Green Arrow is a 2019 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The first theatrical Green Arrow film, the film is a part of the DC Movie Universe and stars Simon Baker as Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who becomes the vigilante Green Arrow as well as Julie Benz as his love interest Dinah Drake and Gary Oldman as Count Vertigo, the film's main villain. Jonathan Liebesman directed Green Arrow and the film was scored by John Ottman.


The film begins by showing a young Oliver Queen being taught archery by his father's friend and bodyguard, John Diggle. Shortly therafter, Oliver's parents perish in a plane crash, leaving Diggle to raise him. Oliver takes over his father's company, Queen Industries, and subsequently takes on the lifestyle of a billioanire playboy.

One night, Oliver throws a party on his yacht out in the middle of the ocean. He gets drunk and while trying to impress a waitress, falls overboard and is lost to the sea. Diggle is horrified after a sweep of the area turns up no body. Diggle later returns home to America and meets Dinah Drake, Oliver's childhood friend, who has heard of his disappearance. Meanwhile, Oliver wakes up on a desert island and must live off the land in order to survive. He takes back up archery in order to hunt for food.

An expedition party led by Count Werner Vertigo, who has a glass eye, arrive on the other side of the island. Vertigo is looking for an ancient Aztec treasure said to be buried on the island. His search only turns up a mysterious artificial eye, which he keeps for himself. Before his party leaves the island, they find Oliver and rescue him Oliver returns to America and is reunited with a relieved Dinah and Diggle.

Oliver tells Diggle that when he was on the island, he experienced several visions of a dark future for Star City, and decided to become a symbol of justice. Dawning a hood-like disguise, he begins to use his archery skills to act as a vigilante, beginning a war on the city's drugs trade. He soon becomes known as Green Arrow. At the same time, he begins to romance Dinah.

Vertigo learns that the eye had mystical powers and begins using it to kill his business rivals. Oliver discovers a connection between Vertigo and the drug gangs, revealing that Vertigo is a massive drug kingpin. In order to eliminate witnesses, Vertigo kills the other bosses, but Oliver gets a lead when he learns that Vertigo is planning to return to the island.

Oliver, Dinah and Diggle all secretly follow Vertigo's expedition party, and learn that the eye had led him to the treasure. However, Oliver reveals that his research indicated that the treasure is cursed and a great leader will be unleashed into the world is Vertigo removes it from the island. They become determined to stop him.

Vertigo reaches the treasure in an underground cave, but Oliver confronts him with the information of the curse, but Vertigo laughs it off and then orders his men to kill Oliver. Oliver counters them with a barrage of arrows. Seeing that some of Vertigo's men have started to move the treasure, Oliver has no choice but to fire an explosive arrow into the cave ceiling, causing the cave to flood. Oliver and Diggle manage to escape while Vertigo's men drown; however, he takes Dinah as his hostage and prepares to kill her using the eye. Oliver begs him not to, but seeing that Vertigo cannot be reasoned with, is forced to fire an arrow into the eye, causing it to explode and knock his body into the cave. The trio then escape the island, and Oliver decides to carry on as Green Arrow.

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