Pink Ranger down.

It left her immobile for about a good minute. There Rita was, standing over her, smirking away.

But then she went and grabbed her by the hair. She wasn’t done yet.

Rita:.....yet you were never one to make the hard decisions. I perfected that move, you twit!

She hisses, scolding her for trying the German suplex. Once again, she bridged herself forward to her with her arms around her back and slams her down again....only this time, keeping the waistlock cinched in and delivering another.

And another.

And another.






10 German suplexes to Kimberly in a row.

Her weak groaning followed; the broken body of the second Pink Ranger was laid right there on display for Trini to see, finally inching up to a vertical basis.

Kim’s adrenaline having run out, and unable to feel her arms or legs, she was left stock-still, stationary, almost immobile aside from a mild fidget in the leg here and a small twitch in her finger there. The bad shoulder was one thing but the injuries sustained to Kim now, once thought to be evanescent, had now been brought into the forefront.

Having finished with her, the only thing on Rita’s mind here and now was that damn Zeo crystal. And wouldn’t she know it?

It was still nearby Trini’s position.

The sight of Rita methodically tiptoeing toward her in her peripheral vision grew as a sign of danger; forcing her to move by her fingertips, just the bare edge of her hands and upper body.

An inch away from the crystal and a fingertip away from claiming it, it slides out from underneath her. Rita once again had gotten her filthy claws on it and it brought Trini so much frustration.

Rita: No’ll all get your turn. But I believe my friends still crave for your deaths; I’d be a fool to deny them that.

At that point, she hears more yelling; a screech almost. Turning by to see Billy back up on his feet and charging at Rita again once more, it mostly goes the same way as before. He tackles her off her feet and flips back up with her in his grasp, halfway through the monkey flip.

Before, she was quick to release herself from the hold before flipping over Billy’s back. This time, she flips the positioning over which causes Billy himself to land flat on his back with a hard connection to the dirt.

No sooner should he recover, does Rita vanish from the scene.

He finds himself breathing heavy, that quick burst of adrenaline having run on empty after that last-ditch effort to take Rita down. All he could do was aid Kimberly, still battered and broken from the beating she took.

Billy: You saw that right?

She can only nod wearily.

Kim doesn't even notice Jason back up on his feet and off to the side by the time she felt her arms wrapped around both of their shoulders until she comments on his current condition, looking wounded and worse for wear. The two manage to limp Kim only a measly three feet to Zack and Trini’s stance by the trees before they all collapse next to each other.

Once more, it looked like they have screwed six ways to Sunday.

Trini: How....argh! The hell she keeps getting the jump on us? She got the crystal again!

Zack: How are we gonna get out of this if she has it?

Kimberly: No....

She’s left groaning moderately while looks at Kimberly as she tried to sit up, breathing heavily in pain from the beating she took.

Kimberly: No, she doesn’t.

At that moment, confusion came over everyone as a fog to a once clear and sunny day, and just as in those times one would seek a flashlight and await for clarity to return to the dark....

....the light came from Billy’s rapid fast decision making.

All eyes were on him. Seeing the inevitable was coming, he just shrugs his shoulders and took one step back. Honing into the inner mechanisms of his suit, the purple fluxing chestpiece in the center of his armor began to pulsate and glow brightly.

Now having to alter his positioning to get better handling on it, he catches the light taking shape the further it grew out of his chest piece. Eventually, the crystal formulates in his hands, much to the surprise and amazement of everyone. Billy’s quick thinking had rescued them once again.

Billy: I swiped it off of her when she monkey-flipped me back. I’d figured she'd get gullible and lazy on the rest of us while she kicked Kim’s lights out.....

Zack was adamantly quick to hug him, his split decision-making giving them another chance for this to work.

Zack: Lifesaver.

Billy: Ok, I don’t know how this works but it’s worth a shot.

“Hands on the crystal, guys. One at a time”, Jason instructs the rest hurriedly.

Each member places their hands upon a shard of the crystal, closing their eyes and harnessing the power through their thoughts. A wave of energy surrounded the five the harder they concentrated, for the mere touch of the crystal for an extended period of time began to shake and stir the team.

Luckily, their combined efforts were paying off. In the midst of the carnage and destruction down to their fair city, The crevice that cracked through Angel Grove and proceeded through the outskirts of California cane to an abrupt halt. Nothing but confused and dumbfounded faces from all of the civilians around town were shown. All the looks of morale and apparent hope crushed as they ended up surveying the scene weren’t evaporated entirely but safety was heavily influenced.

Eventually, the crevice in the ground began formulating and gradually sliding back to form, with all the roads and avenues and streets and farms being pulled together.

The five were now definitely struggling to keep in touch with the crystals frightening degree of power. All bending down to a knee as they lifted and held the crystal up to the air at a leisurely pace and channeled its inner power,!they ushered out......

Zack: Mastodon!

Kimberly: Pterodactyl!

Billy: Triceratops!

Trini: Sabertooth Tiger!

Jason: Tyrannosaurus!

The crystal glows so shinny the yong heroes were blinded and it took half a minute but soon as the light cleared and they ended up back in death valley

Billy: How the Sam Hill's pickles did we get here?

Jason: I have no idea.

Trini: Well I don't think it's over.....LOOK!

Trini pointed up and everyone looked to see the crystal floating above them still shinning and it launched energy waves around separate directions

Right in the water where the damage zords lied and they automatically repaired themselves just like Zordon said and their systems kicked back in and in mere seconds they all came out of the water roaring and shrieking and started running and flying

But in the middle of Angel Grove where the most damage was APEX had already taken over the scene where the Dragonzord was laying flat on the road with with it's near broken wing keeping civilians ten inches from it

APEX # 1: Director Sheer wants this Dragon stored in our weapons storage. Make sure no one comes near it

APEX # 2: Yes sir.

All of a sdden the crystal's energy effected it too and automatically turned it back on and it snarled scaring some civilians to back up and some ran away screaming even the APEX agents got jumped scared few of them falling back as it stood up roaring

APEX # 1: Open fire!

The agents fired on command but the bullets hardly denteted the zord not even turning it's attention to them and suddenly it's right wing latched back on like it never broke thanks to the power of the crystal and then...... just flies away with everyone looking up in disbelieve

APEX agent # 2: Sheer is gonna kill us.

From their locations Goldar and Scorpina felt the energy from the crystal too and suddenly they looked down to their bodies seeing themselves shinning and vanish in thin air

Even Rita just when she she was on her way to the ship looking at her free hand while the other held her scepter seeing it shine and she too vanish

Back with the Rangers they looked on and on at the crystal as it shinned for the next two minutes and then..... stopped and then levitated down and Jason caught it and all looked at in it's hands

Zack: So that's really it?

Billy: So where are the zords?

Jason: Maybe there was a glitch.

Or maybe it only serves me now!

Startled they looked behind them to see Rita and the hybrids behind them and felt screwed at first without their zords still and Rita's expression didn't change as she took three steps close to them

Rita: Last month you all got lucky but earlier today I thought I had it all and never once have I felt any humiliation since Zordon's betrayel!

Jason: He betrayed you?!

Kimberly: You're the one who betrayed him and killed all his friends! Whatever mistakes he made to drive you to this that's all in the past! He learned from his mistakes why can't you?

Trini: Face it Rita the only one at fault then and here is YOU.

Rita: ENOUGH! I'll give yo all one last chance hand over the crystal or my children will crush you all like bugs. It belongs to me!

Jason: Yeah? Come get it!

Rita's teeth crinched again she pointed her scepter at them ordering Goldar and Scorpina to attack and they did but the Rangers dodged being stomped on by their speed


Trini: Wat'd we do now?

Jason: We hold them off till the zords get here. If they get here. We need to keep Goldar and Scorpina out of the city as possible to prevent any further destruction. More importantly we keep Rita from getting this again.

Four of the Rangers: RIGHT!

Their face shields latched back on and prepared for the battle

Red Ranger: Let's go to work!

Back at the ship the unconscious Tommy was now floating in the grid carried by magnetic force as Alpha analyzed the Green Coin on the same scanner and picked up Rita's curse on it

Alpha: I found it. Shall I decrypt the spell's trigger before I begin draining process Zordon?

Zordon: Yes Alpha. Meanwhile I'll begin the healing process into the grid.

As Alpha began decrypting the morphing grid filled in green energy around the floating Tommy he twitched a bit but his brews marks from earlier began to vanish slowly

Even the sword of darkness and Dragon Dagger were being scanned in the back lab and soon the decryption was complete

Alpha: Ok. The Decrypt is completed. I'll start draining process immediately.

Zordon: Be careful Alpha. A small mistake in the draining process could allow the curse to spread.

Alpha: Understood sir.

The work was still in progress as Tommy's head mildly twitched hovering above the grid with the healing still taking effect and the Green Coin being drained from the curse

As for right now, it looked as if the Rangers didn’t have very long to wait. Alpha was working at his utmost fastest, Zordon was back online, the ship’s mostly under friendly territory and for the most part, the Rangers had managed to get past a good chunk of this horrific ordeal on their own merit despite a few bumps, bruises, blockades, and broken ligaments.

If the curse could be removed, the rest of the ordeal that lies ahead should be a cakewalk.

For now, all they had to do was just get there.

And as evidenced by Goldar and Scorpina’s massive Galactus-like height compared to the Rangers 5 to 6-foot frame combined not to mention that their Ranger suits stood out amongst the bright sun like a mismatched bundle of Mike & Ikes, it felt like yet another game of Whack-A-Mole.

Or stomp the ant, as Rita would prefer.

Rita: Do I have to do everything myself?! SQUASH those ants!

A full 4 and a half minutes, and neither Goldar nor Scorpina came any closer to putting the Rangers out of their misery than the Rangers themselves were when they first found themselves in this predicament. Had this been a game of tag, they would’ve already run out the clock.

Alas, there was a timer. Depending on if the crystal worked for the Rangers.

Another minute passes and all five of the friends were at a standstill. There is a reason why ‘Prepare to survive’, is the warning tourists get from Death Valley officials, after a record-breaking temperature of 54.4 Celsius was recently recorded in the California desert.

The valley, so named by pioneers who barely survived its hostile landscape in the 1800s, has seen many deaths over the years due to heatstroke and dehydration; most of which, in a vast, dry desert full of steep cliffs, can prove fatal. And if not, then take in mind the brutal temperatures, exacerbated by the mountains surrounding Death Valley and the desert’s plunging depths reaching 86m below sea level in places; the sun bakes the dry valley surface and heat becomes trapped in its narrow basin.

