Green with evil

To the fall of Zordon and destruction of the Power Rangers.....

Green With Evil: Power Rangers is a 2019 live action, adventure, drama and comedic superhero movie and the sequel to the 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie. It's based on the same superhero team from the same name from the 90's TV series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" and features a few of the same actors from the original show. The 2017 reboot did make a total of 142.3 million at the box office, way over its original budget, yet the film was still considered a box office failure. However, thanks to merchandising as well as toy sales and rental DVD sales, the film managed to persevere through the difficult times and crank out enough for Lionsgate and Saban films to OFFICIALLY green light a sequel. Other sequels are still in question and are yet to be confirmed, however.

This film is directed once again by Dean Israelite, produced by Haim Saban, rated PG-13 and distributed by Lionsgate, Saban Films, SCG Entertainment, Temple Hill Entertainment, etc.

This sequel will feature most of the returning actors from the previous film, along with some new additions. It will feature Dacre Montgomery, Dylan O' Brien, Naomi Scott, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Austin St. John, Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, David Denman, Will Sasso, Caroline Cave, Tara Strong.....and Willem DaFoe.


Upon embracing the bond of friendship and the power unlocked in all of them, the new protectors of Angel Grove, Zordon's new league of Power Rangers (Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, Trini) have since then been remembered and recognized as heroes by all. Well.....all except for ONE. The villainous Rita Repulsa STILL has a massive bone to pick with them, after her failed attempt to find the Zeo Crystal. Willing to take any route necessary to find it and get back at her new rivals, Rita gives up her green coin and leaves it into the hands of one unwilling Tommy Oliver.

Once he gets the coin and Rita makes her presence felt within's safe to say the Rangers will have to do battle with their greatest adversary yet.


  • Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger)
  • Dylan O'Brien as Thomas “Tommy” Oliver (Green Ranger)
  • Naomi Scott as Kimberly Ann Hart (Pink Ranger)
  • Becky G as Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger)
  • RJ Cyler as William "Billy" Cranston (Blue Ranger)
  • Ludi Lin as Zachary "Zack" Taylor (Black Ranger)
  • Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5
  • Austin St. John as Lucas Scott
  • Dominic Purcell as Steve Oliver
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Deborah Oliver
  • David Denman as Sam Scott
  • Caroline Cave as Beverly Scott
  • Will Sasso as Ernie

  • Tara Strong as......Scorpina (Voice)
  • Robert Patrick as......Lord Zedd


The trembling, rumbling contents of a glorified bright specimens, or a shooting star (to be more precise) cuts through the orbiting pattern between our Earth and Moon before continuing its path of trajectory onwards. As it's path of illumination glows dimmer and dimmer, we cut slowly down onto the surface of our moon, rotating above the Earth where over on one of the craters encased into the surface, we see.....

.....a frozen specimen, almost buried within the rocky surface of the moon itself. And if that wasn't interesting enough, surrounding the specimen was broken Frozen glass, keeping it in place as it's hands laid frozen up underneath the surface.

Unfortunately, that frozen specimen was MORE than a frozen specimen.

THAT was the ravenous, villainous, evil empress and former green ranger, Rita Repulsa.

After the events of her defeat at the hands of the newly formed Power Ranger team, she was then slapped all the way up into space and was since then frozen due to the atmosphere and then laid on the Moon ever since.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't stay that way.

Eventually, the frozen wall surrounding her body started to crack even further then it already had all the way up to the actual surface of the moon......before it suddenly subsides.....and stops.

And almost immediately, a hand BURSTS out the glass and through the crevices surface of the moon. Soon after, the other hand shortly follows suit, clawing and purring back to the surface.

Finally, after a last ditch effort, the surface rumbled yet again until Rita burst through the glass and out of the rocky, uncomfortable surface and lands feet first.

Recovering from her frozen slumber, however, was more difficult then she had anticipated. Even though the gravitational force between the Moon and Earth would have any human bouncing or lost in the balance, Rita wasn't human. So she could stay on the surface without worrying about floating away afterwards. But the temperature, in the other hand, still didn't make it easy on her.

As she looks out to the Earth; remembering the battle with the Rangers and when they destroyed Goldar, she dropped down to her knees in rather agony as she remembered something else:

The crystal......the Zeo Crystal remains down there.....more than likely to be in the possession of Zordon.....her former friend.

She turned away and quickly covered her stomach, as the cold temperature of the dark side of the moon was getting through to her. It had gotten to the point where she could barely stand up.

But that's when out of the corner of her eye, she spots the source of her power, the same source she claims deemed her worthy of such power: her green power coin.

She simply reaches her hand out to her barely visible coin in the distance, and almost immediately after a few seconds, it flung all the way back to her as it SHOT straight into her grasp.

Upon returning to the hands of its owner, it glowed up frequently as Rita's eyes sparked the glowing fluorescent green as her strength returned, along with her armor intact.

Rita: Ahhhhh.....much.....better.

As soon as she was able to regain her strength and get back to her feet, a dark, ominous, laminating voice boomed into her head.

Rita Repulsa.

The echoing voice booming within the confines of her thick skull was all too familiar to her. She knew who was talking to her.

Rita: My lord.

Have you recovered the crystal?

Rita: I'm afraid not, my lord. Zordon had interfered. And apparently, he brought a few of his toys to crash my party. I almost had the crystal RIGHT IN MY GRASP.

So, you failed.

Rita: Yes.....But I may know who else can get it. Over the millennium, I have carried my old coin of the green ranger since the battle in the Cenozoic Era. It would seem only fair.....

She glimpses back to her coin and grips it tightly.

Rita:......if I find another WORTHY of such divine POWER.

So you are give up the source your own power and ambition to find it and to bring upon Zordons destruction?

Rita: Zordon has already found a new group of Rangers to toy with me. What better way to destroy them.....then to let history repeat itself, my lord.......

There was an brief silence in the air until the voice boomed once again, informing her......

Very well. Seek out who is worthy to carry out the will of the Green Ranger. Destroy Zordon and have the Power Rangers begging for their pitiful demise. And Rita.......there shall be NO mistakes this time.

Rita simply gave a bow to her lord as the booming voice fades away. She smirks evilly and starts to chuckle with her new profound plan in sight as she glimpses down at the green power coin still grasped in-between her fingers; watching as a bright green light sparkles with energy.....

.....blinding the screen......

Eventually, the pitch white light clears up reasonably we then cut up to a lightbulb, a miniature lightbulb no less, encased in a......close to the ceiling of the room......

....and that's when we see that its the detention room in Angel Grove High School. Filled with rather obnoxious people who couldn't handle the rules along with other "weirdos and criminals", it certainly seemed as if the detention teacher sure had his work cut out for him.

It definitely seemed like it wasn't gonna be another normal day in Saturday detention......

....except for the fact that apart from all the other people who were in that room, only THREE, (count 'em), THREE people in detention stood out from the rest.

William "Billy" Cranston

Kimberly Ann Hart

And former high school football star.....

Jason Lee Scott

It only felt like yesterday since the three of them, along with two others, learned how to embrace the power of friendship along with their own will-power to stop an all-powerful extraordinary callous being from taking over the town.

But along with a few others, they pulled it off. But no focusing on the past now. What mattered was right now.

Teacher: Alright. Attention. Attention in detention.

As for the three friends, they were doing something a little interesting. Kimberly was just finished drawing a random picture while the teacher wasn't looking (not like he minded) and she finished, she folded it up origami style and three towards Jason, who barely catches it.

He then unfolds it open to reveal a custom logo that she drew, which is more than likely to represent their bonding of a new team and new age.

At that point, he tosses it towards Billy and he looks at it too before the teacher finally says....

(This bit follows the mid-credits scene)

Teacher: Alright, we have a NEW student coming into detention today: Tommy.....Oliver.

Everyone in the room just looked around each other to see if Tommy was in here, and he wasn' least for now.

Teacher: Tommy Oliver? Tommy Oliver?

The only glimpse of him that we ACTUALLY see at his desk, is his notebook, binder.....and green sweat-jacket.

We then cut to the bathroom from which we see a random kid, dumping his face into the sink trying to wash his face off, cause it was apparently something much more serious.

By the time he turns off the water and looks at himself in the mirror, we see that it's none other than Tommy Oliver.....with a black eye.

It wasn't completely black, but it was clear that something had happened to him. And from the looks of it, he wasn't willing to say anything about it.

Tommy: *sighs*  Why does this have to be me?

A few minutes later, we cut back to the detention room where everyone, including Kimberly, Billy and Jason suddenly heard the door open and they all stood up to see Tommy Oliver entering the room, covering his swollen black eye with a bag of ice.....

.....and for some reason, Kimberly couldn't take her eyes off him.

Teacher: Tommy Oliver. You're late, I see.

Tommy: Had to use the bathroom, sir.

Teacher: Alright. Next time, be sure you use the pass.

Tommy boldly nodded over at him as he waltz over to his seat, still covering his eye the best way he can. As soon as he sat down, Jason couldn't help but to take a REALLY good look at him; for he didn't know what or who he was at the moment.

At that point, he felt a gust of wind as he immediately caught a glided up piece of paper through his fingertips. He laid it flat on the table and opened it up, only for the note to say:

"Anyone you know?"

Jason quickly looked over at Billy's direction and nodded "No", as he nodded back.

Teacher: Alright. So.....I know last month seemed intense due to the "alien invasion" last month and those.....weird people in the color suits, but.....

Wallace: Go go Power Rangers!

The rest of the students just so happen to cheer and chant among the comment, all except for Kimberly, Jason, Billy and even Tommy (the latter of which were, unbeknownst to many, the ones they were actually cheering for). It didn't take long, however, to get the teacher riled up as he stood up, rather annoyed

Teacher: Hey hey hey, quiet! Everyone sit down, ok?

The rooms eruption quickly faded rather quickly as everyone just sat back down in their seats.

Teacher: *sighs* I know that was SOMETHING else, that event. But we don't live in the past, we transgress forward. And that's what we'll start on in just a few. Oh....and just for that, Colt Wallace, I can guarantee that you'll be staying here longer than the rest of us. In fact, for the rest of the semester.

Colt: It's not even that long before schools out.

Teacher: My point, EXACTLY.

As the Teacher rambled on, Kimberly had a REALLY hard time, trying to take her eyes off Tommy, still favoring his black eye with that pack of ice. It wasn't long before he felt someone looking over him and he slowly turns around. Luckily, Kim turned away before he could catch it, but the fact that she ACTUALLY found someone rather interesting upon first sight.....she couldn't help but to blush and even grin at the thought.

Jason looked over at him as well and then her, while maintaining the type of look that made it look like he wasn't really satisfied with anything.

He might've had that look of a jealous weasel, but deep down, it didn't really bother him much.

About a cut later, Saturday detention had already ended and Tommy was one of the last few students to actually exit. Upon walking down the hall still holding the ice towards his black eye, waiting for the contents of the cubes to cool the pain from his eyelids, he happened to look over down the hallway in front of him as he saw Jason, just about to open the double doors.

But that's when he stopped.

He felt Tommy's presence from a-far, which was only confirmed once he saw him behind him. Jason didn't do much.....except for smile and wave over at Tommy.

Tommy just waved back as Jason pushed the doors open and walked out. By that point, Tommy was once again, trudging his way down the seemingly endless hall before he heard the squealing marks of steps coming up behind him.

Billy: Hey. Hey, hold on a sec.

His voice did little to slow Tommy down, for he already had enough on his plate, considering the black eye on him. But Billy, called him out yet again.

Billy: Hey, man. Come on, are-are you Tommy Oliver?

THAT was what made him stop moving. And it was SO SUDDEN, almost like Billy said something he shouldn't have. It even got more weird when Tommy slowly turned his head around to him kind of a blank stare.

Billy: Ummm.....yeah, ok. Nice talk.

He was just about to walk backwards and just turn the other way, until Tommy finally spoke up and said.....

Tommy: Yeah, that's me......I'm Tommy.

He quickly turns back towards him and starts back up the conversation from that point.

Billy: Really? Oh, well.....I-it seemed hard to tell at first, because I-I see you in Algebra II and stuff, but it barely feels like you're even in the room.

Tommy: *sighs* Yeah, I know. I mean, that's bound to happen if you're not popular for.....practically anything down here.

Billy: As if anyone needs popularity here, I mean....right?

They both chuckle very mildly.

Tommy: Wait. I never got your name, though.

Billy: Yeah. William Cranston. Just call me Billy.

Tommy: Nice meeting you.

They shake hands.

Billy: Oh, umm.....sorry about the eye. Umm....

Tommy: Don't worry, ok? It'll heal soon enough.

He simply nods softly then.

Billy: And umm......I don't know if I should be telling you this, cause....I'm kinda like that, but I think I noticed Kimberly looking over at you in there, while you know.....

That statement came as a bit of a surprise to Tommy cause even though he's heard the name, it's the first time that name was directly mentioned TO him.

Tommy: Kimberly? As in....Kimberly Hart?

Billy: Yeah, I guess. I mean there's only ONE in the entire school, so who else could I....

~awkward silence~

Billy: Yeah, that's her.

Tommy: Yeah, I figured. Surprised she's in detention, though. I mean, news travels fast down here, but I didn't think she'd be in there.

Billy: Oh, in that case, you've probably haven't heard that story too, about how she-

Tommy: Actually, no. I haven't heard what she did. I don't even know why she's in detention either way.

Billy: Honestly, neither do I.

Tommy: Why are you, though?

Billy: Uhh.....I don't know how to explain it. You?

Tommy: Aargh.....long story short, I got into a lot of fights. Honestly, I just moved down here a year ago parents were actually hoping for me to get a scholarship but.....the only thing that interested me was karate, tae kwon do, jit-jitsu.....

Billy: Wow. So you some kind of black belt or something?

Tommy: Almost. Still under brown belt 1st gup, but I've just been kicking it too far. And, well.....I guess that's why I got assigned to the "Breakfast Club".

Billy: Dude! That movie's a classic!

Tommy: *chuckles*  I know, right? was nice meeting you, Billy. I gotta go.

Billy: Yeah, yeah. Sure.

He just watched as Tommy slowly walked closer and closer to the doors before yelling out:

Billy: One more thing: Come by the desert if you're in the mood for some kicks!

He turned around to face him as he nodded over towards him and then walked out the door.

Upon walking down the stairs, as soon as he gets to the bottom, he accidentally bumps into someone causing both of them to drop their bags, as books and other materials piled out.

Tommy: Ahh my god, I'm so sorry.

Kimberly: It's alright...I....

As soon as they both bent down and looked at each other, they made quite an awkward eye to eye contact stare with one another.....almost as if it was too hard for each of them to resist just staring through the other.

Kimberly: Um....sorry.

Tommy: N-No....I'm sorry.

They quickly gathered their stuff up off the ground and got themselves set up again. At that same instant, both of them were about to grab a book in front of them and almost simultaneously, they both reached out for it and  their hands "Touched" one another.

Once again, this caused them to look over at the other again.....and it just kept getting awkward. At that moment, they both simultaneously said:

Both (Tommy, Kimberly): S-sorry.

Tommy quickly moved his hand away and actually picked up the book, giving it to Kimberly. Pretty soon, they both stood up.

Kimberly: Thanks.

Tommy: No problem.

Kimberly: We--uh....we haven't met, have we?

Tommy: Uh....I don't think so. least, not directly. I'm Tommy Oliver.

Kimberly: Kimberly Hart.

Tommy: Hmm? You're Kimberly?

She just nodded.

Tommy: Ohh....I....umm.....heard you used to be on the cheerleading team.

Kimberly: Yeah, I know. But that was before stuck Saturday lessons.

Tommy: Yeah. It's no fun, huh?

Kimberly: Far from it. You probably know why I'm in there, right?

Tommy: No.

Kimberly: Well, THAT'S a good sign.

Tommy: *chuckles*  Well.....good meeting you, Kim.

He was just about to back up and walk away before she called him out again.

Kimberly: Hey, wait!

He turns back around.

Kimberly: friends and I were going out for a drive up the high mountains in the desert. It's nothing major, it's just for a bonfire. If you want to come, you're more than welcome to.

Tommy: I don't have a car yet.

Kimberly: Heh, that makes sense. Well, if that's the case, maybe my boyf---uh.....friend, Jason can take you up there.

Tommy: Uh....yeah. I think your buddy Billy invited me too.

Kimberly: That's.....that's great.

Thinking quickly, she took a piece of paper and wrote down Jason's address before she firmly handed it over to him.

Tommy: Nice. So I guess I'll see you up there.

Kimberly: Yeah. I guess so.

Soon enough, the two took their separate ways basically decide to walk home at this point. Neither of them decided to leave a phone call for their parents but, then again, the thought never crossed their minds. Tommy and Kimberly were both turning a bright peachy type of red as they walking off from one another.....

.....because by that point, that bonfire later tonight.....was the only thing they were thinking about.

Another cut later, we move over away from the city and away from Angel Grove High as we cut down to Jason's house as it then transcends to him doing push-ups in his room..... which very little had changed...... the camera revolves over to his red power coin over on his dresser.

Jason: 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62.

Admist his counting, his red coin suddenly started to make a very low humming yet vibrational noise. It didn't make that much noise or create that much of a mess though, cause Jason, as fast as a lightning bolt, caught the coin; preventing it from going any further.

At that point, he just sat himself on his bed, prepared to lay himself down for a few notices rest....and he did......

....for about eight seconds.



The sound of his phone buzzing sound more like a joy buzzer more than an actual phone ringing.....but considering who it was, it made sense why he wouldn't ignore it.

He gets himself up from the bed, and answered the message on his phone, silencing the beeping.

It was from Billy.

Could you give him a ride?

Jason: A ride?

He was kinda confused about what Billy meant by that but at the same time, he kinda had a feeling about who he was already talking about.

So he responded back.

Who's he?

Look outside.

He mustered the strength to look outside of his window since it's still day out and sure enough, he sees Tommy on the sidewalk, rather close to the road , waving over at him.

Jason puts his phone down and smiles to see it was him again.

Then in a instant montage of events, he disables the ankle monitor on his foot (thanks to the technique Billy taught him), and just like that, he's on the road with Tommy.

A few hours later, we finally roll our way up to the mountains as both of them get out of his red pickup truck (the beat up one from the trailer that his Dad said he could fix) and start walking over the rocky, dusty and ashy terrains of the mountains.

The first thing Tommy noticed about this location is the fact that.....Jason seemed to know where he was going.

Tommy: You've walked this route before.

Jason: You know?

Tommy: I'm just observing because I know an expert when I see one. I've been in enough classes to know.

Jason: Yeah, well.....anything you need to tell us, you can spill it and we won't judge you.

Suddenly, they heard a voice from afar.

Hey, Jas!

They both turn ahead to see a blurry yet clear image of Zack Taylor raising his hand up, letting them know he and the others were waiting.

Jason just looked back towards Tommy as he went forward ahead of him, before Tommy got the gist and followed suit.

By the time they both make it up to the actual bonfire 🔥, Kimberly, Billy, Zack and Trini were waiting for them.

Kimberly: Hey. You made it.

Trini: Look who's tardy to the party.

Jason: Not to say I WAS tardy, but....alright. Lets just say I was. But I needed to make sure this guy right here.....*taps Tommy on the shoulder*....made it here with us.

Despite the simple fact of the matter that this was far out of his jurisdiction then he had anticipated, Tommy, in a strange way, felt very VERY confronted with this guys; despite the fact that he REALLY didn't know ANY of them.

Tommy:'s something new to me.

Trini: New, huh? You got to Angel Grove High?

Tommy: Yeah.

Trini: You new around there?

Tommy: No. I wish I was, though.

Trini: I don't blame you.

She takes a sip from places it down beside her, making Tommy feel even a little bit skeptical about this. But not before he felt a tap on his shoulder from Zack, who looked like he was having a good ol' usual.

Zack: Hey, my man. Pleasure to meet you. Names Zack.

He offers his hand and Tommy....gladly shakes it.

Tommy: Tommy.

Trini: Trini. T-R-I-N-I.

Tommy: Ok?

Billy: She gets called Dee Dee everyday by some people.

Trini: You probably don't wanna know what my last name is, either. So lets just leave at that.

Tommy: *chuckles* Well, that's not even remotely CLOSE to fun at all.....*scoffs*....then again, neither is going to Saturday detention.

Zack: You got stuck in there too?

Trini: How come?

At that point, everyone's just looking at him; anxiously waiting for the type of answer that would come out of his mouth. What they got was.....kinda what they were.....and were NOT expecting.

Tommy: Well....

He sits down on one of the rocks nearby.....and begins to explain his story.

Tommy: A good natural kid like me.....we always start off good natured, happy go lucky, this types of traits, you know. And....just when everything in your life seems to be going so well, somewhere down the end up bumping into something that......changes the course of your trajectory for a while.

The word "Bumping" seemed to have caught Kim's attention as she quickly looked over at him, wanting to stay as glued to the story as possible.

Jason: Meaning?

Tommy: Meaning before I came down to Angel Grove, off to a rough start.

Billy: Well, didn't you say you got into some fights before?

Tommy: Well, that's what some people don't get about me sometimes. Just because I take karate doesn't mean I always DO fight. Besides, I never start them. I only finish them. But that's just the icing on top of the shit sundae, ok? That wasn't what got me into the same mess as you three.

He points over to Jason, Kim and Billy as he inches himself closer to the center, making sure the contents of the fire didn't get too close to him, yet it kept him warm at the same time.

Finally, he mustered up the strength to say....

Tommy: I used to shoplift.

Zack: Whaaaaaaaat?

Trini: Wow! So did I!

Jason: Not helping.

She contained her excitement for the time being.

Tommy: Guess I'm not the only one, but....yeah.....

He continues on.

Tommy: I don't know what made me do it back then, but all I know was I got mixed up and I fooled around a lot......but then I got caught by the police chief....and the rest is history. I got put on house arrest for about 6 months, and it wasn't until the last two months my parents signed me up for Angel Grove High. It didn't stop there. I kept getting into more fights 'cause people there are so quick to judge me before they get the chance to know the real me.

