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Gotham is an American Action Crime-Drama Television Series, based off of the origin of the famous DC Comic's Superhero, Batman, and inspired by the 2001 prequel series of Superman, Smallville, premiering on the CW Television Network, and debuting on October 21, 2017. Featuring Tyler Posey, Sean Pertwee, Ben McKenzie, Dianna Agron, Vanessa Marano, Tyler Williams, Morena Baccarin, Maia Mitchell, Chris Chalk, and Cameron Monaghan as the main cast of the series, Posey stars as young Bruce Wayne after losing his parents, as he learns to fight crime, in order to rise up as Gotham's caped crusader, Batman.

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After witnessing the murder of his own parents, ten year old Bruce Wayne forms an unlikely friendship with the Gotham City Police Department's newest recruit, James Gordon, who's first case is the death of the Waynes. Four years later, as Gotham City continues to plunge into a darker age of crime, teenage Bruce Wayne is under the care and guidance of his loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, and continues to train and test himself in order to become stronger, often including himself in Gordon's investigations to help stop the rising criminal underworld, caused by the death of Gotham's white knight, Thomas Wayne. The series sees Bruce Wayne coping with adolescence, as he begins exploring the secrets that his father left behind, while making new allies and menacing enemies, and ultimately moving towards his destiny as Gotham's Caped Crusader and Dark Knight, the Batman.

Gotham has been shown to be a three chapter series; Chapter 1 (Seasons 1-4) being Bruce's teenage years in high school, involving himself in basic GCPD cases. Chapter 2 (Seasons 5-7) is the beginning of his adulthood and his more intense training. Chapter 3 (Seasons 8-10) is the beginning of his crime fighting career, and his final trials, leading to his destiny as the Dark Knight.

The series also focuses on the people in Bruce's life; his loyal butler and caretaker, Alfred Pennyworth. His partner and friend, James Gordon. His peers, Renee Montoya and Ethan Bennett. His on-again off-again love interest, Selina Kyle. His allies Leslie Thompkins and Lucious Fox. And most importantly his friendship turned arch-rivalry with Jerome Valeska.