If Rita or neither of the monsters would kill them, then the heatstroke and lack of dehydration definitely would.

Pretty soon, those facts came into fruition. Zack had to trip over his own feet, leaning on Trini’s shoulder to catch his breath all while Kimberly had to do the same for Jason and Billy. Their throats became parched, the heat quickly became unbearable and on top of that, there wasn’t much left else to either maneuver around or hide.

Trini: Where do we go?!

Billy: Do we keep waiting? Did the crystal work?

Jason: I--I don’t know.

Now wasn’t exactly the best time for any more skepticism, especially since they were on the verge of being squashed like beetles. But given how long they were forced to resort to dragging this out, it was looking less and less likely they’d last another minute in this godforsaken desert.

Yet another giant stomp downwards from Scorpina onto the endorheic basin of Badwater Basin (it's extremely close to Death Valley), not far from where the Rangers had maneuvered around to, forces them to look back at what’s bound to happen. Two ordinary human beings, supercharged and mutated by the leftover Goldar dust was ready to stomp them down.

Scorpina: This is getting boring, brother.

Goldar: Agreed. Let’s finish this once and for all.

Prepared to go out either swinging or with their bodies dying out on them, the five crammed themselves next to the other either their arms intertwined with the person closest to them. All of their weapons pixelated around their arms in rapid succession, sensing the apparent threat above them.

Simultaneously, they all lift their weapons upwards aiming at them. They were currently locked in S.A.M (Stand Alone Mode), which is what angel warriors need to do from time to time. They are always the most challenging, after that small boosters are all that is required; so much was at stake.

But this was their fight too. It was their purpose to defend whom and what they love.

Luckily for them, there was no need to fire. Some mysterious anonymous force took care of that for them, as blaster projectiles merely took Scorpina back by surprise. It occurred just as she was about to stomp down on the Rangers again so as a result, it only causes a loss in balance for only a few seconds.

Needless to say, it also caught the attention of the Rangers who had their fingers on the triggers of their respective weapons but never fired a single shot. Once more, it drew their sights to behind them.

Rampaging on through the Mojave Desert a considerable distance away, barely visible silhouettes of creatures merge through the blanket of dust and smoke covering up their appearance. As they stroll toward the light and through the dust, they’re all broad shoulders and strong limbs, their characteristic soft expression waiting for the golden illumination to tumble onto their skin.

They had yet to grace the ground through the dust, like new petals on grass, soft and delicate. Yet without the light of the sun, to the Rangers, these creatures were only a vision of what was once theirs, flowing like well-loved monochrome photographs spun to life.

Turns out Christmas came early. Finally emerging through the dust....

....the Tyrannosaurus rampages and runs on through the sandstorm, roaring loudly with the Triceratops, Mastodon, Pterodactyl, and Sabertooth Tiger not far behind it.

Once more, Rita is left a smoldering white-hot ball of rage. She once again screams out in rage, enraged that the Power Rangers indeed again have undone another crucial element of her plan once again after everything was going her way.

Rita: You dirty Simian BASTARDS!

Yellow Ranger: It's about time!

Red Ranger: Alright guys! Let's do this!

Rangers: YEAH!

The Rangers leaped up before the hybrid twins could stomp on them jumping on top of each of their own zordss hatches opened and they jumped in landing in their seats attatchments adjusted manual systems acitvated and now the Rangers were officially ready for the final round

Red Ranger: Alright guys let's finish this!

Blue Ranger: Hahahaha! I love this job!

Pink Ranger: Whoo!!!

Yellow Ranger: What's.....MY name?!

Black Ranger: Rang women yaogun ba! (Let's rock it!)

The zords charged in at the beasts as Rita's anger problem was getting worse than Jason's


Goldar and Scorpina roared and charged back at the zords and clashed at one another once more The Tyrannosaurs Sabretooth-Tiger and Mastodon went at Goldar as te Pterodactyl and Triceratops faced Scorpina

Kimberly launched missiles at Scorpina from the wings of the Pterodactyl and the Triceratops stabs her with on of the horns but she kicked it away and ducks the Pterodactyl

The Sabretooth Tiger slashed Goldar in the torso with the Mastodon BASHING him forcing Goldar to fall over and the Tyrannosaurs pins him down to the ground

Red Ranger: This time we'll mop away your remains!

But Goldar lunged his first sideways bashing the Tyrannosaurus off him

The fights seemed endless and Rita was really running out of patience


And you thought she was annoying enough with that attidude in the old series

But anyway.....back in the ship the draining process had reached the final stage and Tommy continued to stir but his eyes were starting midly open when the healing process was just about finished

Zordon: He's starting to regain consciousness Alpha. Is the draining process almost complete?

Alpha: We've reached the final stage now sir. We should should be finished any minute.

Zordon: Excellent.

Alpha set the converters as the curse within the coin was at it's lowest and in just a matter of minute it was completly drained causing Tommy to gasp himself awake and his eyes were no longer glowing green they were normal again

With the curse drained from the coin Rita's hold on him was now broken at last.....

.....the force field on the grinned shut down and Tommy slowly hovered down and landed leaning on the flour

He looked around confused not remembering much at first not even the last time he was here

Tommy: Where am I?

Zordon: Welcome back Tommy.

Tommy looked forward to the wall Zordon was on and he yelled backing up disturbed of the giant head on the wall even the small alien behind him

Tommy: What the?!

Alpha: Please remain calm we mean you no harm.

Tommy: Who are you guys? And what is this place?

He stands up facing Zordon with so many questions in his head

Tommy: And how do you know my name?

Zordon: I know this must be so sudden for you so I will kindly answer all your questions. Where you stand is the ship of the Power Rangers. I am Zordon of Altar and this is my trusted assistant Alpha 5.

Alpha: I'm humbled to make your aquatints Thomas Oliver.

Tommy: Uhh....likewise? And I prefer Tommy thank you.

Zordon: I understand your mind must be blurry from the side effect during the process we proceeded to brake the curse. But your memories will start coming back to you slowly so before they do here are the answer you need to know: My former friend and comrade Rita Repulsa chosen you to succeed her as her own Green Ranger. You were placed under a curse that formulated the coin you found in the crater you came across. She was the original Green Ranger as well as I was the former Red Ranger. Out of anger and pain being a result to my past arrogance Rita vowed revenge on me killing my team and leaving me to spend eternity here. I have trained and guided the Power Rangers today and Rita had trained you in the same arts setting you to claim the zeo crystal and destroying the Power Rangers and myself.

This was all news to Tommy still but as Zordon warned him memories did start to come back

Tommy: Oh yeah.....I remember now.....I was here before. I.....merely ripped this place apart. And......the school I.....almost hurt people. Oh my god......did I......DID I KILL ANYONE?!

Zordon: Calm yourself Tommy whatever you did wass beyond your control. Anything that Rita made you do is on her. And I won't lie you too. But I believe we can help you redeem yourself and make up for the destruction the Green with Evil made you do.

Tommy: How?

Zordon: As I speak the Power Rangers are fighting Rita and her monsters. But they won't last long they'll need your help. The curse is broken but you still carry the power of the Green Ranger. Fight with us Tommy to stop Rita and we can protect your world from facing global destruction.

Tommy: Are you serious? You're asking me for help after everything I done to help you? To the others? What about my parents?!

Zordon: Fine. They're both just fine.

Tommy: But still why?

Zordon: I'll understand if this will be too much for you we'll respect if you choose to go back to your regular life. I will find someone to take your place if you choose other wise. But I'll leave the decision to you for now if temporary or always......will you join the Power Rangers Tommy?

Tommy paused for thought on this and the more he did the more time his memories started coming back to him

His first fight with the Rangers their second at the football field even fighting Jason at the docks

What got to him more was thinking back when he discovered their identities at the mall even Kimberly saving him there and Jason's pleads to him when apologizing for being jealous of what he didn't know at first but figured it had something to do with Kim from when he asked them if they were dating at the bonfire

But when he shrugged that off more memories kept coming and Tommy's guilt grew heavy fro what the curse made him do he wanted to go home at first but felt he wouldn't be able to shrug this guilt out of him if he just ran from it

He took a soft breath and then......looked at Zordon with his decision

Tommy: I'll help them. But I'll need to think about this afterwards.

Zordon: Understandable. Step foward to the platform before you.

Suddenly the flour in front of his feet opened and a sixth morphing platform across the grid from Jason's platform rose out of it and Tommy stepped up

Tommy: Now what??

Zordon: Call's Morphin time.

He nods and takes another breath and......

Tommy: It's.......Morphin time.

And then a since of dejavu happens as the grid shines and vibrates around Tommy he turned away blinded from the light and suddenly the nanotech of the Green Armor latched on and spread all over his body and in seconds Tommy was now fully morphed back into the Green Ranger right before Zordon and Alpha's eyes which became an emotional moment for them mostly to Zordon

Alpha: were right. About the prophecy. All of it.

Zordon: We have witnessed history in the making.

The redeemed Ranger looked down to his green gauntlets and his whole armor and couldn't help but to be amazed of his new look

Green Ranger: unbelievably cool!

Zordon: It's time Tommy. Alpha. Take him to the lab and give him his weapons. Inform him on everything he needs to use them for.

Alpha: With pleasure. Fallow me Tommy.

Alpha lead Tommy out of the grid and Zordon made an emotional smile feeling his own redemption finally came to him the Prophecy ad finally been full filled.......

..........The Sixth Ranger had finally......come home

Outside Alpha lead Tommy carrying the sword of Darknes in his right hand and Dragon dagger in the left and Alpha had already explained everything to use them for

Green Ranger: So.....this dagger is a flute to call a Dragon? And the sword is from darkness?

Alpha: The sword is only depended on whatever you use it for. And it's tge Dragonzord your flute controls you can play it to run it or pilot it yourself manually. I'll walk you through it through the communicator

Green Ranger: Whatever you say. Here goes nothing.

He lifts te dagger to his masked face opening the face shield and blew a tune nothing happens for a minute and Tommy almost spoke but he and Alpha were startled by a bellowing roar

The Dragonzord appeared from the sky circling down to them like the Dragon from Shrek and soon lowered it's head and hatch opened

Alpha: Hop in!

He did so and once he was in his seat it latched on to him pulling him back like the others last month and Tommy couldn't help but to laugh in excitement



The Dragonzord lift up back into the sky and Tommy pulled the lever forward and off he flew to the battlefield the midst of a battle that didn’t look anywhere close to ending.

