Green Lantern Corps is an American Superhero Action Drama Television Series, based off of the DC Superhero organization, the Green Lantern Corps, and one of its members, Kyle Rayner, that debuted on November 20, 2017, airing on the CW Television Network. As part of the Arrowverse, the series exists in the same fictional universe as other DC superhero shows that air on the CW, including; Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The main cast consists of Dylan Sprayberry, Erica Durance, Jadin Gould, Daniel Henney, Kiersey Clemons, and Uriah Shelton, with Sprayberry playing the role of Kyle Rayner, a struggling artist in college, who is chosen to replace the missing Hal Jordan, as Earth's Green Lantern.

The reception Sprayberry received as Kyle Rayner on the series' two backdoor pilots on the second season of Supergirl opened up his role on The Flash vs. Arrow: Heroes Collide TV Movie, which featured Sprayberry's Rayner as the Green Lantern for the first time. The reception of both the film and TV episodes led to the decision of a full budget pilot. The series later featured a cross-over with Supergirl,  and later; The Flash and then Arrow, as well as being featured in an episode of The Legends of Tomorrow.

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On an important mission, Hal Jordan, a member of an intergalactic peacekeeping organization known as the Green Lantern Corps, goes missing. To fill the absence of a green lantern of sector 2814, the Guardians of the Universe bestow a power ring on Kyle Rayner, a young college student and struggling artist, who lives in Coast City, with his girlfriend Alex DeWitt, and his two best friends, Nicole Morrison and Lucas Carr. With help from Ferris Air owner and Hal's Girlfriend, Carol Ferris, and Hal's best friend, aerospace engineer Thomas Kalmaku, Kyle must learn to focus his powers, using his artistic imagination and strong will to power his Green Lantern ring, to fight an array of superpowered villains and extraterrestrial threats, while uncovering the disappearance of Jordan and the conspiracy of a war between the different Lanterns of the emotional spectrum.


Main Cast

  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern, an initially nineteen year old student in college, and a talented graphic artist, struggling to make his career, trying to sell his illustrations and comic books. Due to his strong will, he is chosen to take Hal Jordan's place as Green Lantern of sector 2814. Using the Green Lantern power ring, Kyle can create green energy constructs of anything his mind can comprehend. If he can imagine it, he can create it, with his artistic imagination giving him an advantage.
  • Erica Durance as Carol Ferris, the manager of Ferris Air, and the fiancee of Hal Jordan, who is working with their friend Thomas to uncover Hal's disappearance. After discovering that a new Green Lantern has arrived in Coast City, Carol befriended Kyle and helped him understand his powers and helped him train, using an abandoned Ferris Air runway. Later in the series, Carol is chosen to be a Star Saphire, a member of the Violet Lantern Corps.
  • Jadin Gould as Alexandra "Alex" DeWitt, Kyle's girlfriend and another student at Coast University, who works as a photographer selling pictures of Green Lantern to a local newspaper. She didn't know about Kyle's secret, unlike their best friends Lucas and Nicole, and she often felt he was hiding something from her, leading to them breaking up, until the season one finale, in which she found out his secret, but in season 3 she was killed by Atrocitus.
  • Daniel Henney as Thomas "Tommy" Kalmaku, Hal's best friend and an aerospace engineer at Ferris Air. He was the first person to know of Hal's identity as Green Lantern. He designed and built most of the Ferris Air jet planes, and monitored the test flights, and latered used his tech to help Hal train and test his skills and flight speed. Now, he does the same thing for Kyle, while working with Carol to find Hal.
  • Kiersey Clemons as Nicole "Nikki" Morrison, Kyle, Alex, and Lucas' best friend and fellow classmate at Coast University, majoring in biology. Like Lucas, she quickly learned Kyle's secret. When she was younger, she suffered a traumatic event, being abducted and watching her mother's murder. Though she was affected, her mother taught her that even in the darkest soul, there is hope. In season 3 of the series, her kind soul and hopeful spirit allowed her to be chosen to become a blue lantern.
  • Uriah Shelton as Lucas Carr, Kyle's best friend since childhood, and the best friend of Alex and Nicole, who majors in technological engineering at Coast University. Unlike Alex, Lucas knew that Kyle was the Green Lantern and helped keep his identity a secret. He is good with computers and quickly connects with Tommy, due to their similarities. He secretly harbors a crush on Nicole.
  • James Marsden as Hal Jordan, a test pilot at Ferris Air, who is engaged to the boss, Carol Ferris, and is best friends with the aerospace engineer, Tommy, and is also the Green Lantern of sector 2814, before disappearing on a secret mission. Kyle, Carol, and Tommy spent the first two seasons searching for him, and learned that he was being controlled by Parallax, the entity of fear. After he was freed, he left Earth to make up for everything he did under Parallax's control, feeling Earth was in good hands with Kyle as the Green Lantern.
  • Nathan Fillion as Alan Scott, a superhero from an alternate universe, under the alias Green Lantern. As a young railroad engineer, he was gifted with a Green Lantern ring, previously wielded by a warrior who abused it and attacked a village, so the Gaurdians gave the ring a weakness of wood, so the villagers could kill him with wooden weapons. That weakness stood as it was passed on to Scott. He traveled to Earth-1, from Earth-3, to warn the Green Lanterns of that world that Parallax has stolen the energy of Oa's battery, and has entered their world to do the same thing. Along the way, he taught Kyle multiple tricks, including phasing, mind-probing, and creating worm holes.

