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Gotham City Sirens V.S Baby Doll (Better known as: Harley Quinn: Gotham City Sirens or just Gotham City Sirens) is a 2020 American superhero film based on the DC Comics team of villains Gotham City Sirens. The film is a sequel to the 2020 film Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey and many say the second film in the saga: Harley Quinn. The film stars: Margot Robbie who reruns her role as the Joker's old girlfriend: Harley Quinn, Madelaine Petsch who makes her theatrical debut as Poison Ivy, Taylor Swift who makes her theatrical debut as the anti-heroine and partner of Batman Catwoman, Ella Jay Basque like Margot replaying her role as Cassandra Cain a thief and apprentice Harley Quinn.

Unlike the first film: Gotham City Sirens made more success and money in theaters and the role of: Madelaine Petsch and Taylor Swift in the super villains: Poison Ivy and Catwoman was highly acclaimed by fans of the characters. And in this film is the debut and return of Baby Doll a super villain from DC Comics who was very forgotten by the fans, she was made by Millie Bobby Brown who was also very well acclaimed for the acting but took some criticisms because Millie has an appearance of teenager other than Baby Doll who looks like a child.


Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) reunites with her best friends: Catwoman (Taylor Swift) and Poison Ivy (Madelaine Petsch) and the three together with Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco) discover that Baby Doll (Vivien Lyra Blair) kidnapped Batman and placed a bomb under Gotham City and so Gotham City Sirens left to save the day!

Plot (STUB)

After the Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn defeated the Black Mask, six weeks later Harley learns to ride a motorcycle and she is going to her new home in a luxurious hotel that Mr. Bruce Wayne gave her and Cassandra for killing the Black Mask .

On the way she feels watched and hits when she sees two women in black following her, Harley hides in an alley and the two women follow her and Harley grabs one by the neck but a packet of flour is thrown and some people who hate Harley are shown throwing things at her, Harley grabs his baseball bat and manages to defend himself but lets the two women escape. She takes her bike and tries to pass people trying to hit her with objects, she on the way finds some bikers who want her dead and then with their bikes they start following her.

Harley then picks up a type of tiara that she wears as a boomerang and she soon says that she is happy that Captain Boomerang in prison taught her how to use objects like a boomerang. She goes back to driving and with her motorcycle takes a shortcut to her new home and she arrives at her home and opens the door and shouts: "I'M BACK". And then Harley begins to narrate what happened to her and Cassandra Cain after Birds of Prey, the narration begins like that of the first film in the form of a cartoon. Harley in the narration says that she and Bruce had some dates, she was liking billionaire Wayne until she found out he was getting married and found out that the dates were for a Harley Quinn evolution newspaper. She in the 2D narration says she was irritated, for having used him to make her evolution and she says that her evolution is huge and that it will never end and in 1 second several versions of Harley Quinn are shown as the 1992 version, the version of the cartoon: Batman: The Brave and the Bold, from the old drawing of the Dc Super Hero Girls, from Harley in Batman Ninja, from her version in the web-series: Gods and Monsters, in the version of Riverdale when the character Toni is dressed and so on.

In the narration, she says that she adopted Cassandra and that now she is a mother and that she put Cassandra in a fighting school and that she is the best of the class and Harley says that she became a waitress.

The narration ends and Cassandra is shown walking down the stairs and going to hug Harley. Harley takes some bags and puts them in the kitchen and says that lunch was going to be made soon. Cass says that in her fighting class she met a boy named Robbie and Harley soon makes a joke about her relationship and the Joker.

Cassandra makes an angry face and Harley starts to laugh and someone knocks on her door. Cassandra says she will see it and she looks into the peephole and says that outside there are two women in black.

Harley remembers the women who followed her and then takes out her machine gun and asks Cassandra to hide. Cassandra hides and Harley opens the door and asks the women who they are and the two soon take off their hat that hid their face and it is shown that it was: Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman). Harley screams with joy and the three soon embrace and Harley starts talking about Poison Ivy and saying that they haven't seen each other for a long time because Ivy has fled to another country because Amanda was looking for her and then she introduces Catwoman saying that she is the girlfriend of Batman and that Amanda tried to catch her but Batman convinced Amanda not to do that.