Main Cast

  • Tyler Posey as Bruce Wayne, the orphaned son of Thomas and Martha Wayne, who is now under the care of the Wayne family butler, Alfred Pennyworth. As a 10 year old boy, Bruce witnessed the murder of his wealthy and powerful parents, which began a dark age in Gotham, and befriended new detective, James Gordon. As a teenager, Bruce began puttung himself through physical and mental training, while exploring the secrets left behind by his parents and secretly investigating James' cases. At the end of Season 4, after graduating, Bruce found a secret cave under Wayne Manor, which contained a computer holding all of his father's secrets. In Season 7, Bruce began undergoing more intense training and eventually left Gotham to begin further training in multiple skills, in which he met Ra's Al Ghul and John Zatara. Upon returning to Gotham in Season 8, Bruce began crimefighting, using his skills and array of gadgets, as he takes back Wayne Industries and faces a series of trials that are leading him to become Gotham's Dark Knight, The Batman.
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne's loyal and trusting butler and Bruce's caretaker after the Waynes' murder. The Waynes treat Alfred as family, in which Alfred was the only family Bruce had left after the Waynes' murder. As an ex-Special Air Service Operative, Alfred began training Bruce in basic combat, and helped him with his secret work on Gordon's GCPD cases, bandaging and caring for his wounds. Alfred went with him on his journey across the world, and although he often disapproves of Bruce's vigilante actions, he stays by his side no matter what and is a large part of Bruce's future as the caped crusader.
  • Ben McKenzie as Det. James "Jim" Gordon, a detective in the Major Crimes Unit of the Gotham City Police Departmemt, who before the main course of season 1, was a new recruit, with the Wayne's murder as his first case. Gordon initially has a relationship with Barbara Kean, who in Season 5, was murdered shortly after giving birth to their baby daughter, whome James names after Barbara. Throughout the series, James must deal with constant rise of the criminal underworld and the beginning of numerous villains, and forms an unlike friendship and partnership with Bruce Wayne, a friend ship that will shape his future as commissioner of the GCPD and ultimately, Bruce's future as the Dark Knight.
  • Vanessa Marano as Renee Montoya, one of Bruce's best friends, who is very interested in criminology, and often helps Bruce with research on the cases, but also questioned his true intentions for researching the cases, unaware he planned to stop the criminals. Due to Bruce's feelings for Selina, Renee never told Bruce of her secret feelings for him, which faded over the years, especially after discovering Bruce's secret and finding the Batcave. Renee is shown to be bisexual, due to her feelings for both Bruce and Kate Kane. In Season 6, dedicated to fighting police corruption, after working her way up from traffic police to an officer, she finally became a detective in the Major Crimes Unit of the GCPD, and often works with Gordon to fight corruption, hiding Bruce's secret and always stays by Bruce's side no matter what.
  • Tyler James Williams as Ethan Bennett, Bruce's best friend since nursery school, who, like Renee, is interested in criminology, and also plays basketball. He eventually learns about Bruce's involvement in Gordon's cases, and helps him keep his secret, but moves to Metropolis with his father near the end of Season 3. While in Metropolis, he becomes a detective in the MPD. In Season 7, he transferred to the GCPD, becoming Renee's new partner, but in Season 8 Jerome kidnaps him and infects him with a gas form of his Joker Putty chemical, tragically transforming him into a putty-like creature with the ability to shape into anything or anyone, calling himself "Clayface".
  • Donald Logue as Det. Harvey Bullock, Gordon's loyal partner and ally, who is a seemingly corrupt and brutish detective who has gradually become a loyal friend to James Gordon, but still questions and confronts Gordon about giving Bruce information on their cases. Although he often doesn't approve of the vigilante, he stands by James in the decision to work with him.
  • Moren Baccarin as Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a former physician at Arkham Asylum, who was a good friend to Martha Wayne. After enlisting as a medical examiner at Gotham City Police Department, Leslie enters a relationship with Jim Gordon. Proving herself an observant and energetic partner at the GCPD, she often persists in trying to keep actively involved as a means to further Jim's work, making him uncomfortable with potentially endangering her. Although she doesn't approve of Bruce's crimefighting, she assists him and Alfred with medical care, due to her long friendship with Waynes, and also goes with Bruce every year to visit the alley his parents were murdered in.
  • Dianna Agron as Selina Kyle, a young street orphan and skilled thief. After witnessing the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Selina was lingering around the borders of Wayne Manor which leads to her befriending Bruce. Often visiting Bruce at the school and the mansion, becoming close to Bruce and his friends, Renee and Ethan. Her relationship with Bruce is very strained, due to his nature of justice and her nature of crime, and he often confronted her on her thefts, so she leaves, deciding they aren't meant to be. When she returns, a confrontation with the Vigilante leaves her to choose who she wants to be and ultimately chooses her destiny as the criminal, "Catwoman".
  • Maia Mitchell as Rachel Dawes, a childhood friend of Bruce and Renee, who came to Gotham in order to investigate Renee's presumed death, finding an amnesiac Bruce, in the process, and worked with him to save Renee. Afterwards, she stayed in Gotham and went to law school, eventually becoming an assistant district attorney and starting a romance with Bruce, and an ally to the vigilante.
  • Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska/Red Hood, the son of a snake dancer in Haly's Circus, who became close friends with Bruce, after Bruce saved him. Jerome wanted to be a comedian in the circus, but abuse from his mother lead him to killing her and covering up her death, but the combination of his trustless friendship with Bruce and murdering his mother lead him to insanity, and he became a criminal, using a suit, with a red cape and helmet. The long over do confrontation in battle between Bruce and Jerome at Ace Chemicals ended with Jerome falling into a vat of chemicals, and he was presumed dead, but in the Season 10 Finale, Jerome confronted Bruce, revealing his new appearance, white skin, green hair, red lips, a purple clown suit, and a deadly smile, with his usual deadly laugh, claiming himself to be "The Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker"
  • Chris Chalk as Lucius Fox, junior executive and tech genius at Wayne Enterprises who in the shadow of the company's corrupt activities emerges as a moral beacon for Bruce Wayne as he attempts to help him uphold the legacy of his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne. Fox was an ally to the Waynes and is one of the few people to know that the Waynes aren't as corrupt as they pretended to be to save face in the eyes of Wayne Industries' corrupt board of directors. After Bruce returned in Season 7, Lucius created a majority of Bruce's gadgets, his vehicles, and his body armor suit and eventually created the batsuit, according to Bruce's designs.