It had only been a short six minutes since the Rangers just got their zords back on their side and compared to last time, the difference between their combative styles last night and now was like night and day.

Outside of Death Valley being more maneuverable to them, Goldar and Scorpina’s optimal nerves and joints still made it uncomplicated for the Rangers to target there and the five were more prone to switch between offensive and defensive positions to keep the giant behemoths on their toes and leave little margins of error.

Of course, said margins of error that were present were still a-plenty.

Just like the very first time she fought Goldar, Trini is left targeting the leg and mid-abdominal area, most of which annoyed the big guy both at best and at worst.....none of which she minded. What she did mind was it getting any hits on her.

Which he barely did, by the skin of his fist.

Denting the shoulder of her tiger, Trini’s forced to roll out of the way and reassess strategies, to which she quickly takes a running position once more. Finding her headstart, she around on her levers, prompting the Sabertooth to leap up Goldars left thigh and up the abdomen area.

Finally clawing it’s way up to his gold, liquidated barely visible face, the tiger begins scratching away at his face, obstructing his vision and distracting him. Yet in a bizarre manner, he wasn’t afraid.

Trini: ‘member this, big guy? This is the giant robot equivalent of throwing a drink in your face.

Goldar: And this is you trying to stop me? If not....

He says as he finally grips ahold of the yellow mechanical beast based off the extinct machairodont subfamily of the felids by its hips, all while Trini still attempts to claw away at Goldars face from a distance.

But no luck came due to the high reach distance, keeping her mere inches from him.

Goldar:...feel free to start.

And off he goes, flinging her downwards towards the mostly barren desert land. They say cats always land on their feet; in Trini’s case, she couldn’t maneuver around the levers to get it to do that.

Instead, Billy had to rescue her from moving forward with that agonizing sequence when he misjudged his direction up one turning and collided the front of his zord with hers. Her falling on top of the massive bulk of his triceratops barely kept her from rolling over.

But at least there was no hard landing.

Trini: Thanks, Bill.

Billy: No problem, Trin. Now move!

He expresses urgently as a giant gold liquidated sword suddenly slashes down on the desert floor, erupting more dust around the two zords and barely hiding their massive silhouettes.

Goldar was not pleased.

The same could be applied to Zack, who spent the last minute working around where to take Scorpina off her feet again. It came off as moderately easy last time but with her focus restored, the unstoppable force seemed to have met the immovable object again.

Zack tried fidgeting around with the levers once more, this time pulling back and letting the trunk of the Mastodon fire point blank energy blasts around the beasts legs.

Eventually, he heard her flinch.

Hearing his cue, he once again rams the Mastadon into her. Tripping her up by the leg with the tusks of the Mastadon, it permanently pins him with the creature until Scorpina finally tumbles over and falls down onto the ground. Once more, the dust cloud was massive when she fell.

Not much else to expect when fighting giant sentient alien battle vehicles.

Zack: Kim! Kim, I got her pinned! Shoot!

Kim: Ok, hold it there. I’m going for the head.

Scorpina: Smart....

She implies, acknowledging her presence with a condescending sneer. Suddenly, Zack feels something retractable quickly extending from underneath Scorpina’s leg before shooting up at Kimberly’s direction. The barbed tail still looked menacing as before and it brought bad memories to Zack.

Kim, not needing to be reminded that it was a trap, barrel rolls away from the tail before it could pick at the wings. Changing directions, she ends up finding herself at odds.

The tail finally grips ahold of Kimberly; the 17 centimeter lethal weapon of her choice that nearly crushed Zack into literal organs and bones back at the prison complex could’ve done the same right then and there; end one of the Rangers immediately and turn the fight back in their favor. Pity for the real though.... Scorpina’s tail flicks Kimberly across the sky like an owner throwing a stick to it’s dog.

Kim is left scrambling her hands back to the levers again, to maintain stability in her Pterodactyl which was rapidly decreasing in altitude. Even as she sat further back to her seat and pulled back on her levers, the Pterodactyl was barely able to regain stability.

At least until she felt a massive jolt rattle her from underneath.

It turns out that the Tyrannosaurus actively leaped up to the undercarriage of the Pterodactyl, allowing its magnetic grapples to attach to the back of the T-Rex. This, in turn, caused the two to move together as opposed to separately.

To say Kim felt the weight of the T-Rex stomping around amongst the desert terrain with her zord practically attached to his is putting it lightly. But she knew where this was leading to.

And she was all for it.

Kimberly: Jason!

Jason: We stand a better chance together. We need Megazord power NOW!

Thunder clashes with the Rangers iniating the Megazord battle mode and calling out at once


The zords gathered up and it didn't take long for Rita to realize what was happening


They tried but the Pterodactyl shot at Goldar from behind as the Mastodon bashed Scorpina causing her to fall foward and then all zords came together attatching to one another and before Rita's eyes the Megazord had returned from the depths where the Green Ranger sent it and she was loosing her shit big time letting out a frustrated scream

And got desprate enough to try and call him again

Rita: Green Ranger! Where are you?! ANSWER YOU GREEN FLAKE!!

Nothing responded and soon she looked over to see the Megazord stepping forward when the two monsters stood back up

Jason: Time to send these freaks packing.

Kimberly: This one's for Tommy!

The Rangers pulled their panels together throwing a punch at Goldar Scropina lunged only to get kicked away


The hybrids launched more attacks only to get countered by the Megazord by the Rangers's new team routine controlling the Megazord

Trini: Come on! You guys are not even trying!

Scorpina: Why you!

Scorpina launched her tail but the Megazord catches it pulling her aside and bashes Goldar with her and throws her to him on the ground


Zack: We got 'em on the ropes.

Now the monster twins were fed up as they sat up

Goldar: Alright. I've had all I stand for last for last time and I won't stand NO MORE!

Scorpina: You've read my mind brother. Let's stop playing around and finish THEM!

This time they attacked at once that caught the teenagers with attitude off guard Goldar threw a punch that knocked the Megazord back and Scorpina tripped it with her tail and fell on it's back and the Rangers all yelled from the impack

Rita however turned her frusterating frown upside down to a sinsister smile seeing her pet hybrids finally gain the apprehand


Jason: Pull up! PULL UP!

They tried ut Scorpina leaped up and landed on top of the Megazord and pinned it down

Scorpina: GOTCHA!

Kimberly: Oh shit......she's got us pinned!

Trini: Keep trying!

Billy: It's no use! She's got us pinned tight! We're trapped!

Scorpina: It's been fun. But annoying.....HAPPY ENDING!

Scorpina raised her tail as Rita smile widen thinking this is it the Rangers looked up in horror not believing it and turned away soon as the tail launched


Scorpina let out an agonizing shriek and the Rangers looked up in confusion and saw Scorpina being lifted up from the ground and to theirs Goldar's and Rita's surprise........ was the Dragonzord flying up holding Scorpina by her tail in it's mouth

~Ron Wassereman's Power Rangers theme~

Jason: It can't be!

Zack: I'll be damned!

Billy: What in the.....

Trini: Is that.....?

Kimberly: *Smiles* TOMMY!

Go Go Power Rangers

The Dragonzord lifted Scorpina higher as she shrieked and struggled

Tommy: Whoohoo! Time for some REAL Dragonzord power

Go Go power rangers!

Tommy pulled a panel making the Dragonzord's mouth bite deep which RIPPED Scorpina's stinger off thre inches between her tail and she falls back to the ground hitting it hard


Tommy: Save your breath Maleficent. I'm not your bitch anymore. Your curse has been broken.

Rita: Impossible! How could it be broken?! There's no way.......

Rita stopped herself realizing the obvious way the curse was removed she thought Zordon was gone for good but seeing Tommy back to normal Zordon fixing him being the only way he could it pissed her off more


Go Go Power Rangers You Mighty Morpin Power Rangers!

Scorpina recovered with her tail ripped in half as Goldar tend to her then they both looked at the Megazord and the Dragonzord hovering next to it

Tommy: Hey. Can you guys hear me in there?

Jason: Yeah. How are you feeling man? Are you sure you're better?

Tommy: More better in years.

Kimberly: It's good to see you're back to normal. We were so worried.

Trini: Very worried. You really had us going.

Billy: But Kimberly told us everything.

Zack: So....are you with us?

Tommy: For now. But I'm starting to get the hang of it. I just hope you all can forgive me for what I done.

Jason: I owe you an apology myelf man. But let's talk about that later. For now glad to have you with us.

The two by two match with a stare down and both Goldar and Scorpina were just as dissatisfied as Rita to see their former comrade and Rogue Ranger on their enemy's side now

Goldar: I knew you would double cross us!

Scorpina: TRAITOR!

The two are quick to clash their generated weapons together, Goldars mace and Scorpina’s hooked right hand claw, their combined energy radiating into what bared a similar appearance with an exterior look to Goldar’s fireball with the interior of Scorpina’s venom.

They hurl the ball of energy squarely at Tommy’s direction, the latter of whom had begun taking flight and boosted forward. His sight laser-focused on the behemoths method of attack with no worry highlighted in his eyes and sturdy direct body movement only highlighted how quickly Tommy had adapted to the reigns of his dragon.

The energy ball finally approaches him at a moderate speed with the purpose of decimating him....except Tommy pulls back on his levers, forcing the Dragonzord to pull a full 360 and smack the ugly-looking energy ball back to them with a single flick of his tail. It caught the two siblings off by surprise as they immediately gripped the edge of their own energy ball inches before it could collide them them.

In that brief time period, the Dragonzord swooped on in and tackled Goldar off of his feet, which caused the energy ball to implode in his sisters face. That momentary lapse of concentration gave Tommy ample opportunity to move away while Scorpina lands on top of her brother again.

Goldar: Argh, get off!

Scorpina: Remember who started this!

The two scour up to their feet quickly. No time for them to deduce Tommy’s location because that distraction also gave cue for the Megazord to come in and start slashing away with the portable wrist blade on the right arm.

In no time however, their heads are back in the game and their focus is now clear.

The giant hulking Megazord slashes once, slashes twice, slashes three times but couldn’t hit Goldar only for Scorpina to come up from behind and grab them by the hips and waistline. Immediately, Trin telescopes her levers to have the Megazord elbow her in the face to separate them from her. Goldar is quick to come into their sensors, flying in on them. But Kim fires the portable blasters on the Megazords left arm to throw him off.

It did not work.