He sighs heavily.

Tommy: That's what got me stuck in detention every Saturday.

The story was really captivating to the others cause once again, someone else besides them were caught on the receiving end of what life had to give them, even when it was on their own behalf. Billy and Jason just looked down, trying to make sense of the story while Zack just said.....

Zack: Damn, Man. Can't seem to catch a break around here.

Tommy: I know. Sadly, I've gotten used to it.

At that point, Trini just whispers anonymously into Kimberly's ear before turning back towards Tommy.

Trini: I have to say....for a new guy who says he gets into fights a lot, he's.....pretty cute.

Kimberly: Um.....

Tommy: Hmm.....that's not the first time I've heard that.....*sighs*.....So you know my story. What's y'alls?

This actually made the team think, preferably back to one key thing: their fight with Rita and Goldar. Mostly because it felt a little awkward. They knew for a fact that one of the three rules for being a Ranger was to keep it a secret, so unwilling to spill out the beans, they all just thought back to the start.

Jason: Well.....last time, I never really managed to express myself. But now that you're here, Tommy........I guess I better spill the beans.

Tommy: Not literally, ok?

The six of them all chuckled mildly as Jason let the sparkles and cracks of the burning inferno warm him initially before finally breaking it down.

Jason: Despite making it this far, I'd like to wonder why I'm even up to this point in my life. I've always been oblivious to whenever I get myself into trouble that point, I ended up making the wrong decisions. ALWAYS.

This side of Jason seemed just as sincere as it was when he claimed responsibility for Billy's death. Even Tommy couldn't help but be fascinated by this tale. So they all drew in closer.

Jason: I was the star football player for Angel Grove Tigers. I thought I had it all. The trophies, the recognition, the fame, the whole school behind my back. everyone looks back at me, giving me the kind of look that makes it seem like I ran over their dog.

Trini chuckled a little bit.

Jason: One had special prank planned with some of my other teammates. We didn't get too far......the cops came. The cow and the others got away.....but me......I wasn't that lucky.

~Akward silence~

Jason: And that's how I got this......

He pulls the scuff form the bottom of his jeans up to reveal his ankle monitor strapped to his right ankle.

The others are surprised to say the least.

Kimberly: Is that an ankle monitor?

Zack: So you're on house arrest too?

Jason: Yeah.......*pulls the scuffs down* was ONE of the few reasons why.....I though I wanted to leave.

Again, the statement put everyone on hold.

Billy: L-leave?

Tommy: Like permanently, leave Angel Grove?

Trini: Why didn't you tell us this the other time?

Jason: It's not happening, ok? It was just a thought that plagued my head ever since it happened. However.....

He slowly eyes over at Kimberly.

Jason: Someone was more determined to leave than me.

Everyone else turns to her.

Kimberly: *sighs*  Can't believe I'm about to say this, but.....

She takes another deep breath before taking out the bobbin clumped in her hair and threw it aside as she let her hair loose.

Kimberly: You've heard about.....that incident, right? With me and.....

Jason: Yeah. You punched the guys tooth out.

Kimberly: Cause he had it coming! I might've handled the situation the wrong way, but the guy was an asshole either way.

Tommy: Just an asshole?

Kimberly: He was a pervert too, ya know.

Trini: *snickers*  I SO should've expected that.

Kimberly: You should've seen him for real, then. But because of that, I was kicked out and terminated from cheerleading.....and it got me stuck in that same prison as you guys.

Tommy: There's more to it than that, isn't there?

Kimberly: Mhm-hmm......I....I used to think  that I was all high and mighty. But, I guess after playing my part in that cruel sadistic joke, it clicked. It became clear to me that it had gotten me nowhere. If--if anything, I DROPPED DOWN a few levels. And with Rebecca and Amanda Clark leaving me in the dust, I saw, for the first time in my life, what I had truly become. And....and now, people are now treating me the way Carrie Freaking White was treated before her prom destruction.

Tommy: I see.....

Billy: Ok, come on now. I'm sure it wasn't THAT bad. I mean, no ones throwing tampons or dumping buckets over your head.

Zack: Keep your words in check, Bill. Never know when she's gonna just....SNAP.

He chuckled.

Billy: Hehehe, ok, ok. See, now you just trying to be funny. I was trying to make a point.

Trini: Well, I think you've already made your point to him.  *turns to Tommy*  Oh, and if you want to know about me. I'm just a rogue at your school.....who's afraid of heights. But Zack doesn't attend it as the rest of you. But thank God, cause of the way y'all talk about it......I don't think I wanna know what the experience in detention's like. Me.....I keep getting kicked out and moving from school after school after school because....


Trini: Really, I was....kind of a nobody. A brat, sometimes. But really, a nobody.

Tommy: You're talking like Rocky Balboa.

Billy: Ooh ooh ooh, yes! His latest movie Creed is my favorite!

Trini: Hold up now, are we talking about movies or our lives here?

Jason nodded slightly before cracking up when he remembered Billy referencing the famous line from Bruce Willis in the film,  "Die Hard"

And if that wasn't reference-able enough, Billy just had to flat out say in front of everyone.

Billy: Yippie-ki-yay, motherf.....*Stops*......uh, m-mothers good. Mothers still good.

At that point, everyone soon just burst out laughing and soon got talking more.....but unbeknownst to any of them.....was the simple fact of the matter that even though they were SAFE, they were still being WATCHED..... one of their few allies, Alpha 5, as he hid himself behind another rock.

Alpha: Hmmm......

You'd think he had just happened to show up there, He was there the entire time. It's been long enough to the point where he knows this is where they hang out from time to time.....especially considering the cliff leading to their hideout was RIGHT THERE.

He takes a good luck at the guys chatting and having a good time talking until.....he gets a brief glimpse at Tommy's face as he turns towards Zack.

Feeling like he saw enough, he quickly scurried back to the cliff and jumped down it, before breezing his way back to the main room where Zordon was awaiting him in the Morphing Grid.

Alpha: You get all that, sir?

Zordon: Yes, Alpha; I did.

Alpha: I'm pretty sure there's no need to be concerned here. They know of the rules that we told them. I mean, he's just a newbie, right?

Zordon: I am VERY aware of that, Alpha. But that is the LEAST of my concerns at the moment.

Alpha: What do you mean?

There's some small warping in the wall Zordon was encased in, before he moves to the other side of the wall, to face Alpha seriously. And THAT'S when he says......

Zordon: It's not over, Alpha. I can still feel HER presence.

Alpha: Rita?

Zordon: I'm afraid so. And apparently she's regain her strength. And it won't be long till she's ready to attack again.

Alpha: What about.....HIM? Is he here too?

Zordon: least, not yet. I cannot sense his presence. Although, I hope that I never do. In the meantime, Alpha, have the zords ready and on standby. It'll only be a matter of time.....before it starts again.......

We cut to later that same night, in which over on the mountain range, the same range in which the Rangers first discovered their power coins, we feel a slight yet murky presence coming up from the mining range.

The camera transverse up and we see that it's nothing, but a piece of gold.

Except if you look at it closely, this price of gold was PULSATING, and moving around with a stiff purpose, almost as if this deformed piece of a former monster had a mind and heart of its own.....only in literal pieces.

At that point, it starts to squiggle and move in a worm like motion away from the edge of the blown up mining wall.....until a foot comes down in front of it. And it stops.....


But then it starts to move yet again, as it then proceeds to crawl up around her like it was her personal pet before slowly traveling up the leg, around the side and eventually came to rest in its hand. It stayed where it was.....

....for the one who had collected it was, once again, Rita Repulsa.

With her gold piece intact, it then began to pulsate yet again as the gold suddenly grew longer and wider to almost an primitive state. Except it didn't.

This fine piece of living gold simply matted itself back into the broken remains of Rita's staff, as she stood firm over the mountain side

Rita: Shhhh.......Patience, my friend. Patience. Soon, you will be free and whole again. For the key to your resemblance lies firmly in the hands of our new ally, our new Green Ranger. He will destroy Zordon and the Power Rangers and they will learn what it means to mock us. Once they're all gone, we receive the Zeo Crystal, and all of Angel Grove will tremble and fall beneath us. Then, the entire planet! And then.....the UNIVERSE GOES AS WELL!

She quickly placed her coin into the center of her staff yet again as she breathed in and immediately mutated into a orb of green energy and flew across the mountain terrains all the way back into town.

Our young heroes are yet to be unaware that this super-intelligent evil has yet to make her presence felt once again......

As it cuts to Sunday afternoon, we cut back to Jason's house yet again as we see somebody knocking on the door. He then turns away to wait for someone on the other side to open the door. The camera luckily doesn't show us who this person is right away.

Finally, the doorknob started to unshackle a little bit before it finally came open all the way.

Jason's father, Sam was the only who opened the door and the person he was staring at from the other side was his brother and Jason's Uncle:

Lucas (Austin St. John)


Lucas: Sam.

Sam: Lucas.

Lucas: Surprised to see me?

Sam: Yeah, thought I still had you stuck on that restraining order.

Lucas: It expired yesterday. This is why you have to LOOK IN-BETWEEN the lines sometimes. Those things don't hold forever.

Sam: Ehhh......well.....JASON! Company!

Jason immediately came out his room and came to the front and as soon as he sees his Uncle, his smile slowly appeared out of the corner of his mouth. But then again, he wasn't really trying to hide it.

He embraced it.

Jason: Uncle Lucas?

Lucas: Well, what're you waiting for? Come here, man.

There wasn't much that contain Jason's excitement at the moment. It's been almost forever since he had seen his Uncle in person no less, and at this point in time, he was glad to see him now rather than never again. At that moment, the two hugged.

Lucas; So, you holding up alright?

Jason: Still in detention, so that's a solid.....maybe? *scoffs* I don't even know anymore.

Lucas: I know, I know. Sometimes we can't help ourselves sometimes. Even when you choose to do the right thing, the consequences will still follow suit.

Jason: could say that again.

Lucas: Well, apart from detention, what's goin' on with you, Jas? Got yourself a girlfriend, maybe?

Jason: Uncle.

Lucas: Hey, I'm just asking. You don't have to be shy about it. I'm not saying you are,'ve got my attention. Lay it on me, Jason.

Jason, knowing there was no avoiding the subject, just sighed heavily.

Jason: Actually, I....I do have a bit of a....crush on someone.

Lucas: Oh ho ho ho ho ho. This is getting interesting.

Jason: Yeah, I know......the....uh....girls name is Kimberly. She's.....something else.

Feeling a little woozy over thinking about the idea, Jason felt it necessary to sit down before it gets to his head.

Lucas: Well....what is it about her, champ?

Jason: Well.....there's not a whole lot, actually. We both got in detention together and.....I guess we're practically cut from the same cloth. We both hated this town at one point. And.....then.....

He stops. He was at the moment where he was officially at a standstill between wanting to tell him and not telling him at all. But it almost slipped out of him.

Jason: T-there was a moment got to the point that we were.....

Lucas: Wait....did you two--??

Jason: What? Ohh, no. Of course not. But, we had some moments. Even during the--that alien invasion last month.

Lucas: Hehehe......yeah, I know....I was there when it happened. I had to watch from afar as I saw that red guy pulled my brother out of the car. I don't really know if they were aliens or people....but either way.....*chuckles*.....the world does owe them their lives. Even me.

Sam: So do I.

Jason grinned lightly at the two of them, knowing that he was the one who saved his uncle the stress of losing a precious family member, as well as his fathers life that day

Jason: Yeah, they are the real heroes around here. Just like the Avengers.

Lucas: And the Justice League. But umm.....anyway, why don't you tell this girl how you feel if you like her so much?

Jason: It's really.....not that easy. Plus.....yesterday in detention there was this new guy. He goes to our school and....he too had some trouble himself. But....I saw Kimberly look at him oddly....not...normal oddly. I can tell that.....SOMETHING was going on there.

Lucas: Let me guess....she's into him?

Jason: I don't know......

Lucas: Well, it's not really up to me. But the best advice I can give you is that you tell this girl how you feel and soon.....otherwise she's gonna slip out of your hands. And if she IS into's best if you let it be and respect that fact.

Jason had to take a minute in order to swallow that piece of advice for it was soon to become really important to him.

In the unfortunate matter, up on the roof of their house, was once again, Rita. And no surprise here, she managed to get ahold of the ENTIRE conversation between the two.

Yet, the only things that seemed to interest her was his crush on Kimberly and the "New Guy" (Tommy) part, but since Jason didn't mention his name in any sense of the word, she didn't know who he was talking about.

But apparently, she didn't have to worry because as she looked down from the roof, she sees both Kimberly and Trini near the window of the EXCAT SAME HOUSE. Turns out.....they were listening in to their conversation as well.

Their plans were different from FAR.

The two girls, after briefly hearing what they needed to hear from that conversation, both turned towards each other.

They both gave each other.....that look.

Kimberly: Yeah, about that.....

Trini: You crushing on Jason too? You sure you didn't get busted for that too?

Kimberly: I.....*chuckles*.....I guess....I mean we have some things in common, particularly when it comes know.....other people and getting in and out of trouble. But as for Tommy......*sighs*'s only been a day and yet......I'm just very conflicted, ok?

Trini: I can see that. But you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Kimberly: That's the problem: I'm too used to doing that, so how do I break that cycle?

This gave Trini pause for thought for a few, but then all of a sudden, it clicked.

Trini: I think I got something.

Kimberly: Hmm?

Trini: There's this pub that I go to after-school sometimes, and it's run by this cool guy where people just hang out to have a good time; you know? So how about this: we invite them both down there and we have a little grading mechanic. We grade them both on attitude and maturity alike, and in the end, we'll determine who the better pick for you might be.

Kimberly: Well, considering how you've had troubles with boys yourself, that'd make you a bit of a....unfair judge.

Trini: I wouldn't call it unfair. It makes sense cause I've got more EXPERIENCE. And just to even it out, I'll make sure Billy and Zack come along. So we doing this or what?

At that moment, Kimberly just looked through the window see Jason still talking to his Uncle and once she turns away......something insider her made up her mind. She looks up at Trini and nods "Yes."

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them on JASON'S ROOFTOP, no less, right above them, Rita was able to hear THEIR conversation, and LUCKILY enough, she finally got the name of the new guy that she had heard prior: Tommy Oliver.

Rita: Well, well, well. How cute. Pink can't help but to let her....inflicting emotions get in the way of what she HAS. That YES, it's perfect........

She stands up slowly, making sure nobody else was around to see her and then looks down at her green power coin.

Rita: TOMMY OLIVER. Find him.....for he is worthy.

She throws the coin across town through the sky with the wind pushing back upon it until it flat out disappears into the clouds completely.

As she smirks evilly, it cuts down to a few hours later, over at the Youth Center as a bunch of young people (albeit the name) were doing their own things and their own activities. Among those were Kim, Billy, Zack and Trini who were ACTUALLY TRYING to hide, because they didn't want Jason and Tommy to know they were there, for the sole purpose of "GRADING THEM", for Kimberly. As for those two, they were sitting next to each other at the bar while.....

.....once again, staring at each other awkwardly.

Ernie (Will Sasso): You two alright?

Tommy: Huh? Y-yeah, it's just.....

Jason: No, no, no. We're both fine.

Ernie: It just seemed like.....well.....almost as if you two aren't really in cahoots as of right now.

Tommy: Hey hey hey, man. It's alright. We....we don't wanna cause drama.

Upon the conversation, Trini, from where she was hiding, was now nudging Kimberly to go out and talk them. To her, it made sense that she'd talk to both of them in order to get a more identifiable sense of who'd she want to be with.

But Kim was rather reluctant......that was, until Trini pushed her out of the hiding spot and gave her location away......

....just when Jason and Tommy heard the scraping and turned towards her.

Both (Jason, Tommy): Kimberly?

She immediately looks up to both of them, as that awkward stare reappeared on her face.

Jason: You alright?

Kimberly: Y-yeah, never been better.

Trini just snickered with her arms crossed, out of sight. Luckily, no one heard her or the other two.

Ernie: Anyway, what you guys up to?

Kimberly: Oh....umm.....Trini just wanted to show me this place. It's.....*chuckles*'s not half bad.

Tommy: Oh....well, I'm here for the karate try outs.

Jason: Hey, so am I.

Tommy turns directly to Jason. The response kinda surprised because he didn't know whether or not if he had what it took for karate or if he didn't know he took it.

Tommy: Really? That's awesome.

Jason: Yeah. Ever since you told me you were into karate, it got my attention. Besides, I should admit: football didn't work out for me after all.

Tommy: Never too late to try out new things.

Tommy and Jason did a high five to each other and soon just walked off with one after the other to the arena. But Tommy was completely unaware that in complete and utter cluelessness.....the green coin was already stuffed and glowing in his back pocket.

Kimberly: Karate try-outs?

Kim and Trini looked at one another with a sense of profoundness at that moment.....for they were thinking about the same thing at that moment.

Later on in the other part of the Youth Center (in this version, at least) we cut to the arena where for an average 16 minutes, Jason and Tommy did a face to face try out fighting practice as a crowd showed up and surrounded them as they cheered. Even Kimberly, Trini and the others couldn't help but to join in.

With only 6 minutes left in the competition, Tommy quickly executed three flying swing kicks before finally knocking Jason down with one, giving him a two point advantage over him.....which made the score 2 to 4. However, Jason managed to pull himself back into the competition later on and the event became even once again. Jason managed to excite a dragon kick on Tommy, knocking him down and making the competition 3 to 4.

Unfortunately and quite frankly, Jason lost the bout before he had the chance to tie up the score but still, being the helpful person that he is, Tommy helped him up and congratulated him before walking him out of the arena.

Tommy: Hey....that wasn't so bad. You got some great potential in there, Man. Very smooth.

Jason: You were clearly the better man here. I mean, how did you even perfect those kicks? It's unreal.

Tommy: Practice makes perfect.

Jason: Guess I'll have to try out those classes you took yourself one day.

Just as the two were about to approach the door, Kimberly and the rest showed up in front to complement both of them.

Billy: Yo, Man. That was sick.

Trini: Lookin' fly with those moves there.

Zack: Crazy moves, Man.

Kimberly: Boys, that was amazing.

Both (Tommy and Jason): Thanks.

They, ONCE AGAIN, look directly at each other oddly for a second before Kimberly spoke up.

Kimberly: I mean, Jason; I--I haven't seen you fight like that since......uh....that...umm....that boxing tradition.

Tommy: You boxed?

Jason: Uhh.....

He had no idea what Kimberly had just said at that moment and was completely confused as to what to do or say.....until he saw Kimberly giving him a si-language; informing him that it's a cover up for their alter ego.

If that wasn't clearer enough, Zack literally had to whisper....

Play along.

Jason: Ohh, OHHH! Y-yeah! Yeah, I was. I almost forgot for a second. That was...BEFORE the football try outs.

Kimberly and the others quickly sighed softly and face-palmed at the same time, for he was supposed to say AFTER the football tryouts. Their alter egos weren't in complete jeopardy yet, but at that moment, Kimberly had to go change the subject.

Kimberly: Hey, Tommy. I gotta give credit where it's due: you were absolutely incredible in there. Turns out you weren't kidding when you said you were a fighting expert.

Tommy: Yeah has helped me during my disablement. But then again, there's always the issue of maintaining it. Cause I used to have a short temper....but don't worry. I'm learning how to control it properly.

He quickly heard faint beeping from below and that's when he realized what it was. So he took a brief look at his cell phone.

Tommy: Ah parents are here. I gotta go.

He rushed off in a hurry as Jason and Kimberly watched on, completely unaware that the green coin stuck in his pocket began to glow up.

Unfortunately, up on the roof of the Youth Center, it didn't really take long for a certain someone to actually sense it's power.

Rita: Ahhh......The coin has found it's ranger. all it needs to do is absorb his negative energy and Green Ranger will be reborn!

However, it wasn't just her who had felt the coins disturbing yet powerful presence. Back down in the mountains and through the morphing grid, Zordon shivered and glitches through the wall.....for he could also feel the quality of power the coin was exerting so far.

That was FAR from a good sign.

Alpha: Zordon, sir?

Zordon: I can sense it. Alpha, the coin has found its master to feed on.

Alpha: Oh, this is bad. This is bad, bad, bad. If the coin has already chosen it's master, it's only a matter of time before it feeds on his/her negative energy.

Zordon: Indeed. I can't exactly pinpoint in on WHO it's chosen. But I think I can track the coin by tracing it's energy.

Alpha: Tracing it? B-but, sir, it may take a lot of time. And we don't have MUCH of it.

Zordon: *sighs* Then we must warn the Rangers. We cannot let history repeat itself. I don't wish to loose another to the dark lord the way I lost Rita.

Alpha: That won't happen, sir. I'll get in touch with the Rangers as soon as I can.

While the time of day slowly fades away as the hours pass by, we cut over to the Oliver residence and then scroll up to Tommy's room where he walks in, throwing down his backpack and immediately just lays down on the bed.

But it wasn't long before he felt a weird pulsing sound from almost in thin air. He went down to all of his pockets to search before he finally hits paydirt in his back pocket and he pulls out the coin

Tommy: What the hell?

He took his time to examine it and became just as confused as the others were when they had their coins at first. Unsure of what to think or do at the moment. he simply placed the coin on his dresser.

Tommy: What's going on with me?

As soon as he briefly turned away from the dresser; zooming back to the coin, it started to glow and vibrate again.

Tommy could hear the *Wrrrrrrrr* sound as the coin started to float and levitated up in the air to quite an extent.

He had no idea what was happening, but he didn't want to wait to find out. He quickly grabbed the coin in mid-air and closed it tightly with his palm. Unfortunately, that did next to absolutely nothing.

For some reason, the coin started to manually rip open Tommy's hand, slowly but surely loosening his iron grip over it. Once it got enough wiggle room, the coin started to levitate, shake and glow yet again, this time causing enough force to shake and stir the entire house, almost like an actual Earthquake.

It wasn't JUST felt in his house, to an unfortunate extent. The Earthquake somehow managed to hit close to the epicenter of Angel Grove within only a matter of minutes (1 or 2 minutes to be exact.)