The two enter and Cassandra appears and confused. Harley, not even in the first film, is surprised to see that she doesn't know Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Harley introduces his two best friends to his daughter and they soon ask about the Joker and Harley with his machine gun got angry when he heard his name and ends up shooting at the ceiling. She says that the two separated and that Cassandra is her adopted daughter

Poison makes an angry face for not calling to be her godmother. The three to celebrate that they met again go to a club and Harley hired a babysitter for Cassandra. The three go to the club and soon jump on stage and start singing the song: Poisonous, Dangerous and Madness, they receive applause and they all start walking and on the way they meet Livewire. Harley gives an introduction to Livewire and says that Livewire and Catwoman hate each other because Livewire tried to sensualize Batman to kill him.


Main Characters

  • Harley Quinn
  • Poison Ivy
  • Catwoman
  • Cassandra Cain/Batgirl


  • Alfred


  • Baby Doll
  • Livewire
  • Killer Frost
  • Killer Croc

Main Supporting

  • Batman
  • Deadshot


  • Joker (Flashback / Quoted)
  • Capt. Hunter Griggs (Flashback)
  • Black Mask (Flashback)
  • Amanda Waller
  • Barbara Gordon
  • The Birds Of Prey (Quoted)
  • Huntress (Quoted)
  • Renee Montoya
  • Black Canary
  • Captain Boomerang (Quoted)
  • Robbie (Quoted)
  • Ecco (Easter Egg)
  • Toni Topaz (Easter Egg)
  • Other Harley versions (Easter Egg)


  • Margot Robbie: Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn formerly Harleen Frances Quinzel was a psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker and became a super villain of Batman
  • Madelaine Petsch: Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy formerly Pamela Isley a former doctor who had a troubled family got powers with plants and tries to make sure the plants are not killed
  • Taylor Swift: Catwoman, Catwoman formerly Selina Kyle is a thug who fell in love with Batman and became engaged to Bruce Wayne / Batman.
  • Ella Jay Basco: Cassandra Cain, Cassandra is an orphan of several problematic families. She is a thief of things and in the second film she wears a female Batman costume and becomes Batgirl and she is an apprentice to Harley Quinn.
  • Millie Bobby Brown: Baby Doll, formerly Mary Dahl is an actress with a disease that keeps her from growing up. She became an actress and did a show called Baby Doll but the show was canceled and she went crazy and used her alter ego on the show as a psychopath and she tried to kill Batman in his mad attack.
  • Meryl Streep: Livewire, Livewire, formerly Leslie Willis is a former radio owner who spoke ill of Superman. She became Livewire and met Baby Doll who hired her as an assistant
  • Mia Sara: Killer Frost, Killer Frost, formerly Louise Lincoln is from a troubled family like Poison Ivy and she discovered her powers of controlling ice and then killed her parents and became a psychopath and later became a Baby Doll assistant and she accuses Livewire of imitating her style.
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje: Killer Croc, Killer Croc formerly Waylon Jones is a super villain with the appearance of a croc who is a psychopath and boyfriend of Baby Doll.
  • Ben Affleck: Batman, Batman or Bruce Wayne is a superhero with the theme of a bat. He out of a hero's life is a billionaire play boy who is going to marry Selina Kyle.
  • David Harbour: Alfred, Alfred he is the butler of the Wayne family and the man who cares for Bruce after the death of his parents. He was the first to know that Bruce was Batman and in the film guides the Gotham City Sirens to the lair of Baby Doll and his assistants: Livewire and Killer Frost.
  • Will Smith: Deadshot, Deadshot formerly Floyd Lawton is a divorced man who has a daughter and is a psychopath with a great aim who only misses when he wants to. He is the rival of Poison Ivy for the love of Harley and that makes him and Ivy not like each other very much.
  • Shannon Purser: Barbara Gordon, Barbara Gordon formerly Batgirl and currently Oracle is a professional hacker who is friends with Batman and Robin and she doesn't like Harley and believes she can do something bad.
  • Viola Davis: Amanda Waller, Amanda is a very important woman and the founder of the Suicide Squad and she is one of the only people who knows all the identities of the Justice League and she is called a demon by Harley but that does not make her angry.


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The film was very successful, more than the first film: Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey and Rotten Tomatoes won 89%.


  • Madelaine Petsch who plays Poison Ivy plays Cheryl Blossom a character from Riverdale who in an episode of the series is dressed up as Poison Ivy
  • The rivalry between Poison Ivy and Deadshot for Harley Quinn is a reference to the film: Batman: Assault on Arkham where Harley has a crush on Deadshot and a reference to the famous Harley and Poison Ivy ship
  • Gotham City Sirens is the first time for: Livewire, Killer Frost and Baby Doll in a Live-Action movie
  • Mia Sra has already done Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey 2002