But he wasn’t able to bring the five down either. The Dragonzord hurls down from above, tackling the golden beast down to the desert terrain again no less than five inches away from the Rangers and then proceeds to drag him up from the shoulder regions.

It’s talons digging deep past the hardened liquid of Goldar’s skin, he then tosses the beast aside and charges it down again, leaving the rest of the team stuck with the predatory arachnid-based villainess.

For a while, the advantage was clearly on their favor. The Megazord kept Scorpina at bay, not going too far in or too far out with their punches. Another straight punch later and Scorpina flings her hooked hand at them but to no avail. She’s smart enough to block downwards to avoid the Megazords left leg with connecting with a knee and there was no chance at them connecting with a backfist either as she ducks it.

Jason: Argh! Hold still!

Kim has the right arm of the Megazord again go for a blade attack, only for Scorpina to sidestep the direct attack. She’s quick to knee the elbow joint of the Megazord, disorienting everyone in their cockpits and then severs them one weapon short.

Scorpina’s clawed hand finally comes into play as she clips the Megazord’s portable arm blade with her pinchers, eventually snapping it off. Not done yet, she twists and contorts the Megazords arm before whipping it towards her and head-butting the head.

Once more, pressure was building for the five....but not as much as it was for Billy, seeing what were technically the culmination of his ‘faults’ go so far off of the deep end.

Billy: Enough with this, Aubrey. Withdraw or we’ll make you!

"SHUT UP, Cranston!", she sneers loudly, before throw their contorted arm over her shoulder.

Reaching in under their knee to get a good grip, she’s left carrying the Megazord, all five of them from their cockpits over her shoulders. One hand on the shoulder and the other on the hip, she tosses them down sideways flat on the desert terrain.

It did a number on the back of the massive mechanical robot and the pain was unbearable for everyone on the inside. But it did leave them agreeing on one thing.

Jason: I know what it’s like being on the end of an Attitude Adjustment.

Kimberly: Note to self: those moves at home.

Trini: Dually noted.

The AA was far from the biggest concern on their mind since now they had a massive amount of weight laying down on them, thanks to Scorpina stomping down on the Megazords chest region.

Stomp after stomp after agonizing stomp, her evident grunts of anguish was made all too easy not to ignore but also hard to listen to. It gave off the impression of a woman who lost everything to an unfair world, part of which was the fault of one-fifth of her opponents; no wonder Bill still felt sorry for them.

Zack: On behalf of the city and—Ugh!—Power Rangers, I’d would like to—Gah!—humbly accept your surrender!

Scorpina: US?! Surrender?!

Zack: Trying to be nice!

The five get another hard stomp and an extra punch to the gut for their misfortune.

Scorpina: Think your rotten blueberry is any nicer than the vermin of this town? Think he’s ‘innocent’? That THAT place you call home is ‘innocent’? My brother and I spent weeks, months, begging for shelter, food, comfort after Dad died and Mom got evicted. We had nothing on us but the clothes on our backs.....and no one came. No one gave a damn! Just....looked at us with this sickening look of disgust.

Kimberly: So your answer to that is to kill an autistic man?! Think that makes you powerful?!

Scorpina: He stole our hope when he killed him; along with the rest of this town! Once we’re finished with you Cranston, we’ll make sure Angel Grove feels as powerless as you made us.

At this point, Billy was absolutely done with it. This constant whining wasn’t doing it for him any better than before when he first saw them. The point had already been made clear countless times already; now it was clear there was no coming back from this.

Billy: I guess.....pity party for two, please.

A simple click amongst the buttons on top of his levers later, the Megazord’s jet thrusters spurted on, taking them off the ground and back into the air in the opposite direction while once again tripping Scorpina up directly underneath them.

She’s left banging against the ground in frustration, finding it rather difficult to force the teenagers to go away when they had all this bubbled-up hope and optimism rising up from the surface. No wonder Rita was so pissed, she thought to herself.

No sooner should she bring herself back to a vertical basis does she not ice too late the Megazord boosting its way back around to her and sucker-punching her straight across the face with so much force, it rolls directly over her.

Speaking of rolling, that was where both the Dragonzord and Goldar found themselves opposite of one another: rolling around each other. With finger missile barrages on one end and short visible fire blasts from the other, their fight essentially evolved from an all out brawl to shooting ducks at the shooting gallery.

A full thirty seconds later, Goldar got impatient and thrusted himself forward. None of the Dragonzord’s missiles were either slowing him down or deterring his movement so Tommy found it necessary to do the same and charge.

The Dragonzord made the first move, swinging its tail wildly at the beast. Goldar made sure to avoid the tail and go for the fiber-mesh ribs of the dragon with his liquidated sword. Taking a few tips from before, Tommy telescopes the levers up, prompting the Dragonzord to grab the sword.

Twisting his arm around, he pushes forward, stabbing Goldar with his own sword. The mutated beast grunts slowly seeing his own golden sword impaled in him, only to see the Excalibur-like form of the sword eventually melt into him, the gold fusing back with the rest of his crystallized self.

Then he lets his wings do the work; flapping them simultaneously towards Tommy’s direction once to send the Dragonzord back, skidding its feet through the desert terrain. Distracted and the dust blocking his vision, Tommy is unable to see Goldar charging forward and tackling the dragon of its feet.

Getting more comfortable and irritable at once, Goldar just smashes down on the supposed chosen one that went rogue, going straight for the ribs again.

"Told her we couldn’t trust you!", Goldar bellows out aggressively through more fists of fury, clocking Tommy back in his cockpit.

Goldar: We could’ve handled the lot of you alone! You ruined EVERYTHING!

The beating from Goldar didn’t cease as damage retention for the Dragonzord began to take hold, as Tommy quickly punches the top left button above him and brings up his own holographic display of his zord’s structure, power level and weapons coated in a golden layout.

Most of the damage was being dealt to the ribs once again and even some shreds of the zord’s armor were being torn off, as he could see. All Tommy could think to do, as he rumbles and jolts around inside his cockpit, was one of two things: blow more fire or go for his special ability.

Still feeling it was too early to pull that off, Tommy went for fire-breathing. He telescopes his levers back and then pushes them forward to charge his dragon’s breath.

Tommy: Give and receive, big boy!

The dragon blows a large blanket of fire out of its mouth, clouding the golden monster in flames. At first, it seemed to go as Tommy hoped: a distance metric. Goldar had his hands up and blocking the flames to no avail while backing away from the Dragonzord.

Eventually, the dragon was back on his feet while breathing more flames. But then Tommy discovered something terrifying.

His method was as dead as a doornail upon seeing, through the thick blankets of fire the dragon was spewing out, Goldar’s body radiate and light up with molten lava. He was actually absorbing the fire and gaining more strength and durability from it as a result. Upon finding out, Tommy pulls back on his method of attack....

....but too little too late, as Goldar had already absorbed more than enough to feel a residual recharge in both his speed and durability. To test it out, his hands radiate with two spiraling spheres of fire before clashing both of them together to create one as big as his chest region.

Goldar grabs the energy sphere and charges it in a fashion similar to a famous ki attack, raises his hands and then fires the energy sphere at the opponent, expecting inflicting high damage through a fiery explosion. Tommy is unable to block fast enough for how fast the attack travels at him....

Soon enough, it happens.


A fiery explosion rocks the Dragonzord, cripples his balance and launches him back a good eight feet away from, rolling over on the terrain and damaging the exterior of the dragon the further it bounced.

Tommy was left bouncing and jolting around in the cockpit in agony both from the lack of space and the excessive crashing and burning from his Dragonzord being bounced back. However, another such jolt to the dragons exterior rocked Tommy in his cockpit so hard, he found himself punching the anonymous button on the top right.....

....and then bounces forward from the impact, bending his back forward over his ovular table display. Unbeknownst to him, there was a built-in hand print scanner that unlocked as a result of the button he pressed and his left hand set off the detector array within which completed the scan within seconds.

Immediately following that, the Dragonzord was turned off. No power was going to it whatsoever; no displays were shown, no control over the levers, no growling coming from the animal, not a single limb was moving. NOTHING. It was like it suffered a power outage and blacked out, frozen in place like a deer in headlights as it laid on the ground.

Turns out it was a linked side-effect as well since the actual Megazord itself too suffered a blackout and completely shut down. And it couldn’t have happened at worse time.

The combined robot had Scorpina trapped in a headlock and wrenching down on the head so when it suffered a catatonic blackout, it startled the five teens, gripping them with dumbfounded faces under the impression they were close to doing a number on her.

Jason: Umm, what just happened?!

Billy: Why did we shut down?

Zack: Anything, guys?

Not a single answer was ushered, nothing they were going to say would make any sense as to how the hell their Megazord just randomly ceased to stop working. No glowing, no whirring, not even any fanning. The whole thing was completely dead.

They were essentially sitting ducks.....much to Scorpina and Rita’s delight.

Scorpina: Well.....this made things much easier.

Rita: Enough wasting time! END THEM!

Wrong time to usher those words.

Within the time span of a few seconds, both the Megazord and Dragonzord jittered in place, twitching and convulsing in a catatonic stature almost like suffering a seizure. It did succeed in confusing the opponents; the two siblings left utterly dumbfounded by two giant robots their size just glitching out in front of them.

It wasn’t until both the head visors to the Megazord and Dragonzord started glowing a bright fluorescent deep shade of blue and started blinking rapidly.

Rita was quick to catch this as a sign of impending disaster soon to strike and once more, impending fear took over her.


She quickly aims her scepter over at the direction of the Megazord and fires another blast at them, which she misses. But through no fault on her own.

Both Megazords quickly zip past and through the desert terrain, aimed directly at one another through no fault of their own, while the Rangers inside the cockpits were left either screaming or further taken aback by how their creations simply stopped abiding their input control. No pulling back or pushing of the levers halted the sudden movement any more as the two behemoth robots crashed into each other, their armies scraping coats of paint off the other.

Now couldn’t have been a worse time for a monumental backfire. At least that’s what they thought at first.

Kim: Tommy?!

Trini: What did you do?!

Tommy: I didn’t DO ANYTHING!

Megazord sequence has been initiated.

Zack: Wait, what?

From out of no where the zords rebooted and dethatch from another result of the button Tommy pressed and the scanning confirmed his palm approved which even caught the monsters and Rita off guard

Jason: What the hell's going on?!

Billy: Tommy are you sure you didn't do anything?

Tommy: I swear. I mean.....I hit some button and something scanned my hand but that was it.