And boy, did it make quite the impact.

This earthquake did about almost as similar of damage to that of Hurricane Katrina.

It was surely gonna take a while for this to make the news. But it didn't take long for the main five Rangers to sense it and notice that SOMETHING was VERY OFF.

Billy felt the disturbance down over at his house and since his mother wasn't home, he didn't need a reminder on where to go now.

Same thing with Kimberly.

Jason's family, on the other hand, WAS at home and immediately felt the presence of the earthquake. Immediately taking precautions, they all ducked and cover.

Austin: Sam, where's Jason?!

Sam: Jason, where are you?! JASON!!!

Jason couldn't hear his fathers plea as he had already ran out the house, into his pickup truck and drove off.

As it cuts to to the mountains again, Jason catches up with the others who were clearly just as confused as he was.

Jason: What the hell is happening?!

Zack: You're asking the wrong guy, man. I don't know!

Kimberly: Something tells me we'll find out soon enough!

Just as the earthquake was started to reach its declining point, the main five got off to the cliff and, in unison, jumped down together to get know where.

Meanwhile, the power was still intense over at Tommy's house in his room as the coin once again started to feed off of him, in more ways then one.

(We'll see VERY soon)

Even though the earthquake had subsided, the force behind the coin was still too great. When Tommy tired to force his hand away, his grip broke, causing him to fly back towards his wall, denting a big hole in it and knocking him out.

Due to the events that happened recently earlier with the earthquake, Tommy's parents felt it necessary to check and see if his son was ok. As soon as his mother got up to his room, she sees Tommy knocked out and barely moving.

This freaked her OUT.

Deborah (Amy Jo Johnson): TOMMY!

(She still has that lung power, I see)

She quickly rushed down to his aid to see if he was ok. But if was hard to tell because from the way it looked, he was just OUT.

Deborah: Tommy? Tommy?! Honey, are you alright?! STEVE!!

Steve, who was Tommy's father, immediately came rushing in to see his son out of it as he tries to aid him too.

Steve (Jason David Frank): Tommy, son? Son?!

He leaned his head down to his mouth to hear very MILD breathing coming out of him and quickly soon as he heard it, he sighed in relief.

Steve: Oh thank God. He's still breathing, but he's out cold.

Deborah: We better get him to a doctor than. We don't know how serious this is. Whether it's a concussion or a...a laceration or just.....*tears up* baby.

As the Olivers kept on on their conversation, the green coin was under Tommy's bed now still *Wrrrring* a little bit, but no one actually noticed.

The very next day at school, Jason, Billy and Kimberly regrouped in the cafeteria during breakfast and talked about the earthquake. Luckily, no one was able to hear them since everyone else was making a LOT of noise (as expected) in the cafeteria.

Jason: Do you guys think this earthquake could have been triggered by Rita?

Billy: Get real, Jason. We slapped that witch all the way up to the moon.

Jason: No. That was Trini.

Kimberly: Well, Rita DID say there were others that would come. I wouldn't be surprised if there was even more people POWERFUL than her. It really could have been any of them.

Jason: True, but.....we DO know Rita was an alien....STILL. And if it's possible she can survive in space, there's no doubt she survived when we....smacked her up there....


Billy: I see your point really....but logic suggests it could be one of the clowns she mentioned. Then again, she never mention any names either. So at this point, we're  firing blanks.

Jason: That's true, she didn't. But Zordon also told us after the fight said that Rita got seduced by some.....Dark lord.

Billy: Little Star Wars reference, huh?

The trio just looked at each other with different thoughts on their mind, when the bell rung. Almost everyone from around the cafeteria almost cleared out immediately except for those three.

But a cut later when Kimberly walked into her first class of the day, which was British Literature, she was quick to notice that Tommy's seat was completely empty.

Kimberly: Wha.....?

That sight got Kimberly worried rather quickly. Not only was she worried, but if their assumption about Rita was right, then there was a possibility that she might've got him.

At that split second though, she felt a quick gust of wind past her, and almost immediately, she caught was coming in her direction: a folded up piece of paper, origami style.

The moment she caught it, she turned to her left to see Trini nodding at her in concern.

Kimberly nodded back and opened up the paper, very hurriedly at that matter. All the paper said was.....

We go to Zordon after school.

As Kimberly looks back at Trini and just nods over at her.....

Teacher: Kimberly?

He calls her back to attention.

Teacher: You....still with us?

Kimberly: Uhh, y-yeah. Yeah. I'm still here.

Almost immediately after that, we get a montage of doctors, medical equipment, doors opening and closing and of course, close-ups at poor Tommy Oliver being prepped, cleared, and resting on his medical bed.

His parents were in the outside, awaiting the doctors permission to see their son. But at that point, Steve had one question on his mind.

Steve: You don't think this had something to do with that....that robot that helped us about a month back, right?

Deborah: You mean.....THAT robot?

Steve: The one me and practically everyone else took a picture of.

Deborah: But that robot and those.....people in the costumes saved us from that yellow monster. Don't you remember?

Steve: True. do we know they were really people? Cause if you think about it, those costumes look more like armor to me.

Deborah was just about to answer back, but a doctor then came out of the E.R room in order to inform them that.....

Doctor: Mr. and Mrs. Oliver. Your son is awake.

They immediately rush into the room as they see him gazing and rubbing his head, in utter confusion  as he had had yet to remember the event that happened on the previous day.

But the most important thing was.....he was ok.

Deborah: Tommy, thank God.

Steve: How you feeling, champ?

Tommy: Ugh.....a little lousy, really. But ok, I guess.....

He, unfortunately was quick to notice something OFF.

Tommy:......where's---that green thing?

Deborah: What green thing?

Tommy: There was a....I don't know but....

At that sudden moment, Tommy felt a certain, strange pulse of energy vibrating through him. It's  like his whole strength just returned to him so fast.....and as soon as he felt this energy surging through him, he immediately just stood up from the bed.

Steve: Tommy?

Tommy: Uhh....sorry. It's just--I just need to use the bathroom.

As Tommy scuffles himself off the medical equipment, we cut to in the private bathroom in his medic room where he just stared at himself in the mirror for a quick second.

He slowly looked at his hands and once again, he could somehow feel just how strong that he was getting, similar to how the gang did after they got their coins.

When Tommy turned off the sink and headed for the door to open it and get out, something interesting happened. When he tried to open the door, he immediately yanked the entire door off of its hinges. Surprised and astonished, he quickly put the door down before tripping on himself as his fist then smashed the solid wall behind him and broke through it. He REALLY couldn't believe it.

He then hears the voice......

Tommy? Are you alright in there?

Tommy: Yeah, yeah. I'll be alright.

He looks back at his hands once again and realize this was on the next level of superhuman activities or something, but it mattered little to him at the matter because the discovery itself was amazing!

Tommy: I think I just became the next Superman.

Just outside of the hospital, on the roof of that very same hospital, Rita almost had her plan in check. She had the newest owner of her power coin in her grasp. But there was ONE thing fully stopping her from REALLY getting started with her plans.

Rita: Such a long way and such a LONG TIME before I find my crystal. But first.....I'll need a diversion......something for those pesky little Rangers to play with.....while I have my fun.

As soon as she said that, she held out both of her hands out to the air, firmly closing her eyes and started extracting energy from her own coin....

.....which was still back at Tommy's house, under his bed......or at least it was......for now.

As the coin once again shook and started to glow that bright fluorescent light again, we immediately cut to down beneath the cliff where the main five Rangers were making their way to Zordon, still pondering over the events that happened the day before.

Billy: Still, I don't get it. If Rita really WAS working for someone, not that I'm saying she is, maybe she might've called in for a favor or something. On the other hand, I.....*sighs*.....The maths not adding up at this point, ok? You sure Zordon can clear his up?

Kimberly: He'll have to know. He knows almost everything about her.

Zack: Not everything, ok? Don't you think we're all overreacting just a LITTLE BIT here?

Jason: Zack, that earthquake was no laughing matter and you know it. I don't know what's going on, but we need to see if we're right.

The five eventually scurried through the ship and made their way into the morphing grid to confront Zordon about the earthquake and their suspicion about Rita's alleged involvement.

Because they REALLY needed to know.

Kimberly: Zordon.

Zordon: Yes, I know. I AM aware of the earthquake that happened yesterday. It was no normal seismic shift in the Earths magnetic core that caused this.

Trini: So in other're saying that it IS Rita?

Alpha: Not exactly.

They all turn to Alpha.

Alpha: But she IS directly involved.....somehow. It's more than likely she's STILL after the crystal. But I've got the feeling that it's much, much, MUCH more than that.

Zordon: If you all must know.....I will not hesitate.


Zordon: As I have told you once before, Rita was once a Power Ranger herself. She was our green ranger.

Zack: Green Ranger?

Kimberly: You mean there's a sixth Ranger?

Zordon: Yes. Rita has been carrying her coin since the Cenozoic era.....long before the brinks of humanity made its mark on this Earth. She used it to destroy my team and she nearly got me too.....until Alpha launched a meteor strike on us, by my command. Her might in the power rangers became so powerful and untamable with her dark magic.....that she renamed it....

Alpha:.....the green with evil.

Jason: Green with evil.

Zordon: Exactly. But since Rita is still alive, she---

Billy: Whoa whoa whoa....she's alive?!?!

Zordon: Somehow, yes. And with Goldar destroyed, there should've been no question that she'd be back. Now, she will attempt to use her own coin to create a new Green Ranger in HER image to carry out her will, find the crystal again and finish what she started.

Zack: You can bet my ass and my mama that it ain't gonna happen. Where is it?

Zordon: My sensors indicate it has already chosen someone, but its difficult to determine who. Luckily, the coin won't completely take over until it has fed on the hosts negative energy. But as we speak, the host IS gaining its power.

Trini: Then we should find him before it's too late.

Alpha: I've been working on it. But, as usual, Rita's making it difficult for us to track the coin. Then again, I had a feeling it was gonna take some time; especially since she was seduced by the dark lord.

Billy: Dark lo--just who is this dark lord?? You never tell us about him.

Zordon: *SighsYes. You are right, Billy. Rangers. The Dark Lord is simply known as---

Before he could get to that, the alarm quickly went off and the Rangers just looked around at each other not so much in shock, but rather surprised.

Alpha immediately activated a visual screen (Suppose to be the viewing glob in this) from his system bank and what does it show?

Puddies attacking the Angel Grove Mall.

Kimberly: Oh's those rock heads again.....

Jason: I guess we better deal with them first. Rangers?

Billy: I guess it's Morphin' time.

They all stepped on their platforms as the power immediately started to rush through them until finally.....the lights blew.

As soon as it cuts back down to the mall, Puddies were literally infesting the entire area from pillar to post to the best of their ability as people just ran in terror or hid in or behind buildings.

Unfortunately, Tommy and his family were there as well. Their first guy reaction was to hide inside, which they did.

Well.....almost all of them did. Just when Tommy was about to enter the nearest building behind his parents, two of the Puddies immediately grabbed him and pushed him back. But acting on instinct, Tommy immediately kicked both of them back and knocked them both silly. Unfortunately, there were a LOT MORE Puddies approaching him, and with the odds slightly uneven, it seemed like a good time to test out his new profound strength.

Tommy: I don't know what the hell y'all are....

He sees each of the rock puddies sluggishly forming a circle around him, trying to insure that he doesn't escape.

Tommy:.....but I do know you'll ain't gonna last long here.

He prepped himself into a karate fighting stance adjacent to each of the puddies on his side. But just as he was about to make the first move.....

Deborah: TOMMY!


His mother was unwilling to let her son do something like this, but Steve held her back inside because something inside of him told him that Tommy, somehow, knew what he was doing.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case as admist the distraction, one of the rock puddies grabbed him from behind and tried to CHOKE him out. Luckily, Tommy knew how to get out of that. After kicking another puddie away, he contorted the elbow around his neck, got out of the hold and broke the puddies arm before he slapped him silly with it.


And then after that, he goes around behind him, locks him in a back bearhug.....and then does a German Suplex on him.

At that point, he managed to get a LOT of offense in as he barely managed to prevent himself from getting hit at least once. At one point, he did a backflip over one and then tripped it with his leg before taking it down.

Soon after that, he damn near kicked one of the puddies head off like it was a soccer ball and plowed it into the others.

As he came close to encountering the last of the few puddies around him, his no hit streak comes to an end as the Puddies ended up double teaming on him. Unable to defend himself against this type of onslaught, they easily pick him up off the ground with ease and just toss him aside like it was nothing.

As civilians continue to run, Tommy regains his balance as he quickly notices a trash can, with the lid barley covering the top.

Ever the opportunist, he quickly rolled over, grabbed the lid and used it as a shield for the time being before executing ANOTHER spin kick......and finally throwing the trash lid towards the last puddie he saw, once again decapitating it.

While he finally got the chance to breathe, ANOTHER puddie came up from behind and held him down so he couldn't get back up.

Tommy: C'mon, get OFF!

Just as he struggled to get off, he heard and saw a large thud and crash as Rita crashed down to his area, as she finally found him. With even MORE puddies standing aside her, she had them hold Tommy up in front of her as she took her time approaching him.

She knew she had her chance.

Rita: Tommy Oliver. We last.

Tommy: I-I know you....I saw you on TV a month ago.

Rita: Yes. In case you HAVEN'T already heard, I am Rita Repulsa. The inter galactic sorceress and future empress of this world. And I have officially chosen my green ranger.

Tommy: Green Ranger? Just like those.....Argh. Look, I don't know what you're talking about lady, but let me go!

Rita then held Tommy square by the throat and suddenly pulls her own her power  coin again. It's more than likely that she must've paid Tommy's house a visit before her attack. At her own timely leisure, she simply held the coin in front of him like a mirror as it suddenly started to glow, shake and stir. And just when it looked like it worked, just when it looked like she casted her spell.....

.....nothing happened.

In other DIDN'T work?  

Rita: What? I don't understand. It should've taken over by now. You've gained the power, but how can---

Suddenly, the simple and "logical" explanation clicked to her

Rita: Oh.....*chuckles sinisterly*.....of course! It hasn't fed on enough on your energy to kick in. But no matter--I still have---

Just then at that moment, the Putties holding Tommy down were immediately blasted at and shot down, giving him the chance to duck and cover. He quickly pushed Rita back with a jump back-kick before running out of the area for  cover, just in time for Rita to turn around......and see the Power Rangers standing on the other side from her.

Red Ranger: Remember us?

Black Ranger: Had a nice flight, witch?

Their arch-rival couldn't help but to chuckle at the sight of them coming back for seemed.

Rita: hasn't been that long, hasn't it? Probably only two months.

Pink Ranger: Well, that timespan was actually getting quite enjoyable until you just HAD to come back!

Rita: I will keep coming back to get what belongs to me if I have to!

Blue Ranger: Well, that trains 'bout to take an abrupt stop right now. You should've thought twice before you messed with our town AND my friends! You're going DOWN instead of UP this time!

The word "Friends" caught Rita's  attention and it gave her something to think about as she looked at her coin again......she smirked for it became clear that the other Rangers weren't just their friend; Tommy was their friend as well. Unfortunately, he doesn't know who THEY are, so if Rita were to work something'd be the perfect plan than.

Just.....not in front of THEM.

Rita: Very well, Rangers. I've had my fun. But, my putties want theirs too!

She quickly vanished in a green orb of energy and just zipped away as even MORE putties confronted and surrounded the rangers like a pack of hybrid hyenas.

Yellow Ranger: Ok....she's making this WAY too easy!

Black Ranger: Took the words out my damn mouth. That usually isn't like her.

Pink Ranger: She must be up to something.

Red Ranger: We'll worry about it later. Let's take these rockheads out!


The rest of the putties started to pile up on our heroes, but just like last time, the heroes had the upper hand at first.

Like, they were disposing of those putties in less time than before.

Black Ranger: By the way......*pulls his axe out* berries, Billy?

Blue Ranger: It was the first thing that popped into my head, ok? Don't judge me.

Yellow Ranger: Be glad no one else heard that.

Pretty soon, both the Yellow and Blue Ranger put their backs to each other, and just like Jason, yet brought out their own weapons.

Billy came equipped with a lance while Trini had daggers with her.

Blue Ranger: Lets sick 'em.

The fight continued on from that point forward, as the numbers strategy began to become less and less useful to the Putties since the Rangers were beating them much more easier.

And apparently, they were attracting an audience.

Almost everyone who had to hide from the putties in all the buildings nearby finally had the courage to come out and see the entire thing.

Even Steve and Deborah had to get a closer look.

Deborah: Babe, there they are again.

Steve: I know I see them. This is incredible.

Deborah: We can't stay here, though. We got to find Tommy.

Knowing what's at stake for them, they managed to sneak out undetected, but they couldn't notice or see Tommy was hiding behind a pillar. While behind there, he managed to catch the action and cheered them on.

Tommy: Ha-ha! Go, Go, Power Rangers!

That proved to be a distraction in more ways than one because the only one who heard that was Kimberly. It caused her to looked over and see him peeping his head around the pillar.

Pink Ranger: Tommy??

While distracted, she got taken down to a knee by a putty from behind and when she tried to get back up, she got knocked down even further.

Upon seeing this sight, Tommy ran towards them to help her and with his new strength, he easily managed to give the others a hand as he beat down the ones surrounding her. As for Kimberly, since she was facing the ground, she didn't notice what had just happened until Tommy offered his hand and helped her up

Tommy: You ok?

As Kim took his hand, Jason saw the image for a quick second at them and yet ANOTHER distraction caused him to let his guard down as another putty knocked him down.

Pink Ranger: Uhh....T-Tommy?

Tommy:'d you know my name?

Pink Ranger: Ohh uhh.....I guess cause of a document....?

Tommy: Oh....well, you ok?

Pink Ranger: Yeah, but you better get somewhere safe. Anywheres better than here.

Taking her advice to heart, Tommy nodded and quickly ran back away from the action.....but not before he did a little "community service" and helped all of the other citizens on the area get out in one piece.

The fight continued onwards as Billy did another reference to "Die Hard"

Blue Ranger: You ever see that show called.....*Kicks a putty*.....Adam's family?! They got a mother---uhh, mother's still good....called LURCH!

He kicks it back again as Tommy continues to watch from afar and by the next few minutes......all the putties were defeated and all the civilians were evacuated from the area......but the mall was a complete wreck.

But unfortunately, Tommy still might've been a little TOO close.....because there came a point where he ended up hearing something he shouldn't have heard.

Pink Ranger: Oh man! No doubt that new dress I wanted to buy is torn up.

Red Ranger: That's the least of our worries. My main concern is Rita. She made this too easy.

Blue Ranger: Ah, that witch is a coward.

Yellow Ranger: Jason's probably on to something. She did take off so suddenly.

As soon as he HEARD that name, he backed up.

Tommy: J-Jason??

(Uh oh....)

Black Ranger: Best chance we get at this is to go back to Zordon. He'll know what's going on.

And just then.....right before Tommy's eyes, the Rangers all morphed back to normal, and that shocks him even more. The people who he had just met not even less then two days ago were the glorified protectors of Angel Grove. He could not believe it. He REFUSED to believe it, but the more he played the image in his head, the more it became apparent that he wasn't dreaming. Although he wished he was.

As the group just looked at each other and quickly ran out of the area, albeit in different directions,  Tommy.....was just absolutely dumbstruck that the only friends he had.....they never trusted him with their secret.

But why he thought; why would they NOT let him know about this? Were they ashamed? Were they embraced? Did they just not trust him enough with it cause they just met him?

Either way, Tommy just was out of words.....but his troubles were JUST beginning.....for the negativity from the brink of betrayal was already working its magic on the coin in Rita's she emerged out of the shadows, glowing brightly.....for the Green.....of EVIL was starting to awaken!

The coin once again started to glow that familiar color as everything around Tommy started to shake and stir yet again.

It soon got to the point where everything started to get blown away completely all around him and Tommy knew for a fact that this wasn't normal.

A feeling only confirmed after he turned around to see Rita yet AGAIN.

Tommy: Wh-what's going on?!

Rita: Have you forgotten, Tommy? I have CHOSEN YOU!

She holds her coin out in front of him, implying that SHE would be the one behind the reins this time. Even with the amount of experience he has, not even Tommy could find a way to escape Rita's grip on him.

There was truly no escape this time.

Tommy: No......NO......NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Rita couldn't help but to chuckle sinisterly as the coin once again fizzled and sparkled with the fluorescent energy packed inside, shooting out and surrounding Tommy with malicious intents in mind.....

.....and just as the coin started to work it's magic.....

.....everything blacks out completely.

Back at the ship; more than about an hour or so later,  the Rangers came back to inform Zordon of their latest victory.....and Rita's sudden disappearance.

Jason: Zordon? We dealt with the putties but....Rita escaped.

Zordon: She's quite good at that.

Zack: I don't know about you guys, but she made that too easy. She must've known the putties wouldn't beat us themselves. Something doesn't feel right.

Alpha: Your hunch is correct, I'm afraid. The putties were only a mere distraction from what she was really there for.

Zordon: Alpha is correct. It seems as if whoever the green coin has chosen.....has fed on its energy. It may have already taken over.

Trini: You saying that....this green of whatever has already taken over?

Zordon: It would seem so. And as we speak, Rita maybe already preparing the host.

As this gave the others cause for concern, we cut over to the docks at about 9:45 p.m. where in one of the safehouses, we see Tommy knocked out, unconscious and lying on a table as Rita smirked form the corner, staring down at her coin.

She then tossed her coin frisbee style, over to the unconscious Tommy and finally the coin sparked a different shade of green and yellow as it surrounded Tommy and covered up his body from head to toe; it was almost sure that THIS time, the coin had done its job properly.

When the aura around Tommy finally vanished, Rita zipped the coin back in her hand and gripped it tightly.....before kneeling down. It was by her own free will, but only because  a certain someone was contacting.....her......

.....and she felt it necessary to respond.

Rita Repulsa. Have you found our green ranger?

Rita: Yes, master. As we speak he is soon to gain his powers. He'll be ready by dawn.