Recurring Cast

  • Jeremy Sumpter as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, a childhood friend of Bruce's, who after traveling with his parents, returned to Gotham in Season 4, and became a Gotham District Attorney, starting a relationship with Pamela Isley, until she developed her powers and turned to a life of crime. In Season 5, Harvey was kidnapped by Jerome, and got caught in the psychopath's explosion, scarring half of his body, and causing him to become a criminal. As a district attorney, Harvey has a two-headed coin, that he uses to trick teenage delinquents into choosing a better life, but as Two-Face, he used it to determine whether or not to be good or evil.
  • Robert Gorrie as John Grayson, a member of the Flying Graysons at Haly's Circus, who gets engaged to Mary Lloyd after a dispute is resolved between their two families. Returning in Season 7, John helps Bruce go undercover at Haly's Circus, when another murder at Haly's Circus occured.
  • Abbi Snee as Mary Lloyd-Grayson, a member of a family of clowns at Haly's Circus and the rivals to the Flying Graysons. After the dispute between the two families was resolved, she and John got engaged. In Season 7, Mary is married to John and is pregnant with a baby boy (who will grow up to be Dick Grayson/Robin), in which she had Bruce replace her in the act so he can investigate a murder.
  • Haley Ramm as Katherine "Kate" Kane, a friend and college classmate of Bruce's. When she was young, Kate, her twin sister, Beth, and her mother, Gabe, were kidnapped, in which her father Colonel Gabe Kane led a rescue mission, but Beth and Gabe were killed in the dispute. After Highschool she began attending the U.S. Army Academy, in which she ranked top of her class, but she was kicked out due to her sexuality. Returning to Gotham, she attended College with Bruce Wayne, becoming good friends with him. She has a growing attraction to Renee Montoya, whome she met when a then traffic cop Renee pulled her over. Afterward, Bruce introduced them to eachother, and they began dating. After an encounter with the vigilante in Season 8, she was inspired to fight crime herself, using military body armor and weaponry. After being confronted by Jake, Kate accepts her fathers offer for assistance and begins an intense two years of training across the globe. Upon returning to Gotham near the end of Season 10, Kate discovers that her father has created a suit for her, along with an arsenal of experimental weaponry, and a hidden bunker outside of Gotham.
  • Zabryna Guevera as Captain Sarah Essen, the Captain of the Gotham City Police Department's homicide squad and the boss of James Gordon and Harvey Bullock. She is an honest cop that wants to do something about the rampant corruption in her department, but fears for her family's safety.
  • Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot, a cunning, well-spoken, criminal, who will lie and inform on criminal gangs to earn high respect, all so he can betray them and become Gotham's sole criminal mastermind. After he is discovered to be an informant for the GCPD's Major Crimes Unit regarding the Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder, he is brutally beaten leaving him with an odd way of walking furthering the usage of the nickname "The Penguin". Cobblepot is known for keeping an umbrella with him at all times, and eventaully begins using tricked out umbrella's with a built in gun and glider.
  • Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma, A coroner and forensics operative who works for the Gotham City Police Department and often presents his information in riddles. After being constantly mistreated by his fellow co-workers, Nygma murdered a fellow officer who was also Kringle's abusive boyfriend resulting in a mental breakdown that slowly drives him over the edge, and eventually becomes the criminal mastermind, The Riddler.
  • Charlie Tahan as Jonathan Crane, the son of Gerald Crane, who, before dying, forced Jonathan to take the fear inducing hallucinogen toxin to wipe his ability to feel fear, causing him to constantly struggle with images of living scarecrow creatures. After losing his fears and loses the hallucinations, he is freed from Arkham Asylum. Though he began seeming like a normal physician, he began wearing a scarecrow costume and using the fear gas to infect people, becoming the fearful criminal, "The Scarecrow".
  • Bella Thorne as Pamela Isley, the abused daughter of Mario Isley. Pamela is a vegan, cares for a small green house garden and constantly wears green. She met Bruce and Selina when they spoke to her, after her father was framed for the Wayne murder. While trying to vandalize a fertilizer plant, she gets infected by the chemicals in an experimental excellerated growth fertilizer, giving her the ability to manipulate plants, and used her powers to attack Harvey Dent, becoming the seductive "Poison Ivy"
  • Cassidy Alexa as Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, the host of pop psychology television show, who does more harm than good for her clients, causing a lot of controversey in the media that Jerome finds amusing, calling the show under the name "Mr. J". After ambushing Bruce Wayne, who thought he was there to talk about her charity foundation, her show was cancelled, causing a mental breakdown, which Jerome took advantage of, making her his romantic partner in crime.
  • Chris Gauthier as Professor Hugo Strange, a young psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who is connected to many criminals, and often uses psychology to keep Bruce and the GCPD off his trail, but Bruce never loses suspicion to the fact that Strange is a dangerous criminal mastermind.