Recurring Characters

  • Clancy Brown and J.K. Simmons as the Guardians of the Universe, the founders and leaders of the Green Lantern Corps, which they administer from the homeworld, Oa. Seeking to bring peace to the universe, the Oans made robotic androids, called Manhunters, but when they started killing innocents, they were shut down. In their next attempt, they decided their warriors should be living, with powerful will and morals, leading them to manufacture advanced technological rings, powered by the green element of Oa's Core.
  • Michael Clark Duncan as Kilowag, a strong and tough Green Lantern, who has an initial distrust of humans, until he started training Hal Jordan. When Kyle started, he gave Kyle a rough time, but when Kyle saved him from Kanjar-Ro, he began trusting him, enough to listen to him, when Kyle investigates Sinestro. When times seem blurry, Kilowag is one of the only Lantern's Kyle trusts.
  • Mark Strong as Thaal Sinestro, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, who taught Hal Jordan, and was friends with Abin Sur, the previous wielder of Jordan's power ring. He was assigned to help Kyle on a mission to defeat the manhunters, but Kyle had suspicions about him, as did Hal, and learned that Sinestro has manifested the yellow element of Qward into a power ring, becoming a yellow lantern, until being defeated by Kyle. After his escape, he restored the yellow element Power Battery, and started the Sinestro Corps, creating an army of yellow lanterns.
  • Jai Courtney as Guy Gardener, another one of the few Green Lanterns that are human. He was one of the two people qualified to have Abin Sur's ring, the other being Hal, but Hal was closer. Growing up, Guy was a juvenile, but his policeman brother set him straight, until his brother was murdered and an accident ended his football career. In season 1, he started out as a petty theif, who robbed Alex. Kyle found him and confronted him, convincing him to clean up his act. Between the first and second seasons, he was chosen as Kyle's back-up, when Kyle left to assist in an unsuccessful search mission for Hal. Despite his claim to clean-up and becoming a green lantern, Guy is still an obnoxious and sarcastic jerk, but is however a good friend of Kyle's.
  • Idris Elba as John Stewart, a war veteran and architect, as well as the second human to become a Green Lantern, as Hal's backup, but when Hal left, John took his place as Green Lantern of sector 2814. Upon Jordan's return, John joined the Green Lantern Honor Gaurd, and on occasional returns to Earth, assists Kyle on missions and in battles.
  • as Yalan Gur, a Green Lantern from Earth-2, who was so favored by the Guardians, that they removed the yellow impurity from his ring (which they deliberately place in all of the GL rings to limit their power), but he abused his power and tortured a village in China, so the Guardians substituted a weakness for wood, allowing the peasants to kill him, before his ring was taken, he used it to place his spirit in the Lantern, which would one day become Alan Scott's.
  • Phil Morris as Saint Walker, the leader of the Blue Lantern Corps, who was formerly a preist on his home planet, which was doomed, due to the dying sun, and was chosen by the blue element of Adara as the first Blue Lantern to heal the sun. The powers of the blue lanterns are powered by hope, the strongest of the seven emotions, and are stronger with Green Lanterns, because without will, there can't be hope. Powers that Blue lanterns have that Green does not, include healing wounds, regeneration lost body parts, and power supplementing. The ring also negatively impacts corps of the opposite emotion and can neutralize corruption or red, block energy-stealing of orange, and drain power of yellow.
  • Allison Mack as Tora Olafsdotter, a meteorologist working at the Coast City sect of Mercury Labs, and has on occasion helped Green Lantern, both Kyle and Hal Jordan. After learning her boss, Dr. Eno, had created a weather controlling machine, she tried to help disable it, but after Kyle damaged the machine, it created a wave of blue energy that changed her DNA and gave her the ability to generate ice, and took on the alias Ice. She eventually left with her friend Beatrize, aka Fire, to train at a secret facility.
  • Kristin Kreuk as Beatrize Banilla "B.B." Da Costa, an old friend of Tora's that moved to Coast City for her modeling career, while secretly on a mission from a secret agency to steal information on a secret Mercury Labs project, but ends up trapped in a Pyroplasmic explosion, endowing her with the power to transform into a green flaming human that could shoot beams of fire, and eventually learned to fly, taking the alias Fire. After helping Kyle on a few occasions, she left with Tora so they could learn to control their powers.
  • Garrett Plotkin as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle, a young teenager in high school, who just moved to Coast City from El Paso. Being shy and clumsy, Jaime is often bullied by his classmates. When Carol saw, she tried to convince Jaime to stand up to them. When a car nearly ran into him, he was saved by Booster Gold, unleashing Ted Kord's prototype scarab, which crawled into Jaime's back pack. When it attached to him, he went to Gold for help, but Gold was too busy with looking good for when he got the key to the city to listen. However, when the scarab formed the blue beetle armor around Jaime and begin attacking the place. Booster convinced him that he can fight it and become the hero that he never was. It was later revealed the Scarab was a technology from an alien race called the Reach, enemies of the Guardians of the Universe.
  • Eric Martsolf as Michael Carter/Booster Gold, a washed-up athlete from the the 25th century, who lost his career, by gambling on his games, so as a janitor at the Metropolis Space Meusum, where he stole a security computer, Skeetz, and a time machine on display, that belonged to Rip Hunter, to travel back to the 21st century, preventing accidents in Skeetz history records, that were originally done by other heroes, in order to become famous, but by doing so, he changed time. When stopping a car crash, he freed Ted Kord's blue beetle scarab, which attached to Jaime Reyes. When Jaime went to Gold for help, he ignored the teen, but when the Scarab formed battle armor, taking control of Reyes, Gold convinced Jaime to fight it's control and has since, turned a new leaf of heroism, and teaching Jaime to control the suit.

