Graduation Day is a 1988 slasher film produced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham, and written by Victor Miller. The film stars Renée Zellweger, Nicole Kidman, Jeniffer Cooke, Thom Mathews, Kevin Blair, Jeff Bennett and Bill Moseley.


  • Renée Zellweger as Hannah, a teenager who decides to have a party with her friends after her graduation.
  • Nicole Kidman as Penny, Renée's twin sister.
  • Jeniffer Cooke as Jasmine, Renée and Nicole's friend, popular girl of high school.
  • Thom Mathews as Jerry, Hanna's boyfriend.
  • Kevin Blair as Will, Penny's abusive boyfriend.
  • Jeff Bennett as Robert, a shy, nerdy teenager and the brain of the group.
  • Bill Moseley as Richard Goose, a school janitor who was thrown into a trash bin as a prank by a group of teenagers in 1968, but when the trash bin's aperture was blocked by a smaller trash can. Richard starved and died, but escaped the trash bin in the 25th of June of 1978 as a ghost, and now he comes back every 25th of June to kill every person he can find.


The movie begins with a group of teenagers in a graduation, one of them, Hannah, proposes to sneak into High School at night to have a party. The other teens agree to meet up at 21:00pm. In her house, Hannah gets ready to sneak up into the closed school when she hears a noise outside, she goes to check on her window and sees a coated person wearing a fedora who smiles at her mysteriously. She closes the window and goes outside.

The group comformed by Hannah, her sister Penny, Jasmine, Will, Jerry and Robert go into the old gym and start telling horror stories, Will tells the story of Richard Goose. And we get a flashback where Richard Goose is beaten up by a bunch of teens and forced into a trash bin whose aperture is blocked by a smaller but heavier trash can. Richard dies, but later escapes ten years later after getting locked, and goes on a killing rampage with a nearby pocket knife he found in the trash by slithing a girl's throat and ripping the eyes out of her boyfriend. He also finds a mask in the trash can and wears it to not show his extremely deformed face.

Will and Penny separate from the group and go to one of the classes where they start kissing, Will wants to have sex but Penny doesn't want to, so Will just uses a rope that was used to hang an articulated skeleton model to tie Penny up, strip her and rape her, gagging her with his shirt. However, the skeleton model comes to life and stabs Will with a pocket knife multiple times, killing him. The group hear the commotion from downstairs and go to check what's happening, but when they come inside they only find Will's dead body and Penny naked and tied up, Hannah goes to help Penny and dress her while the others check on Will, when they realize that he's dead. The doors close and Richard reveals himself, Jerry slams a chair against Richard but it doesn't seem to do anything to him, so he picks up Jerry and flowns him across the room, he melts in a messy, blue goop and sneaks up behind Jasmine, grabs her and tries to drown her in the goop, but Hannah pulls her friend out. Richard vanishes and the doors open, so the group exits the class, but when they try to open the front door of the High School, they realize that it's locked and that they're trapped there.

Robert and Jasmine go to the canteen to get weaponry, and Richard stalks them in the form of many kitchen-related items. Eventually, the duo reach the kitchen where they sit down, take weapons and vent to eachother their fears and insecurities, when they're about to kiss. Richard materializes, wearing a chef suit and picks Robert up, he slams his head into a pan full of frying oil, slams it against a table and stabs his nape multiple times with a spoon. He then kills him by slamming him onto another table and tear his fingers apart with a knife and a fork, then eating them. Jasmine runs out, screaming, but the doors of the canteen close, tendrils pull Jasmine into the dinning room where she is forced to eat Robert's remains with Richard.

Jerry gets tired of waiting for Jasmine so he walks out of the gym but is stopped by Richard, who snaps his fingers, his left arm becoming a tentacle, he grabs Jerry by the neck and carries around the school, until he reaches the old conservatory, he straps him to a chair and cartoonly enlarges his mask's nose and turns it into a flaute, then performs the 5th Symphony of Beethoven. Jerry's ears start rotting and turning green until they eventually fall off, with worms coming out of them. Tendrils pick the body's hands up and force them to clap. Meanwhile, Hannah and Penny pick up any kind of weapons they can find, such as pencils, pens... etc. Penny proposes to go to the stage room, where they can find much more effective weapons such as arrows, real knives or shields in the scenography room. They make a run for it and eventually reach the stage room. They go to the scenography storage only to find Richard, who is using the remains of Will, Jerry and Robert's bodies as a setting for a medieval-inspired stage show. With Jasmine being tied up to a chair and forced to wear an ogre mask as Richard jumps around in a fake, cardboard knight armor but holding up a real sword. Penny and Hannah try to save their friend but before they can do anything, Richard slams the sword onto Jasmine's stomach, killing her.

Penny tries to run out but the doors get blocked by spines, one of them impales her foot and Hannah goes to help her, Richard proceeds to say that every person who attends this high school shall be killed in honor to his name, also mentioning the tortuorus 5 years he spent in that trash bin before his eventual death, then Hannah gets the idea to lock Richard in the trash bin again. Penny recovers from her feet wound and jumps out of the window along with her sister.

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