The musical computer-animated Walt Disney Animation Studios/Pixar Animation Studios/DreamWorks Animation retelling of Disney's 1994 animated film The Return of Jafar. directed by Pete Docter, produced by Andrew Stanton and story by Glen Keane and Mark Henn.


Character Cast

  • Ian Lightfoot as Aladdin
  • Merida as Jasmine
  • Francis E. Francis as Jafar
  • Randall Boggs as Genie Jafar
  • King Fergus as Sultan
  • Mike and Sulley as Genie
  • Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico as Iago
  • Miles Axelrod as Abis Mal

Voice Cast


  • Arabian Nights performed by Randy Newman
  • I'm Looking Out for Me performed by Tom McGrath
  • There's Nothing in the World Quite Like a Friend performed by Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Tom Holland, and Julie Fowlis
  • Forget About Love performed by Tom McGrath, Julie Fowlis, and Tom Holland
  • You're Only Second Rate performed by Steve Buscemi
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