Arrowverse Crossover Cast


  • Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl, the main protagonist of the series Supergirl. She is one of the last surviving Kryptonians, and the cousin of Superman, and is Cat Grant's assistant, working with her best friends James and Winn, while secretly stopping alien threats with her adoptive sister Alex. Kyle first met her while visiting James in National City, and found her after she was shot by Kryptonite. Knowing of eachothers' secret identities, she and Kyle are very close and often assist eachother.
  • Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen, Kara's love-interest and a photographer at CatCo, and is also Clark Kent's, aka Superman's, best friend back in Metropolis. When he met Kyle, before the series began, he enjoyed Kyle's work and encouraged him to persue his career. He and Kyle completely trust eachother, as it was James who trusted Kyle with Kara's secret, and James was one of the first people Kyle went to after recieving his ring.

The Flash

  • Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash, a forensic scientist in Central City, who gained super speed after being struck by lightning created by a particle accelerator, and being doused in his lab chemicals, and is the protagonist of The Flash. He first met Kyle when he recruited the young hero to be part of his team, and they have since teamed-up on a few occasions.
  • John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick/The Flash, a superhero from Earth-2, who also has super speed, as well as uses the same alter-ego as Barry. He was a member of the Justice Society of America, along with the Green Lantern, Alan Scott, and once fought beside Kyle and Scott, with Barry.
  • Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, a mechanical engineering genius at S.T.A.R. Labs, who provides most of the tech Barry uses against his enemies, and Barry's best friend, who can control the inter-dimensional vibrations between space and time, using the codename Vibe.
  • Danielle Panabaker as Caitlyn Snow, a bio-engineer at STAR Labs, who provides medical support for Barry.
  • Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells, a brilliant scientist and founder of STAR Labs.
  • Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West/Kid Flash, the half-brother of Barry's love-interest, Iris, who was given super speed in a similar way as Barry, and joined Barry as Central City's protector.


  • Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, the former CEO of Queens Consolidated, who, after returning from five years on a dangerous island, became a vigilante, using a bow and arrow to fight crime, and is the protagonist of the series Arrow. Both heroes consisting of the color green, they often assist eachother.
  • Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, Oliver's fiancee and the teams tech support, assisting Oliver from their base by hacking into files and decoding information.
  • Willa Holland as Thea Queen/Speedy, Oliver's sister, who Oliver and Malcom trained to use a bow and arrow, and fight by Oliver's side, using the red uniform, once dawned by her ex-boyfriend, Roy Harper.
  • David Ramsey as John Diggle/Spartan, Oliver's best friend and former body guard, as the first person to know Oliver's secret, he dawned his suit to assist him in the field.
  • Megalyn Echikunewoke as Mari McCabe/Vixen, a female vigilante, who uses an amulet to gain the powers of any animal.
  • Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt, a brilliant minded employee at Palmer Technology, who Felicity often went to for help with Oliver's cases, but he is now a full part of the team.


Backdoor Pilots

Title Summary
The Artist Kyle Rayner, a college student friend of James', visits National City to sell his paintings for CatCo.'s art section, also making friends in Kara and Winn. Meanwhile, Supergirl has her hands full when Siobhan Smythe escapes from D.E.O. captivity and returns as the Silver Banshee to get revenge. In the ending scene, Kara is shot in the chest and falls to the ground, in front of Kyle
Target Aquired Kyle finds Supergirl unconscious on the ground, with a kryptonite bullet in her chest, and calls James for help, putting two-and-two together that Supergirl is Kara. While, James, Winn, and Kyle support Kara, John and Alex try to find the assailant. In the end, Kara recovers, and Kyle returns to Coast City, where he's confronted by a flying glowing green ring.

The Flash vs. Arrow: Heroes Collide

Main Article: The Flash vs Arrow Heroes Collide

Sprayberry reprises his role as Kyle Rayner in the Flash vs Arrow TV Movie, which took place after Season 3 of The Flash and Season 5 of Arrow, and featured Sprayberry's portrayal of Rayner as a Green Lantern for the first time after his two feature episodes on Supergirl. In the film, the Flash and the Green Arrow are pitted against eachother, with Barry encouraging the vigilante registration act, but with recent events involving Roy's return, Oliver denies to be apart of it, leading to a battle between their teams. In Rayner's part in the film, a still newby superhero, Kyle is recruited by Barry to join his team against Oliver's, to stop Roy from escaping.

Issues arise between Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and The Flash (Barry Allen), when the Government demands that they sign a contract for the Vigilante Registration Act, dividing the heroes and their superhero allies when Barry and Oliver don't see eye-to-eye on the matter, with Oliver reluctant to let the A.R.G.U.S. overlook his shoulder, when he's so close to finding Roy. After months of searching for Roy, since his return as the Red Hood, Oliver finally finds him. Although Roy claims that Darkh's influence on him is over, the Government sets out to capture him, but Oliver and his team won't let that happen so easy. When an ARGUS strike team fails to stop them, Barry and his team are recruited to complete the task. With neither of the teams backing down, The Flash's team; Kid Flash, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Supergirl, new superhero recruit Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), and even Black Canary (Denying Oliver's point-of-view) goes head-to-head with Green Arrow's team; Arsenal/Red Hood, Speedy, Atom, Hawkman, Vixen, and Raven, leading to a war that might ultimately destroy the alliance, and most importantly, the friendships between the heroes.

Season 1

"My name is Kyle Rayner, and I am the new Green Lantern of Sector-2814. Taking the place of the missing Hal Jordon, I was once just an average college kid, who drew comic books, but now, with the help of my team at Ferris Air, I use the strength of will to power my ring in order to fight crime and stop all those who worship evil's might, and I will learn what really happened to Hal Jordan. So, beware my power... Green Lantern's Light!"

Title Summary

Kyle Rayner, a struggling artist and student in college, with his girlfriend, Alexandra, and two best friends, Nicole and Lucas, returns to Coast City, and is confronted by a glowing green ring, which takes him to the planet Oa, where the Gaurdians of the Universe explain that his will and imagination gives him the power to protect Earth. He tells Danny, but after his first attempt at heroism, Kyle is confronted by Carol Ferris and Tommy Kalmaku, friends of the Green Lantern before Kyle, and help him hone his powers. Kyle must put his skills to the test when a drifter, Van Wyck, is released by his abductors, with powers he uses to wreak havoc on Coast City. In the end, Carol and Tommy talk to Kyle about the fact the his predecesor, Hal Jordan, is missing.

