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Gorgo Vs. Gappa (Or Gorgo Against Gappa In Some Territories) Is A 1969 Japanese/British Tokusatsu Giant Monster B-Film. A Crossover Between Gappa And Gorgo, The Film Was Distributed By British Lion Films In England And American International Pictures On The U.S. For Its Release In 1970. The Film Was Released On June 15,

1969 In England, June 17, 1969 In Japan, And December 4, 1970 In The U.S.. 


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Monsters That Appear

• Gappa (Male, Female, And Baby) 

• Gorgo

• Ogra

• Abyssal Fish

• Obelisk Island Bird

• Reigon

• Giant Iguana

• Gigant

• Arkitius

• Momonra