  • Ross Lynch as Arthur Curry "A.C."/Aquaman/Prince Orin, a superpowered teenager that can breathe underwater, swim at superhuman speeds, and gain superhuman strength when wet. He was confronted by Bruce when trying to destoy an underwater Wayne Industries' marine lab, working on weapons that are killing fish, and the two teamed up to stop it.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent, a superpowered farm boy in Smallville, Kansas. As an infant, Kal-El was sent to Earth, before the destruction of his planet, Krypton. Crashing on Earth, he was found and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent, renaming him Clark and helping him control his powers. One day, when driving home, Clark came across Bruce trying to fix his motorcycle, and offered him a place to stay for a night and the tools in the barn. Before leaving, Bruce helped Clark deal with a human infected by the meteors that followed him to Earth. In their next encounter, Bruce was contacted by a friend of Clark's, in which Bruce had to face a red kryptonite infected Clark. Clark eventually met Bart, Oliver, A.C., and Victor, forming a yet to be named team.
  • Lucas Grabeel as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, another young billionaire, like Bruce, who is secretly a vigilante, wearing a green leather hoodie, and using a bow and an array of different arrows to fight crime, after returning home from being stranded on an island for five years.
  • Jonny Gray as Bart Allen/Impulse, an orphaned street thief, who used his super speed to steal. When first meeting Bruce he was rash and impulsive, until Bruce convinced him to take a better path, eventually joining Clark's team
  • Ray Fisher as Victor Stone/Cyborg, a young half-human half-robot, who was nearly killed in a car crash that killed his family, needing to have multiple limbs replaced with mechanical ones, giving him superhuman strength, and after an upgrade from Lucius Fox, he gained the ability to interface with any computer and project shockwaves of energy.
  • Phil Morris as Jonn' Jonn'zz/John Jones/Martian Manhunter,
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Dinah Lance/Black Canary,

Guest Cast

  • Makayla Jade Bolkin as Barbara Gordon, the daughter of James Gordon and Barbara Kean. Shortly after she was born, Barbara was murdered, leaving James to raise her alone, in which his job causes him to leave her at a day care center a majority of her childhood. She has little appearances in Season 10
    • Lillian Mumy portrays a Teenage Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, in visions of the future, in which, Barbara, Dick, and Bruce are in Wayne Manor, before before the batwave signals crime in Gotham and they head to the Batcave. Though her suit is seen in containment, she is not seen wearing it.
  • Cooper Timberline as Dick Grayson/Robin, the son of John and Mary Grayson. When Bruce went undercover at Haly's circus, Mary was pregnant with him. In visions of the future, John and Mary appear to already be deceased, with Dick adopted by Bruce as his partner, in which he, Barbara, and Bruce are in Wayne Manor, before before the batwave signals crime in Gotham and they head to the Batcave. Though his Robin suit is seen in containment, he is not seen wearing it.
  • Julian Sands as Gerald Crane, a serial killer posing as "Todd," a member of a support group for people with severe phobias. Crane kidnaps members of the support group and extracts their adrenal glandswhile exposing them to their greatest fear before killing them. Crane uses the adrenal glands to create a fear-inducing toxin that he uses to eradicate his own fear. Before dying in a gun fight with Gordon and Bullock, he injects the toxin into his son, Jonathan, causing Jonathan's future as the Scarecrow.
  • James Monroe Iglehart as Mr. Haly, the owner and ringmaster at Haly's Circus.
  • Alex Corrado as Gabriel, a mob thug who works as Oswald Cobblepot's assistant.


Season 1

The first season introduces the main characters Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, Selina Kyle, Renee Montoya, Ethan Bennete, and Harvey Bullock, during Bruce's freshman year of High School, when he first begins his venture into criminology.