Will Power While Kyle learns to hone his imagination to extend the power of his ring, he decides not to tell anyone else about his secret. Meanwhile, a failed experiment turns Clifford Zmech into an indestructuble and super strong villain, Major Force.
Green Lantern's Light After facing the Flash, Earth-2 Linda Park, aka Dr. Light, fled to Coast City, and has lived peacefully since, but after accident causes her to hurt people with her powers, she's confronted by Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Alex is assigned to snap pictures of the new Green Lantern.
Purgatory Dr. Paul Christian, a grumpy scientist that lost his legs in the middle of a battle scene of Hal Jordan, builds a robotic suit of armor to get revenge, and attacks Kyle. Meanwhile, Nicole reveals that she knows Kyle is the Green Lantern. After learning what happened to his legs, Kyle creates a pair of construct legs for Christian.
Opposites Attract After a lab accident gives him magnetic powers, Dr. Neal Emerson uses his powers to commit crime, and Kyle learns that Emerson's alias Dr. Polaris is a split personality. Meanwhile, the Green Lantern has a talk with Alex.
Parris Parish Dr. Parris, a mad scientist obsessed with proving himself the smartest man on Earth, creates an energy called H-Power, which he tests on Coast City buildings, but his plans are intervened by the Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Kyle has a bad feeling about Hector Hammond, a scientist obsessed with Carol.
Mind Over Matter When Hector Hammond, a mad scientist invents a machine that gives him telekinetic powers, he uses it to hold scientists captive to make inventions for him to sell illegally, and Kyle sets out to save them and stop Hammond.
Manhunters With his secret straining his relationship, Kyle decides to tell Alex that he's the Green Lantern, but when manhunters, a race of powerful androids created by the Gaurdians of the Universe in their first attempt to create a peacekeeping force, are re-activated and attack the Green Lanterns, attacking Kyle on his date. Taking the battle to space, Kyle gets help from a mysterious green lantern named Sinestro.
The Green, Red Glow Supergirl follows a villain to Coast City, where Kyle teams up with her, but when she becomes infected by red kryptonite, Kyle must stop her before she gets too out of control.
Power of Fear Kyle struggles to tell Alex his secret, but while following a lead on Hal's disappearance, he's attacked by the wielder of a power ring with yellow energy powered by fear, instead of the will of green, and nearly escapes with his life.
The Mad Doctor Hammond After his fight with the Yellow Lantern, Kyle trains to become stronger, but puts it on hold, when Hector Hammond's latest invention malfunctions, his brain is accelerated, giving him immense powers of telepathy. Meanwhile, Alex breaks up with Kyle, because of his constant lies and secrets.
Taking the Bait A meta-human named King Shark, an enemy of the Flash that escaped ARGUS captivity, winds up in Coast City, where he battles Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Carol gets help from Dr. Tora Ollafsdotter, a meteorologist at Mercury Labs
A Winner's Gamble Jeremy Tell, aka Double Down, a meta-human that can form his card tattoos into real razor sharp blade cards, arrives in Coast City for a new criminal start, unexpecting a confrontation with the Green Lantern.
The Old Hermit Bedovian, a hermit crab-like being and serial sniper, sets his sight of death on some humans, and must stop him, before he claims Carol as his next victim. Meanwhile, Tommy tests a flight suit designed to help Kyle fly faster.
Dead on Saturday Kyle works with Green Arrow, when former agent of Brother Blood, Cyrus Gold, returns from the grave, after last fighting Green Arrow and dying in a puddle of chemicals that deformed his body into a zombie-like being, with immense super strength.
The Greatest Minds Hector Hammond, Dr. Polaris, and Dr. Paris team up to take down their common foe; the Green Lantern, in a battle that leads to Tora finding out Kyle is Green Lantern.
 Trail of Kanjar Ro Kyle is put on a mission to stop space pirate, Kanjar Ro, and his crew, with assistance from Sinestro and Kilowag, and Kyle gets suspicious of Sinestro. Meanwhile, Tora's friend, Beatriz, visits for her modeling, who is actually a secret agent, there on a mission, and Alex is jealous when Beatriz becomes smitten with Kyle.
Yellow Fear Kyle is partnered with Sinestro to catch the Yellow Lantern, and are both caught in a battle with him, but after the battle, when Sinestro speaks of a yellow element of fear, Kyle is convinced that, somehow, Sinestro is the yellow Lantern.
Storm Front Kyle tries to track a villain, who is using a weather machine to cause disasters across Coast City, and Tora learns it's her boss. After trying to destroy the machine, before it causes a blizzard, Kyle accidentally causes the beam to hit Tora. Meanwhile, Carol and Kyle continue to investigate Sinestro's history with Hal.
Who is Sinestro Kyle convinces fellow Green Lanterns, Boodika and Kilowag, that Sinestro isn't who he says he is, and asks them to help him investigate. With Kyle closing in on Sinestro's secret, Boodika reveals her true allegiance and turns on the others, allowing Sinestro to escape.
To Stop What's Right After Sinestro's escape, Kyle learns about the yellow element of Qward, which uses fear to power the rings, opposite of power of will. Alex finds out that Kyle is the Green Lantern.
The Corrupted One Kyle and Kilowag continue their battle against Sinestro and Boodika, as they try to warn the Gaurdians, but overpowered, Kilowag is severely injured, and Sinestro kills Boodika, to pin it on Kyle. Kyle pleas to the Gaurdians that he's innocent, but with Kilowag incompacitad, he is found guilty, and as punishment, is stripped of his Green Lantern ring.
Might of Sinestro

