Granted is the upcoming computer-animated Walt Disney Animation Studios/Pixar Animation Studios/DreamWorks Animation/BlueSky Studios/Sony Pictures Animation/Illumination Entertainment musical retelling of Disney's 1992 animated movie Aladdin and its live-action remake. It will be produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It has songs by Alan Menken with lyrics by the late Howard Ashman and Tim Rice. Produced by Pete Docter, directed by Mike Mitchell and story by Glen Keane(who originally animated Aladdin in 1992.) and Mark Henn(who originally animated Jasmine in 1992.) It has elements and songs from the 1992 Walt Disney Animation Studios film as well as some of the elements and songs from the Disneyland California show, the Broadway musical, and the 2019 live-action movie.


Character Cast

  • Miguel as Aladdin/Prince Ali Ababwa
  • Moana as Jasmine
  • EB as Abu
  • Blu as Iago
  • Ernesto De La Cruz as Jafar
  • Mike and Sulley as Genie
  • Ernesto De la Cruz as Razoul
  • Mr. Peabody(2014) as Peddler
  • Chief Tui as Sultan
  • Chunky(Croods) as Rajah
  • Pepita as the Magic Carpet
  • Lotso as the Cave of Wonders
  • Agnes, Edith and Margo as Balcony Gals
  • Evelyn Deavor as Balcony Gals' mom
  • Mr. Potato Head as Prince Achmed
  • Roz as Fat Lady
  • Mr. Incredible as Sugar Dates vendor
  • Greg(Out) as a Necklace vendor
  • Bill Anderson as Fish vendor
  • Francis E. Francis as Apple Seller
  • Various Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, BlueSky, Sony and Illumination Villains as Jafar's Guards
  • Various Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, BlueSky, Sony and Illumination humans as citizens of Agrabah
  • Fungus as Gazeem
  • Cooks(Ratatouille) as 40 Chefs and Bakers
  • Birds (For the Birds) as Birds that warble key
  • Boo and Spot as 2 Hungry children
  • Sherman(2014) as Child wanting an apple
  • Squid of Finding Dory fame as Snake Jafar
  • Randall Boggs as Genie Jafar
  • Manny(Ice Age) as Elephant Abu
  • Mater as Car Abu
  • Ducky(Toy Story 4) as Duck Abu
  • Bo(The Star) as Camel Abu
  • Bunny(Toy Story 4) as Toy Abu
  • Mr. Mittens(Soul) as Kitten Rajah
  • Papa Smurf(2011/2017) as Teacher Genie
  • Finn McMissile as Super Spy Genie
  • Snoopy(2015) as Bee Genie
  • Captain Underpants(2017) as Table Lamp Genie

Voice Cast


  • Arabian Nights performed by Randy Newman
  • One Jump Ahead performed by Anthony Gonzalez
  • One Jump Ahead(Reprise 1) performed by Anthony Gonzalez
  • Speechless performed by Aul'i Cravalho
  • A Million Miles Away performed by Anthony Gonzalez and Aul'i Cravalho
  • Friend Like Me performed by Billy Crystal and John Goodman
  • Prince Ali performed by Billy Crystal and John Goodman
  • A Whole New World performed by Anthony Gonzalez and Aul'i Cravalho
  • One Jump Ahead(Reprise 2) performed by Anthony Gonzalez
  • Prince Ali(Reprise) performed by Benjamin Bratt
  • A Whole New World (Pop version) performed by Harry Styles and Alessia Cara
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