Excellent. If he succeeds, you will be heavily rewarded for this. For that he stands ready as soon as possible and have him hunt down and destroy Zordon and the Power Rangers.

Rita: As you wish, my master.

She gave a nice bow, as the voice suddenly fades away. Almost instantly, however, Tommy suddenly sits up on the table square in the middle of the room. Only thing is.....he wasn't normal.

His eyes were glowing a dark green and yellow type of fire in the center of his pupils; which only applied and meant ONE THING: Rita had succeeded. She finally has her Green Ranger in his grasp.

Rita: You've finally awakened. Good......

For a few moments, he went silent. Not saying a single word. But suddenly, he flipped up off of the table and when he came back down, he snapped it into pieces. Afterwards, he just stood still in place, rather motionless. That was until he finally ushered out.....

Tommy: How can I serve my empress?

Rita: As a ranger, you are able to enter and gain access to Zordon's ship with or without detection. You must destroy the ship and insure him and Alpha go along with it. Then and ONLY then, you must destroy his new league of Power Rangers: Jason. Dee Dee (Lol). Billy. Zack.....and Kimberly; for they have access to my Zeo Crystal, the one that Zordon had hidden from me sixty five million years ago. Destroy them all and bring it back to me.

Tommy just nodded ever so SLOWLY under her command as he held out his hand, allowing Rita to place the green coin in his hand.

Rita: I know you will use it well.

She closes his hand with the coin still in his grasp, and just like when the others morphed for the first time, Tommy noticted the warping, systematic armor wraps around his body like a caterpillar in a cocoon  until he was completely covered......

......and the Green Ranger.....was born!

As he breathed mildly within his armor, he took a few steps forward as he stares out into the Moonlight above him and firmly states......

Green Ranger: To the fall of Zordon.....and destruction of the Power Rangers!

As it cuts back to the next day in the heart of the city, it seemed like everything was cool.....even though it was far from cool for a few certain people. However, some people were talking about the Power Rangers re-appearances at the mall.

Not only that, but there were also.....missing posters with Tommy's picture on it on post lights, windows, even walls inside buildings.

They were practically everywhere.

In fact, there was even one placed on a light-post directly outside of the Krispy Kreme.

And speaking of Krispy Kreme, Billy just happened to be in there along with his mother at that time, because unlike last time, the earthquake and the event down at the mall had the county shut down all schools this time until the events cool off.

(Why didn't they do that last time?)

Billy's mother: still haven't told him his coffee......where you were by the time those.....those......rock heads attacked us again.

The response didn't get to Billy at first. His mind was so fixated on what Rita was up to as well as the mysterious green coin that Zordon had mentioned. But it didn't really take a while for his attention to come back to reality.

Billy's mother: Billy?

Billy: H-huh? Ummm, oh yeah. I'm still here. It-its just it's been on my mind lately because.....I don't even know why they keep coming here.

Billy's mother: Well, I thank God that you're still safe. If it were up to me, I don't think your father would've wanted you to be out there, risking yourself for us.

Billy: Well, maybe that is what he wanted. I mean, all my life he's.....Well.....*changes the topic*......if I would've done it, so would my friends.

Billy's mother: So you think that Jason, Kimberly, Zack and.....Dee Dee would've--

Billy: Tr-Trini. Ok, mom? It's Trini--

Before he can even get through the sentence, an odd yet sightly awkward sight catches his eye, cutting him off from his conversation with his mom.

He sees both Steve and Deborah, slightly drinking coffee, gathering their thoughts about where to go next to find their son.....

......and then, they both turn over towards Billy and looked directly at him.

As soon as he saw this, something inside of his guy told him that THEY KNEW something about what had happened yesterday. If anybody would know something about this, it should be them.

Billy: Umm....y-yeah, hold that timely thought for a few; I have to go exert myself, Mom.


Knowing what he meant by that, his mother let him go to the bathroom, unaware that he was about to make a bit of a risky move, asking strangers for advice on someone who had had just met.

He quickly walked over to their table and caught their attention, and as soon as they turned to Billy, he let them know to follow him.

Unsure about what this was about, they still followed him anyways. As soon as they were in the bathroom, Billy basically asked.....

Billy: Ok, this is gonna come out wrong, but do you......

Steve: We're listening.

Billy: You happen to know a Tommy Oliver by any chance?

The name immediately caught both of their attention as their eyes just bolted wide open.

Steve: You know Tommy?

Billy: A-as do you?

Deborah: He's our son.

That statement made Billy feel VERY awkward.

Billy: Ohhhh.....uhh....of course, I knew that....

Deborah: Unfortunately, we haven't seen him since yesterday when those.....things attacked again.

Steve: We even have the police searching for him and they still haven't come up with anything.

Billy had to think back to that and soon realized that they were even more desperate than he thought, cause that explains the missing posters postured all over the town. As he went towards the bathroom door to wander his thoughts and put the pieces together in his head,  he peeps out the bathroom window and that's when he saw Jason and Kimberly walk in.

Billy: Um, yeah! I'll.....uh.....

He looks back at them, with a frightened look on his face, for some reason.

Billy: I'll....let you know if my buddies and I see them. You have.....NOTHING to worry about.

Deborah: Thank you very much.

Billy still felt awkward after that conversation, but he knew he had to make it clear as he walked by to Jason and Kimberly's table and sat down.

Jason: Billy.

Billy: I....uh.....yeah.....

Jason: Yeah, what?

Billy: I was just over there talking to those two and---

The two both look over at Steve and Deborah walking out of the bathroom separately, and for Kimberly, those faces looked familiar......VERY familiar.

Kimberly: Hey, I remember them. They were here with Trini and me last month.

Billy: Oh, It gets better. They're the Oliver's.

Kimberly: *Gasps*  Tommy's parents?

Billy: Yeah.

Jason: Do they know anything on Tommy?

Billy: Sorry to say, but No. Not really.....they're clueless as much as we are. In fact, they're the reason why there's missing posters of him all over town.

Kimberly: Jason. Something's seriously wrong.

The tone of her voice made Jason feel bad. Even though he was worried for Tommy too, he still felt a little jealous about the sudden affect the two both had on each other. However, the way Kimberly looked at him as well as that soft tone in her voice, DID make him understand in a way.

Jason: We can talk to Zordon. Maybe he can uncover the answer. Billy, you go find Zack and Trini. Kim and I will meet you back at the ship.

Billy: Sure. But uh.....I gotta get my mom home first.

To their unfortunate surprise, unbeknownst to them, there was a man in the Krispy Kreme with them who was.....eavesdropping on their conversation.

That person just so happened to be LUCAS

(Oh s__t)

Based on all the news and events that was happening, he had decided to do a little bit of digging himself to see if he could find anything about this.

And he was surprised to see Jason in there with them. Unfortunately, Jason couldn't see him.

Based on the awkward time period between the Rangers appearance and Jason's disappearance, Lucas knew something was NOT fitting the way it should be. He even went on his laptop to look up anything on them for more possible evidence. He decided to up on possible UFO reports and all he could find was articles of them being nothing but rumors.

He then decided to switch gears as he went back to last months incident reports and out of all that happened, there was one thing that caught his attention: an unfocused video of people jumping up some cliff and landing on the other cliff across

(The same scene when they were jumping before)

He couldn't tell who they were cause the video was out of focus but.....he did recognized Jason's outline surrounding his body. At this point, it seemed like all bets were off about discovering Jason's identity.....but he STILL seemed unsure.

Lucas: Really???

Once again, Jason, Kimberly and Billy met up with Zack and Trini in the desert and came back into the ship. Since there was no way for any of them to track down a person manually, they needed a little inside assistance with Tommy's disappearance.

Jason: Zordon? We need some help.

Kimberly: We have a friend who's missing. He goes to our school and he wasn't seen since Rita attacked the mall. He was there and that's why we're getting worried. If Rita has her hands on him, then we need to do something about it.

Zordon: What's his name?

Trini: Tommy Oliver.

Zordon: Tommy Oliver. Hmm....Alpha. Run a scan on the files on this Tommy Oliver. Run through his traces through phone connections, emails and Facebook messages. If he uses any of those, you can pinpoint his direct location.

Alpha: But sir, what about the green coin? We still haven't found it.

Zordon: It'll have to wait for now. Innocent lives matter more.

Alpha: Ayi-yi-yi....somehow I knew you were gonna say that.

Zordon: Meanwhile, my young friends, you keep searching for your friend out in the city. We'll let you know if we find anything.

Kimberly: Thank you, Zordon.

The emotion in Kim's voice still had Jason feeling bad, despite his feelings for her. At this point, he couldn't help but to notice Kimberly was growing feelings for Tommy.....rather quickly.

He remembered that kiss they had (In a deleted scene) and it felt like  the best time of his life. At first, although he kept it to himself, he wasn't really fond of Tommy cause of his jealousy. But at this point in time, he no longer had the heart to be selfish with Kimberly; and for her, he was JUST as determined to find him more than the others. He promised that he was gonna find him, no matter the cost.

The gang eventually made it out the cliff and departed into their van, but.....were unaware they were being watched by the Green Ranger on top of that same cliff they got out of. As soon as he saw them leave, he looked down into the water, for it seemed like now.....Zordon seemed to be defenseless!

Green Ranger: Hmph!

As it cuts back down to the morphing grid, Alpha was still desperately trying to search for Tommy's whereabouts. In only an EXTREMELY short period of time, he had managed to go through his files, email address and Facebook account (*snickers*) in an attempt to track his location and what exactly did he find?


It was almost as if he disappeared off the face of the planet.

Alpha: Argh.....

Zordon: Progress?

Alpha: I'm sorry, Zordon. But there's nothing--

As soon as he said that, however, his visual lenses managed to catch a faint (and I do mean FAINT) signal apparatus in his tracking sensor.

Alpha: Wait, hold on......Deciphering, decoding......and......

Pretty soon, his sensor managed to FINALLY get a guy in Tommy's location, so it was clear that he was, in fact, still alive. THAT was the good news.

The bad news was......well......where exactly Tommy was going was the LAST PLACE Alpha wanted him to find out about.

Alpha: Ayiyiyiyiyi......

Zordon: How bad is it?

Before Alpha could say anything else, an immediate green flash of light crashes into the morphing grid, pushing Alpha back and with the sudden green and yellow disperse of energy, it shuts down the rest of the ship in the process from the grid all the way down to the Pit.

As soon as the light dimmed away, we see.......

Zordon: The green with evil.

Green Ranger: I've found you at last.....

Alpha: HEY!

He lunged his elastic arm over and it grabs Tommy, but almost immediately, he forcefully grabs the arm and then slams Alpha over the walls, on the ceiling, towards the door.....

He practically knocked Alpha silly by the time he was done.

Except he WASN'T done.

To finish Alpha, he once again propels Alpha towards him and hits him with a clothesline that damn near takes his head off.

Zordon: ENOUGH!

His sudden yell almost instantly rebooted all the power to the ship and pushed Tommy back, but JUST BARELY.

As for the man underneath the helmet, he couldn't help but to chuckle sinisterly to himself. This then led him to let go of Alpha, but not before he BURSTS through his chest, effectively shutting him down and kicking him outside of the door.

With that taken care of, the Green Ranger turns his attention back to Zordon, as he slowly walks down the steps and looks at him straight in the face, while chuckling sinisterly.

Zordon: *sighsSo YOU are the one that Rita chose to give it to.

Green Ranger: You are right, Zordon. For I am her Green Ranger.....and she is my empress.

Zordon: Tommy, this is as far as it goes. Her influence of the coin has had you trapped under her spell. You must resist.

Green Ranger: Why should I resist? The world belongs to her! You are in the way!

Zordon: Tommy, you don't have to do this. I can save you.

Green Ranger: Worry about saving yourself, old man!

He quickly looked around him and the unfortunate thing was.....there wasn't much to destroy. That's was......until he saw the Center pulsating orb in the middle. Spectating that the Crystal might be IN THERE, Tommy immediately began to smash and destroy everything else that was visible in the ship.....

.....and it wasn't fairing Zordon well.

Zordon: No, you can't do this! Alpha! Alpha 5, you must warn the other rangers! Tommy, stop--st-stop! You do--don't know what you're--yo-yo--you're doing!

(Uh, I think HE DOES KNOW)

There wasn't much that Zordon could do at the moment, from the moment the Green Ranger started wreaking the ship to shreds, his power had decreased exponentially.

Zordon: Li--listen--to--listen to me! Your--frien--ends want to hel-p--help--I'm lo--losing po-power--po--w--wer--Alpha....Noooo---

With his power down to the lowest degree, Zordon suddenly shattered and went into separate screen pieces on the wall he was in. As the power shut down the ship from the destruction Tommy has caused, the Green Ranger glazed over, proud and satisfied with his work.

Green Ranger: It is done, my empress. Zordon has been eliminated......and the Power Rangers are NEXT.......

Shortly afterwards, Tommy turned around towards the orb and took his sweet time as he smashed it with his foot.....unfortunately, it was no where to be found in there.

So, that first attempt was a solid DUD.

Green Ranger: Clever......VERY clever, Power Rangers. But I will find that crystal for my queen even if I have to destroy ALL of Angel Grove to find it!

That very next day, things were starting to fall apart for our young heroes. Despite numerous calls and practically looking over town at every place there was, there was still nothing on their missing friend and apparently, Kimberly was freaking out the most about it.

The fact that she couldn't find anything on the boy who had instantly captured her heart from first glance was already put quite the pressure on her.

So after a few minutes of pondering to herself in worry and despair, she finally decided to go over and pay the Olivers a visit.....just to see if they've seen them or to inform them on the lack of progress.

After almost an hour, she finally drives up and parks outside of their house.

She was very, VERY nervous about having to take this risky maneuver. Considering the fact that she only briefly saw the Olivers about a month ago and that she was developing a crush on their son.....

....this could be a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.

Kimberly: *sighs*  I'm ok, I'm ok. I can....I can do this......can I?

It's clear she was having a constant tug-of-war in her head, regarding how she could approach this, but time was against the essence here.

So she just went for it.

She walked up to he front door with all conflicting emotions rushing through her at the same time. It was as if someone was just waiting for the right moment to pull the flatliner and suddenly make this event nothing more but an instant memory, just waiting to fade away.

It was risky, but she went for it......

.....and she knocked on the door.

No answer.

Unwilling to go away, she once again knocked on the door, three times no less, determined to get some sort of answer.

She still didn't get one.

Kimberly: Ugh, come on....

However, a car ended up pulling up behind her as the tires screeched rather loudly. It got her attention as Lucas stepped out the car. He then just asked her......

Lucas: You locked out?

Kimberly: No, no. I'm just....I need some help on this missing person.

Lucas: Missing person? You mean Tommy Oliver?

As soon as she heard the name, she immediately got excited.

Kimberly: Ye-yes! Yes, that's him. You know him.

Lucas: I know his parents. And I can tell you right now that that they're not home. They're probably still sending out posters......I bet Sam had to do the same when Jason got lost.

Hearing Lucas mention Jason was kinda of surreal at the moment cause they were just talking about something else but.....she still complied to his comment.

Kimberly: know Jason?

Lucas: I'm his uncle.

Kimberly: Ahh....that makes sense......

Lucas: Yeah, well.....I've never been around enough for Jason. Not as much as the Oliver's have for their family, and knowing Steve and Deborah, they probably won't be back for awhile. I mean, with their kid missing.....they're just on a mission like they were these Power Ranger people..... when their son got in trouble.....they quit caring about anything and everything. Those parents are willing to do anything to insure their family is safe......and I don't think anybody loves their boy more than Steve and Deborah do.

His speech almost made Kimberly cry, knowing how much the Oliver's are devoted to their son. That only added or intensified Kimberly's affection towards him in general.

Kimberly: Did --um--did the Olivers say where they went?

Lucas: I doubt you'll find them at Krispy Kreme. That IS their favorite place, but--

Just before Lucas could finish the sentence, Kim's cell vibrated. She almost had the feeling that this was urgent.

Kimberly: Oh sorry, I got to get that.

She quickly picks up the phone and answered. Trini was on the other side.

Kimberly: Hello?

Kimberly. Something's gone terribly wrong. Zordon and Alpha have been AWOL for the past few hours. You got to come to the ship quick.

Kimberly:, Mom. I'll be home soon.

Mom?? Excuse me, what the f--


Kim had to hang up the phone before Trini could protest any further.

Kimberly: Sorry, Lucas. I gotta go.

She quickly puts up her phone and quickly makes a run for it to the car as she gets in, starts the engine and then just drives off. While Lucas stares from the back of it as it goes further and further down the road and then disappears, he ushers out.....

Lucas: Good luck.....Ranger.

We cut to when the whole group came through the water and into the Pit, walking through the dirt and finally, Trini had a chance to protest

Trini: Now before you say anything, PLEASE tell me why you called me Mom? That's NOT what I'm focused on at the moment.

Kimberly: Hey, look, I'm sorry. But I ran into to Jason's uncle. I had to cover for us.

Trini: I'm sure you had a better answer than that, but it makes sense.

Billy: I didn't know you had an Uncle, Jas.

Jason: Most of the time, nobody knows. But that's only becau---WHOA......

The group got through the Pit and came through only to come across the Main door and find it smashed up.

Zack: Oh no....Rita?

Billy: I don't know.

Jason: Let's get it open.

The boys pulled open the door to the ship only for the girls to get startled by the electricity sparkling out of a few broken wires.

The wires were the least of their worries, for once they stepped through into the ship.....the young heroes find the whole place DESTROYED.

There was debris, fragments, ligaments scattered all over the confines of the ship. It was instant panic mode.

Jason: Look at this place.

Zack: I can't believe it.

Trini: What happened here?

Kimberly: Oh no......   

They were far from comfortable walking and making their way through the ship just watching everything demolished and destroyed.

Things got even worse once Billy felt a but of a budge down by his leg. It didn't take long for him to realize and recognize that it wasn't part of the ship.

Billy: Guys! A little help?!

Almost immediately, the others came over to assist him. With a Mighty effort, they managed to pull whatever was trapped (entangled) up and out of the confines of the wreaked ship.

It was far from what they were expecting it to be.

It was Alpha. He was completely unresponsive and battered and bruised with his brief yet short brutal confrontation with the Green Ranger.

Jason: Alpha?!

Trini: Somebody wake him up. Wake him up!

Billy: I think he won't be able to for now, for whoever blew up in here made sure that he wouldn't even be able to move for now. Damn.

Taking a look at his badly contorted arm along with the rest of his systems shut down made it look like Alpha was damn near murdered. It was really uncomfortable to look at.

But if THAT wasn't bad enough.....


They heard her distant scream in the distance and immediately made a rush for it, only to discover that the scene that she was looking at was even more horrifying.

Jason: Oh no.....

Zack: First my mom, then Billy.....and now....THIS?!

All they saw was Zordon split up into multiple broken set pieces on the wall, almost as if a virus was injected into his system causing his overall function to shut down and deteriorate.

Kimberly: No.....

The amount of carnage inflicted to the morphing grid was almost just as negligible as the other parts of the ship. And it just left them all with one question:

With Zordon out of commission, will they and ARE they still the Power Rangers?

Each and every single one of them took out their portable morphers with their coins slotted inside each of them as they all look at each other in worry.

Billy: This can't be the end.

Kimberly: Damn right it's not. This must be the Green Rangers display, doing all of Rita's dirty work while she lays back in the shadows. The witch must think she's slick. I don't know what or who he is, but I'm dying to get my hands on this Green Ranger dude.

Kim was just about to walk out, but Jason was quick to stop her.

Jason: Be careful what you wish for, ok? You might get your chance sooner than you think.....and you might regret it.

Regret, you shall.

The moment they heard the voice, they immediately turn around.

Kimberly: YOU!

Rita: Well, well.....Still surprised, my pretty little pink?

Jason: What the hell have you done?!

Rita: What makes you think you can hold me responsible for ALL of this?

Zack: Cause there's practically no one else! Zordon told us that you were a ranger once and you plotted to give your coin to someone else like Zordon gave us his!

Trini: You sent this green ranger to destroy our ship!

I guess you can say Rita was surprised by how much the Rangers were catching up to her latest ingenious plan.....

.....but at the same time, she was kinda expecting it.

Rita: you HAVE been doing your homework. Smart children, you. But I guess I'll come clean. Yes.....I was once a ranger. Zordon and I were like brother and sister a long time ago. I was the Green Ranger in his team while he was the leader. We always looked out for one another, just like your siblings SHOULD DO. But then.....everything began to fall apart from me.

Silence began to sink into the Rangers as the story continues further.

Rita: Zordon began REJECTING me. Telling me, my plans were too dangerous. Informing me......I was.....*chuckles*.....UNSTABLE. It just felt like I was trapped in the depths of his shadow, living in the shade of HIS greatness. I NEVER had felt THAT way before. time......the dark lord.....he came to me.... he understood me.....he welcomed me into his kingdom with open arms and armor gave me the great power I needed to exact my vengeance.

It didn't take long for the others to crack the rest of the puzzle.

Jason: You killed the rest of his team..... exchange for the crystal.

Rita: So many times, I grasped myself to victory only be left behind in the dust mere moments later.......And now.....sixty five million years later, history will surely repeat itself! The Green Ranger destroys the Power rangers, only THIS time, he'll FINISH THE JOB.

Billy: Hold up, hold up. If you and Zordon were once friends, how could you just go on and betray him like that?!

Rita: No, Blue! No! HE betrayed ME! So, now that he's gone, you shall all suffer because of him. For you see, the Green Ranger has a zord of its own, just like every single one of you. With the powerful dragon flute dagger, he will command the mighty Dragonzord. Powerful enough to crush anything and wreak havoc in it's path. And once my new Green Ranger understands his power....NOTHING shall stop him.

Jason: Not if we have anything to say about it!

He was just about to approach Rita himself, but Rita immediately pushed him back with force, thanks to her staff. But luckily, the others caught him in time.