It's nothing to worry about Rangers. It's your new weapon being approved.

The sound of Zordon's voice on their communications caught every Ranger's attention

Kimberly: Zordon??

Trini: What's happening?

A new battle mod has been approved one that served my old team well in the past. With our new friend comes new power.

Tommy: You sure?

Positive. For when the Dragonzord combinds with four of the other zords. The Mastodon Pterodactyl Triceratops and Sabretooth-Tiger a new fighting machine will be at your disposal.

Billy: Sounds good to me.

Jason: Alright. Let's let it run it's course.

~Power Rangers: Dinothunder theme~

The zords finished detatching and the Dragin to roar to the zords ad attracted the four Zordon mention and head towards the Dragonzord of te result which made Rita's face dropped into a fearful surprised expression

There's a light in the distance. See them coming closer. With the force of ages a century's gone by. Protectors of the right. Defenders sworn to fight.

Rita: not that!

And soon enough the Dragonzord tatched to a human torso and the zords attach on to it like they do with the Tyrannosaurus giving a new Megazord

Power Rangers core! Save us from these evil forces wins!

Billy: WOW!

Trini: What is this thing?

Rangers.....I present to you the Dragonzord in fighting mod or you can call it.....the Mega Dragonzord.


Rita backed up in horror for she remebered this Megazord from her and Zordon's times as Rangers she didn't think she'd ever see it again after leaving the team and now it's back in action and Rita's rage boost went out the window

Victory is ours forever more!

Rita: RRR GET 'EM!

The Dragonzord in fighting mod approached and the hybrid twins charged but they were countered and thrown aside by the Mega Dragonzords lunges and force

Not that they didn't get a few shots they did which only made the Dragonzord fall back lightly but not a tilt accrued


They attacked again which was a counter after another and bash up and down the power the Dragonzord gained from the zords and the crystal made merely double time stronger and kept forcing the hybrid twins on the ground

They barely recovered till the Dragonzord lunged them again catching them more off guard


Jaosn: Tommy? It's all yours pal FINISH IT!


Tommy pulled the panel charging up powered firery fists from the Mega Dragonzord's hands Rita's eyes widen and to Goldar and Scorpina's surprise they looked up and the Dragonzord launched the fists and POWS Goldar right in the stomach and the next second delivered the second fist to Scorpina in the face

And both fell on fire from the fury of the firey fists it impacting even causing Rita to fall off her feet and dropping her scepter and both the twin monsters fell to the ground in a clash of fire

Kimberly: WHOOOOO!!!!!

Billy: WE DID IT!


Trini: It's about time.

Jason: Good job Rangers. Especially you Tommy. We owe this victory to you.

Tommy: I owed you guys everything. So consider us even.......after one more thing.

The Rangers went in silence as they looked through their window hatches at one another and nodding with smirks

Rita groaned in mild pain holding her head and she crawled forward till she turned her head looking up widening her eyes again at......

~MMPR playing without lyrics~

......All six Power Rangers standing firmly down at her with Kimberly pointing her bow down at her Trini holding Rita's scepter and Tommy standing next to Jason with the Dragon Dagger in his right grip and Billy gave a smirk with his fists on his sides and Zack's arms folded together

Rita realized she lost.....again only her enemies had their sixth member back

Rita: Ohhhhh.....have I got such a headache.

Jason: Like I told you before: we’ll let Zordon be the judge of you. Get up.

Hearing a repeat of the speech that they preached onto her last time gave her cold, unpleasant visions of Deja vu from a month and a half ago. From coming so close last time to getting bitch-slapped all the way to the moon, that nagging repulsive stench of defeat was once again propelling off of her. To always be inches away from greatness and have it snatched up from underneath you is agonizing to bear.

Rita hated being proven wrong, being denied. Being told how far gone she’s went; she always felt it was part of her charm. And had just run out.

If she made a move, regardless, the team was going to put her down. But then she remembered: there were still forces out on the farthest stretches of the Galaxy with a similar taste for danger, just like her. Others with a list for power, others with a grudge to settle, others more determined than her to claim this miserable looking mudball called Earth.

And if all else failed, HE....would come.

Finally abiding by the leader’s orders, the former Green Ranger slowly rose up to a vertical basis, staring down all the Rangers with a slight limp in her step.

When push comes to shove, she eventually lifts her hands up and outwards, cupped together, signaling her arrest and surrender. But not before flashing this mischievous glare from her eyes with a slimy grin on plastered her battered and bruised face.

They expected nothing less from the villainous veteran.

Jason: Tommy? You cuff her.

No need to tell him twice. He holds his hand out to Tommy’s direction as his hand pixelates a pair of magnifying-bolt lockable linked metal rings for securing a prisoner's wrists. Except it was more streamlined and suitable for their needs.

Tommy grips the handcuffs quickly, snapping his head back at Rita; the woman who effectively almost ruined his life by turning him into a weapon of mass destruction. He almost growls underneath his breath when he gets up close to his face, a tiny figment of him wishing he was able to do a lot more than what was just done to her.

It was possibly the only time he actively wanted to hit the switch in his head and just lose control but then he remembered....what it meant to have power in restraint.

Tommy: This is on you.

He ushers to her, while she stares off in the distance not paying him any mind. Begrudgingly taking ahold of her right arm from behind to cuff that arm, he takes notice of her golden abnormally shaped scepter mere feet away from the both of them. Not willing to risk it, he kicks the scepter away.

Trini was the first to catch it underneath her sole.

Finally finished cuffing her, he move away from her eyesight, refusing to let the putrid stench of her evil run off on him any further. Perfect timing for Trini to come in.

She’s left gripping the scepter with her bare hands, smirking widely staring down at her arch-rival. When first met, Rita had her pinned to her own bed and tossed her around like she was nothing until she was left almost kneeling down before her. Now the tables had turned. But Trin just had to get personal, kneeling down to her level only to ask her, again, point blank.....

Trini: What's my name....?

The response she got back was golden.

Rita: Who....fucking....cares?

She scoffs and briefly chuckles at the remark, ever slightly irritated but more or less accustomed to being called that. That, however, did little to stop Trini from ramming in a solid punch to Rita’s stomach and knocking most of the air out her solar-plexus.

A blatant cheap shot to an already neutralized threat, any realization that hadn’t been made clear was broadened for Rita: these kids were ready for her and they weren’t playing nice anymore.

Trini: It’ll come to you.

This time, it’s Zack and Kimberly who has push her up off the desert terrain all while Billy....looks off to the distance, where Goldar and Scorpina supposedly blew up.

It didn’t have to be like that. They didn’t have to resort to killing each other; he still wanted there to be a chance for the two twins. But alas, this was the path they chose. They made their bed....and now they had to lie in it.

Nearly brought tears to Billy’s eyes.

But apparently that wasn’t the last of it. Rita wasn’t done talking just yet.

Rita: HE’LL be next in line.

Kimberly: I beg your pardon?

Rita: He’s coming. He’s coming because I failed and now he’s going to kill me too.

Zack: No shit. Guess you got a knack for pissing people off, huh?

Rita: You don’t understand, black. All of you. Delay the inevitable all you want, your world is going to end.

Where have they heard that before?

The six just stand off to side, glaring and gawking over at her either in confusion or pure disbelief. The job had already been done; what else would they need to worry about? Well, if Tommy’s apparition from nights ago had anything to say, this battle was to be far from over.

Whether or not they’d be prepared for it was on them.

News once again transmitted over to Zordon and Alpha back at the ship, stupidly fast. And this time, the corridors of the ship weren’t filled by the same ominous aura of doom and gloom that choked the air out of the already pedestrian space.

Here now, they had finally won.....if only by the skin of their teeth.

Their warriors were not built of ease but suffering, and this is why they chose to build themselves to ease suffering. They become the heroes they wish had been their own rescuers. They answer the call of the universe to serve the cause of love. And in this love, in this service, they gained a kind of true freedom others cannot fathom.

They once felt all the pain of the universe and it forged them into both the best fighters and a better team than the two of them either constructed and spirits for Alpha were very high.

Alpha: AH-HA! They did it! We did it!

His mentor too felt elated at the sight of this victory; a minor one at best but still a victory.

Zordon: Yes we did, Alpha 5. With the crystal out of Rita’s grasp, that should leave us one less threat to deal with.

“One less threat”.

It suddenly became difficult for Alpha to take all of that in. All of this jubilance and excitement and genuine joy that he was unsheathing for the first time in a while was now suddenly being bottle back up in a cloud of turmoil and uncertainty. How could he forget?

Rita was just the puppet, twisted and twirled around by strings from the puppet master. And he knew that since she failed, HE eventually would come back to finish the job.....

....and he dreaded the day when that time came.

Alpha: Remember what I said about making time?

Zordon: We will. Eventually.

That was a promise laid on a foundation that was guaranteed to be broken. Zordon, even after all these eons, these millions of years having been stuck as a chip on this ships matrix mainframe, was still a broken man; a discarded shattered image of what he once was because of what he did. Guilt was still biting at him every splitting second, an emotion he found difficult to spill even when called for it.

All the advice and tips and pointers in the world could not shield him from the millenniums he wished to take back....when really, all he could do was make sure his successors did not repeat his mistakes.

Alpha knew for Zordon, the question was never what how or why but when? When would he tell them?

Now was not that time.

A sudden flash of white light, blinding at the core, drew Alpha away from the door and Zordon to close his eyes. They too were bathed in such a vivid glow that had their eyes laid upon it, it would’ve taken a moment to adjust and see the vivid hues they missed before.

Luckily, the sight was worth seeing through all that once the light died down. The six Rangers had reappeared in the base command center with the Zeo Crystal in hand, their base method for transportation once again.

And Rita Repulsa was right there with them.

Silence was deafening throughout the room once the former three adversaries got reacquainted.

Millions and millions of years ago, Rita had committed an unforgivable act; a treacherous betrayal fueled by obsession, armed with a vendetta and merely succeeded only to gain nothing in return. For all this time, she had assumed that she had done her job. So for her to discover the existence of new Rangers meant neither Zordon or Alpha were the farthest thing from dead.

She had never felt so cheated.

This ship resurfaced painful memories and dragged them back up to the surface. Compared to last time she had even bothered to step foot within this ship, Rita felt no fear crawling up or down her spine. She had never been claustrophobic before....

....but that almighty swell of humanity from decades before on the downfall of her “ascension”? She remembered how panic rose in her chest back then. Claustrophobia is a function of fear, one that evaporates when you feel safe. These....these walls were not protection to her; they were a cage.

