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WWB1x6 MaleWoollyMammothInWinter.jpg|Grand Island Mammoth
WWB1x6 MaleWoollyMammothInWinter.jpg|Grand Island Mammoth
cave lion...png|Grand Island Cave Lion
cave lion...png|Grand Island Cave Lion
Lincoln Island Bison.png|Grand Island Bison
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Wolves...png|Great Island Wolves
Megaloceros...png|Grand Island Megaloceros
Caspian tiger.png|Grand Island Tiger
Lincoln Island cave bear.png|Grand Island Bear
Lincoln Island Mammoth.png|Grand Island Tusker Mammoth
Lincoln Island Arctodus.png|Short Faced Bear, Now Extinct On The Island
Lincoln Island lion.png|The Cave Lion Hunt

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Grand Island is a Madagascar-sized island located in the Pacific Ocean nearby Alaska. It was discovered by the late Charles Darwin. 


The Island, unlike most others, has an alpine/tundra environment, grasslands, huge mountainous areas also cover some parts Of the island.

The First ExpeditionEdit

The First Expedition to Grand Island was declared In 1867. At the time, the island was thought to be a sailor's tale. They arrived on the Island after a long time at sea. The crew lead by Darwin discovered most of the species that are on the island, before they were attacked by a large Grand Island Tiger, proving that the island is extremely dangerous. So, Darwin's crew has to leave. They decided to leave the island as nature preserve.

Species Of Grand IslandEdit

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