Rita: Well, as I much as I HATE to admit this to myself, I've grown very fond of playing with you kiddies, so I'll make it easy for you brats. Hand over my crystal.....or else, I shall have my Green Ranger kill you.....and everybody that you've ever loved. Even more so, once he's done with the lot of you, why don't I.....have him start with your families?

That proclamation just about pissed everyone off.

Trini: You cold hearted evil son of a---

Kimberly: Forget it, Rita! Why don't you send this Green Ranger to face us first! Unless he's a just a little scrawny bitch underneath that helmet! Huh?!

That alleged cry from Kimberly might've very well been the final calling for her and the rest of the group, as it gave Rita her ultimatum for the opportunity that she needed.

Rita: Hehehehe......very well. But, be careful what you wish for.

Even with no coin in her possession, Rita was still able to harness power deep into her staff as it filled up with energy.

Zack: Oh no, you don't!

Trini: ZACK!

However, Zack wasn't quick enough as Rita's staff completely charged up. She immediately blasted at all of them and then nothing happens.

They just disappear.

The next thing you know, they suddenly reappear yet again, surprised to still be in one piece. The only problem was..... seemed like they were transported.....out to the middle of nowhere, as it seemed.

Billy: Where are we?

Trini: I think we're outside!

Zack: Painfully obvious, ok?

Billy: This-this better not be Death Valley.

Jason: If this was Death Valley, we'd be burning up by now.


That laugh startled the hell out of all of them. Not only was it creepy, but it came right the Hell outta nowhere.

Jason: The hell....

Kimberly: Back to back!

They all immediately bolted next to one another, bound together, prepared to see what type of threat would befall them.


Trini: What is this, Jared Leto's Joker?!


Zack: He does not sound anything REMOTELY like that.

Jason: Well, that's besides the--OVER THERE!

They all immediately look in the other direction as they finally see the presence of the Green Ranger.....

......unaware that it's Tommy underneath the armor.

Jason: It's him!

Green Ranger: So we finally meet, Power Rangers. I've been looking forward to this.....

Billy: You destroyed our base!

Green Ranger: Yes! And you all shall be next!

Jason: Lets do it, guys!


Despite the fact that Zordon may be gone, they still had to take chance to know if their morphers would still work.....

.....and in their favor and delight, they still did work.

Al of their suits quickly unlocked and revolves around them, forming the classic armor and just like that, they were the rangers once again.

Green Ranger: Ahh, you've finally shown your true colors. I was beginning to get bored.

Black Ranger: We've might've shown our true colors, but you sure as hell haven't.

Upon saying that, all the Rangers got into fighting positions, waiting for the Green Ranger to make some kind of move on them.

But he didn't least not yet.

Pink Ranger: What is he doing?

Red Ranger: Keep your guard up, Kim.

Finally, the Green Ranger simply moved forward and said....

Green Ranger: Long live empress Rita!

He finally took a running start while the other took a running start and finally.....the first fight between them began.

It didn't go well for our heroes.

The Green Ranger was practically unable to get hit once during the entire ordeal, even more so when it came to Jason, as he kept kicking him away.

Zack tried an attack from behind, but that did nothing.

Kim tried to keep her distance and attack from a-far within her bow and arrow, but again, it didn't do anything.

Trini and Billy went for a freakin' double team, but the Green Ranger was extra crafty in his work. He managed to take both of them down with a crucifix headscissor.

Billy, however, wouldn't stay down.

Blue Ranger: *breathing heavily*  I ain't going down like this. Come on!

He once again charges straight ahead as his brawl with the Green Ranger continues. However, this time he starts to get some offense in on him as the Green Ranger put up a hell of a good defense as the others get up and recover.

Finally, Billy scores one as he headbutts the Green Ranger. But almost immediately, the Green Ranger headbutts him back with SO MUCH FORCE, it sends him flying though the desert terrain and flips him back on his chest.

All (Kimberly, Zack, Trini): Billy!

They immediately go to his aid as they help him up.

Black Ranger: Hey, Man. You alright?

Blue Ranger: *straining*  Yeah, never better.

The four of them once again get themselves prepped together as the Green Ranger methodically approaches with malicious intent in mind. Unfortunately.....

Red Ranger: HEY!

The sudden call out catches the Green Ranger off guard, and he turns around to face him. And that's when the Red Ranger pulls out his regenerating power sword.

Red Ranger: You think you're so tough? Take me on.

The Green Ranger didn't keep Jason waiting long for an answer as almost immediately, he lifted has hand up to the sky and a sword composed on negative/evil energy was placed in his hands.

In other words, it was the Sword Of Darkness.

Green Ranger: With pleasure......

Both Rangers charged at each other and clashed as their swords slashed each other.

For the most part, the sword battle was......actually pretty even. They necessarily weren't able to hit each other for well over two minutes. But just when it seemed like it would go on forever, Jason skimmed the Green Rangers sword away and kicked him back.

Almost immediately though, he came rushing back as he did the same to Jason and actually SKIMMED him through his armor when he let his guard down.

Seeing their leader in peril at the hands of their new mortal enemy, the other Rangers quickly brought their weapons back out and charged again.

Yellow Ranger: Not so fast, bud!

Blue Ranger: Eat my lances, four leaf clover!

Billy attacked at ALMOST the right moment, but The Green Ranger deflected both his and Jason's weapons at the exact same time. And just as he pushed BOTH of them back, he pressed the top of his sword towards the ground as it immediately blew Jason and Billy back with tremendous force.

The Yellow Ranger then took a chance as she swung her daggers at him, but he quickly deflected them as well as Zack's axe, whom he had caught from behind.

At that point, Pink Ranger once again aimed her bow and arrow steadily, but once she got a shot at the Green Ranger, she saw them quickly execute a spin kick, knocking Trini and Zack all down with a quick swing. Seeing this, she fired three of her arrows at the same time.....only for him to catch the arrows instantly......

.....while looking directly back at her.

Pink Ranger: No way......

Green Ranger: Way.

He quickly snapped two of those arrows into pieces and threw the last one back at her, but she quickly dodged it at the last second.

Green Ranger: I really pity you all.....

Pink Ranger: Who are you?! Why are you doing this?

Green Ranger: Now, now.....we don't want to spoil the surprise just yet.

Pink Ranger: Yeah, well I can't wait that long.

In a bold yet unwise move, Pink Ranger converted her bow into an actual sword and commenced her own duel with the menacing villain.

As expected, the duel didn't last so long after Green Ranger forcefully threw her back towards the others after she tried a Shining Wizard.

Green Ranger: *chuckles*

Knowing that the Green Ranger was too strong for them to handle at this specific time as well as no idea how to exploit a possible weakness, the Rangers had no choice but to retreat

Thinking quickly, the main five made a break for higher ground as they all leaped from rocky terrain to terrain with the Green Ranger clearly in pursuit.

The chase was very (and I mean VERY) complicated because the Rangers had to take different directions to try and throw him off their trail.....

.....and nothing worked.

By the time the five all gathered back together, they were all out of breath and straight out of ideas.

Yellow Ranger: *breathing heavily* I got--I gotta give this guy credit. He's....he's good.

Black Ranger: Good? He's a beast! This--this guy practically has us tailed from pillar to post. Where we supposed to go now?

Jason was at thought of this for a second until out of the corner of his eye, he saw the ONLY opportunity left to escape......

.....and it was a bit high octane.

Red Ranger: The cliff! Everybody to the cliff!

Blue Ranger: You freaking nuts?!

Red Ranger: Trust me!

The five quickly made a run for it when the Green Ranger reappeared, tailing them. He swiftly threw his sword like a lawn dart, attempting to him at least ONE of them, just as they all jumped over the edge.

But when they all jumped.....a mysterious sphere appeared out of nowhere, trapping them in it and blocking the sword out and then......


Green Ranger: What?! NO!

Frustrated in his attempt to rid the Rangers right there and then, it wasn't long before his "empress", Rita appeared behind him.

Rita: Fear not. You will get your chance to CRUSH them as you please, for they know they cannot defeat you without Zordon. But we must find the crystal, my brave ranger. Come.

Her "brave Ranger" gave one last look down towards the cliff before turned around and following Rita. Unfortunately, deep down in the Green Rangers head, he was unwilling to wait for his chance to fulfill his empress' commands.

As it cuts back to 7:45 p.m. Angel Grove, we're in the midst of an investigation in which the Scott's have contacted the police on more or less multiple occasions, desperately trying to locate the whereabouts of their son, Jason.

They've practically checked almost single area there was, and with no solid leads onto where he was, the five-0 came up to their residence to break the barrier of bad news.

As soon as one of them knocked on the door, Sam and his wife Beverly (Caroline Cave) were quick to answer because as you would expect, they're worried about their son.

Officer: Mr and Mrs.......

Both (Sam, Beverly): Where is he?!

Officer: Its been past 24 hours, we've checked his friends, his last locations, every single point and aspect of time he was at. He's nowhere to be found.

That statement DEEPLY hurt the both of them deeply as it almost seemed like Jason was gone for good. But boy oh boy......they weren't willing to accept it.

Beverly: No, no, no, no. I KNOW you're not gonna leave it there, ok?

Officer: I wish there was more I can--

Sam: Docks.

Officer: Excuse me?

Sam: Docks. Check down by the docks, I work down there from time to time.

Officer: And you think your son can be seen down there? You really think he's there?

Sam: It's the only place I can think of.

Another brief cut later, we transcend over to the docks area in which we see flashlights brightening up the frequent area in front of them. The only thing was.....those flashlights weren't from the officers or cops guarding the area.

This flashlight came from the likes of Lucas (YET AGAIN) for it looked like he was damn determined to figure out what was going on, with these Rangers and how it led to Jason's sudden disappearance and reappearance.

But he wasn't alone.

Lucas: *whispering* Hey.....Psst! Come on, hurry up!

Out from behind a few of the racks, both Steve and Deborah sluggishly move from behind there and pick up the pace to catch up to him.

Deborah: I can't believe we had spend 5 hours in a car just to get to here, out of all places.

Lucas: Hey, I don't like it either. But my brother works here all the time, so if my gut tells me anything, Jason AND your son could be down here.

Steve: Are you positive?

Lucas: If I wasn't, I wouldn't have driven all the way up here.

Admist through his sentence, his flashlight suddenly flickered and cut out.

Lucas: Damn it. Batteries are dead.

Steve: Don't worry, I got a spare.

He immediately took out a miniature flashlight from his pocket, turns it on and then HE starts to lead the way.

With Lucas and Deborah shortly behind, they get into one of the secluded areas of the docks, and after walking for a random 15 to 20 minutes, they find something rather odd.

After stumbling into one of the dock houses and they cautiously get to the very end, they see, to their surprise....

.....a huge crater-like burn mark right in the middle of the floor.

Lucas: The hell?

Deborah: What happened here?

Steve: Something must've gone terribly wrong down here. But I guess you're right about one thing: he's definitely down here.

Deborah: In that case, we gotta keep moving.

Before they can even keep moving forward, a large pulsating sphere suddenly appears right in front of them as it rotates and rotates and rotates endlessly over and over again, albeit while sparking energy all over the place.

Lucas: Incredible.

Steve: What is this thing?

Deborah: Looks like a sphere.

Lucas: And I think it's one of theirs.

As soon as Lucas and the others got down for cover, the sphere increased its size and then just.....vanished.

That's when Jason and Kimberly suddenly fell though the roof and landed hard onto the eroding texture of the floor, not knowing how the heck they got there. Upon looking at each other and then around them, they recognized the place almost immediately.

Lucas: What the---

Jason briefly heard the voice. He slowly irked his head around, seeing Lucas, Deborah and Steve standing there, confused.

But not for long.

Lucas: Jason!

The Olivers looked over as well as Lucas rushed to Jason, not giving him a chance to get up as he trapped him in a hug

Lucas: Thank God, you're ok. My brother was about to have a heart attack from all this. Where were you?

Jason: I....uh.... *looks around*.....Don't know how I got here, honestly. I sort of lost track of time, but I--didn't mean to worry anyone.

As Jason and his Uncle talked onwards, that's when Kimberly turned to Steve and Deborah

Kimberly: You guys are the Olivers, right?

Steve: Yeah.

Deborah: That we are dear. You friend of our son's?

Steve: And have you seen or heard from him?

Kimberly: I was gonna ask you the same question. But I guess you guys have the same answer as me.

Deborah: Oh, our poor Tommy......he's probably out there cold and alone.

Steve: He's a brave boy, Deb. If he knows better, he'll come back to us. We raised him well, ok?

Kimberly: I hope so.....really, I do. Listen, if-if there's something I can do to help you two, I'm willing to do it. My friends and I are still looking.....

Unfortunately, for the two of them, they ended up speaking WAY too soon.

After some crackling and sparking in the middle of the floor, the mysterious sphere reappeared yet again and started to pulsate and rotate even faster than it was before.

Steve: The hell?!

Lucas: Jason, what's happening?

Kimberly: Don't bother, if he doesn't know, then neither do I.

After a few seconds, the sphere EXPLODES with a rush of energy as it immediately pushes Jason, Kim, Deborah, Lucas and Steve back with such force.

A moments later, everyone closely recovers and gets back on their feet, only to see a mysterious figure outlined in an "anonymous" green glow, in the middle of a ring surrounded by fire.

By the time he lifted himself up, he stepped out of the shadows and the Green Ranger appeared once again.

Green Ranger: YOU'RE MINE!

It became clear rather quickly to the others that this other Ranger was looking specifically at Jason and Kimberly. Lucas had already had a good idea about the Red Rangers identity, but now it had just briefly been confirmed for him.

As for Deborah and Steve, they had no idea that Jason was more than they thought he was....

.....and of course, the fact that their son was the one underneath the Green Ranger armor.

Jason: Kim, get them out of here.

Kimberly: I'm not leaving you.

Jason: They need safety; they don't deserve to be apart of this. Just take them and go.

For a brief second, the two of them ended up staring at each other. It almost seemed endless until Jason snapped out of it and yelled....

Jason: GO NOW!

Unwilling to argue with Jason any further, Kimberly just took Lucas, Steve and Deborah with her as they all left the docks area, leaving Jason face to face with the Green Ranger.....


Green Ranger: So.....we meet again. I have personally been looking forward to this.

Jason: You know what's funny? You wear this Green Ranger armor.....and yet, your loyalties with Rita. That make any sense to you?

Green Ranger: Why, of course. I am HER Green Ranger and my empress.

Jason: Newsflash: SHE's evil!

Green Ranger: Yeah.....but so am I.

As the Green Ranger prepared himself, Jason just took a small step back and circled around him. He was clearly nervous about this because he knew he still wasn't at even HALF his full strength to beat him.....but he still had to give it everything he got

And then....the two adversaries clashed once more. After a few combos filled with swinging kicks and punches, it LOOKED evenly matched at first but in reality, the Green Ranger was far too strong for Jason to actually get any offense for now.

However, Jason was lucky to get a shot off of him. Green Ranger threw multiple swing kicks at Jason, which he dodged (gotta love those swing kicks) and the second he left himself open, Jason dropkicks him square across the face and knocks him back.

But it also hurt Jason in the process as well, because....well, he's hitting a metal helmet.

Green Ranger: Impressive. Now I know why they made you the leader. You clearly are a skilled warrior.

Jason: You're not bad yourself. But, this is pointless. I don't want to fight you.

Green Ranger: Why not? Have you learned that I'll win?

Jason: No! Because a real Ranger wouldn't be as vile as you. And if you're truly what you say you are, you wouldn't be fighting on the wrong side.

Green Ranger: Muahahaha! Newsflash BACK at you: Zordon is nothing more but a memory now. Once my empress has the crystal, she will soon rule the world!

Jason: Well, good luck finding it.

They clash again and continue fighting.

We cut short briefly away from the fight as the Olivers, Lucas and Kimberly kept running as far away from the docks as possible. But as Steve and Deborah went onwards, Kim stopped and looked back at the scene, worried for Jason and paused for a moment; wondering if she should keep running or go back for Jason.

(Choose quickly, Kim)

But luckily, she didn't have to choose at that point because once she turned around to ask Lucas what she should do.....

....he was gone.

Kimberly: What the---? LUCAS!

Back with the fight, the two rivals seemed evenly matched at almost every turn now until Jason knees the Green Ranger in his helmet, rendering him woozy. At that point, Jason takes a running start and flips over the back and around the head, attempting to do a headscissor.....

.....but, at the last moment, Green Ranger uses his strength advantage to give him an edge. As Jason struggles to move from his position around his head, Green Ranger lifts him up all the way and with a mighty effort, he POWERBOMBS him flat on the floor, almost breaking Jason's back and rendering him helpless while knocking his morpher out his pocket.

Jason, writhing in pain but desperate to keep fighting, reached out for his morpher in hopes to gain for an advantage, but....

Green Ranger: Oh no, you don't!

He quickly kicks his morpher away and then pins his hand down.....HARD.

Jason: ARGH!

Green Ranger: Muahahahahaha! Muahahaha!

He reached out and pulled out his Sword of Darkness and holds it up above him.....prepared to stab him.....

Green Ranger: Prepare to taste the price of defeat.....

It seemed like THIS was IT for Jason.....or was it?

Just when Green Ranger lunged his sword down at Jason, Lucas, from out of no where clocks him at the back of his head knocking Green Ranger down and disarming of his sword

Surprised at being saved in the nick of thime, Jason looks over at his uncle in astonishment and rather in gratitude for the brave act that he just committed

That's when Lucas briefly nods over at Jason's morpher as he saw it just near the entranceway, But that led Jason to ask.....

Jason: How'd you know?

Lucas: I didn't. I just realized that I already knew from the start. Knowing it was you that saved us all that day. I couldn't be more proud.

At that point, however, the Green Ranger just slowly got up off of the ground before.....doing something rather familiar.

As Jason and Lucas recover and get back up off the ground, Green Ranger simply holds his hand out to his side, and out of the evil energy he exerts, what appears in his hand.....?

The Dragon Dagger.

Without even turning around to face Jason yet again, he basically holds up the flute to him......and once he plays started making that familiar tune.

The two of them just watched, confused and rather helpless as Kimberly came back just in time to see him play it as well.

It then cuts out to the nearest beach by the coast of the city. At that moment, a dog just noticed how awkward the waves were reacting and started barking at the water. It wasn't long 'till a little girl walked past the dog and looked out where the waves were, until it started pushing out towards them.

Girl: Daddy, look!

The dad came by and saw the waves, for he then knew this wasn't normal. He picked her up as the dog tried to tail behind (but to no avail), as some warning alarm went off and the waves continued to intensify with size quantity; getting bigger and bigger with each passing vibration.

Soon enough, a HUGE vibration shakes the center of the water, causing a HUGE giant wave to heading towards shore.

The dog finally got loose from his leash and ran along with the rest of panicked crowd as the wave pushed FARTHER and FARTHER out into the city, almost like a tsunami. Some people were fast enough to get indoors, but not all were lucky as most of them got swept away by the waves while others got severely damped.

However, those who were still watching were even luckier, especially those who looked out of windows or were watching on the roof, cause soon enough, a HUGE robotic head booms out of the surface of the water as its eyes glew a bright red and let out a HUGE ROAR so LOUD that it basically extended all the way to the state border.

As soon as this contraption completely roar from the murky depths of the sea, everyone around had seen the rise......


People who were on the streets panicked from just the sheer SIZE of this monster and immediately ran for cover as the Dragonzord roared, stomped and destroyed everything in it's path.

Jason was just about to make a move on him until he heard the stomping and almost loses his balance.

The three of them (Jason, Lucas, Kimberly,) were taken aback by the tremendous amount of force coming down over them from the stomping.....but that was NOTHING compared to what they saw just a few moments later.

The Dragonzord roaming through the confines of the town.

Just the SIGHT of this monster was enough to intimate them on every single level imaginable.

Kimberly: Oh my god.....

Lucas: What the hell is that?

Jason: It's our final calling.

Pleased and satisfied with the progress he's making, the Green Ranger boldly looked back at the others.....and then teleported himself, with his own Green aura, into his own Megazord as he immediately locked himself in and took control.

As soon he gets inside and makes himself comfortable, he gloats over the speakers in his zord.

I will give credit where credit is due. For what it is worth, you have proven to be worthy adversaries for me and my empress. But unfortunately, it is too late for you to beg for your life.

Almost immediately, the Dragonzord turns its attention to all three of them and starts stomping towards their direction.

Lucas: Holy s__t.

Kimberly: Go, go, go, go! We gotta go!

They all immediately turn and run in the other direction before making a bunch of turns and making it to the front entrance of the docks.

Just before they were about to exit, the Dragonzord blocked their path completely; causing them to back up in defensive mode.

And now, Power Rangers, it's time for me to destroy you. I must be victorious for my queen.

Just when the Dragonzord brings its gigantic foot down; prepared to crush all three of them, it immediately starts getting blasted at from behind as it the Dragonzord was forced to shift its attention.

What did it see?

It sees the Triceratops, Mastodon and Sabertooth tiger heading towards him, blasting all of their weapons at him with high velocity.

Zack: Hey, Godzilla! Open wide!

With Zack controlling the Mammoth, he immediately charged at the Dragonzord and forcefully pushed it back as it scraped the pavement off the streets.

While it tries to pry the Mammoth away from it, the Triceratops literally charges forward, jumps off the Mammoths back, and activated its shockwave, knocking the Dragonzord off balance.....and off its feet.


Upon seeing the zords handle the Dragonzord just like that, it kind of rekindled their hopes that MAYBE they have a chance to take him down for good.

Both (Jason, Kimberly): TRINI!

Trini was able to hear them from her Zord and it didn't take long for to respond back to them

Trini: Hey! If you're gonna give us help, then do it!

Just then, Kimberly and Jason's Pterodactyl and Tyrannosaurus came zipping by and fired more at the Dragonzord, pushing him back even further.

The two were quick to look over at Lucas, for it was no question that he knew about their secret. However, he didn't mind. He simply nodded swiftly, letting them know it was ok. They both nodded at each other and LEAPED all the way up into their cockpit areas and pretty soon, the entire gang was automatically morphed into their armors and locked into the system.

