Great Tyrant 3
A great tyrant (Tyrannosaurus Rex), also known as the greater tyrant or the king tyrant, is a species of gigantic non-avian theropod dinosaur that was extinct in Late Cretaceous North America, but has since been brought back from extinction through time travel into North America during 1910s and now lives in modern day North America. They are carnivorous, being either predatory or a scavenger, depending on an individual, preying on bison, cattle, pigs, horses, camels, elephants, rhinos, hippos, and other large non-sapient non-dylanusid animals. They are naturally brown in color with lighter browns on their faces and orange brows, they also have darker brown proto-feathers on their backs, the backs of their heads, necks, and even on some of their tails. They are normally solitary carnivores, but in some populations, they are social pack scavengers or hunters just like lions. Unlike in fiction, great tyrants do not roar, instead they making booming sounds sounding like a cross between an alligator booming sound and a bitern booming sound. They also can see their prey very well, even if their prey doesn't move, unlike how Jurassic Park franchise seems to show, in fact, they have better vision than eagles so they are able to see their prey in far distance. Despite their carnivory and fearsome appearance, they are actually nonaggressive towards dylanusids and sapient species/beings so instead they are completely docile and tame towards them. The great tyrants also adapt really well into the life in the cities and suburbs.
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