Title Information
Pilot Ten year old Bruce Wayne witnesses the murder of his wealthy parents, which becomes the first case for new GCPD detective, James Gordon. Four years later, a 14 year old Bruce is under the care of his butler, while training in basic combat, and getting involved with Gordon's case, of a new serial killer, as the rise of the criminal underworld begins.
Witness Bruce discovers that a girl named Selina Kyle witnessed the murder of his parents and searches for her, while helping Gordon find the murderer of a famous tennis player that went missing a year ago.
Burn When a member of Gotham High's Football team is found dead and scorched, Bruce goes undercover on the Football team to catch the killer. Meanwhile, Bruce invites Selina to stay at Wayne Manor.
Lost Assassins are hired to kill Selina, when she is revealed to be a witness to the Wayne murder, but she and Bruce escape to dangerous parts of Gotham City, as Alfred shows his fighting skills as he fends off the assassins
Cravings When human remains are found to have been chewed on by human teeth, Bruce and the GCPD begin their hunt for a cannibalistic seriel killer. Meanwhile, Bruce tries to do somthing when Selina is reluctant of her Birthday.
Hostage On a field trip to Wayne Industries, Bruce's class is taken hostage by an old friend of the Wayne's and a former Wayne Ind. employee, in order to recieve a cure for a deadly condition that he claims was caused by secret Wayne Ind. experiments
Knifed While on a trip to Switzerland with Alfred, Bruce begins his own investigation on a man that murder, by being stabbed numerous times on the chest. Meanwhile, Selina attempts to form friendships with Ethan and Renee without Bruce with them
Camp While on a camping trip, Bruce, Gordon, Ethan, Renee, and Selina begin investigating the murder of a man they found in the woods.
Bones Gordon and Bullock work with an anthropologist after a decomposed body is found. Meanwhile, Bruce discovers that Selina is still stealing and pickpocketing.
Conspiracy Gordon and Bullock investigate the disappearance of a Wayne Ind employee, and decide to keep it from Bruce. Meanwhile, much to Bruce's dismay, Selina sets Bruce up on a date with her friend Pamela.


Bruce helps Gordon and Bullock investigate the murders of contenstants on a TV Game Show "Think, Thank, Thunk", by becoming a contenstant himself. Meanwhile, Bruce's own reluctance of his Birthday makes him unknowingly dodge his friends' attempts to surprise him.
Prep Bruce is determined to prove that the death of a student at his old private school really a murder and does his best to keep the school board from covering up the murder.
Club Bruce helps Jim find Bullock, when Harvey is kidnapped and tortured by a man he killed years earlier, back for revenge for his sister. Meanwhile, Selina asks Renee to help her find out more about her family.
Stem After deranged scientist Arthur Kam brings an ancient flower back to life, Bruce desperately searches for a cure, when the plant's spores infect Jim, Ethan, and Selina, making them act on dark desire.
Orphaned Bruce offers a young boy named Ryan James to stay at Wayne Manor, after Alfred hits him with his car, while escaping his abusive step-parents, by feigning amnesia. While Gordon and Bullock search for the abusive couple, Bruce gets a little brother for a few days.
Reaper Gordon and Bullock are on the case of murderer killing the elderly in order to "put them out of their misery", but Bruce gets involved when Nicholas plans for Alfred to be his next victim. Meanwhile, Renee learns that Ethan's been sleeping at school.
Crush Bruce becomes jealous when Renee fall for her childhood friend, Eli Harrison, but Bruce's investigation on a the murder of the school principle and Eli's physical therapist lead him to believe that Justin is the killer and must rush to save Renee.
Detonate Gordon and Bullock search for mad bomber, Ian Hargrove, but when Jim, Ethan, and Selina are alled captured by Ian for ransome, Bruce steps in to find and stop him in order to save his friends.
Kidnap The GCPD begins a search for Renee when she is kidnapped outside the Hospital, visiting Selina, and Bruce is desperate to find her as he puts his skills and training to the limit in order to save his friend.
Tempest On the night of the School Formal, a large storm hits Gotham City, as Gordon searches for Barbara, who was kidnapped by "The Ogre", Alfred becomes trapped in an underground crypt, and ends with Bruce driving into the storm to save Selina.

Season 2

In this season, Ethan learns of Bruce's secret involvement in GCPD cases, while Bruce makes allies in former Wayne family friends, Lucius Fox and Leslie Thompkins, and forges a new friendship with the son of murdered circus snake dancer, Jerome Valeska, as he further intenses his training and further involves himself in GCPD cases, all leading him to leave Gotham for training.