Just like what she saw Zordon in now. She didn’t pay Alpha any mine even as he waddled up in front of her to get a better look at her.

He tries to resist the urge to twitch his eyes, basking in the sight of seeing his former friend again. But to no avail, as his face slightly warps through the screen, showcasing the look of a disgruntled, heartbroken and despondent man.

Zordon: Rita....

No omnipresent blank stare this time. Just crisp, clear, fully vacant emotions on display for her to see. Not that she cared all that much anymore.

Rita: Zordon....

She smirks.

Rita: I've spent the last 65 million years, trapped in eternal damnation dreaming of this moment. I went over the whole tangent in my head, rehearsed everything I ever wanted to say to you, every word, vowel, syllable, antonym, synonym I could marshal to make you understand EXACTLY what you've taken from me! But I realize....I don't need you to understand anything. It would be highly superfluous to waste another moment of my life having to subject myself to you and your bastardized scrap-metals juvenile squabbling! Because what's the point: You're going to die alone anyways.

Zordon: Already went through with that when you stabbed me in the back.

Rita: You brought that on yourself. And look where it lead you.

Zordon: I never meant to push you over the edge. I know the choice I made that one day took all your other choices away and I have FAILED you, Rita. I can only hope you find it in your heart to forgive me one day.

Rita: What makes you think I would ever forgive a manipulative untalented unethical bastard like YOU?!

Zordon: Because....I forgive you, Rita. And I’m sorry for all that I’ve done to you.

For Rita, the entire space continuum nearly froze into pieces. For just those brief moments of clarity, there she stood, motionless. The severe lack of movement from her part forced the Rangers and Alpha back a step, unwilling to take in anymore shenanigans on her part. Better to be safe than sorry.

Nobody else could see it but Zordon saw it all: the rage and anger had dissipated. The hungry, animalistic mirth, the fire in her eyes grew somber, falling apart for a split second. And that ever-familiar sickening smirk faded. Somehow, Zordon had struck a genuine blow into Rita's heart: Sincerity and forgiveness had changed him for the better and she, for once, was taken aback by his decision to take up responsibility for what he ultimately forced Rita to do.

It broke through to her, taking her off-guard and she hesitated not answering back.

The next minute and a half left the two former friends staring down at the other in pure bitterness and sorrow before Rita approached the screen. A brief but subtle glance back at Tommy bought her the faintest of comfort before her hand massages the coarse and staticky texture of Zordon's face trapped behind the screen. Her eyes closed, Zordon could feel the sudden shift of serenity that withheld her and a fraction of her mind and soul restoring emotional equilibrium.

For a fraction of a second.....Rita lets loose a smile.

First time in centuries he's witnessed her smile graciously and without murderous intent.

Just as quickly as she showed her vulnerability, however, the sooner she immediately toughened back up; her eyebrows slowly arching and teeth eventually clenching in anger with a faint but audible growl coming through.

The apology hurt her more than it healed. Not only was Zordon the only one who benefited from admitting his faults (albeit wholeheartedly), it was too late......65 million years too late. Rita's resentment and fury was already refined and tempered into a deadly resolution.

Rita: Poor Zordon, haven't you forgotten? The Rita you once confined in is dead. Whatever 'good' you once saw in me.....I buried it with the fossilized remains of your team's carcasses.

Zordon: You know as well as I do that's not true.

Rita: Then why did you made it that way?

It pained Zordon to hear that....for Alpha to hear that.....and the new Rangers perhaps had the most notable reaction out of this: they legitimately started feeling some grasp of culpability.




Now....they actually had probable cause to feel sorry for her. As sadistic and methodical her actions and mannerisms were, she wasn't completely in the wrong. Zordon's reckless behavior in his youth did cause her to develop delusions of grandeur and forced her to rebel when pushed too far; killing her entire team and almost leaving Zordon to rot wasn't enough for her.

Zordon: Because I didn’t know any better.

Unable to bask in this bittersweet victory with his face dropping and eyes falling slightly, a slight inhalation and exhalation left Zordon through the screen as he nodded over to Alpha to take her to the cells, shamefully.

It prompted Tommy to let go of the cuffs around her and slightly nudge her in Alpha's direction.

And that's when Rita locked her eyes towards Tommy, who frowned at her oddly as she flashed a baby grin.

Rita: You are different.

Tommy stared at her in confusion thinking: What did she mean by that? And Rita turned away walking pass Alpha who fallowed her exiting the grid to the end of the hall with and the original five looking towards Rita and Alpha walking down the hall and soon as an auto door opened revealing an elevator Alpha and Rita entered and soon as she turned to face forward looking back to the Rangers looking towards her and she stared back given them one last evil.....but HATEFUL smirk mostly to Zordon just before the elevator door turned to close

Once they were out of sight they stared down there for a second then they all turned to Zordon noticing he was silent and facing down and Kimberly was more concern for their for their mentor than the others

Kimberly: Zordon? Are you gonna be ok?

Zordon: Yes.....yes I will.

Kimberly: You sure? I know you and Rita were close before she went.....bennah balls. So......if you need to......

Zordon: I appreciate your concern Kimberly. For now....I just need to process this on my own.

Kimberly nodded in understanding as Trini turned from where she looked more where Rita was taken and soon walked over to the grid

Trini: So....what's gonna happen to Rita?

Billy: Hope you're gonna give her a life sentence.

Zordon: Alpha and I will hold her in captivity in the cellblocks on level 43 for the time being. I hope I can reason with her while she's here and possibly rehabilitate her.

Zack: And if you can't?

Zordon: Then she'll spend the rest of her days here.....

Zordon went silent as the other Rangers got concern themselves despite Billy Trini and now Tommy's grudge against her for her doings on them but soon Zordon looked up to everyone

Zordon: However.....let me just take this moment to say the fact remains when you all faced your greatest and dangerous challenges as well as your hardest choices you all carried on like true heroes. Even when the odds were against you with APEX and Rita alike. You are all better heroes than I can hope for and for that I'm proud of all six of you.

Jason: Thanks Zordon. But I don't think you should be too proud. There were moments we almost gave up.

Zack: Then started fighting amongst ourselves when things got hasty.

Trini: But we owe a lot to Billy really.

Billy: Me?

Kimberly: Well sure. You kept us all together no matter how much things got out of control. You didn't even let the Hogans get to you during the fighting

Billy: Aw shucks.

Jason: Alpha should get some of the credit too. If it weren't for him we might not have ever got you back online.

Zordon: Yes. Alpha showed he is capble that he can display exemplary leadership in my abesence. As well as you Jason. You putted aside your anger problems to become a wise leader. And For that I am more proud.

Jason: I....I don'tknow what to say.

Zordon: Say no more. You have proven your worth as a better leader than I. Always remember that.

Jason was moved by that he was just lost of words he didn't understand how he proved his worth but he couldn't be more gratful hearing that from the previous Red Ranger before him

Zordon: So....finally....Tommy Oliver....please step forward.

Everyone turned to Tommy as he was nervous at first but seeing everyone's friendly expressions to him that made him feel safe to step forward before Zordon

Zordon: Tommy? Your actions against Rita and her monsters have shown you are capable of being a real hero as the other. And despite your doings under the Green with Evil curse you carried out your true will as a true Power Ranger. You even brought me back my hope for the return of the sixth Ranger. Which is why I granted you the choice weather to remain as a Ranger or not. Whatever you decide we will not think less of you. So.....what will it be?

Tommy was silent at first he was still tempt to go home but given how much he expressed himself during the final battle it was fun in a way but most of all it made him feel a little better about his wrong doings cursed or not he didn't feel right on just walking away or he'd never live with himself

He turned back to the Rangers who all gave him supportive expressions especially Kimberly who shed a small tear from her left eye but holding up a grin and nodding to him

Tommy noticed everyone else nodded to him too with Jason giving him a thumbs up like Lucas did for him Tiommy widen his own grin and then turned back to Zordon

Tommy: Alright.....I'm in.

Zordon: Are you sure Tommy? It will not be an easy life. And there will be many odds against you along the way.

Tommy: There maybe anyway. I done a lot of terrible things and it's possible I have blood on my hands weather or not I was under Rita's curse.....I have to make up for and a lot of things I done before this. The never ending fights the shop lifting and the crowds I hung with I couldn't make up for any of that as an average kid. So.....I'm willing to give this a shot.

Billy thought to himself: Guess I got one more communicator to make.

Zordon: Very well then. Welcome aboard....Green Ranger. Given that you have recieved the first of your training from Rita but you will also have to recieve more from me for the greater battles ahead. However Tommy since you have chosen to be thi generation's Sixth Ranger I only have one condition: You must fallow three basic rules or forever loose the protection of the power. One: Never use your power for personal gain not even joy rides on your zord.

Zack faced down feeling embarrassed from that remebering his joy ride

Zordon: Two: Never escalate any battle unless an enemy forces you to. and Three: Keep your identity secret. No one can know you are a Power Rager without putting them in danger to your enemies.

That made Jason think of his uncle and was reminded he didn't tell Zordon nor Alpha that he knows their secret and mouthed: Shit.....

Zordon: Is that all clear Tommy?

Tommy: Crystal. You won't regret it Zordon.

Zordon: Good. Then welcome Tommy Oliver......welcome to the Power Rangers.

Everyone gathered around Tommy patting his shoulders Kimberly gave him a kiss on the cheek and soon noticed Jason was silent and still

Kimberly: Jas? Something wrong?

Jason: Uhhh....kind of. But I'll tell you guys on the way home later. But anyway.....welcome aboard Tommy.

Jason now too his turn to pat Tommy on the shoulder and nodded to him in approval

~One week later~

With the crisis having been averted after an infuriating back and forth between adolescents and titans, the once quiet small town near the edge of the ocean with a gold mine on the outskirts, now know for its’ abundance of monster attacks than blanket tranquility....was finally freed from the grips of Rita Repulsa after having had such a mainstay over this town little less than a month ago.

Now and only now, was Angel Grove allowed to start rebuilding in a drear but hopeful attempt to return to normalcy.

Lots of manual labor needed to repair the cracked roads, destroyed apartments, lost spirits and broken dreams of the residents came aplenty when it was needed. Heck, the refugee camp provided one of the few safe havens for anyone looking for protection; had it not been for the Pink Rangers quick planning, more people would’ve died that day then those who did.

