Grand Theft Auto (2019 film) Action-Thriller, heist 2019 film rebooted.

Main Casts

  • Oliver Swaby - Trevor Phillips, main protagonist, thief.
  • Yanet Swaby - Mrs. Phillips, Trevor's brother.
  • Joseph Swaby - Joe 'Joseph' Wes, main antagonist, criminal, Trevor's cousin.
  • Tio Fern - Joe's father (uncredited), Trevor's uncle and Joe's deceased sick father.
  • Keenon Douglas - Dickard, Trevor's close friend.
  • Caridad Camacho - J. Jane Newman, Trevor's cousin and family.
  • Lester Swaby Nixon - Micheal De Santa; Trevor's old friend and colleague cousin, main secordary antagonist.
  • RJ Cyler - Jay R.J, Trevor's friend and school colleague.
  • Glenda Pino - Sarah Dickard; Dickard's beloved wife.
  • Jamie Clarke - Franklin Clinton, Trevor's friend and partner.
  • Maria Nixon - Mrs. Summerstone, Joe's and Micheal's cancer death mother.
  • Joe Swaby Nixon - Joe Summerstone, Micheal's half-brother and Mrs. Summerstone's son.
  • Jimmy Clarke - Frankie Clinton, Franklin's son and Trevor's honorary nephew.
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