Billy: Whoo! Time to kick some green ass!

Zack: What happen to "Yippie Ki-Yay?"

Trini: He ain't trying to curse.

Jason: Alright, guys! Not now. ACTIVATING MEGAZORD BATTLE MODE!

And right before Lucas's eyes, The zords, for the first official time, came together, flawlessly as the Triceratops and Mastodon formed the legs around the Sabertooth tiger as it became the torso. At that point, the Pterodactyl latched onto the T-Rexs back as its wings folded up and latched onto the torso as the rest of the mechanisms took over.

Finally, after a few minutes, all five separate yet combined zords stood up firmly constructing.....THE MEGAZORD!

The Megazord stood face to face with the Dragonzord as each individual Ranger took control of its Zord in its cockpit, armed and ready for battle.

It didn't take long, however, for the Dragonzord to rebalance itself and see the Megazord staring down at it with all the other Rangers inside, ready to aim and attack.

This did VERY little to deter the Green Rangers attitude.

So....this is the legendary Megazord that destroyed Goldar. Well, now..... face my Dragonzord!

He once again took control of his Dragonzord as it roared fiercely and charged.

Jason: Alright, guys. Remember, we all move together.

With Billy and Zack at the legs, Trini and Kim at the arms and Jason in the middle cockpit, the Megazord went charging forward as well as both zords clashed into one another, scraping the pavement off of the road.

The Megazord duel had officially began.

Lucas:'ve become quite the man, Jason.

Lucas smiled briefly as he quickly turns away and finally gets the Hell outta dodge.

As it cuts back to the Megazord/Dragonzord boss battle, it was hard to tell which side was winning. Both zords were very maneuverable and agile, despite their humongous size and it was EXTREMELY CLOSE.

Trini: So what kept y'all?

Jason: We got stuck.

Zack: I know "stuck" when I see it and that wasn't "stuck". We just got separated.

Billy: He's right, you know.

Jason: Focus on that later. Right now, we have a dragon to tame.

The Dragonzord quickly turns on its side and attacks with its tail, but the Megazord quickly moves back and kicks it off its feet. It then picks it up HIGH into the air, almost as if they were about to throw it across, but at the last minute, the Dragonzords tail smacks the Zord from the back and forces it to let go.

While landing on its feet, the Dragonzord launched its infamous missile strike from his hands at the Megazord, striking it and causing moderate damage to its system.

All: AHHH!

Zack: The Hell did this guy come from?

Billy: Uhh.....

Kimberly: Uhhhh? That doesn't sound good. What's happening?

Billy: I think that might be the least of our worries.

He pointed up to his top right causing the other Rangers to look in that direction too. Hell, even the Dragonzord looked over in that direction as well. Up on the roof of an old construction site, they see Rita standing up there with this evil menacing look on her face.

And the one thing that actually surprised the Rangers upon first sight:

Jason: She still has her staff?!

Trini: But how?!

They all looked gazed and rather confused but that perfectly timed distraction ended up costing them a lot as the Dragonzord took advantage, screeched, and kicked the Megazord back a few feet.

Trini: Argh! Damn it!

At that point, Rita took a brief look at her staff.......

....and then throws her staff down with such high velocity, it almost picked up intense speeds, close to what the Flashs speed level would be like.

Unfortunately, the Megazord was still trying to recover from the previous attack and it was too slow to make a split second reaction, so the staff ended up going through the Megazords submerging chest piece (just like the ones the Rangers have on their suits) and it lands firmly on the ground behind them.

Damage levels for our heroes were close to disastrous and it was apparent that things were NOT gonna get any easier.

Kimberly: Guys.....we're doing so good. Damage levels are critical.

Billy: Definitely NOT a good way to end the night.

Jason: Still gotta keep going. Bring out the swords.

As a last defensive/offensive option, the Megazord pulled out both of its swords from its back and stands back up, unwilling to let themselves be defeated this way.

Unfortunately; matters just started getting worse from there. The staff that landed behind them started to liquidate rather quickly and change its form. It started to spike and grow up to their size and quickly shot up behind them as it spiked through the core of their Megazord, covering them in gold and forcing them down to a knee.

Now the team was at a CLEAR two on one disadvantage.

Computer: Damage retention: Unstable/unstable.

Kimberly: Are you kidding me?!

Billy: This is SO unfair!

And to make matters even worse, once the Green Ranger from his Dragonzord took a close look at the pulsating chest piece on the Megazord as it got up, he realized something.....

.....something was powering the Megazord that REALLY shouldn't even be there.

Going a full step closer, he took an even CLOSER look when he had the Dragonzord pierce the front of the chest piece of the Megazord with its tail while it shot out from behind.

And guess what?

The ZEO CRYSTAL was stored IN the chest piece of the Megazord, as it turns out to be its main source of power. And you could say.....the Green Ranger was elated.

The crystal! Muhahahaha! My empress, I found the crystal!

Rita: What?! Are you positive?

One hundred percent!

He commands the Dragonzord to lunge through the chest of the Megazord and it lunges forward. However, the Megazord takes the same reaction and when they both charge at each other, the stronger of the two prevails and the Dragonzord pierces straight-through!

It causes the Megazord to malfunction severely and go down, with its damage levels far beyond the critical criteria.

Kimberly: What's it doing?!

Billy: He's finishing it! We're done for!

Jason: No, look!

They all saw, from their cockpits, the Dragonzord hold out.....the ZEO CRYSTAL straight from its hand.

Zack: The crystal!

Billy: The f--That was INSIDE US the WHOLE time?!

As the thought still pondered in their heads despite being nowhere near fighting power now, the Green Ranger just laughed maniacally as he controlled the Dragonzord and manually opened up its hand, with the crystal inside of it. Almost immediately, the crystal teleported into Rita's hand as she grabbed and held on to it with a tight grip.

Rita: Ahh......finally! After sixty five million years of searching, the crystal is finally mine! Well done, Green Ranger. Our work here, as of right now, is done.

She was seconds away from walking away, but then she poked her head back around, smirked and boldly said....

Rita: Have fun with the Rangers.

I am honored, my queen.....

As Rita finally disappeared and left with the crystal, the Green Ranger played his flute from within the Dragonzord and sensing its signal, it boldly picked up the barely functional Megazord BY ITS TAIL...... the Rangers screamed, grunted and held on for dear life.


Billy: I'm HOLDING!

See you next fall, Power Zeros!!!

The Dragonzord finally grabs the Megazord off its tail and then swings it around and around by its feet. After a few good chucks, it finally THROWS it across the area ALL THE WAY back down to the beach. Luckily for our young heroes, they all pressed eject in time to escape their sudden demise. But once they all landed on the ground, HARD no less......

.....they could still see their Megazord still flying over them, like the force of gravity had almost no effect on its size. They all immediately ran to follow it but after a short while, only four of them stopped.

The only one who kept going was Billy.

Jason: Billy, stop!

Billy: NOOOOOOO!! Our zords!

He was determined to at least catch up with it as much as he could, but by the time the Megazord finally landed in the water away from the sand on the beach, it exploded! The force of the explosion knocked Billy back all the way as the shockwave of the explosion forced the others to cover up and look away.

Once they all looked at their lost Megazord in the water, it seemed rather obvious that this battle had become one they could no longer win. Without the crystal, there was no guarantee they could keep going.

Kimberly: We're totaled!

Jason: I can't believe it.......

Zack: It--its like Rita destroyed a part of us. Those zords were always there for us when we needed them.

Trini: Now, they're gone......

Billy: Please God, this can't be happening!

Unfortunately, it WAS happening......and it wouldn't be getting any easier.

After witnessing their hope literally blow up into flames RIGHT in FRONT OF THEM, it was safe to say our heroes were completely and utterly dumbstruck. Rita seemingly had them all beat, every step of the way. Zordon and Alpha are gone. The towns destroyed along with their zords. And most importantly, they got the Zeo crystal that they kept, unbeknownst to themselves, right under their noses.

A no win scenario was all it was to them now.

The team had no idea what to say or how to react anymore. It just seemed unreal. But Trini.....

She wasn't having any of it. She slowly backed away from the carnage, taking her time and ensuring that every piece and fragment of what she saw left her head sooner than later.

It didn't take long for Jason to notice and he soon got up and followed him.....along with the others.

Billy was the last to get up and follow, as he was still shaken by the realization that the Megazord was no longer with them. But finally, he got up from the sand and followed the others.

After a few miserable hours walking back to their wrecked ship, all five members of the group was sitting there near the foot of the entrance, moping on about their defeat.

Morale had officially hit an all-time low and it seemed clearly evident that after so long, Rita had finally won against them. To make matters even more breathtaking, nobody was saying one word for the next 30 minutes.

Billy: That didn't just happen. Tell me that just happen.

Trini: It DID happen, Billy. And that's what sucks about life in general: we can't change the truth, no matter how much of a b__ch it is.

Zack: I gotta give that Green Ranger dude some credit, though. He's one royal S.O.B.

Kimberly: He's a monster.

Billy: And that laugh.......*shrugs* gives me chills.

Kimberly: Hey, this is no laughing matter, Billy. We need to get Zordon back online.

Trini: Ba--*stands up* honest, now. How do you suppose we do that? Downloads? Jumpstarts? What do YOU see that we could use?! Everything's destroyed!

It seemed as if Trini was already accepting the price of defeat. And apparently, she wasn't alone. Zack also made it clear once he stood up, stating......

Zack: That's it. The Power Rangers are history.

Jason: No.....

Unwilling to give in to the jaws of defeat, Jason boldly stands up and speaks out to ALL of them.

Jason: Guys, we can't give up. THIS is EXACTLY what Rita wants. We can't let her and the Green Ranger destroy our home nor our planet.

Trini: Jason, did you even look around you?! Zordon's gone! Alpha's shut down! The crystal's taken and the zord's are destroyed! We're out-matched. They beat us to it. There's nothing left to fight for

Jason: You don't want to believe that! If you walk out on us, you walk out on your life!

Kimberly: Hey hey hey. Guys, come on!

She breaks the tension for a short moment.

Kimberly: This isn't gonna help with anything. Besides, Jason's right. We can't just give up. Isn't the smallest chance of victory enough of a reason for us to keep on going? After everything that brought us together, we should know better then this. The world needs us!

Zack: Considering how much this town's done to us, it's hard to think we'd still have what it takes. This town, let alone this world, didn't have much to offer me, no less all of you.

Kimberly: Yeah, but Tommy mattered but as much.

Trini: Tommy's gone too, Kimberly! If he was smart, he probably ditched town already! It's probably what we should do too!

Zack: Trini has a point. I mean, we might've been hot about a month ago but times have already changed. The Green Ranger was Rita's trump card since the beginning and now look where we are. Ju-just admit it, she played it. She won!

Kimberly: You guys can't be serious! You REALLY want to throw in the towel after everything we been through together? I wouldn't accept that.

Jason: Neither would I! Zordon wouldn't give up either!

Trini: But Zordon's not here!

When the four were busy arguing, Billy couldn't handle the tension of all these conversations and walked out the room to try and calm himself. But that's when he ended up stepping onto something: a floor grate. And at the bottom was a futuristic projector which automatically triggered a virtual design......of a Command Center..... both blueprint and VR type-constructed forms.

It's safe to say it got his attention rather quickly.

Billy: Holy mother of Pittsburgh!

His yell out for everyone's attention.

Kimberly: What is it?

They all look over at what Billy discovered and it, too, left them with not much to say.

Jason: Looks like Zordon and Alpha were planning to build some kind of base here.

Zack: kind of command center?

Billy: Based on these structure designs and the pillar points here......I believe so.

Kimberly: And......why now?

While the question pondered to all of them, it cuts back over to the mountain side in which the night sky was slowly starting to shed some light up above, as it transcends over to ZACKS HOUSE.


And inside of his house, we see Zacks mother was still asleep given her medical problems, for it was only 2:00 in the morning and she didn't know Zack was away.....

.....but she also didn't hear the giant thud that came down upon the rooftop.

The camera scroll up to outside on that rooftop as we see the Green Ranger posed on top with its arms crossed, feeling very, VERY satisfied over the previous victory.

And it wasn't long before Rita came by as well with her staff reformed yet again as she descended down on the same roof, in front of her Green Ranger.

She smirks mildly with the Crystal grasped ever so tightly in her hand, and upon this sight, Green Ranger just went down to a knee and kneeled before her.

Rita: My loyal Solider.....we have it.....AT LAST.....

Green Ranger: Twas my duty, Empress Rita. Those pathetic Power Rangers are finally finished.

Rita: I am such in gratitude for you, my Green Ranger. We won the fight and we finished this meaningless war. And now......this world....will be yours. The universe.....OURS. And as for the Rangers and the rest of the humans......what more can they do......but BURN?

She was definitely elated to FINALLY be victorious over her rivals after so many years, but she knew for a fact that this would mean nothing in the end, if the Rangers ACTUALLY came back and stopped them.

But she didn't let that fact bother her.

Rita: Go, my Green Ranger. Let the city know of my dominance......and make sure you don't have too much fun. I want in as well.

As he nods emphatically and disappears, Rita holds up the Crystal in her grasp as it starts to glow up with whatever energy it has stored inside. As both of them look on and smirk manically, the crystals energy finally reaches to its climax point as the energy stored inside it explodes, causing this dispersal of power ravaging through all the mountains and the nearby city.....

.....until the screen immediately blacks out.

But then shortly after that, the lights cut back up to the ship where take another look at the disabled Alpha....

....and then suddenly....

.....his backup system kicks in.

As the electricity on his system began to sparkle and his actual mechanics began to stir and reassemble themselves, Alpha 5 finally woke himself up after what felt like forever and the first words to pop out his mouth was.....

Alpha: Ayiyiyiyiyi......head-rush.

It didn't take long for the others to recognize the voice and it didn't seem real at first. But once they all turned around, their initial thoughts and feelings were profound.

Jason: Alpha?


Without even giving Alpha a chance to actually stand up and rebalance himself, they all went over and hugged him SO tightly, for it was clear that they missed him.

Alpha: Hey at a time. Very sensitive.

The others reluctantly let go of him.

Zack: Oh thank god. You almost gave me a heart attack there.

Billy: Look, we're just happy that you're still alive.

Alpha: Course I'm alive. It takes 24.00 hours for my backup system to kick in.

Kimberly: Why is it always 24 hours?

Alpha: I honestly don't know.....So.....what'd I miss?

Everyone just looked at each other, each prepared to give out the answer that Alpha didn't want to hear.

Trini: A lot, to be honest.

Billy: This Green Ranger dude broke in and destroyed the ship.

Zack: He took Zordon with him as well.....if it wasn't already clear enough.

Kimberly: But he destroyed the zords.

Jason: Worst of all....he and Rita got the crystal.

Alpha: What?! No, no, no, no! With the crystal in Rita's hands, the whole universe is in DEEP peril! We got to get the backup systems up and running and get Zordon back online.

Trini: Alpha.....we don't even know where to start. The Green Ranger kicked the shit out of us and ripped the crystal right out of the heart of our Megazord.

Billy: We didn't even know the Crystal was IN there, the first time we combined.

Alpha: Well, we CAN get the zords back IF we get the crystal back. I'm gonna activate the backup power to the ship and get Zordon back on. In the meantime, I need you all.....

Before he could finish the sentence, it wasn't long 'till Alpha noticed the virtual Command Center design displayed from the projector in the floor.

Alpha: Oh......I see you found our plans to make a command center.

Zack: Yeah. But why do we need a command center?

Billy: To be honest, this probably isn't the safest place to hold all of our HQ like plans or whatever. Besides it's only fair if we have a change of scenery.

Alpha: True.....but it's mostly because of the Dark Lord. Zordon and I know he WILL come one day and when he does, our ship won't be able to sustain the new zords we're planning to build.

Trini: New zords?

Alpha: Yes. I'll explain it all later. Now, help me get set up. We got to get the backup power on line.

The main five shrugged at the remark. And after a tedious yet intriguing few hours in the ship, in no time at all, they had managed to fix the broken generators and clean up most of the messes and no time the backup power finally kicked in

Jason: *sighs* She lives again.

Kimberly came around and simply patted him on the shoulder.

Trini: Are you sure you can get Zordon back online, Alpha?

Alpha: It's gonna take time.....practically like everything else. But I think so. First things first, I need to pick up what the viewing screen scanned on the Green Ranger from earlier.

Zack: Earlier? What do you mean?

Alpha: I WAS able to get a track on Tommy's location for a brief second before the signal faded and transcended onto something else. But luckily, that's where our security protocol comes in. We specifically designed it to scan anyone and everyone who brakes in without a power coin......or if you're endorsed with evil.

Trini: So in other words, it should be able to tell us who this Green Ranger really is.

Alpha: Precisely.

Kimberly: Finally, some answers.

Billy: I just hope he ain't "The Thing" know, from that movie.

Zack: I guess we'll all find out together.

As Alpha brought up the viewing screen, Alpha went through a few minor procedures before he opened the scanning results and what it showed.....well......lets just say they couldn't really find a way to believe it.

Zack: No way....

Trini: Th--that's impossible.

Billy: But he--he wouldn't....

Jason: This must be a mistake.

Kimberly: I don't believe it.......

The screen cuts to down to the scanning results and the finalized review made it crystal clear: the entire time, it was TOMMY inside the Green Ranger's armor!

Kimberly: T-Tommy???

Everyone was ABSOLUTELY dumbfounded at this result, for the answer to the big million dollar question was literally under their noses since the very beginning.

But perhaps, Jason and Kimberly were the ones who were the most shocked and surprised.....mostly because it should've been so simple to figure it out.

Kimberly: Th-th-this---this can't be right. It has to be some sort of mistake. It can't be him. It CAN'T BE!

Everyone took precaution of her attitude for the time being as it was becoming rather clear that Kim was rather falling for Tommy.

Jason: *sighs*  Alpha, come on. You sure about this?

Alpha: If I wasn't sure, I would tell you so. But it doesn't look that way. His facial vibration scans matched that of the Green Ranger. It was confirmed to me well over three times when I went over it.

Zack: So there's no question about it: Tommy IS the Green Ranger.

Billy: Which ALSO means that Rita has him under her spell with that damn coin of his.

Kimberly: I don't know, guys. I'm still not convinced.

The more she looked at the screen, the more difficult it was to admit or accept it. The boy that she seemed to have the hots for was under the influence of her greatest enemy as rival.....and the Crystal in her possession; it looked as if this reveal meant NOTHING now.

Kimberly: What if doesn't matter?

They all look towards her.

Kimberly: What if we're still too late?

Billy: No. No, no, no; this is what we need. Defeat is the mirror in which we see our true selves.

Alpha: Wait, what?

Trini: I didn't know you read poetry.


Billy: It's not. It's just.....there's no reason why we should abandon ship and give up like this. It's not worth it.

Jason: He's right. Rita's given us twice as much hell as this damn town has in our entire lives. It's  done terrible things to us before. But it's still our home. Tommy may not be himself, but he needs our help. And so does our families. Now, there's no question whether or not this'll be the end. But again, as much as I'm still not fond of this town.....I'm not gonna sit back and watch it die.

Trini: Jason, that's suicide. With Tommy AND the Crystal in her possession, we're no match for her. We'll die.

Jason: Then we'll do that together too. So lets do this. Lets bring Tommy home, lets get that Crystal back......and let's show that bitch what happens when they mess with the people WE care about.

No one had an immediate reaction.

Jason: Alright. We'll try this again. Show of hands.

They all took a moment to respond, especially Kimberly since she was the one mostly torn by this discovery. But when she took one last look at the screen, she then raised her hand in hopes to save Tommy.

Kimberly: I'm going.

She than got up firmly and stood by Jason boldly with her arms crossed.

Jason: Anyone else?

It took a while before someone else responded, but soon Billy and Zack shot their hands up. Hope had been reinserted into them.

Billy: Three Rangers.

Zack: *sighs*  Its not always fun doing this......but I'm not letting my mom down. I wouldn't give this up for the world.

Jason: Four Rangers.

As they stood up and went by Jason and Kim, the only one who had yet to respond and tag along was Trini.

Jason: It's just you, Trin. Don't keep us waiting.

Zack: Whatcha say, crazy girl?

Hearing that familiar name gave Trini a reason to look back at them all. But it DID reignite the fire that she had lost almost an hour ago.

Trini: Seriously?

Zack: Mhm-hmm.

Trini: You son of a--*chuckles*......

She finally looks back at them and then......

.....shoots her hand up.

Trini: Let's go save the world.

Kimberly: *smiles*.....FIVE Rangers.

That's when we cut to later that same afternoon just hours later as it cuts back to the main heart of Angel Grove. Construction workers were desperately trying to patch together the destroyed road on the streets while everyone else was trying to make it through the raining and foggy atmosphere. Everyone in the city was basically minding their own business with more missing posters of Tommy around.....but then......


That eerily familiar laugh baffled and confused all of them until people pointed and looked upwards the balcony on the the under-construction.

Green Ranger: Citizens of Angel Grove, I here by declare everything here in the possession of the all-menacing Rita Repulsa! Anyone who resists will be crushed by the Dragonzord!

He pulls out and plays his flute dagger yet again.....and then......




The stomping only intensified as the civilians saw and witnessed the Dragonzord reappear through the fogs roaring onwards, causing the people to panic and run again

Green Ranger: Swear your loyalties to empress Rita or you all will be blown to dust!

He once again plays his flute, playing that VERY familiar tune as the Dragonzord continued its rampant path of destruction, cutting through buildings, smashing up walls, destroying the streets.....

It was just like the events from last month all over again, only this time with MORE DESTRUCTION.

It didn't take long for this abysmal footage to cut back to Alpha.....and of course, the image was visually terrifying.

Alpha: *sighs* Ayiyiyiyiyi......

Jason: What's wrong?

Trini: Is it him?

They all gather around to see the viewing screen (guess that's what it's called now) and they see a clear depiction on what's happening down there.

Zack: Shit.

Jason: The city needs us again.

Billy: A little Deja vu, huh?

Kimberly: Hope so.