Title Information
Aftershock After rescuing Selina from the center of the storm and helping Gordon save Barbara, Bruce discovers that the storms wrath has trapped Alfred in an underground crypt and rushes to save him
  Circus Gordon and Bullock investigate the murder of a snake dancer at Haley's Circus, where they get involved in a family fued between the Flying Graysons, and the Loyds. Meanwhile, Bruce befriends the son of the snake dancer, Jerome Valeska.

Season 3

The third season sees Bruce returning to Gotham from training as Carmine Falcone, along with Oswald Cobblepot, is introduced to the series, building up his criminal empire, leaving it to Bruce to help Gordon stop him. The season ends with Ethan moving to Metropolis after being assualted for the truth on Bruce Wayne, Renee being caught in an explosion, Jerome being drugged, Gordon being severely injured, and Bruce walking into a secret room at Wayne Industries.

Season 4

Beginning 3 months after Season 3's cliffhanger, Rachel Dawes is introduced, finding an amnesiac Bruce Wayne, while investigating the presumed murder of Renee Montoya. After retrieving his memory and finding Renee, Bruce begins senior year and his search for the secrets his father left for him, while Gordon continues to recover, Renee discovers Bruce's secret, and secrets from Selina's past lead her down a darker path, along with Jeromes descent to darkness, all leading to the season finale of Bruce's graduation being interrupted by crime boss Falcone's takeover of the city and kidnapping Gordon, Bullock, and Cobblepot, while Bruce finds a hidden staircase behind the fireplace of Wayne Manor.

Season 5

This season begins with Bruce finding a large cave under Wayne Manor, containing a computer with a message from his father. After saving Gordon and Bullock, Bruce ends his friendship with Jerome, and decides to end his crusade and begin a relationship with Selina, but when trouble erupts again, Bruce makes a hard conscious decision to continue stopping criminals, with Renee uses her new position at CGPD, as he begins meeting superpowered meta-humans, including Arthur Curry, Bart Allen, and Victor Stone, while Gordon goes through the death of his wife, shortly after the birth of his daughter. Hugo Strange becomes the main villain of the season when his computer virus causes a large massacre in Gotham City, while Bruce is trapped deep below Arkham Asylum.

Season 6

Leaving off from the previous season, Bruce gains help from Lucius to escape Arkham in order to stop Strange's new supercomputer DAVE. Afterwards, Bruce must find and recapture multiple Arkham patients that escaped when he did, in which he once had to travel to Smallville, Kansas and met Clark Kent and later finds that Oliver, Clark, A.C, Bart, and Victor have formed a team. In the Finale, while Renee is hospitalized, Bruce confronts Jerome about Selina's presumed death, as Jerome is convicted for murdering his own mother, but his attempt to help Clark track a Zoner ends with the final wraith taking his DNA, becoming an exact dupliciate.

Season 7

Season 7 begins as Bruce faces off against his evil duplicate, while Renee lays severely injured in the hospital, with Rachel by her side, as Selina is presumed dead. Kate Kane is introduced to the series, staying at Wayne Manor while training with Bruce, as Selina returns to Gotham after faking her death, hiding dark secrets from her friends. Ethan returns to the series as he joins the CGPD as Renee's partner, and Jerome escapes prison and begins his life of crime, ending the season with Jerome and Bruce in the Batcave.

Season 8

Season 8 reveals what happens after Bruce's confrontation with Jerome, as many of his allies become foes, as Selina chooses her life of crime as Catwoman and Ethan is mutated into a putty-like creature, Clayface, as Jerome returns to the series as the Red Hood, leading to a confrontation with Bruce in Ace Chemicals as he ultimately falls to his presumed death. As he finally begins patrolling the city for crime, Bruce deals with the return of Hugo Strange and an alien invasion called the Joining.

Season 9

This season sees Bruce as an even darker vigilante three weeks after stopping the Joining, as Renee and Gordon have been tracking a secret society, that Bruce remembers as the League of Assassins, lead by his former teacher he thought long dead, Ra's Al Ghul. As he flashbacks to his training with the League, Bruce must find a way to defeat the League without killing, while he readjusts his life, forming a relationship with Rachel, taking back his company, and taking a large step towards his destiny.

Season 10

Bruce's long journey comes to an end in this final season of "'Gotham"', as the Joining returns to invade Earth, while the resurfacing of his parents' murder investigation, Renee's disappearance, and his future with Rachel cause him to face his inner darkness and greatest fears, as he takes his final steps towards his destiny to become Gotham's, Dark Knight.

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