Sinestro reveals himself to the Gaurdians and overpowers the Green Lanterns, destroying the Oa Power Battery, with Kyle retrieving his ring too late. With no other option, Kyle sticks his ring into the fracture of the Power Battery and absorbs the full power of the green element to take on Sinestro. Afterwards, the Kyle restores the Power Battery, also restoring the power to all the Green Lanterns. Taken into captivity, Sinestro reveals that he knows what happened to Hal Jordan.


Title Summary
Superhero Tag-Team Michael Corben is abducted from the hospital and is given robotic limbs, with a kryptonite heart. With Supergirl unable to fight him, James calls Kyle, aka Green Lantern, down to help her out. Meanwhile, Kara suspects Lena Luthor's involvement in Corben's transformation into Metallo.

Season 2

​"My name is Kyle Rayner, and I am the Green Lantern of Sector-2814. As far as most people know, I'm just an average student in college, who draws comics, but with the help of my friends and team at Ferris Air, I use a ring powered by the strength of my will to fight crime and all those who worship evil's might. I saved the Green Lantern Corps from the power of fear, but Hal Jordan is still missing, and now an even greater threat has arrived, and I am the only one with the will to stop it. Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"

Title Summary
Green Lantern of Sector 2814 After saving the Green Lantern Corps from Sinestro, Kyle has grown respect from his fellow Lanterns, while developing a better life on Earth, living with Alex and publishing his first Graphic Novel, while being recognized as Coast City's hero, but is soon hunted by an extraterrestrial bounty hunter, named Lobo. At Ferris Air, the team is confronted by Alan Scott, who claims their world is in danger.
Green Lantern of Two Worlds Alan Scott claiming to be Earth's Green Lantern of Earth-2, states that their world is in danger from a being called Parallex, the dimensional entity of the emotion of Fear, who defeated Scott and stole the energy from the Earth-2 Oa's Power Battery.
Buried on Sunday The Earth-2 version of Solomon Grundy, who actually is a zombie risen from the grave, arrives on Earth-1, looking for Scott, and faces Kyle. Meanwhile, the team learns about Tora's abnormal condition.
Ice Age Tora finally wakes up, with the uncontrollable ability to freeze anything she comes into contact with, so Kyle uses his ring to take her to Ferris Air, to help her control her abilities, before they get too out of hand.
 Double Life Beatriz returns to Coast City, on the run from ARGUS, to get Tora's help, who turns her to Kyle, but when trying to escape, she gets caught in an experimental pyroplasmic generator, and is presumed dead by the team.
Scott and Molly

An Earth-2 enemy of Scott's, Harlequinn, arrives in search of her "lover". Scott reveals Harlequinn is his former secretary, Molly Mayne, and tries to get to her good side. Meanwhile, Beatriz reveals to be alive.

Fire and Ice Beatriz reveals her powers to Tora, who does the same, and both join in to help Kyle battle Crumbler. Afterwards, they both leave to a secret research facility to train to use their powers.
The Lantern's Lightning When an enemy of the JSA enter's Earth-1, Barry Allen and Jay Garrick (The Flash's of two worlds) team up with Kyle and Scott (the Green Lantern's of two world's).
Wrath of Parallax After recent events, Kyle decides it's time to confront Parallax, but Scott refuses to help, deeming it too dangerous for Kyle to go head-to head with the entity of fear, and is proven right, when Kyle is severely beaten and nearly killed by the demon.
Disabled Collection After his defeat at the hands of Parallax, Kyle has lost his will, and power to control his ring, and it's up to the others to restore his faith, before Hammond's return wreaks havoc on Coast City. In realization that Parallax is using a Green Lantern as for a host body, Scott and Kyle make a risky decision.
Return of the Yellow Lantern When Sinestro escapes to confront a more powerful Kyle, the team learns more about Parallax, the entity of the very thing that powers Sinestro's ring. Meanwhile, to carry out their new plan, Scott teaches Kyle to open wormholes with his rings.
Oa of Earth-2 In order to discover the host body being consumed by Parallax, Kyle, Scott, and Tommy travel to Earth-2, where Kyle kidnaps his counterpart and pretends to be him, but when their plans go wrong, Parallax kidnaps Kyle.
Battle on Earth-2