Alpha: I'll contact you sometime soon, to see if there's a weakness, ok?

All: Right!

Kimberly: Alpha, fire it up......It's Morphin' time......

Each of the five Rangers stepped into the morphing grid and once Alpha kicked up the power, every single one of them burst full of energy as their suits latched onto them....

....and almost immediately, the sphere appeared yet again as they all vanished.....

Alpha: Go go Power Rangers.....

.....and then reappeared into the heart of the city in which everything was being destroyed.

Black Ranger: Oh much for us being famous.

Blue Ranger: Yeah, now we become INfamous if we don't stop this guy.

Red Ranger: There he is!

They all see him up in the same construction air balcony, still playing his flute. Unwilling to wait, they immediately teleport up behind him on the balcony, careful not to lose their balance on any of the loose pipes and pull their weapons out in defensive mode.

At that point, Kimberly steps forward and boldly calls him out.

Pink Ranger: Hey!

The Green Ranger, recognizing the voice put his flute down and boldly stood with his back against the team. He knew he PROBABLY had the upper advantage yet again.

Green Ranger:......So....have you weaklings come here to surrender at my mercy?

Pink Ranger: Save it. We know who you really are under there.

Yellow Ranger: It's over, Tommy. Just come quietly.

Green Ranger: I don't think you get it. You've lost. IT IS OVER.

Red Ranger: Tommy, we don't want to hurt you, man. Just let us help you. We can help you brake Rita's spell.

Green Ranger: Rita is my empress! And with the crystal, she will soon rule the world.

Pink Ranger: Tommy......just listen to us please. Rita is only using you for that. We're sorry we dragged you into this, but we want to help you.

She slowly tried to take his hand, but Tommy jerked it away as soon as he felt her grip on him.

Green Ranger: You've all been warned! Now for the last time, feel the might of my Dragonzord!

He plays the flute and and sensing it's point of origin, the Dragonzord turns towards the Rangers and quickly comes forward.

Blue Ranger: Aw crap! That thing's coming at us now!

Yellow Ranger: How we gonna stop it without our zords?

Black Ranger: We might need to draw it away from the city!

Blue Ranger: How'd you suppose we do that?!

That's when the Dragonzord quickly fires and unloads rockets from its fingertips, forcing the Rangers to get out of the way as they all ducked and covered as Green Ranger laughed manically......


Red Ranger: Tommy, stop! You don't know what you're doing!

Green Ranger: I know very well what I'm doing! I'm destroying you for my queen!

Kimberly: Tommy, please!

Green Ranger: I have no other choice!

He plays the flute yet again, causing the DragonZord to quickly turn itself around as its gigantic robotic tail is seconds away from coming down on them....

Black Ranger: Out of the way!

Yellow Ranger: Yikes!

......but they all get out of the way, just as the tail crashes down into the rest of the construction site, cussing the rest of the building to collapse immediately. The Rangers, unfortunately, weren't that quick enough to escape the collapsing building.....

.....or at least, that's what the Green Ranger thought. Almost immediately after falling through the building.....

Red Ranger: Everyone hold on to each other!

.....our heroes grasped onto each other and quickly teleported out of the collapsing building and then teleported to the farthest one from it.

Pink Ranger: God, that was too close.

Almost IMMEDIATELY after she said that, the Green Ranger teleports one step behind them and startles the team. He REALLY was relentless at this point.

Green Ranger: Not BAD. BUT.....not GOOD either.

As the the Green Ranger prepped himself and attacked, we cut back to the ship where Alpha; using everything he knows, is still desperately trying to find a way to restore and re-power Zordon.

Alpha: Come on, come on, come on, sir. Come back. The Rangers need you!

After a few complications and mishaps that lasted only a few minutes, Alpha was finally able to hit paydirt. After what seemed like forever, the main system from within the wall in the morphing grid started to glitch and malfunction for well over a couple of seconds until the power overloads.....

....and just bursts.

For the meantime.....nothing happens.

But then, the wall finally mutated and moved around on its side again and again and again until a familiar face finally reappeared on the wall.

Zordon: UGHHHH......where--what----where am I----Alpha?

Alpha: Zordon, sir! Welcome back!

Zordon: Thank you. Thank you very much, Alpha, for restoring me. But now's not the time for celebration. Is there anything on Tommy?

Alpha: The Rangers are dealing with him now, but.....sir. The zords have been destroyed and Rita has the crystal. It might be too late.

Zordon: My is NEVER too late. We have to get that crystal back by any means necessary. Listen to me carefully, Alpha. I need you to patch me into the Rangers communicators in their helmets. They HAVE to know I'm with them.

Alpha: I'm on it.

Just as we cut to the Green Ranger once again slashing through and dominating our heroes, their helmets all quickly beeped rapidly like warning signs.

It was clear that they didn't know who or WHAT it was at first.

Pink Ranger: What is that?

Red Ranger: It's coming from in our helmets.

Jason turned around and tapped down on his ear and once he heard that familiar voice again, it was the first time they had felt delighted in a long time.

Zordon: Rangers.

Red Ranger: Zordon?!

As soon as they heard the name, the other Rangers soon tapped in on their ear pieces and were all emotional to hear his voice again.

Black Ranger: Zordon, is it really you?

Zordon: Yes, Zack. I am back. For good. But listen to me carefully, Rangers. I have the answer to brake Rita's hold over Tommy.

Pink Ranger: I'm all ears for it.

Yellow Ranger: What should we do?

Zordon: One of you needs to create a smoking blow to his head. It will render him unable to perform, long enough for you to break him out of the addiction. Only then, afterwards, will he be healed the power of your morphers.

Suddenly, Green Ranger attacks yet again; but all the Rangers get out of the way and disperse. Although, they kept the conversation going.

Pink Ranger: So Tommy will be back to himself.  But will he will still be the Green Ranger?

Zordon: Unfortunately, he will. It's the only chance he has at redemption for his dirty deeds.

He then cuts off the transmission to all of them.

Blue Ranger: Whoa....this definitely feels like we're in a Saturday morning kids 1990's show.

Red Ranger: Well, get your mind back to reality, Billy. We got to help Tommy.

Pink Ranger: I'll go.

Both (Black, Yellow Ranger): What?

She was about to go forward to confront him, but it wasn't long before Jason stopped her.

Red Ranger: Wait, Kimberly. Maybe I should go. I feel like a part of me got him into this mess. It's only fair if I should get him out.

Pink Ranger: But.....Jason, you don't understand. I---I---I've--

Red Ranger: Kim....I never had the chance to tell you how I felt. But, seeing your reaction when Tommy came made me realize just how much he matters to you.....I'll get him back for you......I promise.....

Unbeknownst at that moment, Kimberly couldn't help but to shed a few tears underneath her helmet after hearing Jason's words. Having known that he understood her feelings for Tommy made everything so much more easier and stress relieving to her.

As much as she wanted to stay and help, she finally mustered the strength to nod and agree. As Kim led the others to draw away the Dragonzord, Jason stood face to face with his friend turned mortal rival

Red Ranger: I wish it didn't have to come to this, man.

Jason quickly pulled out his regenerating sword out from pixelated thin air as the Green Ranger responded back with his reasoning Sword Of Darkness.

The two grimly stared at each other for a second until they both charged forward and clashed.....for the final time.

And once again, even when they locked in a collar and elbow tie up, it was evenly matched.

Red Ranger: Give it up, man! You ain't winning this time!

Green Ranger: No way! I will never submit to you puny rangers.

Red Ranger: I never wanted it to be this way. But I guess it just has to be. Zordon says I got knock some sense into your head.

Green Ranger: A little reminder: Zordon is GONE!

Red Ranger: Not anymore!

They both pushed each other back at the same time and continued to clash on with their swords, swinging and banging at one another.

The fight was clearly just as intense as their previous encounter.

Finally, after a swing and a miss with his Sword of Darkness, Jason disarms him with a back flip kick and then knocks him back with his sword, as the energy blade knocks Tommy aside. As he he tries to recover, he notices blood dripping from the side of his he's made aware that Jason had actually cut him. Angry and flustered, he boldly stood up and blew in his flute again.....only this time, a green aura surrounds the armor plate on his chest, powering up his armor.

Red Ranger: What the hell....

Green Ranger: My flute also increases my armor's power and enhances any damage I take. Which means, you have no way of winning!

Red Ranger: I won't give up so easily, Tommy.

They continued onwards with Jason still using his sword while Green Ranger simply dodges and counterattacks whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The fight seemed endless until......Green Ranger kicks Jason aside. Jason gets up and attacks yet again, but when he strikes, the Green Rangers armor does its job,  preventing any damage retention and immediately disarming him.

Coming at a standstill, it became apparent to BOTH of them that this had to end, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Green Ranger: Well, Red Ranger, I think it's about time I finish this. For what it's worth, you put up a pretty good fight. But now, the battle is finished!

Tommy was about to make the final blow until......

.....Jason threw his sword at the last possible moment as it flowed up with energy, but when Tommy deflected it, it knocked his sword out of his hand yet AGAIN. Almost thinking alike, the two charged at each other, jumped up in the air and punched each other with so much force that the two simultaneously pushed each other back.

Jason flipped on his back and hit the ledge of the roof, while Tommy took the brunt of it. The punch flew him off the roof completely as he fell down into an alleyway. By that point, he hit the wall on his right before BOUNCING his head off the exterior stairs on the same side.....and then fell onto a dumpster underneath him.....

.....before landing out the ground, out cold.

Jason was unsure what had happened for the first few minutes, but he needed to find out. He slowly got up and trudged over to the edge of the roof......

.....only to see Tommy knocked out cold, looking deader than a doornail.

It wasn't long before Jason let his face guard down to look over him even more. At that point, he leaped all the way down there to where Tommy was and observed his unconscious body.

Jason: I'm sorry it had to be like this......but it's all over, Tommy......

We immediately cut back to the others as the Dragonzord was still on their tail, as they resorted to.....running around like hellish chickens. But suddenly......that plan didn't go anywhere......for the Dragonzord suddenly groaned as its mechanisms froze in place.....and it just stopped like a turned off anachronistic theme dinosaur

It didn't take long for the Rangers, as well as the civilians, to notice this.

Yellow Ranger: Whoa.....what....just happened?

Blue Ranger: It--it just stopped.

Black Ranger: But why?

Pink Ranger: Jason. He must've stopped Tommy. We got to get back. 

As soon as she said that, the sphere from earlier reappeared right in front of them.

Black Ranger: Hey, look at this.....

Pink Ranger: I think I saw this thing before when Jason and I got transferred to Lucas.....then it vanished.

Blue Ranger: I think it's the quick and painless way of getting us from place to place easier. Let's find out.

Billy just placed his hand through the sphere before it surrounded all four of them with intense energy, picked them up and then it teleported Jason and Tommy's position.

As in as they made, Jason called them out.

Jason: You made it.

Pink Ranger: Is he?

Jason: He's out cold.

They all went by his side and looked at Tommy still unconscious.

Black Ranger: You know what to do next?

Jason: Yep. Ready your morphers guys.

And just like Zordon instructed, the Rangers unclipped their portable morphers from their armor as they all fired their own separate beams of energy, covering the Green Ranger in a rainbow colored inspired aura. After a few seconds, they gently placed him back down......and soon the brews on his head under his helmet healed.

In other words: the spell had been broken.

The face guards on their helmets opened up as Kim went over to aid him, but not before opening up his face guard as well.

As he slowly started to stir and wake up, it became clear that he remembered little of what happened prior.

Tommy: Ah, my head....

Kimberly: Tommy.

Tommy: Kimberly? Where are we? And.... *Looks at what he's wearing*......What is this?

Jason: To make a long story short: you became one of us. Is there anything you remember?

Tommy: Uhh.....

It took Tommy literally 3 seconds flat to recall and re-memorize everything that he had done and/or said over the past few he sighs heavily.

He instantly became sick with remorse and shame.

Tommy: Oh my god.....*looks back at the others*.....What have I done?

Kimberly: Relax. It wasn't your fault, Tommy.

Billy: Yeah, Rita messed with your head with some bad joojoo.

Zack: But we broke the spell now.

Trini: It's not too late. Fight with us and help us get the crystal back.

Tommy: Why would you ask for my help after all I've done to you guys? This is probably the reason why you even kept this away from me.

That statement gave them pause for thought, as it was made clear that Tommy was around by the time they had demorphed at the mall. It was clear Tommy would have NONE of this, but the team desperately needed him.

Kimberly: Look.....we did what we had to do because we couldn't risk anyone knowing. You were the only exception we could've asked for. But that doesn't matter now. Because we need you, Tommy.

Jason: We want to help you redeem yourself......cause this is your moment. This is your time. And this is where you belong.

After a moment of silence.....

Jason: Will you join the Power Rangers, Tommy?

He steps out in front of him and boldly holds out his hand.

After a brief period of silence to ponder his seemed like Tommy officially gave his answer.

Tommy looked around at all the others for an initial thought and after some prodding, he finally chuckled slightly......

.....and firmly shook Jason's hand as the others nodded on with smiles. And as for Kimberly, she held both her hands up together with an emotional smile.

History was in the making. The Sixth Power Ranger had finally come home.

A brief cut later, we cut back to the mountain side near the cliff by the Morphing Grid as we see Rita with the Crystal still in her hand and making contact with.....the sky?

Rita: My lord.....I have it.

Well, not necessarily the sky. But, the particular someone who she had promised to bring back the Crystal for.

And THAT particular someone soon caused the sky to erupt with an ominous dark, gloomy type of weather as it suddenly began to thunder and rain excessively. Not too long after that, a dim barely visible image of a deformed  figure erupts with this booming voice.


Rita: My Lord.

Have you gained the Crystal, Repulsa?

Rita: Right here......*holds it up* we speak.

Very well, you kept your end of the bargain. But you know what you must do next.

Rita: Indeed I do, my lord.

Without any further implications for the villainous Repulsa, the dark lord vanished in the midst of the clouds and through the storm, although the excessive rain and thunderclaps didn't stop from there.

She then causally yet methodically walks over to the cliff and just stands there.....almost as if she's mocking and gloating Zordon for us failure to stop her. But just when she's about to step through the water and into the Pit.....

.....she narrowly avoids an axe coming in her direction as it quickly fiips around and comes back at her.

She stops it firmly.

Upon looking at it, she quickly becomes flustered and pissed off. And it even gets worse once she turns around to see all the Rangers, including the Green Ranger, perched up together.

Rita: *breathing heavily*  What? H-how is this---WHY won't you---Why is it that you JUST KEEP COMING BACK?!

Yellow Ranger: We're more than just friends, ok? The links on our chains make us strange, but in reality, THAT'S what makes us stronger each and every time; something that YOU clearly don't understand.

Rita: Is that so, Dee Dee?

Yellow Ranger: The name is TRINI.

(Shouldn't have done that)

Rita: I'm afraid it doesn't matter now. You see this......?

She balances and hand the Crystal in front of them; trying to illustrate an warning to all of them including her former minion.

Rita: Have you forgotten what this represents? Here's another thing that Zordon didn't tell you: If this Crystal gets destroyed under any erupts and destroys itself, disabling the morphing grid, ridding you all of your powers and annihilating your little planet.

They all looked at each other confused and rather surprised.

Rita: He's known for keeping the best of secrets. It's no wonder why I couldn't stand him. But I'll give you one more chance to walk away from this. Because if I lose, it'll be a NIGHTMARE for you all.

Unwilling to give up hope just yet, the Rangers stayed right where they are and prepped themselves for battle. But that's when the Green Ranger quickly threw his sword at her, looking to disarm the Crystal from her, but the sword itself landed on the other side of the cliff.

In other words.....he missed.

Green Ranger: Welcome to MY nightmare.

Rita can only scream in frustration as she lunged forward and attacked the entire group.

Unlike last time, the Rangers were more than prepared for this confrontation as each member memorized Rita's fighting style significantly as the Red and Black Ranger blocked her staff and slashed her back.

While it knocked her back, Yellow Ranger ran up and knocked her woozy with an enziguri, which left her open for Pink Ranger to disarm her staff.

At that point, Green Ranger, seeking the opportunity, literally tackles Rita with force as they both plummet down the cliff and end up splashing down into the submerging water.

Pink Ranger: Tommy!

Red Ranger: Don't worry. He's holding his own. Lets go, Rangers!

They all dived down into the depths of the submerging water, just as they saw a brief image of Green Ranger and Rita fighting in the water. But as soon as the two crash-landed into the Pit, they kept rolling around until Rita flat out dropped the crystal out of her hand.

At that point, they both try to recover while sternly staring at one another.

Rita: You pitiful insignificant Traitor! I should've just used a greedy tyrant to be my Green Ranger!

Green Ranger: Well, excuse me. But this mind....never BELONGED TO YOU!

They quickly picked up their sword and staff and clashed into one another as they commenced fighting.....just as the Rangers had landed too.

Blue Ranger: There they are!

Pink Ranger: Wait, where's the crystal?

Black Ranger: OVER THERE! 

As he points over near the entrance to his ship, everyone just eyed over at the crystal and Rita saw it as well.

Rita: No!

She knocked Green Ranger down quickly as she made a dash for the crystal. But at the same time, Red Ranger made a move and jumped down to the ground, crawling to the crystal. But both ended up grabbing it at the same time.

They both struggled with great force, desperately trying to pull it from one another. In fact, they got their weapons out and started clashing alongside themselves like a massive tug-of-war to the death.

Just as it got desperate, Kim rushed in to help. But Rita quickly blasted her out of mid-air, as she fell to the ground in slow motion.

Green Ranger recovered quickly, seeing Kimberly on the ground, hurt but still conscious. Pissed off that the girl he likes was hurt, he grabbed his Power Sword on his side (Renamed from the Sword of Darkness) and then, seeking the opportunity, boldly stabs Rita through her chest.

She shrieks loudly, forcing her to let go of her grip on the crystal and allowing Jason to boldly push her back and fully receive the crystal.

Red Ranger: I got it!

At that point, Tommy and Trini went over to Kim's aid as they helped her up.

Green Ranger: You ok?

Yellow Ranger: You cool, Kim?

Pink Ranger: Yeah.....she got me good, though.

Green Ranger: Not as much as I did, though.....I mean.....when I was....

Kim just shushed him silently as she made it clear that she understood him and it got awkward for a few moments......until they remembered the task at hand.

Just as Rita recovered from the stab wound and tried to stand up, all six of the Rangers piled around her like a Wolfpack, and stood in front of her pointing their weapons at her.

Red Ranger: It's over, Rita. We've officially morphed into action.

Green Ranger: We're now a team of six, working together to fight the forces of evil.

Black Ranger: To stop you and anything that threatens our planet.

Blue Ranger: From ALL your menacing minions, monsters AND your dark magic.

Yellow Ranger: From destroying our home.

Pink Ranger: And rendering the universe with evil, darkness and hatred.

Red Ranger: I hope we made it loud and clear, Rita. We're not backing down anymore.....because we're the......


(I've waited so long to use that)

Once again, victory was in the hands of the Rangers. They had Rita cornered with no other tricks up her least, that's what they thought. As Rita looks down at a puddle underneath her.....she suddenly smirks and starts snickering......again.

Blue Ranger: The Hell?

Pink Ranger: What'd you doin'?

Green Ranger: You find this funny? YOU FIND THIS FUNNY? Oh no no no. Tell me, cause I WANNA LAUGH TOO.

Rita: You all've won've hardly won anything. This is only just the beginning for me......

At that point, she drops a bombshell.

Rita: Goldar was not my only child of darkness.

Yellow Ranger: What'd you talking about?

Rita: There is another.......:Scorpiona


Pink Ranger: Scorpina?

Rita: Zordon didn't tell you everything after all. She's just another one of my monstrous children like Goldar.....and she too carries enough power capable of destruction and slaughter. If Goldar couldn't bring an end to your precious Angel Grove.....then perhaps SHE WILL!

Rita immediately knocks them all back with a shockwave from their staff......and then threw her staff up into the water and out above as the Rangers looked up to witness it. As for Rita.....she laughed.

Rita: Rise, Scorpina.....and avenge Goldar! MAKE MY MONSTER GROW!

Rita's staff somehow landed back in the wasteland where the Rangers first fought the Green Ranger the first time and a few seconds later, a massive beam of power shot up from it while some constraints of energy slid down from underneath the scepter all the way into the ground.....which attracted so many scorpions.

(Guess it was Death Valley after all)

The ground begin to shake as the  sand in the area sunk down in some dark deep ravine pit as the scorpions soon got sucked into it....

.....and before long.....

.....a large mutating bug like hand burst out of the ground, letting out a large roar.....

.....and finally then.....the ever familiar Scorpina arises and lets out a huge roar......

.....and the roar could be heard all the way back to the Morphing grid.

Both (Blue, Black Ranger): The Hell was that?

Rita, after hearing another one of her monsters awaken for her, just sat back and chuckled manically.....thinking she'd win again.

But Kimberly wouldn't tolerate that, apparently. She quickly kicked Rita upside the head and then held her up to her similar to the way a certain Caped Crusader would interrogate somebody.

Pink Ranger: What have you done, Rita?!

Rita: As we speak....Scorpina has risen from the hills of Death Valley (Yep, I knew it) and will soon turn your precious Angel Grove into my demolished wasteland. It is far from over, you pathetic simple-minded fools.

Pink Ranger: Why you....little.....!

She was just about to punch her lights out, but.....

.....a certain somebody grabs her arm and stops her cold.

Green Ranger: Kimberly, wait!

She quickly snaps her head around to Tommy as he brings down his face guard down. Kimberly did the same for a brief moment.

Tommy: I'll take care of Rita. You guys need to take the crystal and reactivate the zords, so you can stop that thing out there.

Kimberly: Tommy, I--

Tommy: I know. She's done so much to all of us. She's done MORE than enough to ME. But we can't let her win with anything. Not this time, ok? I'll take Rita to Zordon and I'll catch up with y'all soon.

Black Ranger: Kim, he's right. The city needs the guys like us.

Blue Ranger: More than ever. Now come on!

