Grand Theft Auto is a 2014 Action Crime Drama Thriller Film directed by Martin Scorsese, based of the popular video game series of the same name. It is also the first feature film, Martin Scorsese has made based off the GTA games.


Grand Theft Auto follows the stories of four protagonists: Tommy Vercetti, Niko Belic, Claude, and Toni Cipriani. Each of the stories stand for something. Tommy's stands for Power, Niko's stands for Redemption, Claude's stands for Revenge, and Toni's stands for Respect. At certain parts of the story, they interact with each other, even though their stories mostly take place in either Liberty City (New York) and Vice City (Miami). Tommy Vercetti is a man who seeks to make his own mafia, the Vercetti Crime Family, and take back the power he once had in Vice City. This story takes place in 1986. Niko Belic is a man who is encouraged by his cousin Roman to start a new life in Liberty City, and leave his dark, brutal, and mysterious life in Europe behind. This story takes place in 2008. Claude is a former bank robber who one night is betrayed by his colleague, Catalina, who shoots him, and leaves him to die. Claude, after breaking out from jail with a man named 8-Ball, sets out to find and kill Catalina and her new partner. This story takes place in 2001. Toni Cipriani is a mobster who after killing a made man, had to flee Liberty City. He returns to his crumpling Italian Mafia, the Leone Crime Family. He agrees to help the don, Salvatore, to rebuild the Leone Crime Family and retake respect that both men have lost. This story takes place in 1998.

Main Cast


  • Mark Whalberg as Tommy Vercetti
  • Vladimir Mashkov as Niko Belic
  • Josh Hartnett as Claude
  • Joe Mantegna as Toni Cipriani


  • Tom Sizemore as Sonny Forelli
  • Rhys Ifans as Dimitri Rascalov
  • Eva Mendes as Catalina
  • Jack Nicholson as Massimo Torini


  • Alexander Mahone as Ken Rosenberg
  • TBA as Mercedes Cortez
  • TBA as Ricardo Diaz
  • Jamie Foxx as Lance Vance
  • TBA as Roman Bellic
  • TBA as Jimmy Pegorino
  • TBA as Little Jacob
  • TBA as Packie McReary
  • TBA as Maria Latore
  • Rob Lowe as Donald Love
  • Ray Winstone as Salvatore Leone




Rated R - for strong brutal violence throughout, crude sexual content, graphic nudity, pervasive language and drug content

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