With his powers temporarily returned, Scott, along with Tommy and Earth-2 Hal Jordan and Kyle, race to Parallax's lair to free Kyle, and with Scott's powers running out, he and Kyle barely manage to fend off Parallax in order to escape. Back on Earth-1, Carol, Danny, and Nicole are surprised when a new Green Lantern arrives on Earth to help battle Nekron.

The Green Gardner Kyle is shocked to find out that in his absense on Earth-2, an old friend, Guy Gardner, who was last seen as a street theif that Kyle set straight, was appointed as a back up Green Lantern.
A Blue Hope Kyle is called to the planet Adara, to assist Saint Walker, who is the leader of the Blue Lanterns, warriors with power rings that are powered by the blue element of the emotion of Hope.

A supervillain with the power to control sound and shoot sonar beams causes Kyle to go deaf, and must face him without the help of his team from the base. Meanwhile, Alex finds Carol's engagement ring, which Carol lost at Kyle's apartment, and assumes he's going to propose.

The Booster Club Carol tries to encourage a bullied teen, Jaime Reyes, to stick up for himself, but a car crash allows the Blue Beetle Scarab to attach to him. Meanwhile, Green Lantern is outshined by Booster Gold, a new hero in town, who only cares about using his saves to become famous, learning that he's from the future, but Gold must show his inner hero to help Jaime, who is trapped in the Blue Beetle armor.
Ring Toss The team learns that each Lantern Core is represented by a physical entity, with Ion as the entity of willpower and Parallax as the entity of fear. When Parallax was trapped inside the Green Power Battery, Ion was made to help keep it there. After Sinestro destroyed it, Parallax escaped. In another battle with Parallax, Kyle finally learns that the host of Parallax is the missing Hal Jordan.
What It Means to be Normal With the team still in shock at the truth behind Hal's disappearance, Kyle is forced to make a tough decision, when Parallax takes Nicole. Meanwhile, Kyle becomes preoccupied with an Earth-2 criminal from the future. In the end, Kyle ultimately sacrifices his ring for Nicole's life.
A Major Disaster With Kyle powerless to stop Major Disaster, a meta-human that can cause Earthquakes, the team call in Tora and Beatriz, aka Fire and Ice. Meanwhile, feeling helpless, Kyle is determined to find a way to regain his powers, and goes in search of the missing Ion.
The Green Entity In order to find a way to stop Parallax, Kyle leaves to find the entity of the green element and will power, Ion, which was sealed into the power battery, and realeased accidentally, when Parallax escaped the yellow element power battery.
Power of Ion With Parallax's minions terrorizing Coast City, Kyle tests his new powers after merging with Ion, the entity of will power, and takes them all on and realizes if he's going to end this, he has to do it now.
Strength of his Will With Ion making him stronger than ever, Kyle goes up against Parallax in one last battle for the fate of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps of the multiverse.


​Legends of Tomorrow
Title Summary
The Future of Oa Atom, White Canary, and Firestorm come across an adult Kyle Rayner and a mysterious Blue Lantern, in the middle of a battle with a yellow lantern version of Guy Gardner.

Season 3: 

Title Summary


The Flash
Title Summary
Title Summary


  • Kyle's friendship with James on his backdoor appearance on Supergirl is a reference to the short friendship between Kyle and Jimmy in the comics.
  • In the TV Movie, The Flash vs Arrow: Heroes Collide, Barry confronts Kyle at his home and comments his art, while talking to him about joining his team. In the comics, Kyle Rayner is very good friends, with the Wally Wast version of The Flash.
  • In the third episode of the series, Green Lantern's Light, where Kyle goes up against Dr. Light, is a continuity of the season 2 episode of The Flash, The Darkness and the Light, where Barry fought her and learned she was the Earth-2 version of Linda Park, as she was last seen fleeing on a train to Coast City