Kimberly sighed heavily as she nodded at him and forcefully let go of Rita as she and the others quickly teleported back to the city. That simply left the Green Ranger with one thing to do:

....bind her up together and turn her in to Zordon.

In the midst of the carnage and destruction down to their fair city, by the time the team got back to where it all went wrong, they were all met with confused and dumbfounded faces from all of the civilians around town. The Rangers took the time to observe all the looks of morale and apparent hope crushed as they ended up looking down where the Megazord was the water.

Yellow Ranger: We can show them.....that there is still hope.

Red Ranger: Right. We call upon the resemble our zords!

They all placed their hands upon the crystal as they held it up to the air and channeled its inner power.....while ushering out the ever familiar role call......

Black Ranger: Mastodon!

Pink Ranger: Pterodactyl!

Blue Ranger: Triceratops!

Yellow Ranger: Saber-tooth Tiger!

Red Ranger: Tyrannosaurus!  

With the resembled power of the Zeo Crystal, the sky began to sparkle and crackle with lightning once again as all of the other citizens who were forced to hide came out and saw what the Rangers were doing.

It even attracted the weary Steve and Deborah, who were hiding in (how convenient) Krispy Kreme.

They didn't say a word about anything. They just basked in the excitement of what was happening as the destroyed Megazord suddenly spiked with power as the sphere once again reappeared before all of them and then suddenly......

.....the Rangers and the Megazord, including the Dragonzord, disappeared.

At that moment, it immediately cuts to Death Valley as the Rangers and the Zords teleport over there.

But they don't see no signs of Scorpina yet.

Then they heard it.


Yellow Ranger: Whoa.....

Pink Ranger: Nobody move.


The slow yet curbing stomps kept coming and with each step, it appeared to be getting closer and closer to their location.

It was a feeling NONE of them liked.

A feeling only confirmed once Billy turned around and took a look at the ugly menace himself.

Blue Ranger: HOLY SHITBALLS!!!

His sudden shout drew all of the others attention as they all had the chance to witness and see the huge ugly monstress known as Scorpina.

Yellow Ranger: Ugh!

Black Ranger: That's.....that's a lot of scorpions.

Red Ranger: Lets get the Zord. And hurry!

They all make a quick and hasty move to their Megazord while Scorpina quickly blasted at them and barely catches them all, but to no avail. Eventually, the team gets to their respectable cockpits in their Megazord and grab ahold of the controls hopefully to get it back online.

Pink Ranger: I hope this works.

Red Ranger: Let's hope we can get this thing back up.

Blue Ranger: On three, guys. One....two.....


And with a mighty effort, they all managed to bring the Megazord up off its back and bring it back online.


Red Ranger: Nice work, guys! Now let's exterminate this bug!

Rangers: Yeah!

At that point, for the first (and last time), the Megazord approached Scorpina for their due confrontation.

Scorpina: Power geeks! I HATE power geeks!

Scorpina immediately charged at them as the Megazord did the same and they soon tackled one another. But inside the Megazord, the Rangers were getting shaken and stirred from the impact.

Jason: Come on, guys. Come on, come on!

Trini: Hold it, hold it, hold it.....


As much as they tried to keep the advantage, Scorpina finally pushed the Megazord back among the desert terrain and as it recovered, Scorpina slashed it with her claws pushing the Megazord back again.

Billy: Ahh! Now I know why mom never let me get a pet scorpion!

Jason: We got to keep at it guys.

Trini: Firing cannons!

The Megazord aimed its nuclear cannons from its arms and shoulders and fired.

It definitely hit Scorpina hard.....but when the dust cleared, Scorpina still stood firm. Those cannons only left scratches on her.

Scorpina: Filthy Power rats! You cannot destroy me!

Kimberly: The hell?! It barely crippled it!

Zack: We can try the swords!

The Megazord grabbed it's power swords from its backside and swings it forward at Scorpina, but she deflected and blocked every strike they threw at her. Pretty soon when they tried to go through her, Scorpina caught both swords in her grip.....knocked them back......and destroyed the swords with one SNIP.

Billy: Ahh! It's no use! We're getting our asses kicked!

Kimberly: Tommy......I hope you hear us! We need you!

As the team struggles with their new giant adversary, we cut back to the ship as we see Rita with her hands still binded together and trapped in a force field in the center.

Zordon: have me caused so much pain and grief to not only me but my team and this planet. I can not bare to tell you how displeased I am.....especially after everything you and I been through together.

Rita: Zordon.....honey.....take a hint, will you? You have to understand: I'm not the same Rita you used to know.......She DIED......a long time ago.

Zordon: You're right. She did......*sighs*.....It almost pains me to do this.

Nobody really knew what he was taking about but he concentrated extremely hard through his wall and the next thing you know, Rita ends up getting shocked in her force field due to the amount of implant energy he was injecting from his own head.

Rita: Argggggh! AHHHHHHH!

It took a few minutes for the pain to subside and for Rita to recover.

Rita: Do---don't think---this changes anyth-anything between us.

Zordon: I don't expect anything less.

At that moment, Tommy's helmet stared beeping excessively and under the assumption that something was wrong, he quickly answers and once he finally answers, his assumptions become correct.

Tommy: Guys?

Zack: We need some help over here!

Jason: We're pinned down, Tommy! We need some backup!

Tommy: Hold up, hold up. Where are you?

Kimberly: DEATH VALLEY!!!

Before anyone else could speak to Tommy over the helmet speaker, the commission cuts Tommy fears the worst.

Not willing to wait, he quickly concentrated, causing the sphere to reappear yet again as he teleported down to Death Valley.

As soon as he lands, he sees the Megazord pinned down in a fierce yet uneven battle with the menacing Scorpina.

Green Ranger: What the hell?!

However, in midst of the battle, he sees his Dragonzord, standing there untouched. While it was damaged just hours earlier, it was still in top condition, so he still had hope.

Green Ranger: Alrighty then, Dragonzord. You've had a nice nap, but it's time to wake up!

He plays his flute yet again as he manages to get the Dragonzord reactivated and under his control again. As it roared ferociously, making its presence known once more. Tommy soon jumped in to pilot it manually......and then immediately.....pulls Scorpiona off the Megazord by grabbing its tail and throws her aside.

She landed hard on the rocky terrain, shrieking and squealing out loud.

Billy: Tommy! He made it!

Zack: Ah-ha! Yeah!

Trini: Nice timing, Tommy.

Kimberly: I knew you'd come.

Tommy: Hey, I'm not letting you guys down again. Now let's finish this bug off!

The Megazord soon stands side by side with the Dragonzord just as Scorpiona rose to her feet to see the two of them together.

Scopiona: TRAITOR!

Tommy: I'm no one's puppet! You're going down, scorpion queen!

Both zords went forward as they attacked onwards. So far, the teamwork against Scorpiona seemed to be going well as they slashed, bashed and knocked her down multiple times with all the weapons and accessories they got.

But the problem: she kept coming back up for more.

Billy: Jesus, she just keeps coming back up!

Trini: What the hells gonna kill this thing?!

Jason: I don't know, but we need a solution. The Megazord's running out of power. Tommy? We need to reach Zordon. Can you keep Scorpina busy long enough for us to the make the call?

Tommy: I'll do my best.....but hurry up.

Kimberly: Be careful, Tommy.

Billy: Hey.....He'll make it, Kim.

As she nodded towards Billy, the Dragonzord ferociously went off against Scorpiona on his own and as the two slashed and brawled onwards, the fight was once again evenly matched.

Back at the ship, Zordon continued draining Rita of whatever energy she had left until Alpha had to step in.

Alpha: Sir, pardon the interruption. But the Rangers are need of your response.

Rita: Oops.....*chuckles and grunts*......guess my child Scorpina might have a bit of a STING on 'em.

Zordon: Scorpina?!

Rita: I was.....saving her all this time. I would have used her and Goldar at the same time if I wanted to......but I hoped I'd find the crystal by then.

Zordon: Patch me through, Alpha.

Back in Death Valley, Dragonzord and Scorpina kept struggling for a while, yet the Dragonzord was REALLY running low on empty.

But he did give the Rangers enough time to FINALLY hear from Zordon

Zordon: Rangers?

Zack: Zordon....uhh.....we need all little help. Tommy's holding Scorpiona off, but we're running out of juice for the Megazord. I guess it's power didn't fully rebooted when we brought it back with the crystal.

Kimberly: What are we suppose to do?! Any ideas?!

Zordon: Calm down, there is a way. With our new friend comes newly great power. Tommy? Are you reading me too?

Tommy: Yeah! But I'm a little occupied!

Zordon: I can see that. Tommy, listen to me carefully. Your Dragonzord CAN be linked with a few of the other zords. For when it combines with the others, a new fighting machine will be at your disposal.

Jason: So we should.....separate ours zords and combine them with--with his?

Billy: Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Tommy: Well, then.....let's magic!

As the Dragonzord pushed Scorpina off and flew back, the zords all separate and approach the Dragonzord as they all combined into....

Zordon: Rangers! I give you Dragonzord in battle mode!

The ever so classic DragonZord Battlemode was finally brought to life, as it looked intimidating as it was fearless.

And as an added bonus, the Pterodactyl joined in the transformation as well as it became one of the few preps for its sword.

The overall end result was a recipe for disaster and another kick in the pants for Scorpina.

Scorpina: Wha---What is this?

It confused for her beyond any shadow of a doubt, but it would've taken A LOT more then that to make her stand down. She went for a charge attack, but the Dragonzord quickly (and I mean QUICKLY) struck first and knocked Scorpina square off her feet.

And boy, did it leave her reeling.

Trini: Holy.....*wolf whistles*.....I think I like this bad boy.

Billy: Whoo! I love being a Power Ranger!

Kimberly: Alrighty, boys.

Jason: Yes, girls. Let's fire up this bad boy!

With the Dragonzord in its battle mode, it instantaneously powered up it's sword as Scorpiona roared onwards and charged in frustration

Tommy: Yippe-ki-yay, mother--um..uh.....

Billy: I say the same thing all the time, but just---just stick to mother.

Kimberly, Trini and Zack laughed as Jason gave the command.

Jason: Alright, Rangers! Let's do it!

Scorpiona continued forward and slashed its tail at the Dragonzord in fighting mode, but......

The Dragonzord immediately cut off Scorpina's tail in spectacular fashion and then IMPALED her with it's sword.

She shrieked in agony as the Pterodactyls eyes on the grip of the sword showed a bright light pink and then shot out a beam blast, incinerating and burning through Scorpina as the sword spun itself like a power drill.

Finally, the zord cuts through her completely, SPLITTING Scorpina in half.....and eventually obliterating her into dust.

Once again, victory was theirs. The Rangers have been deemed triumphant once again.

Rangers: YES!!

At that point, all of the Rangers piled out of the zord completely and began to hug and compliment each other following their victory.

But the biggest victory of all?

It belonged to Tommy.

Jason: Hey, Tommy?

He looks over at him.

Jason: We owe you our lives, man.

Tommy:, don't push it. It's you guys that I owe. You broke me free from Rita's influence. Consider us even.

At that point, he locks eyes onto Kimberly who was just smiling deeply at him from a short distance away. It quickly became somewhat of a staring contest as neither one of them were blinking for a while.

It didn't take long for the others to notice.

Trini: Oh man......would you look at this? She's looking at Tommy the same way I look at cake.

Billy: Yeah, the kind that stays in your stomach for nine months.

They all just had to chuckle at that remark as Tommy and Kim kept staring. Eventually, Kimberly broke the motion as she moved forward slowly towards him......while he hadn't moved a muscle.

As Kim's heart skipped a beat per second, so did his.....although he couldn't notice it, for it was very crucially faint. Finally, Kimberly manually removed her helmet completely as it laid smack on the desert terrain and then ran up to Tommy, before jumping into his arms, grabbing him in a tight hug.

Tommy was utterly confused at first, but it soon made sense after a few seconds.....for he too had grown just as much affection for her as she did for him. He willingly hugged her back firmly as the two wrapped their arms around each other.

As the others looked onwards from a distance, they could clearly tell that Jason was a bit distraught having to see this. A girl that he was interested in falling into the arms of another man, just as his Uncle had told him. It was CLEARLY not easy for him.

He looked down and away for a split second as he too manually removed his helmet, along with the others.....that is, until Trini tapped and held onto his shoulder

Trini: You ok?

Jason: Y--yeah. I just--

Trini: I know....I'm sorry. Trust me when I tell you that; I know what that's like. But if--if you need some.....someone to talk to....I--

At that moment, Jason puts his hand on her shoulder and slowly pulls her close.

Jason: Thanks.

At that instant, the two actually smile at each other, giving off more than a friendly glimmer in their eyes as Billy and Zack wrapped around them as well and continue to watch Tommy and Kimberly make up with everything else........ it spins back to the Alpha had just gotten wind of the news.

Alpha: Ah-ha! Yes! Sir, they did it! The Rangers destroyed Scorpina!


She can only scream, groan and moan in agony and complete frustration, although it barely did little to deter Zordons initial standing on the whole situation.

Defeat had never been so HUMILIATING.

Rita: I've got such a headache.......

(Wondered if she was gonna say that)

Zordon: It's over, Rita. Without Goldar or Scorpina, your efforts have failed.

She chuckled. Rita flat-out chuckled and laughs at the remark.

Rita: You know......Zordon. He's coming. The Dark Lord will return, Zordon. It doesn't matter if you have 6, 7 or over a MILLION of these hell-infested Power runts by your side. Once he gets here.....there will be absolutely nothing left of your precious Earth to reminisce in. But this changes NOTHING between us.


Rita: I back.....You have NOT seen the last of Rita Repulsa.....

At that moment, the fluorescent on her armor started to glow up brightly as it started to counteract the effects of the force field.....until suddenly she disappeared completely.

She was GONE.

Alpha: Jesus! Now she's gonna give ME a headache. What now?

Zordon: Something tells me this dark lord is even more familiar than I had first suggested. Perhaps I know who she might be referring to.

Alpha: You mean HIM?

Zordon: Unfortunately, so.

At that instance, the sphere once again reappears in the morphing grid for the final time as the Rangers boldy step through victorious. Watching the sphere disappear for the final time, they all looked towards each other, Alpha and Zordon as well as the sound suddenly becomes distorted as it cuts to Tommy's point of view.

As he watches the Rangers embrace and hug each other tightly, celebrating another victory for them, Kimberly boldly turns over towards the silence deepens the distance between the two.

At that instance, they both smile.

~Two months later~

As it cuts to TWO MONTHS after the event of the Green Ranger disaster, we finally get to the end of the school year as we see Jason and Tommy exiting Saturday detention for the final time.

It was summer at last.......

Jason: *sighs* We're finally free. About time if you ask me.

Tommy: I know, right? It's been a struggle all year.

Jason: Which of the two was more challenging? Detention? know?

Tommy: I'm gonna go with "You know" cause I really hope I never have to go through head surgery. Besides, the bite hurts more than the bark and I'm not so sure if I got a little bit of both.

Jason: Well, you better hope no one else heard you with that.

Tommy: Aww come on, you.....

At that moment, two delusional goofball dudes walked past them while inadvertently bumping into both of them and laughing uproariously.

(Guess who those two could be.....)

Tommy: Ugh! What's wrong with them?

Jason: Don't mind them. They're always like that.

Just as they had gotten close to the side exit, they heard a door open from behind them. Turns out Billy and Kimberly were the last coming out of the last detention of the year so far.....and almost immediately, Kimberly smiled over directly at Tommy.

Even though he did smile back at her, he had to look back over at Jason because.....well.....he had already found out how he felt for her. But didn't matter anymore.

Jason: It's alright, pal.

He pat his shoulder and then Tommy approached Kimberly as Billy walked by Jason

Tommy: Hey.

Kimberly: How you feeling?

Tommy: Well, after two months, I had enough energy to get back into shape. Plus....since you guys helped me through my.....unfortunate situation, I really can't be any more grateful. On the other hand, I'm probably gonna be scarred for life after know.

Kimberly: Yeah, I know.

Tommy: But.....I guess of y'all may make up for that.

Kimberly: Tommy.....You'd be one of us, no matter what.

Tommy: Are you just saying that?

Kimberly: No.....

The two briefly smiled and grinned at each other.....before Kimberly suddenly took his hand. That action briefly surprised Tommy.....mostly because he was about to do the same thing.

Kimberly:.....I--I mean it.

It started getting very intense in terms of how serious the two were going with this, as they continued to give each other the familiar type of eye to eye contact that'd spark an entire arena. The body language, the mild twitching, loss of breath.....heart skipping a beat......

.....all the symptoms were there.

Both of them stood up on her toes as they each inched closer up to one another and finally.....pressed their lips up against the other......

......making this the first official kiss between them.

As for this time, Jason didn't turn away from it but with Billy following him, it was clear that he hadn't fully forgotten that.

Billy: You ok, man?

Jason: Yeah.....just....

Billy: I'm sorry, man. I know Kimberly meant something to you. But just know that.....there are other fish in the sea.

Jason nodded firmly and hugged his shoulder around Billy and as they both exited the school; on the far edge away from the stairs, they saw Zack and Trini standing by the sidewalk in social clothing, instead of the normal typical street clothing they always were in.

It was also clear the from the moment Jason saw Trini there, he had his eyes on her.

Jason: What you two doing here?

Trini: Umm.....I still go here. Besides, it's Zack who had the big word.

Zack: I-couldn't wait to surprise yall. Where's Kim?

Jason: Still inside with Tommy. They'll be along shortly. What's with looks?

Trini: Oh, well.....I just decide to go for something new. It's summer, new fresh start. It's there.

Billy: Yeah, but what about Zack?

Zack: It's part of my surprise.

He eventually took a barely crumbled up paper out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Jason.

After a few seconds, he passes it to Billy.

It was a school transfer document.

That's right: next year, Zack would be attending Angel Grove High.....even though he'd be a year or so behind.

Billy: No freaking way!

Zack: Yes freaking way, man. Next year, I'm attending with you guys.

Jason: Even better, we just got out of detention. And now you show up with a transfer to here?

Trini: Its only fair that after everything, we all should be together on everything later on.

Jason grinned as Trini gave Jason the same familiar type of smile that Kim gave to Tommy.....and Billy and Zack noticed it.

Speaking of Tommy and Kimberly, they soon caught up with the others outside and it wasn't long 'till they learned of the exact same news.

Kimberly: Wow! You guys are gonna.....well, I'd say you'd love it.....but that's not entirely true. But still, you'll be fine here, Zack.

Tommy: Except detention on Saturdays.....depending if we all end up there next year.

Jason: But at the same's what brought us all together.

Billy: True.

Both (Kimberly, Trini): Ditto.

Zack: Oh.....umm, Tommy? We have a gift for you. Zordon and Alpha wanted you to have this.

He placed something in the grip of his hand and once Tommy opens it up, he sees that he handed him a ear piece communicator for his helmet..... well as his very own portable morpher......making him an OFFICIAL member of the team.

Tommy: Wow......

Jason: You're one of us now, bro.

At that instance, they all pulled out their power coins out of their pockets. Since nobody else was around to observe them, it was perfectly fine. At that moment, they all gripped their own coins and Jason puts his hands out in the air first.

Kimberly follows suit.

Then Billy......

.....then Zack......

.....then Trini......

......and finally.....Tommy......

They all pressed their hands together for a short while before jumping up, raising their hands up to the sky, letting their coins fly haywire up in the sky before yelling out......


~Cuts to credits~

Mid-Credits Scene

Back in the outer rings of space itself, the Moon was halfway through its orbit around our planet and just as the light was shinning towards its direction, Rita suddenly appeared and landed flat on the surface.

Once again, being defeated by the Power Rangers, she had to flee the scene and recuperate herself.

Frustrated, flustered and most of all, embarrassed by her latest attempt, it was ironic as to how everything QUICKLY fell apart from Rita despite having all the cards laid out and having every advantage needed.

She knew she would have to report this defeat to the dark lord sooner than later in order to solidify her defeat.

The problem was......HE already knew.

You insignificant fool.

The once again demeaning voice boomed within her head yet again before an actual dark cloud rolled over the the rocky surface of our moon.

It started to thunder over and over again excessively until finally, that deformed, bio-mechanical figure finally decided to grace us with with his presence.

Lord Zedd.

Lord Zedd; Once fail to do even the SIMPLEST of tasks I assign to you. Why do I even bother?

Looking somewhere in-between scared and about to burst out and cry, Rita felt an actual adrenaline rush overtake her. Unwilling to tolerate his command, she bent down on her knees, raising her hands to him......

.....begging him for forgiveness.

Rita: brave and mighty Lord Zedd. I'm sorry. The plan backfired because they broke my hold over the Green Ranger.....please my lord, I beg for your forgiveness.....

Lord Zedd: Silence!

He immediately shoots his hand out to her and she gets caught in his grasp as she drops her staff and begins to choke rather quickly.

Lord Zedd; I trusted you to carry out my will in my absence and you RETURN TO ME EMPTY-HANDED?! You dare mock and embarrass me; being defeated by mere children! You dare call yourself an empress of evil?! You cannot even squash a cockroach! Let alone retrieve ONE single crystal!

Rita: Oh my lord, please forgive me! I'll prove to you I can get the crystal! I WILL NOT fail again!

Lord Zedd: ENOUGH! I....Have....Spoken.

He loosens his grip on her seemingly.....before tossing her aside like an actual ragdoll. It was clear that Rita was no longer of use to him. If you want something done right, you'd have to do it yourself.

Lord Zedd: Your days of control are over. I will now resume command! And as for you, Earth.....

The mysterious Lord Zedd points his own staff out towards our dearest planet Earth.....

Lord Zedd:.....prepare for my RETURN.

.....and then launches a huge blast from his staff as it picks up velocity, crashing chucks of rock out of the Moons orbit before finally rushing into the Earths atmosphere and as soon as it got close...... cuts out......


  • Jason
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  • Kimberly
  • Billy
  • Zack
  • Trini
  • Zordon
  • Rita
  • Alpha 5


  • Scorpina - impaled, split in half and blown to dust by the Dragonzord in battle mode

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