Unfortunately, in the Rangers successful attempt to prevent Rita’s attack from destroying the town and reaching further across to the outskirts of California, it had once again put their detractors in a even more beautiful circumstance to criticize them. More people wanted to take to notice how the Power Rangers effectively stopped an attack that they caused themselves, evidenced to the Green Rangers multitude of attacks before. The others....

....they just couldn’t stand to stay in Angel Grove a second longer. So they took their balls and went far away from town.

As for those who stayed behind, they knew the truth: the Rangers were their heroes. Their role models, their inspirations, their beacons of hope in situations where everything just seemed impossible. Finally, a sense of justice and peace had finally been given back to them because of the Power Rangers selfless heroic acts....

.....and it couldn’t have happened on a such a beautiful day; this Friday.

A fine day had come as the opening of a beloved book, the story ahead one that promised joy and happiness. For the first time in forever, there was a baby-blue sky high above, not the psychedelic candy-blue nor the washed out grey so characteristic of wintry mornings. The clouds were as puffs of radiant joy, ready to disperse into the wind, to travel our Earth. Some long-time civilians of the town watched them eddy, pure reflected rays dappled and swirling with sky, until all that remained was that perfect baby-blue, the same hue as before, as if inviting those born of wing to ride warm thermal air heaven-bound.

As one of those few residents, Lucas found himself a lot more refreshed than usual, knowing the role he played in parts to ‘The Encounter’ as police and APEX officials dubbed it in news reports the previous few days. He couldn’t help but to perk a smile at the sight above, signaling not only just a new day but a new life.

The chance to start over.

Luckily for him, Christmas came early.

His phone vibrates in his pocket, humming ever so discreetly with the vibration bug enough to draw his attention down to his pants. Opening up his IPhone, first thing he sees is a text from Sam; surprising to him since it had been years since he even bothered to call or text him.

More flags were raised upon seeing what Sam actually texted him: I’m not one for giving second chances. But damn it all to hell if I wasn’t honest right here and now....I want to try and make things work for you. With you. We can always start over.

That was the last thing Lucas expected. For his own older brother to bombard him out of the blue, tacitly coming to grips with his own expectations surrounding him to where he’d actively call him out the blue and say there’s still hope for the two of them?

It took him off by surprise. In fact, he even felt a few tears of joy trinkling down his cheeks and beard. In those tears is the proof of your good soul and how you love.

All he could say on that was simple: I would like that.

The same could be said for young Tommy Oliver himself, now freed from Rita’s clutches and able to walk amongst the people without fear of having to lose control. With the exception of his beloved parents.

Not a single word or mention or hint of him had been ushered since the week he disappeared, all of which made it all the more worrying whether or not they were still hard at work looking for him or if they had since then stopped trying. It was a thought way too preposterous for him to take seriously, for his parents were many things.




But above all, they were courageous and lord knows they cared way too much for his well-being.

As evidenced when Tommy finally trudged on the sidewalk, mere seconds way from approaching the door to his house on Harwood County....only to feel a rather tropical breeze redirecting his attention behind him. Its giddy currents flow through him as he eyes the nearest utility pole, his name plastered on a missions persons poster.

One of many he found on his way through the avenue.

The wind greets concrete and skin just the same, yet for once, he is blessed to feel it. He always thought of the wind as so free, chaotic even, yet it too has its path, even if there are infinite possible destinations. It is air with passion, a drive that powers onwards, every direction an option.

And with such a life-altering decision under his belt, the low pressure of the wind’s calming tranquil waves pushing back forward to his house? It was clear one step at a time was the right trajectory to take. Right here and now, he was coming home.

No point in waiting this out, he thought out loud to himself, waking up the stairs to his front door and standing motionless, taking a deep breath. The door was there as if a dream had become solid, as if it had grown upon the hinges and blossomed into a comforting hue.

He stood at the door, anticipating hearing the footsteps that would come to welcome him home. Finally, he raises his hands up and knocks on the door.

Knocks there came thrice, strong and loud.....and so the door was opened wide.

The opening door revealed to a shocked and complete surprised Deborah Oliver who stared started at her son who just looked back nervous and just waiting for any response either a lecture or the riot act or get grounded but........

Deb cried covering her mouth at the sight of her son finally back home as she spoke in a whimpering voice

Deborah: Thomas.....

Tommy: Hey mom....

She just couldn't hold back and heck who can blame her she been without her son for weeks and just embraced him crying holding on to him tight relieved he's now back Tommy didn't know what to sat LITTERALLY exactly remembering Zordon's rule on keeping his identity secret he wasn't sure what to make up on where he' been all this time

I mean besides the secret it's really not everyday you get hypnotized by a powerful lunatic so.....Tommy was pretty stumped either way if his parents wanted an explanation

Deborah: Oh Tommy....I thought I never see you again.....

Tommy: I'm sorry I freaked you out mom.....I don't even know---


Tommy and his mom looked back where that voice came from seeing Jeff come out of the kitchen and he stopped DEAD in his tracks in shock seeing his son at the doorway and Jeff reached up for his glases pulling them off and saw he wasn't dreaming this

Jeff: Tommy....?

Tommy: Dad....I....

He was interrupted again when Jeff ran to him embracing him himself still feeling guilty that he was hard on his son which could have motivated him to run away

Jeff: I'm so sorry son....

Tommy: For what?? I should be for.....

Jeff: Let's talk about that later. For boy is back.

All three of the Oliver Family embraced one another with the camera pulling back from the open door way

The screen soon cuts slowly back to the ship where Kimberly was standing out to the cliff looking towards the town not noticing Trini came from behind her and mildly at her

Trini: Quite a view.

Kimberly turned her head seeing her

Trini: Quite a view.

Kimberly turned her head seeing her

Kimberly: Huh? Oh yeah. Quite.

Trini: The boys just left. I was about to hike home. You....want to tag along?

Kimberly: Uh....sure.

They later walk down the hill as things were silent between them at first Trini was uncertain what to say given the truth about her wa out in the open of her friends even one......she grew fatigated with her not knowing of Kim's growing fatigated with Tommy

However Kimberly finally spoke out

Kimberly: You know Trini I never thanked you.

Trini: For what?

Kimberly: For what you did for the past few weeks: Not being mad at me for not telling everyone about Tommy, focusing Jason, you and Billy kept everyone together. That was awesome.

Trini: I know. I was there.

Kimberly: Jason would deny it but he was worried about Tommy as all of us. All cause he's sensitive even a little fragile sometimes. And after everything we just been through, both of them need to know we're behind----

Trini: Kimmy. If you're asking me to be all "Ra-Ra", that's just not me. Given you're my new favorite person, I still couldn't get it together. And let me tell you why: In my family, when you care about someone, you question them, annoy 'em, berate them, ask them 20 questions and they're gonna hate you for it----but either way, they're better off for it in the end. So sorry....I don't plan on changing.

Kimberly: And by all're care about all of us. That's sweet of you, if you think about it.

Trini snickered softly with a grin tilting her head down ans soon as they were close to the boarder of Angel Grove Trini went on as Kim stood there watching her go lifting her arm up with a fist phrasing her

Trini: You know me. Go Go Power Rangers.

Kim chuckled and moment after she turned went on her way

But as the end of the month approaches the reconstruction of the damgae was under way and took much effort but seemed Jason and Tommy weren't the only ones held back till the start of May for their......MIA but the other four got held back with them cause for running out when Tommy attacked the football field

What made it worse Bulk and Skull got out with most of te early detention students given they hadn't missed anything only cause they don't have a double life.....

......but the bright side they finally reached their last detention students given they hadn't missed anything only cause they don't have a double life......

.....but the bright side they finally reached their last detention and when the van pulled in the lot and parked the only ones who exited the van was Jason from the driver's seat Kimberly from shot gun and Tommy....from the back coming out of the side grabbing their bags as both Kim and Jason were asking Tommy how'd everything go with his parents

Tommy chuckled as they shut their doors

Tommy: No. They were.....more relieved. My dad was more emotional than mom. They thought I ran away after some......troubles we been having due to my......uh mishaps.

Kimberly: And what did you say?

Tommy: I.....I didn't really know how to lie to them.And don't worry I didn't give anything away. All I told them was.....I was abducted.

Jason: Well.....that's in a way true.

Tommy: Yeah. They asked me who it was.....and I told them I didn't know cause I was.....blind folded through the whole thing. So I didn't really give them......tooo much to report to the police. And then I told them I escaped during the attacks and I was told to go to the train where Zack helped the survivors.

Jason: And did they buy it?

Tommy: They asked if I heard any voices I would recognized but didn't far they didn't seem to doubt it. Pretty sure we're good.

Kimberly: Then you're good too.

Tommy chuckled and soon he saw the.....ruined and erupted Football Field and Tommy was......dumbstruck and Kim and Jason didn't had to ask what was on his mind

Tommy: Did.....I do this?

Jason: Yeah but....even though I wasn't here when it happened in a way you did me a favor.

Tommy: How so?

Jason: I wanted to get back at the football team for so long for kicking me out.

The boys laughed even Kim and just when they made it to the entrance tey saw Bulk and Skull sitting on the left lower wall and they were smirking at them

Bulk: Well well well......look who's still in the breakfast club and NOT us anymore.

Skull: And not a jumanji game to pull them out to turn them into the Rock or Jack Black

Jason: Come on guys. Give it a rest.

Bulk: Give it a rest? Obviously you had a rest while WE were helping the Power Rangers defeat Rita Repulsa ad the Green Ranger.

Kimberly: You two? Helped the Power Rangers fight Rita?

Skull: Damn right we did! And when we took on the Green Ranger he almost had me a couple of moments till I slapped some sense into him and he ran crying for his momma.

Kimberly coffed hearing that then Tommy stepped forward to them which caught Bulk and Skull off guard they didn't noticed him behind them

Skull: Ohh.....look.....who's back...

Tommy: Yeah. I'm back. And let me ask you guys something. If the Green Ranger ran crying.....did he ran like you guys did when that Goldar guy came running at ya at the bus station? the hell would you know that??

Tommy: I have my sources.

Skull: Ernie! He totally snitched us!

Bulk: Why that bumbling oaf!

Bulk and Skull ran frusterated and embarrassed with the trio laughing

Jason: Hey good one bro. I almost thought you were giving us away. By accident of course.

Tommy: I wasn't. Cause Ernie did snitched. He told Trini and she told me.

Kimberly: That girl. Come on.