Comic Book Allusions

  • First appearing in volume 3, issue #48 of Green Lantern, in the aftermath of the "Emerald Twilight" storyline, Kyle Rayner was a struggling artist, living in Hollywood, with his girlfriend, Alexandra. When Hal Jordan became furious over the destruction of Coast City, he went on a murderous rampage, killing various members of the Green Lanterns and the Guardians of the Universe. The last surviving guardian, Ganthet siphoned the other guardian's powers to form a power ring, and landed on Earth, choosing a randome human to wield the ring, before dying. For some time as Green Lantern, Kyle didn't know about the Guardians or the Corps, and was known as the most powerful lantern, able to wield all seven rings at once. As the sole Green Lantern of the mid- 2000, Rayner was known as the modern age Green Lantern. For more information see Kyle Rayner.
  • In 1959, Carol Ferris first appeared in Showcase #22, as the love interest for Hal Jordan and daughter of the owner of Ferris Aircraft, Carl Ferris. She hired Jordan as a pilot and fell for him, initially unaware of his secret identity. After her father fell ill and passed away, she took over Ferris Aircraft, renaming it just Ferris Air, and continued dating Hal. In Vol. 2, #16 of Green Lantern, she was chosen to become a member of the Star Sapphires, or Violet Lanterns, and was, for some time, an enemy of Jordan, with him aware of her. It was in this time, however, that she learned he was the Green Lantern. Recently in comics, Carol, as Star Sapphire, has been depicted as a newly reformed superhero. For more information see Carol Ferris.
  • To replace Alan Scott and first appearing in Showcase #22 in 1959, Hal Jordan was a test pilot at Ferris Aircraft, where he showed resentment towards it's owner, Carl Ferris, blaming for the death of his father, when he was kid, but started dating his daughter, Carol. For his fearlessness and powerful will, Jordan found a spaceship, holding Abin Sur, a dying member of the Green Lantern Corps, who's ring chose him to replace Sur. Since his first appearance, Jordan was the sole of the Green Lantern comic books, known as the silver age Green Lantern. For more information see Hal Jordan.
  • First appearing in All-American Comics #16 in July 1940, Alan Scott was the first superhero to use the alias, Green Lantern and was known as the Green Lantern of the Golden Age. The magic power called the green flame landed on Earth in a meteor, and had a prophecy, it's power would be used three times, once to bring death, then to bring life, and finally, to bring power. First, it's metal was made into a lantern. Thinking of it as sacrelige, the other villagers killed the craftsman. Next, it fell into the hands of a mental patient, returning his sanity and giving him a new life, and was then given to Scott, who was then a young railroad engineer. It fashioned a green ring, giving him the power to save the train after a bridge collapsed. He took the superhero alias and has since became a founding member of the Justice Society of America. For more information, see Alan Scott.
  • In Green Lantern Vol 2, #2, Thomas Kalmaku was introduced as a young inuit mechanic at Ferris Aircraft, who quickly became Hal's best friend, and was one of the few people who knew Hal's identity as the Green Lantern. His nickname at work was "Pie-Face", not because of the food, but because pie-face is also a term for someone with a round, blank expression face, and first hated Hal for calling him that, when Jordan first started, but just overheard others and assumed it was ok. However, when he learned of Tom's dislike of the name, he defended him against an arrogant pilot, which is how they became friends. For more information see Thomas Kalmaku.
  • Introduced in Green Lantern #56, Nicole Morrison was fourteen year old girl, living in Michigan, with her parents, who taught her to always forgive and hold on to hope. One day, she was abducted by Winston Woods, and her parents and hundreds of voluanteers searched for her. Woods was nice, but unstable, and after escaping from the bonds, Nicole threw a food tray in his face and ran. He caught her and threatened her, but suddenly, Adara, the emotional embodiment of hope, emotion of the Blue Lanterns, arrived, saving Nicole and choosing her as a host. Able to retain a sense of self, while under Adara's influence, Nicole was confronted by Hal Jordan and Saint Walker. She sensed that Jordan was afraid to hope and asked why, but got cut off in battle, before he could answer. For more information see Nicole Morrison.
  • Having first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28, Lucas Carr, nicknamed Snappar Carr for his habit of snapping his fingers when happy, was an honorary member of the Justice League, after inadverdantly using lime to escape the effects of Starro's mind control. His inclusion in the league, which took place during his senior year of high school, was to be a young mascot for people under eighteen to help them realize that a youth should respect and by respected by adults. Later comics depicted Snappar as a writer or news reporter, and even once as a teacher in the Young Justice comic books. For more information see Snappar Carr.
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