Green Lantern Corps is a 2018 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It is a sequel to the 2015 film Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn and is part of the DC Movie Universe. The film stars Nathan Fillion and Idris Elba as Hal Jordan and John Stewart, two Green Lanterns assigned to protect Earth, and William Fichtner and Kevin Spacey as the villains, Hector Hammond and Kanjar Ro. Green Lantern Corps was directed by Louis Leterrier and scored by Brian Tyler.


The film's opening takes place shortly after the battle at the end of the previous film; in the midst of the clean-up operation in Coast City, the bodies of several Manhunters are recovered. Hector Hammond, a scientist, who is called to perform an autopsy (thanks to his father, United States Senator Robert Kelly). Hector opens the chest of one of the Manhunters and begins to inspect it, discovering a strange yet powerful element within. Suddenly, it begins to glow before exploding, destroying Hector's lab. Miraculously, Hector emerges unscathed, or so it seems.

A few months later, a battle on a distant world claims the lives of three Green Lanterns, so the Guardians of the Universe decide it's time to add more Lanterns to the Corps, calling them "back-up Lanterns." The plan is to assign a second Green Lantern to each planet to act as assistance to that planet's primary Green Lantern. The Guardians release several power rings which travel across the universe to find those worthy of wielding their power. On Earth, a ring finds its way to John Stewart, an archaeologist, and he is transported to Oa, where he is introduced to Hal Jordan, Earth's current Green Lantern. John is shaken by the experience and tries to renounce the ring, but Hal tells him that he reacted the same way when he was chosen. John returns to Earth, but is allowed to keep the ring in case he reconsiders.

It is revealed that the three Green Lanterns killed where victims of Kanjar Ro, a vicious criminal who the Guardians fear is plotting something big. Hal's friends, Kilowog and Sinestro, head into space to try and catch him. However, their ship is attacked and they are captured. Hal goes to Earth and begs John to come with him and help him rescue his friends. John agrees to help Hal, but says that he'll give up being a Lantern once their mission is over.

Senator Hammond prepares to attend a party with a young date and tells her that he is regretful about his relationship with Hector, feeling that he was a bad father and noting that he hasn't really seen Hector since the accident. At the party, Hammond is approached by Amanda Waller of the government project Cadmus, and she inquires about Hector. Hammond tells Waller that he won't help her and walks away. Disappointed, Waller leaves the party. Moments later, a police helicopter out on patrol begins to shake violently and crashes into the party, killing several people. Party goers are lifted into the air as if by magic and thrown around. Hammond and his date are shoved into a limo and evacuated. As the limo speeds away, another car is suddenly flipped over and it lands on top of it. The limo is then lifted into the air and flipped over. Drifting in and out of conciousness, Hammond is dragged out of the car by an unseen force.

Hammond wakes up in a mysterious lab and is horrified to learn that he has been kidnapped by Hector himself. Hector, his head now mutated, reveals that he has gained telekenesis thanks to the accident, and that he has something big in store for Earth. Hector asks his father if he is proud of him and reads his mind to learn that he is disgusted. Enraged, Hector kills him and then laughs evilly.

Meanwhile, Hal and John track Kanjar Ro and are shocked to learn that he has been searching for the source of the Yellow Element, the essence of fear and the only colour powerful enough to withstand the Lanterns' Green Willpower. He has been gathering the energy to make a weapon; a Yellow Battery. Not only that, Kanjar Ro has stolen the ring of one of the fallen Lanterns and used it to create a Yellow Ring. Hal and John rescue Kilowog and Sinestro and the foursome do battle with Kanjar Ro and his minions. Kanjar is defeated and captured, and the Lanterns prepare to return to Oa with the prisoner and the Battery. 

Just as they reach Oa, Kanjar Ro escapes and steals the Yellow Ring. Another battle ensues and Kanjar Ro throws the Ring into space, but it mysterious begins to travel towards Earth. Kanjar Ro knocks Hal to the floor and is about to kill while John begs him not to. However, the villain refuses to stop, forcing John to snap his neck. Hal berates John for killing the prisoner as he could have given more information as to where the ring was going, but John reminds him that he never asked for any of this and gives him his ring, before demanding that he be taken home.

The ring flies to Hector, who is revealed to have been working with Kanjar Ro all along. It was Yellow Energy that fueled the Manhunters, which mutated Hector and gave him telekenesis, and is now what Hector plans to use to conquer the world. Hector learns that the Battery is on Oa, so he uses the ring to get there. Here, he deactivates the Green Battery, depowering all of the Power Rings and causing all Lanterns currently is space to suffocate. Hector then takes over Oa, keeping Kilowog, Sinestro and Tomar-Re captive amongst others. Hal escapes to Earth with John's currently useless ring. Here, he convinces John to return with him and save Oa. Knowing that once he has the Yellow Battery Hector will take over Earth, John agrees and Hal uses the last of the energy in his ring to transport them to Oa. 

Here, Hal tries to punch into the Green Battery, but Hector attacks him with the Yellow Ring and mercilessly beats him. John sneaks past them and pounds on the Battery, eventually breaking open and absorbing the energy within. He then picks up the Yellow Battery and destroys it by hurling it into the side of a moon. Power is restored to the rings of the other Lanterns, who break out of their captivity and rescue the Guardians. Hector tries to use the last of the energy in his ring, but Hal and John combine their own power to create an explosion with blows Hector's arm off, taking the Yellow Ring with it. Hector is blasted into a prison cell, which closes, but due to the damage he caused, there is no air in the cell and he begins to asphyxiate. Sinestro looks on and has the chance to save him, but instead chooses to let Hector die. He lies to the others that the explosion killed Hector and then takes the Yellow Ring, telling them that he will destroy it.

Hal thanks John for his help and offers to take his ring and return him to Earth, but John decides to keep the ring in case Hal ever needs back-up. The two part ways for the time being while the Lanterns start to rebuild Oa and the Green Battery. 

In a mid-credits scene, Sinestro is shown to still have the Yellow Ring, and he contemplates putting it on, but is interrupted by Hal. In a post-credits scene, someone is seen in a dark room, putting on a Power Ring and morphing into a Green Lantern. They turn around and look briefly into the camera before flying away (in the sequel, it would be revealed that this character is Kyle Rayner).


Nathan Fillion – Hal Jordan

Idris Elba - John Stewart

Selma Blair – Carol Ferris

Sam Neill – Carl Ferris

Michael Chiklis – Kilowog

John Hurt – Tomar-Re

Jason Isaacs – Thaal Sinestro

Kenneth Branagh – Abin Sur

Terrence Stamp – Ganthet

William Fichtner - Hector Hammond

Kevin Spacey - Kanjar Ro


Green Lantern Corps was followed by Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, in which future Green Lantern Kyle Rayner comes back in time to enlist the help of Hal and John as well as an alternate reality Lantern, Guy Gardner, to defeat Sinestro, who has stolen the Yellow Ring and upsurped the Guardians.

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