They went in still laughing

But speaking of laughter a laptop was playing a You-Tube video by Nostalgia Critic where he was reviewing when his studio got demolised by the Triceratops zord

Just during earlier that week I was going to review the first mishaps that happened in Angel Grove only to be freaken caught in the middle of the second one! Where one of the so called Power Freaken Rangers WRECKED MY DAMN STUDIO AND ALMOST CRUSHED ME! I didn't ee who was in that vehicle which looked like a freaken dinosaur like they did on the news! So why did I get caught in thi to cost me a studio! Hell the bigger question is......why? Why do yu all make me go to Angel Grove?! NO SERIOUSLY WHY?!

The ones who were watching it was Billy Zack and Trini in the Detention room and were laughing their asses off Billy talked them into watching this video and despite that NC was ranting against the Power Rangers Billy obviously gave him new fans

Billy: What'd I tell ya?!

Zack: You were right Bill. This guy is hilarious!

Trini: He sure can give the Unusual Suspect a run for his money.

Billy: Or the other way around. Nastalgia came long before Suspect.

Or perhaps.....

Tommy’s voice redirected the three’s attention over to him, Jason and Kim by the stairs, further brightening their mood, not having to trudge through this last day alone.

Tommy:.....maybe you three are forgetting about the one, the only, the almighty Angry Video Game Nerd?

Billy: Ok, you got me there; that’s debatable.

Zack: Wait, didn’t he and the Critic already face each other?

Tommy: Long time ago.

See, this....this was what Tommy needed.

For so long, stability and a calmer, more secure state of mind were seemingly absent from his life. After the long days of being so alone, the pain ebbed. He thought he’d would feel the knives in his back forever, the long blades slicing into such sensitive flesh. There were days his brain felt electrocuted, so violently defocused and the pain, the emotional pain, was so all encompassing he simply existed as a matter of will power.

But he came out with it, still having his loving heart.

His idealism and courage.

Still able to take forward leaps whether he could see the ground or not.

And the journey would be more tolerable from this day forward, thanks to his new founded friends.

They were not perfect, or neat or tidy.....but they were those with enough love in their hearts to fight for and defend what is right and good. So come with those frayed edges and scratches, because what counts is still holds a steady rhythm within. And that imperfect balance.... was exactly what he needed.

All of which made the next sequence of events much easier to grasp with compared to last time he was here.

The teacher walked into the room, neither polished or tidy either but presentable nonetheless as he trudges down the stairs. Scrunching his nose and rearranging his glasses, the caught in his eyes gave off the impression of a man who was hesitant.

But every bit as ready as the students to get this over with.

It left the six staring back at each other wholesomely, knowing how close the time had come. Billy and Trin had to get up from the latter’s seat before slinking up next to Zack while Kim and Jason stood slightly off in front.

Tommy just stayed leaning on the armchair. It left the teacher sighing half-heartedly.

Teacher: Part of me wants to say I’m disappointed it’s only the six of you staying behind and not Bulk and Skull. God, they’re insufferable. But the latter of you—

Kimberly: We get it, Mr. Mackowitz. We’ve learned our lesson.

Jason: We don’t wanna be here anymore then you. So what do you say we fasten our seatbelts and finish this last day with a bang?

Nobody needed to say anything. Already up and on the move, they just rearranged each other around the room, taking their individual seats and sitting down with only half of them prim in their old winged armchair, legs crossed and fingers intertwined over one knee.

No point in disputing this behavior.

Teacher: Then let’s not waste anymore time. Attention in detention.

And so, they did it.

Two months. Sixty-one days of careful endurance, forbearance, stickability and stay-at-home hours upon hours of repetitive strain injury later and the once-repellent burden turned self-reflective miracle had come to its eventual closing climax.

Saturday detention was finally and officially done.

Tommy walked out of that hardened wooden door smelling like a hundred bucks, the last thing he expected to observe and make out of himself. After weeks of being hard on himself, doubting himself, falling short on everybody and everything.....something came bubbling up inside of him.

Was it ambition?



Or hope?

Whatever was churning inside of him, it quickly beads his skin like dew on spring grass. He feel it radiating in to soothe his blood, forming such perfect spheres, each one like a tiny world of its own. There was no telling as to what this convulsing force was from within; he couldn’t know for sure that today will be better than yesterday....or if this was the day he’d finally win against himself.

But for once, he found himself with optimism. And for now, that was the next best thing he was willing to take.

Weeks of all this makeshift horror somehow left Tommy walking out of those doors a mostly different man than when he would walk in. Immediately upon walking out, the weight from his shoulders dropped.

He felt no chains on his wrists and ankles, no whips stinging through his back; it felt good to have control over himself again. Damn, did it feel good to be free.

Hanging on the railing of the stairs to collect himself for a few, the sky once more came into view; this blue-grey brindle with the softest accents of white invites the eyes to play as ever-arcing birds upon wing. He wondered if anyone noticed how pretty the sky was today, how the accents of blue were bright and soft all at once. Tommy wondered if whoever saw the serenity of the clouds that sailed by, gently passing on toward anyplace the wind wishes them to reach; if they let their eyes rest upon their white tops and follow the infinite greys that blend so harmoniously with one another, almost bluish.

If they did, Tommy hoped they felt at least a little of what he now felt: a calm sense of awe as warm as sunny rays.

Having gazed on long enough, he redirects his gaze now to his right where, a measurable distance away, his eyes caught his new friends just coupled up together in the parking lot, shoulders and arms directly in correlation to the other in a line.

They were waiting on him. How could he not notice that?

It left Tommy walking on down the stairs, rather hurriedly as he sensed this amicable meeting had a closing remark or monologue to make before they could officially start their summer.

A silver of that deeply embedded skepticism from long ago began to creep in as Tommy finally stepped foot into the parking lot, slowly approaching the five. Only Jason had his arms folded amongst the other four.

He almost had Tommy convinced this extended chat would be serious.

Tommy: Umm.....guys?

Except it was serious.

Billy: It’s official.

He proudly pronounces, reaching into his left jacket pocket ever so slowly and pulling out at about the same speed. Once Billy extends his hand out to exchange with Tommy, he found no shame in reaching forward and gripping the item he had once held.

And the item Billy was holding onto?

Another D3 digidevice model of a communicator just like all the others, differentiated by a green color scheme at the grip while also sporting both the green and gold crystallized armor plating from his suit.

No fortune teller was here to dwindle the possibility in front of his eyes for long; he knew what this meant: Tommy was now officially the sixth Ranger in this group and only the second person to not only wield the abilities of the Green Ranger but the first to overcome the curse.

Tommy found himself smirking ever so slightly, brining a measure of warmth and comfort to the others. The initial hesitation that resonated through him weeks before still spoke somewhat of the shriveled, unspoken, self-critical man of yesterday.

Today, the man seemed ready to take on that responsibility.

Or so it seemed, as Tommy’s confident smirk slowly shrinks back to a contemplative frown.

Rita no longer pulling his strings wouldn’t make this weight of responsibility any less heavy. In some aspects, that meant even more responsibility on his plate because it now meant he had to actively and willingly put a leash around his neck to keep him from making any tiny errors that would soil his or the team’s reputation outside of the already strenuous conditions on leading a double life.

Every blessing is a curse, the blessing and independence of adulthood comes with the price of emotional self containment in times of stress. The mature adult contains and releases stress in a safe manner that protects vulnerable others.....and it was THAT predicament where he struggled the hardest.

Once more, he had to be sure and ask.....

Tommy: Are you absolutely positively sure this is what you want? Because if I snap again and I end up ki—

No words were spoken further as Jason stepped forward, gripping both of his shoulders firmly. No hint of hesitation or fear resonating from him whatsoever and it brought Tommy to stand at attention to the leader fast.

He didn’t need to, as Jason would’ve preferred to slowly ease him into the thick of this but....what more could you do?

Jason: Hey.....let me tell you one useful thing that football managed to stick through to me.

Tommy: Hmm.

Jason: My coach used to say that a good team is like a fire, right? It takes time and patience to build properly; it can be volatile and explosive—but it can also protect you when you need it. And most importantly....all of the complicated pieces don’t have to fit to get the job done.

That was enough motivation for Tommy, let alone reassurance for everyone else. Now this team was far from the five-alarm wildfire they needed to take on all the dangers this universe had to offer—

—but they had a good enough look at each other to know that there was still a spark there.

Well assured and confident, Tommy simply nods at his leader, putting away his communicator in his pocket before Jason backs away. But then he sees Tommy just extend his hand out.

Almost immediately, he knew where this was going.....

Jason: Hands in?

Tommy: Hands in.

....and he didn’t mind. Neither did the others.

Zack was quick to smack his hand on top of Tommy’s preparing for the inevitable battle cry to come. Everyone was lucky that others weren’t around so they had as much time as they needed.

Trini was next to go hands in.

Then Billy.

Then Kimberly, flashing a quick smile at Tommy.

And finally, Jason.

Looks were exchanged between the six. Hands intertwined and with a might effort, they all raised their hands up into the air shouting.....


~Cut to credits~

Mid-Credit Scene

Far out in the reaches of space far far away from our solar system a planet of volcanos and molting lava like the Mustafar System from Star Wars EP III but much more lava and brimstone polluted the planet and hardly any live pollution other than giant fire breathing salamanders

But besides the fire mountains lied an ancient palace that seemed like if it was a kingdom from hell itself thunder clahes over it and we zoom into a higher window leading us........into a thrown room where the thrown itself had a big "Z" on it

A burnt looking and silver armored hand on the arm tapping the fingers and we hear a soft growl from the other side of the thrown and from a red beam P.O.V. imaged Rita's capture by the Power Rangers and the new Green Ranger joining the neneration's Rangers and we hear.....a demonic voice

My incompetent Rita Repulsa. You dare call yourself an en Empress of Evil? Yet you cannot crush five cockroaches not even SIX?! You have failed me for the last time Repulsa. As I speak your days of control are over! There will be no more chances.

The thrown turned slowly revealing a new evil the shadow behind Rita's tempts and the source of all the destruction that as destroyed Zordon's old team and the puppet master of Rita's actions

The one......

....The only....

......The Emperor of Evil himself......

......Lord Zedd!!!! (William Defo)

He stood up walking down from his thrown taking one of his pet snakes and morphed it.....into a scepter of hos own a Z staff and stepped out to the padio of his thrown room

Lord Zedd: Then you and Zordon have forced my hand. I shall resue command and claim the zeo crystal myself. Prepare......for my RETURN!!!!!

~Cuts out with a demonic voice chanting: "Lord Zedd"~


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